Sidor som bilder
[blocks in formation]

miserable. I will use the words of his report to me :-“ The route I pursued through Cutchee was by Kunda, Kassim Ka Joke, and Bagh, which line I remember in former years to be richly cultivated. It is now a desert; I did not meet with an acre of cultivation in Cutchee; and the condition of the people is most miserable. They have no security for their property ; villages are daily plundered by the hill robbers. I heard many villagers (some of whom were wounded) declare that, if not protected, they would fy the country and come to Scinde.

“It is certainly not my duty to protect these poor people, the inhabitants of Cutchee. But it is my duty to protect the inhabitants of Scinde, and therefore I shall march, on the 16th of January, beyond the frontier, at the head of a strong force, accompanied by the Scindian chiefs, Wully Malomed Chan. deeah, Ahumed Khan Mugsey, and many others, at the head of several thousands of their followers, all determined to revenge their plundered villages upon the mountain tribes. I shall also be assisted by his highness Alley Moorad Talpoor, who will march against the enemy, by whom his frontier has also been molested.

“ It is no small satisfaction to me, that I find the Scindian chiefs, who but two years ago stood opposed to us in battle in Meeanee, now eager to draw the sword and fight under the British colours. It leaves no equivocal proof of their contentment with the government of Scinde.

“What the result of these operations may be, it is impossible for me to say ; but I hope it will be such as permanently to se. cure the tranquillity of the Scindian frontier, and enable our ally, the khan of Khelat, to recover the rule of his country from these robbers. But with this last I have nothing to do; the moment I have punished the robbers I shall retire within our own frontier, satisfied that I have performed my duty to the East India Company, to the people of Scinde, and to humanity.

“C. J. Napier, M.G., Governor of



APPOINTMENTS, &c. ANDERSON, H. L. assist. to pol. ag. in S. Mahratta country,

perm. to proceed to dest. on deputation. ARBUTHNOT, Sir R. K. Bart. coll. of Surat, perm. to proceed into

his dist. on deputation. BABINGTON, S. to be add. assist. to judge and sess. judge at Ah

mednuggur. BLANE, G. J. act. coll. of Abmednuggur, perm. to proceed to his

dist. on deputation. BURTON, E. W. resum. ch. of off. CAMPBELL, A. to be acting 1st asst. to coll. and mag. of Candeish. COMPTON, T. A. in perm. ch. of the Purantej pergunna, at Ahme.

dabad. FLYNN, J. to be asst. transl. and interp. to Supreme Court of Judi

cature. FORBES, A. K. to be 3rd asst. to coll. and mag. of Candeish. FRERE, W. E. to be act. coll, and mag. of Belgaum, and assum. ch. Grant, G. in perm. ch. of the talookas of Sanksee, Rajpooree and

Ryghur. HARDY, R. to be 3rd asst. to coll, and mag. of Sholapore. Hart, W. to act as asst. to the mag. of Dharwar and Belgaum. JENKINS, E. L. in ch. of the Kheir Theonere and Pawbul talookas

of the coll, of Poona. LLOYD, F. pl. under coll. of Admednuggur till he has passed in

Hindoostanee. LUARD, R. D. to act as judge and sess. judge of Concan, and as

sume ch. MANSON, C. J. to be 3rd asst. to coll. and mag. of Ahmednuggur. Morris, J. recd. ch, of off. MORRIS, W. R. resum. ch. of off. PELLY, J. H. in perm. ch. of the Pergunnahs of Parchole, Soopa

and Chicklee. PRENDERGAST, C. G. vested with full penal powers of mag. of the

zillah of Rutnagherry. RICHARDSON, A. St. J. vested with full penal powers of mag. in the

coll. of Kaira. Robertson, A. D. ret. to duty, ch. of the Bheemthurry and Inda

poor talookas of the coll. of Poona. SIMSON, W. res. ch. of off. STUART, A. C. rec. ch. of the coll. of Ahmedabad, fr. Mr. Fawr.

cett. TUCKER, L. H. B. competent to enter on the transaction of public

business. TUCKER, H. P. in perm. ch. of the pergunnahs of Chowrassee,

Kurrode, Walore, and Surbhone. TRAVERS, A. C. attach. to off. of coll. and mag. of Kaira; to off.

as assist. judge at Poona, and assist. agent for Sirdars in the

Deccan and assum. ch. TURQUAND, W. J. ret. to duty ; to be an add. asst. to coll, and

mag. of Candeisb. WARDEN, A. B. to be 3rd asst. to coll. and mag. of Ahmedabad. WEBB, J. to be acting coll. and mag. of Kaira.

[blocks in formation]

The PARSEE Convicts. We are given to understand that the determination of her Majesty's Government, respecting Nasservanjee Cowasjee, Eduljee Tumboowalla, and the other l'arsees, convicted of the murder of Muncherjee, has been received by the natives generally with the deepest disappointinent. The result of the reference home bas been, that all the Parsee prisoners, without distinction, are to be transported for life. From the peculiar position we occupy, we do not think it right for us, at this moment, to do more than to announce what we learn to be in comtemplation : a public meeting to be convened for the purpose of passing resolutions, and addressing the Crown in a constitutional and legal manner, expressive of the public feeling.

New Steam COMPANY. - We understand that purchasers have already been found for the iron steamer Phlox, which recently arrived here from England. A company we bear has been formed with fifty shares, of 3,000 rupees each share. No less than forty of the shares are already taken. We believe the new company intend starting the steamer Phlox shortly to Surat.

The Comet. - We have been favoured by a correspondent with the following particulars relative to the heavenly stranger which is now visiting our skies—they are only the results of a single rough observation, but in the absence of more definite information, they may be interesting to our astronomical friends.

The comet is at present situated in the constellation Grus, between the stars B. and D. ; its right ascension being about 22 h. 45 m.; and its declination about 45 S. It passed the meridian about half-past three in the afternoon, and sets bearing S. 41°. W. at a quarter-past eight. It never rises to those parts of the earth which are of a higher latitude than 45o N. and is therefore invisible in Ceylon, and at most other observatories where the greatest facilities for observation are found. Our correspondent has promised to take more accurate observations when the state of the atmosphere will permit, and if these are successsul, we hope to communicate to our readers more accurate results in a future issue.

ELEMENTS OF THE COMET. — Passage of Perihelion (or time when nearest the sun) M. T. of Gr......... 1811 Dec. 19d. 581. Longitude of Perihelion.........

259°-47'-6" Longitude of descending node.....

317°-20-0'' Inclination of plane of orbit to plane of ecliptic 41°-22-25" Perihelion distance (or nearest distance of the

comet from the sun, the earth's mean dis.

tance from the sun being taken as unity).... 0.03424 63 Motion direct (i. e. in the same direction round

the sun as the earth and other planets)

The above are computed from the following three positions, which are true to within 3

Gr. M. T.

DANVERS, E. F. in ext. to 31st May.


&c. JESSOPP, Rev. John, to act as chap. of Malcom, Peth, and Sattara, STEVENSON, Rev. Dr. ret. to duty at St. Andrew's Church.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ARCHER, Capt. res. ch. of Post-off, at Belgaum. BALLINGALL,

Lieut. W. 24th N.I, ret. to duty. BATTYE, Ens. A. F. to do duty with 5th N.I. and to join. BEDFORD, Lieut. to act as qr. mas. and interp. 2nd gren. Biggs, 2nd Lieut. T. art. to be Ist. lieut. BILLAMORE, Ens. F. A. to do duty 20th N.I. Bowen, Lieut. E. 26th N.I. to be capt. BRODIE, Ens. W. M. 7th N.I. to be lieut. BURROWS, Capt. rec. ch. of off, of assess. and coll. of house tax and assess, of wheel tax : res. ch. of


of police. CANDY, Capt. T. sup. of Poona coll. pera. to reside and carry on

duties at Mabableshwur, to commenc. of the monsoon. CARRUTHERS, Ens. J. W. 26th N.I. to be lieut. CATHCART, Lieut. col. C. fr. 24th N.I. to 11th N.I. CLARKE, Capt. to ch. of Bazaar and Post-office, with troops, at

Kolapore. CLOSE, Lieut. G. 2nd Eur. L.I. to ch. of Eur. inv. proceed to Eur.

in ship Carnatic. COLYEAR, Ens. E.F.A. to do duty 5th N.I.

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Ross, F. T. COLEYEAR, E. T. A.

SHORT, W. Y. H. Fife, Js.

STEVENSON, D. Howison, S. Y.




BOURDILLON, Lieut. O. 25th N.I. 3 years to Eur.
CLOSE, Lieut. G. 2nd Eur. L.I. 1 year to Eur.
GOODENOUGH, Capt. R. H. inv. est. 3 years to Eur.
HALL, Lieut. 25th N.I. perm. to pass rem, of leave in the Deccan.
JACOB, Capt. G. L. 2nd gren.

leave can,
KEIR, 2nd Lieut. J. T. art. 3 years to Eur.
KNOWLES, Eus. J. P.5th N.I. 3 years to Eur.
Pope, Capt. G. 1 year to Neilgherries.
SHIRREFF, Col. J. 2 years to Egypt and Syria.

CRAWLEY, Maj. C. to be lieut. col. to 4th N.I.
DACRE, Lieut. F. Ist Eur. fus. perm. to retire.
DANE, Lieut. J. to act as adjt. H.M. 28th.
D'ARCY, Ens. R. W. Ist gren. to act as adjt. Kandeish Bheel

DARKE, Capt. F. C. 4th N.I. to be major.
EVANS, Brev. capt. 9th N.I. to act as adj. 3rd L.C. and 9th N.I.

proc. to Deesa. FAULKNER, Lieut. 6th N.I. to act as with Golundauzą batt.

6th N.I. and squad. of Poona Aux. H.A., &c. with siege-train

to Kolapore. FAWCETT, Maj. J. 2nd Eur. L.I, ret. to duty. FINNIMORE, Lieut. B. K. art. to perf. duties of dep. com, of

ordn. at Hyderabad. FOLLETT, Capt. F. W. 25th N. I. to be maj. of brig. at Kurra

chee, Jan. 19. GORDON,

Ens. R. 4th N. I. to be lieut. GORDON, 2d lieut. W. F. posted, 1st Eur. fus. GOODWIN, Ens. R. T., 16th N. I., retd. to duty. HALE, Maj. J. 22nd take com, of wing, ord. to Asseerghur. HAMMOND, Lieut. R. M. 20th N. I. retd. to duty. IJ ART, Capt. S. V. W. 2nd gren. ret. to duty. HART, Lieut. P. L. rec. ch. of civ, eng. off. Kandeish. HEAD, Ens. M. G. 2d Eur. L. I. to be lieut. HERBERT, Capt. W. G. eng. ret. to duty. HEYMAN, Ens. F. G. posted to 20 Eur. L. I. HeYMAN, Lieut. to conduct the duties of qr. mr. of 15th N. T. HOGG, Capt. Ist Eur. Fus. to act as maj. of brigade at Deesa. Hook, Lieut. T. Ord. dept, returned to duty. Hope, Lieut. J. W. 29th N.J. to be adjt. Howison, Ens. S. Y. to do duty 20th N.I. HUNTER, Ens. F. E. posted to 4th N.I. HUTT, Brev. Capt. G. art. to be capt. JACOB, Capt. G. L. 2nd gren. to join head quarters. JAMESON, Lieut. D. H. 8th N.I. to be a dep. coll. at Hyderabad,

Dec. 28. JOHNSTONE, Brev, capt. J. G. 10th N.I. retd. to duty. LANGTON, Ens. A. to do duty 5th N.I. LAURIE, Ens. R. H. rec. ch. of Post-office at Candeish. LAVIE, Capt. H. 13th N.I. to be a dep. coll. at Kurrachee, Dec. 48. LECKIE, Lieut. 21st N.I. to act as staff off. to troops in Concan. LEESON, Lieut. W.F.2nd gren. retd. to duty. LESTER, Ens. J. F. 10th N.I. to act as adjt, to details in Concan. LEETH, Lieut. R. W. 1st fus. to rejoin when rel. by Lieut. Close. LODWICK, Lieut. H. ret. to duty. Lynch, Brev. capt. E. P. 16th N.I. ret. to duty, to act as post

mast, at Tannab. MACLEAN, Ens. H. T. posted to 26th N.I. MAINWARING, Lieut. to act as interp. H.M. 2nd Queen's royals. MALCOLM, Lient. G. to be 2nd in com. of Sinde horse. MARSHALL, Lieut. col. T. 11th N.I. to retire on full pens. of rank. MONTRIOU, Lieut. 24th N.I. to act as adj. to right wing proc. to

Candeish. MOYLE, Lieut. J. G. 10th N.I. ret, to duty. OTTLEY, Capt. T. H. 26th N.I. to be major. Outhwaite, Lieut. W. Golundauze bat, to act as exec. eng. at

Ahmedabad, OVANS, Lieut. col. C. fr. 4th N.I. to 1st Eur. fus. PALMER, J. R. to be ens. 21st N.I. PARR, Brev. capt. 23rd N.I. to join head qu. RAMSAY, Capt. to take ch. of commissariat Poona div. of the army. Ross, Ens. F. T. to do duty with 10th N.I. Rose, Lieut. J. 15th N.I. app. agent for Bheels in W. dist. of Can

deish. SALMON, Capt. to take ch. of commissariat, N. div. of army. SAUNDERS, Lieut. col. J. fr. 15th N.I. to 24th N.I. Scott, 2nd Lieut. C. eng. pl. under or. of sup. eng Sou. div. SCOTT, Ens. E. L. 21st N.Ī, to be lieut. SEALEY, Lieut. Golund. batt. to perf. duties of interp, to 15th N.I. Shaw, Capt. J. R. app. an act. dep. assist. com. gen. SHORTT, Ens. W.Y. H. to do duty with 20th N.I. Smith, Maj. G. 26th N.I. transf. to N. vet. batt. SAPPITT, Lieut. col. M. fr. Ist Eur. fus. to 13th N.I. STEVENS, Major, C.B. at disp. of C. in C. STEVENSON, Ens. D. to do duty 10th N.I. St.John, Capt. R. Ist Eur. fus. to res. post mast. at Poona, and

placed at disp. of C. in C. THOMPSON, Ens. A. G. to do duty 20th N.I. THORNBURY, Brev. capt. N. H. 4th N.I. to be capt. TRAVERS, Brev. capt. 23rd N.I. to join head quarters. TREASURE, Brev. capt. C. N. 11th N.I. ret. to duty. TURNBULL, Ens. W. posted to 200 Eur. L.I. TURNER, Capt. T. M. B. eng. at disp. of C. in C. as member of Ct.

Inquiry at Tannah.
UNETT, Ens. W. S. L. to do duty 20th N.I.
Weston, Lieut. 14th N.I. to act as interp. 25th N.I.
WHICHELO, Capt. to take ch. of dep. com. gen. off, at pres.
WhiteLOCK, Capt. C. R. 11th N.I. ret. to duty, to act as sup. of

pens. and inv. payments.
WIDDICOMBE, Ens. W. posted to 7th N.I.
YOUNG, Lieut. to act as adj. to H.M.'s 2nd Queen's royals.
YOUNG, Lieut. A. S. 3rd N.I. app. adj. of Guzerat irr. horse.


APPOINTMENTS, ETC. BOWIE, Assist. surg. W. M.D. to repair to Bombay for general duty. BowSTEAD, Surg. to res. med. ch. of staff and details of the brig.

at camp near Kolapore. BRAIKENRIDGE, Assist. surg. to assume med. ch. of 2nd Eur. L.I. CRUICKSHANK, Assist. surg. J. app. civ. surg. at Sholapoor. DICKINSON, Assist. surg. to med ch. of 7th com. 3rd bat. art. at

Hydrabad. DIMOCK, Assist, surg. to rejoin head qu. at Malligaum ; to afford

med. aid to detach. of sick proc. to Bombay; to med. ch. of detach.

48th M.N.I. ord. on field serv. ELLIS, Assist. surg. 12th N.I. to rec. med. ch, of 1st com. 1st bat.

art. at Geebee. Forbes, Assist, surg. to do duty with 14th N.I. at Hydrabad. FORRESTER, Assist. surg. to off. med. aid to 3rd L.I. at Budda.

ghur. FRASER, Assist. surg, at disp. of Indian navy,

for duty. GIRAUD, Assist. surg. H. M.D. to off, as civ. Rutnagherry. GRIERSON, Assist. surg. D. M.D. rec. ch. of Lunatic Asylum, at

Colaba. HARPER, Assist. surg. 8th N.I. in med. cb. of 4 cos. to Baitsey. Kirk, Assist. surg. R. civ. surg, at Taonab, placed in ch. of the

Sudder Kucherry, at Tannah. MACKENZIE, Assist. surg. 2nd Eur. L.I. to rec. med. ch. of detail

of art. with It. field detach. to Punalla. MANISTY, Assist. surg. to med. ch. of escort of ordnance train, to

assume med. ch. of 6th N.I. at Hunmunt ghaut. MONTGOMERY, Surg. 15th N.I. to of staff and details, at

Ahmednuggur. MURRAY, Assist. surg. to do duty with II.M.'s 86th regt. at Hy

drabad. Neilson, Assist. surg. W. M.D. off. civ. surg, at Rutnagherry

transf. to military branch, to meil, ch. of 7th N.I. PELLY, Assist. surg. to med. ch. of Scinde irreg. horse ; to rec. med,

ch. of camel corps at Larcana. SCALES, Assist. surg. to res. med. ch. of detach. of 23rd M.LI.

and 16th N.I. and 5th L.C. STOVELL, Surg. M. to be sec. to board of education, and rec. ch. WALLACE, Assist, surg. to off. med. aid to 2nd. Eur. L.I. and also

detach, of 23rd M.L.I. to Punalla, and to sth co. of Golundauze batt.


LEAVE OF ABSENCE, CANNAN, Assist. surg. 3 yrs. to Europe. STYLE, Assist. surg. M. 2 yrs. to Neilgherries. TRESTRAIL, Assist. surg. J. C. 1 yr. to Neilgherrias.


BENNETT, R. to be captains's clerk.
Beyts, J. C. to be captain's clerk; to be acting clerk in ch. of

Bode, Mids. to be 2nd class gunnery off., Tigris.
CONSTABLE, C. G. to be acting master of Palinurus.
FENNER, Mr. to com. of st. Conqucror.
GRAHAM, Mr. to perf. duties of clerk of Elphinstone.
HAWKINS, Capt. J. C. retd. to duty,
KEYS, J. A. to be purser.
KING, Lieut. S. B. to assume ch. of Auckland.
KING, Mr. to be acting master of Auckland.
OSBORNE, Assist. surg. Acbar perm. to reside on shore.
PARKINSON, Mr. to be acting clerk.
STEVENS, Lieut. J. to take ch. of Tigris.
STOCKHAM, Mr. to perf. duties of clerk, Mootnee.

[blocks in formation]

ORMSBY, Com. H. A, 2 yrs. to Neilgherry Hills. Zouch, Lieut. E. C. 3 yrs. to Eur. on furl.

BIRTHS. BLENKINS, the lady of Maj. W. J. S. a. com. gen. at Kurra.

chee, d. Jan. 8. BROMLEY, Mrs. wife of Assit. apoth. C., H.M. 86th regt. at Kurra

chre, s. Jan. 13. DALZELL, the lady of Pulteney, at Tannah, d. Dec. 29. ELSAM, the lady of Wm. s. Jan. 8. ERSKINE, the lady of Capt. G. K. Ist Lancers, at Seroor, s.

Jan. 14. FRASER, Capt. J. G. Poona horse, at Seroor, d. Dec. 18. GRAY, the lady of Francis Delaval, 14th King's Lt. Dns. at sea, d.

Oct. 16. HOLLAND, the lady of Maj. dep. qr. mr. gen. of the army, at Bom

bay, s. Jan. 20. KENDERDINE, Mrs. W. J. at Poona, d. Jan. 5. LAING, the lady of the Rev. Charles, at Hydrabad, s. Jan. 5. MORRIS, Mrs. James, at Khetwaddy, s. Jan. 21. Nixon, the lady of Vet. surg. 1st L.C. at Rajkote, d. Dec. 18. Scott, Mrs. T. J. A. at Upper Colabah, d. Jan. 4. SEALY, the lady of Lieut. T. P. art. at Abmednuggur, s. Jan. 15. SIMPSON, the lady of Lieut. W. R. 17th N.I. at Hydrabad, Scinde,

8. Jan. 12. THOMSON, Mrs. W. A. at Kurrachee, s. Dec. 16. TURNBULL, the lady of Capt. S. Bom. art. at Harrington Lodge,

s. Jan. 14. Walter, the relict of the late Lieut. T. 3rd Bombay L.C. at Ma

zagon, d. Jan. 7. WHITEHILL, the lady of Lieut. C. 2nd Eur. L.I. at Belgaum, d.

Jan. 20.

Miss Patullo, Mrs. Campbell, and female servant; Mrs. Guerin, Miss Gordon, Mrs. Turquand; Mrs. and Miss Cahill ; Miss Arnott, Mrs. Stewart, Miss Dale ; Cadet A. Billamore, Bombay Army; Brev. capt. J. B. Burt, 6th Bengal Cav. ; Capt. White, H.M.'s 22nd regt. ; Mr. Watts, merchant; Mr. Lloyd, B.C.S.; Lieut. w. Ballinghall, 24th N.I.; Brev. capt. E. Lynch, K.L.S. 16th N.I.; Capt. Hebbert, Bombay Eng. ; Capt. S. V. W. Hart, 2nd Gren. N. regt. ; Major Fawcett, 2nd Bombay Eur. regt. ; Capt. Hawkins, I.N.; Capt. Harding, H.M.'s_22nd regt. ; Rev. Dr. Stevenson; Capt. Evans; Mr. Campbell, B.C.S.; Mr. Rogers ; Cadet W. L. s. Unett, Bombay army; Mr. Turquand, B.C.S. ; Cadet W. H.Y. Shortt, Bombay army; Mr. Johnson, chemist ; Mr. Cooybeare, civil engineer ; Capt. Pieck ; Cadet A. G. Thomson, Bombay army; Cadet A. F. Battye, Bombay army; Lieut. R. C. Jones, H.M.'s 22nd regt. ; Cadet S. Y. Howison, Bombay army ; Cadet C. T. A. Collyear, Bombay army; Mr. J. Robinson.--2nd Class Passenger : Mr. Spong,

Per Herefordshire from Cork :-Lieutenant Francis Delaval Gray, lady, and infant, H. M.'s 14th Drgoons.

Per Childe Harold, from London, the Cape, and the Coast :Mesdames Baddeley, Ward, Rippon, Salmon, Knipe, and Moyle; Miss Baddeley ; John Webb,

Esq.; Captains W. Ward, Nizam's Army (from the Cape), H. L. Salmon, 2nd L. Cavalry, E. Whichelo, 9th N.I., Assis’ant Commissary General (from Cape), W. F. Cormack, 15th N.I. (from Cape), and G. Rippon, 21st N.I. (from Cape); Lieutenannts G. Moyle, 10th N.I., R. M. Hammond, 20th N.İ., and O. G. De Wet, 51st Madras N.I. ; Ensigns F. T. Ross, and D. Stevenson; Mesdames Lawson, Ellis, and Murray, servant ; three children ; one European and four native servants,

Per Carnatic, from London and Cork :-Mesdames Luard, Hockin, Hook, Goodwin, and child ; Ibrahim, and Hine and child; Miss Luard; Lieut Hook, Depy. Comy. of Ordnance; Capt. C. N. Treasure, lith Bombay N.I. ; Mr. Goodwin, Cadet Bombay Army; Mr. Christie, Cadet Bengal Army; Mr. Langton, Cadet; Meerza Mahomed Ibrahim, and son; three European female servants; and J. Forrester, groom in charge of horses.

Per Semiramis, from Kurrachee :-Capt. J. Mackenzie, sth Bengal L.C., commanding 6th Bengal I.C.; Capt. A. Rowland, 2nd troop Bombay H.A. ; Lieut. J. T. Keir, do.; Lieut. O. Bourdillon, 25th N.I.; Mrs. Mackenzie and child.

Per Framjee Cowasjee, from Calcutta :-Mrs. Col. Garstin and three children ; Mr. and Mrs. Colquhoun and child ; Miss Ffrench; Cornet Foster.

Per Stirlingshire, from Liverpool :~Mr. and Mrs. Cowan.

Per Eleanor Lancaster, from Liverpool :--Lieut. S. Smith; and Mrs. Ross.

Per Hope, from London :-Lient. Manners. I.N.

Per Indus, from Kurrachee :-Capt. H. James, 18th N.I., and lady ; Lieut, R. H. Rocke, and Qu. mast. J. Webster, H.M. 78th Highlanders ; Ens. E. B. Weaver, H.M. 86th foot ; Veterinary surg. J.J. Stockley, 2nd troop H.A.; 2nd Lieut. H. S. Osborne, 3rd com. 2nd bat. art.; Ens. E. A. H. Bacon, 25th N.I.

Per Acbar, from Vingorla :-Capt, and Mrs. Huvter, and child.


Buttler, Serį. Over. T. to Miss S. A. Calter, at Dapoolie, Jan. 2. FITZPATRICK, David, to Miss Martha Stonehouse, at Dharwar,

Jan. 6. KING, John, 2nd Qneen's royal reg. to Annie Charlotte, d. of Lieut.

col. McPherson, C.B. H.M.'s 17th reu, at Poona, Jan. 15. LECKEY, Edw. mil. bd. off. to Mary Elizabeth Smith, at Bombay,

Jan. 30. SAWYER, Peter James, of the Mehidpore Contingency, to Mrs.

Elizabeth Quin, at Indore, Dec. 28. St. John, Capt. 1st fus. to Jessie Ellen, relict of the late Maj.

Teasdale, 25th reg. at Bombay. VINCENT, Lieut. Henry qr. mr. and interp. mar. batt. to Miss Lucy

H. Dunsterville, 2nd d. of Lieut. col. J. H. Dunsterville, com. gen. of the Bombay army, at Bombay, Jan. 13.

DEATHS. CAMPBELL, Lieut. A. P. 2nd Eur. L.I. killed in action, near Sus

ser drong, Dec. 31. PFEFFERBLUM, infant d. of Mr. J. at Ketwaddy, Jan. 1. SHOWELL, Emma, infant d. of Mr. R. H. at Poona, Jan, 1. SWAINSTON, John, chap. clerk, at Poona, aged 50, Jan 19. WALTER, Lieut. T. rid. mr. 3rd Bom. L.C., Dec. 31. White, Henry Girdlestone, s. of Surg. B. at Dapoolee, aged 2,

Jan. 4. WILLJAMS, Rev. E. P. late Chaplain at Mahableshwar, at Bombay,

Dec. 30. WILLOUGHBY, Percival, s. of Maj. Michael, Art. on the Esplanade,

Bombay, aged 2, Jan. 21.


ARRIVALS. JAN. 3.- Shabane, Grierson, Glasgow.-6. Childe Harold, Willis, Portsmouth.-3. Steamer Sir James Rirett Carnac, Duverger, Surat. –7. Palmyra, Dumill, Cork; Cornwall, Withers, Cork.-9. Car. natic, Hyne, London; H.Ç. steamer Atalanta, Young, Suez; H.C. Steamer Semiramis, Hamilton, Kurrachee; Sir Herbert Compton, Boulton China; Futtay Curreem, Worree, Calcutta; Earl of Balcarras, Baker, China; Framjee Covasjee, Edwards, Calcutta ; Fultay Hulbary, Penang; Sierlingshire, Rattray, Liverpool. 14. H.C. schooner Constance, Berthen, Aden ; Assam, Currie, Greenock; Fort William, Hozg, Manilla; Cursetjee Cowasjee, Campheil, Chiva. — 17. Steamer Carnac, Duverger, Surat.18. Argyra, Rees, Aden; H. C.'steam-frigate Sesostris, Young, Kurrachee. - 19. H. C. steam-frigate Akbar, Leeds, Malwan. 21. ship James Boorman, Remmer, Stockholin.-22. Sir Charles Forbes, Lundwall, Strickholm; Ardoseer, McIntyre, China.—23. steamer, Carnae, Duverger, Surat; John Gray, Macdonald, Greenock; Aurelius, Kelly, Boston ; Boyne, Ham vack, Cork.-25. Lord Castle, Penang; Eleanor Lancaster, Barker, Liverpool.-28. Sultana, Rangoon; H. C. Constance, Berthon, Malwan; Hope, Goss, London.-29, H. C. steamer Indus, Newman, Kurrachee.-30. H. C. steam frigate Acbar, Leeds, Vinzorla; Lady Colebrooke, Mac Clean, Glasgow.-31, steamer, Carnac, Duverger, Surat; Helena, Black, Liverpool; H. C. steamer Pluto, Airey, Vingorla.

DEPARTURES. Dec. 30. H.C. steamer Pluto, Airey, Vingorla.-31. Earl Grey, Molison, China.-Jan. I. Ship Malabar, Pare, to the Cape and London ; H.C. steamer Berenice, Johnstone, Suez.-2. Antelope, Fleetwood, Batavia.-4. H.C. steam frigate Sesostris, Young, Kur. rachee; Antelope, Dumaresq, China; Fattle Currim, Cochin ; Julia, Jones, Calcutta; Adam Lodge, Joy, Liverpool; Dickey Sam, Coaker, Liverpool; steamer Carnac, Duverger, Surat.-6. Hon. Company's steam frigate Auckland, Carless, Vingorla. -7. Chebar, Harrison, Colombo; Shah Allum, Page, Calcutta; Stalkart, Dixon, Calcutta.-8. Thomas Carty, Scott, Liverpool.10. Arun, Balls. Chusan.-11. Rajasthan, Stewart, London.-12. Charotte, Hawins, Hull.-13. H.C. steamer Pluto, Airey, Vingorla. - 14. H.C.steamer Indus, Newman, Kurrachee.-16. Gwalior, Ed. wards, China; George Cuvier, Larne, Bordeaux ; H.C. steam fri. gate Akbar, Vingorla.-17. Camillus, Ashton, Colombo.-18. Bmu, Smith, China.-19. Falcon, Umfreville, Antwerp; Constance, Ber. thon, Malwan.—21. Nimrod, Atkins, Liverpool ; Troubadour, Graham, Liverpool.–22. Fanny, Zanzibar.--24. Royal Saxon, Craw. ford, Liverpool.-25. H. C. steam frigate Akbar, Leeds, Vin. gorla ; steainer Carnac, Duverger, Surat; Sultana, Wadge, China. -27. H.C. steamer Meeanee, Barron, Kurrachee, in tow of H.C. steam frigate Semiramis, Hamilton ; H.C. steam frigate Sesostris, Young, Kurrachee. — 28. Steamer Phlox, Sarsfield, Surat. - 29. Mermaid, Ryle, Calcutta ; Harriett Scott, Fowler, Liverpool.-FEB. 1. H.C. Steamer Victoria, Suez.


FEB. 1. Per H.C. steamer Victoria :- Mrs. Capel and three chil. dren; two children of Dr. Peart's ; Mrs. Harrison and three children; Mrs. Dalrymple and child; Mrs. George Stockley and child ; Mrs. P. La Zouche and three children; Mrs. E. P. Williams; Capt. Ca. pel; H. A. Harrison, Esq.; Capt. F. Gaitskell, Bengal artillery ; James E. Dalrymple, Esq. ; Col. Shirreff, 12th N.I.; Brooke Cun. liffe, Esq. M.C.S.; Richard P. Waters, Esq. ; Capt. E. A. Monro; Rev. Eben Burgess ; Surg. Lovell, Bengal army; Commander R. Ethersey, Indian navy; Frank Parish, Esq. from China ; S. W. Williams, Esq. ; Dr. Charles Pickering; Ens. J. P. Knowles, 5th N.L.I. ; Mr. Couts Trotter Arbuthnot; Dr. Vincent Villalonga ;

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Jax. 9. Per H. C. Steamer Atalanta :Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Seton, Mrs. Fawcett, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Cook, and female servant ;



Dec. 10. Lord Elphinstone, Crawford, Madras; Foam, Pugh, London ; Challenger, London.

Don Juan de Dios Isquirdo; Fred. Pooly, Esq.; Lieut. J. T. Keir, artillery; G. D. Prettejohn, Esq.; Mr. Victor Gromburgh [2nd class].-To Aden: Bazonjee Pestonjee, Sapoorjee Sorabjee, and Nusserwanjee Muncherjee (2nd class].

The following have engaged berths for England in the steamer of

MARCH:-C. M. Harrison, Esq. lady, and two children; Major gen. Sir Joseph Ttackwell, ladly, and family; Capt. and Mrs. Hun. ter, and child; a child of Capt. G. K. Erskine's ; Mr. and Mrs. Kirkland, and family; Maj. George Twemlow; Maj. G. Smith, 26th N.I. and family; Mr. and Mrs. Dearie, Col. and Mrs. Ovans; a lady and two children; Mrs. Col. Saunders ; R. B. Morgan, Esq. ; a gentleman, lady, and two children; Thomas Lancaster, Esq.

APRIL :-HG. Gordon, Esq. ; Mr. A. B. Collett, and child ; H. E. Goldsmith, Esq.; four children of Capt. John Campbell's ; Mrs. Denys, and a child; Dr. Mellis, and family ; Rev. Charles Jackson, and lady; a lady and two children; Lieut. Colin Campbell, Ist Madras cav.

Per Mermaid, to Colombo and Calcutta :--Mr. and Mrs. Cook, servant, and child ; Mr. Duff; and Mr. Pritchet.

Per Royal Saxon, to Liverpool :-Assist. surg. T. Cannan, Bombay army:

Per Sultana, to Singapore and China :-Capt. C. J. Cooke, Ma. dras H.A. lady, child, and servant; Mr. Cameron.

DEPARTURES. Nov. 15. Marquis Bute, London.-16. Lucy Little, Rio de Janeiro; Gilbert Henderson, London ; Uruqnay, Liverpool-DEC. 6. Duke of Bedford, London.-7. Greyhound, Madras ; Viscount San. don, London.-9. John O'Gaunt, Liverpool; Dumfrics, Liverpool. --Howqua, New York.


Canton, December 14.

Comparative Statement of Exports. 1844-5.-Nov. 30th, 38 ships ; Black, 14,916,700 lbs.; Green, 3,372,469 lbs. Total, 18,289,169 lbs.

1843-4. - - Nov. 30, 29 ships; Black, 13,025,769 lbs.; Green, 2,045,906 lbs.; Total, 15 071,675 lbs.

Excess of 1844-5.—Black, 1,890,931 lbs.; Green, 1,326,563 lbs Total, 3,217,494 lbs.

FREIGHTS. To London or Liverpool, £3 109. to £3 15s. per ton of 50 ft. an abundance of tonnage. Freights have rather given way. To outports, 10s. per ton additional. To Amoy, 6s. dols. per ton of 40 ft. To ports north of Amoy, 10 to 12 dols. 50.

Bombay, Feb. 1, 1845.

Bills on London, at 6 mo. sight, 18. 104d. to 1s. 103d. per Rupee.

30 days' sight, ls. 9 d. to Is. 93 d. per Rupee.

Government Securities. 3 per cent. Loan of 1825-26, 109 to 110 Rs. per cent. Loan of 1832-33, Rs. 105 to 106. Ditto of 1835-36, do. 99 to 100). 5 per cent. Loan of 1841-42, Rs. 110 to 1104. 4 per cent. Loan of 1842-43, Rs. 991 to 100. Sovereigns, each Rs. 11. Bank Notes, per £ Rs. 11.


The Bank of Bombay has declared a dividend for the half-year at the rate of 7 per cent. per annum. This was paid on the 16th, since which period several shares have changed bands at from 51 to 52 per cent, premium. The price of the shares of the Bank of Western India has been steady during the month. The present rates are 43 per cent. premium for old shareş, and 39 per cent, for new.

FREIGHTS. Freights to Great Britain have declined since our last, and may dow be quoted at 21. 15s. to 31. to London and Liverpool-about 10s. per ton lower than at the close of the last mail. Nothing bas been done in shipments to the Clyde. The present rate of freight for cotton to Chioa is 16 rs. per candy.


CAULFIELD, the lady of J. civ. ser. at Jaffna, d. Nov. 27.
Pirts, the lady of C. at Kandy, s. Dec. 12.

SINGAPORE. We regret to have to announce the loss of the Mellish, Faw. cett, which left China on the 2nd of October, and was wrecked on the 5th October, on the Paracels-the survivors (for some, it is to be gathered. perished at the time of the wreck) were twentytwo days in reaching Padarun Bay in a boat, and it would appear that their sufferings had been great, several men having died, and they only tasted fresh water twice or thrice during the passage. Eleven in all landed in safety, half the ship's company having perished at the time of the wreck and on the passage.

Captain Fawcett says, "we are now, all but two, in good health, and would walk, had we shoes, if the authorities would allow us, but we are confined to one village by their orders, which is a filthy place. I manage, with one of my officers, to get among the Chinese (whose place is about three miles up the river) for a better meal in the evening and a cleaner mat to sleep on, and I am fortunate in having saved a blanket, which I smuggle away. The Chinese are exceedingly kind and hospitable, the Cochin-Chinese are the reverse, and filthy in the extreme. There is no dependence to be placed in their faith ; when we first arrived, they promised to send us on to Singapore in fifteen days,” but “ since writing you on the 13th instant, I have learnt with horror that the Cochin-Chinese authorities do not intend sending us to Singapore till the latter end of the north east monsoon, to enable their vessel to get quietly back. There are some Chinamen about to sail from a place near us, whom I have offered to reimburse if they will facilitate my getting away; this they will not do for fear of the Cochin government, and I cannot get per. mission from them. I fear sickness, a bad rice diet, and little or no clothing, if we are detuined here so long, will leave very few to tell the tale. Under these circumstances, pray do what you can to get a vessel sent for us from our government.” No time was lost in laying this letter before the governor, who immediately requested Capt. Hayes, of H.M.'s steamer Driver, to proceed to the relief of these unfortunate men, but it seems (for we have not seen the correspondence) Capt. Hayes declined so to do, alleging that there was no anchorage for his vessel at Padaran Bay, though had he taken the trouble of consulting " Horsburgh Directory," he would have found the following passage:

Keep the highest mass of the rock on with this hill, in steering past the reef at a distance of one-third of a mile, 6 or 7 fathoms will be the least water; and when inside the reef, steer more westerly and anchor in 4 fathoms-good holding ground.”

To prove that good anchorage had been found there, the logo book of Capt. Dare, when he visited that part of the coast of Cochin-China in the Masdeu, in 1812, was sent to Capt. Hayes, but he still declinod proceeding, now stating that no doubt these people would be forwarded by the Cochin-Chinese government. The refusal of Capt. Hayes to proceed to the relief of his unfortunate countrymen is very extraordinary, seeing that the first ground of his hesitation, which might have been of some little



FRANKLIN, John James, to Emily Frances, d. of the late Capt.

Edwards, H.M. 87th, at Colombo, Dec. 30. BONNOR, Maj. Thos. to Henrietta, widow of the late Capt. Mait

land, of the Coldstream Guards, at Colombo, Jan. 1.

DEATH. HALY, James, at Point de Galle, aged 39, Dec. 13.

CHINA. From our own Correspondent, Dec. 15th. I am not aware of any news of importance to add to the duplicate of my last : the September Mail has not yet reached us, which is one cause of the dearth of incident during the past month. Apprehensions are entertained that the mail of that month may have been lost. Piracy continues to be practised in our immediate neighbourhood to a very great extent and with circumstances of unparalleled audacity; robbery in the town has been far less frequent, the colony is healthy, weather delightful, and public improvements and private building progressing most rapidly.


DEATH. Richardson, Assist. surg. Charles, at Hong Kong, Dec. 3.

weight, if correct, is completely void of any foundation, it lav- on shore twelve days managed to repair one of their boats, and ing been shewn to him that several vessels of late years have the captain of the Briton with a military officer reached Mergui, visited Padaran Bay and found anchorage there, besides the and proceeded from thence to Maulmain. The commissioner Masdeu-the Prima Donna, the Peruvian and the Vestal, may despatched to their assistance three transports, under convoy of also be mentioned as having remained there for several days. H. M. sloop Pilot. These vessels left Maulmain on the 25th That Capt. Hayes should seriously put forward his second ultimo, having on board fifty days' provision and water for 700 reason as an excuse, shews that he must either have very little men: they may be expected in a few days, as we hear there have sympatlıy with his fellow-countrymen, or be in a most Jament- been nothing but E.N. E. winds in the bay lately. We have been able state of ignorance in regard to the character of the Cochin- obligingly favoured with the following further particulars :: Chinese government and people, and of their general treatment “ When the vessels went on shore, it was blowing a hurricane of foreigners. The Masdeu's Log-book would shew him with from the east; they had not seen each other prior to its comhow much hospitality people in distress are there treated mencing, and when it cleared away they were within balf a mile

when they were denied all provisions whatever. We of each other, to the astonishment of both; the Runnymede is upon do not know in what light the admiral will view the con- a reef of rocks a total wreck, the Brilon is high and dry in a duct of Capt. Hayes, or how far the rules of the service swampy jungle, having sustained but little injury in the bull, but bear him out, but a very considerable feeling has been dismasted, and washed so far up on the island as to render it improduced among those in Singapore who are acquainted possible to get her off. The hurricane was fearful, and it was with the circumstances. We hope that Capt. Hayes will yet not until after it had subsided a little that those on board the think better of it, and proceed to Padaran Bay, which a Briton knew that they were on shore, and they only discovered powerful steamer like the Driver would reach in four or five by the Aashes of lightning that they were in the bushes!" days, and not allow these unfortunate men to linger for months in a precarious and cruel captivity, dependent for the termination of their sufferings on the caprice of a treacherous and cruel

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. people like the Cochin-Chinese, who may very likely subject them to much indignity, if they do not proceed to last ex

A Soldier" will see that his communication is noticed in tremities. We understand the local authorities contemplate

another column. despatching the Phlegethon to Padaran Bay as soon as she re- In answer to AN OBSERVER," we beg to say, that the reason turns from her present cruize, but it will probably be a week

for omitting the particulars to which he refers, was, that they are, more before she can proceed, even if she returns as soon as

in many instances, announced in London before they are published

in India. We are, however, obliged by his communication, as by all she is expected. — Free Press, Dec. 19. A communication from Sir Edward Belcher, K. C. B., of

suggestions designed to improve our Journal, and the information

which be desires will in future regularly appear. H. M. surveying ship Samarang, dated at Manila, 5th instant, to the Hon. the Governor, states that a letter had reached Ma. nila from the captain of the Premier, which left Hongkong for Bally Badong on the 22nd June last for rice, with a consider- ALLEN’S INDIAN MAIL, able quantity of copper cash on board-mentioning that the Premier had been wrecked on the 25th July, on Pulo Panjang, east

LONDON. coast of Borneo, and that the captain and the whole of the crew were captive. The Sultan of Baru took the captain, 6 Euro.

FRIDAY, March 7, 1345. peans, and 6 Lascars, and the Rajah of Baloongan, as his share, had 16 Lascars. The captain attempted to escape with the 6 Eu.

We feel that we have reason to congratulate ourselves, ropeans, but was retaken and placed under the care of the brother and we hope our readers also, on a fact which we believe to of the Sultan at a small distance from the 6 Lascars of his party. He

be without precedent. The letters and papers brought by writes (Ilth September) that the Rajah had promised to favour

the last mail from India were not delivered till this morning; his escape that night, furnishing him with arms and ammunition to fight his way to Coti River. The Sultan was disposed to and their contents, embodied in our journal, will not only be murder him unless he ransomed the crew. The six lascars were

circulated, by this evening's post, through every part of the purchased from the sultan ly a Sooloo trader and taken to that island, where they were ransomed by Captain Windham of the

United Kingdom, but will be returned upon our Indian Velocipede, for 100 dollars each, and they reached Manila by that friends, together with a great mass of important and invessel on the 30th ult. They state that the master set fire to

teresting home intelligence, by the mail which leaves Lonthe vessel to prevent her falling into the hands of the pirates. Sir Edward Belcher meant to leave Manila on the 10th instant,

don this day. It will be observed that we give eight pages to proceed to the relief of the remainder of the shipwrecked of matter beyond our usual amount. persons. He proceeds to Sooloo, Pulo Panjang, and Baloongari. If not successful, he will move on to Coti River, and eventually to Macassar, to arrange matters with the Dutch authorities for

We regard Britain as having an important mission to disthe ultimate ransom of these people, and in all probability take Singapore on his ronte back to Manila. He requests the co

charge in the East. We dare not limit her functions there operation of the government here at Coti, and H.M.'s steamer to purposes merely selfish, nor even to the performance of Driver accordingly sailed on Monday last for that quarter. Sir acts tending in some degree to benefit the people, but Edward further mentions that a schooner, with a cargo worth 18,000 dollars, was cut off near Manila (from Batangas) just leaving them, to a great extent, as ignorant as their rulers before his arrival, and that accounts froin Sooloo stated a brig found them. We are, therefore, among the number of to have been cut off-an officer and four men of the French cor

those who rejoice at the course which seems likely to be vette Sabine bad been killed at or near Samboangan by the pirates, and that these seas were much infested by the pirates ge.

taken with regard to education by the Government of which nerally.- Dec. 26.

Sir Henry Hardinge is the chief member. It has been de

clared, that to raise the character of the people, by opening HARTLEY, Henry, on board the Admiral Moorsom, at Singapore,

to them the treasures of liberal knowledge, is a prime aged 16, Dec. 3.

object with the Governor-General ; and we trust that, ere STEPHEN, David, at Singapore, Dec. 7.

he shall quit the scene where his rule has been thus auspi

ciously commenced, he will have the satisfaction of beholdMAULMEIN.

ing some of the good effects of his labours. We are aware,

indeed, that in so brief a period little can be expectedWRECK OF THE TRANSPORTS RUNNYMEDE AND

that in the ordinary term of a Governor-General's admiBRITON, IN THE INDIAN ARCHIPELAGO. The Enterprize steamer was semaphored on Saturday after.

nistration, no widely-spread results can be realized noon: she brings an account of the wrecks of the Runnymede and that even the life of man is a period utterly insufficient Briton. We are delighted to be able to give the good news that to admit of the education of sixty or seventy millions of all hands on board both vessels were sared. The vessels were wrecked in the Andaman Archipelago, Lat. 12° N. Long. 93°

people deeply imbued with prejudice, and the inass of whom, 13' East, close to each other, on the Ilth Nov. ; and after being as in all similar cases, are not even aware of the want


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