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LIST OF RANK OF MEMBERS OF THE CIVIL SERVICE, in continuation of that dated the 27th March, 1844.

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20th February, 1844 29th February, 1844. 23rd January,


Ist March, 1844. 6th May,

1844 3rd September, 1844. 12th February,

1844 4th March, 1844, 23rd February,


Ist March, 1844. 19th February,

1844 29th February, 1844. 23rd May,

1814 5th June, 1844. 30th May,

1844 3rd June, 1844. 29th April,

1844 16th May, 1844. 26th April,


16th May, 1844. 20th May,

16th May,

1844. 24th May,

1844 5th June, 1844. 22nd October, 1844 3rd December, 1814. 29th August,

1814 3rd September, 1844. 2nd September, 1814 3rd October, 1844. 26th September, 1844 26th September, 1844.

6th September, 1844 10th September, 1814. 30th September, 1844 3rd October, 1844. 29th November, 1844 3rd December, 1844. 19th October, 1844 23rd October, 1844. 31st August, 1844 3rd September, 1844.



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1. Messrs. WM. H. ALLEN & Co.

TRAVELS in INDIA, including


Capt. LEOPOLD VON ORLICH. Transisi-d from VALUABLE WORKS ON INDIA, &c. the German, by H. EVANS LLOYD, E. 2 Fols.

8vo, with coloured lithographic front spieces, and

numerous illustrations on wood. 259. The History of the British Empire Facts and Fictions

* Capt. Von Orlich's letters are rapid, lively, and

well stored with matter. His remarks on natire life, in India. By EDWARD THORNTON, Esq. illustrative of Oriental Character. By Mrs. on the natural and artificial features of India, and on Vol. I to 5, 8vo. cloth lettered, £1.

POSTANS, 3 vols post 8vo. cloth, 278. the character and effects of its government, are cu. "If any work can make Indian history popular in Mrs. Postans is an easy, graceful, and agreeable rious and interesting. The spirited woodcuts interEngland, it will be Thornton's.

It is a work highly writer. The work, in truth, is replete with interest spersed, shew an artistical eye, as well as a facile creditable, not less to the abilities than to the can. and instruction, and will carry far and wide the re- pencil."-Spectator, dour and integrity of its author.”—Conservative putation of the authoress."-Sunday Times.

2.-RANKE'S HISTORY of the RE. Journal. Heraut to Khiva, &c.

FORMATION. Translated by SARAH AL'STIN, A Gazetteer

translator of “ Ranke's History of the Popes." Vals.

Narrative of a Journey from Heraut to Khiva, 1 and 2, 8vo. 30s. of the Countries adjacent to India on the Moscow, and St. Petersburgh, during the late North-West; comprising Sinde, Afghanistan, Russian Invasion of Khiva; with some account

3.- MODERN COOKERY, in all its Beloochistan, the Punjab, and the neighbour- of the Curt of Khiva, and the Kingdom of Branches, rrduced to a system of easy practice. By ing Hill States. By EDWARD THORNTON, Khaurism. By Capt. JAMES ABBOTT, ELIZA ACTON. Dedicated to the Young House

Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. with map, cloth lettered, 258. Bengal Artillery. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, #1. 4s. keepers of England. Fcap. 8vo. with numerous il. A work of marked merit, and which deserves a

lustrations, 7s. 6d.

“The details of his mission are so novel and inplace in every library, whether public or private, as teresting, that it is impossible for them to lose their

“Her receipts are distinguished for excellence. indispensable for reference."'-Globe. interest with the British public."--Literary Gaz. The dishes prepared according to Miss Acton's di.

rections, -all of which, she tells us, have been tested The Hand-Book of India : Ceylon

and approved. --will give satisfaction by their deli A Guide to the Stranger and Traveller, and a And its Capabilities. An Account of its Natu- cacy, and will be found economical in price as well Companion to the Resident. By J. H.

ral Resources, Indigenous Productions, and

as delicious in flavour."'-Globe. STOCQUELER, Esq., late Editor of the Commercial Facilities. To which are added, 4.-The WORKS of the Rer. SYDNEY “ Calcutta Englishman." 2nd edition, post Details of its Statistics, &c. With map, and SMITH. 2nd edit. 3 vols. 8vo. with portrait, ske. 8vo, cloth lettered, 14s. coloured illustrations. By J. W. BENNETT,

This collection consists of the author's conThis publication embraces, in a con

Esq., F.L.S., late Ceylon Civil Establishment. tributions to “The Edinburgh Revie*,", Peter densed form, complete and accurate informa- Royal 4to. cloth lettered, £3.3s.

Plymley's “ Letters on the Catholics," and other tion respecting the topography, climate, go- " We are sure that our readers will derive much miscellaneous works. vernment, commerce, laws, institutions, and amusement and information from the perusal of products of India; the manners and customs this volume.”—Times.

5.- LETTERS on the subject of the of the inhabitants; the method of travelling

CATHOLICS, to my Bro her Abraham, who lives throughout the empire, and the expense ato Rambles in Ceylon.

in the Country. By PETER PLYMLEY, 21st tendant thereon; the condition of the Euro.

By Lieut. DE BUTTS, Post Svo. cloth let.

edition, post 8vo. 78. pean (English) society; the rules and regula. tions of the various branches of the executive;

tered, 10s.

“ The Letters of Peter Plymley to his Brother the co.t and manner of proceeding to India;

“His sketches are just those which would be in the Country,' are, at this day, amongst the nost the sports, ceremonies, and pageants common

drawn by an intelligent observer, whose faculties interesting and amusing publications with which a to the country, &c. &c. were sharpened by the novelties he saw around him,

few leisure hours could be occupied. They are writ“ There can be no hesitation in saying that the

and who was anxious to describe objects as they feli ten in the best spirit of controversy; they abound in under his eye.”-Britannia.

the happiest illustrations; and, though light, lively, plan and execution of this Hand-Book are equally

and sparkling. these qualities abate nothing of their excellent ; that it is the most complete and accurate The Wellesley Papers.

logical force and downright common sense."-From vade-mecum which has yet appeared, and cannot

an article on the late Rev. Sydney Smith in “The fail to be both interesting and useful to all those

The Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence Times"

newspaper of Feb. 25, 1845. whom business or pleasure may send to India."

of the Marquess Wellesley, K.G., during his Friend of India, published at Serampore.

Administration in, India. Edited by R. M.

London: LOXGMAN, BBowx, GREEX, and

MARTIN, Esq., and revised by his Lordship.
Bactrian Coins.
5 vols. 8vo. cloth, t6. 10s.

Note on the Historical Results deducible from The East-Indian Calculator;

BI-MONTHLY NEWSPAPER, recent Discoveries in Afghanistan. By H. T. PRINSEP, Esq.' Illustrated by Fac-similes

Or, Tables for assisting computation of Batta, published in London in the afternoon of the of Coins, &c. 8vo. cloth, 158.

Interest, Commission, Rent, Wages, &c. in days for transmitting the Overland Mail to India,

Indian Money. By THOMAS THORNTON, viu Marseilles. Among the immense mass of inA History of China,

Esq. 8vo. cloth lettered, €1. ls.

formation conveyed by this Journal, is a careful conFrom the Farliest Records to the Treaty with

*** This work contains copious tables of densation of all Public News, Domestic, Foreign, Great Britain in 1842, By T. THORNTON,

exchanges between London, Calcutta, Madras, and Commercial-the various movements in Private Esq. Vol. I. 8vo. with large map, 16s.

and Bombay, and of the relative value of coins and Official Life, and in the Military and Naval Ser. *.* Vols. II. and III., completing the work,

current in Hindostan; tables of the weights of vices of her Majesty and the East India Companyare in the press.

India and China, with their respective propor- Accidents and Offences-Court and Fashion --Civil

tions, &c.; also an account of the monies, and Criminal Trials, and Details of the Progress of “This history, from its completeness, we appre- weights, and measures of India, China, Persia, the Arts and Sciences. The LONDON MAIL does hend will supersede all others, and rise to the im- Arabia, &c., collected from the best sources and not depend, like all other Journals, upon chance or portance of a standard work."--Britannia.

latest authorities.

caprice, but is compiled for the purpose of being sent The East-India Gazetteer;

grutuitously to the Subscribers of the three leading Miss Emma Roberts

Journals of India, viz. the BENGAL HURKARU, Containing particular descriptions of the em- 1. Notes of an Overland Journey through the BOMBAY TIMES, and the MADRAS SPEC pircs, kingdoms, principalities, cities, towns,

France and Egypt to Bombay, with Re- TATOR; and it is thus by far the most widely cir. districts, fortresses, harbours, lakes, &c. of

marks upon Aden and Bombay. By the culated Paper in all India, extending throughout the Hindostan and the adjacent countries, India

late Miss EMMA ROBERTS, with a

entire Indian Continent, Central Asia, Ceylon, Mau. beyond the Ganges, and the Eastern Archipe

Memoir of the Authoress. Post 8vo. ritius, Penang, Malacca, Singapore, Java, China, lago; together with sketches of the manners,

cloth, 10s. 6d.

Australasia, and South Africa. The compilation is customs, architecture, commerce, manufac- 2. Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan, conducted with a care proportioned to their high retures, revenues, population, castes, religion,

with Sketches of Anglo-Indian Society. sponsibility, the Editor indulging in no speculations, history, &c. of their various inhabitants. By

By Miss EMMA ROBERTS. 2nd edit but confining himself to the task of preparing and WALTER HAMILTON, 2nd edition. 2

2 vols. post Svo. cloth, 188.

arranging an unparalleled mass of news, brought vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 12s. "Miss Roberts's pictures are all drawn with great thing that can possess any interest for British Sub

up to the hour of publication, and embracing every “A valuable and excellent work.”—Times, Dec. spirit and accuracy, and remarkable for the truth of jects in the Eastern World. 1, 1842. their colouring."-Quarterly Review.

The London Publishers of the LONDON MAIL London : Wm. H, ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.

are Messrs. Bradbury & Evans, Lombard Street, Fleet Street, to whose care Advertisements and other Communications to the Editor may be addressed; or

to the care of Messrs. Wm. H. Allen & Co., 7, Lea. STEAM TO BOMBAY,

denhall Street; Mr. J. M. Richardson, 23. Cornhill ;

and Messrs. Smith, Elder, & Co., 65, Cornhill. CEYLON, MADRAS, AND CALCUTTA,



for the Dress of the Army in each of the PRESI.

DENCIES, wherein a material difference exists; Letters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the and parties will, on application, be furnished with Journey, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry.

an Estimate for the whole supply of necessaries, ins

cluding the Passage, Cabin Furniture, Shipping Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, by this Route, to the above places and to China.

Baggage, &c.- Apply to JOHN NICHOLLS, East.
JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe.

India Army Business, No. 42, late 57, Jermyn Street,
St. James's.





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WOOLER'S MONTHLY MISCELLANY, published on the first day of each Month, price 2s. 6d.


16, GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET, REGENT STREET: The contents of the March Journal are as fol. lows:

Historical and Critical Review-Hindee SongJoao de Castro's Lost Log-Book--Bokhara and

Bombay, having commenced business in London, respectfully begs to solicit in this country a Samarcand- From Hakim Sana'i-Sir William Hay continuance of the patronage so long and so liberally afforded him in India. Macnaghten-An Escursion in South Africa-From J.H. W. proposes supplying WINES, &c., and trusts his experience of the general tastes prevailing Ni'mat Ullah-Legend of Vathen and Vil-Vathen in India may be found useful in the removal of an inconvenience often complained of by parties re-" Jottings from my Journal” - Ghazel of Hafiz-cently returned to this country, viz. a difficulty in obtaining Wines, &c. to their liking. The Law of Storms--Survey of the Country between

J. H. W. also requests to state, that having formed arrangements with a most respectable house at BorBhawulpore and Sirsa-Critical Notices-Royal Asia- deaux, he is enabled to offer FRENCH WÏNES at prices as moderate as such Wines can be supplied. tic Society--Chronicle--Obituary ; &c. &c.


Richly-carred BLACKWOOD FURNITURE, made expressly for this country, of choice wood. No. 1. of the Third Series of the Asiatic Journal was published on the 1st May, 1843, and may be procured through any Bookseller in the United

J. H. W. will also undertake the execution of Commissions to or from India.
London : WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall-

Passengers' Baggage cleared the Customs, and forwarded according to instructions.




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MENTS to be obtained at moderate charges, for Street, Mansion House, London. and ENGLISH, with a copious Index, fitting materials, the excellence of which will be guaranteed the work to serve, also, as a Dictionary, English and by the long-established name of Messrs. NICOLL. Thomas Halifax, Jun., Esq. | Francis Mills, Esq.

TBUSTEES. Hindustani. Third edition, much enlarged, in 1 vol. ARMY TAILORS, 114, REGENT-STREET, who,

Claude Edward Scott, Esq. 4to. Ł6. from the extent of their business, can insure the

DIRECTORS. A GRAMMAR of the HINDUSTANI of all CAVALRY and INFANTRY Regiments in correctness of regulation for the appointments, &c.

Francis Mills, Esq., Chairman. LANGUAGE. In 1 vol. 4to. Fourth edition, the BRITISH and INDIAN ARMY.

Thomas Heath, Esq., Dep. Chairman. 18s. 6d.

Estimates, and specimens of GOLD LACE, Edward sept. Codd, Esq. Thomas Morgan, Esq.

Wm. Chippindale, Esq. William Lyall, Esq. MUNTAKHABAT-I-HINDI; or, EPAULETTES, EMBROIDERY, &c. &c., can

Henry T. Danvers, Esq. John Stewart, Esq. SELECTIONS in HINDUSTANI, for the Use of be there seen for Officers of every rank in the Army.

Barclay F. Watson, Esq. Students of that Language. In 2 vols. 4to. €1.17s. For the complete Equipment or Outfit of an On: John Harvey, Esq.

Edwin Leaf, Esq.

J.J. Zoralin, Esq. Fourth edition.

cer first proceeding to join his Regiment, on apply.
ing per post, inclosing six postage stamps, an esti.

London : WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall mate will be sent free to any part of the kingdom, John L. Bennett, Esq. | Robert W. Eyles, Esq.
detailing every item with its price; the total amount

William Scott, Esq.
will be, -
seveNTY POUNDS for an INFANTRY Regi-

The first Quinquennial Valuation was made and ment stationed at home, including all the UNI: Division of the Profits of this Company declared at ADDLERY, HARNESS, HORSE FORM ACCOUTREMENTS, &c. complete, with the Annual General Meeting, held on 23rd June, CLOTHING, BLANKETS,

SADDLES, the usual neat and compact BARRACK FURNI. 1812, when Four-Firtus of the ascertained profit SPONGES, BRUSHES, &c., at A. DAVIS'S ce-TURE.

were appropriated to the Policy-holders entitled to lebrated Establishments, No.33, Strand, and No. 20, If for India, inclusive of (beside the UNIFORM participate, enabling the Directors to add a rever. Regent Street. Horse Clothing, of superior quality, ACCOUTREMENTS) all kinds of UNDER- sionary bonus averaging 31 per cent. on the Preat half the saddlers' prices. Horse Blankets, Rol- CLOTHING, and a sufficient number of white miums paid during the last five years, or to give an lers, Saddle Girths, Riding Bridles, Stirrup Leathers, JEAN SUITS, with Furniture, and fitting-up of equivalent reduction of premium of nearly 17 per Brushes of every kind for horses and carriages. An Cabin, &c., will be €95, being a full Equipment of cent. on the Premiums payable during the next five immense quantity of Stable Sponges, all at whole- useful and necessary articles.

years. sale prices. Hunting, Riding, and Ladies' Saddles, at a saving of two guineas each. To prevent any 114, REGENT STREET, LONDON.

H. J. and D. NICOLL, ARMY CLOTHIERS, The next Quinquennial division will be made in prejudice as to quality, shape, and fit, a trial of

June, 1847, and all persons assuring by the Partici. twelve months allowed previous to payment. House

pating Scale prior to 31st December, 1845, will be

entitled to share therein. hold Brushes, Brooms, and Turnery. Finest Toilet,

OWLAND'S UNIQUE PRE- No extra premium will be charged on the Lives of at half the perfumers' prices. Patentee of the cele- PARATIONS. (Under the Patronage of the Military or Naval Men, unless they enter or are brated Flexible Horse Brushes, also the celebrated several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe, and uni- called into active service, when the lowest rate con. Mane and Tail Brush, to supersede the use of Mane versally preferred.)

sistent with safety will be required. Combs. Tooth Brushes, drawn with corded silk and

Premiums, founded on correct data, have been India-rubber, to prevent the hairs coming loose. All ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL,

specially calculated for Assurances on Lives of Offiorders from the country sent, carriage free, any dis

cers in the Military or Civil Service of the East India tance, at the wholesale prices. Lists of prices for. For the Growth, Preservation, and for Beautifying Company and the Lives of any persons proceeding warded by a post-paid application.-A. DAVIS, 33, the Human Hair. Price 3s. 6d., 79., Family Bottles to any part of the world will be Assured on terms Strand, and 20, Regent Street, Waterloo Place. (equal to four small), 108. 6d., and double that size, commensurate with the risk incurred. 218. per bottle.

Tables and every information can be obtained at

CAUTION.-The words “Rowland's Macassar the Office.
REGIMENTAL MESS PLATE:-TO PRESI. Oil" are engraved on the Wrapper of each genuine
DENTS AND OFFICERS OF MESS COM- bottle; and on the back of the Wrapper 1,500 times,

W. T. ROBINSON, Actuary and Secretary. MITTEES. containing 29,028 letters. Without this none are No appearance required before the Board. -A pri.

vate interview with the Medical Adviser of the Com. genuine. OHN COWIE, of Holles Street,

pany considered sufficient.

ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, the honour of furnishing several regiments with Por Improving and Beautifying the skin and Com

ASS'S EAST . INDIA PALE their orders, have kindly granted him written testi- plexion Price 4s. 6d. and 88.

6d. per bottle, duty

included. monials of their approval. He is still solicitous to

ALE.-Dr. Prout, who has analyzed this obtain the favourable consideration of officers who ROWLAND'S ODONTO, Ale, in his work on Diseases of the Stomach, &c., may be entirely or partially supplying their mess Or PEARL DENTIFRICE, for the Teeth and mends this to weakly persons; and Dr.


after condemning common ales, especially recomwith meat-dishes and covers, corner dishes and Gams. Price 25. od. per box, duty included. warmers, and such requisites as constitute the table

Hall, in his paper on Consumption in the Lancet service.

of the 20th of April, speaks of Bass's Ale as the only J. C. has a variety of table services en suite, the CAUTION. - SPURIOUS COMPOUNDS are stimulant admissible in the diet of persons threatwhole of them warranted of Sheffield manufacture. frequently, offered for sale under the same names ened with symptoms of the incipient state of that 11, Holles Street, Cavendish Square, London.

(some under the implied sanction of Royalty); the disease. In excellent condition, in casks and bot. Labels, Bills, and Advertisements of the original tles, at their agents, HENRY BERRY and Co., articles are copied, and either a Fictitious Name, or 3, St. James's Street.

the word “Genuine," is used in the place of “RowINDIA.-LISTS from BESEMERES land's." It is therefore imperative on purchasers to see that

ANSCRIT and HINDOSTANI. to 64, Houndsditch, may be ordered by post. the word Rowland's” is on the Wrapper of each Equipments for Cadets and Assistant-Surgeons are

In preparation for Haileybury and Addis. article. For the protection of the public from fraud always on view, and may be compiled from the and imposition, the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps combe.-A married Clergyman, residing near Town, stock, if needful, at any short notice. Printed de have directed the Proprietors' Signature to be en. who has successfully prepared Pupils for Hailey

bury, Addiscombe, and the Indian Service, has tailed estimates for overland outfits on four scales of graved on the Government Stamp thus

Vacancies. expenditure. Solid oak canteens, 846., fitted for A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN; two persons, with 42 useful items; bullock drawers,

which is affixed on the Kalydor and Odonto.

Of three Oriental languages required at Hailey, mahogany double chests, 53s.; excellent light waterproof overland trunks, 218.; hor-chair mattresses,

Sold by the Proprietors, and by Chemists and bury, Şanscrit is first studied; hence a knowledge of

it previously to admission is strongly recommended 208. ; common ditto, 108. 6d. Cabin wash-tables,

by gentlemen in the Direction. Address Rev. H. box-tables, single and double couches, sea-chests, *.* All others are FRAUDULENT COUN

M. A., Clerical Club, Henrietta Street, Covent trunks, cots, hammocks, &c.



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Robert Small
Alfred (new)

Minerva (new)
Duke of Argyll
Northumberland (Cape)
True Briton

Maidstone (Cape)
Agincourt (Cape)
Gloriana (Cape)
Earl of Hardwicke
Prince of Wales

Owen Glendower




„July 3 July 10 July 30 July 20 Jaly 26 Aug. 10 Aug. 20 Aug. 26 Sept. 1 Sept. 26

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June 26 July 26 Aug. 26

1000 700 700

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AGENTS FOR PASSENGERS TO INDIA. CADETS and ASSISTANT-SURGEONS.-Messrs. GRINDLAY & Co have prepared the most complete and detailed scales of equipment for Cadets and Assistant-Surgeons, coinbining efficiency with the utmost economy, and shewing at onc view the total expense of an equipment for India, including the passage, and every other expense.

CALCUTTA, MADRAS, BOMBAY, and CHINA.—Plans and particulars of all desirable ships proceeding to the above places may be seen, and Passage negotiated free of expense, on application at either office. Baggage collected, shipped, and insured.

Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co. continue to receive and forward packages by the Overland Mails. Passengers to India, through the Continent, supplied with circular letters of credit, and all necessary information.

1845. The following splendid SHIPS, belonging to Messrs. GREEN, of Blackwall, built expressly for the INDIA TRADE, will be despatched punctually from GRAVESEND, at the undermentioned dates.

Last Shipping Day in the East-India Docks Three Days previously.

For Freight or Passage, apply to JAMES BARBER and Co., 17, St.“

Mary Axe.


[blocks in formation]



1845. THE following superior FIRST-CLASS SHIPS, befor the India Trade, will leave GRAVESEND at the appointed dates. Last Shipping Day in the East-India Docks Three Days previously.

Each Ship carries an experienced Surgeon.



W. H. Brower

Sailed. Samarang


w.n. Howard :: Sailed.

For MADRAS direct. Minerva (new Ship).. 850

J. Geere

May 1.

J. T. Nash

July 3.
For CALCUTTA direct.


W.A. Bowen, H.C.S. July 20. Queen

Donald M.Leod

Sept. 1.
True Briton ..

C. C. Consitt

Aug. 15. For Freight or Passage, apply to the respective Commanders, at the Jeru. salem Coffee-House ; or to WIMBLE & ALLPORT, with Messrs. WIGRAM, 93, Gracechurch Street, corner of Leadenhall Street.

[blocks in formation]

E. Hight Cape & Madras March 25. P. Campbell Madras & Calcutta April 26. E. Voss

May 15. W. Toller


June 10. A. Henning


June 20. D. Robertson ..

Bombay direct Janc 26. E. P. Nisbet

Cape & Calcutta July 10. W. H. Walker Calcutta direct

July 26. Bombay

July 26. Cape & Madras

Aug. 10. J. Drew Calcutta direct

Aug. ic. J. Gimblett Madras & Calcutta Aug. 20. W.F. Hopkins Calcutta direct

Aug. 26. C. Hyne Bombay

Aug. 26. J. Furnell Calcutta ...


Scpt. 26.

For Plans and Terms of Passage, apply to Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co., 10, Cornbill, or 8, St. Martin's Place, Charing Cross; or to F. GREEN and Co., 64, Cornhill.


In 8vo. cloth lettered, price 7s.6d. THE OVERLAND GUIDE-BOOK; A complete VADE-MECUM for the OVERLAND TRAVELLER to INDIA

viä EGYPT. By Capt. JAMES BARBER, H.C.S. Illustrated by Maps of the Routes, engraved Plans of all the Steamers em

ployed on the Line, and Wood-cuts of the chief objects of interest which present themselves on the Journey.


Twice a month, at reduced rates.
ESSRS. WAGHORN & Co., the only Contractors

with the Egyptian Company, under the patronage of the Pasha, continue to forward Parcels, Packages, and Periodicals to and from India, &c., by the UVERLAND ROUTE, with regularity, and at reduced rates. Charges may be had on application at their Offices, 34, Cornhill, and 34, Regent Circus, London.

Passengers to India viâ the Continent, &c. will receive the best advice, and be provided with letters of introduction and credit to all places on their way to India. Parcels should be with W. & Co. on the 18th and 31st of this month.

The new edition of W. & Co.'s Overland Guide is now ready, and will be sent, postage free, for 2s. in postage stamps.

Communications for the Editor should be sent under coter to Messrs.

“ The advice furnished is not only sound and honest, but also judicious and practicable. * The individual whose pleasure or business leads him to traverse the route treated of, will find irreparable disappointment and irret ievable inconvenience if lacking the information contained in its pages, for ihe author is not only well acquainted with his subject, but has carefully studied the wants and difficulties of the race of travellers of cither sex." Times, Jan, 20, 1845.

“ The information throughout is copious, varied, lucid, and valuable, in an extraordinary degree. The work cannot be too warmly recommended."Naval and Military Gazette.

" The work embraces all the matters necessary to be known by an over. land traveller through Egypt, out and home; including regulations respecting the steamers, charges and expenses, lazaretto rules, &c. &c."-Asiatic Journal.

London: W. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street,

Wm. H. Allen and Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.

Liverpool, G. Arnold & Co., 20, South John Street.
Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & Sons; Charles Smith,
Dublin, Hodges & Smith.

LONDON:-Printed by CHARLES WYMAN, of 49, Cumming Street, Pen

tonville, in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the Printing Office of J. & H. Cox, Brothers, 74 & 75, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields, in the Parish of St.Giles-in-the-Fields, in the same County, and published by LANCELOT WILD, ac No. 13, Catherine Street, Strard, in the Parisdi of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Friday, March 7, 1845.






No. 25.]


[PRICE ls.


&c. ..




in the way of crime : slaughter is suspended for awhile

though without doubt intrigue is as busy as ever: In the SUMMARY and REVIEW OF EAST- BOMBAY:

language of one of the Calcutta papers (the Hurkaru), “ the ERN News

145 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 163 BexGAL:

Military :--Appointments, &c. 163 drop-scene is down betwixt the scenes of this exciting drama;


164 but the play is not played out.” In the front of the house Miscellaneous Intelligence 151

Notices to Correspondents...... 165 Government General Orders .. 154

all is expectation; behind the scenes preparations are going ORIGINAL ARTICLES:Court Martial :56

165 Civil Service :-Appointments, Sugar Duties.

on for accomplishing new effects. The Maharanee and her Increasing Interest of India 166 &c.

158 Ecclesiastical..

Additional Captains to Native brother, Jowhair Singh, continue to carry on what is by the

167 Military:- Appointments, &c. 158

courtesy of the East called the government; but how long they Medical Establishment


167 Births, Marriages, and Deaths 160 HOME INTELLIGENCE:

may be permitted to do so, and what may follow when their Shipping..

160 Parliamentary Proceedings 167 Commercial Intelligence...

uncertain tenure of power shall end, none can precisely fore-
161 Debate at the East-India House 168
Affairs in Aden



Goolab Singh retains his power at Jumboo, while
Egyptian Affairs

171 Court Martial..

162 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 171 Peshoora Singh and Lena Singh are from different quarters Civil Service :-Appointments, Shipping

172 162 Births, Marriages, and Deaths 172 looking on to see what turn affairs will take. In all Military :- Appointments, &c 162 List of Rank


human probability the Punjab is destined to become a
British possession. For itself, even more than for Great

Britain, it is desirable that it should be so; but justice
The next mail for Bombay vid Southampton, will depart on the

and honour require that we should not be in haste to
3rd April. Letters via Southampton must be posted in London on
the previous day ; rid Marseilles on the 7th.

snatch at a prize which in due time will, it is likely, fall to
us, whether we care for it or not. The course taken by the

best and wisest of Sir Henry Hardinge's predecessors was, The Precursor (steamer), Ilarris, from Bengal, arrived at Suez

to watch the progress of events—to avoid aggression, to ab7th March, left Calcutta sth February, Madras 15th, Ceylon 19th,

stain froin precipitating hostilities, but not to recoil from and Aden 28th February; the mail arrived at Alexandria 10th March, an accession of dominion when such accession was fairly where it was put on board the Oriental, which left same day for open to us, and could be secured without impeachment of Malta, where she arrived on the 14th, and would leave on the 15th

our good name. This, it may be expected, will be the policy for Southampton ; letters by the latter route may be expected in

of the distinguished officer who now fills the place of CornLondon about the 28th inst. H. M. steamer Sydenham left Malta on the 15th of March for

wallis, Wellesley, and Hastings. He is concentrating troops Marseilles, where she arrived on the 18th, with part of the India

on the north-west frontier, and whatever may be the course mail, brought to Suez by the Precursor (steamer).

of events, or whatever the intentions of the GovernorH. M. steamer Acheron, Aplin, arrived at Malta on the 4th of General, this measure is obviously a wise one. We ought March from Marseilles (in three days) with the London mail of to be prepared for any turn that the affairs of the Punjab February 24th, for Calcutta.

may take, and at any moment when it may occur.

At Nepaul, where, it will be recollected, a revolution lately

took place, all seems quiet again. “Though revolutions," Calcutta Feb. 8.

... Jan. 13.

says the Englishman,“ are not so scarce in India as to come Madras Feb. 15.


Feb. 4.
Ceylon...... Feb. 19. Penang

under the class of political phenomena, yet we cannot fur-
Feb. 16.
nish them twice a month, as they do in Spain ; and, accord

NI ingly, there has not been another either at Lahore, ir Kat

COUNT SUMMARY & REVIEW OF EASTERN NEWS. mandoo.” The Prussian Prince Waldemar, it is said in

The news brought by the last Calcutta majl is not cal- tends visiting Nepaul, and from this we may conclude that culated to disturb in any degree the usually equable flow of all is tranquil, unless, indeed, his royal highness is desithe blood in this cold clime, especially at this season, when rous of seeing every thing that India has to shew, ant goes winter (and such a'winter !) yet lingers in what should be the to Katmandoo in search of a political disturbance; lopkinsi's lap of spring.

for a revolution in Nepaul as he did for a review at Calm lrkishThe Punjab will naturally be the point to which the eyes and would look for a bull fight if he should visit Spain. ( Mr: of inquirers will first be directed; but there is nothing new The miseries of Affghanistan seem not yet full. The podif

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