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Madras Estab.—Lieut. Theodore H. Dury, 49th N.I.


Esq.), and other members of the Court of Directors, will be present, as usual, at the half-yearly examination and distribution of rewards on that day. The college term at Hailebury will close on Friday, the 25th inst., when the chairman, deputy-chairman, and court will also attend to receive the report of the principal, and witness the distribution of prizes.

EAST-INDIA RAILWAY COMPANIES. — Upwards of 140,000 shares in the East-Indian Railway Company have already been applied for, being 60,000 in excess of the entire number required for the undertaking, 30,000 of which it is proposed to reserve for India.

COMMITTEE, OF BY-LAWS OF THE EAST-INDIA COMPANY.—A meeting of the Committee was held at the East-India House yesterday, June 5th ; Richard Twining, Esq., in the chair.

On Saturday, the 7th inst., the Court of Directors of the EastIndia Company will give a grand dinner at the London Tavern. Bishopgate-street. The Earl of Ripon, President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, Sir Jasper Nicolls, late commander-in-chief in India, Sir Henry Pottinger, and many other distinguished persons, will be present.


For the Engineers. To rank from the 8th Dec. 1813, the day on which he passed his public examination, provided he proceeds to his des. tination on or before the 14th Aug. next, he having been allowed three months to study civil engineering, viz.

Joseph Henry Dias (quitted Chatham 14th Feb.) To rank from the 8th Dec. 1813, the day on which they passed their public examination, and in the following order, viz.

Alexander Fraser (quitted Chatham 14th Feb.), Seringa.

patam, Ist May.
Charles Stewart Paton (ditto 8th March), ditto.
Henry Drummond (ditto 14th Feb.), ditto.
John Charles Harris (ditto 4th Feb.), ditto.

For the Infantry. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ships by which they proceeded, and in the following order, viz.

Edward Gordon Higgins, Pekin, 19th March.
Francis Kenrick Bacon, ditto.
Henry John Allan, ditto.
James Henry Bacon, ditto.
Robert Greig Alderson, Poictiers, 9th April.
Arthur Gore Priestley, Seringapatam, 1st May.
Edmund L'Estrange, ditto.
Thomas Tidcombe, ditto.




Bengal Estab. - Mr. Philip C. French.

Mr. Cornelius Cardew.
Mr. William Rivett Carnac.
Mr. Alexander Shank.

Mr. Edward Lantour.
Madras Estab.–Mr. William Fisher.
Bombay Estab.-Mr. Henry A. Harrison.

Bengal Estab. - Brev, capt. Charles A. Kitson, 10th lt. cav.

Lieut. col. George W. Moseley, C.B., 2nd Eur.

Lieut. Philip G. Cornish, 10th N.I.
Capt. Gerard E. Van Heythuyesen, 24th N.I.
Capt. William L. Hasell, 41th N.I.
Maj. William Forbes, 61st N.I.
Lieut. Thomas H. Sissmore, artillery.

Assist. surg. Thomas S. Lacy.
Madras Estab.-Capt. John C. Hawes, 1st Eur, regt., L.W.

Lieut. Alfred Harris, 1st Eur. regt., R. W.
Lieut. William H. Baynes, 3rd L.I.
Maj. Thomas A. Howard, 6th N.I.
Capt. Henry A. Tremlett, 17th N.I.
Lieut. Charles Gill, 17th N.I.
Lieut. col. George Hutchinson, 21st N.I.
Capt. John R. Sandford, 22nd N.I.
Lieut. William B. Jackson, 31st N.I.
Capt. William J. Wilson, 43rd N.I.
Lieut. Colin Duncan Sim, engineers.
Maj. Richard F. Eames, invalid estab.
Capt. Robert D. Weir, retired list.

Assist. surg. Hamlin Nott.
Bombay Estab.-Maj. Michael M. Shaw, 9th N.I.

Lieut. col. Thomas Marshall, 1lth N.I.
Assist. surg. Thomas Cannan.

For the Engineers. To rank from the 8th Dec. 1843, the day on which he passed his public examination, viz.

Peter Pierce Lyons O'Connell (quitted Chatham 4th
Feb.), Samarang, 2nd March.

For the Infantry. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ships by which they proceeded, and in the following order, viz.

Charles Alexander Robert Crigan, Lady Clarke, 14th

Arthur Evan Bowen, Pekin, 19th March.
James George Briggs, Robert Small, 30th April.

Arthur James Butt, Seringapatam, 1st May. To rank from the date of his departure from Southampton by the overland route:

Francis George Hodgson, Great Liverpool, 20th May.

CADETS FOR THE BOMBAY INFANTRY. To rank from the date of their departure from Southampton by the overland route, and in the following order, viz. —

Walter Theodore Chitty, Tagus, 1st April.
Edward Elphinstone Burrowes, ditto.
Robert Tubbs Nightingale Tubbs, Duke of Cornwall, 3rd


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ASSISTANT-SURGEONS FOR BENGAL. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ships by which they proceeded, and in the following order, viz.

St. George Wade Tucker, M.D., Lady Clarke, 14th March.

Charles Manners Smith, Pekin, 19th March. To rank from the date of their departure from Southampton by the overland route, and in the following order, viz.

Robert Dallas. Dove Allan, M.D., Great Liverpool, 20th


Robert Welbank Macaulay, M.D., ditto. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which he proceeded, viz.

James Pattison Walker, M.D., Candahar, 5th April. To rank from the date of his departure from Southampton by the overland route, viz.

Richard Southby Otto Thring, M.D., Oriental, 20th April. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which he proceeded, viz.

Jolin Squire, Robert Small, 30th April. Teprank from the date of their departure from Southampton by the ove. and route, and in the following order, viz. —

James Cock Watson, M.D., A.M., Great Liverpool, 20th

Charles Nicol Sissmore, ditto.



Bengal Éstab.– Mr. William T. Trotter, 6 months.

Bengal Estab. -Capt. Edward Sunderland, artillery, 6 months.
Madras Estab.–Lieut. Henry R. Nuthall, 23rd N. I., 6 months.

Capt. John C. McNair, artillery, 6 months.
Brev. capt, Frederick Ditmas, engineers, 6


ASSISTANT-SURGEON FOR MADRAS. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which he proceeded, viz.

John Forster, Sir Robert Sale, 3rd April.

HOME INTELLIGENCE. The ship Rajasthan has been engaged for the conveyance of stores for Bombay.


ARRIVALS. MAY 24. Lady East, Goldsmith, Singapore.-27. Wellington, Liddell, Madras ; William Jardine, Lodge, Hobart Town ; Hamlet, Wilson, New South Wales ; Athens, Fordyce, Port Philip; Bolina, Dalby, New Zealand; Northumberland, Bird, Madras; Charlotte, Carter, China.—28. Abberton, Campbell, Port Philip; Elephanta, Ross, China ; Esmeralda, Tollens, Singapore. – 29. Derwent, M'Pherson, Hobart Town ; Gunga, Bowman, Singapore.-30. Hindostan, Bowen, China; Isabel, Turner, Mauritius.-31. Blorenge, Banks, and Tomatin, M‘Pherson, Bengal; Bleng, Stewart, Adelaide. JUNE 2. Tamar, Ellis, Launceston ; Danske Egg, Paul. sen, China; Margaret, Kitto, Cape; Lord Althorpe, Elliott, Bengal; Reginald Heber, M.Farlane, Madras.-3. Dublin, Jones, New South Wales ; Eclipse, Hay, South Seas; Lafayette, Bengal; Aden, King, China; William Wallace, Pringle, Bengal; Claudine, Norris, Bengal; Kandiana, Rigby, Bengal.-4. John Heyes, Woodward, Adelaide ; John Hullett, Christopher, Mauritius; Ellen, Wilson, Port Philip. Elizabeth Moore, Mossop, Bengal; Juliana, Willcox, Mauritius. 5. Prince Albert, Crail, Adelaide ; Winchester, Milligan, Launceston; Eleanora, Wallace, Ceylon; Albion, Robertson, Bengal; Mary Ann Webb, White, China.

India, Sutherland, Clyde, to Hong Kong, Jan. 8, lat. 30 deg. S.,

long. 25 deg. W. Lahore, Liverpool to Calcutta, May 15, lat. 47-46 deg. N., long.

10-30 deg. W. Achilles, London to Port Philip, May 13, lat. 43-33 deg. N., long. 12

deg. W. Perseverance, London to Sydney, May 22, lat. 49-20 deg. N., long.

6-30 deg. W. John Fleming, Rose, London to Madras and Bengal, Mar. 23, off

the Cape. Grecian, Watt, London to Bombay, Apr: 9, lat. 16 deg. S., long. 29

deg. W. Mars, Liverpool to Batavia, Apr. 11, lat. 13 deg. S., long. 28

deg. W. Universe, London to Aden, lat. 16 deg. N., long. 23 deg. W. England's Queen, Liverpool to Bombay, May 24, lat. 49 deg. N.,

long. 10 deg. W. Larkins, Heidrich, London to Bengal, Apr. 22 (out 23 days). Black Nymph, London to Batavia, Feb. 22. Flowers of Ugie, Liverpool to Mauritius, Mar. 9. Rossendale, Liverpool to Port Philip, Apr. 4, on the Equator. Volusia, London to Aden, Apr. 9, lat. 4 deg. N., long. 22 deg. W. Princess Royal, Liverpool to Calcutta, Apr. 7, lat. deg. N., long.

21 deg. W. Ann Martin, Glasgow to Bombay, May 17, lat. 48-30 deg. N., long.

9 deg. W. Velore, Bell, Liverpool to Shanghae, Feb. 10, lat. 16 deg. S., long.

103 deg. E. Eleanor (Barque), Apr. 22, lat. 4 deg. N. Duke of Cornwall, Whitehead, London to Bengal, May 8, lat. 37-56

dog. N., long. 15-20 deg. W. Sir Robert Sale, Loader, London to Madras, April 27, lat. 5 deg. N.,

long. 22 deg. W. Gazelle, Ramsay, London to Launceston, May 12, lat. 43 deg. N.,

long. 12 deg. W. The Tory, Johnstone, from Bombay, which was reported wrecked in

the Yang-tse-kiang, is on a mud bank at the mouth of the Woo. sung, discharging her cargo into junks, and expected to be got off without damage.

DEPARTURES. From LIVERPOOL.-MAY 23. Governor, Williamson, New South Wales.-24. Salopian, Moody, Ainoy and Shanghai; Jane Prowse, Williams, Hong Kong.–25. Mary Hartley, Bartlett, Calcutta. 26. Queen Dowager, Robinson, Cape of Good Hope.-27. Harriet Humble, Davies, Calcutta.-28. Albert Edward, White, and Duke of Lancaster, Bulley, Hong Kong:-29. Hindoo, Sproule, Calcutta. -30. Emily, Austen, Shanghai. — 31. Liverpool, Bibby, China; Panama, McLeod, Bombay:-JUNE 2. Robert Syers, Atkins, Singapore; Alecto, Aysford, Madras.

From the CLYDE.-MAY 21, Scotland, Paul, Calcutta.-27. Lucretia, Headberry, Algoa Bay.-JUNE 2. Grange, Graham, Madras, Penang, and Moulmein. From LEITH.—MAY 21. Duke of Richmond, Barclay, Sydney.

From NEWPORT.-MAY 23. Charles, Stevens, Calcutta.-24. Helme, Thomas, Aden.

From PLYMOUTH.-MAY 24. Skerne, Shell, New South Wales. -31. Cornelia, Tupper, Cape.

From Cowes.- MAY 27. Unicorn, Mullens, Cape and Swan River.

From HAMBURGH.-MAY 18. Matthew Plummer, Nichol, Bombay.-25. Medusa, Benson, Calcutta.

From BREMEN.-MAY 20. R. H. Patell, Laun, Port Adelaide.
From SHIELDS.—MAY 23. Alverton, Clark, Singapore.
From SUNDERLAND.-MAY 23. Chartley, Lee, Calcutta.
From BORDEAUX.-MAY 23. Jessie, Malcolm, Madras.
From BERWICK.-MAY 23. Mohawk, Lewes, South Seas.
From PETERHEAD.-MAY 30. M. A. Henderson, Ewan, Cape.

From YARMOUTH, J. W.-MAY 31. Jane, Reoch, Bordeaux and Mauritius.

From MARSEILLES.-MAY 26. Martha, Woolley, Mauritius.

From the DowNS.-MAY 23. Nymph, Horsburgh, China.22. Cyrus, Spratly, South Seas.-27. Etheldred, Bradford, Aden.28. Elizabelh, Saunders, Aden.-27. Walker, Keay, Bordeaux and India.—28. Thomas Blyth, Hay, Mauritius.--29. Nelson, Handley, St. Helena; George Armstrong, Paxton, Calcutta.-30. Robert Stride, Spurgeon, Cape ; Victoria Regina, Le Lievre, Algoa Bay.-28. Vectis, Adey, Arabia.-31. Sumatra, Duncan, Ceylon.Bengal, Errington, Cape.-JUNE 2. Adelaide, Wharton, China.3. Hebrides, Melville, Bombay.

WINDBOUND IN THE Downs.-_JUNE 4. Asiatic, Barlow, Bengal; Gilbert Henderson, Tweedie, Algoa Bay; Lady Mc Naghten, Hibbert, Bengal; Justina, Leshaw, Madras; William Metcalfe, Philipson, Sydney; Florist, Huggup, Ceylon ; John Brewer, Brown, Bombay. Put back, Hebrides, Melville, Bombay.

PASSED St. Helena.-APRIL 7. Ida, Sourabaya; Amicus, Mauritius.-8. Areta, Singapore ; Asia, Calcutta ; Harriet, Algoa Bay.-11. Dorothea, Calcutta.

Per steamer Tagus, from Sourhampton, on the 3rd instant :
For Malta : Mr. Cunliffe.

For Alexandria: Capt. Leeson, Miss White, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Lieut. Lloyd, Messrs. Grant, Campbell and servant, and Watson.


BIRTHS. May 19. The lady of Capt. Thos. Ditmas, Madras art. daughter, at Beverly.

22. The lady of E. P. Griffiths, Esq. of Calcutta, son, at Bangor.

24. The lady of Octavius Ommanney, Esq. daughter, in Norfolk street.

26. The lady of Elliot Macnaghten, Esq. daughter, at Monkhams, Woodford.

28. The lady of A. Pooley Onslow, Esq. Madras civil service, daughter, at 13, Bernard-street, Russell-square.

The lady of Alfred Montgomery, Esq. daughter, at Hampton Court Palace.

29. The lady of Major George Logan, Madras army, son, at Blackheath.

30. The wife of J. A. Moore, Esq. son, in Hunter-street, Bruos. wick-square:

June 3. The lady of Rev. J. Moultrie, daughter, at the Rectory, Rugby.

MARRIAGES. May 25. B. Barnett, of the Quadrant, to Julia, daughter of P. Davis, Esq. Red Lion-square, Bloomsbury.

27. Rev. P. P. Gilbert, M.A. Incumbent of St. Mary's, Haggerston, to Sophia, daughter of Charles Dumergue, of York-place, Portman-square, Esq. at the parish church of St. Marylebone.

Rev. Charles Vansittart to Rosalie Frances, daughter of Hans Busk, Esq. at St. Mary's, Bryanston-square.

June 3. Donald Mackenzie Dunlop, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law, Esq. to Eliza Herculina, daughter of Lieut.-col. Swin. ton, Hon. East-India Company's service, at Walcot Church, Bath.

DEATHS. Jan. Major Frederic Hovenden, late of ber Majesty's 34th, in New South Wales.

May 1. The wife of Peter Hadow, Esq. in Upper Harley-street. 13. Alexander Nash, Esq. at New York, aged 25. 15. Robert Foley, M.D. late of the Bengal establishment, aged 47.

Lieut. col. A. Spers. 17. Lieut. Geo. Borlas Stevens, late of the Madras army, at Cheltenham, aged 27.

20. Alice Catherine, infant daughter of F, O. Wells, Esq. Bengal civil service, at Brighton.

27. Ann, widow of the late J. W. Fulton, Esq. at No. 4, Upper Harley-street, aged 66.

31. Capt. John Tupman, late of the 2nd Ceylon reg. at Yarmouth, Norfolk, aged 75.

Charlotte, widow of Col. John Fenwick, Hon. East-India Company's service, at Wincanton.

June 1. Eugenia, widow of the late Henry Chicheley Plowden, Esq, formerly of the Bengal service, at Newtown Grove, near Lymingion, aged 88.

3. Margarita, daughter of the late Col. Heathcote, at Maltby, near Rotherbam.

VESSELS SPOKEN WITH. Woodman, Shields, to Bombay, Apr. 13, lat. 2 deg. N., long. 22

deg. W.



THE SOUNDTA COMPANY do hereby give



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East-India House, 30th April, 1845.

Just published, price 108. sewed, or 118.6d. bound, THE COURT of DIRECTORS of THE

the EAST-INDIA COMPANY do hereby give Botice,

And ARMY LIST (2nd Edition), for 1845, That a quarterly general Court of the said Com.

CONTAINING pany will be held at their house, in Leadenhall Street, on Wednesday, the 18th June next, at 11 COMPLETE LISTS OF THE COMPANY'S SERVANTS AT HOME o'clock in the forenoon.


With Indexes to the same, and Lists of Casualties.



That the transfer books of the said Company's
Stock will be shut on Thursday, the 5th June, at 3

Compiled, by permission of the Hon. East-India Company, from the Official Returns o'clock, and opened again on Tuesday, the 15th July,

received at the East-India House,

By F. CLARK, That the warrants for the dividends on the said stock, payable on the 7th July, 1845, under the 11th

of the Secretary's Office, East-India House. sec. of ihe Act 3 & 4 Will. 4, cap. 65, will be ready to be delivered on that day.

The Lists for the three Presidencies may be had separately.-The Bengal, 6s.; the Madras and JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary.

Bombay, 5s. each.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street; and all Booksellers.
East-India House, 29th May, 1846.



LIA, &c.-Cadets, Assistant-Surgeons, Midpotice, :- That the Finance and Home Committee will be be had gratis, in 3 vols. 8vo. containing more

their entire Outfits, at UNWIN & Co.'s, 57 ar.d 38, ready, on or before Wednesday, the lith June next, to than 500 pages. Messrs. R. COCKS and Co. most Lombard Street, viz. Shirts, Towels, Table Linen, receive proposals in writing, sealed up, from such respectfully inform the nobility, gentry, the musical Sheets, Hosiery, White Jean Jackets and Trowsers, persons as may be willing to supply the Company profession, and the public, that their CATALOGUES Woollen Clothing, Sea Bedding, Single and Double with

are now ready for delivery. In these useful books Couches, Cabin Furniture, Bullock Drawers, Trunks, CAST IRON WATER-PIPES,

will be found an endless variety of every kind of &c. Ladies' ready-made Linen of every description. FILES and RASPS,

music for all instruments, printed from 200,000 Light Trunks for Overland.
PAINT, &c.

plates. Vol. I. contains-Instruction Books, Piano-
forte Music, Pianoforte Trios, Quartets, Quintets

PORT WINE for Hospital use,
and Septets, Dance Music, Church Music, Vocal

CERS and FAMILIES, WRITERS and Music, Guitar and Accordion Music. Vol. II.- CADETS, proceeding to INDIA, can be completely and that the conditions of the said contracts (four Flute Music, Cornet a Piston, Quartets, Quintets, equipped, on the shortest notice, at MAYNARD & in number) may be had on application at the Secre: Septets, Symphonies, and Overtures for Orchestra, HARRISIS, 27, Poultry: tary's Office, where the proposals are to be left ang Dilitary, Quadrille, and Brass Bands, Music in The articles supplied at this establishment are of 11th day of June next, after which hour no Tender Score, Scales for all Instruments, and Tutors for the best quality, and strictly correct as to the uni. will be received.

every wind instrument. Vol. 111. -Violin, Tenor, form of either presidency. Samples, with the prices JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary. Books, Exercises, Studies, Violin and Violencello warehouse,

and Violencello Music, comprising Instruction and detailed lists of necessaries, may be seen at the Solos and Concertos, Violin and Piano Duets, Trios, The NEW INFANTRY SWORD, teated on the

Quartets, Quintets, Septets, Symphonies, and Over- most powerful machine, and gilt by the best London GENERAL SIR WILLIAM NOTT, G.C.B.

tures for a full Orchestra, &c. Each application workmen, supplied at 31. 33. each.
must state the instrument for which the Catalogue CABIN FURNITURE, and every article of per-

sonal outfit, ready for immediate shipment. • announce the publication of a highly-finished NEW MILITARY MUSIC.- The For the OVERLAND ROUTE, their CON. Mezzetinto Engraving, by G. T. Payne, of the above SIX ROYAL POLKAS,-i.e. th. Prague, Annen,

DENSED TRAVELLING EQUIPAGE is strongly distinguished General, from an original Picture Heiterer Sinn, La Cerito, Salon, and Adelaiden recommended; also their very light Waterproof painted by J. Diffett Francis, Esq., at Carmarthen, Polkas,-arranged by W. Hardy, of her Majesty's

Trunk. which has elicited the highest praise, as a faithful private band, books, each 10s. 6d. The Prague

MAYNARD & HARRIS, 27, Poultry, next the portrait, from numerous friends and admirers of the Polkas, by Liehman, &c., 6 in 2 books, each 124. ;

Mansion - House. late General. Size of the plate, 15 inches high by 12 also, arranged by Godfrey, 3 Polkas, by Lebitzky inches wide. Prints, 128.; proofs with the letters, and Guig'i, 128. ; and Labitzky's Prince Edward's,

ARMY.-CADETS and 218.; autograph proofs, 42s.

Dalkeith, Dublin, Die Elfen, Georginen, the Queen's, J. S. Welch, Printseller and Publisher to the Brandhofen, and Paulinen Waltees, each set 125. strictly REGULATION PATTERNS prescribed Royal Family, 34, St. James's Street, London, Straus's Deutsche Lust, Freuden Grusse, London for the Dress of the Army in each of the PRESI.

Season, Hommage à la Reine, and Esotic Plants DENCIES, wherein a material difference exists ; Just published, 2 vols. 8vo. with coloured frontis. Waltzes ; Ladner's Die Kosenden, and Die Peters and parties will, on application, be furnished with pieces and numerous illustrations on wood, 25s. bourger, each set 12s. ; and 300 other works for a

an Estimate for the whole supply of necessaries, inTRAVELS in INDIA, including struments, 1s.6d. military band; and Clarke's Catechism of Wind Including the Passage, Cabin Furniture, Shipping

Baggage, &c.—Apply to JOHN NICHOLLS, EastScinde and the Punjab, in 1842 and 1843. By TO FLUTE PLAYERS, &c. - To be India Army Business, No. 42, late 57, Jermyo Street, Capt. LEOPOLD VON ORLICH. Translated from the German, by H. EVANS LLOYD, Esq.

bad on application (gratis), a new and complete St. James's.

CATALOGUE of R. COCKS and Co.'s PUBLI. “We have rarely met with two volumes more CATIONS for the FLUTE, Cornet a Piston, Quar. ASS'S EAST - INDIA PALE agreeably combining amusing anecdotes of Indian tets, Quintets, Septets, Symphonies, and Overtures manners and customs, with instructive details of the for 1 Band; ditto for Military and Quadrille Bands; Ale, in his work on Diseases of the Stomach, &c.,

ALE.-Dr. Prout, who has analyzed this country and people. No author bas given a more Music in Score, and Scales and Tutors for every wind after condemning common ales, especially recom. lively idea than Capt. Von Orlich of the romance of instrument. Also, just published, for Flute and meuds this to weakly persons; and Dr. Marshall Indian life."-Britannia.

Piano, Forde's L’Anima dell'Opera, 75 numbers, Hall, in his paper on Consumption in the Lancet London : LONGMAN, Browx, Greex, and

each 3s. ; and Clinton's New Essay or Instruction of the 20th of April, speaks of Bass's Ale as the only LONGWANS.

Book for the Boehm Flute, 10s. 6d. ; 2 vols. bound, stiinulant admissible in the diet of persons threat

of 35 new pieces for Flute and Piano, cost upwards ened with symptoms of the incipient state of that Shortly will be published.

of 61., price 21. Several Second-hand Flutes for discase. In excellent condition, in casks and bot. N sale. Royal Music Institution.

tles, at their agents, HENRY BERRY and Co.,

To VIOLIN PLAYERS.—This day 3, št. James's Street.
Courts of India, and Courts of Sudder Dewanny METHOD of PLAYING the VIOLIN, by Guhr,
Adawlut and Nizamut Adawlut, and on appeal from

UNS and PISTOLS of all kinds India by Her Majesty in Council. By WILLIAM price 12s. In this extraordinary book will be found

manufactured by H. MORLEY, of the Middle Temple, Esq., der of the age. Also, Spohr's great School for the the great secret by which Paganini became the won

BECKWITH and SON, Barrister-at-Law.

Violin, translated by John Bishop (complete), Gun Makers to the Hon. East-India London: Wx. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall 31s. 6d.; and Campagnoli': Method for the Violin, Street. dedicated to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cam.

bridge, translated by John Bishop, 20s. Fine copies 88, SKINNER STREET, Snow Hill, London.
of Vuillaume's Violins (i.e. Amati's), and his Steel

Established nearly 50 years.
Just ready, in One Volume, 8vo.

London : R. Cocks & Co., 6, New Burlington

A variety of Guns, Pistols, Rifles, &c., in stock, suitable

for cadets and officers in the Company's service. OUR YEARS' SERVICE IN

Street, Musicsellers to her Majesty.
Just published, in 1 vol. 880. price 9s.

NDIA and

HE HISTORY of CEYLON, with particular attention as to quality, fashion, and
Comprising an Account of its March from Deesa to
Ferozepore, viâ Cutch, Scinde, Affghanistan, with an APPENDIX, containing an Account of its economy, and executed to any extent, on the short-

est notice, by POPE and PLANTE, General Out. Peshawur, and the Punjaub. Present Condition.

fitters, and Manufacturers of every description of the By J. MARTIN BLADEN NEILLS, B, WILLIAM KNIGHTON, Esq., Colombo.

best Hosiery for family use, 4, Waterloo Place, Pall Capt. 4oth Regt.

London: LONGMAN & Co.; SMITH, ELDER, & Co.; Mall. The Ladies' department conducted by expe. RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street and MADDEN & MALCOLM. Edinburgh: BELL rienced female assistants. Lists and Patterns for. (Publisher in Ordinary to her Majesty). & BRADFUTE.


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A All the reported Cases decided in the Supreme in



I and Ladies Wedding Orders, odc. prepared

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N PALSTOT,8&z Vic. cap. 63, made of Llama




30 35 40

8 4 8




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Price 4s. 6d.

• &c., 1, Suffolk Place, Pall Mall East, London, Patronized by her Majesty, his Royal Highness Prince 7, WATERLOO PLACE, LONDON. has been appointed by the Board of General Officers

Albert, and her Royal Highness the Duchess of DIRECTORS.

Kent. for Inspecting and Regulating the Clothing of her Sir John Barrow, Bart., F.R.S.

Majesty's Army, with the approval of his Grace the R. THOMAS'S SUCCEDA. Lord W. R. K. Douglas, F.R.S.

Commander-in-Chief, to prepare a new standard NEUM, for stopping Decayed Teeth, hov. Right Hon.Sir Edward Hyde East, Bart., F.R.S. pattern of overalls for all cavalry regiments, cut ever large the cavity. It is placed in the tooth in a Charles Elliott, Esq., F.R.S.

upon improved principles submitted by him to their soft state, without any pressure or pain, and will Joseph Esdaile, Esq. inspection in 1842.

remain firm in the tooth for many years, rendering Right Hon. Sir T. F. Freemantle, Bart., M.P.

Trousers cut on this plan have obtained the as. extraction unnecessary, arresting the further pro. Henry Harvey, Esq., F.R.S.

cendancy over those cut in the ordinary manner, gress of decay. All persons can use Mr. Thomas's James Murray, Esq.

from the great freedom of stride they afford either in Succedaneum themselves with ease, as full diresSamuel Skinner, Esq.

walking or riding. They can be supplied only by tions are enclosed. It can be sent by post. Sold Pat. Maxwell Stewart, Esq., M.P.

J.S., from whom may also be obtained every article by Savory, 220, Regent Street; Sanger, i 50, Oxford Sir William Young, Bart.

of uniform or plain clothing, military accoutrements, Street ; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Prout, 229, Strand; AUDITORS. &c. &c.

Johnston, 68, Cornhill; and all medicine rendors Capt. C. J. Bosanquet, R.N.

Officers of her Majesty's regiments in India, and in the kingdom. James Buller East, Esq., M.P.

those of the Honourable East-India Company's Mr. Thomas continues to supply the loss of teeth John Young, Esq., M.P.

army, wishing to avail themselves of this improve on his new system of self-adhesion, without springs Bankers.--The London and Westminster Bank.

ment, may do so by transmitting their measure, ac- or wires. This method does not require the exPhysician.-Seth Thompson, M.D. cording to the following directions, to

traction of any teeth or roots, or any painful operaThe TWENTIETH ANNUAL GENERAL


tion whatever. At home from 11 till 4. Mr. Thorpas, MEETING of this Society was held on the 10th of 1, Suffolk Place, Pall Mall East, London. Surgeon-Dentist, 64, Berners Street, Oxford Street. April last, when a highly satisfactory REPORT was

MEASURE FOR COATS, WAISTCOATS, &c. laid before the Proprietors and Policy Holders, and From bottom of collar to hip buttons.

TO PARTIES RETURNING TO ENGLAND unanimously adopted. hip buttons to bottoni of skirt.

BY THE CONTINENT. The Public will see the advantage of selecting, in centre of back to elbow; continued to length so important a matter as Life Assurance, a well

of sleeve. established office, which, from its continued prospe- Size round top of arm and wrist.

Foreign Agents, and Agents to the Royal tity, and its large additions to policies, offers the

of chest under coat.

Academy, 7, Old Jewry, London, beg to inform greatest inducement to Assurers, combined with the

of waist ditto.

cers and others returning home from India by the undoubted security of a numerous and wealthy pro. If for uniform, the height and length of collar.

Continent, that they continue to receive consigaprietary.


ments of baggage and of objects of fine arts from ADDITIONS TO POLICIES.

all parts of the Continent, for clearing through the The following Table shews the additions made to Length from top of trousers to bottom.

from fork to bottom of inside leg seam. Custom-house, and for warehousing until the return Policies for £5,000, which had been in force for Size round waist, hips, top of thigh, and calf.

home of the proprietors. They also undertaže the Fourteen Years, to the 31st December, 1838:


shipment of effects to all parts of the world. Size round the head.

Lists of their correspondents abroad, and every is. Additions

GENTLEMEN RETURNING FROM INDIA formation, may be had on application at their office, Age at Premiums made to the Total Sums will be waited on immediately they arrive in town,

as above; also at Messrs. BRIGGS & Co.'s, Ales. com- paid in the Sum Assured now payable by sending an order to that effect; and J. S. has andria; Mr. N. J.ASPINALL'S, Malta ; and of all Fourteen in the in case of made arrangements wbich enable him to supply a

their other correspondents. ment. Years. Fourteen death.

complete suit of plain clothes in 24 hours.

10 €1,192 18 4 £586 6 7 £5,586 6 7
15 1,350


27 5,681 2 1 able scent for the handkerchief, distinguished for its cloth, in light, dark, and mixed colours, Two Gui. 20

peas, patronized by his Royal Highness Prince *1,525 768 5,7095

originality, and remarkable for its lasting and fra- Albert," is, from the neatness of its form, adapted 25 1,682 18 4 787 2 8 5,787 2 8 grant properties, is particularly recommended as a

for the two purposes, -as an over coat, light in 1,869 11 813 15 6

5,813 15 6 delicate and highly-refreshing perfume, especially in weight, a desirable advantage in our ever-variable 2,094

6 5 5,854 6 8 crowded assemblies. Prepared only by THOMAS climate ; also as a surtout, or summer frock coat, 2,377 923 18

18 45 2,727 8 1,011

6,011 2 9 Exchange, London. In bottles, at 25. 6d., 4s. 6d., found oppressive." Unassumed plainness, the cha50 3,173 6 8 1,129 15 7 6,129 15 7 and 8s. each.

racteristic of a gentleman's attire, is fully sustained A Bonus of Four-fifths, or Eighty per Cent. of the

EMON and KALI.-The cooling in the Paletot, being in its fashion neither trop proestimated profits is added to policies entitled, every be too highly esteemed. It is of inestimable value working of the new Act, which thus secures the

properties of this delightful beverage cannot noncé nor trop négligé. “It speaks well for the an future Premiums. The Third Septennial Division of profits will be or whose duties oblige them to perambulate the nuity to those to whom it is due.”-See the Times crowded streets of large towns in hot weather, as a

of 4th April. declared to the 3) at December, 1845.

“ In the Registered Paletot there Persons Assuring previous to that date will have their propor. Prepared in the form of a powder, only by Tuomas few draughts speedily remove head-ache, thirst, &c. is a gentlemanly neatness and an absence of all un.

sightly vulgarity. It has met with the highest tion of profit appropriated.

Partics travelling in Europe, by sea or land, in White, Chemist, 24, Cornhill, London. "In bottles approbation in the Court circle."-See Morning time of peace, are not charged any extra premium. at Is. 6d., 5s.6d., and 10s. each.

Post of 19th April. Paletots, suitable to the habits

and professions of all, are ready for inspection at the Applications for Agencies, in places where none are established, to be addressed to the Secretary. NICHOLAS GRUT, Secretary and Actuary. powders, possessing absorbent as well as aperient

ENT SEIDLITZ POWDERS.-These paces north of Quadrant.
CARSON'S PATENT heartburn, indigestion, bile, or acidity of the sto-
properties, are superior to all others for the relief of

TOR the RACES. - NICOLL'S MEAT PRESERVER will corn 25 lbs. of mach, arising from a too free use of wines, spirits, 65, unlined, 30s., twenty paces north of Quadrant, Neat in five or salt it in ten minutes, in any climate, or highly-seasoned viands. They may be had reeven under the Line. Contained in a box 8 inches course to as an agreeable and efficient saline remedy, 114, Regent Street, an over coat, by many of our by 6. Prices, in England, 30s. and 50s.; in India, the fixed air they contain dering them as refresh' patrons called “The Dust-ah," is, without encun. 40s. and 60s.

ing as soda water. In bottles, lined with tinfoil, 28. bering free movement, well adapted for temporary “This instrument is a species of small force cach, warranted to keep in any climate; Prepared pared and can only be made by H. J. and D. Nicoll

. pump."--Artisan.

by Thomas White, Chemist, 24, Cornhill. “ I find that meat can be salted (with a strong

is naturally repellant of water, yet porous. The brine) in twenty minutes, as if the same had been in

test is to breathe through the material to the surface salt for a week of ten days.”—Letter from H.M.'s has always on sale an excellent assortment of Medi- dily fold into the small compass of the ordinary

From its elastic softness, it will rea.

Wurte, Chemist, 24, Cornhill, London, of a mirror.
Butcher, Mr. Giblett.
salted, and rendered fit for exportation. Every part adapted to all climates. Persons going to India, or
Any quantity of meat may be instantaneously mediately with medicines of the best

quality, and paces north of Quadrant, London.

cine Chests of all sizes, which can be fitted up im- pocket. Price 30s.; is durable withal. Twenty of the joint becomes suddenly impregnated."'United Service Gazette.

any of the colonies, may be supplied on the shortest ADDLERY, HARNESS, HORSE “On board ship, and in the colonies, it is invanotice. Prices varying from £2 to 20.

CLOTHING, BLANKETS, SADDLES, luable."-Liverpool Journal.

SPONGES, BRUSHES, &c., at A. DAVIS'S ce" For pork and tongues it is even better than PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY AND THE Regent Street.


lebrated Establishments, No.33, Strand, and No.20, beef."- Mr. Bolton, Liverpool Road.

Horse Clothing, of superior quality, “ Hundreds of pounds of meat will be saved to EEN FUN, or CELESTIAL lers, Saddle Girthis, Riding Bridles, Stirrup Leathers, every owner who puts one of these instruments on board his ship.”—Mr. Haswell, Plymouth.

SKIN POWDER,-a truly wonderful cos- Brushes of every kind for horses and carriages. An " It is beneficial to the trade; and, with Hockin's metique, which has for centuries been in constant immense quantity of Stable Sponges, all at wbole. Essences of Smoke, &c., a ready method is provided use among the Chinese, possessing properties of a sale prices. Hunting, Riding, and Ladies 'Saddles; for smoking and flavouring meat to the palate of any character unparalleled. Its application entirely at a saving of two guincas each. To prereut any, epicure."- Mr. Hall.

counteracts those disagreeable appearances to which prejudice as to quality, shape, and fit, a trial (f Depôts,-London, C. HOCKIN & Co., 38, Duke

delicate skins are subject, more especially at this twelve months allowed previous to payment. HouseStreet, Manchester Square, and 1, Bishopsgate Street and coarseness, at the same time rendering the skin Nursery, and Bath Sponges, warranted unbleached,

season of the year; it allays and averts discolouration hold Brushes, Brooms, and Turnery. Finest Toilet, Within.

beautifully white, smooth, and soft. The compo. at half the perfumers' prices. Patentee of the cele. CEYLON LAND AGENCY.

nent parts are so perfectly harmless and simple in brated Flexible Horse Brushes, also the celebrated

themselves, that those with the most delicate com- Mane and Tail Brush, to supersede the use of Mane chase or Sale of Land at Ceylon, may have Perfumers and Chemists, in boxes, price 3s. 6d. and India-rubber, to prevent the hairs coming lowe. All their views forwarded by application to Mr. CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT, Colombo ;

73.6d. each ; and wholesale by the sole Proprietors, orders from the country sent, carriage free, ans dis

FABIAN & Co. (late Watson, Fabian, & Co.), 24, tance, at the wholesale prices. Lists of prices for cor at 55, Old Broad Street, London. Office hours, Mark Lane, London, without whose signature on warded by a post-paid application.-4. DAVIS, 33, 12 to 2 o'clock, daily (Saturday excepted). the labels ponc are genuing

Strand, and 20, Regent šircot, Waterloo Place.

[ocr errors]

WHETE SEIDLOCUL POGDEASPERE pare short requadrant., Regent Street, twenty

, .







, Mansion House, London

Thomas Halifax, Jun., Esq. | Francis Mills, Esq. East-India, Army, and General Agents,

Claude Edward Scott, Esq.


Francis Mills, Esq., Chairman.

Thomas Heath, Esq., Dep. Chairman. Wm. Chippindale, Esq.

William Lyall, Esq. This Office was established by DODWELL & MILES (late of the Military and Civil Department of the Edward Sept. Coda, Esq. Thomas Morgan, Esq.

John Stewart, Esq. Honourable Company's Home Service), in June 1836, and has continued to this date under the firm of Henry T. Danvers, Esq.

John Harvey, Esq. Barclay F. Watson, Esq. DODWELL & MILES. Mr. J.S. MILES has now the pleasure to acquaint the Civil and Military Services

Edwin Leaf, Esq.

J.J. Zornlin, Esq. of India, that Mr. ROBERT BELLIN (who has been for seven years connected with Agency business,

AUDITORS. the latter two of which he had the care of the Madras Military Fund, in the house of Messrs. Arbuthnot

John L. Bennett, Esq. | Robert W. Eyles, Esq. & Latham, the London Agents) is admitted a partner this day.

William Scott, Esq. Mr. EDWARD DODWELL's ill health occasioned his retirement in May, 1842, since which period the firm has continued to be conducted under the names of DodWELL & MILES.

The first Quinquennial Valuation was made and Messrs. MILES & BELLIN now respectfully submit to the Officers of the East-India Company's the Annual General Meeting, held on 23rd June,

Division of the Profits of this Company declared at Service the routine of business transacted by their House of Agency.

1842, when FOUR-Fifths of the ascertained profit EAST-INDIA HOUSE.-A knowledge of the Public business of the various Departments.

were appropriated to the Policy-holders entitled to CIVIL SERVICE.-Regulations of the Annuity Funds, Furlough and Absentee Allowance.

participate, enabling the Directors to add a rever

sionary bonus averaging 31 per cent. on the PreMILITARY SERVICE.-Succession to the Opf RECKONINGS, and correct account of the yearly miums paid during the last five years, or to give an BALANCES from the formation of the Fund.

Casualties regularly marked, and promotions equivalent reduction of premium of nearly 17 per thereon shewn, with every care to date, particularly observing the LINE STePs, which from inac- cent. on the Premiums payable during the next five curacy have, in some cases, afforded just grounds of appeal to the authorities. PAY PENSIONS years, and Widows' ANNUITIES received by power of attorney, and transmitted to any part of Europe. The next Quinquennial division will be made in BENGAL, MADRAS, and BOMBAY Funds, whereon Widows and ORPHANS are claimants, the June, 1847, and all persons assuring by the Partici. regulations of which will be fully explained, and every attention paid to the parties.

pating Scale prior to 31st December, 1845, will be PASSAGE via THE CAPE.-The most ELIGIBLE SHIPS selected free of charge, guaranteed by a prac- entitled to share therein,

tical knowledge of their standing at “Llogd's," with the character of their Commanders, this No extra premium will be charged on the Lives of being highly important to FAMILIES.

Military or Naval Men, unless they enter or are

called into active service, when the lowest rate conOVERLAND ROUTE.—Passages engaged and Goods forwarded, the latter at REDUCED RATEs, viz. sistent with safety will be required.

Is. 6d. per lb., 58. each Package, and to cover insurance and transit-duty through Egypt, a charge Premiums, founded on correct datn, have been of 3 per cent. on value-this applies only to CalcutTA, MADRAS, Ceylon, and ADEN.

specially calculated for Assurances on Lives of OffiPASSENGERS' BAGGAGE SHIPPED AND CLEARED.-Upon ARRIVAL from India it is desirable cers in the Military or Civil Service of the East-India

that the keys be sent under cover (should the party not visit London), with INVENTORY of Company, and the Lives of any persons proceeding Property, when, upon examination, a Return will be made of Goods liable to duty, for sanction to any part of the world will be Assured on terms to clear the eame.

commensurate with the risk incurred.

Tables and every information can be obtained at OUTFITS.—This branch of Agency is under especial supervision; DETAILED LISTS are submitted to the Office.

Parents and Guardians, shewing at one view every requisite and total of EXPENSE. A liberal W. T. ROBINSON, Actuary and Secretary. outfit for the INPANTRY service should not exceed £100, which sum affords a full equipment,

No appearance required before the Board.—A pricombining articles of the best deseription.

vate interview with the Medical Adviser of the ComMESS SUPPLIES.-Such orders have been executed by the late firm of DODWELL & Miles to a con- pany considered sufficient. siderable extent, and acknowledged with much satisfaction ; future commissions on this account

OWLAND'S UNIQUE PREwill receive the accustomed care and strict attention.

PARATIONS. (Under the Patronage of the GOVERNMENT FUNDS and other PUBLIC SECURITIES. - INVESTMENTS made at the most several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe, and uni

favourable market price of the day. REMITTANCES on this account from India will be placed versally preferred.) in the hands of one of the most influential members of the London Stock Exchange ; return Overland Mail will convey receipt for the same, with printed published List at the time of pur- ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, chase, of the value of every Public Security. DIVIDENDS received under power of attorney.

For the Growth, Preservation, and for Beautifying ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.—The payment of £i in England, or Rupees 12 in India, entitles the Sub- the Human Hair. Price 38. 6d., 78., Family Bottles

scriber to have his Letters consigned to the Firm, which are duly registered and forwarded, (equal to four small), 10s. 6d., and double that size, thereby affording a reference in case any letter should fail to reach its destination. Postage 218. per bottle. Account rendered half-yearly; also the latest information of PROMOTIONS, RESIGNATIONS, or CAUTION.-The words “Rowland's Macassar Deatus, or any further intelligence required.

Oil” are engraved on the Wrapper of each genuine HON. COMPANY'S BILLS, or LETTERS OF CREDIT-Obtained at the India House, or granted bottle; and on the back of the Wrapper 1,500 times, upon their Agents in India at the most favourable rate of exchange.

containing 29,028 letters. Without this none are

genuine. SERVICE GENERALLY.- Correspondence conducted with the Court or DIRECTORS of the E. I. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR,

COMPANY upon any subject in which the interest of the party may be engaged. A knowledge of For Improving and Beautifying the Skin and Comthe Forms of Application, and the several DEPARTMENTS of the INDIA House which report plexion. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle, duty officially to the Court, affords to the Service information strictly to be relied on.




Gums. Price 25. 9d. per box, duty included. ORIENTAL STORES


frequently offered for sale under the same names 16, GREAT MARLBOROUGH STREET, REGENT STREET.

(some under the implied sanction of Royalty); the

Labels, Bills, and Advertisements of the original R. J. H. WOOLER, 22 years member of the firm WOOLER & Co., articles are copied, and either a Fictitious Name, or continuance of the patronage so long and so liberally afforded him in India.

land's." 1. H. W. proposes supplying WINES, &c., and trusts bis experience of the general tastes prevailing It is therefore imperative on purchasers to see that in India may be found useful in the removal of an inconvenience often complained of by parties re- the word “Rowland's" is on the Wrapper of each cently returned to this country, viz. a difficulty in obtaining Wines, &c. to their liking.

article. For the protection of the public from fraud J. H. W. also requests to state, that having formed arrangements with a most respectable house at Bor- and imposition, the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps deaux, he is coabled to offer FRENCH WINES at prices as moderate as such Wines can be supplied. have directed the Proprietors' Signature to be enAlso,

graved on the Government Stamp thusRichly-carved BLACKWOOD FURNITURE, made expressly for this country, of choice wood. A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN;

which is affixed on the Kalydor and Odonto. J. H. W. will also undertake the execution of Commissions to or from India.

Sold by the Proprietors, and by Chemists and

Passengers' Baggage cleared the Customs, and forwarded according to instructions.

All others are FRAUDULENT COUN





Sword Manufacturers, respectfully invite

officers to witness the machine-proof they have estaPASSAGES ARE SECURED THROUGHOUT

blished for their swords, which, having received the

approbation of his Grace the Duke of Wellington, FROM SOUTHAMPTON TO ALL THE PRESIDENCIES OF INDIA,

are now the regulation pattern for the army, accordINCLUDING THE COST IN EGYPT.

ing to orders recently issued by the AdjutantGeneral.

W. and Son manufacture swords of every descripLetters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the

tion for presentation, dress, or fancy, with swordJourney, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry.

belts, sword-knots, sashes, cpaulettes, and all mili

tary accoutrements, strictly correct to regimental Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, by this Route,

to the above places and to China.

pattern, and of superior make and quality. JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe.


M Bombay. Having commerce de . .



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