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East-India House, London, 17th June, 1845.

East-India House, 11th June, 1848. To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK

Ladies and Gentlemen,

HE notice,

cease of Major-Gen. Sir Jeremiah will That the Finance and Home Committee will be give the Hon. W. H. L. Melville the opportunity of


the EAST-INDIA COMPANY do hereby give THE vacances cercasigned by the dem

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TEST.RDLA COMPANY hereby give bervant,

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receive proposals in writing, sealed up, from such rection of the East-India Company to which he has That the Finance and Home Committee will be persons as may be willing to supply the Company long aspirer, and the nearly certain prospect of his ready, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., before 11 with

success places me in the position to ask your sup. o'clock in the forenoon, to receive Tenders for the


port with confidence at future vacancies. freight of Stores from England to the City of Cal. cutta, in ships of the burthen of 400 tons register and that the conditions of the said contract may Although I have not the advantage of having been

first in the field amongst the remaining candidates, and upwards, O.M., or 500 tono register and up where the proposals are to be left any time before I have, nevertheless, been received with such farour wards, N.M.

The Tenders to be made according to a form 11 o'clock in the forenoon of the said 25th day of by those to whom I have submitted my pretensions, which may be had at the Marine Branch of the Se- June, 1845, after which hour no Tender will be re. that I am encouraged to declare myself ready to pra

ceived. cretary's Office, at this House, with conditions an.

ceed to the poll at any vacancy that may occur after nered. The freight to be payable thus, viz. one

JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary.

this occasion. I have had the gratification to find third part in England, and the remaining two-thirds

that my career and service in India are pot unknown in India, on the delivery of the stores at Calcutta,

to the general body of the Proprietors of East-India after the rate or exchange of 1s. 9d. per Company's | To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK. Stock, and have been extensively recognized as af.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

fording grounds for preference where no pre-engagerupee.

N.B. No Tender will be received unless made THE lamented death of the late Sir ments have interfered. It is on them that I rely for and filled in according to the form prescribed.

Jeremiah Bryant has caused a vacancy in the

your continued favour. The Stores consist of aboutdirection of your affairs, to which, in all probability,

I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, 237 tons of dead weight.

the Hon. W. L. Melville will succeed, and to whom your obedient and humble servant, 55 tons of measurable goods, including 9 tons of it is not my intention to offer any opposition.

37, Hyde Park Gardens, H.T. PRINSEP. rockets, for which a magazine must be con- I beg leave, however, to announce that, from the June 12, 1845. structed at the ship's expense.

favourable reception I have met with during an

active canvass, I trust at an early succeeding vacancy CONVEYANCE OF STORES TO INDIA.

to be in a position to proceed to the ballot, when East-India House, London, 17th June, 1845. the honour of your suffrages will again be solicited THE COURT of DIRECTORS of by, Ladies and Gentlemen, your faithful obedient



published in London in the aternoon of the That the Finance and Home Committee will be

Late Secretary at Hydrabad. days for transmitting the Overland Mail to India' ready, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., before 11

33, Queen Anne Street, June 12, 1845.

via Marseilles. Among the immense mass of in o'clock in the forenoon, to receive Tenders for the

formation conveyed by this Journal, is a careful confreight of Stores from England to Bombay, in ships

densation of all Public News, Domestie, Foreign of the burthen of 400 tons register and upwards, To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK. and Commercial-the various movements in Private O.M., or 500 tons register and upwards, N.M. The Tenders to be made according to a form which

Ladies and Gentlemen,

and Official Life, and in the Military and Naval Ser

vices of her Majesty and the East-India Companymay be had at the Marine Branch of the Secretary's

VACANCY having taken place Accidents and offences--Court and Fashion Civil Office, at this House, with conditions annexed. The freight to be payable thus, viz. one-third part in death of your highly-respected Director, Major-Gen the Arts and Sciences. The LONDON MAIL does Sir Jeremiah Bryant, C.B., I beg respectfully to an

not depend, like all other Journals, upon chance or the delivery of the Stores at Bombay, after the rate or exchange of 15.94d. per Company's rupee. nounce that it is not my intention to solicit your caprice, but is compiled for the purpose of being seat

gratuitously to the Subscribers of the three leading N.B. No Tender will be received unless made and suffrages on the present occasion. filled in according to the form prescribed.

In the course of an active canvass during the four. Journals of India, viz. the BENGAL HURKARU, The Stores consist of about

teen months which have elapsed since the last elec- the BOMBAY TIMES, and the MADRAS SPEC303 tons of dead weight, including 252 tons of tion, I have ascertained that the Hon. Mr. Leslie TATOR; and it is thus by far the most widely eir. coals.

Melville has secured the support of the great majo- culated Paper in all India, extending throughout the rity of the proprietary body.

entire Indian Continent, Central Asia, Ceylon, Maqe 30 tons of measurable goods.

In deference, therefore, to what appears to be the ritius, Penang, Malacca, Singapore, Java, China, CONVEYANCE OF TROOPS TO INDIA. general feeling of the Proprietors, and with a view Australasia, and South Africa. The compilation is

East-India House, London, 18th June, 1845. to avoid giving unnecessary trouble, I shall refrain conducted with a care proportioned to their high re

HE COURT of DIRECTORS of from soliciting the honour of your support until the sponsibility, the Editor indulging in no speculations, notice,

arranging an unparalleled mass of news, brought tion to proceed to the ballot. That the Finance and Home Committee will be With my most grateful thanks for the flattering up to the hour of publication, and embracing every ready, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., before 11 encouragement I bave already received, I have the thing that can possess any interest for British Sub. o'clock in the forenoon, to receive Tenders for the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, with great rejects in the Eastern World.

The London Publishers of the LONDON MAIL conveyance of Troops from England to Cannanore, spect, your faithful and obliged servant, on board ships either of 400 tons register and up


are Messrs. Bradbury & Evans, Lombard Street,

Fleet Street, to whose care Advertisements and other wards, O.M., or 500 tons register and upwards, N.M. London, 22, Sloane Street, June 10, 1845. The number of Troops under orders for embarka

Communications to the Editor may be addressed ; or tion is about 72, and they must embark between the

to the care of Messrs. Wm. H. Allen & Co., 7, Lea18th and 31st of July next. To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK.

denhall Street; Mr.J. M. Richardson, 23, Cornbill; The Tender must express the rate per head for

and Messrs. Smith, Elder, & Co., 65, Cornhill.

Ladies and Gentlemen,the passage, diet, and accommodation of the men for the whole voyage, and be made according to a form which may be had at the Marine Branch of the Se

that the Hon. Mr. L. Melville has made his cretary's Office at this House, with terms and condi- election tolerably certain, I shall abstain from giving

THE BISHOP OF MADRAS'S JOURNAL. tions annexed. him or my supporters unnecessary trouble by pro

In small 8vo. price 6s. 6d. Two-thirds of the passage-money will be payable ceeding to the ballot on the present occasion of the OURNAL of a VISITATIONin India, at the exchange of is.9fd. per Company's vacancy in your direction, consequent upon the de. rupee. mise of the lamented Major-Gen. Sir J. Bryant.

TOUR, in 1843-4, through part of the westera N.B. No Tender will be received unless made and Permit me, however, to avail myself of this oppor

portion of that Diocese. filled in according to the form prescribed. tunity to assure you that the favourable opinion en

By GEORGE TREVOR SPENCER, D.D., JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary. tertained by a large and influential body of Proprie.

Lord Bishop of Madras. CONVEYANCE OF TROOPS TO INDIA. tors of my services of thirty-five years in the Political Rivingtons, St. Paul's Churchyard, and Waterloo

Place, East-India House, London, 18th June, 1845. India, has placed me in a position which will justify

and Military Departments under the Government of of of resolution I , in accordance with notice,

upon the occurrence of the next vacancy. That the Finance and Home Committee will I have the honour to remain, Ladies and Gentle- THE EAST-INDIA REGISTER be ready, on Wednesday, the 25th inst., before 11 men, your obedient servant,

and ARMY LIST (2nd Edition), for 1845, o'clock in the forenoon, to receive Tenders for the

J. CAULFEILD, conveyance of Troops fron England to Bombay,

Major-General Bengal Army. on board ships either of 400 tons register and 82, Eaton Square, June 11, 1845.

Complete Lists of the Company's Serrants upwards, O.M., or 500 tons register and upwards,

at home and abroad, Civil, Bsilitary, and Marine, N.M. The number of Troops under orders for embarka

with their respective Appointments; with Indexes

to the same, and Lists of Casualties. Regulations tion is about 940, and they must embark between the 18th and 31st of July next.

delicious new Sauce, which as elicited uni.

Writers, Cadets, and Assistant-Surgeons. Rules The Tender must express the rate per head for versal commendation from the most distinguished and Regulations of the Civil and Military Funds, and for the whole voyage, and be made according to a epicures, is now to be procured generally of the a List of Proprietors of East-India stock. Com. form which may be had at the Marine Branch of the principal Sauce Vendors throughout the kingdom, piled, by permission of the Hon. East-India Com. Secretary's Office at this House, with terms and for the table at 38. in pint bottles at 25. 6d., and handsome china vases

pany, from the Official Returns received at the Eastconditions annexed.

India House, by F.CLARK, of the Secretary's Office,

East-India House. Two-thirds of the passage-money will be payable It is the most admired Sauce at the tables of the in India, at the exchange of Is. 9$d. per Company's nobility and the principal club-houses, and will be The Lists for the three Presidencies may be rupee. found unequalled as an economic zest.

had separately.--The Bengal, 6s. ; the Madras and N.B. No Tender will be reccived unless made and

CROSSE and BLACKWELL, Purveyors in Ordi

Bombay, 5s. each. filled in according to the form prescribed.

nary to her Majesty, 21, Soho Square, London, Sole JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary, Manufacturers.

London ; Wm. II. ALLEN & CO., 7, Leadenhall



HAVING every reason to believe


THE EAST INDIA COMPANY hereby give the advice of my friends, The Solicita cour nafrages Just published, price 105. sewed, or 11s. 6d. bound,



J. ,

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has been appointed by the Board of General Officers
for Inspecting and Regulating the Clothing of her

Majesty's Army, with the approval of his Grace the
Commander-in-Chief, to prepare a new standard

FROM SOUTHAMPTON TO ALL THE PRESIDENCIES OF INDIA, pattern of overalls for all cavalry regiinents, cut

INCLUDING THE COST IN EGYPT. upon improved principles submitted by him to their inspection in 1842. Trousers cut on this plan have obtained the as. Journey, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry.

Letters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the cendancy over those cut in the ordinary manner, from the great freedom of stride they afford either in walking or riding. They can be supplied only by

Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, by this Route, to the above places and to China. J.S., from whom may also be obtained every article

JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe. of uniform or plain clothing, military accoutrements, &c. &c. : Officers of her Majesty's regiments in India, and those of the Honourable East-India Company's


SWORDS. army, wishing to avail themselves of this improvement, may do so by transmitting their measure, according to the following directions, to

Sword Manufacturers, respectfully invite neas, patronized by his Royal Highness Prince J. STOVEL,

officers to witnes the machine-proof they have esta- Albert, is, from the neatness of its form, adapted 1, Suffolk Place, Pall Mall East, London. blished for their swords, which, having received the for the two purposes, -as an over coat, light in

MEASURE FOR COATS, WAISTCOATS, &c. From bottom of collar to hip buttons.

approbation of his Grace the Duke of Wellington, weight, a desirable advantage in our ever-variable

are now the regulation pattern for the army, accordo climate; also as a surtout, or summer frock coat, - hip buttons to bottoni of skirt.

ing to orders recently issued by the Adjutant without other,-a perfect luxury, where heat is centre of back to elbow; continued to length General.

found oppressive. Unassumed plainness, the cha. of sleeve. Size round top of arm and wrist. W. and Son manufacture swords of every descrip-racteristic of a gentleman's

attire, is fully sustained tion for presentation, dress, or fancy, with sword in the Paletot, being in its fashion neither trop pro- of chest under coat. - of waist

belts, sword-knots, sashes, 'epaulettes, and all mili- noncé nor trop néglige. “It speaks well for the ditto.

tary accoutrements, strictly correct to regimental working of the new Act, which thus secures the If for uniform, the height and length of collar. pattern, and of superior make and quality.

profits of a good judgment and well-directed inge27, PALL MALL.

nuity to those to whom alone it is due."-See the Length from top of trousers to bottom.

Times of 4th April. “In the Registered Paletot there from fork to bottom of inside leg seam.


is a gentlemanly neatness and an absence of all unSize round waist, hips, top of thigh, and calf.

sightly vulgarity. It has met with the highest 17, Throgmorton Street.

approbation in the Court circle."-See Morning Size round the head.

R. JAMES RUNDALL, Agent Post of 19th April. Paletots, suitable to the habits GENTLEMEN RETURNING FROM INDIA will be waited on immediately they arrive in town, Overland Route, renders every Information and As- extensive warerooms, 114, Regent Street, twenty by sending an order to that effect; and J. S. has sistance connected therewith, viz. superintends Out-paces north of Quadrant. made arrangements which enable him to supply a fits, clears and ships Baggage, effects Insurances, complete suit of plain clothes in 24 hours.

and procures Servants, &c. Further, Mr. J. R. OWLAND'S

UNIQUE PRE- notices Promotions, Casualties, and Alterations in

furnishes Supplies to Regiments and Individuals ; several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe, and uni- Annuities, &c. ; registers the Addresses of Persons 114, Regent Street, an over coat, by many of our versally preferred.)

returned to this Country, and the Addresses of Wi- | patrons called "The Dust-ah,” is, without encum.

dows and Families of deceased Officers ; also Parti. bering free movement, well adapted for temporary ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL, culars respecting the Arrival and Departure of Ships ; defence against weather, heat, and dusty roads. PreFor the Growth, Preservation, and for Beautifying and transacts all Business connected with India ge- pared and can only be made by H. J. and D. Nicoll. the Human Hair. Price 38.60., 78., Family Bottles nerally.

is naturally repellant of water, yet porous. The (equal to four small), los. 6d., and double chat size,

test is to breathe through the material to the surface 21s. per bottle.

TRAVELLERS GOING ABROAD. of a mirror. From its elastic softness, it will rea. CAUTION.-The words “Rowland's Macassar The LONDON JOINT-STOCK BANK dily fold into the small compass of the ordinary Oil" are engraved on the Wrapper of each genuine grants circular LETTERS of CREDIT, containing pocket. Price 30s, ; is durable withal. Twenty bottle; and on the back of the Wrapper 1,500 times, all the advantages of Circular Notes, with perfect paces north of Quadrant, London. containing 29,028 letters. Without this none are security to the bearers, upon the principal towns of genuine.

the continents of Europe and America, and of ROWLAND'S KALYDOR,

CARSON'S PATENT India, For Improving and Beautifying the Skin and Com

(Signed) GEORGE POLLARD, Manager.

MEAT PRESERVER will corn 25 lbs. of

Meat in five or salt it in ten minutes, in any climate, plexion Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle, duty Princes Street, Mansion House, included,

and 69, Pall Mall.

even under the Line. Contained in a box 8 inches ROWLAND'S ODONTO,

by 5. Prices, in England, 30s. and 50s.; in India, OUTFITS

40s, and 60s. Or PEARL DENTIFRICE, for the Teeth and Price 25. 9d. per box, duty included,


“This instrument is a species of small force

GEONS appointed to India can be supplied, pump."-Artisan. CAUTION. SPURIOUS COMPOUNDS are at a short notice, with the proper description of

"I find that meat can be salted (with a strong frequently, offered for sale under the same names LINEN, Military Accoutrements, Cabin Furniture, brine) in twenty minutes, as if the same had been in (some under the implied sanction of Royalty); the &c., requisite for an outfit, of the best quality, at salt for a week or ten days.”—Letter from H.M.'s Labels, Bills, and Advertisements of the original moderate prices, by CHRISTIAN & RATHBONE, Butcher, Mr. Giblett. articles are copied, and either a Fictitious Name, or 11, Wigmoro Street, Cavendish Square, London. “ Any quantity of meat may be instantaneously the word “Genuine," is used in the place of “Row. Camp furniture, overland trunks, &c.—Estimates salted, and rendered fit for esportation. Every part land's." and samples sent on application.

of the joint becomes suddenly impregnated."It is therefore imperative on purchasers to see that

United Service Gazette. the word “Rowland's" is on the Wrapper of each FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH.

“On board ship, and in the colonies, it is invaarticle. For the protection of the public from fraud

luable."-Liverpool Journal.

Price 48. 6d. and imposition, the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps Patronized by her Majesty, his Royal Highness Prince

“ For pork and tongues it is even better than have directed the Proprietors' Signature to be en.

beef."-Mr. Bolton, Liverpool Road.

Albert, and her Royal Highness the Duchess of graved on the Government Stamp thus

“ Hundreds of pounds of meat will be saved to


R. THOMAS'S SUCCEDA- every owner who puts one of these instruments on which is a mixed on the Kalydor and Odonto.

board his ship." -Mr. Haswell, Plymouth. Sold by the Proprietors, and by Chemists and

NEUM, for stopping Decayed Teeth, how- “ It is beneficial to the trade; and, with Hockin's Perfumers.

ever large the cavity. It is placed in the tooth in a Essences of Smoke, &c., a ready method is provided All others are FRAUDULENT COUN.

soft state, without any pressure or pain, and will for smoking and flavouring meat to the palate of any TERFEITS!!!

remain firm in the tooth for many years, rendering epicure."- Mr. Hall.
extraction unnecessary, arresting the further pro-

Depôts.-London, C. HOCKIN & Co., 38, Duke

gress of decay. All persons can use Mr. Thomas's PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY AND THE Succedaneum themselves with ease, as full direco Street, Manchester Square, and 1, Bishopsgate Street


tions are enclosed. It can be sent by post. Sold
CELESTIAL by Savory, 220, Regent Street; Sanger, 150, Oxford


Street; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Prout, 229, Strand; metique, which has for centuries been in constant Johnston, 68, Cornhill; and all medicine vendors HE Directors hereby give notice, use among the Chinese, possessing properties of a in the kingdom.

that the allotment of shares has been com. character unparalleled. Its application entirely

Mr. Thomas continues to supply the loss of teeth

pleted. counteracts those disagreeable appearances to which on his new system of self-adhesion, without springs

The Directors regret their inability to comply with delicate skins are subject, more especially at this traction of any teeth or roots, or any painful opera-lity, and that they have been compelled in almost or wires. This method does not require the ex

the applications of many parties of high respectabiscason of the year; it allays and averts discolouration and coarseness, at the same time rendering the skin ion whatever. At home from 11 till 4. Mr. Thomas,

every case to abridge the number of shares allotted. beautifully white, smooth, and soft. The compourgeon-Dentist, 64, Berners Street, Oxford Street.

Persons who have applied for shares, and who do nent parts are so perfectly harmless and simple in

not receive letters of allotment, are requested to themselves, that those with the most delicate com.


consider this advertisement as an intimation of the plexion may apply with safety.Sold retail by all ARTIES interested in the Pur- inability of the Directors to entertain their appliPerfumers and Chemists, in boxes, price 3s. 6d. and 7s.6d. each; and wholesale by the sole Proprietors, their views forwarded by application to

By order of the Board, FABIAN & Co. (late Watson, Fabian, & Co.), 24, Mr. CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT, Colombo ;

R, MACDONALD STEPHENSON, Mark Lane, London, without whose signature on or at 55, Old Broad Street, London. Office hours,

Managing Director. the labels none are genuine.

12 to 2 o'clock, daily (Saturday excepted). 8A, Austin Friars, 14th June, 1845.


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ARCELS OVERLAND to all parts of INDIA,

CHINA, &c.---J. Hartley & Co. and J. Barber & Co., in connection with the Peninsular and Oriental Company, receive and forward parcels, as above, twice a month.-For CALCUTTA, MADRAS, CEYLON, and CHINA, parcels received till the 18th of each month, and for BOMBAY till the last day BUT ONE of each month.-Contents and value should be dwcribed on outside cover of each parcel.-Insurances effected.-Ofices, 137, Loadenhall Street; 33, Regent Circus; and 17, St. Mary Ase.




CADETS and ASSISTANT-SURGEONS.-Messrs. GRINDLAY & Co. have prepared the most complete and detailed scales of equipment for Cadets and Assistant-Surgeons, combining efficiency with the utmost economy, and shewing at one view the total expense of an equiponent for India, including the passage, and every other expense. : CALCUTTA, MADRAS, BOMBAY, and CHINA.- Plans and particulars of all desirable Ships proceeding to the above places may be seen, and Passages negotiated free of expense, on application at either office. Baggage collected, shipped, and insured.

Messrs. GRINDLAY and Co. continue to receive and forward packages by the Overland Mails. Passengers to India, through the Continent, supplied with circular letters of credit, and all necessary information.


CHINA, &c.
ESSRS. WAGHORN and Co. forward Parcels,

Packages, and Periodicals to and from India, &c. by the UVERLAND ROUTE, with regularity. Charges may be had at their offices, 34, Cornhill, and Chaplin's, Regent Circus, London.

Waghorn & Co., having been appointed Agents for the Austrian Lloyd's Steamers between Trieste and Alexandria, are enabled to furnish the fulles information to Passengers by that as well as the Marseilles Route. Their Overland Guide is sent, postage free, for 25.

[blocks in formation]


to the RESIDENT. By J. H. STOCQUELER, Esq., late Editor of the "Calcutta Englishman."

2nd edition, post 8vo, cloth lettered, 148. This publication embraces, in a condensed form, complete and accu. rate information respecting the topography, climate, government, commerce, laws, institutions, and products of India; the manners and customs of the inhabitants ; the method of travelling throughout the empire, and the expense attendant thercon; the condition of the European (English) society; the rules and regulations of the various branches of the executive; the cost and manner of proceeding to India; the sports, ceremonies, and pageants common to the country, &c. &c.

London : Wu. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

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In 8vo. cloth lettered, price 75. 60. THE OVERLAND GUIDE-BOOK; A complete VADE-MECUM for the OVERLAND TRAVELLER TO INDIA

vià EGYPT By Capt. JAMES BARBER, H.C.S. Illustrated by Maps of the Routes, engraved Plans of all the Steamers

employed on the Line, and Wood-cuts of the chief objects of interest which present themselves on the Journey.

[blocks in formation]

“ The advice furnished is not only sound and honest, but also judicious and practicable. * * The individual whose pleasure or business leads him to traverse the route treated of, will find irreparable disappointment and irretrievable inconvenience if lacking the information contained in its pages for the author is not only well acquainted with his subject, but has carefully studied the wants and difficulties of the race of travellers of either sex."Times, Jan. 20, 1845,

London: W. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

[blocks in formation]

2nd edition. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, £1. 128.

Particular Descriptions of the Empires, Kingdoms, Principalities, Cities,

Towns, Districts, Fortresses, Harbours, Lakes, &c. of HINDOSTAN and the adjacent COUNTRIES, INDIA beyond the GANGES, and the EASTERN ARCHIPELAGO;

* TOGETHER WITH Sketches of the Banners, Customs, Architecture, Commerce, Manufactures, Rerenues, Population, Castes, Religion, History, &c. of

their various Inhabitants.
London: Wm. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

Communications for the Editor should be sent under cover to Messrs.

Wm. H, Allen and Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.


1845. THE following superior FIRST-CLASS SHIPS, be

, for the India Trade, will leave GRAVESEND at the appointed dates. Last Shipping Day in the East-India I)ocks Three Days previously.

Each Ship carries an experienced Surgeon.



W. H. Brewer

Sailed. Samarang

COUNTRY AGENTS: Liverpool, G. Arnold & Co., 20, South John Street. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & Sons; Charles Smith. Dublin, Hodges & Smith.

LONDON:-Printed by Charles Wyxan, of 49, Cumming Street, Pea:

W.N. Howard

For MADRAS direct.
Minerva (new Ship).. 850

J. Geere


J. T. Nash

July 3.
For CALCUTTA direct.


W. A. Bowen, H.C.S.

July 19.
Donald M-Leod

:: Sept. 1:
True Briton ..

C. C. Consitt

Aug. 15. For Freight or Passage, apply to the respective Commanders, at the Jeru. salem Coffee House ; or to WIMBLE & ALLPORT, with Messrs. WIGRAM, 98, Gracechurch Street, corner of Leadenhall Street.

tonville, in the County of Middlesex, Pricter, at the Printing-Office of J. & H. Cox, Brothers, 74 & 75, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the Fields, in the same County; and published by LANCELOT WIId, at No. 13, Catherine Street, Strand, in the Parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Friday, June 20, 1845.






No. 32.]


[Price 18.







marauders, for, having mustered in strength, they overtook SUMMARY and REVIEW OF EAST- CHINA:

and defeated them, and, what was more to the purpose, reERN NEWS

369 Regulations of the Custom-
house at Macao....


covered the booty. The robber tribe, driven by the stern

382 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 371

Births and Deaths


Shipping Intelligence.. Civil, Military, and Medical

justice of Sir CHARLES NAPIER to expatriation, were on Establishments..


their march to the spot destined for their future residence. Her Majesty's Forces in the

Murder revealed

382 East..

372 Shipping Intelligence .. 383 According to the report of the local press, their appearance Births, Marriages, and Deaths 372 CAPE OF GOOD HOPRShipping and Commercial In

was very far from respectable.
Collission between the Emi.

grant Farmers and the Gri.

The Punjab does not furnish its usual quota of crime MADRAS:


383 Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 374

Shipping Intelligence

385 and trouble. GOLAB Singh and the Ranee seem to be Government General Orders.: 374

Distribution of the Madras Civil, Military, and Medical


385 earnestly engaged in a settlement of accounts, an operation Establishments... 374 ORIGINAL ARTICLES:

in many cases of a ticklish character, and at Lahore it may Births, Marriages, and Deaths 374 Great Britain and Steam ComShipping Intelligence.

munication ..........

395 be imagined peculiarly likely to be interrupted by differences BOMBAY:

General Orders in China...... 386
Proceedings of the Court-mar.
Col. Wallace's Court-martial.. 387

of opinion. Statements of the debtor and creditor items tial on Col. Wallace... 375 Peninsular and Oriental Steam are given in the Indian papers, but as, perhaps, they would Miscellaneous Intelligence.

379 Navigation Company.

........ 387 Court-martial.. 380 East India College, Harleybury.. 388

not be more interesting and scarcely more intelligible than Civil, Military, and Medical Railways in India.

390 Establishments... 381 Alleged Sale of Indian Patronage 390

those exhibited in the memorable history of John Bull be. Indian Navy

381 Parliamentary Proceedings, &c... 390 tween that bluff and blunt personage and bis Dutch ally, neiBirths and Marriages

Miscellaneous Intelligence 391 Shipping and Commercial In- Shipping Intelligence

392 ther amusement nor information would be afforded by quoting telligence

381 Births, Marriages, and Deaths .. 393 CEYLON Arrivals reported in England, &c. 393

them. There is one claim upon which GoLAB Singh appears 381 LITERARY NOTICES


to have received credit upon the general balance which may SINGAPORE 381 FINE ARTS


lead to consequences not to be guessed at during a state of

peace. The amount is eighteen lacs of rupees, said to have The next mail for Bombay, vid Marseilles, will depart on the 7th

been a portion of SUCHET SINGH's estate, deposited in the instant. Letters posted in London on that day will be in time.

British treasury at Ferozepore, and which GOLAB SINGH A mail for Ceylon, Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay, will be dis- holds it to be the duty of the government of Lahore to recopatched via Southampton, on the 19th, and on the 24th via Mar. ver from its European neighbour. It is rumoured, indeed, that seilles. By this mail letters will be forwarded direct to the Straits the Sikh durbar have forwarded a demand for the surrender and China.

of the property in question, backed by an assurance that the

soldiery were determined to take it by force, if withheld (supDATES OF ADVICES.

posing they were able) ; expressing in true diplomatic style Calcutta ...

May 13.

Bombay... May 20. Madras 14. China

March 27.

great regret at the unpleasant nature of this communication, but adding, and certainly with truth, that if the troops were

bent upon making the experiment they must have their way, SUMMARY & REVIEW OF EASTERN NEWS.

as the government of Lahore had no power to restrain thein. - The news brought by the present mail is not very im- Some expectation might have been entertained that the troops portant. That from Scinde seems to be most exciting. were coming to put the threat into execution, as a firing of There, in despite of Sir CHARLES NAPIER and his pro- artillery, which could not be accounted for, was heard at clamations, some of the robber tribes have had the audacity Ferozepore. It was supposed that some of the conflicting again to be troublesome. It seems that they have been put parties had come to blows ; but it appears that the cannon down and do not know it; for they have been sweeping part of Lahore were employed in the ignoble occupation of disof the country quite clear of every thing moveable, after the persing a set of persons uniting the characters of thief and fashion of their forefathers from time immemorial, and beggar, who had been committing such excesses in certain possibly in the manner which their descendants will follow villages, that the inhabitants had quitted their homes, and for a period, the extent of which even Sir CHARLES fled to claim the protection of the government. It seeins to NAPIER would not be able to fix. The Murree tribe be thought that GOLAB SINGH, in quitting his stronghave, however, in this instance, been too much for the hold in the hills, has made a false move, and that his end

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will be the same as that of HEERA SINGII and SUCHET has accepted the office of patron, and made a donation of SINGH.

1,000 rupees. The “city of palaces” is likely to become From Affghanistan the reports' are on a grand scale, like London, not only a city of clubs, but a gas-lighted though their sublimity seems to be gained at the expense of city, much to the advantage of the inhabitants. The followcredibility. According to one account, Akbar Khan had ing paragraph shews that the project for lighting it is put to death four hundred Kuzzulbashes, which no one alive. would think at all unlikely ; but it is added that he had “We understand that application has been made to Mr. Joseph boiled two hundred of them at one meal--who ate them is

Woods for estimates and plans for the erection of the proposed gas.

works in Calcutta, and that the subject is now engaging his earnest not stated, nor in what manner he proposed to cook the attention, in conjunction with that of Mr. Lowe, of the Chartered

Gas Works, and other eminent gas engineers, whom he has deemed remaining two hundred. The same excellent chief has, it is

it advantageous for the proposed undertakiog to consult, previous said, been subjected to a serious disappointment, Dost to transmitting his estimates to Calcutta. Mr. Woods has been for MaHomeD KHAN refusing to co-operate in an invasion of

several years engaged in the construction and management of gas

works, and his experience will enable him to report satisfactorily upon Peshawur, and without his aid the attempt could not be the subject, in regard to the actual cost at which these works can be made with any prospect of success. Various reasons are

erected--a point upon which there exists at present, we believe, much

difference of opinion in Calcutta. The present price of irou is a dis. assigned for the forbearance of Dost MAHOMED, but that advantage, which, however, will not be overcome by deferring the which will be most credited on 2Change is simply the want of

matter, as the iron trade evinces no prospect of a fall for some years.

There is probably no city of corresponding dimension and importance funds. In fact, the resources of the worthy Dost seem to

to which the application of gas-lighting would be more serviceable be very far from flourishing. The pay of his army is in

than Calcutta, and we hope to see the undertaking carried through

at an early period." arrear, but this is nothing remarkable. 'He is kept in countenance by all his brethren; but at a pinch they gene

The Governor-General is expected to leave Calcutta for rally contrive to muster up some ready cash to stop the pro

the Upper Provinces in July. gress of desertion or mutiny. Six months' pay are repre

The subject of slavery is so delicate, and the case to which sented as being due to the troops of the Dost-at what

we are about to refer so liable to misconstruction if not prorate of remuneration they serve does not appear; but all

perly explained, that it will be the preferable mode to give the that their master could offer in his extremity was two rupees

statement and explanation in the words of the Englishman, per man, which was regarded by those to whom it was ten

from which paper the case is quoted. “A case has recently dered as a very small instalment. The troops of AKBAR

been decided in the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut, which may Khan are much in the same state as to arrears with those

be misrepresented in England, as proving the assertions of the Dost, but they console themselves by plundering the

made there, that the laws against slavery in India would landholders and villagers. This conduct brings them many

prove a dead letter. It was a case decided against certain threats from AKBAR Kuan, but no rupees, and in the ab

slaves in the subordinate court under the old law, and apsence of the latter the former are despised. They care just pealed. The Sudder decides that the decision of the Zillah as much for the threats of their chief as they rely on his judge must be upheld, because the Act of 1843 is not appromises, when he happens to make any; and seeing how plicable to the case ; but remarks, that the judgment of the much, or rather how little, both are regarded, it is wonderful

subordinate court cannot now be enforced with respect to that he will put himself to the trouble of making either.

the persons and services'of the supposed slaves. A conThe question of succession at Bhopal has been settled.

temporary correctly remarks, that the suit having been The infant princess has been recognized as successor in

instituted under the old law, the Court could not decide

otherwise than it has done, without making the original the same manner as her mother was acknowledged on the death of her father. At a convenient opportunity the prin

plaintiff liable to the costs of the suit, which would have

been an injustice, since his proceedings were strictly concess is to be married, and the happy man who shall

formable to the law as it then stood. No such suits can be win her is to become Nawaub, as the husband of the

instituted for the future; and as the decree cannot be enprincess's mother attained that dignity by marriage with

forced, the liberty of the slaves is secured. We give this her. During the minority of the princess, the affairs of the

explanation to prevent mis-statements such as we have state are to be carried on by a regency, under the care of the Political Agent; and the British government are, at the

already alluded to.”

At Madras the people seem to be very quiet, if the conproper time, to make all the requisite arrangements for the

clusion is to be justified by the absence of any intelligence marriage. Foujdar MAIOMED KHAN, uncle of the in.

of a contrary tendency. At Bombay there is no necessity fant princess's mother, has been appointed Regent, and all

to speak with reservation, for the oracles of public opinion competitors have become docile. The Regent, it is hinted,

assure their readers that apathy is the order of the day. wishes to bring about a marriage between the princess and

The Bombay Courier is fiercely indignant on this head, and his own son. This is something like the conduct of the

thus gives vent to the feelings called forth by the prevailing Mamma Sahib at Gwalior, but it is to be hoped that it will

quietude :-"Persons who are acquainted with the apathy not be productive of similar consequences.

of the Bombay community will feel no surprise on being Oude is as miserable as it has been accustomed

informed that, on the night of Tuesday, the 13th inst., when to be, and alınost as miserable as it can be. A total

the very excellent band of II. M. 17th Regiment attended at estrangement appears to have taken place between the

the Horticultural Gardens, expecting to play to a numerous British Government, and the government, so called, of that and delighted audience, they found that, with the exception unhappy country.

of two or three individuals, they, the performers, were the From the various presidencies there is little intelligence only persons present. We hear people eternally talking worthy of remark. At Calcutta a military club has been and everlastingly grumbling about the dulness of Bombay ; organized, and the arrangements are reported at consider the want of amusement in the place, &c., but when an able length by the local press. Sir Henry HARDINGE attempt is made to enliven the place, they won't be enlivened

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