Sidor som bilder

by an Indian paper :-“ From the East we have one litile e

at any price. When amusement is offered to them they bearing S. E. from the south channel station ; distance supposed won't have it, but sit moping at home, still delighted to harp

to be about twenty miles. The Coleroon and Tavoy went imme

diately to her assistance; the latter acting as floating light, havon the endless theme, “No society in Bombay, no amuse- ing slipped her cable at 3 P. M.; observed the vessels in pursuit ment of any sort.'” The Horticultural Gardens here seem fire a gun. We took the pilot out of the Virginia at 6 o'clock."

-Ibid. to hit the public taste much better than in Bombay.

Further information gives us the name of the unfortunate Beyond the limits of British territory and influence the

super-cargo of the ill-fated ship Virginia. Mr. Leander, who French seem to be playing that game of aggrandizement

had his life-preserver on, and was a capital swimmer besides,

was seen with uplifted hands on the bows, from whence he upon which, under any form of government–despotic, de

leaped into the sea. He was taken into one of the boats, but mocratic, mixed, or negative--they have long been bent. suddenly jumped out of her, and swam directly towards the This is the account of the last move in the East, as related blazing vessel: he disappeared, and was seen no more; as he

was in good health, it is supposed that the dreadful catastrophe

had brought on delirium. The cargo was composed of saltpetre bit of news, which may be interesting to those who are and linseed, and it is supposed that the ship must have been on watching the progress of our ambitious neighbour. It is fire two or three weeks, as she must have been a mere shell to that the Frence have purchased the island of Basilan from

have disappeared in so short a time, twenty or thirty miuutes.

She was a fine vessel, about three years old, and the hull and the Sultan of Sooloo, taking a hundred years' lease for a cargo together are valued at Rs. 130,000.-Ibid. May 9. bonus of 100,000 dollars. The island lies at the south-west

THE LATE Rev. Joun Mack.-It is with feelings of no ordiend of the great island of Mindanao, which, though one of

nary sorrow that we record the loss which the interests of

society have sustained by the death of the Rev. John Mack, the Philippines, has never been occupied, or more than no- He passed the evening of Tuesday the 29th of April in the comminally controlled by the Spaniards. The position is good pany of

pany of his intimate friends, and never appeared to enjoy better

health, or to exlıibit more life and cheerfulness. On rising the as commanding the entrance of the sea of Celebes, and

next morning he complained of a slight diarrhea, and in the being sufficiently near to the China Sea to make it a good hope of shaking off the attack took a long ride on horseback; Daval station for watching the coast of China. But as the

but by ten o'clock in the day it became manifest that he was

labouring under å severe attack of spasmodic cholera. Medical island itself is of no value, it may be suspected that the

aid was promptly afforded, and nothing which the assiduity of French have designs upon Mindanao itself, wbich would relatives and friends, or the resources of professional skill could make a most important colony provided the inhabitants

supply, was wanting; but the disease had already obtained too

firm a grasp of his frame, and he expired about half-past ten on could be reconciled to their new masters. The Spaniards the night of the 30th April. He was interred the following are stated to have protested against the cession of Basilan as afternoon in the cemetery which contains the remains of his be. being a dependency of the Philippines. However this point love

loved colleagues. His corpse was followed to the grave by a

large body of friends, and by his missionary brethren of various may be settled, the desire of the French to extend their pos- denominations from Calcutta, amidst the lamentations and tears sessions in these seas, and their determination not to rest of the inhabitants of the town, of which he was so distinguished

an ornament. satisfied till they have a garrison wherever we carry on a

He was born in Edinburgh on the 12th 'of

March, 1797. profitable commerce, is manifest." In every part of the About nine o'clock on Friday evening a fire broke out in the

world France is actively endeavouring to extend her domi- house occupied by Messrs. Mac Vicar, Smith, and Co., which . nions; and this attempt to establish a footing at a new point

totally consumed it, together with the house adjoining. The

property consumed is stated to be worth about two and a-half need occasion no surprise.

and the building one lakh of rupees. Some damage was done
to the neighbouring buildings, but we understand not consider-
able. The cause of this calamity is not known at present. —

Overland Englishman Extraordinary, May 10.

Extract of a letter, Loodiana, April 18th.—“I forgot to men

tion that the 11th native infantry came in at the begiuning of the MISCELLANEOUS.

month. Nearly all the officers have managed somehow or anoYesterday evening, the P. and 0. steam-vessel Bentinck was ther to procure houses, every bungalow that was available being reported from Kedgeree, and arrived at her moorings about

quickly engaged by them. Some have been obliged to live in the half-past 6 P.M. The dates of her departures are as follow :- town, so much are we pressed for houses. Her Majesty's 50th Suez on the 9th April, Aden on the 17th, Point de Galle on the

foot are building a splendid mess. house, with a wooden roof; 28th, and Madras on the 1st inst., where she landed her pack.

large hall, and fine reception-room. There will be a verandah ets, only being 36) days from London.-Englishman, May 5.

12 ft. wide all round. The building is expected to be finished Letters from Bhaugulpore of the 21st ult, inform us that the

in a month or so. The houses of the officers are nearly roofed 64th N. I. was on its march through the desert, and expected to

in, so that they are just able to get into them as the hot winds reach Delhi about the 1st prox. There was a great scarcity of

commence.- Agra Ukhbar, April 26.
water on that route. At that station the nights were cool, but
in the day the thermometer already reached 10+. The 6th and
9th irregulars are ordered to proceed by the river.-Ibid.

May 6.
It seems probable that we may have gasworks in Calcutta,

APPOINTMENTS, &c. and are only waiting for some estimates of the probable cost and

Astell, H. G. to off. as mag. and coll. of Moradabad, dur. abs. of expenses. As it would confer an incalculable benefit upon our

Mr. Wilson. city, of which there are but few of corresponding extent, it is

BEADON, C. to off. as superint. of the affairs of the Mysore Princes, hoped that the subject may not be lost sight of.-Ibid.

v. Edwards, May 2. Prince Waldemar arrived at Delhi on the 26th ult., and has

BROWN, J. W. rec. ch, of off. of mag. coll. and sale agent of Bala

sore, fr. F. I. Morris, May 6. with his suite been a guest of the agent to the Lieut.-Governor. DUNLOP, R. H. to be an asst, under the commr. of the Benares All the lions had been visited, and it was believed his highness div. would take his departure on the Friday following. It is under- Joseph, C. sup. in depart. of pub. works, app. cancelled, May 2. stood that the Prince proceeds towards Nainee Sal and Almorah, MACDONALD, A. G. mag. of Rungpore, res. ch. of off. May 5. and will probably visit one of the great passes into the “central MORRIS, F. I. mag. coll, and sale agent of Balasore, made over ch. flowery land."-Ibid. May 8.


PALMER, Mr. to be mem. of the Ferry Fund com. at Rungpore, v. heard a report on Tuesday that a ship had been seen on fire at

Mr. Busch, May 7.

Sarson, the Sandheads, and yesterday we received confirmation of it,

2nd asst. in the of. of the Abkarry com. of the stating the vessel so destroyed to have been the American ship

Dacca div. to oflic. as 2nd class Abkarry sup. and to exercise sp. Virginia. The crew are saved, with the exception of the super


TWEEDLE, T. dep. mag. in Noakholly, posted in the island of Duk. cargo, who was accidentally drowned. Our informant says :--- hin Shabazpore, and to exercise sp. powers in the thannahs of “On the 5th of May, at 10 A. M., we observed a vessel on fire, Shabazpore and Dhunealmunneah, April 2.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. WILSON, J. C. 2 mo. fr. April 9.


ALEXANDER, R. May 4. Belli, C. S. May 4.

on m. C.


Boileau, Cornet T. T. 7th L.C. to Nov. 15, in ext. to hills north

of Deyrah, on m. c. Bristow, Lieut. J. W. 19th N.1. 6 mo. to Delbi, Mar. 3, changed

to 6 mo. to Delhi, Mussoorie, and Simla, May 3. BUSK, Lieut. A. L. 66th N.I. 6 mo. fr. April 13, to Mussoorie, Colnett, Maj. J. R. 6 mo. to Allahabad. Cook, Lieut. L. A. 36th N.I. leave can. May 2. CROMMELIN, Ens. G. A. 35th N.I. fr. May 11 to Nov. 1, to Simla. DEWAR, Capt. C. 2nd in com. of 1st reg. cav. Sindiah's cont. 6

mo. to hills north of Deyrah, on m.c. fr. May 15. DRUMMOND, Lieut J. W. 70th N.I. 1 yr. fr. Feb. 8 to hills north

of Deyrah, on m.c. EVANS, Lieut. H. L. adjt. Mawal Bheel corps, 3 mo. to Bombay

fr. April 25. Fraser, Lieut. J. 6 mo. to hills north of Deyrah. HEWITT, Maj. F. 33rd N.I. 6 mo. to hills' north of Deyrah, on HOLMES, Lieut. and Adjt. J. G. 6th Irr. Cav, 12 mo. to Simla and

Mussoorie, on m.c. Hook, Lieut. F. A. 73rd N.I. 6 mo. to Simla. LAKE, Lieut. E. J. eng. to Nov. 15, in ext. to rem. in hills north

of Deyrah, on m.c. MAGNAY, Brev. capt. E. Ist L.I. fr. April 20 to May 15, in ext. at

Deyrah. MAKESON, Lieut. J. A. 33rd N.I. fr. May I to Oct. 15, to Simla

and Mussoorie. Martin, Brev. capt. A. adjt. 33rd N.I. fr. April 20 to May 15, to

Mussoorie and Simla, on m.c. NICHOLSON, Lieut. A.L. to Eur. on m.c. PALEY, Brev. capt. W. com. of art. United Malwa cont. 3 mo. to

Bombay, prep. to app. for furl. to Europe, from May 15. PALMER, Col. T. 72nd N.I. 6 mo. fr. Apr. 15 to Kurnaul and

Mussoorie. Pullips, Ens. J. G. 63rd N.I. 6 mo. fr. April 20 to Simla, on RAMSAY, Brev. maj. W. 6 mo. to Deyrah Dhoon. ROBINSON, Lieut. A. 19th N.I. 6 mo. fr. May 1 to Mussoorie. SHERWILL, Lient. P. L. Int. and gr. mr. 39th N.I. from Jane 1

to Oct. 15, to Dinapore.' ShortreeD, Capt. W. Ist Eur. L.I. to Bombay prep. to app. for

furl. to Eur. TUCKER, Major A. 8th Irr. Cav, fr. Feb. 26 to June 8, to rem, at

Wilton, Maj. G. R. inv. est. 6 mo. to Bombay and Calcutta, ft.

April 1.
WYLLY, Lieut. A. F. 9th L.C. fr. June 1 to Oct. 1, to Bareilly.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. BLAGRAVE, L'eut. J. W. B. 74th N.), rec. ch. of station staff fr.

Lieut. C. B. Stuart, April 23. Burt, Brev. capt. J. R. 6th L.C. ret. to duty. Cooper, Capt. J. C. 49th N.I. to continue to off, as int. and qr.

mr. April 23. Dick, Lieut. col. H. posted to 48th N.I. Dovetox, Capt. H. 4th N.I. to be maj. fr. March 31. DUFFIN, Ens. F. posted to 73rd N.I. FERNIE, Lieut. col. R. fr. 47th to 41st N.I. FITZGERALD, Capt. G. F. C. to 2 nd co. 2nd batt. art. HALL, Ens. C. H. posted to 64th N.I. HALL, Ens. J. C. posted to 56th N.I. HARDINGE, Ens. G. N. 22nd N.I. to do duty. HARRIS, Lieut. col. J. 26th N.I. trans. to 8th N.I. HARRIE, Lieut. C. 27th N.I. adj. of the 4th N.I. to be adj. of Ist

grens. May 2. HENDERSON, Lieut. B. 48th N.I. to be int. and qr. mr. v.

Spankie. HICKEY, Lieut. C. E. Ist N.I. to be adjt. to the Native Militia. HOLLINGS, Brev. capt. W. C. 47th N.I. to off. as interp. and qr.

mr. 63rd N.I. HUNTER, Maj. gen. G., C.B. com. at Sukkur, to the com. of the

Meywar field force, but to remain at Sukkur till Nov. l. Impey, Lieut. H. B. 70th N.I. to the ch, of the Sudder bazaar,

police, and abkarree at Neemuch, v. Capt. G. Johnston. KENNEDY, Maj. gen. J. C.B. permitted to reside at Futtehgurh,

April 23. MACKINNON, Lieut. W. A. fr. 3rd co. 4th batt. to 2nd troop 2nd

brig. art. MCMULLIN, Lieut. A. L. 23rd N.I. to act as int. and qr. mr. to

21st N.I. MACPHERSON, Lieut. R. D. 15th N.I. to off. as int, and qr. mr. to

54th N.I. Marsh, Brev. capt. H. 3rd L.C. placed at disp. of C. in C. MATHEWs, Capt. H. W. 43rd N.i. to receive ch, of recruit depôt of

4th N.I. fr. Lieut, Cookson, May 3. PIERCEY, Lieut. H. J. 49th N.I. to be int. and v. Cooper. Prior, Capt. C. 64th N.I. to act as asst. com. gen. with the force

on field serv. in Scinde. Ross, Capt. A. H. to be postmast. of Mynpoory. SALTER, Capt. G. 4th N.I. app. to ch. of treas. chest and post

office at Sukkur, v. Lindsay, res. May 2. SIMMONDS, Maj. J. H. 55th N.I. trans. to inv. est. and permitted

to res. at Futtygurh till 1st Aug. May 2. SMALLEY, Lieut. E. T. 51st N.I. to act as interp. and to

42nd N.I. STAFFORD, Lieut. W.J. F. 36th N. 1. to act. as interp. and

to 27th N.I. STANNUS, Lieut. R. T. 16th N.1. to act as int. and to sth

N.I. STUART, Lieut. C. B. to del. over ch, of station staff to Lieut. J.

W. B. Blagrave, 74th N.I. Apr. 23. SUTTON, Eos. T. M. to join and do duty with 65th N.I. at Alla

habad, Apr. 24. Tulloch, Ens. C. B. 12th N.I. to be Lieut. Feb. 19, v. Brev.

capt. Cope. Von MEYERN, Lieut. Baron F. A. 53rd N.I. adj. of Ist grens.

to be adj. of 4th N.I. May 2. YOYLE, Lieut. F. E. 39th N.I. to be interp. and qu. ma.

10th L.C. WHEELER, Lieut. col. A, M., C.B. fr. 48th N.I. to 26th It. inf. WHELAN, Ens. E. 4th N.I. to be lieut. fr. March 31. WuKIE, Brev. capt. D. 4th N.I. to be capt. fr. March 31. Wooduouse, Licut. C. R. 63rd N.I. to act as adj. during abs.

of Brev. capt. Troup, May 2. Wroughton, Ens. 7. 13th N.I. to do duty.



APPOINTMENTS, &c. Bowhill, Assist. surg. J. to med. ch. of Meywar bheel corps v.

Harland. CANTOR, Assist. surg. T. M.D. to be garrison assist, surg. at Fort

William, v. Webb. CHALMERS, Surg. A. M.D. to be pres. surg. v. Surg. A. Garden,

dec. ELDERTON, Assist, surg. C. A. pl. at disp. of Lt. gor, of N.W.P.

with a view of being app. civ. asst. surg. at Meerut. Elton, Assist. surg. H. H. to aff: med. aid to detach. of H. M.'s

troops on their arrival at Chinsurah. Griffiths, Assist. surg. C. to be surg. v. Garden, fr. Apr. 24. HARLAND, Assist. surg. C. placed at disp, of C. in C. HARRISON, Assist. surg. J. M.D. posted to 12th N.I. Keir, Assist. surg. A.M.D. app. civil surg. of Asmere, v. Bowhill. LACON, Assist. surg. J. M.D. to med ch. of the staff at Lucknow, F.

Stokes. MENZIES, Surg. J. 4th L.C. to aff. med. aid to Gov. gen.'s body.

guard, v. Harrison. WETHERED, Assist. surg. T. A, to aff. med. aid to the civil station

and gaol at Myopoory. YOUNG, Assist. surg. J. to join and do duty with H.M.'s 62ad foot,

at Ferozepore, Apr. 24.


ALLEN, R. D. D. M.D. May 5.
MACAULEY, R. W. May 5.



CURRIE, M. E. May 6. Frith, J. S. May 6.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. HARPER, Asst. surg. G. 64th, N.I. to Bombay, prep. to apply for


FARNELL, W. A. P. May 5.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. BARING, Ens. H. 4th N.I. 3 yrs. to Europe. Beatson, Ens. A. B, lith N I. fr. May i to July 3!, to Subathoo

and Simla. BidduLPH, Brev. capt. G. 45th N.I. adjt. fr. May 10 to Oct. 15, to

Simla and Kanour. BOILEAU, Lieut. G. W. Kelat-i-Ghilzie Regt. 6 mo, fr. May 15, to


furl. to Eur. on m. c. SMYTH, Surg. J. M.D. fr. April 7 to June 1, to remain at Benarcs

on m. c.



4th Regt. Capt. E. Methold, fr. h.p. 3rd drag, to be capt. 5. Maj. R. Chetwode; Lieut. c. S. Hext to be capt. by purch. v. Methold, who retires ; Eps. D. J. Gamble to be lieut. by purch. v. Hext; J. N. McKelvey to be ens. by purch. v. Gamble.-10th do. Capt. R. M. Best, fr. 57th foot, to be capt. v. Bull, who exchanges. -22nd do. Licut. H. J. Coote to be capt, without purch. v. Mun.

dell, dec. ; Ens. W. R. Goddard to be lieut. v. Coote; H. V. Pennefather to be ens. v. Goddard.-50th do. W. R. Farmer to be ens. by purch. v. Nangle app, to 47th foot.-57th do. Capt. J. J. Bull, fr. ioth foot, to be capt. v. Best, who exchanges ; Lieut. T. C. Poole, fr. 94th foot, to be lieut. v. McCarthy, who exchanges.-63rd do. Lieut. H. R. Seymour to be capt. without purch. v. Croly, dec. ; Ens. R. Taylor to be lieut. v. Seymour ; Ens. J. S. Macauley to be lieut. without purch. v, Taylor, canc. ; G. L. Knight to be ens. without purcb. v. Taylor.--78th do. Lieut. J. F. Haliburton to be capt. without purch. v. Browne, dec.; Ens. W. M. Archer to be lieut. v. Haliburton ; Ens. H. D. Campbell to be lieut. v. Shields, dec. ; Ens. W. C. Rosse, fr. 98th foot, to be ens. v. Archer.; H, T. Macpherson to be ens. v. Campbell.—84th do. Ens. R. W. Jones to be lieut. v. Hutchison, dec.; C. Nedbam to be ens. without purch. v. Jones.-94th do. Lieut. J. E. D. McCarthy, fr. 57th foot, to be lieut. v. Poole, who exchanges.--98th do. Lieut. C. E. Synge to be capt. without purch. v. Edwards, dec. ; Ens, M. Dillon to be lieut. v. Synge ; J. Stewart to be ens. without purch. v. Dillon ; D. A. Baby to be ens. y. Rose rem, to 78th foot.

serv. Maj. Somerset, Mr. Hudson, Mr. J. J. Mackenzie, and Mr. Radford. For Madras- Mr. and Mrs. Swinton, i Eur. and nat. serv. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, 1 Eur. and 3 nat, serv, and Miss Lovenich. From Suez to Madras-Mr. and Mrs. Sinow, Mr. Col. lett, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Pearse, Mr. Meyers, Rev. Lovekin, and Maj. Dennis, 94th regt. For Ceylon-Mr. Jos. Chevalier, Mr. Kempanaer, Mr. Ceir, Mr. Ryder, Mr. Davidson, and Mr. Trase. From Aden to Madras-17 Artillery Sepoys. From Madras to Cal. cutta-Mr. and Mrs. Van Husen, 3 children and i nat. serv. R. Alexander, Esq. and C. S. Belle, Esq.

Per Cowasjce Family, from Macao.-A. F. de Parva Arangjo, Esq. Joseph Rigby, Esq. mariner. From Singapore.-R. Loving, Esq. merchant.

Per Erin.-Nrs. Hardeen, Master J. Cockrin, George Potter, Henry Grant, Esqs. and Jose de Rongoo, Esq. mariner.

Per Vicloria.-Mrs. McDonald.

Per John Hepburne.-B. Rieter and A. Wattenbach, Esqrs, merchants, and Mr. T. R. Thornhill, mariner.

Per Ariel, from Singapore.-Mr. J. Clark, mariner. Per Carnatic, from London.--Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Hardley; Messrs. Hardlow, Innes, Carrage, Lindsay, Gundry, and Nemethard, easigns. From Madras.-Cromwelien, assist. surg.; Messrs. Welch and Thuret, assist. apoth.; 6 followers, 3 art. grooms in charge of 2 borses belonging to the Hon. Comp.

Per New Lady Clifford, from Moulmien.-M. F. Crisp, Esq. merchant, G. Gilchrist, Esq. mariner.

Per Carraghmore, from London.-Mrs. W. W. Ball and infant, Mr. Charles Eli, and Mr. llenry Short, country service.

Per Tarlar, from London.-Miss Presgrave, Lieut, and Mrs. Munday, 34th B.N.I.; Mr. M. Johnstone, surg.; Ens. Kingsley, Messrs. Presgrave, Henderson, Ellis, Duttin, Millar, Caylor, Hall, Black, Cumberland, Cullon, Brown, Lloyd, and Robinson, ; Cadets H.M. 31st B.N.I.; Messrs. Conits and Ganthony, Beng, eng.



ALLEN, the wife of C., C.s. at Agra, s. May 5.
BROWN, the wife of J. at Agra, d. May 5.
Cooke, the lady of Major T. 17th N.I. s. May 1.
CAUTLEY, the lady of Brev. Maj. R. 10th Cav, at Nowgong, s.

April 28.
HAMPTON, the lady of P. at Burrisal, s. May 4.
HERKLors, the lady of J, D. at Berhampore, d. April 21.
MACKINNON, the lady of C. at Tirhoot, d. April 1i.
OMAN, the lady of John, d. April 29.
PLASHET, the lady of Thos, 31st Foot, at Simla; d. April 29.
Reilly, the lady of Maj. Eng. at Landour, d. April 22.
Reid, Mrs. at Madoohelle, s. April 23.
SUTHERLAND, Mrs. C. J. at Natmoo, d. March 24.
SUTHERLAND, the lady of J. M, at Kishnagliur, s. April 29.
URQUHART, the lady of J. W. at Calcutta, d. April 30.
WANCHO PE, the lady of S., c.s. at Hooghly, d. April 29.
WOODBURN, the lady of Dr. 46th N.I. at Lucknow, d. April 28.
WYLLIE, the lady of Capt. R. assist. mil. sec. to govt. at Calcutta,

s. May 3.

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DEPARTURES. MAY 2. Steamer Nemesis, Ross, Moulmeio ; John Witt. Dono. van, London; Lanrick, White, China ; Coquelle, Eldridge, Cbina ; Kelpie, Surie, Singapore and China.-4. Virginia, Cotting, Boston ; Suffren, Wiesbrod, Bourbon, –6. Plymouth, Fuller, Boston.-7. Nunkin, Palmer, Mauritius.--8. Simon Taylor, Brown, London ; John Wm. Dare, Ellis, Penang ; Warerley, Morgan, Mauritius ; .issam, Carry, London.-9. Kelso, Arnold, London ; Emily, Anderson, London.---10. Tigress, Marrson, Liverpool; Mermaid, Gill, Singapore.-12. Merlin, Thompson, Liverpool.


BERESFORD, H. B., c.s. to Emily Sarah, d. of F. P. Strong, at

Calcutta, May 5. KELLY, W. of the Delhi Gazelle office, to Henrietta Anne Monro,

at Delhi, April 30. Meik, Francis Thos. H.M. 16th Lancers, to Jane King, d. of

Capt. S. Nash, 4th Lt. Cav. Lancers, at Landour, April 28.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Emily, for London.-Capt. and Mrs. Thompson, and Capt. R. Stewart.

Remarks.--The American ship Virginia burnt at sea on the 4th instant, crew all saved excepting the supercargo, who was drowned.


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ADAMS, J. at Cuttack.
ADAMS, Celestine, at Cuttack.
Cooke TREWREN, B. W. D. s. of Capt. B, W. D. at Landour,

aged 15 mo. April 24.
CRANK, Fred. C. H. s. of F. at Jessore, aged 6, May 5.
FOSTÉR, Sydney E, at Mussoorie, aged 1, April 30.
FRENCH, Clementina M. at sea, oa board the ship Framjee Cawasjee,

aged 27, March 10.
HALL, Chas. chief eng. of the steamer Cleopatra, at sea, April 19.
Love, Walter L. s. of J. H. at Berhampore, aged 14, April 15.
MACK, Rev. John, at Serampore, aged 48, April 30.
MADGE, Margaret S. d. of H. G. at Calcutta, aged 7 mo. May 8.
MERCADO, Mrs. Donald, at Calcutta, aged 37, May 4.
OGILVIE, Ellen C. d. of Jas. at Calcutta, aged 9, May 6.
Peters, John, at Calcutta, aged 23, May 3.
SWAINE, George Strickland, s. of the late Geo. Hoare, at Barrack.

pore, aged 6, May 2.
VENIS, Mary Ann, at Cheerah, aged 15, April 25.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. P. at Calcutta, aged 21, May 6.
Wilson, Reb. d. of W. A. at Serampore, aged 8 mo. April 30.


ARRIVALS. May 2. Minerva, Brown, Madras; Flora Jure, Brown, Bombay. -3. Steamer Tenasserim, Wall, Madras.-4. Steamer Bentinck, Kellock, Suez.-6. Cowasjee Family, Durham, Macao; Erin, Dud. ley, Moulmein; Victoria, Alexander, Rangoon; John Hepburn, Livingston, Rangoon.--7. Ariel, Burt, Macao.-8. Suffren, Perier, Mauritius ; Lady Clifford, Miller, Moulmein ; Carnatic, Morice, London.-9. Turtar, Gregson, London ; Carraghmore, Ball, London.--10. Cape Packet, Lamb, Cape.-11. Agnès, Thompson, Cape. -12. City of Palaces, Major, Cannamore; Hero, Fowler, Port Pedro.


Calcutta, May 13, 1845.
Government Securities.,,


Buy. Transfer 5 per cent. paper

prein. 22

23 Bombay 5 do

do. 7 0

8 Old Sicca 5 do, accord, to numbers.,

do. 5 0

2 New Co.'s 5 do...

9 2

9 Third 4 do.

disc. 1 0

1 New Co.'s 4 do..

do. 0 10

0 12 Bapk Shares. Bank of Bengal (Co.'s Rs. 4,000)

prem. 2,750 to 2,800 Union Bank (Co.'s Rs. 1,000)

do. 60 255 Agra Bank (Co.'s Rs 500)

do, 280 290 Mussoorie Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500).

disc.. IGO

200 Bank of W. India (Co.'s Rs. 400)

do. 240 250 Bank of Bengal Rates. Discount on government acceptances, within 3 mo..,

4 per cent. Ditto on private bills and notes, within 3 no.

7 Interest on loans on deposit of Co.'s paper, opium, salt, metal, and indigo...

do. Ditto on deposit of other foods..


do. Rate of Exchange. On London-Bills at 10 months' date 1s. 107d. to 1s. 11d. per rupce.


To London and Liverpooi, 41. 175. 60. to 5l. per ton of 20 cit.

MONEY MARKET. —No change of importance has taken place under this head since our last.


PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Benlinck, from Suez-Sir T. Turton, Bart, Lady Turton, Miss Turton, Mr. Murray, Mr. and Mrs. Paterson, 2 Mrs. Cuma mings, Mr. Frith, Mr. Currie, Dr. MacCawley, Dr. Allan, Mr. Parwell, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Burkinyoung, 2 ladies and I infant, Mrs. Jackson and sery. Mr. Barber, Mr. Beonell, Mr. Sherriff and i fe. male nat. serv.

From Point de Galle-Sir H. Maddock and i Eur.

British Cotton Piece Goods.-We have little change to notice in the value of any of our staples during the past ten days, and the market closes quietly.

COLOURED AND PRINTED GOODS, --There has been rather more inquiry for prints of suitable styles, but the business done in them lias been small. Red cloths continue in fair demand without alteration in value.

Woolleys.-There has been rather more doing since our last.

per md.

WHITE MULE Twist.-Sales during the past ten days have The officers commanding at the stations in questionare directed been very limited, and prices are barely maintained.

to send to Madras for immediate audit, at the same time that the COLOURED YARN.-Turkey red continues in moderate demand,

application for permission to resign or retire is forwarded, all ab. and sales are reported of German dye at 1s. 10d. and British at ls. 8d.

stracts containing previous orders of the officer about to retire or per lb. ; in other colours there have not been many sales. LEAD AND TIN PLATES.-Prices remain as at the date of our

resign ; thus leaving, to take the usual course of audit

, only last.

common charges for his own pay and allowances in which there BEER.-Prices at former quotations ; the demand confined to

ought to be no mistake. first-rate brands. COPPER.-Market has been rather quiet, and sales trifling.

CIVIL. IRON,Sound flat bar and bolt have brought from Rs.2-14 to 3

APPOINTMENTS, &c. SPELTER continues dull of sale ; Rs.10-10 to 10-12 per md.

BIRD, E. W. to act as head assist. to coll. and maj. of Ması.

lipatam. EXPORTS. INDIGO.--Accounts from Kisbnagur, Burdwan, Banks of the

DANIEL, L. D. to act as sub, 'coll, and jt. maj. of Coimbatore until

furtber orders, April 22. Bhaugurutty, Moorshedabad, Rajeshaye, Maldah, Bhangulpore, Rungpore, and Purneah, are still satisfactory; in Tirboot large

R. S. to act as head assist. to coll. and maj. of Cadda.

GARRATT, quantities of the plant have been lost by the hot winds, while some

pah during abs. of Mr. Mayne, April 22. concerns have not even as yet had rain enough to complete their

GRANT, P. to be assist. to col. and maj. of Tanjore, April 22. sowings. In the W. Provinces the Koonties are said to be healthy,

SWINTON, G. M. returned to duty, April 30. but rain would be very beneficial.

MILITARY. SUGAR.-The continued low state of stocks in our bazar has caused transactions to be limited; sales having been effected at

APPOINTMENTS, &c. Rs. 12-13 per md. the highest price within the past three years.

Bell, Brev. capt. J. H. eng. to be sec. to board of rev. in the Raw Silk.-Scarcely a single transaction in this article since

dept. of pub. works during abs. of Best, April 22. our last, owing to the continued unfavourable accounts received of

BEST, Capt. S. eng. to be supt. of roads until further orders, the home market.

April 22.

BIRDWOOD, Brev. capt. W. L. eng. to be civ. eng. of 4th dir. Silk Piece GOODS.-A decline of 4d. to 6d. on the large amount of inferior Corahs shipped.

April 22. Rice.-Prices have an upward tendency, as the article cannot even

Cuppage, Capt. A. 27th N.I. to be assist, resident at Singapore

. now be shipped under 51. 58.

DOVETON, Lieut. col. F. L. to be col. v. Rumley deceased, fr. com.

Feb. 18. Oil Seeds.—The Americans continue large purchasers of linseed, and for Great Britain a few shipments of mustard seed.

FENNING, Maj. D. A, to be lieut. col. fr. Feb. 18. SALTPETRE.--Considerable purchases have been made for Great

GREME, Capt. C. H. 5th L.C. to be maj. fr. Feb. 18. Britain.

HENDERSON, Capt. R. eng, to be civ, eng. of 4th div. v. UnderCOTTON.-A few sales of New Banda at 11-4 to 11-8 per md. ;

wood, April 22. exports to China only 350 bales or 1,276 mds.

LAKE, Brev. capt. H. A. eng. to be civ, eng. of 2nd div. and to ast Opium.-Prices daily advancing ; Patna at Co.'s Rs. 1,560; and

as civ, eng, of 3rd div. to retain ch. of mil, buildings in ceded dis

tricts until relieved by Capt. Smythe, April 22. Benares at Co.'s Rs. 1,440 per chest. Shipments have been to a

MAGNIAC, Cornet F. L. 5th L.C. to be lieut. fr. Feb. 18. moderate extent lately, and there now remain in the Co.'s godowns 2,437 chests of Patoa, and 899 of Benares.

MULCASTER, Cornet W. S. 6th L.C. to be lienţ, y. Mills deceased, HIDES, HORNS, and Tips.-Slightly declined in value ; ship

fr. April 21. ments to Great Britain are going forward freely, and to North

Rainey, Cornet A. J. M. posted to 6th L. C. April 22. America.

Shaw, Brev. capt. J. C. eng. to act as civ. eng. of 2nd div. dur.

employ of Capt. Lake on other duty, April 22.

SMYTHE, Brev. capt. T. eng. to be 1st assist. to civ. eng. in 3rd MADRAS.

div. to sup. the execution of mil. buildings in ceded districts, .

Lake, April 22.

WROUGHTON, Brev. capt. N. 5th L. C. to be capt. fr. Feb. 18. A letter from Ootacamund, dated May 5, states-We have

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. had agreeable, though rather warm weather here during the past week, and the early rains, which usually commence about this April 24.

DRURY, Lieut. A. 43rd N.I. fr. April 25 to June 30, to Neilgherries, time and give gardeners notice to sow their seed for the season, OBBARD, Lieut. J. 48th N. I. 6 mo. to sea and Eastern Coast. have not yet visited us.

SHULDHAM, Ens. A. J. 26th N.I. to Europe, on furl. for 1 year, The only gossip which I can think of to tell you is, that ceasing to draw pay from date of emb. April 22. Lord Elphinstone's elegant villa at Kaitee has been at last sold -as it is said-to Mr. Casamajor, late of the civil service.

MEDICAL The same authority-report-assigns the price of purchase at

APPOINTMENTS, &c. Rs. 16,000, but a poor return for an outlay of more than

BLACKWELL, Assist. surg. J. H. fr. H.M.'s 94th foot, to do duts 50,000, which sum, I believe, the original cost and establish

with 2nd batt. art. April 21. ment of the place drew from the noble proprietor. The club,

JOLLAND, Assist, surg: W. G. fr. 2nd batt. art. to do daty with left I am sorry to learn, is about to lose its energetic and valuable

wing H.M.'s 94th foot, to join at Poonamallee, April 21. secretary, by the departure, for the season, of Mr. Baber from

DOMESTIC. the hills. Our pastor, Mr. Blenkinsop, is at present on a visi. tation tour.

Bower, the lady of Capt. H. 52nd N.I. at Vepery, s. May 1.

FONDCLAIR, the lady of F. de, at Madura,

HARRIS, the lady of T. c.s. at Bellary, s. May 9.

Holmes, the lady of J. G. H. 15ch Hussars at Bangalore, s. Fort St. George, May 9, 1845.-In order to obviate, as far as

May 6. possible, risk of loss to the state, as well as to facilitate and expe.

Mc Cally, the lady of Capt. W. 41st N.I. s. at Ellichpoor,

May 12. dite the adjustment of the accounts of officers and the Madras

RANKING, the lady of J. L. assist. surg, at Cannamore, d. April 24. army, who may resign, retire, or be removed from the service while serving in the Tenasserim provinces, Straits settlements,

MARRIAGES. China, Aden, or elsewhere without the limits of this presidency Cook, John, ist batt. art. to Clarissa, d. of Key, Serj. Geo. Fowler, and beyond sea, the most noble the Governor in council is pleased

at Palamcotah, April 23. to direct that whenever an officer so situated applies for permis

Hart, Lieut. H. D. 39th to Eliza Rose, at Trichinopoly, April 28. sion to resign or retire from the service, or is placed in arrest pre

Tenter, Peter J. s. of Maj. Jas. Wm. of H.m.s. 2nd Ceylon paratory to trial by court-martial, his pay and allowances of every

Regt. to Jane Adelaide, d. of J. Alexander, at Nagapatam, description shall be thenceforth drawn on separate abstract, and

April 28. his pay accounts kept entirely separate from those of the regiment

DEATHS. or detachment to which he may belong.

D'Cruz, Simon, at Parcherry, aged 52, April 28. Consequently an officer situated as above described, proposing Davies, Lieut. Alfred, 1st Madras N.1. at Shuangollah, May 11. to retire from or resign the service, will not be permitted to sigu FRASER, Capt. Hugh, 5th Madras Lt. Cay. at Sholapore, May 4. the pay abstracts, &c. of his troop or company ; but he is not, on that account, to be deprived of troop or company command allow

SHIPPING, ance to which he may, under regulation, have claim, to which he

ARRIVALS. will continue entitled in the same way as if detached in the manner

MAY 7.–Victoria, Norris, Calcutta.-8. City of London, Anadverted to in Para. 4, head “ Troops and Companies," page

tram, Cuddalore; P. and O. 'S. N. C. steamer Precursor, Harris

, 179, section 9th of the Code of Pay and Audit Regulations.

Calcutta; St. Helena, Mann, Table Bay.-9. Water Witch

, Doug las, Mauritius ; Charles Dumergue,


May 2.

dy, Pondicherry.-10. Plaa.

tagenet, Domett, London ; Duchess of Leinster, Liverpool.-11. John Fleming, Rose, London; Marmion, Bordeaux.

Per Water Witch.-Mrs. Douglas, child, and I native.

Per Charles Dumergue.--Lient. R. S. Dubber, 39th N. I, ; Mr. Dumfries; and Dr. Rossier.

DEPARTURES. MAY 4. Emerald Isle, Curling, China.-7. Indian Queen, Kerr, Calcutta.--10. Hamilton, Ross, London.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Tartar-Mrs. Mundy, Miss Presgrave. Lieut, Mundy, B. N. Johnson, Esq. ; Eos. Kingaley, Mr. Robinson, Cadets Pres. grave, Henderson, Ellis, Dutin, Miller, Cuyler, Hall, Black, Cumberland, Brown, Cullen; Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Coutts, Mr. Ganthony, G. Delbarrents, Esq.

Per City of London--S. 'D'Souza, Esq.; Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Antram and son ; Masters Okeby and Bayfield,


COLONEL WALLACE. At a European General Court Martial, holden at Belgaum, on Monday, the seventh day of April, 1845, by virtue of a warrant under the hand and seal of His Excellency Lieut. General Sir Thomas McMahon, baronet, K.C.B. Commander-in-Chief of her Majesty's and the Honourable Company's forees, serving under the presidency of Bombay.

PRESIDENT. -Major General McNeil, H.M.'s 78th Regt. (Higblanders) of Foot.

MEMBERS. -Lieut. Col. Robertson, 2nd B. E. Lt. I. ; Lieut. Col. Williams, 3rd R. M. Lt. 1. ; Lieut. Col. Poole, C.B. H. M.'s 22nd R. af Foot; Lieut. Col. Fullarton, 1st R. M. N.I.; Lieut. Col. Cotton, H. M.'s 28th R. of Foot; Lieut. Col. Lloyd, C B. Bombay Artillery; Lieut. Col. Wyllier, c. 8. 21st R. B. N.I.; Major Parr, 7th R. B. N.I.; Major Hyslop, 3rd R. M. Lt. C. ; Major Fenning, 5th R. M. Lt. Cavalry; Major Prior, 23rd R. M. Lt. L; Major Fawcett, 2nd B. E. Lt. L.; Major Inglis, 2nd R. M. Lt. C. ; Captain Boyd, 2nd Grenadier B. N. I. ; Captain P. K. Skinner, Deputy Judge Advocate General, condacting the proceedings.

Lieutenant Colonel John Wallace, 20th regt. M. N. 1. appears a'prisoner before the Court. The orders for the assembly of the Court, the president's and deputy judge advocate general's warrants, are severally produced and read. The names of the members of the Court Martial are read to the prisoner.

Q. Lieut. col. John Wallace, bave you any exceptions to any of the officers present sitting as members of your Court Martial? A. No.

The president and members of the Court and the deputy judge advocate general are duly sworn.

Lieut. col. John Wallace, 20th regt. M. N. I. placed in arrest by me on the following charge, viz. :

For highly irregular conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, and contempt of authority, und to the great injury of the public service, and the disobedience of the lawful command of his superior officer, in the following instances.

1st Instance.-In having, while in command of the 1st brigade of the field force, employed in the Kolapoor and Sawunt Warree States, disobeyed my orders, communicated to him by the Assist. adjt. gen. of the s. D. of the army in a letter dated the 16th January, 1845, by attacking a place called Sewapoor on the 17th of that month, whereas, he (Lieut. col. Wallace) was in the aforesaid letter distinctly ordered to abstain, as much as pos. sible, from offensive operations, or attack, till the time arrived for making a simultaneous attack, when the co-operating troops entered the aforesaid place, which was notified to him would be on the twentieth of the aforesaid month, thereby frustrating my combined plan of attack communicated to him in the letter before specified.

2nd Instance. ---In having while in command of the aforesaid brigade, employed as above specified, disobeyed my orders communicated to him in a letter numbered thirty-six, dated the 18th of January, 1815, from the deputy assistant quarter inaster general of the S. D. of the army, by neglecting, without due cause, to seize on and occupy the Kurwuttee (or Gotea) Ghaut.

3rd Instance. - In having when in command of the aforesaid brigade, employed as above specified, disobeyed the orders of Lieut. col. Carruthers, of H, M.'s second (or Queen's royal) regt. of foot, lis senior officer (and acting under my instructions), communicated to him by Lieut. col. Carruthers, in a

letter, dated the 20th January, 1815, liy neglecting, without due
cause, to seize on and occupy the aforesaid Ghaut, and to co-
operate with the said Lieut. col: Carruthers as therein directed.
(Signed) P. DELAMOTTE, C.B., Major gen.,

Commanding S. D. army.
Camp Hunmunt Ghaut, 6th February, 1815.
Adjutant General's Office, Bombay, 18th Feb., 1845.
By order of his Excellency the Com. in Chief,
(Signed) C. HAGART, Lieut. col.,

Adj. gen. of the army.
Q. Lieut. col. Jobn Wallace, 20th regt. M. N. I., are you
guilty or not guilty of the charge preferred against you'? A.
Not guilty

Major gen. Delamotte appears in Court as prosecutor, and proceeds to address the Court.

The written address A is read in Court by the prosecutor, and appended to these proceedings.

Q. Major gen. Delamotte, do you wish to be examined as a witness, on the address you have just made ? A. Yes.

First Witness on the Prosecution. Major general Delamotte is duly sworn. Examined by the deputy judge advocate general.

Q. What brigade did Colonel Wallace command in the force employed in the Kolapoor and Sawunt Warree states ? A. The firsi brigade.

Q. Have you a copy of the letter upon whieh the first instance of the charge is framed ? if so, please to produce it. A. Yes, I have. It is produced and read in Court. (No. 1 in the Appen. dix.)

Q. Does this letter contain the instructions you directed to be conveyed to Lieut. col. Wallace on that occasion ? A. It does.

Q. Were your instructions obeyed by Lieut. col. Wallace ? A. No.

Q. What proof have you to adduce of your having been disobeyed ? A. Colonel Wallace's own official letter, which I now produce. It is read. The letter is dated, Camp near Sewapoor, 17th January, 1845 (No. 70). It is adınitied by Lieut. col. Wallace as his. (No. 2 in the Appendix.)

Q. Did you call upon Lieut. col. Wallace for bis reason for“ disobeying your instructions; and if so, what reply did you receive ? A. I beg to lay the accompanying copy of a letter before the Court, written by my assistant adjutant general. The letter is read. (No. 3 in the Appendix ) I now prorluce Lieut. col. Wallace's reply to that letter. (No. 4 in the Appendix.) The letter is read, and Lieut. col. Wallace admits that the letter is his. The prisoner states to the Court, that he wishes to defer cross-examining until his defence. Major General Delamotte resumes the prosecution.

Second Witness on the Prosecution. Captain Thomas Donnelly, assist, adjutant general, S.D.A., is called into Court, and duly sworn. Examined by the prosecutor:

Q. Look at this letter, and state whether it be a true copy of . the letter forwarded to Lieut, colonel Wallace; and if so, on what date was the original forwarded ? A. Yes, it is a true copy of the letter forwarded to Lieut. colonel Wallace.

It bears my signature. It was forwarded at one o'clock P. M. on the 16th of January, 1815, by two horsemen. The originał was written by Major general Delamotte's orders. (Letter No. 1 is appended.)

Q. Look at this letter, No. 3, and state whether it is a true copy of the letter to Lieut. colonel Wallare; and if so, when was the original forwarded ? A. Yes, this is a true copy of the letter forwarded. It bears my signature. The original was forwarded to Lieut. colonel Wallace on the i9th of January last. Lieut. colonel Wallace's reply was received on the 20th of the same month. (Letter No. 3 is appended.)

The witness retires. The Court, at this stage of the proceedings, calls upon the prosecutor to answer the following ques. tion:

Question by the Court R. Will you state to the Court the injury which accrued to the public service by Lieut. Colonel Wallace's premature attack? A. It prevented the combined attack, The eneniy were routed from Sewapoor, and it compelled them to move their families. It is beyond my calculation to state bat extent of injury the public service sustained, but it completely frustrated my arrangements.

In consequence of two principal witnesses on the prosecution not having arrived, the Court is adjourned until their arrival. It is now near one o'clock p.M.


Third Witness on the Prosecution. Syed Mahomed, horseman, appears in Court. Lieut. Win

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