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MISCELLANEOUS. REDUCTION OF Postage BETWEEN CEYLON AND China.-The following “instruction" has been issued from the General PostOffice:-“ A line of mail steam-packets being about to be established between Ceylon and Hong-Kong, in connection with the direct Calcutta mail, which is despatched from England on the 20th and 24th of the month, all letters and newspapers for HongKong and China, with the exception of those which may be especially addressed via Bombay, ria Calcutta, via Madras, or by any other port in India, or by 'private ship,' will in future be trans. mitted from this country by ihe Indian mail of the 20th and 24th of the month. Letters and newspapers for Hong Kong and China, forwarded by the new line, will not be liable to the addi. tional rate of 4d. on letters, and 2d. for newspapers, now levied on account of the East-India Company. If, however, any letters or newspapers are specially addressed to Hong-Kong or China, via Bombay, via Calcutta, via Madras, or by any other port in India, they will still be subject to the additional rates alluded to. By command of the Postmaster-General.-General Post-Othce, June, 1815."

CHINESE Grass Clorii.--Messrs. Hargreave Brothers, of Leeds, have in their possession several samples of Chinese grass. This article is represented as possessing all the qualities of flax, but in a higher degree than any other known to our spinners or manufacturers-surpassing the best qualities in strength, tineness, and length of staple. The lineu manufactured by them from this article greatly resembles French cambric, but with a more silky appearance. It would appear that the Chinese grass can be supplied in unlimited quantity; and if that should be the case, it must be a subject for congratulation, that an article of such large consumption in this country should be presenting itself as another exchangeable commodity for our manufactures, the rapidly extending consumption of which throughout China seems to be limited only by the means which they possess of making a suitable return for them.

H. M. steam vessel Vulture sailed for the East Indies on the 19th ultimo, with a large amount of specie for the public service at the Mauritius and Hong-Kong. Capt. H. Johnson and Lieut. F. S. Tremlett, for the Agincourt, are on board as pas. sengers.

1 Sir J. THACKWELL returns to India, orerland, in August.

We understand that Her Majesty has graciously contributed the sum of 2001. to the subscription opened at Messrs. Grindlay and Co.'s for the erection of a monument to the memory of the late Major-Gen. Sir W. Nott.

TROOPS FROM CALCUTTA. — Chatham, June 20.-On Thursday afternoon, the 19th inst., arrived the several detachments at the Invalid Depôt, Casemate Barracks, Brompton, consisting of one sergeant-major, 2 sergeants, 2 corporals, and 5 privates of the 3rd light dragoons; and J6 privates belonging to the 16th Lancers; witli one coloor-sergeant of the 3rd Buffs, that was left behind by the regiment when it sailed for England; 3 pri. vates of the 9th foot, 1 colour-sergeant, 3 sergeants, and 39 privates of the 31st; I colour-sergeant and I private of the 39th; 2 privates of the 50th ; and 9 women and 32 children belonging to the above. The detachments were in charge of Lieut. Gray, of the 39th, and came from India in the ship Prince of Wales, 1,350 tons burden, Captain Hopkins. The troops embarked at Calcutta on the 17th of February last, and sailed immediately : on arrival at the Cape the ship put in and remained seven days, taking in water and fresh provisions; and arrived off Gravesend, after an excellent passage of 122 days.

STEAM COMMUNICATION with China.-On Monday the 23rd ult. the first monthly mail direct to China was despatched via the overland route. It will be conveyed to Ceylon, by the Oriental Steam Company's vessels carrying the Calcutta mails ; and at Ceylon will be transferred to one of the same company's vessels, forming the branch line between Ceylon and Hong Kong, touching at Penang and Singapore. By this arrangement Horg. Kong is brought within 48 days' post of London.-English Gentleman.

CANDIDATES FOR ADMISSION TO THE East India COLLEGE. -Wednesday the 9th, and Wednesday the 16th of July inst. are the days appointed for receiving the petitions from the candidates for admission into the East India College next term, which will commence on Wednesday, the 10th of September.

It will very much facilitate their passing is the candidates are instructed to attend at the College Department, East-India House, a day or two before they are presented to the committee.

The examination before the Board of Examiners will be held at the East-India House, on Thursday, the 24th inst.

NANKING DONATION BATTA. - Authority has been given for the payment of batta due to the otficers and crew of the Company's war steamers the Madagascar, Tenasserim, Hooghly,

Phlegethon, Pluto, and Proserpine, amounting in the aggregate to 9,0781, 15s. 3d.

CONVEYANCE OF TROOPS AND STORES TO INDIA.-The follow. ing ships have been engaged for the conveyance of troops and stores for Calcutta and Bombay, viz., Southampton, Westmoreland, Sir Robert Peel, Owen Glendower, Bolton, Claudine, Malubar, and Mary Anne.

MYSORE Coffee.- A parcel of coffee, imported from Madras, the produce of the Mysore district, has within these few days been adınitted at the low duty of 4d. per Ib. The Lords of the Treasury, by an order dated the 13th of June, 1814, on an ap. plication from the East-India and China Association, respecting the admission of sugar and other articles from Mysore, directed that Mysore produce, being legally admissible as such, should be admitted as the produce of Madras , and since that period goods imported direct from Madras, and certified by a number of respectable brokers, judges of the article, as being the produce of the Mysore district, have been delivered as the produce of the former place. In the present instance, the coffee baving been certified to as to its origin and produce in the manner alluded te, it has been decided that it is entitled to be admitted at the reduced rate of duty, under the authority of the order quoted. The Act 7th Victoria, c. 16, repeals the section of a former Act which required a certificate of production to entitle goods to be admitted as the produce of a British possession, within the limits of the East-India Company's charter, and hence the cause of the opinion of competent judges here being required to entitle Mysore produce to be admitted as such, at the same rate of duty as if the produce of Madras.

ARRIVAL OF Troops From BOMBAY AND MADRAS.-CHATHAM, July 1.-Last night, about ten o'clock, the following detachments of regiments serving in India arrived at the invalid depôt, Casemate barracks, Brompton :-One sergeant and 21 privates, of the 14th light dragoons, with 7 women and 10 children; 5 sergeants and 37 privates, of the 2nd Queen's; of the 13th light infantry, Prince Albert's own, 2 privates; of the 17th, 2 sergeants, 4 corporals, and 35 privates, with 2 women and 2 children; of the 22nd, 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, 3 drum. mers, and 45 privates, with 11 women and 16 children; of the 28th, 4 sergeants, 2 corporals, and 46 privates, with 7 women and 11 children; of the 78th bighlanders, 1 sergeant and 10 privates, with 3 women and 3 children ;-making & total of 19 sergeants, l1 corporals, 4 drummers, and 218 tank and file, 3+ women, and 46 children. The troops were in command of Major J. G. S. Gilland, of the 2nd Queen's, with Capt. Wakefield, of the 28th, Lieut. Wade, Lieut. Williams, and Lieut. Mitchell, three officers of the 13th light infantry. These troops embarked at Bombay, on board the ship Herefordshire, of 1,400 tons burden, Capt. Ricbardson, for England on the 24th of February last, and arrived off Gravesend on Monday, the 30th June, after a passage of four months and four days, during which time the troops lost by death 29 men, viz. -l man 17th, 3 men 14th light dragoons, 7 men 2nd Queen's, 6 men 22nd, 4 men 28th, 4 men 86th, and 3 men 78th highlanders, and 2 children. Major Kennett, of the Hon. Company's service, a passenger, and Mr. Porter, steward of the Herefordshire, died on the voyage.

One man of the 3rd buffs, named Edwards, a prisoner under sentence of a court-martial, came with the troops. The men of the 28th are those who were providentially saved from that malignant fever which nearly carried off the whole of the regiment in Scinde. The troops will undergo medical inspection previous to their discharge on the respective pensions. A detachment, consisting of 31 men, with 3 women and 7 children, belonging to the 94th regiment, under the command of Captain Doar, arrived yesterday afternoon at the invalid depôt from Gravesend, where they disembarked from the ship True Briton. This detachment embarked at Madras on the 3rd of March last. The only death on board was that of one man belonging to the Company's service.

THE Mails. SOUTHAMPTON, JUNE 26, 6 P.M. - The Oriental Company's steam ship Great Liverpool, Capt. Maclead, bas just arrived from Alexandria, without touching at Motherbank. She brings the East India and China mails, which will be landed in time to be forwarded to London by the two o'clock train,, to-morrow.

PROMOTION of Education In India. It has recently been determined to place the college at Benares, and the English seminary at that city, under a principal duly qualified by an acquaintance with the Sanscrit language, united with a competent knowledge of English literature and of mathematical science. No one thus qualified being to be met with in India, the Court of Directors have appointed Mr. James Ballantyne to this office, and he will proceed to India by the mail packet from Southampton on the 20th instant.

PORTRAIT OF THE REv. C. W. LE BAs. On the retirement

-30. Heary, Storey, Canton ; John Cooper, Greig, Hong-Kong; Argyle, Brocklebank, and Duncan, Henricksen, Calcutta.

From the CLYDE, JUNE 15.–Pampero, Moon, Batavia and Singapore.-18. Chaucer, Elder, Ceylon.-19. John Cree, Goodsir, Calcuita.-21. Eliza Leishman, Dickson, Mauritius.-23. Trafalgar, Potter, Calcutta.—25. Parsee, Chivas, Singapore.-28. Benares, Gilkeson, Bombay.

From PortSMOUTH, JUNE 22. -Ellenborough, Close, Madras and Bengal. JULY 2. Bucephalus, Bell, Cape and Calcutta.

From SAIELDS.-JUNE 21. Eduard Bilton, Marjorum, Madras. From NewPORT.-JUNE 21. Sju Broder, Carlsted, Siagapore

. From INVERKEITHING, JUNE 17. Achilles, Thompson, Cal. cutta.

From PLYMOUTH.-JUNE 19. H.M. steamer Vullure, Mac Dor. gall, Cape, Mauritius, and China.

From SUNDERLAND.-JUNE 21. Ancona, Swinhoe, Cape. From MARSEILLES.-- JUNE 19. Herschel, Robertson, Mauritius. From TORBAY.-JUNE 29. Augustus, Hart, Port Adelaide. From Cork.--JUNE 28. Duke of Bedford, Thornhill, Calcatta.

of this gentleman from the office of Principal of the East-India College, a wish for his portrait was expressed by a considerable number of his friends. At the solicitation of Mr. Hooper, of the College Department, East-India House, the reverend gentleman consented to sit to Mr. Andrew Martin, and the picture, when completed, was placed in the hands of an engraver, with a view to the gratification of those at whose instance it was painted. That object being attained, Mr. Hooper felt desirous of presenting the picture to the college with which Mr. Le Bas was so long connected, and the Court of Directors having given their sanction the desire has been carried into effect.

GRATEFUL TESTIMONIAL TO A Seroy.— The people of Perth have done honour to themselves, not less than to the object of their grateful kindness, by presenting to a native soldier, who nobly defended the body of Lieut. Alexander P. Campbell, killed before Munshurghur, & gold medal, of large size and elegant workmanship, bearing the following inscription :

Presented to


16th Madras N.I.,
by the inhabitants of the city of

Perth, Scotland,
in testimony of their admiration of his
gallant defence of the body

of their townsman,

2nd Bombay E.L.I.,
who was killed in action near

before the fort of

on the 31st of December,

1844. The reverse exhibits a design of a native soldier defending the body of an European officer, with an inscription to the same effect in Persian.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per steamer Duke of Cornwall, from Southampton, on the 3rd inst.

For MALTA. Mr. Kreisler.

For ALEXANDRIA.-Mrs. Willaey, Mrs. Baile, Ensigo Penasfather, Messrs. Robinson, Duncan, J.J. Catterson, and Baker.

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JUNE 20.-Coromandel, Cunningham, China; Tasmania, Black, Launceston ; Jim Crow, Geere, Algoa Bay; Vulcan, Patrick, Penang ; Stratford, Tuit, Mauritius ; Benjamin Boyd, Tomkins, New South Wales ; Annie, Potter, Manilla; Isabella, Heron, Dickson, Mauritius ; Asia, Davidson, Bengal; John Wickliffe, Daley, China; Olterspool, Wickman, Dorothea, Smith, and Achilles, Goble, Bengal. -21. Posthumous, Milner, Madras ; Chebar, Harrison, Ceylon; Favorite, Seadden, Calicut; Iris, Peterkin, Mauritius; Emily, Greaves, New South Wales.-23. Eudora, M.Meekam, Mauritius; Enmore, Ellis, and Martin Luther, Hutton, Bengal; Eleanor Russell, Jeffries, Manilla ; George Washington, Probst, Singapore ; Ida, Silk, Sourabaya ; Westmoreland, Brigstock, Bombay; Spencer, Bell, Mauritius. 24. Eweretla, Darley, New South Wales ; Eucles, Walker, Singapore ; Mary Sophia, Younghusband, Bengal; Amicus, Orange, Mauritius. - — 25. Thomas Hughes, Butler, Port Philip; Ellen, Brewer, Bengal.-26. Anna, Jones, Mauritius ; George Ryan, Wellman, Singapore. - 27. Auriga, Wrankmore, Hobart Town; Marmion, Jellard, China.--28. Herefordshire, Richardson, Bombay; Mary Hay, Volum, Launceston.-30. Earl of Hardwicke, Drew, Bengal ; True Briton, Consitt, Madras; Elizabeth, Morice, New South Wales; Hind, Preston, New South Wales ; Adelaide, Connel, Van Dieman's Land; John Christian, Thomas, China.-July 1. Duke of Argyll, Bristow, Madras ; Royal George, Greives, Port Philip; Sarah Birkelt, Proddon, New South Wales; Hugh Walker, Cameron, and Mary Stoddart, Sparkes, Bengal; Susan Crisp, Cocks, Cape.-2. Iilliam Gillies, Clarke, Bombay; Young Queen, Volum, Penang; Duchess of Kent, Sedgwick, Calcutta ; Britannia, Hardie, Calcutta.-3. Juliet, Thompson, Bengal ; Liverpool Rifleman, Davies, and Diana, South Seas, Downs.

VESSELS SPOKEN WITH, Marmion, Ewing, Liverpool to China, March 25, lat. 18 deg. So, long. 21 deg. W.

Madura, Smith, London to Aden, March 16, lat. 3 deg. N., long. 20 deg. W.

Victory, Hall, Liverpool to Hong-Kong, April 28, lat. 5 deg. N., long. 19 deg. W.

Judith Allan, Murray, London to Calcutta, June 11, lat. 47 deg. N., long. 14 deg. W.

Poicliers, Deony, London to Calcutta, May 6, lat. 6 deg. N., long. 21 deg. W.

Mandarin, Cleland, Clyde to Calcutta, May 3, lat. 2 deg. N., long. 20 deg. W.

Richard Cobden, Scales, Liverpool to China, February 18, lat. 14 deg. S., long. 111 deg. E.

Justina, Leshaw, London to Madras, June 14, lat. 47-32 deg. N., long. 9-15 deg. W.

Earl of Harewood, Atkin, Liverpool to Ceylon, May 11, lat. 6 deg, S., long. 26 deg. W.

Graham, Monro, London to Sydney, May 14, lat. 1 deg. N., long. 22 deg. W.

Viscount Sandon, Lancaster, Liverpool to Calcutta, June 29, lat.' 49-25 deg. N. long. 7 deg. W.

The Mary Scott (or Harriet Scotl), from Bombay, was spoken with, March 30, out 60 days, very leaky, making six feet water per day, having encountered a gale in lat. 22 deg. S., loag. 37 deg. E.

The Peruvian, Cole, arrived in Table Bay, C. G. H., April 18, with the captain and crew of the brig Traveller, which foundered at sea, April 4 ; they had been seven days in the boats before the Perio vian picked them up.

The Herefordshire arrived in the river : passed a vessel, June 20, bottom up, apparently a cutter or schooner, of from 75 to 100 tops, coppered and painted black; did not appear to have been long in that state,


The Duke of Argyle, Bristow, from Madras, reports that in lat. 47. 29 north, long. 14. 5 west, at 11 P.M. June 26, discovered & light on the larboard bow at 11. 30 P.M., made it out to be a ship on fire, up foresail and stood towards it ; midnight hove to with head to the southward, about 1} mile to windward of the wreck, shewing lanterns fore and aft, and burning blue lights every quarter of an hour; a little after midnight the brig Herald, of Liverpool, hove in sight and hove too on the opposite tack 2.30 m. 3rd reefs wore ship, 3 A.M. passed under the lee of the ship on fire, at about two cables length distance, but saw nothing but the figure-head standing, apparently a bust; she was then lying head to wind, and burnt to the waters edge. 4 A.m. Wore with ship's head to southward ; at 5 daylight, deeming it useless to stay by the wreck any longer, bore away under easy sale, in hopes of falling in with the boats if any had left her.

5. 15 A.M. She entirely disappeared, and at 8 A.M. dropped the fore sail.

DEPARTURES. From the Downs, JUNE 19.--Salacia, Brodrick, Mauritius ; Daphne, McMillan, Algoa Bay; Princess Royal, Doutty, and For. farshire, Symons, Cork and Bombay.-20. Leander, Millman, Syd. ney; Walmer Castle, Campbell, and Stag, Crawford, Cork and Calcutta ; Olga, Schilderup (from Hamburgh), Cape and Batavia; Albinia, Smith (from Goole), Cape.-21. Kent, King, South Seas; Alfred, Henning, Cork and Calcutta.-22. Augustus, Hart, Port Adelaide; Stebon Heath, Cromarty, Cork and Bombay ; John Hullett, Christopher, Mauritius.-26. Bengal Merchant, Thornhill, Cape and Calcutta; John Edward, Kell, Mauritius; Symmetry, Elder, Port Adelaide.—29. Kile, Ritchie, Madras ; Token, Cheyne, Bombay.—July 2. Rosebud, Winn, Algoa Bay; Calcutta, Ross, Hobart Town ; Andromache, Skelton, Cork and Bombay.

From LIVERPOOL, June 18.-Anne Armstrong, Graham, Bombay.-19. Othello, Thompson, and Tapley, M.Kie, Calcutta.-20. Lancaster, Hullin, Hong-Kong:-21. Frances, Sharp, Ceylon.-26. Viscount Sandon, Lancaster, Calcutta.-27. Royal Archer, Scott, Hobart Town ; Adam, Lodge, Joy and Charlotte, Carter, Calcutta.



June 18. The lady of Bazett D. Colvin, Esq, son. 19. The lady of R. M. Nott, Esq. daughter, at Raydon, Essex.

The lady of Capt. Chowne, Bengal Army, son, at Scroope. terrace, Cambridge.

28. The lady of Joho B. Lousada, Esq. of Oakfield-lodge, Susses, daughter, at Boulogne-sur-Mer.

The lady of Mr. Serjeant Bellasis, daughter, in Bedford-square.

July 1. The lady of J. Cosmo Melvill, jun. Esq. son, at Hamp, stead.

Second-Lieut, Henry R. Courtenay, artillery'

overland, July. Madras Estab.–Lieut. Henry W. Rawlins, 30th N.I.

Surg. John Wylie, overland, 20th Nov.
Bombay Estab.-Capt. Robert Farquhar, 6th N.I.

Capt. Charles D. Mylne, 6th N.I.
Ens. George W. West, 21st N.I.
Capt. John D. Leckie, 22nd N.I., overland,

Second-Lieut. Henry P. B. Berthon, artillery.

MARRIAGES. JUNE 17. Capt. Michael Dawes, Bengal Art. to Louisa, daughter of the late Rev. John Burdett, at St. George's Church, Dublin.

Richard Baraes Bell, Esq. of the firm of Binney and Co. Madras, lo Elizabeth, daughter of John Scott, Esq. at St. Jobn's Church, Paddington.

19. Lachlan Mackintosh Rate, Esq. to Elizabeth, danghter of Andrew Spottiswoode, Esq. at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields.

21. Capt. G. F. Duckett to Isabella, daughter of the late Lieut. gen. Sir Lionel Smith, Bart. G.C.B. G.C.H. and niece to the Right Hon. Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart. at Hampton Court.

JULY 2. Walter Logan, Esq. to. Jane, daughter of Capt. F.J. Bellew, Hon. East-India Company's service, at St. George's, Hanover-square.



Bombay Estab.--Mr. Patrick Scott, 4 months.



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Bengal Estab. - Capt. William St. L. Mitchell, 13th N.I., 6


Assist, surg. Henry L. Nugent, 6 months. Madras Eslab.—Major William H. Simpson, C.B., 36th N.I., 12


Surg. Frederick Cooper, 6 months.
Bombay Estab. ---Capt. Michael Wyllie, 8th N.I., 6 months.

Lieut. Lewis Pelly, 17th N.I., 6 months.


JUNE 14. Major James Eyles, Hon. East-India Company's service, at Colesbill-house, near Amersham, aged 69.

J. George Brett, Esq. at Brighton, aged 86. 18. Agnes Herbertina Maunoir, youngest daughter of the late John Herbert Harington, Esq. at the Elms, Avenue-road, Regent's. park, aged 18.

21. James Lumsden, second son of Major H. B. Henderson, at No. 15, Norfolk-crescent, Hyde.park, aged 17.

22. Leah, widow of the late Thomas Boileau, Esq. of Calcutta, at No. 48, Upper Berkeley-street West, Hyde Park-square, aged 78.

25. Joseph Somes, Esq. M.P. at New-grove, Mile-end.

27. Sophia Margaretta, wife of the Rev. Robert Strong, at the rectory, Brampton, Abbott's Ross, Herefordshire.

28. Mrs. Margaret Fergusson, widow of the late John Fergusson, Esq. formerly of Calcutta, at 68, Baker-street, aged 84.

JULY 1. Caroline, the wife of Lieut. col. Pereira, Bengal Artillery, aged 55.

2. Charles Wearg Clark, Esq. at Westbourne-grove, Bayswater, aged 45.

William Henry Brewer, commander of the ship Essex, at the Cape of Good Hope, aged 38.

LATELY. Jane, widow of Joseph Caldecourt, Esq. formerly of the East-India House.


Madras Estab.- Major James R. Robertson, 8th It. cav.

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18th June to 2nd July, 1845. ARRIVALS REPORTED IN ENGLAND.


Madras Estab.--Mr. Edmund Storey.

Mr. Arthur Purvis.


Bengal Estab. - Capt. William Shortreed, 1st Europ. reg., L.W.

Lieut. William A. Cooke, 2nd N.I.
Lieut. John A. Angus, 9th N.I.
Lieut. William Hampton, 14th N.I.
Capt. Clement G. Macan, 16th N.I.
Lieut. Alexander C. Boswell, 19th N.I.
Lieut. Thomas Spankie, 48th N.I.
Major William M. Ramsay, 62nd N. I.
Brev. capt. George P. Salmon, artillery,
Lieut. John H. Smyth, artillery.
Physician-gen. John Marshall, retired.
Surg. Edward W. W. Raleigh.

Surg. David Gullan, retired.
Madras Estab.-Capt. Henry A. Hornsby, 2nd Europ. reg. L. I.

Lieut. Roger D. Dansey, 30th N.I.
Capt. William H. Freese, 37th N.J.
Major Richard Dowell, retired.

Second-Lieut. Arthur C. Jones, artillery.
Bombay Estab.—Lieut. Hugh Spottiswoode, Ist lancers.

Capt. John S. Ramsay, 2nd Europ. regt. L. I.
Capt. Haughton James, 18th N.I.
Assist. surg. David Davies.

Madras Estab.—The Rev. George K. Græme.

The Rev. George Trevor.

APPOINTMENTS. The undermentioned gentlemen, students at Haileybury, having produced the requisite certificates from the Principal of the East-India College, have been appointed members of the Com. pany's Civil Service in India, and with the rank expressed in the said certificates, viz.

William Thornhill Tucker.
William Ainslie.
Anthony Hammond.
John Rycroft Best.
Edward Ross Foster.
Christopher Beckett Denison.
Francis Jeffrey Cockburn.
Henry Barkly Henderson.
Alexander Elliott Russell.
Frederick Shaw.
Henry Lushington.
hord William Montagu Hay.
John Crawford Dodgson,
Alexander Hope.
Charles William Mackillop.
Henry Campbell Raikes.

Benjamin Harrison.
William Smith Nesbitt.
Alexander Stewart Sandeman.
Alexander Ogilvie.
John Hunter Blair.

Alexander Rogers,
Lestock Reid.
Charles James Davies.
Robert Salmon Bagshaw.

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To rank from the 14th June, 1840, agreeably to the Court's resolution of the 10th July last, and in the following order, viz. -

Abraham Richard Fuller, Larkins, 19th March.
Lancelot Machell, Seringapatam, Ist May.
Mark Edward Currie, Great Liverpool, 20th March.
John Hunter, Robert Small, 30th April.
Augustus Darling, Oriental, 20th April.
John Sabatier Frith, Great Liverpool, 20th March.
George Augustus Vallings, Robert Small, 30th April.
William Hawtayne Parish, Poictiers, 9th April.
George Baillie, Seringapatam, Ist May.
John Fulton, Lismore, from Liverpool, 15th May.
Edmund James Goodridge, Seringapatam, 1st May.
James Henry Salt, Oriental, 20th April.
Robert Murray, Robert Small

, 30th April

Peter Macfarlane Syme, Seringapatam, 1st May.
William Alexander Rass, Larkins, 19th March.
William Dickson, Seringapalam, Ist May..
George Oliver Rybot, ditto, ditto.

For the Infantry. To rank from the 13th June, 1845, the day on which they passed their public examination, and in the following order, provided the ships by which they respectively proceed sail from Gravesend on or before the 13th Sept., viz.

Walter Rice Herbert Ited Howell.
John Weston Delamain.
Christopher James Godby.
Alexander John Anderson.
John Ruggles.
Henry Dyneley Angus Douglas Willan.
James Spence Ogilvie.
Robert John Fayrer Hickey.

John Matthew Bayley. To rank from the 14th June, 1845, agreeably to the Court's resolution of the 4th Dec. 1833, and in the following order, viz.—

William Nembhard, Pekin, 19th March,-appointed 12th

Nicolai William Elphinstone, ditto-appointed 19th

James Henry Barber, overland, 20th March,-appointed

12th March.
William Alexander Parker Farnell, ditto,-appointed

12th March. William Nassau Lees, Poictiers, 9th April,-appointed

2nd April. Charles Bayly, ditto,-appointed 26th March. Etienne St. George, Robert Small, 30th April,--appointed

2nd April Henry Francis Maxwell Boisragon, ditto, -appointed

19th March. William Stephen Raikes Hodson, Seringapatam, Ist May,

-appointed 8th April. George Frederick Cust, ditto,--appointed 19th March. James Sykes, Bellairs, from Liverpool, 19th May,-ap

pointed 16th April.
James Kempt Couper, Wellesley, 10th June,--appointed

7th May.
John Beresford Smyly, ditto,-appointed 14th May.

Frederick Grey Eden, ditto.-appointed 30th April. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which they proceeded, and in the following order, viz.

Alworth Merewether, Ellenborough, 16th June.
Henry Alexander, ditto.
George James Johnstone, ditto.

John Perkins, ditto. To rank from the date of his departure from Southampton by the overland route, viz.

Francis Alexander Robert Murray MacGregor, Oriental,

20th June. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which he proceeded, viz.

Henry Charles Dumaresq Onley, Alfred, 21st June. To rank from the date of the sailing from Portsmouth of the ship by which he proceeded, viz. –

George Hill Sprot, Ellenborough, 22nd June. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which he proceeded, viz.

Thomas Edwards, Bucephalus, 26th June.

vided the ships by which they respectively proceed sail from Gravesend on or before the 13th Septı, viz. –

John Ramsay James Robertson.
Richard George Frederick Henegan.
Philip Dassie Horne.
John Richard Magrath.
John McKenzie Macintyre,
George Gunning John Campbell.

William James Bradford. To rank from the 14th June, 1845, agreeably to Court's reso. lution of the 10th July last, and in the following order, viz, :

James Blair, Oriental, 20th April.
George Cayley Robinson, Great Liverpool, 20th March.
Francis Cobbe, Bangalore, 1st March.
Charles Elliot, Oriental, 20th April.
George Godfrey Pearse, Great Liverpool, 20th March.
Harcourt Downes Welliton, Pekin, 19th March.
Aston Turner Powell Key, ditto,

For the Infantry. To rank from the 13th June, 1845, the day on which he passed his public examination, provided the ship by which he proceeds sails from Gravesend on or before the 13th September, viz. :

George Harcourt Stiles.. To rank from the 14th June, 1815, agreeably to the Court's resolution of the 4th December, 1833, and in the following order, viz. :

Alexander Jenkins, Pekin, 19th March - appointed 12th

George Nassau Johnstone, City of Poonah, 2nd April-

appointed 26th March.
Edward Dunbar, Sir Robert Sale, 3rd April-appointed

2nd April. Philip Lateward Codd, Oriental, 20th April-appointed

26th March. William Chapman Hutton, Seringapatam, Ist May-ap:

pointed 16th April, Thomas Brown, ditto-appointed 16th April. Edward Staines Daniell, Wellesley, 10th June-appointed

7th May. To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the ship by which they proceeded, and in the following order, viz.:-

William Owen Tudor, Ellenborough, 16th June.
Edward Nugent Norton, ditto.
Thomas Greenway, ditto.



For the Artillery, To rank from the 13th June, 1845, the day on which they passed their public examination, and in the following order, provided the ships by which they respectively proceed sail from Gravesend on or before the 13th Sept., viz. :

Arthur Riddell Mark.

John Clements Hailes. To rank from the 14th June, 1845, agreeably to the Court's resolution of the 10th July last, and in the following order, viz, :

Thomas Trenshard Haggard, Persia, 15th May.
Robert Alexander Morse, Tagus, 1st April.
David Greenhill Anderson, ditto.
Joseph Shekleton, ditto.

For the Infantry. To rank from the 13th June, 1815, the day on which he passed his public examination, provided the ship

by which he proceeds sails from Gravesend on or before the 13th Sept.

, viz. :Charles Edward Boodle. To rank from the 14th June, 1845, agreeably to Court's resolution of the 4th December, 1833, and in the following order, yiz. :

Joseph Hume Spry Pierce, Gilmore, 5th April-appointed

12th March.
Henry Beville, ditto-appointed 26th March.
Henry Harrison (abroad), para. viđ Marseilles, Tith April

-- para, appointed 2nd April.
Archibald Williams Graham, Duke of Cornwall

, 3rd May.
William Waddington, ditto.
Donald Joseph Macdonnell, Persia, 15th May.
Josiah George Hort, ditto.


For the Artillery. To rank from the 13th June, 1815, the day on which they passed their public examination, and in the following order, pro





6,140 Hindoos. Some statisticians have estimated the Mabomedan To rank from the date of the sailing from Gravesend of the

population as low as 1 Mahomedan to 14 Hindoos; while the high

est estimate, I believe, does not exceed 1 to 9. In either case, the ship by which he proceeded, viz. :

proportion of the Mahomedan students far exceeds the proportion of Joseph 'Tuthill Glover, M.D. Judith Allan, 14th June.

ibe Hindoo students relatively to their respective population, being, in fact, 1 in 5.06 of the whole students. The next feature is, that more than five-eighths, or 5,132 of the whole students, learn English; while only 426 learn Sanscrit, 572 Arabic, and 706 Persian.

The two former are necessary ia the study of Hindoo and Mabome. To rank from the date of the transmission by the overland mail dan law, and it would hence appear that those studies can scarcely of the paragraph announcing his appointment, viz. :

be prosecuted with a vigour proportioned to their importance. The James George Fraser (abroad), vià Marseilles, 7th June. Bengal language, after English, has the greatest number of stu.

dents, viz. 2,718; followed by the Hindee, 1,819, and Oordoo, 1,504 ; the last two being chiefly spoken under the Agra Governa ment. There are 253 Christians in the schools, and 189 who are

neither Christians, Mabomedans, nor Hindoos: these are chiefly Bombay Estab. -Mr. William Henry Carpendale, appointed a Buddhists, at Moulmein, or low castes of the Bbaugulpoor Hills. Volunteer for the Indian Navy.

A marked feature of the tables, also, is the fact that, under the
Agra Government, out of 2,420 pupils, only 42 pay for instruc-

tion. In Bengal 1,572 pay, and 4,211 receive gratuitous in. VISCELLANEOUS.

struction. The under-mentioned Gentlemen Cadets appointed to the Engineer Service, and whose names appeared in our last number, Dialogues of the Living upon our Colonies and upon our Colohave had assigned to them temporary commissions and local rank rial and Indian Administrations Compared. Part I. Interlo. as Ensigns in H. M.'s army, whilst doing duty at the Establish

cutors, Sir ROBERT PEEL, the EARL OF Ripox, and BARON ment for Field Instruction, under the command of Lieut.-colonel Sir F. K. Smith, of the Royal Engineers, at Chatham, viz. :

STANLEY, &c. &c. &c. London, 1845. Richardson. Messrs. Cowper, Cadell, Innes, Donovan, Playfair, and

The names of the performers here announced are sufficiently Moberly.

attractive to excite curiosity. The pamphlet, consisting of only

nineteen pages, being denominated Part I., is to be regarded Major William H. Simpson has been granted the regulated but as the prologue to the drama upon which the curtain is to pension for a wound received in action at Ching Keang Foo. rise hereafter. Prologues, like prospectuses, not unfrequently

Mr. Edward Vernon Schalch, Professor of Hindustani at the deceive; but unless this is more deceitful than usual, we may East. India College, bas been permitted, in consequence of ill- conclude that what is to follow will be interesting both to colo. health, to retire from the service on a pension.

nial and Indian readers. Mr. John Fraser has been appointed to fill the office of Assistant to Mr. Simms, on that gentleman's mission to India, to superintend the surveys with reference to the formation of railways in that country,



Engraved by G. T. Payne, from an Original Picture painted.

by J. Diffet Francis. J. S. Welsh. Statistics of the Educational Institutions of the East India Com.

In a letter lately published in one of the Indian papers the pany in India. By Lieutenant-Colonel W. H. Sykes, F.R.S.

writer related an anecdote of his casually meeting Sir WILLIAM From the Quarterly Journal of the Statistical Society of

Nort when walking in company with a lady to whom the geneLondon, June, 1844.

ral was unknown, but who observed that she was sure, from his This paper contains that which we believe is no where else to appearance, he was, in the best sense of the words, a soldier, be found, a complete account of the means pursued by the East- an officer, and a gentleman. Such is the impression given by India Company for the promotion of education in the territories the portrait before us, which, in addition to being, as we are under their administration, and of the results of those means. assured, an admirably faithful likeness, has the further advanThe labour of collecting and arranging this information is so con- tage of being a very beautiful specimen of mezzotinto. The siderable, and that none but one whose heart was engaged in expression of the portrait conveys that intensity of feeling which the work would have undertaken it. The benevolent author the readers of Sir WILLIAM Nort's despatches will recollect to has long been known as one of the warmest friends of the noble be so frequently manifested in those documents. cause in which we now find him labouring; and in the opening passage of the production before us affords indication at once of his solicitude for its success and of his just appreciation of its Portrait of MAJOR-GENERAL Sir WILLIAM Nort, G.C.B., effects.

from a Painting by T. Brigstock. Engraved by G. R. Ward. The Government educational institutions in India date compara- It would be diegraceful to the public feeling the countrymen tively from so recent a period, that the most ancient amongst them

of Sir WILLIAM Nort manifested no desire for the possession of (with the exceprion of the Sanscrit College at Benares), the Hindoo College at Calcutta, was only in its 28th year in 1844, and very many

his portrait, and it will be discreditable to the public taste if of them are only of two or three years' standing. A gradual pro

such a portrait as this be not sought after. It is a full length, gress, however, is manifest, both in the number and character of representing its gallant original in his regimentals, with his right these institutions; and though the time is far, very far distant when

hand on that sword which he knew so well how to wield. It is they will be commensurate with the wants of the people, yet a per- one of those portraits wbich seem to want only the power of severance in the benevolent and politic activity, which has evidently motion to be perfect, and the engraver has done ample justice to been strengthening of late years, will ultimately fully realize, there the painter. can be little doubt, the objects contemplated-a healthy, moral, and intellectual standard in the native mind, and a bond of union between the governors and governed, by sympathies and tastes in common, derived from a common knowledge.

[ADVERTISEMENT.] To those who take an interest in the advance of the Indian mind, no part of this pamphlet will be more attractive than the

POUR BLANCHIR LA PEAU. answers given in the scholarship examination questions in the PATRONIZED BY HER MAJESTY AND THE ROYAL FAMILY. Bengal colleges, of wbich a very copious selection is furnished. The following summing up in regard to Bengal and Agra is. MEEN, FUN, OF CELESTIAL SKIN POWDER,

a truly wonderful cosmetique, which has for centuries been in conimportant, as illustrating prevailing tendencies.

stant use among the Chinese, possessing properties of a character unparal.

Its application entirely counteracts those disagreeable appearances to The preceding 11 tables suggest the following observations. The

which delicate skins are subject, more especially at this season of the year; first feature is the proportion of the Mahomedan students to the it allays and averts discolouration and coarseness, at the same time rendering Hindoo. Opinions are expressed in the reports that the Mahome- the skin beautifully white, smooth, and soft. The component parts are so dan population are averse to receive European instruction ; but the

perfectly harmless and simple in themselves, that those with the most delifinal numbers in the returns do not seem to authorize these opinions.

cate complexion may apply with safety.--Sold retail by all Perfumers and

Chemists, in boxes, price 38. 6d. and 78. 6d. each ; and wholesale by the sole The total number of pupils io 1843 was 8,203, under the Bengal and Proprietors, FABIAN & Co. (late Watson, Fabian, & Co.), 24, Mark Lane, Agra Governments, and of this number 1,621 were Moslems and London, without whose signature on the labels none are genuine.


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