Sidor som bilder


CAVANAGA, M. to Josephine Doomineo, at Mcerut, May 14. CASSIDY, Wm. G., H.M. 9th, to Anna, d. of Fred. Stock, at

Meerut, May 24. DAVIDSON, G. P. S. to Mrs. Sophia Arraston, May 19. GILL, C. to J. C. Fallon, at Futteghur, May 16. LINTON, J. H. to Sarah W. L. d. of Lieut. Jas. Moore, late of

H.M. 29th, at Fort William, May 26. Mills, Ritchie, to Catherine M. Burgoyne, at Dum Dum, May 29. MOROM, David G. to Catherine Scott, May 20. Potenger, George, to Sarah R. d. of W. D. Smith, May 15. Russell, A. H. c.s. to Mary d, of the late R. B. Francis, at

Chuprah, May 24,

Per Faize Allum, from Tellicherry.—Mr. F. H, Crozier, Mad. C.S.

Per Maria, from London,-Mr. and Mrs. Brandon; Mrs. F. Lonsdale and child, and Mr. M. Pickle, steerage passenger.

Per Hero.Mr. Moorshead, merchant.
Per Jane, from Mauritius.--Mr. and Mrs. De Souza, merchant.
Per Espiegle.-Messrs. H. Busch and S. Lomert.
Per John Brightman.-Mrs. Viall and children.

Per Poppy.-T. Hudson, Esq. merchant; F. E. Gusewood, Esq. free mariner, and Mr. M. Tollis.

Per Plantagenet. – Mrs. Domett; Mrs. Bond; Mrs. Banister; Mrs. Vaung; Cornet Young, Bengal cavalry ; Messrs. Bond and Banister, medical service; V. Toogood, Esq. e. s.; A. D. Toogod, M. C. Fellowes, C. H. Barcband, Stafford, and H. Kennedy, eadets ; Major Dennis, H.M. 94th regt. ; - Sparke, Esq. c. S. ; Liett. Mayers, Mad, cav. ; Mr. Mayors.

Per John Fleming, from London.-Mr. Rose and child; Messrs. Mair, Macleod, Blund, Molony, Hamilton, Wortham, and Lake. From Madras.-Mrs. Horne, Miss llorne, Major Horne, and Geo. Hosborne, groom.

Per Letitia.-F. D. Grey, cadet, and H. W. Brahar, ensign H.M. 80th regt. ; Messrs. Robt. Hodgson, and R. J. Atkinson, assist. surgeons.

Per Duke of Wellington.-Mr. T. Wilson.

Per Sophia.-Mrs. Hampton ; Mrs. Middlecoat and 3 children ; A. Gaspar and B. Gaspar, Esqrs. Armenian merchants; and B. Aloodey, Esq. merchant.


DEPARTURES. MAY 8. Audax, Vaux, Singapore and China.-9, John William Dare, Ellis, Singapore.--10. Assam, Cuddy, London.-11. Palmira, Rosseter, London; Kelso, Arnold, London.--12, Warerley, Morgan, Mauritius.—14. Champion, Handley, Mauritius.-15. Appoline, Thomas, London.-16. John Wood, Rose, Mauritius.-17. Fanny Connell, Davis, China; steamer Tenasserim, Wall, Penang ; Enaerdale, Boadle, Boston.-22. Arno, Thurston, Boston; Aurelius, Kitley, Boston.-27. Arab, Coutts, London ; Stirling, May, Loodon.-30. John Gray, M.Donald, London; Hope, Jude, Liverpool. - JUNE 3. Bentinck, Kellock, Suez.

ACLAND, Rev. Charles, at Pooree, May 17.
ADAMS, Henry, at Calcutta, aged 33, May 17.
BLECHYNDEN, Thomas, at Calcutta, aged 44, May 20.
Brown, Rachael, d. of Thomas, at Simla, aged 4, May 13.
BROWN, Susan, d. of Thomas, at Simla, aged 2, May 11.
BUNCE, Capt. J. 48th N.I. at Loodianal, aged 36, May 12.
CARBERY, Margaret Louisa, d. of W. W. at Calcutta, aged 8,

May 21.
DUMOULIN, Louisa Augusta, d. of the late James, at Calcutta,

aged 19, May 9. FRASER, Margaret, wife of D. W. at Garden Reach, aged 42,

May 18. GOLE, Caroline, d. Capt. at Barrackpore, aged 1, May 22. Good, the inf. s. of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. at Purneah, aged 1,

May 15. HARRIS, Charlotte Caroline, wife of C. W. at Calcutta, aged 21,

May 10. HARRIS, Mary Ann, d. of Mr. at Delhi, aged 5, May 18. HODGSON, Mary Tucker, inf. d. of R. F. C.s. at Monghyr, aged 7

mo. May 21. JACKSON, Emily, d. of sup. surg. W. at Umballah, aged 19,

May 15. LACKERSTEEN, Will. Anthony, s. of W. R. at Calcutta, aged 6,

May 23. LINTON, J. W. at Calcutta, aged 35, May 20. Loch, infant d. of Thos. C. c.s. at Beerbhoom, aged 1, May 29. LONSDALE, Capt, F. late com. of the Nutcut, at Calcutta, aged 31,

May 25. McNAGHTEN, Capt. R. A. at Calcutta, aged 49, May 18. Morris, Frederick John, late of the China estab. at Balasore, aged

36, May 9. Norton, G. R. F. s. of Mr. B. aged 2, May 11. O'CONNOR, J. R. H.M. 16th Lancers, at Nainee Tal, May 13. PINHEIRO, W. A. s. of Mrs. Anne, at Kylhul, aged 3, May 8. REES, V. at Calcutta, aged 34, May 24. RICKETTS, E. E. M. d. of the late J. G. at Calcutta, aged 2,

May 26. SPARKES, J. W. s. of C. at Meerut, aged 38, May 4. ST. CROIX, Madam, at Chanderpagore, aged 73, May 22. STUDDY, John Ford, s. Capt. sth L.C. at Mussoorie, aged 3,

May 12. TREGEVANT, Capt. Peter Dunlop, at the General Hospital, aged

46, May 23. WENDNAGEL, James, s. of Rev. J. C. at Calcutta, aged 2,

May 23.
WENDNAGEL, Louisa H. d. of Rev. J. C. at Calcutta, aged 1,

May 24.
Wilcox, J. F. at Saugor, aged 37, May 6.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per steamer Tennasserim for Penang.-The honourable Sir George Pollock, G.C.B. member of Council ; L. J. H. Grey. postmaster. general ; Mrs. Grey and child, Abercrombie, Dick, Esq., judge of sudder dewanny adawlut, Lieut. col. Burlton, commmissary general; Cap. Bygrave, presidency pay master.

Per steamer Bentinck, Mrs. Holroyd and child, Captain R. W. Beatson, Mrs. F. A. Paull, Mrs. Pellew and child, Major Simpson, Capt. and Mrs. Shortrede and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gilmore, Mr. A. F. P. Arango, Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Soden, Mr. W. R. Logan and child, Dr. W. Yates, Mr. B. Herkorts, Lient. Lysaght, Mr. Shawe, Mr. F. Field, Mr. J. C. Wylie, aad Mr. Cleinents.




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Calcutta, June 2, 1845.
Government Securities.

Scll. Buy. Transfer 5 per cent.

prem. 21 0 22 0 Bombay 5 do.

7 0

8 8 Old Sicca 5 do, according to numbers.. do. 3 8

68 New Co.'s 5 do...

do. 8 0

S4 Third 4 do.

disc. 2 0 New Co.'s 4 do...

do. 1 12

Bank Shares. Bank of Bengal (Co.'s Rs. 4,000)

prem. 2750

2800 Union Bank (Co.'s Rs. 1,000)

do. 250

355 Agra Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)

do. 275 Mussoorie Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)

do. 190 Bank of W. India (Co.'s Rs. 400)


Bank of Bengal Rates.
Discount on government acceptances, within 3 months.. 5 per cat.
Do. on private bills and notes, within 3 months

8 per cent. Interest on loans on deposit of Co.'s paper, opium, salt, netal, and indigo..

7 per ceat. Do. on deposit of other goods

9 per cent. Rate of Exchange. On London-Bills at 10 months' date, 15. 11.


ARRIVALS. MAY 14. Ganges, Walker, London ; Science, Rees, Mauritius. 16. Kilblain, Shaw, Liverpool; Warlock, Bell, Newcastle; Baboo, Barker, Liverpool ; Courier, Soutter, Liverpool ; Callao, Whiteside, Valparaiso.-17. Sylph, McDonald, Chma ; Lalla Rookh, Kenny, Cape of Good Hope ; Syren, Hosken, Liverpool.-19. Peruvian, Boyd, Glasgow; Margaret, Cock, Newcastle.-19. Jane, Scott, London ; Olinda, Taylor, Mauritius ;, Wonuler, Ramsay, Liverpool ; Faize Allum, Hutchinson, Cannanore.-20. Antilla, Bushby, Liver rool.--21. Maria, Lonsdale, London ; Espcigle, Lewis, Nicobar Islands.-22. John Brightman, Viall, Mauritius ; Argo, Chapman, Boston ; Winifred, Christie, Liverpool ; Poppy, Cole, Macao.-23. Patriot Qileen, Adamson, Liverpool.–24. Ann Miln, Thomas, Mau. ritius. - 27. Senator, Anderson, Batavia ; Indian Queen, Kerr, Ma. dras.--23. Letilia, Malcolm, London; Scourfield, Stevens, Madras; Plantaganet, Domett, London ; Robert Henderson, Maclean, Liverpool; John Fleming, Rose, London.-29. Duke of Wellington, Hargraves, Liverpool.-30. Brechin Castle, Barclay, Newcastle ; Atalanta, Carlton, Nantz.-31. Henry Fourth, Hily, Bourbon ; Sophia, Saxon, Bombay ; Elizabeth Ainslie, Lyster, Mauritius.


MONEY MARKET. Since our last issue, the money market has continued lively, and business has been generally brisk, more particularly in up-conatry produce.


PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Sylph, from Hong Kong.-Capt. Bamfield, 56th N.I.; Mrs. Bamfield and child; J. Jowett, Esq. assist. surg. B. N.; Robert Sowder, Esq. ; R. Stevensor Esq. 3rd regt.

To London and Liverpool, 41. 15s. to 4l. 175. Ed. per ton of 30 cwt.


TO THE EDITOR OF ALLER'S INDIAN MAIL. Sir,- I send, for the information of your friends, an extract of a letter received here from Bellary : “Ramunhully is about five miles west of Soondoor, and thirty miles from Bellary; is a tableland, running from two to half a mile in breadth, and about four to five in length; the top of the hill is nearly level, of beautiful soil, and wooded like an English park. There are the remains of an old fortification extending in several lines for many miles, at least twelve in circumference. There is an abundance of fine spring-water-five springs in particular at different places gush out of the sides of the hill a flow of water as thick as your arm; one is the source of a considerable stream that flows into a large tank some miles down in the plain; a natural tank is also formed by three of the springs on the top of the hill, and its over. flowing is the source of another considerable stream flowing west. The side of the mountain is well wooded with not very large trees, but there is no under jungle; on another range of hills, about six miles off, the jungle is thick--but no apprehension of fever. The height of this table-land is 2,300 feet-of course the difference of temperature is very great. The day the artillery were at Hospet, the thermometer, in a large tent, with every attempt to keep it cool, was 111 deg. ; in a small tent on the hills, at the same time, it was 90 deg. Two officers have each built a cottage, several others are about to do so, and I have no doubt that ere long many will soon spring up; thermometer at night from 64 to 67 deg.- warm clothing is necessary, and the wind is very cold; the ascent up the hill is rather steep." · This salubrious climate is exactly what the people of unhealthy Bellary wanted. I have no doubt that it will in a very short time become a fashionable resort for the invalids roundabout. Why this place was not ere this discovered, we are unable to make out. The thermometer here now is very high, but some few days ago was much higher. Many of the old hands do not recollect when the heat has been so great at Madras.

Yours, &c., Madras, June 10th, 1815.

SCRIBBLER. P.S. “A rumour is going about that the 6th regt. will be ordered for Paulgautcherry when relieved by the regt. that is on its way from China. By-the-bye I must not forget to men. tion a slight mistake that occurred by the B. regt. that fired a feu de joie on the Queen's birth-day. The 84th (H. M.'s Foot) made tlie start, and the 6th N.I., and 21st N I. followed ; instead of firing (along the front rank from right to left, and then up from left to right along the rear rank, they fired both ranks together. Some of the sepoys (I suppose knowing it to be contrary to orders) kept their fire back, and gave pop, pop, here, there, and every where, until all was over. The Marquis was not present; he is laid up.


agent, with instructions to forward his reports direct to the supreme government, thus rendering him altogether independent of the Resident. - Overland Athenæum.

The Madras U. S. Garette gives particulars of a daring dacoitee committed in the heart of the town of Ellore, at an early hour on the evening of the 8th instant, under the very nose of the native collectors. The gang consisted of about fifty men, armed with swords, matchlocks, and spears, and succeeded in carrying off a large booty from the house of a wealthy merchant, without the slightest attempt at hinderance or molestation on the part of the police. - Overland Atheneum.

The Madras Spectator states that Mr. Minchin, the Master in Equity of the Supreme Court, has tendered his resignation of that office to the judges. It is believed that the vacancy thus created will be filled by Mr. Teed. -Overland Athenæum.

Major-gen. J. Aitchison, who arrived per steamer Hindostan, is to assume command of the Mysore division of the army. Major-gen. Allan will repair to Cannanore, to command Malabar and Canara, and Major-gen. Lovell will resume the command of the hussars.-- Overland Atheneum.

The Madras Circulator states, that a silver medal was presented by the boys of the Military Orphan Asylum to the Rev. H. Cotterill, the superintendent, previous to his departure to Europe. The medal was purchased by subscriptions among the orphans exclusively, some of them being allowed a trifle monthly as pocket-money--Overland Athenæum.


CHINA BATTA MONEY. 1. The Most Noble the Governor in Council is pleased to notify for general information, that, under a recent decision of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India in Council, all officers and men who served generally with the force in China throughout the operations commencing from the 21st of August, 1841, and terminating on the 29th of August, 1842, without reference to their baving been personally engaged in the several actions fought within the prescribed term, are entitled to twelve months batta, under the 1st Clause of the Treasury Minute, * dated the 26th of July, 1844.

2. Claims for twelve months batta will accordingly be ad. mitted, under the 1st Clause of the Treasury Minute above referred to, if supported by certificates of the form † prescribed by G. O. G. No. 182 of 1844.

Form of Certificate. I certify that

of the ployed and served generally (as Regimental

) with the force in China throughout the operations, commencing from the 21st of August, 1841, and terminating on the 29th of August, 1842.

was em.

MISCELLANEOUS. The Madras Record states that the Marquis of Tweeddale is suffering severely from the ear-ache, and that in consequence the guests at the Government House on Monday last were politely given to understand by the aide-de-camp that the festive noises proceeding from the ball-room were by no means pleasant to their noble host, a hint that was quickly taken, the company dispersing immediately after supper.- Overland Athenæum.

H. M. ship Foz, bearing the flag of Commodore Sir Henry W. Blackwood, Bart., anchored in the Madras roads on the morning of Friday, May 30th, and the Commodore disembarked in the afternoon under a salute from the garrison. - Overland Athenæum.

The Rev. Mr. Burford, whose appointment to the chaplaincy of Vepery was gazetted last evening, died from apoplexy, before the paper was issued from the press; he had only arrived in India three days ago. - Overland Athenæum.

The steamer Hindostan Jeft our roads on Monday, June 2nd, at 2 p.m. in prosecution of her voyage to Calcutta, taking with her Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander, Adjutant-General of the Nadras

army. A ball and supper was given at Government House on the 26th of May, to celebrate the anniversary of her Majesty's birthday. The entertainment was not so well attended as usual, owing to the indisposition of the Marquis of Tweeddale, who in consequence was not present.

Tbe Madras United Service Gazette states that Captain Meadowes Taylor, who has been in charge of the Sholapore district for a considerable time, has been removed, on the ground that he has overturned the measures of his predecessor, Captain Gresley, and that Mr. Lushington, of the Bengal civil service, has been appointed to the charge as commissioner or political


&c. BABINGTON, W. H. civ. and sess. judge of zillab of Cuddalore, res,

ch. fr. C. R. Baynes, May 20. BAYNES, C. R. made over ch, of office civ. and sess. judge of zillah

of Cuddalore to W. H. Babington, May 20. BIRD, G. civ. and sess. judge recd. ch. of Zillah court of Coimba

tore fr. W. Dowdeswell, May 31. CHATFIELD, R. W. to act as sub coll, and jt. mag. Malabar dur.

abs. of F. H. Crozier or until further orders, June 2. Cullin, E. to act as police mag. dur. abs. of Mr. Dalrymple, or

until further orders, Jude 2. Freeze, A. coll. and mag. of Chingleput, del. over ch. to E. Malt

by, May 20. Hudson, Sir W. to act as Sudder Ameer of Vizagapatam, May 17. MOREHEAD, W. A., C.S. attained rank second class, May 12. PYCROFT, T. to be trustee of St. George's Cathedral, May 9. ROHDE, J. delivered over ch. of the sub. court of zillah of Rajah.

mundry, May 12. SWAYNE, C. act. sub cond. to Fort St. George, to do duty at art.

depôt at the Mount, May 26. WEDDERBURN, A. to be asst. to coll, and mag. of Malabar, May 13.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. BELL, J. H. sub judge zillah of Chittoor in exten. to July 1, at

CROZIER, F. H. sub coll, and jt. mag. of Malabar, 8 mo. to

Eastern Coast, on m.c.
FREESE, A. 3 mo. to Bangalore, May 6.
WEDDERBURN, A. leave cancelled, May 13.

Published in G. O., by the Right Honourable the Governor-Gereral of India in Council, dated Fort William, 18th of Oct. (No. 291 of) 1844; P. published in G, O. G. No. 168, of 1844.

† Slightly altered by G, O. G. No. 106 of 1844.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. Alcock, Rev. A. H. B.A. admitted an assist. chaplain, arrived June

2; to off. as chaplain of Vepery, June 6. BURFORD, Rev. W. J. M.Auto off. as chaplain of Vepery, May 13. LUGARD, Rev. F. G. A.B. to be chaplain of Vepery, May 30.

MITCHELL, Ens. W. S. 19th N:I. proc. to join kis regt. May 26. MoLEswoREH, Ens. R. F. 5th NL proc, to join Teat. Mấy 26. NEILD, Ens. H. J. T. from 4th to 2nd N.I. to rank next below Ens.

Brown, June 2. ODELL, Ens. W. posted to 43rd N.I. May 23; 'to rank fr. Mar. 2. OWEN, Eas. E. H.M. 28th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Mar. 26. PEARSE, Ens. J. L. 5th N.I. doing duty with 6th, to join under ch.

of Eps. Macdonald, 29th N.I. PRATT, Lieut. col. T. S., C.B. to be a trustee of St. George's Cathe.

dral, May 9. Rainey, Cornet A. J. M. fr. 6th to 5th L.C. to rank next belor

Cornet M. W. Lewin, June 2. READ, Ens. W.. F. W. posted to 3rd N.I. May 23, proc. to join regt.

May 26, to rank fr. Feb. 11. RIDEOUT, Ens. J. W. posted to 15th N.I. May 23, to rank ft.

Mar. 2. Rippon, 2nd Lieut. S. fr. 2nd batt. to Ist. batt. May 10. Rose, Ens. W. posted to 19th N.I. May 23, to rank fr. Mar. 2. SCAFE, Brev. capt. W. 28th N.I. to be capt. fr. Mar. 26. SKINNER, Ens. A, 5th N.I. proc. to join regt, May 26. Smith, Ens. J. J. posted to sth N.I, May 23, to rank fr. Mar. 11; SNOW, Capt. R. T. 24th N. I. 'ret. to duty June 3. STARKEY, Brev. capt. J. W. C. 1st. N.I. to be capt. May 27. Stevens, Lieat. C. B. 23rd Lt. Inf., to be interp. and qr. mr.

April 22. Stockwell, Major T. 28th N.I. to be lieut. col. fr. Mar. 26; 28th

N.I. May 26. VARDON, Lieut. F. 25th N.I. to be capt. fr. Apr. 19."16 WELDON, Ens. W: 47th N.I. to do duty with ist N,I. for 4 mo. ft,

date of joining. Wight, Ens. A. W. 43rd N.I. proc. to join his regt. May 26. WILLIAMS, Ens. H. E. T. posted to ist N.I. ; to do duty with

9th N.I. for 6 mo, fr. date of joining ; to rank fr. Feb. 18. WILLIAMS, Lieut. W. T. 32ad N.I. to be postmaster at Janlnah,

May 27. Wilson, Ens. F. 51st N.I. to do duty with ist Mad. fusileers, fr.

June 15 to Dec. 15. WOTHERSPOON, Ens. W. W.'28th N.I. proc. to join regt. May 25. YARDE, Capt. H.T, 28th N.I. to be major fr. Mar. 26.

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LEAVE OF ABSENCES in WHITEHEAD, Rev. E. 5 mo. to Neilgherry hills, on m. c. May 13,


APPOINTMENTS, &c. AIKMAN, Lieut! W. R. to be qur. mr. and interp. 8th N.I. June 3. ARBUTHNOT, Capt. G. B. 3rd L.C. to return to his appt. BABINGTON, Brev. capt. J. to rank fr. June 12, 1844. BAKER, Eos. R. J. posted to 51st N.I, May 23, to rank from

Feb. 11. BARCLAY, Ens. W. posted to 25th N.1. May 23, to rank from

Feb. 11. BARROW, Brev. capt. J. L. to rank fr. June 12, 1844. BAYNES, Lieut. F. W. 22nd N.I. to be capt. fr. May 20. Biddle, Capt. W. 25th N.I. to be major fr. April 19, 1. BIRD, Ens. T. C. 36th N.I. doing duty with 41st, perm. to join at

Secunderabad. Bordieu, 1st Lieut. J. H. art. to be capt. by brevet fr. Dec. 11,

1844. BOWDLER, Ens. H. I. S. posted to '9th N.I. May 23, to rank fr. Feb. 11: BURTON, Lieut. E. F. to be qu.'mast, and interp. 13th N.I. June 3. CADELL, Lieut. A. T. art. fr. 1st batt. to 4th batt. May 10. CAMPBELL, Capt. J. 50th N.I. to continue in che of the Northern

Road in Ganjam district. ** CHARLTON, Ens. E. E. G. posted to 10th N.I. May 23, to rank fr,

Mar. 1. CHILD, Eos. A. 30th N.I. proc. to join reg. May 26. CLACK, Lieut. R. J. 31st L.T. to be adjt. May 23. CLAGETT, Cornet J. 5th L.C. to be lieut. fr. May 4. CLARIDGE, Ens. H. C. Z. posted to 37th grenad. May 23, toʻrank

fr. Mar. 2 Clemons, Ens. C. R. 29th N.I. proc. to join reg. May 26. CLEPHANE, Ens. A. R. 24th N.I. proc. to join regt. May 26. COLLYER, Lieut. G. C. eng. to Ist asst. to civ. eng. in 8 div. CUMING, Ens. W. H. Ist N.L. to be lieut. fr. May 11. DALY, Ens. H. 25th N.I. to be lieut. from April 19; to be adjt. to

reg. June. 3. DANCER, Brev. capt. G. to rank fr. June 12, 1844. DENT, Lieut. W. to be adjt. 22nd N.I. June 3.1 DINSDALE, Ens. J. 22nd N.I. to be lieut. fr. May 20. Dops, Lieuto-col. G. fr. 28th to 8th N.I. May 26. DIMERGUE, Lieut. E. 27th N.I. to be adj. EAGAR, Ens. H. T. to rank fr. Feb. ll; posted to 52nd N.I.

May 23. EAGER, Ens. J. J. posted to 5th N.I. May 23, fr. 5th to 52nd; to

rank fr. Feb. 11., EATON, Lieut. G. P. placed at disp. of Mad. Govt. May 16; to be

capt. by brevet fr. Dec. 11, 1844, pl. at disposal of c.-in-c. * June 3. Elms, Ens. F. 16th N.I. proc. to join regt. May 26. FENNING, Lieut. col. D. A. to 7th N.I. May 14, Flint, Ens. R. F. posted to 9th N.I. May 23; to rank Feb. 4. Foote, Ens. W. M. posted to 22nd N.I. May 23 ; to rank fr. Feb.

11. FULLARTON, Ens. C. Ist N.I. to be lieut. v. Graham, dec. May

GALL, Lieut. G. L. H. 5th L.C. to be capt. fr. May 4.
GiB, Lieut. C. 31st L.I. to assume ch, of sappers and miners.
GOLDSMID, Lieut. F. J. 37th N.l. qual. as interp:
GORDON, Ens. F. D. 10th N.I. to be lieut. v. Feilde,

dec: May 27.
GOSLING, Lieut, W. Ç. F. art. fr. 4th batt. to 1st batt. May 10.
GUNTHORPE, Brev. capt. J. A. to rank fr. June 12, 1844.
Haines, Ens. W. C. P. posted to 35th N.I. May 23, proc. to join

bis regt. May 26, to rank fr. Feb. 11, Hoopen, Las. W. R. posted to 34th L.1, May 23 ; to rank fr.

Mar. 2. Honsley, Lieut. W. H, eng. to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 11, 1844, JOHNSTONE, Licut. J. F. 3rd L. C. to return to his appt. KING, Ens. T. P. 50th N.I. proc. to join regt. May 26. LORD, Ens. W. posted to 5th N.I. May 23, proc. to join his reg.

May 26 ; to rank fr. Feb. 11. LORD, Ens. W. J. posted to 37th grenadiers May 23 ; to rank fr.

Fel. 4 ; fr. 37th to 46th, to rank next below Ens. R. Atkinson,

June 2. Low, Lieut. col. J. C.B. to be lieut. col. com. v. Marshall, fr. Mar,

26; to 8th N.I. May 26. Lys, Capt. W. De M. 22nd N.I. transf. to inval. estab. May 20;

fr. inv. estab. to Ist N. V.B. MACLEOD, Lieut. col. D. fr. 7th to 5th N.I. May 14. MACQUEEN, Capt. L. 3rd L.C. to ret. to his app. MAGRATH, Ens. J. R. G. posted to 1st N.I. May 23, proc. to join

his reg. May 26; to join rid Bangalore ; to rank fr. Feb. 3. MANN, Maj. J. 25th N.I. transf. to inval. estab. fr. April 19, fr.

inv. estab. to 2nd N.V.B. and to com. detach. at Ongole. Mein, 1st Lieut J. D. art. to be capt. by brev. fr. Dec. 11, 1844.


NATIVE LANGUAGES. AỊKMAN, Lieut. 8th N.I. HORNIDGE, Lieut. 24th N.I. BIRD, Ens. 36th N.I. I hope it with moonshee allowance. BRACKENBURY, Lieut: 30th!N.I. LAYARD, Lieut. 23rd L.I. CAMPBELL, Lieut. 28th N.I. MAGNIAC, Lieut. 5th L.C. CLARK, Ens. 49th N.I.

Perle, Ens. 49th N.I..!! Const, Lieut. 48th N.I.

ROBERTS, Ens. Sth N.I.L:. DALY, Ens. 25th N.I. with SIMPSON, Lieut. 22nd N.I. with moonshee allowance.

moonshee allowance. GRAVES, Ens. 25th N.I. Watson, Lieut. 21st N.I. HOLMES, Eas. 49th N.I.

* 2




LORD, W. May 19. BARCLAY, W. May 19.

MAGRATH, J. R. G. May l, Bates, C. E. May 30.

MALLOCK, G. A. May 10. BOARDMAN, W, May 10. MITCHELL, W, S, May 10. BOWDLER, H. J. S. May 19. MOLESWORTA, R. F. May 10. COMBE, C. L. May 30.

MOORE, R. A. May 30. EAGAR, H. T. May 19.

NEILD, H. J. T. May 30. EAGER, J. J. May 19.

PLAYFAIR, G. W. May 30. Ensor, C. P. S. May 30. READ, W. F. W. May 19. FLINT, R. F. May 30.

SEARLE, G. A. May 10. Foote, W. M. May 19.

SKINNER, A. May 10. HAINES, W. C. P. May 19. VAUGHAN, E. W. May 10. HAMILTON, W. E. May, 30. „WELDON, W. May 30. HUNTER, A. K. May 30. Wight, A. W. May 10, LEVESON, H. A. May 14. Williams, H. E. T. May 19. LORD, W. J. May 30.

Wilson, F. I. May 10.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. ALEXANDER, Lieut. col. R. fr. June 1 to July 9, to Calcutta. ARMSTRONG, Brev. capt. R. D, 2nd Eur, It. inf. in cootin. to

April 23, 1846, Bangalore and Neilgherries on m. c. May 26. BEEVOR, Capt. H. C. 13th N.I. 3 mo. fr. June 30. Bell, Capt. 0. 12th N.I. 6 mo. to Bombay. Bisset, Capt. W. 15th N.I, leave can. BRUERE, Lieut. R. A. 33rd N.I. to Europe on m.c. April 22. BUCKLE, Lieut. R. C. art. to Bangalore and Eastern Coast for 6

mo. May 21. CAMPBELL, Brev. capt. J. 38th N.L. in ext. to June 30. COLEBROOKE, Lieut. E. J. 2nd vet. batt. fr. May 15 to Aug. 1 CARRUTHERS, Brev. capt. F. J. 2nd L.C. to Bangalore and Neil.

gherries. DALLAS, Licut. A. R. Ist N.I. for 2 mo. to Aurungabad and

Bombay. Dixon, Éns. H. 22nd N.I. to reside at Waltair during leave of abs.

May 30.

on m.c.

on m.c.

On s.c.

FOTHERGILL, Maj. C. 0. 2nd N. vet. batt. fr. May 26 to Oct, 31,

to Bangalore, on m.c. FRASER, Lieut. J. G. C. Ist. M. fus. leave canc. GARNAULT, Lieut. col. J. 50th N.I. leave canc. GLOVER, Maj. J. C. 2nd N. vet. batt. fr. April 30 to Aug. 31, to

Vizagapatam, to enable him to join.. GORE, Lieut. A. K. 20th N.I. fr. April 25, 1845, to May 1, 1846, HOLMES, Lieut. C. E. 41st N.I. 1 yr. fr. May 1, to Neilgherries, Jackson, Capt. W. B. 25th N. I. till Aug. 1. JOHNSTONE, Maj. T. J. M. Ist vet. batt. fr. July 1 to July 30,

Sep. to Presidency to apply for furl. to Europe. Jones, Lieut. G. art. to Europe on m.c. May 9. KEATING, Lieut. A, 50th N.1. to July 15, in ext. KERR, Lieut. col. J. 23rd lt. inf. 2 mo. in ext. to Bangalore, prep.

to app. for permission to retire from the service, May 8. LAWDER, Ens. J. 28th N.I. 5 mo. fr. May 21, MAY, Lieut. J. 11th N, 1. 3 mo. fr. June 5, prep. to app. for

leave to Eur. MINCHIN, Ens. F. M. 35th N, I. fr. June 5 to Oct. 31. Mitchell, Ens. W. S. 19th N. 1. 6 mo, fr. May 22, to Masulipa

tam. MOORE, Capt. C. A. 2nd N. V. B. fr. May 20, prep. to apply. for

leave to proc. to Europe on m.c. MOWBRAY, Lieut. C. C. 15th N.I. leave canç. NEWLYN, Ens. W. R. in ext. to July 8. North, Brev. capt. R. M. 2od L. C. to Bangalore till' Oct. l. on

m.c. OBBARD, Lieut. I. 48th N. I. 6 mo. to proc. to sea and eastern

coast on m.c. May 20. OGILVIE, Capt. P. 40th N. I. fr. May 20 to Dec. 1, to Presidency

BURNS, the wife of W. N. at Black Town, s. May 23.
DYER, the lady of T. D. T. 36th N.I. at Secunderabad, May 15.
FULLARTON, the lady of Lieut.-col. 1st N.I. s. May 13.
GUEST, the lady of Rev. J. at Cuddalore, s. June 2.
HALL, Mrs. at Guindy, s. June 5.
LEWIN, the lady of F. M. at Ootacamund, d. May 19.
McDONALD, the wife of Capt. H. M. 25th regt. at Cannanore, s.

May 19.
Mottett, the lady of Capt. A. Nizam's ser. at Bolarum, s.

May 28. O'Neill, the lady of Robert, King's Own regt. at Secunderabad, s.

May 2. PHILBERT, the wife of Samuel, at Rayapettah, s. May 16. Ricketts, the lady of Capt. R. R. 48th N.I. at Malligaum, d.

May 25. SINGLETON, the lady of Capt. G. 34th L.l. at Mangalore, s.

May 28. THOMAS, the wife of Assist. apoth. J. G. at Madras, d. May 21. WARDROPER, the lady of Maj. E. 37th gren. at Waltair, d. May 17. Wight, the lady of Surg. R. M.D. at Ootacamund, s. May 23.

MARRIAGES. BOND, B. H. to G. L. R. d. of the late J. Reid, at Trichinopoly,

May 28. De Souza, Francis, to Henrietta, d. of the late P. D' Castellas,

at Madras, May 8. FULTON, Lieut. G. A. 2nd Eur. L.I. to Anna, d. of the late E.

Guerrin, at Bangalore, May 5. GOLDSWORTHY, Maj. J. W. Ist. N.I. to Caroline S. J. d. of H.

B. Chalon, at Secunderabad, May 20. HORSLEY, Lieut. W. H. eng. to Frederica, d, of the late Capt. G.

O'Connell, at Oatacamund, April 30. MACFARLANE, Asst. surg. D. M.D. 16th N.I. to Harriett, widow

of the late Capt. L, McLean, 6th N.I. at Belgaum, May 17. Moore, E. H. M. 25th regt. to Wilhelmina, d. of J. B. Fernandez,

at Cannanore, May 28. NEWLYN, Ens. W. R. 12th N.I. to Sarah D. Stonehouse, d. of

Maj. A. Pipson, 46th N.I. June 3. Pole, Lieut. col. A. C. H.M.'s 63rd regt. to Phillippa Maria, d. of

Capt. Carew, at the Neilgherry Hills, May 15. Wilson, Walter, to Anne, d. of G. W. Wilson, at Madras,

May 12,

on m.c.

OMMANEY, Capt. W. S. 2nd L. C. to Neilgherries on m.c. until

Dec. 31. PATERSON, Lieut. J. L. 50th N. I. to proc. to sea and westera

çoast on m.c. until Nov. 30. PERREAU, Capt. M. W. Ist N.I. to Ceylon on m. c. till Jan. 1,

1817. RONDALL, Lieut. J. W. sapper, fr. June 1 to July 31, to Neil.

gberries. SANDYS, Lieut. col. G. 3rd L.C. to June 30 in cont. SELBY, Lieut. O. art. fr. May 9 to Nov. 1, to eastern coast and

Ceylon, on m. c. STOCKWELL, Lieut. col. T. 28th N.I. to July 14, in cont. STODDARD, Lieut. J. F. 23rd N.I. to Madras, to undergo an exam.

in Persian, fr. May 25 to Nov. 25. TAYLOR, Lieut. R. 49th N.I. fr. June 1 to Oct. 1, presidency,

on m. c. West, Lieut. W. H. Ist M. fus. to Aug. 31, in ext. Wilson, Maj. gen. F. W. c.B. 1st Mad. fus. to June 10, in cont. YOUNG, Brev, capt. P. B. 19th N.I. 4 mo. fr. May 20, to west

coast, prep. to appl. for leave to Europe on furl. June 3.

DEATHS. BLANDFORD, wife of J. at Koterghery, May 14. BURFORD, Rev. W. J.A.M. of Trinity Coll. Cambridge, at Madras,

aged 36. FAULKNER, Ruth E. d. of Price, at Ongole, aged 1, May 22. FEILDE, Lieut. E. T. 10th N.I. at Kamptee, May 18. FORSYTH, Lieut. and adj. A. Ist N. vet. batt. at Perambore,

aged 45, June 1. GARDNER, H. J. at Paulghautchery, aged 27, June 2. GRAHAM, Capt. J. R. Ist N.I. in camp, near Kolapore, May 14. HALL, William John, s. of William, at Guindy, aged 1, May 23. JANSEN, the wife of W. J. at Black Town, May 24. LEE, Faith, d. of Patrick, at Chingleput, aged 1, May 17. MARQUARIE, Lieut. L. H.M. 21st fusil. at Kamptee, May 10. MAINWAIRING, Sophia Emily, d. of lieut. 2nd Eur. L.l. at

Trichinopoly, May 19. Ross, Elizabeth, wife of G. O. F. at Bellary, May 3. SCHANDLIN, Elizabeth, at New Towu, aged 84, May 26. TEANTER, Capt. W. H.M.57th regt. at Arnee, May 23. WUTEHEAD, H. H. son of Rev. E. at Ootacamund, aged 7 mo

May 19.


Evans, Assist. surg. B. G. to be zillah surgeon of Mangalore.
FERRIER, Assist surg. C. fr. 14th to 41st N.I.
HEREFORD, Assist. apoth. to aff. med. aid to young off. proc. to

Trichinopoly, 26.
HORAK, Assist. J. A. M.D. fr. 41st N.I. to do duty with 2nd batt.

art. KING, Apoth. G. to aff. med. aid to young off. proc. to Bangalore

and Bellary, May 26. SKINNER, J. R. M.D. to do duty under the surg. 2nd batt, art. at

St. Thomas's Mount, May 20. TRAILL, Assist. surg. W. M.D. to be civ. assist. surg. at Malacca,

May 14.

ADMITTED TO THE SERVICE. LESLIE, Assist. surg. W. A. May 19.


ARRIVALS. MAY 14, Hannah Sprague, Confield, Boston.- 16. John Bright. man, Viall, Mauritius.–17. Scomfield, Stevens, Aden.-18. Engine, Beauvais, Pondicherry.-19. Madagascar, Weller, London.-20. Elizabeth Ainslie, Lyster, Mauritius.-22. Sir Edward Paget, Barclay, London; Sarah, Springer, Cuddalore.-27. Active, Renant, Colombo.-30. Essex, Compton, London ; Mary Ann, Darke, Lon. don.-- JUNE 2. Steamer Hindostan, Moresby, Suez; Hope, Crawford, Liverpool; Mary Eliza, M.Eachern, Glasgow ; Sarah Crisp, Crisp, Colombo.-4. Jane Catherine, Hill, Point de Galle.-9. Ann, Berwick, Mauritius ; steamer Benlinck, Kelloch, Calcutta,

[blocks in formation]

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Plantagenet.-Major Chisholm from the Cape, from England. Thc Rev. J. Bacford, Miss Brassey, Messrs. Vaughan, Wilson, Wright, Molesworth, Mitchell, Searle, Mulloch, Boondman. For Calcutta.-Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Bannister, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Domet, Messrs. Bond, Bannister, m.c. Lieut. Young, B.C. Mr. O. Toogood, c.s. Messrs. Toogood, Stati'ord, Kennedy, Barchend, Fillomes. Left at the Cape.-Col. Wood, R.A. Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Mitchell, Revd. E. F. Scott, Mrs. Scott, H. Hudson, Esq., Miss Hudson.

Per John Fleming.-Mrs. Rose, child, and European servant, Messrs. Meyers, Skinner, M.D. Skinner, Cadet Madras Service, Mr. Malony, Cadet Bengal Service; Messrs. McLeod, Bland and Hamilton.

Per Marmion.-H. B. Kingsford.


Assey, the wife of A. at Royapettah, d. May 17.
BERIGAN, the wife of Serg. maj. T. 41st N.l. at Palaveram, 8.

May 22.
Boyson, the lady of J. R. at the Adyar, d. May 12.
BURN, the lady of Major G. 14th N.I. at Bangalore, s. May 9.

Per Hannah Sprague.-Messrs. Ellis, Jenkios, Edward Gossett, on the morning of the 20th of January last, and the capability of Horatio S. Rotch, John Duchie, W. C. Codman (supercargo). their being turned previous to the capture of Sewapooor by the

Per John Brightman.-Mrs. Viall and 2 children, and 3 natives. 1st brigade ? A. I know nothing of its having been so comPer Madagascar.-Mrs. Capt. Varden, Mrs. Turnbull, Mrs. Smith,

municated. Miss Smith, Capt. Varden, Lord Henry Gordon, Lord Foote, Major Hull ; Drs. Turnbull, Henderson, and Leslie ; Messrs. J. Eager, H.

Q. Are you aware if any information was given to me of the Eager, Couchmen, Simpson, C. Magney, W. Magney, Paske, G.

plan of operations of the several brigades for investing the forts Smith, Steves, Williams, Leveir, Baker, Bowdler, Barclay, Reveley,

of Munobur and Munsuntosh previous to the capture of Sewa. Howtrey, Bridgeman, Thompson, Green, Stokes, Maxwell, Lindsay, poor by the 1st brigade ? A. The general, I believe, informed Reid, Heins, and Foster ; Dr. Garree; Rev. Mr. Newman ; Mr. H. the prisoner, by the letter of the 16th January, 1845, that he C. Smith, H.M. 31st.-Steerage passengers : Mrs. Keirson, Mrs. had a combined plan of operations, which necessarily ineluded McWiggio, Mr. Slady, John Jones, and 2 native servants.

the movements of all the brigades; but I am not aware of any Per Elizabeth.-Mrs. Nott and 2 children, Mrs. Lyster, Captain detail having been given. Forque, 3 servants, 62 emigrants, and 1 native doctor.

Q. In the conversation we had on the morning you brought Per Sarah, Bawardier Pt. C. M. A., wife, and 3 children, Gunner

the letter from Colonel Carruthers to me, in what way did I Gordon and 5 children, Gupner M.Phail and 6 children, Gunner Hall and 3 children, Mrs. Mayley and 3 children, Private Lanqeir,

express myself with reference to the General, and my feelings N.N.C., Mr. B. Sherard, 2 servants, and 2 native women.

towards him? (The Court is closed upon the propriety of the Do. 22, Ship Hong Kong, H. Dodds, from London 9th Jan., Fal- prisoner being allowed to put the above question. The Court mouth, 31st Jan.

is of opinion that it may be put. The Court is opened, and the Per Essex, for Madras.- Wm. Hunt, H.M. 31st regt. ; Cadets above decision is read.) A. The prisoner said that he had the C. Ensor, C. Bates, R. Moore, W. Hamilton, A. Hunter Hunter, greatest regard for the General, and expressed his regret that Mr. George, W. Playfair, H. Nield, W. Wildov, C. Louis, and there should be any diminution of kindly feeling on the part of Combe.

the General towards him, which appeared to be the case, and For Calcutta.—Mrs. Burnfield, Miss Strode, H. H. Massey, F. said that he had no intention whatever of disobeying any of his Douglas, S. G. Kemp, John Alexander Richard Meade, Bengal art.,

orders ? Cadets C. Lewis, R. Barber, G. Babington, Pearson, H. Mills, Gordon, Cavanagh, M. J. McKenzie, H. P. Williams, R. Cogan,

Q. Did I express to you, during this same conversation, the C. Ross, M. Mothort, Charles Dodridge, and F. Ackman.

anxiety I felt to attend to all the Major General's orders? A. Per Mary Ann.--- Mrs. Bird, Miss Flamton, Messrs. Lord and

Yes; the prisoner said that he was anxious to obey every order Fluit, cadets; Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Pue, and I native servant. that was given him by the General. Per Hope.-Mr. H. T., Mr. Crow, H.M. 94th.

Q. Did I not say that I wished particularly to avoid giring Per Mary Eliza.--Mrs. H. Dick.

offence or annoyance to the General in any way whatever, of Per Sarah Crisp.--Mrs Crisp and child.

words to the same effect? A. Yes,

Q. Were there no advantages gained by the capture and occuDEPARTURES. May 13. Water Witch, Douglas, Calcutta.—15. Fanny, Steven

pation of Sewapoor on the 17th January last ? A. I think that

the capture of Sewapoor on the 17th was very disadvantageous, son, Northern Ports.-19. Duchess of Leinster, Renfree, Calcutta ; City of London, Antram, London.-20. Scourfield, Stevens, Cal

but the attack on the 17th down that ridge, before the enemy had cutta; Plantagenet, Domett, Calcutta.--21. Victoria, Norris,

time to stockade themselves upon it, may have saved a few lives Northern Ports; st. Helena, Mann, Table Bay; John Fleming,

-moreover, some lives may have been saved in Col. Carruthers' Rose, Calcutta.--23.-Elizabeth Ainslie, Lyster, Calcutta.-29.

brigade by it. The chance of capturing or killing the chiefs who, Hannah Sprague, Confield, Calcutta; Madagascar, Weller, Cal- with their families, were there to the last moment, was lost. cutta; Gloucester, Beard, London.-JUNE 2. Steamer Hindostan, Q Where did the chiefs go to when Sewapoor was taken? Moresby, Calcutta.-3. Active, Renant, Calcutta.-4. Sir Edvard A. They all went into the fort, except Soobana Nikum, who Paget, Barclay, Calcutta.--9. Eugine, Beauvais, Bourdeaux.

remained outside in a temple. As I was going over the fort ridge on the 21st, Anna Sahib was pointed out to me by my meng.

and two or three who were near him were recognized by them as Per City of London.-Rev. S. Hardy, Mrs. Hardy, child, and the dessais (or chiefs). I lent the men a glass to assist

. My servant ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Milner, and six children ; Mr. and Miss

remaining knowledge is from the depositions of the people who Gum; Masters Bayfield and Ovily ; Mrs. Antram and son ; Private Wm. Gamble, of H.M.'s 15th Hussars.

were taken, one from the Salt Karkoon Bulwunt Row, who was Per John Fleming from London.-Mrs. Rose, child, and European

a prisoner in the fort, and went with the others from Sewapoor. servant; Messrs. Mair, Molony, Bland, Mc Leod, and Hamilton.

Q. How long did the chiefs remain at the fort after the cap. From Madras. Mrs. Horne, Mr. Horne, Mrs. Gillao, 2

2 when I was wounded and disabled on the 25th. I understood

ture of Sewapoor? A. I have reason to believe they were there children, and 2 native servants ; Major Horne and groom.

Per Elizabelh.-Mrs. Watt and 3 children ; Mrs. Lyster; Capt. that they left the fort altogether when the forts were evacuated, Frye; 3 serjeants ; Ramjam, native doctor, and 76 Indian eini- except Soobana Nikum, who quitted the temple previously, grants.

which is an outwork of the fort. Per Hannah Sprague.--Edward Gasset, Horatio S. Patch, Wil. Q. When did the families of the inhabitants of Sewapoor quit liam E. Edinan, supercargo.

their houses, and where did they go to? A. I have no informaPer Sir Edward Paget.--Dr. Jas. Lee; Mr. Palmer and Mr.

tion regarding the families of the villagers, I never inquired after Teil.


Re-examined by the Prosecutor.

Q. In Col. Carruthers' letter to the prisoner you are stated

to be proceeding on special duty to the major general; what was PROCEEDINGS OF THE COURT-MARTIAL ON that duty ? A. The general instructed me to report to him COLONEL WALLACE.

every point affecting the carrying out his plan for the investment

of the fort. On marching over the ridge on the 21st, we found (Continued from page 379.)

that neither the general's letter of the 18th, or Colonel Care

ruthers' letter of the 20th, had been attended to. It became FIFTH DAY.-CONTINUATION OF THE PROSECUTION.

therefore necessary that the general should be acquainted The Cross-examination of Captain Jacob, continued. whether the prisoner did or did not intend to take his part in Q. Did the troops under Major Clemons co-operate with the investment of the fort, and that with the least possible loss Col. Carruthers' force on the 21st of January last, and if so, in of time. This was the question I put to the prisoner

, who what way, under what instructions, and by whose orders ? authorized me to report to the general that he would obey the A. They did it by order of Col. Carruthers: they made a order forthwith, which I duly reported the same day; at the movement intended to cover our left flank in our advance over same time be remarked his deficiency of troops, and that Col the ridge.

Carruthers had kept his troops below, but I was fully authorized Q. Was there any opposition made by the enemy during to report his march forthwith to the points assigned. Col. Carruthers' advance to the Kurwuttee Ghaut from Sewa

Q. On the prisoner complaining to you that his troops were poor? A. The enemy shewed themselves on our front and on kept below by Col. Carruthers, contrary to his (the prisoner's our right flank in small numbers. The column moved a good expressed wishes, did you tell him that you would report to me, deal to the left for the purpose of turning stockades believed to that he (the prisoner) could not act without more troops? A. be on the direct line to Gotea. The right of our flanking party Certainly not. must have been very near the enemy at one time, but no op- Q. Was it, in your opinion, indispensably nece:sary, for the position was offered.

purpose of being able to carry out my instructions of the 18th, Q. Are you aware if any information was conveyed to me, as 20th, and

22nd January last, about the Kurwuttee Pass, to have to your knowledge of the position of the several stackades on the whole of the Ist

brigade, of about 1,250 bayonets, employed the road, by which the troops under Cól. Carruthers advanced in that duty ? A. Certainly not.


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