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Provisionally registered under the Act 7 & 8 Vict. c. 110.

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mander-in-Chief in India

HENRY TOBIAS PRINSEP, Esq., late Secretary
of the Government of India, 37, Hyde Park
TON, K.C.B., 15, Lowndes Square
Chief Engineer of Bengal, 3, Clifton Place, Hyde



The object of this Company is to construct a line THE RIGHT HON. THE LORD VISCOUNT of railway connecting Calcutta westward with the COMBERMERE, G.C.B., G.C.H., late Com-river Ganges at Patna, passing along the left bank of the Hooghly, by Dumdum, through Barrackpore, the country residence of the Governor-General, and a large military cantonment, to Chogda, at or near where it is intended to cross the river, and will then continue its course through the highly-cultivated provinces of Bancoora, Beerbloom, Ramghur, Monghyr, and Behar, to Patna, terminating at the chief from the main line commencing at Chogda, on the and Calcutta has been estimated at 26s. per ton by town of that important district, with an extension left bank of the Hooghly, joining the Ganges at or water, and about 41. to 57. by land, occupying about ticable line, approved of by all parties acquainted count of the great difficulty experienced by the beats near Sootee; this extension being a short and prac- three weeks in the transit going down, and, on ac with that part of the country, is in accordance with in going up the river, the time occupied is often more the recommendation of the Hon. East-India Com-than double that of coming down." pany upon the subject of railways in India.

The cost of transport of merchandise between Patna

An extension of the line from Calcutta to Diamond




CAPTAIN HAMILTON, 59, Gloucester Place,
Portman Square
HENRY HADLOW, Esq., M.D., Minories

N. B. E. BAILLIE, Esq., Oxford Terrace, Hyde


Capital, £4,000,000, in 80,000 Shares of £50 each.

DEPOSIT, 5s. per SHARE, being the largest sum allowed to be taken under the Registration Act.


Crescent, Hyde Park

Harbour, and from Patna to the important station
of Dinapore, will form part of the scheme: it is the
intention of this Company eventually to extend the
main line further into the northern and western parts
of India, by crossing the Ganges near Patna, and
proceeding by way of Benares, Allahabad, and Agra,
to Delhi.

Civil Service


MAJOR-GENERAL MARTIN WHITE, Bengal Army ADAM OGILVIE, Esq., Civil Service, Collector of Revenue, Kishnagur, Bengal MAJOR H. B. HENDERSON, late Officiating Military Auditor-General (Firm of Carr, Dwarkanauth Tagore, and Co., Calcutta), 15, Norfolk RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, Esq., late Physician-General, Bombay, Chairman of the Coventry and Leicester and Warwick and Chelten"East-India House, May 8, 1845. ham Railways, Emscote House, Leamington "SIR,-With reference to the letter which you WALTER EWER, Esq., F.R.S., F.G.S., Bengal have addressed to the Court of Directors of the The Company, in carrying out the above project, East-India Company, regarding the formation of COLONEL SKARDON, Bengal Army, 6, Lang-feel strongly impressed with the important advan- Railroads in India, I am commanded to acquaint tages that must accrue to this portion of India by downe Terrace, Kensington Park LIEUT.-COLONEL JOHN SMITH, Madras these projected lines, which immediately connect you that the Court have deemed it necessary, for the Calcutta with the fertile, productive, and important for that purpose, that the general subject should, in safe and satisfactory prosecution of undertakings MAJOR MORSE COOPER, late of the 11th districts of the north and north-west, and, by the the first instance, be referred for investigation and junction with the Ganges at Patna, open a direct Hussars, Wargrave, Henley-upon-Thames GEORGE WM. BACON, Esq., Bengal Civil Service communication for the traffic upon that great river report to the Governor-General in Council, and that an eminent engineer will be deputed from this ARCHIBALD SPENS, Esq., Bombay Civil Service, with Calcutta, and thus avoid the dangerous, uncerDirector of the Bank of Western India, and Co-tain, and tedious river navigation, at present the country to act under their directions in that investiventry and Leicester Railway, Manor House, In- principal means of carrying the valuable commer-gation. No time will be lost in carrying this resolucial productions of the interior and north-western afforded to you of ascertaining its result; in the tion into effect, and the opportunity will be hereafter W. P.ANDREW, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., Director of the provinces, for shipment to the ports of Europe and mean time a copy of the Court's Dispatch to the South Midland Railway, Grosvenor Street, Grosve. America. These productions consist of cotton, rice, Government of India on this subject is open for your indigo, silk, sugar, opium, coals, lac, dyes, tim- perusal at this House. JAMES B. GRAHAM, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, ber, saltpetre, minerals, &c., which abound throughSupreme Court of Bombay, Sussex Gardens, out the whole extent of this district; and when it is taken into consideration the great loss sustained by Hyde Park CAPT. HITCHINS, H.E.I.C.S., Director of the delay of transit, damage done to merchandize, exBirmingham and Oxfork Railway, 43, Queen Anne penses of freight, insurances, and various other losses, caused by the insufficiency of the present Street, Cavendish Square The Hon. WILLIAM GORE, 21, Wilton Crescent dently expected that this railway will, to a very great mode of internal communication, it may be confiThe Hon. D. S. ERSKINE, 81, Jermyn Street extent, supersede the river navigation, and bring SIR FREDERICK DUNBAR, Bart., of Boath down to Calcutta the enormous amount of traffic SIR WM. HYDE PEARSON, Hanover Square that at present floats down the Ganges.


nor Square

"I am, Sir, your most obedient humble servant, "JAMES C. MELVILL "W. B. James, Esq. Solicitor to the Company, "5, Basinghall-street."

has consented to act as Trustee for this Comto the public, that DWARKANAUTH TAGORE The Committee feel great pleasure in announcing pany in India; and has addressed his firm at Calcutta, requesting they would act as Agents there. In case the Government may think it expedient to Directors in London, assisted by a Board of DirecThe Company will be managed by a Board of SAMUEL ROHDE, Esq., F.G.S., Director of alter the course of the railways as delineated in red tion in Calcutta, and arrangements will be immethe South Midland Railway, 3, Crosby Square, upon the map, alternative lines are proposed, marked diately made to commence a preliminary survey, purpose, and also to promote the interests of the and competent parties will be sent out for that Company generally in Bengal.

JOHN KINNERSLEY HOOPER, Esq., Alderman of the City of London

blue thereon.

MAJOR WALLER, K.H., 15, St. James's Square
SCOTT THOMSON, Esq., late of Calcutta
JOHN JAMES, Esq., Secondary of the City of

The dividends will be paid in London and Calcutta at the usual rate of 2s. per Rupee.

executed by the Shareholders, and application will A Subscription Contract will be prepared to be be made for a Charter of Incorporation, or Act of Parliament.

MAJOR WHITE, Bengal Army, Pall Mall
W. S. FITZWILLIAM, Esq., Old Broad Street,
Director of the Essex and Suffolk Railway
(With power to add to their number.)

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Committee of Management:-
Major H. B. Henderson. Capt. Hitchins.
R.Hartley Kennedy, Esq.
Major Morse Cooper.
Archibald Spens, Esq.
W. P. Andrew, Esq.
James B. Graham, Esq.

The Hon. W. Gore.
Major Waller.
John James, Esq.
Mr. Alderman Hooper.
W. S. Fitzwilliam, Esq.
(With power to add to their number).
Trustee at Calcutta-Dwarkanauth Tagore..
Bankers in London:-
Messrs.Herries, Farquhar, & Co., St. James's-strect.
Messrs. Smith, Payne, & Smith, Lombard-street.
Provincial Bankers:-






Messrs. Jones Lloyd & Co.
Messrs. Moss & Co.
Messrs. Samuel Smith & Co.
Messrs. Stuckey & Co.
Messrs. Saunders & Co."
Messrs. Beckett & Co.
The Sheffield Banking Company.
The City and County Banks
Scotland The City of Glasgow Bank.
Messrs. Latouche & Co.
Bankers in Calcutta:-The Union Bank,
Bankers in Bombay:-The Bank of Western India.
Engineer:-Chas. Vignoles, Esq., F.R.A.S., M.R.I,A.
Standing Counsel:-



A. E. Cockburn, Esq., Q.C. | Edwin James, Esq.
Solicitor:-W. B. James, Esq., 5, Basinghall Street.
Agents at Calcutta:-Carr, D. Tagore, & Co.

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and the extension to Sootee about 115 miles.
The length of the main line is about 320 miles,
to be formed is, for the most part, well fitted for the
The country through which the lines are intended
difficulties, being nearly a complete level through
purpose, presenting comparatively few engineering
out, except in one point, where a little cutting may
ing stone can be obtained for the necessary purposes
be required, and whereby a plentiful supply of build-

of the works.

communication in India, it is scarcely possible to
In the present most inefficient state of internal
arrive at any thing like an accurate statement as to
the possible amount of passenger traffic; but the
fact of the immense number of European and native
troops, Government stores, passing and re-passing
to the upper provinces, and the safe and accelerated
transmission of the mail, the frequent and at the
same time tedious and expensive palankeen tra-
velling, which to Patna costs 260 rupees, and occu-
pies four days, and the large amount of native traffic
created by a more ready and rapid mode of inter-
course between the several provinces through which
the lines will pass, shew a strong case for expecting
that large returns will eventually accrue to the share-
holders of this undertaking..

From a statistical return of the inland trade of
India, it is found that the Annual Imports and Ex-
ports of Calcutta amount to about 16,000,0007. ster-
ling, of which the chief portion comes down from
the interior, or is conveyed thither by the present
expensive and tedious mode of carriage; in the
article of Sugar alone the quantity that was brought
down to Calcutta from the north-west (where it is
computed that nearly 600,000 acres are under
culture of the Sugar Cane), in one year amounted to
about 130,000 tons.

clusive of Passengers and other traffic) a return exceeding 12 per cent. on the estimated capital of the Company. In that portion of the line between Burdwan and Calcutta, in 1843, nearly 13,000 tons of Salt and about 18,000 tons of Sugar were carried from thence to Calcutta at the cost of 3d. per ton per mile. The gross amount of traffic between these points alone has been estimated at 103,000 tons per year; and the return thereon amounted to nearly 126,000.

In 1841 the number of chests of Opium brought
from Behar and Benares amounted to 18,327.
The estimated traffic of the Ganges is rated at
from 800,000 to 1,000,000 tons per annum; sup-
posing only one half of this should be diverted to
the Railway, the goods traffic at the estimate of One
Penny per ton per mile, with the usual deductions of
40 per cent. for working charges, would yield (ex-

The Promoters have been in communication with, and have memorialized the Court of Directors of the

Honourable East-India Company upon the merits of this undertaking; and upon the 8th day of May, the letter, of which the following is a copy, was received from Mr. Melvill, the Secretary:

hall Street, and
tary, at the Offices of the Company, 147, Leaden-
Applications for Shares to be made to the Seere-
brokers :-London,-Messrs, Peppercorne and Co.,
to the undernamed Share-
2, Old Broad Street; Hill, Fawcett, and Hill, Thread-
needle Street; and J. W. Scott, 3, Bartholomew
Messrs. John Young and Co. York,-Messrs. Gray-
Birmingham,-W. R. Collis.
ston and Earle. Edinburgh,-Messrs. Robertson
and Co., and Messrs. M'Callum and Co. Glasgow,
-Messrs. Tassie and Co. Dublin,-Messrs. Bruce

Chauncey, Mr. James Pritt, and Mr. J. O. Binger.
and Symes. Liverpool, Messrs. Ridsdale and
Derby, Mr. T. Eyre, and Mr. J. Cuff. Hall,-
Messrs, Collinson and Flint, Manchester,-Messrs.
Cardwell and Sons, and Mr. J. Clegg. Bristol,-
where Prospectuses and Forms of Application may
Mr. Luke Arnold. Exeter,-Beaumont and Co.;

be had.

FORM OF APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To the Directors of the Great Western Railway of Bengal. Gentlemen,-In consideration of your allotting to me Shares of £50 each in this undertaking, I hereby agree to pay the deposit thereon, or any less number of Shares that may be allotted to me; and I also undertake to sign the necessary deeds when required so to do.

I am, Gentlemen, your obedient servant,

Name at length





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THE Election of the Hon. W. Leslie

To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK. In imperial 4to. price 3 guineas; proofs on India
Ladies and Gentlemen,-
paper, 4 guineas.
TICE of ART. Treating of Beauty of Form,
Imitation, Composition, Light and Shade, Effect and
tary Art." With numerous illustrations, drawn and
Colour, By J. D. HARDING, author of "Elemen-
engraved by the Author.


Melville to a seat in the direction of


That the Finance and Home Committee will be affairs has released from their engagements a large ready, on or before Wednesday, the 30th inst., to receive proposals in writing, sealed up, from such per-promised me their support. Encouraged by this body of influential proprietors, who have kindly sons as may be willing to supply the Company with BUFF LEATHER ACCOUTREMENTS and accession of strength, I have the honour to acquaint you that it is my fixed determination to proceed to BUFF HIDES, the ballot on the next vacancy that may occur, on which occasion I beg most earnestly and respectfully to solicit your suffrages.

And IRON HOOPS and RIVETS, and that the conditions of the said contracts (two in number) may be bad on application at the Secretary's A share in the administration of our vast Indian Office, where the proposals are to be left any time possessions, and in the promotion of the prosperity before 11 o'clock in the forenoon of the said 30th day and moral improvement of the millions of our Indian of July, after which hour no Tender will be re-fellow-subjects, placed under our sway, for purposes ceived. infinitely greater than the mere increase of our national wealth and power, offers a field for usefulness and an object of legitimate ambition to which any man may be proud to aspire.

JAMES C. MELVILL, Secretary.
Ladies and Gentlemen,-

Deeply sensible of the responsibility attached to
important a trust, I can only add if


THE Election of the Hon. W. H. L.


will devote myself exclusively to the discharge of welfare and happiness of the people of India and of those principles best calculated to promote the the prosperity of hoth countries.

* *

ledgments to those friends who have so kindly inter-
In conclusion, I beg to offer my warmest acknow--the sense of easy power very rarely deserts us. But
ested themselves in my behalf, and my very sincere
reception I have experienced throughout my canvass.
thanks to the proprietors generally for the courteous
Ladies and Gentlemen, your faithful and obliged
I have the honour to be, with great respect,


we pause on the bursts of genius; and they are
in them."-Quarterly Review.
is worthy of the noble womanly feelings expressed
The exquisite beauty of the verses


East-India House, 16th July, 1845. HE COURT of DIRECTORS of

not, the EAST-INDIA COMPANY do hereby give


Company will have the effect of releasing so many pre-engaged votes, as to give me the prominent place amongst the remaining candidates to which my claims of service in India have been recognized very generally as entitling me. At the next vacancy, therefore, I shall claim the support of your votes, in the contest that will ensue, for the honour of a seat in your direction.

I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, your most obedient and most humble servant, 37, Hyde Park Gardens, H. T. PRINSEP.

July 10, 1845.

THE Election of the Hon. W. L. Mel- Hon. Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart., G.C.B.


WM. J. EASTWICK. London, 22, Sloane Street, July 10, 1845. To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK. already had the honour of submitting for your peruP.S. In addition to the testimonials which I have Ladies and Gentlemen,sal, I beg to subjoin a memorandum from the Right with me in the public service in India, and it was was many years associated then that I had constant favourable opportunities of appreciating that combination of judgment, firmness and forbearance towards the natives of India, ness, and conciliation, as well as that patient kind. of all ranks and classes, which now render me (indemost desirous of seeing him enrolled amongst the pendently of considerations of private friendship) members of that influential body, on whose deliberations and proceedings so much of the destinies of our Indian empire, and the welfare and advancement of one hundred millions of our fellow-men, may, without the least exaggeration, be said to depend.

ville, of the Bengal Civil Service, to the vacancy consequent upon the demise of the late Maj.-gen. Sir J. Bryant, C.B., leaves in the Court of Directors but one officer of the Bengal army, amounting to more than half of the force by which the East-India Company maintain their sovereignty over the vast empire acquired by their arms.

The constituent parts of this large force differ from each other, as well as from the armies of Madras and Bombay, in religion, usage, and partially in language, to which I may add that the regulations existing in each Presidency do not always assimilate. Hence arise questions involving important interests; I hope, therefore, I may without being deemed presumptuous, solicit your support and favourable consideration of my pretensions on the occasion of the next vacancy in the East-India


I have the honour to remain, Ladies and men, your obedient and faithful servant,

82, Eaton Square.

Ladies and Gentlemen,-

Having on former occasions submitted to you

the grounds of long employment in some of the highest offices in the Bengal Civil Service, upon which I venture to solicit your suffrages, and being now the senior candidate for the honourable distinction which I seek at your hands, I earnestly solicit the votes of those proprietors who have not already I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, with great respect, your faithful humble servant, ROSS D. MANGLES. Athenæum Club, Pall-mall, July 9, 1845.

honoured me with support.

"HENRY POTTINGER." "67, Eaton-place, July 1, 1845."


In 1 vol. post 8vo. beautifully illustrated, price 14s. cloth gilt.

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I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen,
LEA & PERRIN'S WORCESTER your faithful and obedient servant,

Late Secretary at Hydrabad.
33, Queen Anne-street, Cavendish-square,
July 9, 1845.

SHIRE SAUCE is pronounced by connois-
seurs to be the only good sauce" for enriching
gravics, or as a zest for fish, curries, soups, game,
steaks, cold meat, &c. The approbation bestowed
on this sauce, having encouraged imitations, the pro-
prietors deem it necessary to caution purchasers to
ask for "Lea and Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce,"
and to observe that the same is embossed on Betts's
metallic capsules, which they adopted as a protection
to the public. Sold, wholesale, retail, and for ex-
ARTIES interested in the Pur-
chase or Sale of Land at Ceylon, may have
portation, by the proprietors, Vere-street, Oxford- their views forwarded by application to
strect; CROSSE and BLACKWELL, Soho-square; Mr. CHRISTOPHER ELLIOTT, Colombo;
BARCLAY and SONS, Farringdon-street; and by or at 55, Old Broad Street, London,
vendors of sauces generally.
Office hours,
12 to 2 o'clock, daily (Saturday excepted).



A TOUR through the VALLEY of the MEUSE; with the Legends of the Walloon Country and the Ardennes. By DUDLEY COSTELLO. With an ornamental frontispiece, and numerous woodcuts.

In imperial 8vo. price 16s. cloth gilt.

The CHILD of the ISLANDS, a lustration by Daniel Maclise, R.A.

"There can be no question that the performance bears throughout the stamp of extraordinary ability

The FOREIGN QUARTERLY REVIEW, No. 70, is just published, price 6s.

"Of Captain Eastwick's merits and abilities as a
public man, I may, perhaps, here mention, as the
best proof of my estimation, that he was the first
Gentle-whose services I applied to Government, on my ap-
gentleman to whom my thoughts turned, and for
pointment to proceed to China as Plenipotentiary in
J. CAULFIELD, 1841, and I then deeply regretted that my friend's
Major-General Bengal Army. ill health prevented him from accompanying me.
"I am quite satisfied that, whenever Capt. East-
wick shall succeed to a seat in the East-India direc- THE LIBRARY OF TRAVEL.-Volume the 2nd.
fulfilment of the complicated and momentous duties
tion, his unwearied exertions will be devoted to the
which are, in my opinion, inseparable from such a

trust, and I shall therefore feel most happy if this
him in obtaining the object of his laudable am-
sincere expression of my sentiments assist

I. History of the Counts of Flanders.
II. Rise and Fall of the European Drama.
III. The War in the Cevennes.
IV. Railways in India.

V. Medieval Stories.

VI. German Political Squibs and Crotchets.
VII. Surveys of the Indian Navy.
VIII. The Oregon Territory.
Short Reviews

of Books, Foreign Correspon-
dence, &c.

[blocks in formation]


R. Melville's Election this day having relieved many of my friends from their engagements, I am now assured of the support of so large a number of your body, that, whilst I shall spare no pains in the further prosecution of my canvass, I feel justified in respectfully announcing to you that I shall certainly proceed to the ballot on the first vacancy in the Court of Directors, with en-To the PROPRIETORS of EAST-INDIA STOCK. tire confidence of success.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

HE Hon. W. L. Melville having (this day) been elected to the vacant seat in the direction of your affairs, I deem it due to my friends and supporters, as well as to the proprietary at Esq., of Calcutta, from the admirable Painting by large, to state that, although I may not feel in a po-F. R. SAY, which was exhibited at the Royal Acasition to proceed to the ballot on the next vacancy demy in 1843, and is now in the Town Hall of Calthat encouraged by the re- cutta. Executed in the highest style of Mezzotinto, ception I have met with in the course of my canvass, by GEORGE RAPHAEL WARD. Size of plate, as well as by the renewed expressions of assistance 30 in. by 19 in. from many now released from their engagements, I look forward with confidence to an early attainment of the object of my ambition.

Price: Prints, two guincas; lettered proofs, four guineas; India proofs, before letters (in which state only 60 will be taken), six guineas. Every impres sion will be delivered strictly according to the rotation in which the names are received; an early application is therefore strongly urged. Subscriptions received by the Engraver, at 31, Fitzroy-square.


"Never was information more amusingly conveyed-never were the results of voluminous works of travel more spiritedly condensed than in this work. The execution is truly admirable. features of the East are well brought out, and the moral, social, physical, political, and geographical reader is at home with the Turk, the Arab, the Jew, the Druse, and the Maronite."-Westminster Review.

Price 9s. cloth, 158. in morocco. EGYPT and NUBIA, with Notices of their Scenery and National Characteristics, Incidents Sketches, Anecdotes, &c. By J. A. ST. JOHN, of and Personal and Historical author of "Egypt and Mohammed Ali," "Manners and Customs of Ancient Greece," &c. With 125 wood engravings.

CHAPMAN & HALL, 186, Strand.

Publishing by Subscription,




at a short notice, with the proper description of LINEN, Military Accoutrements, Cabin Furniture, &c., requisite for an outfit, of the best quality, at moderate prices, by CHRISTIAN & RATHBONE, 11, Wigmore Street, Cavendish Square, London. Camp furniture, overland trunks, &c.-Estimates and samples sent on application.


All from the latest Surveys and Authorities.


MAP of INDIA and CHINA, BURMAH, SIAM, the MALAY PENINSULA, and the EMPIRE of ANAM. Compiled from the latest Surveys and other official Documents. 1844. On two sheets, 1. 1s.; or on cloth, in a case, £1. 10s.


A Newly-constructed and Improved MAP of INDIA. Compiled chiefly from Surveys executed by Order of the Hon. East-India Company. 1844. On six sheets, £2. 12s. 6d.; or on cloth, in a case, £3. 13s. 6d.

MAP of INDIA, from the most recent Authorities. 1844. On two sheets, 18s. or on cloth, in a case, 25s.


MAP of the ROUTES in INDIA; with Tables of Distances between the principal Towns and Military Stations. 1844. On one sheet, 9s.; or on cloth, in a case, 128.


MAP of the WESTERN PROVINCES of HINDOOSTAN,-The Punjab Cabool, Sinde, &c.; including all the States between Kandahar and Allahabad. 1..11s. 6d.; or on cloth, in a case, £2. 5s.

On four sheets

MAP of AFFGHANISTAN and the adjacent Countries. Compiled from the latest Surveys of these Countries, by the Officers attached to the Indian Army, and published by Authority of the Hon. Court of Directors of the East-India Company. On one sheet, 9s.; or on cloth, in a case, 12s.

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of the New


Road, London, having an extensive collection of Vases and Fountains made of their artificial stone MAP of the OVERLAND ROUTES between ENGLAND and INDIA, with (which has now stood a test of about 20 years), desire the other Lines of Communication. On one sheet, 9s.; or on cloth, in a case, 12s. to draw the attention of persons having connections in the East to their establishment. Many of their patterns are correctly copied from the antique, and others have been designed by the best architects of the present day. Specimens of their work are to be seen in the gardens of about half of the British nobility.

On one sheet,


MAP of CHINA, from the most authentic Information. 1844. 8s.; or on cloth, in a case, 11s.


In 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth lettered, price 21s.



2nd edition, post 8vo. cloth lettered, 14s.




With Illustrations, from Sketches by the Author.

"We speak the opinion of competent judges, waving our own for the sake of impartiality, when
book of
has Bellew has succeeded
him in adventures from which a brother griff may extract lessons of prudence whilst he reads for fun."
-Asiatic Journal.

we say that a more entertaing his Griffin, the object of mirth without inspiring contempt, engaging THE SUL PHYSICAL DECAY, NERVOUS


By J. H. STOCQUELER, Esq., late Editor of the "Calcutta Englishman.”

This publication embraces, in a condensed form, complete and accurate information respecting the topography, climate, government, commerce, laws, institutions, and products of India; the manners and customs of the inhabitants; the method of travelling throughout the empire, and the expense attendant thereon; the condition of the European (English) society; the rules and regulations of the various branches of the executive; the cost and manner of proceeding to India; the sports, ceremonies, and pageants common to the country, &c. &c.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

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ILKINSON and SON, Gun and

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TO HALLORAN, and the HUMOURS of his for all their swords, which, having received the apd
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It is the most admired Sauce at the tables of the nobility and the principal club-houses, and will be found unequalled as an economic zest.

CROSSE and BLACKWELL, Purveyors in Ordinary to her Majesty, 21, Soho Square, London, Sole Manufacturers.


tle stimulant and renovator in all cases of Debility. whether constitutional or acquired, Nervous Mentality, Irritation, and Consumption,-by the use of which the impaired system becomes gradually and effectually restored to pristine health and vigour. Sold in bottles, price 11s. and 33s. The £5 cases may be had as usual, at their establishment.


The CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ES SENCE; an anti-syphilitic remedy for searching out and purifying the diseased humours of the blood, removing all Cutaneous Eruptions, Scurt PERRY'S PURIFYING ser box) have lens Symptoms, Price 11s. and 333. per bottle, been used with perfect success in all cases of Go norrhoea, Stricture, Inflammation, Irritation, Re These pills are free from mercury, copaiva, and other deleterious drugs, and may be taken without or loss of time from, and can be relied upon in every instance. Sold by all medicine venders.

Messrs. PERRY and Co. may be consulted at their residence, 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, daily, from 11 till 2 and 5 till 8. On Sundays, frou. 10 till 12.

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Letters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the Journey, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry.

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Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, by this Route, to the above places and to China.
JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe.



By order, WHITE and BORRETT, 35, Lincoln's-Inn Fields.

to the five SE ELTERS WATER (in England called SELTZER WATER). LET, FURNISHED, an excellent RESIDENCE,

Houses, and the Church.-Messrs. MUSGROVE & GADSDEN have received instructions to

Declaration of the Nassau Government:

The General Direction of the Domains of his Highness the Duke of Nassau declare, by these presents, that being desirous to prevent and put a stop to the numerous falsifications committed in respect to the Waters of Selters (in England called Seltzer Water) in the kingdom of Great Britain, its colonies and dependencies, which have been made known to them on indisputable evidence, and wishing by every means in their power to secure for the future to the consumers of the Waters of Selters (Seltzer Water) in the kingdom of Great Britain, its colonies and dependencies, the enjoyment of the genuine water of that spring, as also of the springs of Fachingen, Schwalbach, and Weilbach, likewise the property of his Highness the Duke of Nassau,-they have resolved, from the 1st of January, 1845, to use the metallic capsules of Mr. John Thomas Betts, of London, known under the name of "Betts's Patent Metallic Capsule," as a top covering for all the bottles, both large and small, filled with the said mineral waters for Mr. John Thomas Betts, and intended for the kingdom of Great Bitain, its colonies and dependencies.

containing all necessary accommodation, and fit for the immediate reception of a respectable family. The furniture is of a superior character, and the lawns, gardens, coach-house, stabling, and offices, are appropriate; the whole presenting a desirable abode for any party recently arrived from India, or the country. To be viewed by cards only, which, with terms, may be had at Messrs. MUSGROVE & GADSDEN'S Offices, 18, Old Broad-street, City.

On these capsules are to be impressed the arms of Nassau, and under the arms the name of the water contained in the bottle, with the words, "Betts, Importer," and "Betts's Patent," around.

The above named bottles, capsuled in such a manner, will likewise bear, as heretofore, the usual marks, consisting of a shield, impressed on the bottle, containing the arms of Nassau, or a crown, under which are the initials H. N., and around the name of the mineral water contained in the bottle, and also the usual burnt mark on the lower end of the cork.

The General Direction of the Domains further declare, by these presents, that they have granted to the said John Thomas Betts, patentee of the above described capsules, and to no one else in the kingdom of Great Britain, its colonies and dependencies, the exclusive right to purchase and export, direct from the springs, the Waters of Selters, Schwalbach, Fachingen, and Weilbach.

They declare further, that the bottles, after being filled with the respective mineral waters, are to be immediately, and in the presence of their officers, closed with the above named capsules, which bear the impression of the drawing beneath.


Price 4s. 6d.


Patronized by her Majesty, his Royal Highness Prince Albert, & her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent. R. THOMAS'S SUCCEDANEUM, for stopping Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity. It is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure or pain, and will remain firm in the tooth for many years, rendering extraction unnecessary, arresting the further progress of decay. All persons can use Mr. Thomas's Succedaneum themselves with ease, as full directions are enclosed. It can be sent by post. Sold by Savory, 220, Regent Street; Sanger, 150, Oxford Street; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Prout, 229, Strand; This present declaration is granted to Mr. John Thomas Betts, with authority Johnston, 68, Cornhill; and all medicine vendors to publish the same.

in the kingdom.

Given at Wiesbaden, this 18th day of December, 1844.

The President of the
Direction-General of
the Ducal Domains
of Nassau,


HENRY HENDEL, Secretary.

The public will observe, by the above declaration, that these waters, protected and hermetically closed by the patent metallic capsules, may now be obtained in the same state of freshness and perfection, irrespective of time or temperature, as at the first moment when taken from the springs, without the possibility of fraudulent substitution.

These waters are imported in hampers, containing four dozen large or five dozen small bottles, at the rate of 10s. per dozen and 2s, the hamper for the former, and 7s. per dozen and 18. 6d. the hamper for the latter, bottles and hampers not returnable. And, as the sale must inevitably extend to many thousand persons, cash payments will be indispensable; on receipt of which, hampers will be delivered at the railway receiving houses, and to any part of the metropolis, exclusive of the railway stations, where carts are liable to detention.

Mr. Betts respectfully informs the public, that the first importation having arrived, orders will be received, addressed No. 1, Wharf-road, City-road; and, to prevent disappointment, he begs further to state, that they will be executed consecutively, with reference to priority of date.

Special agents, from whom the smallest quantity may be obtained, are in course of appointment, in town and country; and applications for agencies, from respectable persons, where appointments are not already made, may obtain particulars by addressing letters, paid, to No. 1, Wharf-road, City-road, London. N.B.-Dealers in other mineral and effervescent waters will be ineligible.



For the park or street, the Llama cloth


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Capital, £6,000,000, in 120,000 Shares of £50 each,
Deposit, 2. 10s. per Share.

1 10 0

For the sea-side, or continental travelling,
the Paletot d'Eté..
All Nicoll's, registered of Llama Wool, according
to 6 & 7 Vict. cap. 65.

Address, 114, Regent-street, London.

No application for shares will be received after the 31st inst.



17, Throgmorton Street.

The HEATHERM for securing Passages to India, by Sea or

a delicious Cordial, and Sweetener of the Breath. Patronized by the Royal Family and Nobility, and recommended by the most eminent of the Faculty.The Milk of Orange (warranted to be extracted from fruit) warns the stomach, creates an appetite, digests the food, strengthens the lungs, clears and improves the voice for singing, enlivens the spirits, dispels nervous debility, clears the blood, and combines with these admirable properties the inestimable advantage of being the most efficacious agent yet offered to the public for purifying and perfuming the breath. It should be taken in the proportion of a wine glassful twice a day, and is particularly recommended to gentlemen on leaving home in the morning, or after smoking a cigar; while to ladies the principles of shape given in Nicoll's Registered Overland Route, renders every Information and Asit will be equally grateful on going to a party or a Paletot. There are many gentlemen who have no sistance connected therewith, viz. superintends Outball, for its invigorating influence on the mind and liking for field sports, yet would much incline to the fits, clears and ships Baggage, effects Insurances, spirits, and its refreshing effect on the organs of Registered Jacket, it not confining the chest, and giv- and procures Servants, &c. Further, Mr. J. R. health. It may be added, that as a lively but gentle ing a general sense of freedom,-no slight recom- furnishes Supplies to Regiments and Individuals; stimulant, wholly unmixed with spirituous ingre- mendation for the library, or the early morning walk notices Promotions, Casualties, and Alterations in dients, it will prove extremely grateful to that nu- in the country; but the Registered Jacket, for the the Army; receives and remits Pay, Pensions, and merous class of persons who, on principles of absti-purpose designed,-viz. Shooting,-is found to be Annuities, &c.; registers the Addresses of Persons nence, refrain from all intoxicating drinks.-Prepared truly good. The Heather recommended; but many returned to this Country, and the Addresses of Wi(as per recipe purchased of the former proprietor, patterns may be seen at most of the agents in the dows and Families of deceased Officers; also PartiMrs. Gully) by A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, Hatton principal county towns, or at the spacious ware-culars respecting the Arrival and Departure of Ships; Garden, London.-Half-pints, 28.9d.; pints, 48.6d.; houses, 114, Regent-street, London. H. J. and D. and transacts all Business connected with India gequarts, gs. NICOLL, twenty paces north of Quadrant. nerally.


The Provisional Committee having reserved a portion of the capital for India, the allotment will take place after the receipt of advices from them.

Applications for shares to be made to Messrs. White and Borrett, 35, Lincoln's-Inn Fields; or to Mr. L. M. Simon, Stock and Share Broker, 7, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street, from whom further imformation may be obtained.


Mr. Thomas continues to supply the loss of teeth on his new system of self-adhesion, without springs or wires. This method does not require the extraction of any teeth or roots, or any painful operation whatever. At home from 11 till 4. Mr. Thomas, Surgeon-Dentist, 64, Berners Street, Oxford Street.


EAT.. - CARSON'S PATENT MEAT PRESERVER will corn 25 lbs. of Meat in five or salt it in ten minutes, in any climate, even under the Line. Contained in a box 8 inches by 5. Prices, in England, 30s. and 50s.; in India, 40s. and 60s.

"This instrument is a species of small forcepump."-Artisan, "I find that meat can be salted (with a strong brine) in twenty minutes, as if the same had been in salt for a week or ten days."-Letter from H.M.'s Butcher, Mr. Giblett.

salted, and rendered fit for exportation. Every part "Any quantity of meat may be instantaneously of the joint becomes suddenly impregnated."

United Service Gazette.

"Hundreds of pounds of meat will be saved to every owner who puts one of these instruments on board his ship."-Mr. Haswell, Plymouth.

"It is beneficial to the trade; and, with Hockin's Essences of Smoke, &c., a ready method is provided 2 2 0 for smoking and flavouring meat to the palate of any epicure." Mr. Hall.

"On board ship, and in the colonies, it is invaluable."-Liverpool Journal.

"For pork and tongues it is even better than beef."-Mr. Bolton, Liverpool Road.

Depôts.-London, C. HOCKIN & Co., 38, Duke Street, Manchester Square, and 1, Bishopsgate Street


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stant use among the Chinese, possessing properties of a character unparalleled. Its application entirely counteracts those disagreeable appearances to which delicate skins are subject, more especially at this season of the year; it allays and averts discolouration and coarseness, at the same time rendering the skin beautifully white, smooth, and soft. The component parts are so perfectly harmless and simple in themselves, that those with the most delicate complexion may apply with safety.-Sold retail by all Perfumers and Chemists, in boxes, price 3s. 6d. and 7s. 6d. each; and wholesale by the sole Proprietors, FABIAN & Co. (late Watson, Fabian, & Co.), 24, Mark Lane, London, without whose signature on the labels rone are genuine.





Shortly will be sold, by public auction, in China, several FIRST-CLASS HOUSES, and LAND not yet built upon, the property of the late WM. ALMACK, Esq., and well known as situate in the very best part of HongKong, near the market-place. The houses are most substantially built, and remarkably eligible both for trade and residence. For further particulars, apply to Mr. ALMACK, Long Melford, Suffolk; Mr. BARUGH ALMACK, 23, Alexander-square, Brompton, near London; Mr. Y. J. MURROW, or Mr. SILVERLOCK, Canton, China.

London, June, 1845.


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To sail from Gravesend 20th August, and to embark Passengers at Portsmouth. the

FORD MAE BAITON (belonging to Messrs. Wigram, of Black wall),

MADRAS, with leave to touch at the

800 Tons, C. C. CONSITT, Commander. Lying in the East-India Docks. This Ship has very superior Accommodations for Passengers, and will carry an experienced Surgeon. For Freight or Passage, apply to Capt. CONSITT, at the Jerusalem Coffee-house; or to WIMBLE & ALLPORT, with Messrs. Wigram, 98, Gracechurch-street, corner of Leadenhall-street.


direct. The MARTIN

Capt. HUTTON, will receive Measurement Goods only in the London Docks until the 25th inst. Has first-rate poop accommodation, and carries a surgeon. For Freight or Passage, apply to Messrs. FRITH, WALLACE, and Co., 11, Austin-friars; or to H. H. LINDSAY, East-India Chambers, Leadenhall-street.


MADRAS direct. The JOHN

Capt. DALY, will receive Measurement Goods only in the London Docks until the 31st inst. Has excellent poop accommodation, and carries a surgeon. For Freight or Passage, apply to Messrs. FRITH, WALLACE, and Co., 11, Austin-friars; or to H. H. LINDSAY, East-India Chambers, Leadenhall-street.

In 8vo. cloth lettered, price 7s. 6d. THE OVERLAND GUIDE-BOOK;


Liverpool, G. Arnold & Co., 20, South John Street. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood & Sons; Charles Smith. Dublin, Hodges & Smith.


By Capt. JAMES BARBER, H.C.S. Illustrated by Maps of the Routes, engraved Plans of all the Steamers employed on the Line, and Wood-cuts of the chief objects of interest which present themselves on the Journey.

"The advice furnished is not only sound and honest, but also judicious and practicable. * * * The individual whose pleasure or business leads him to traverse the route treated of, will find irreparable disappointment and irretrievable inconvenience if lacking the information contained in its pages for the author is not only well acquainted with his subject, but has carefully studied the wants and difficulties of the race of travellers of either sex."Times, Jan. 20, 1845.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

Communications for the Editor should be sent under cover to Messrs. Wm. H. Allen and Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.

LONDON:-Printed by CHARLES WYMAN, of 49, Cumming Street, Pentonville, in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the Printing-Office of J. & H. Cox, Brothers, 74 & 75, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields, in the Parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, in the same County; and published by LANCELOT WILD, at No. 13, Catherine Street, Strand, in the Parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.-Wednesday, July 23, 1845.

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