Sidor som bilder

GARSTIN, Lieut. col. E. sup. eng. lower prov. 6 mo. Sept. 12. Glyn, Ens. D. R. 8th N.1. to Europe 1 year on furl. without pay. GREY, Maj. gen. Sir J. K.C.B. 2 mo. fr. Aug. 15, in ext. to hills n.

of Deyrah. Guise, Brev. capt. J. 24th N.I. ) mo. in ext. to rem. at Mussoorie

on M. c. KENNEDY, Ens. F. H. 55th N.I. fr. Aug. 1 to Nov. 1. to Now

gong. LESLIE, Ens. H. G. 37th N.I. perm. to proc. to Eur, on furl. on

m. c. Sept. 12. LAMB, Lieut. J. C. 52nd N.I. I mo. in ext. SAY, Capt. H. H. 45th N.I. fr. Aug. 25 to Oct. 5, to Simla. SIMPSON, Maj. D. 28th N.I. fr. Sept. 8 to Oct. 31, to Darjeeling. WYLLY, Lieui. A. F. 9th L. C. to hills north of Deyrah dur. rem.

of leave granted, April 24.

MASTER, Capt. E. P. art. of 3rd to do duty with 4th copp. 3rd

batt. until arr. of 3rd comp. at Cawnpore. Milne, Brev. capt. H. 21st N.I. placed at disp. of C. in C. MONTGOMERY, Lieut. H. art. app. of dep. com. of ordnance can

celled, Sept. 12. MUNDY, Lieut. C. F. M. perm. to join and do duty with 35th L.I.

instead of 21st N.I. MURRAY, 2nd Lieut. R. art. to rank fr. June 14. NEWALL, 2nd Lieut. D. J. F. art. to do duty with 1st comp. 9th

batt. and to join his comp. at Dinapore, Aug. 30. OGILVIE, Ens. J. S. inf. to rank fr. June 13. OLDFIELD, 2nd Lieut. J. art. fr. 3rd to 4th comp. Ist batt. art. PARISH, 2nd Lieut. W. H. art. to rank fr. June 14. PULMAN, 1st Lieut. T. fr. 3rd to 4th comp. Ist batt. art. Rawson, Lieut. J. S. 63rd N.I. to offic. as dep. paymaster, in

room of Capt. J. Bartleman, indisp. Sept. 12. Renny, 2nd Lieut. G. A. art. to do duty with 1st comp. 9th batt. ROBERTS, Capt. T. inv. est. to be mem, of Mussoorie local com.

under provis. of Act 10 of 1842, for the year 1845-16. ROBINSON, 2nd Lieut. D. G. eng. to join and do duty with h. q. of

sappers and miners at Meerut, Aug. 30. ROBISON, 2nd Lieut. J. art. to be Ist lieut. fr. Sept. 5. Ross, 2nd Lieut. W. A. art. to rank fr. June 14. RUGGLES, Eos. J. inf. to rank fr. Jupe 13. Rybot, 2nd lieut. G. O. art. to rank fr. June 14. SALT, 2nd lieut. T. H. art. to rank fr. June 14. Scott, Ens. 12th N.I. to be lieut. v. Hooper, dec. fr. Sept. 1. SIDDONS, Brev. capt. H. to be adjt. sappers and miners, Aug. 29. SMYTH, Capt. W. M. supt. of Nuddea rivers and executive engineer

of Berhampore div. placed at disp. of Bengal govt. ; to offic. as

sup. eng. dur. abs. of Lieut. col. Garstin, Sept. 12. SPIRTA, Lieut. L. C. engs. to assume ch. of Berhampore div. of

public works, app. to ch. of Nusseerabad div. cancelled, Sept. 17. Stein, Brev. capt. R. to be adjt. 49th N.I. v. Sunith promoted. STOKES, 1st lieut. S. W. art. to ass. ch. of 3rd com. 3rd batt. SWETENHAM, Maj. E. inv. est. to be mem. of Mussoorie local com.

under provis. of Act 10 of 1842, for the year 1845 46. SYME, 2nd Lieut. P. M. art. to rank fr. June 14. TICKELL, Capt. S. R, 31st N.I. to be prin. assist. to comm. of

Arracan. Tritton, Maj. W. M. inv. est. to be mem. of Mussoorie local com.

under provis. of Act 10 of 1842, for the year 1845-46. TROUP, Brev. capt. R. 63rd N.I. to be adj. Ist Oude L.I. v. Rees,

prom. Aug. 29. URQUHART, 2nd Lieut. F. D. to rank fr. June 13. VALLINGS, 2nd Lieut. G.A. art. to rank fr. June 14. WARING, Capt. E. S. S. 6th L.C. return to duty. WESTERN, Capt. J. R. eng. serv. plac. at disp. of gort. on the

proj. railway, Sept. 12. WHITE, Ens. S. D. fr. 19th to 59th N.I. Aug. 30. WILLAN, Ens. H. D. A. D. iof. to rank fr. June 13. YOUNG, Lient, C. M. art. fr. 3rd to 4th comp. Ist batt. art. YOUNG, Lieut. C. M. art. 3rd comp. 1st batt. to cont. with 3rd

comp. 5th batt.


&c. BATWELL, Asst. surg. W. C. B., M.D. placed at disp. of govt. of

Bengal. COLE, Asst. surg. G. to med. ch. of 4th comp. 3rd and ist comp.

5th batt. art. EATWELL, W. C. B. to be civ. asst. surg. at Pubna, Sept. 17. EDLIN, Asst. surg. E., M.D. rem, fr. Ist briz. H.A. and posted to

50th N.I. GRANT, Asst. surg. J. to med. ch. of 41st N.I. v. Rumley. Johnston, Asst. surg. M. to be civ. asst. surg, of Akyab in

Arracan. JOWETT, J. to offic, as civ, asst. surg. of Purneah. JOWETT, Asst. surg. J. to med. ch. of 2nd Assam Lt. Inf., Sept. 12. HARPER, Asst surg, fr. 65th to 66th N.I. HENDERSOX, Asst. surg. C. M., M.D. placed at disp. of govt. of

Bengal. HOEY, Vet. surg. J. R. fr. 4th to 9h L.C. at Cawopore. O'CALLAGHAN, Asst. surg. D. J. posted to 65th N.l. at Alla

habad. RANSFORD, Surg. J. posted to sth N.I. to continue in mid. ch. of

C5th V.I. till further orders. Rose, Asst. surg. J. to be civ, asst, surg. of Penang. Ross, Asst. surg. A. placed at disposal of govt. of Bengal, to offic.

as civil asst. surs. of Mymensingh, dur, abs. of Asst. surg. Tytler. RUMLEY, As-t. surg. H. W. postel to 1st brig. H.A. v. Ellin. SHILLITO, Asst. surg. W. fr. 44th to 42nd N.I. at Mynpoorie, to

join. Watson, Asst. surg. J. C. M.D. placed at disp. of govt. of Ben

gal, Sept. 17. Wusox, Surg. A. 38th L.I. to rec. med. ch. of 55th N.I. fr. Asst.

surg. J. Allan. WRIGHT, Asst. surg. T. B. to the Shekawuttee brigade.






MACHELL, L. Aug. 21. DICKSON, W. Ang. 20.

RY BOT, G. O. Aug. 20. FULTON, J. Sept. 11.

SYME, P. M. Aug. 20. GOODRIDGE, E. J. Aug. 20.

m. C.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. DIAPER, Assist. surg. H. fr. Aug. 20 to Oct. 31, to Simla and join

the Bhaugulpore bill rangers. EPLIN, Assist, surg. E. M.D. fr. Aug. 18 to Nov. 15, to Simla on EGERTON, Surg. C.C. 2 mo. to Darjeeling on m. c. KELLY, Assist. surg. J. P. 4mo. on m. c. Sept. 13. KINSEY, E. civ. assist. surg. of Purncah, 3 mo. MACINTYRE, Assist. surg. C. leave granted Feb. 5 to take effect fr.

Sept. J. SHERIDAN, A. J. civ. surg. of Khyouk Phyon, i mo. in ext. TYTLER, Assist. surg. H. W. at Mymensingh, 4 mo, on p. a.

Sept. 10.

INFANTRY. Cust, G. F. Aug. 20.

RANNIE, W.0. Sept. 3. HODSON, W. S. R. Aug. 20.

PASSED EXAMINATION IN NATIVE LANGUAGES. BARCLAY, Lieut. 68th N.I. LAWRENCE, Lieut. 24th N.I. Becher, Lieut. 61st. N.I. NUTALL, Lieut. 18th N.I. CARY, Brev. capt. 6th N.I. OUSELEY, Lieut. Inte 34th N.I. CAULFIELD, Lieut, 3rd N.I. PLUMB, Ens. 6th N.I. DAVIES, Lieut. 23rd N. I. PLUNKETT, Lieut. 6th N.I. DUNLOP, Lieut. 12th N.I. Rice, Brev. capt. 6th N.I. DWYER, Lieut. 59th N.I. RICHARDS, Liput. 6th N.I. Ellice, Ens. 15th N.I.

TIMBRELL, Lient. art. FORBES, Lieut. 27th N.I. TYLER, Lieut. 37th N.I. GRAYDON, Lieut. 16th N.I. UNWIN, Licut. 16th N.I. HOLROYD, Lieut. 36th N.I. WI ON, Lieut. 13th N.I. KEMBLE, Lieut. 41st N.I.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. BARTLEMAN, Capt. J. dep. paymaster sirhind div. fr. Aug. 18 to

Nov. 15, to Simla, on m. c. BECHER, Capt. C. G. sth irr. cay. fr. Aug. 31 to Sept. 15, in ext.

to Mussoorie. CHINN, Capt. P. S. 51st N.l. fr. Feb. 1, 1816, to April 1, 1846,

in ext. Coombs, Ens. J. R. R. 42nd L.I. one year, fr. Sept. 1, to hills N.

of Deyrah, on m. C. CRAWFURD, Lieut. col. G. R. art. leave cancelled. FORBES, Cornet H. with 4th L.C. fr. Aug. 15 to Nov. 15, to Simla,

ON m. c.

HER MAJESTY'S FORCES IN THE EAST. DRAGOONS, 3rd regt.-Lieut. Bowles to England, for two years from the date of embarkation.-- 16th regt. Major Smyth prolonged fr. Ist Oct. to 1st Dec. 1845, to remain at Mussoorie, on mn.c.INFANTRY.-9th regt. Major G. L. Davis has been appointed to command the convalescent depôt at Lundour, in the room of Brev. maj. M. Smith, of the same rezt. who has been appointed com. of the depôt of recruits of H.M.'s regt. at Chinsuran.-Capt. Harvey, to Simla, fr. Ist Sept. to 31st Oct. 815, on m.c.-Leave of absence granted to Capt. Field, 9ih regt, in the G.O. of the 20th ult No. 95, para. 5, cancelled at his request.--The recruits arrived with the de. tachinent under the command of Mnj. Spence, 31st regt, to proc. to join their corps at Kussowlie under tlie con. of Capt. Harvey, 9th regt. – 10th regt. Ens. Barlow, upon arrival from England, will proceed by water from Calcutta to Gurmucktesir Ghât, for the purpose of joining his regt.--The leave of absence granted to Lient. and Adjt. Deare, 21st regt. prolonged from the 17th Aug. to 17th Oct. 1845, to remain at Poona, on m. C.-31st regt. Ens. Tritton, fr. Mussoorie, fr. 1st Aug. to 30th Sept.-38th regt. Asst. surg. Parkes, M.D. to Eng. for the purpose of retiring from the service.-39th regt. Ens. H. E. Reader to be lieut. withont purchase, v. Davenport, dec. Aug. 9.

Leave of abs. to Ens. Hill, 40th regt. to England for 2 years from the date of embarkation.

80th Regt.-Lieut. S. T. Christie to be capt. without purchase, vice Lightbody, deceased, 28th Aug. 1845.

84th Regt.Capt. Bridge, to England, for 1 year from the date of embarkation. 86th Regt.-The leave of absence granted to Capt. Stuart in the G. 0. of the 14th May, 1845, No. 37, para 5, is cancelled from the date of bis joining the detachment of volunteers from the 2nd to the 86th regiment at Bombay. Ens. S. A. Kershaw, to be lieut. vice Christie, 28th Aug. 1845.


BIRTHS. BROCMAN, the lady of Lieut. J. H. M. sth at Loodiana, s. Aug. 25. CARPENTER, the lady of Major, at Benares, d. Sept. 5. CARTLAND, Mrs. Anne, at Calcutta, s. Sept. 17. CHARDE, the wife of D. at Ferozepore, d. Sept. 15. Coles, Mrs. A. G. at Calcutta, d. Sept. 9. Cooper, the lady of W. J. at Kidderpore, d. Sept. 6. COWLEY, the wife of I. at Delhi, d. Sept. 1. Davidson, the lady of Dr. A. 10th Lt. Cav. at Nowgong, s.

Ang. 28. FERRIS, the lady of W. at Ballygunge, s. Sept. 4. FoQuet, the lady of Capt. H. 2nd in com. 2nd Assam Lt. Inf. at

Gowhatta Assam, d. Aug. 21. HEBBERT, the lady of Lieut. at Deyrah Dhoon, s. Sept, 7. HILLCOAT, the lady of H. B. 3rd N.1. at Hussingabad, s. Aug. 30. Hogg, the lady of C. at Chowringhee, s. Aug. 20. JACKSON, Mrs. Charter, at Calcutta, s. Sept. 6. JOHNSTONE, Mrs. T. H. M. at Umballah, d. Aug. 25. JONES, the wife of Rev. D. at Calcutta, d. Sept. 15. ELIAS, the lady of Owen John, at Garden Reach, d. Sept. 15. KING, Mrs. Arthur, at Sulkea, s. Sept. 7. LANG, the lady of A, at Allahabad, d. Aug. 28. Matthews, the lady of A. at Naunsaugor Factory, Shababad,

s. Aug. 9. MendieS, Mrs. E. B. at Calcutta, s. Sept. 18. NICHOLETTS, tbe lady of Capt. W. H. Ist Local Inf. at Sultanpore

Oude, d. Aug. 31. NICHOLETTs, the lady of C. W. 1st Lt. Cav. at Mussoorie, s.

Sept. 13. Pocock, the wife of J. at Haupper, s. Sept. 4. Nixon, Mrs. A. at Delhi, d. Sept. 3. PORTER, Mrs. A. at Agra, d. Sept. 8. RAIKES, the lady of H. at Midnapore, s. Aug. 22. RICHARDSON, the lady of Lieut. T. C. 18th N.I. at Nusseerabad,

d. Aug. 11. SANDEMAN, the wife of Capt. R. T. at Bareilly, d. Aug. 18. Saxon, the lady of Capt. George, on board the ship Sophia, at sea,

8. Aug. 22. SIMMONDS, Mrs. R. E. at Ghazeepore, s. Aug. 24. THOMPSON, the lady of Lieut. A.N. 36th N.I. at Delhi, s. Sept. 12. TURNER, Mrs. Wm. at Calcutta, s. Sept. 7. VIALL, Mrs. T. at Howrah, d. Aug. 29. WALKER, the lady of Lieut. J. L. 71st N.I. at Dorundab, d. Sept. 8. White, Mrs. G. R. at Agra, d. Sept. 11.

MACKAY, the lady of C. at Mymensing, aged 28, Sept. 6.
McBEAN, Charlotte Lucretia, the wife of Thomas Parry, at Sulkea.
MIDDLETON, G. at Calcutta, aged 31, Sept. 4.
Norris, Sophia Mary, the wife of Capt. J. F. of the ship Victoria,

at Calcutta, aged 24, Sept. 8.
PAWSAN, Joseph, at Entally, Sept. 6.
READ, Stephen, at Calcutta, Sept. 7.
Riddle, Helen A. d. of James, at Intally, aged 3, Sept. 5.
Rose, Capt. E. on board the John Fleming, aged 50, Aug. 26.
Sims, Henry, s. of Lieut. and adjt. Geo. H.M.62nd, at Ferozepore,

aged 2, Sept. 15. Strich, Joseph, aged 36, Sept. 12. TOMLINS, Isabella, the wife of Edward, at Calcutta, Sept. 2.


ARRIVALS. Sept. 5. Esther, Groom, Liverpool ; Victoria, Hyde, Bombay ; Enigma, Conna, Rangoon.-8. Orissa, Smith, Bombay.-9. Flora McDonald, Gamble, Rangoon; Espeglie, Shaw, Maulmain ; Ganges, Crawley, Maulmain.--10. Scotland, Paul, Greenock ; Laidmans, Walker, Liverpool; Harrest Home, Heron, Liverpool; Anna Wat. son, Sterling, Newport; Orient, Wales, London ; Isabella Cooper, Guthrie, Grenock ; Lahoree, Burt, Liverpool; Desmoyne, Boules, Liverpool ; Emerald, Nicol, Singapore; Afrique, Vidal, Marseilles. -11. Edward Robinson, Laylord, Mauritius; Sophia, Johns, Bombay; Mazagon, Brion, Bourbon ; Alexandria, Chesmon, Newcastle; Cinq Freres, Marton, Bourbon. - 12. Tanjore, Brown, London; Satal Frog, Nacoda, Muscat ; Bellairs, Webb, Liverpool; St. Intonio, Stainbank, Bassien ; Mary Ridley, Shearer, London: Proridence, Hicks, Bordeaux ; Fortitude, Lang, Alleppee; Fattle Oheb, Nacoda, Juddah.-17. Aberfoyle

, MacAlpine, Greenock; Brilliant, Stewart, Table Bay.–18. Dond Clark, Mills, Bombay.-19. Lady Macnaughten, Hibbert, London.

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Ganges, Mrs. Ingall, Rev. Mr. Osgood, Mr. O Riley J. Evans, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Ewing and child, Mrs. Keymer and two children.

Per Orient, Mrs. Wales and infant, Capt. C. Hagge, Sergeants Valley and Dandre, Mrs. Valley, and Mrs. Dandre.

Per Lahore, Mrs. Burt and son.

Per Lismoyne, Mrs. Isabella White, and Mr. John Fulton, cadet; Mr. C. L. Hider,

Per Sophia, Mrs. Johns.
Per Aberfoyle, Mr. G. Volkart.

DEPARTURES. SEPT. 4. Mischief, Smith, China; Æneas, Saunders, Mauritius ; -5. John Line, Edwards, London.-6. Panthea, Glen, Liverpool; Exchange, Peabody, Boston.--8. Coquette, Eldridge, China.-9. Thomas Lee, James, Bourbon ; Mauperlius, Rosse, Bourbon ; Elisa, Warwick, London.--10. Bentinck, Killock, Suez; Sea Queen, Wood, London.

MARRIAGES. CHAUNCY, Regd. 71st N.I. to Margaret C. A. d. of the late John,

at Barrackpore, Sept. 11. GRAHAM, J. C. to Miss E. Bellie, at St. George's Cathedral,

Aug. 18. HARVEY, Capt. Edw. 10th regt. L.C. to Julia, d. of the late Capt.

Wm. Morton, Beng. eng. Sept. 10. Inglis, Jas. Gordon, asst. surg. H. M.'s 10th, to Elizabeth Lucy,

d. of Capt. C. W. Sibly, H.M.'s 62nd, at Meerut, Sept. 3. Pems, C. H. to Sarah, d. of Robt. S. Repper, Sept. 4. RICHARDSON, Lieut. J. F. 49th N.I. to Miss Mary Hannah Reily,

at Dacca, Aug. 5. Sr. QUINTIN, W. to Annabella Mary Cassam, d. of Maj. gen E.H.

Simpson, at Darjeeling, Aug. 18.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Enterprise.-Major-general Sir G. Pollock, G.C.B. and Briga. dier Frith.

For ARRACAN.-Major and Mrs. Corbett; Capt. Weston, com. mander H.C. schooner Spy; Messrs. G. Daniell and J. Alexander ; Quartermaster-sergt. Colomb and wife ; 6 native deck passengers, and 33 convicts under guard of 6 men.

For MOULMEIN.-Messrs. J. Beckwith, B. Warwick, J. Hughes. don, and W. S. Smith, and 8 native deck passengers.



Calcutta, September 20, 1845.

Government Securities.
Transfer Stock Paper 5 per cent.

prem. 21 0 to 220 Bombay 5 do.

do. 5 8 6 0 Old Sicca 5 do. according to numbers.. do.

2 8 6 0 New Co.'s 5 per cent.

7 8

7 13 Third 4 do.


2 12 New Co.'s 4 do.::


1 12 2 3

Bank Shares.
Bank of Bengal (Co.'s Rs. 4,000)
Union Bank (Co.'s Rs. 1,000) (Div. paid) do.

210 Ditto (Div. unpaid)

245 250 Agra Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)

do. Mussoorie Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)

do. 190 Oriental Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)

do. 290

Bank of Bengal Rates. Discount on government acceptances, within 3 months.. 5 per cent. Do, on private bills and potes, within 3 months Interest on loans on deposit of Co.'s paper, opium, salt,

metals, and indigo Do. on deposit of other goods

prem. 2750

2800 215



280 200 300

ATKINSON, Kate, d. of Lieut. Chas. D'Oyley, 40th N.I. at Simla,

aged 2, Aug. 17. BELLRINGER, W. B. at Naserah, Upper Assam, Aug. 12, aged 32. BRUCE, Mrs. C. C. aged 32, Sept. 18. CANTLEY, Proby Wm. s. of Capt. Geo. 8th cav. at Simla, aged 10,

Sept. 10. CONSIDINE, Major-gen. H. M.'s 10th Foot, at Meerut, Sept. 2. CUBITT, Mary C. the wife of Geo. H. M.'s 9th foot, at Kussowlu,

Sept. 6. CUMMING, E. wife of Lieut. H.M. 80th regt, at Agra, Aug. 17. DAVIDSON, James Wm. s. of J. c. s. at Agra, Sept. 10. FLEMING, Wm. G. s. of H. M. at Calcutta, aged 9 mo. Aug. 30. FORDYCE, Maria Louisa, the wife of C: pt. at Nusseerabad, aged

29, Sept. 2. HARRIS, Amelia, the wife of Serj. T. at Sultanpore, Benares, aged

24, Sept. 10. HODGSON, Susan, W. E. d. of Brian, at Simla, aged 2, Aug. 29. HOULISTON, Eleanor A. d. of Serg. J. H.M. 62nd, aged 17, Sept. 4. HOWELL, P. late surg. of stear-ship Hindostan, at Calcutta. LAY, W. H. at Piergunge Factory, Poornea, of apoplexy, Sept. 7. LEE, Alfred Scott, at Calcutta, aged 25, Sept. 6. LOVE, Capt. W. at Howrah, aged 66, Aug. 27.

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per cent.

7 per cent. 9 per ceat.

MONEY MARKET. There has not been any change in the money market. Some little extra demand for accommodation has arisen from the expenses inci; dent to the closing of the

present lodigo season in lower Bengal, and


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to the preparations for the ensuing. Uotil the arrival of the crop, ing down of several huts, which prevented the further spread of this state of things is likely to continue.

the ravages of the destructive element. It was ascertained GOVERNMENT SECURITIES are without much inquiry, but hold.

that a native man, a horse-keeper or grass-cutter, who ers do not seem willing to recede from existing rates.

had EXCHANGE : rather more brisk since the rise of } in the Com

some family quarrel with his brother-in-law, had pany's advances. Private bills are ranging from l-11 to 1.1l} at

threatened the previous day that he would burn the 10 months' date.

huts, and he kept his word; however, it is said he Bank Stock is firm at our quotations.

was seen committing the act-and has since been seized, and is now in custody. We fear a good many of these fires are so

raised. Some years ago the coolies, who build these poor To London and Liverpool, 5l. 2s. 60. to 51. 10s. per ton of 20 cwt. people's huts, and the men who make the thatched roofs, were

known to be concerned in wilfully setting fire to some huts. IMPORTS.

The Rev. Mr. Lutyens, one of our joint chaplains, left this the Cottox PIECE GOODS.- A considerable business has been done

beginning of the week on a pastoral tour to Mysore, French in cotton goods during the past week. Large supplies have been

Rocks, and Hoonsore - which will cause his absence from the received by the arrival of six cargoes from Liverpool and Glasgow. SHIRTINGS.–Stout grey cloths are rather more inquired for, but

cantonment for upwards of a fortnight, during which period the current rates for these are still very low.

whole of the clerical duties will devolve on the other joint chapJACONETS.-Common and medium bleached jaconets continue in

lain, the Rey. Mr. Morant. And during that period there will good demand, and a fair amount of sales have been made at full only be three services performed in our church, on Sunprices.

days, in place of four, one of the European corps having MADAPOLLAMS.-Bleached are very dull of sale, and of grey prayers read to to them in their barracks. This arises from the 45 to 54 inch descriptions are alone saleable at any thing near the church being too small to contain all the Europeans cost price.

at once; and the duties of this large station falling on LAPPETS.—The lower qualities of these goods have been sold to

single chaplain are far more than an individual can persome extent at an advance of about half an aona per piece.

form. What with service in church three times on Sunday, LAPPET SCARFS.--Transactions have been to a fair extent, but no further improvement in value can be noted.

service on Thursday morning, when all ceremonies are performed, Book MUSLINS.-A few sales have been made of coarse descrip

service again on Tuesday evening, and then the schools and hostions, but still at low rates.

pitals, of which there are four of each that the chaplains reguMuLL MUSLINS.-The sales of mulls are for the season on a larly visit, viz. the artillery, fort, hussars, aud fusilier's hosvery moderate scale.

pitals, and the artillery, hussar, fusilier, and cantonment boys' TURKEY RED Goods.—There is less inquiry for these cloths, schools, these alone require a great deal of the chaplain's time both plain and twilled.

and attention, besides which there are funerals and many other PRINTED Goods.-A fair business has been done in printed goods calls for his services, fully occupying his time. during the week without change in prices. MULE Twist. -The sales of the week are of an average extent.

The troops have been rather busily employed during the past TURKEY RED YARN.-Without alteration in value.

week. On Friday last the following appeared in orders:WOOLLENS.- Under this head a fair amount of transactions are

DIVISION ORDERS. recorded at previous prices.

Bangalore, 4th September, 1815. COPPER.—There has been more doing in copper, and a fair

Head- Quarters, Mysore Division, amount of sales effected.

“ The major-general will see the King's Hussars in review SPELTER.-A temporary demand bas raised the value of this order on Monday morning next, at six o'clock on the brigade metal during the week.

exercising ground. IRON.--Sales to a fair extent bave been made this week.

“ By order, Steel.-The value of this metal has again undergone a decline.

“(Signed) S. Hicks, Captain, LEAD.-Demand continues limited.

“ D. Ai A. gen."

At the conclusion the Major-general addressed Major-gen. There has not been much change in the market for country pro.

Lovell, K.H., the commanding officer, and expressed himself, we duce since our last.

understand, in very Aattering terms, assuring him how highly he INDIGO.-Manufacturing being so nearly closed throughout

was gratified at the appearance of the regiment, as well as with Bengal, there is nothing of interest to report as to these districts.

doings in the field, &c. &c. The commanding officer then had From Tirhoot we hear of heavy rain having fallen in some parts about

the whole of the officers assembled in front of the regiment, and the 1st inst. From the western provinces there is nothing new. we believe stated to them the Aattering encomiums the Major.

SUGAR.-This staple continues in unabated request, and as sup. general had bestowed upon it. plies are now much reduced, bazaar dealers are holding out for a In the course of the day of the inspection, the following small advance in prices, which is readily given, and prices must be appeared in the Cantonment Orderly Book, viz.-" In conse. quoted 2 to 4 annas per maund bigher. Raw Silk-In this staple a fair business has been done during

quence of the inattention of officers to the regulations of the ser. the week at a further advance of 2 to 4 annas per seer, and the article

vice on the point of dress this morning, on the occasion of H.M. is now getting scarce in tbe bazaar.

15th King's Hussars parading in review order, as notified in Silk Piece Goods.-Corahs are also becoming light in stock,

orders of the 4th instant, the Major-general commanding Banand advanced prices have been paid during the week.

galore is obliged to call the attention of officers, which he did SALTPETRE.-There has been more doing in saltpetre during not expect to be forced to do, to the G. 0. C. C. of the Ilth of the past week both for England and America, chiefly in Chaprah A ugust, 1825, which directs that 'an officer going to the parade kinds.

of a regiment or brigade should appear in the costume the troops Rice.—There is no change in the market for this article, either are in, whether dress or undress.” The meaning of this will as regards demand or prices. Shipments to England continue

be very readily comprehended by not a few spectators, who were moderate, and to Mauritius are going forward to an average

there in their usual morning dresses, fustians and chintzes. amount. OIL SEEDS.-Large purchases of linseed continue to be made for

The following appeared in orders the other day:-"All officers America at previous rates Co.'s Rs. 2-1 to 2.5 per md. To England

of this cantonment, who may have in their charge the effects of there is still little going forward.

any officer of whose demise they may be informed, are hereby diCotton.-Shipments to a moderate amount continue to go for- rected to report the same immediately for the information of the ward to China, though we do not hear of any transactions of moment

commandant through brigade office." being effected on the spot.

A native district court.martial also assembled on Tuesday, for OPIUM.—There is little doing in opium, and prices have declined the trial of a man of the sappers and miners. to Rs. 1,380 to 1,385 for Patna, and Rs. 1,320 for Bepares. The The following appeared lately :stock in the opium godown consists of Patna 1,826 chests, Benares

DIVISION ORDERS. 513 chests.

Head- Quarters, Mysore Division. MADRAS.

Bangalore, 6th Sept. 1845, Saturday.

“In this season for drill, which by the general orders of MISCELLANEOUS.

the army, extends from the beginning of August to the end of BANGALORE, Sept.12.-Wilful Fire Raising. - About twelve February following. Major-general Aitchison directs that every o'clock on Friday night last, a fire broke out amongst the huts regiment of infantry in the Mysore division shall begin as soon occupied by the followers of the 3rd regiment of light cavalry, as the weather will permit, with the first part of the regulation and adjacent to the lines of that corps. It raged for some time book, of field exercise, and evolutions of the army, and go with great fury; the wind being rather high at the time, increas. regularly through parts 1, 2, 3, and 5, as the easiest, shortest, and ing it. Between fifty and sixty huts were destroyed, and great most certain method of making every individual thoroughly fears were entertained that it would reach the spot occupied by acquainted with them, and he particularly enjoins commanding the European pensioners ; this was only prevented by the pull- officers to see that their captains and subalterns are well in.


structed in parts No. 1 and 2, as without such elementary knowledge in those officers no regiment can excel in drill

. When marching to, or in returning from the ground of exercise, a regiment will always have one company formed as an advance guard and one as a rear guard."

The infantry brigade was out at field exercise on Tuesday morning, on the cantorment parade ground, and the cavalry brigade was out on Wednesday morning at exercise on the brigade exercising ground.

A bazaar report has been current here this week, that fears are entertained of another rising in the Southern Mahratta country; that the troops at Bellary are likely to move, and that half of the King's Hussars and half of the 1st Fusileers are to move from this in that direction ; such is the bazaar gup.

Major-general Cubbon, our worthy commissioner, Jeft this on Tuesday, on a tour into the interior of the province, proceeding first towards Coongall, and afterwards to Hoonsoor and other quarters.

SPORTING. – Some parties are out again from the cantonment, shooting. We understand that a few snipe have been seen in the neighbourhood, but they are seldom to be found so early in the season, and ihere is little else to be met with worth going after at present. Hares are very plentiful just now, and may be purchased in the bazaar for a few annas each, alive. They are caught, we believe, with nets, by the jungle people, who bring in baskets full of them, quails, partridges, and peacocks, every morning nearly.

The weather continues pleasant enough, but still a great cry out for rain, of which there have been appearances at different times during the past week, but still it keeps off, and the cultivators of the soil are taking serious alarm for their crops. In. deed, some say part of the crops are spoiled already. We have had some very disagreeable days from the excessive high winds. Sunday last was a very unpleasant day, blowing high wind all day, with clouds of dust penetrating every where, and covering every place, as from a sieve-even in the house it is found sadly disagreeable, but to such as are compelled to be out of doors and move about, it is very annoying.

There is little or no sicknees here at present, either amongst Europeans or natives.

Sept. 19.- Numerous reports are still in circulation relative to movements of the troops-one very current is, that half of the King's Hussars are to go to Poonah, to replace the 14th dragoons going to Bengal.

The following appeared in orders the other day :

a drought) entertained by the inhabitants generally, have been happily, dissipated by a seasonable and abundant supply of rain, which has fallen during the past week, accompanied with loud peals of thunder and vivid flashes of lightning; and kind Pro vidence has thereby graciously averted a calamity which was sadly anticipated by the residents; still more is needed, and we have every indication of a further supply. The ground is well saturated with it, and the atmosphere has necessarily become cooler.

Mr. Harton, overseer of the Commissariat Department, arrived here recently from Cuttack, with a view to engage vessels for the purpose of conveying saul timbers from the port of Dhamra to the presidency.

The bark Amelia, from Madras, arrived here lately, and is to sail for Maulmain to-morrow or the day after. The bark Clarissa is daily expected from Madras with the Rev. Mr. Fen. nell and family on board.

PaulGhAUT, Sept. 15:— The heathen have kept Paulghaut in an uproar day and night for the last week, performing the “ koodoompauvy,” in the belief that so powerful a site will induce Madapullay and her assistant deities to favour them even at this eleventh hour with rain ; how far a few heavy showers and more we cannot naturally expect) might benefit the present wretched crops we presume not to say; but, judging from appearances, the drought has lasted too long and done too much mischief to be materially remedied by any thing short of another monsoon. On every side the half-formed rice is parched to yellowness, and those fields of it which were not far enough advanced in growth to produce ears of corn, look as russet and withered as the mere stubble left after harvest. In the compounds and gardens all the plants are shrivelling up and rapidly crumbling to dust. Want of rain does not appear to be confined to this district, and if timely measures are not taken to import and store up grain, fearful sufferings are likely to follow this evident visitation, In seasons of calamity we believe it is usual to offer up public prayers in all churches and chapels that God may be pleased to avert the prevailing scourge from the borders of the land where his people sojourn; the custom is undoubtedly a pri. mitive and laudable one; we have it on record, that such general supplications have been miraculously responded to, and we fear this strong dependance of the Christian is too much neglected in India. The idolaters of Malabar are, in their mistaken way, setting us an example, at which we, with our better light and truer knowledge, have reason to blush !

Captain Cotton and Brevet Captain Birdwood, both of the Civil Engincers, are here at present, on route to the coast; the former proceeds in a day or two to inspect the new lines of road, making and proposed to be made, through Malabar and Mysore.

The heat for several hours daily is very distressing, though the thermometer has not risen above eighty-four degrees in the shade; but there is a sultriness in the air that is really suffocating at times. Can the unusual state of the weather have any possible connection with the earthquakes so prevalent of late in the upper provinces, or the comets of the last and present years? Some of our gentlemen shikarees have been doing considerable execution this season amongst the woodland monsters. Ensign McH alone killed three large elephants in the S. W. Jun. gle, and a good account is expected of many more; the destrue. tion of those animals is of the greatest benefit to the cultivators, whose labour of months they frequently ruin and devour in one night.

Arrivals.-Stuart, Esq., of the Bonibay Civil Service, and his lady, from the hills ; Mr. Assistant Surveyor W. Williams.

Departures.- -Stuart, Esq., and his lady, to Bombay.-Athenæum.


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Bangalore, 15th Sept. 1815. “The Major-General having observed the delay that takes place in bringing offenders to trial by regimental courts martial, directs that all such triuls shall take place as soon as possible after twenty-four hours have elapsed from the time of the offence being committed --and that whenever the interval shall amount to seven entire days, especial report to account for the delay shall be forwarded to the division head-quarters, with the pro. ceedings of the trial.”

THE WEATHER. - We have within the last week experienced a delightful change. On Friday night we had a great deal of thunder, followed by a heavy fall of rain, and Saturday morning set in with a regular downpour; we have bad several showers since, particularly on Tuesday evening, when it rained for some hours heavily. - Athena um,

BERHAMPORE, SEPTEMBER 5.-Since my last communication, we had for two or three days a steady fall of rain, and occasion. ally a shower, but not sufficient, I believe, for the crops; the surrounding cuntry appears to have been more fortunate, as in some places the fields present a sheet of water; the last fall has, in some measure, gladdened the hearts of the poor ryots, who had begun to despair; the dookendars, who are ever ready to take advantage of the slightest change in the weather, have already raised the price of grain.

The troops, I am glad to say, continue healthy, particularly at Russellcondah, which may be attributed to the cleanliness of the place in general; and much praise is due to the officer commanding at that station, and to the adjutant, for the attention paid by them to the comforts of the men.

VIZAGAPATAM, Sart. 15.-- Authentic information reached this place about a se'nniglit since of the death of bis highness the Rajah of Vizianagrum at Benares. It is said that his son, who has passed his minority, will have to return to Vizianagrum shortly, and assume charge of his country, which has been hitherto held by the Government. I understand that an order has been issued by the collector to the effect that all the Mokassah lands appertaining to the said zemindary, granted by the late Rajah to individuals, are to revert to it, by his demise.

The gloomy apprehensions of a famine (the necessary result of

[blocks in formation]

FREESE, A. coll. and mag. of Chingleput, two yrs. to Cape on m.c.

Sept. 19.
INNES, J. two mo. to Bangalore, on m.c.
Knox, W. three yrs. to Europe on fur). Sept. 19.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. STREET, Rev. J. C. retd. fr. England, Sept. i8. WHITEHEAD, Rev. E., A.M. to be domestic chaplain to the Lord

Bishop, v. Rev. J. Griffiths, relieved, Sept. 16.

PYBUS, Lieut. G. C. 22nd N.I. fr. Aug. 20 to Aug. 20, 1846, to

pres. on m. c. Reid, Ens. J. L. 41st N.I. fr. Aug. 8, 1945, to Aug. 1, 1846, to

Bangalore, on m. c. ROBERTSON. Lieut. J. 15th N.I. 6 mo. fr. Aug. 6, to Negapatam

and Cuddalore, on m. c. SMITH, Lieut. col. C. F. Eur. vet. Sept. 30 to Jan. 31. TRISCOTT, Lieut, C. P. Y. 43rd Aug. 18 to Feb. 13, 1846,

to Madras and Eastern coast on m, c. VARDON, Capt. F. 25th N.l. 2 years to sca and Cape, &c. and

emb. fr. W. coast. Sept. 16. WILSON, Ens. J. A. W. F. 13th N.I. fr. Sept. 1 to Sept, 1, 1847,

to Neilgherries on m. c.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. EVANS, Rev. G. H. 3 mo. fr. Sept. 1.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. GINGELL, Asst. surg. W. R. 2nd N.I. having been det. on duty in

China, is removed from that corps, Sept. 18. KENNEDY, Asst. surg. J., M.D. placed at disp. of C. in C. MACKINTOSH, Asst. surg. A., ret. to duty ; posted to 13th N.I. PPINGLE, Asst. surg. J., M.D. fr. 13th N.I. to do duty under sup.

surg. Hyderabad suby, force, but to rem. in ch. of 13th N.I. till

rel. by Asst. surg. Macintosh, or till further orders, Sept. 16. RAWES, Asst. surg. W. W. to ati, med, aid to detach, of H. M.

serv. ordered fr. Poonamallee on the 18th inst. to that of H. M.'s 57th as far as Arcot, and to those of H, M.'s 15th Hussars, 25th and 63rd reg. as far as Colar, Sept. 13.


WILL, Asst. surg. A. J.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ARBUTHNOT, Cornet Hop. W. 2nd L.C, ret. to duty, Sept. 6. BABINGTON, Ens. R. C. 4th N.I. ret. to duty, Sept. 6. BLAKE, Lieut. W. F. 36th act as qr, mr. and int. 38th N.I. BUTLER, Maj. C. inv. est. posted to 1st N. vet. batt. CAMPBELL, Lieut. W. R. 28th N.I. to act as qr, m. and interp. to

37th N.I. CARTER, 2nd Lieut. G. M. Ist fus, to be 1st lieut. fr. Sept. 1, v.

Renand, Sept. 16. CAAMBERS, Capt. P. Ist fus. to be maj. fr. Sept. 1, v. Butler,

invalided, Sept. 16, DOUGLAS, Cornet J. S. 4th L.C. to be qr. mr. and interp. Sept. 16. HAY, Lieut. S. 35th N.I, to be capt. fr. Sept. 1, v. Oliphant,

ret. Sept. 16. HOLLAND, Ens. C. 4th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Sept. 2, in suc, to

Johnston, prom. Hook, Cornet C. C. 7th L. C. to be lieut. fr. Aug. 31, v. Curtis,

deceased. JAMES, Lieut. col. Con. J. P. inf, to be col. fr. June 10. JOHNSTON, Brev. capt. J. McM. 4th N.I. to be capt fr. Sept. 2,

v. Dods, dec. Low, Lieut. col. Com. J. C.B. inf. to be col. from June 10. MAN, Lieut. H. 49th N.I. com. the corps of sappers and miners,

fr. June 3 to July 22. METCALFE, Eos. E. 48th N.I. to be lieut. in suc. to Robert son,

fr. Sept. 2. MINCHIN, Ens. F. M. 35th N.I, to be lieut. fr. Sept. 12, v. Hay,

prom. Sept. 16. RENAUD, Brev, capt. S. G. C. Ist fus. to be capt fr. Sept. 1, v.

Chambers, prom. Sept. 16.
Scurt, Capt. R. 520d N.I. tran. to inv, est. Sept. 19.
SMITH, Lieut. col. J. fr. 6th to Ist regt. Sept. 15.
STRATTON, Lieut. col. F. fr. 1st to 6th regt. Sept. 15.


DANIELL, E. S. Sept. 6. Norton, E. N.

TUDOR, W, 0.

FIRMINGER, Asst. surg. J. W. fr. Aug. 29 to March 15, 1846, to

Pres. on m. C.
PENNY, Asst. surg. H. J. fr. Oct. 5 to Feb. 5, 1946, to pres.


BIRTHS. ANDERSON, the wife of J. at Narsingapoorum, d. Sept. 11. BRAIDWOOD, the lady of Rev. J. at Madras, d. Sept. 5. Cotton, the lady of J.J. C.S. at Combaconum, s. Sept. 13. DASHWood, the wise of T. s. Sept. 8. DEWELTZ, the wife of A. J. at Poodoopettah, s. Sept. 8. GARRETT, the wife of the Rev. J. at Bangalore, d. Aug. 21. GOODSIR, the wife of J. at Madras, d. Aug. 24. HAGGER, the wife of Vet. surg. T. 8th L.C. at Boweppilly,

d. Aug. 28. JACQUES, the wife of G. at Mercara, s. Aug. 22. JENKINS, the wife of Capt. assist. qr. mast. gen. at Madras, d. MACARTOOM, the wife of G. S. at Madras, s. Sept. 3. PORTEOUS, Assist, surg. II. W. at Coimbatore, d. Aug. 28. Raitt, the lady of Lieut. 16th N.I. at Ootacamund, d. Aug. 16. Ross, the wife of H. at New Town, Vepery, s. Aug. 31. SHAW, the wife of Mr. G. B. d. Sept. 9. SHORTT, the wife of C. at Porto Novo, s. Aug. 31. SUTLEFFE, E. the lady of Assist. surg. at Bangalore, d. Sept. 6. THEOBALD, the wise of C. G. at Pulicat, s. Sept. 4. Truss, the wife of Jas, W. at New Town, s. Sept. 9. WARDEN, the lady of Lieut. F. F. 2nd Eur. It. inf. s. at Trichino.

poly. Wells, the wife of G. at St. Thomé, d. Aug. 29. YALDWYN, the lady of Licut. col. 34th C. L. I. at Mangalore, d.

Sept. 11.

PASSED THEIR EXAMINATION IN NATIVE LANGUAGES. CouchMAN, Lieut. 12th N.I. SERRES, Eus. 51st N.I. CARPENDALE, Lieut. 12th N.I. TRIPE, Lieut. 12th N.I. DESBOROUGH, 2nd Lieut. art. W:SE, Ens. 43rd N.I. MOORCROFT, Lieut. 19th N.I. YOUNG, Eus. 52nd N.I. qual. as PASKE, Lieut. 12th N.I.


[blocks in formation]

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. Boswell, Capt. W. H. 27th N.I. 3 mo. to Madras. BUTLER, Maj. C. 1st N. vet. batt. to N ilgherries and sea on

m. c. to Sept 1, 1847. CLERK, Lieut. T. C. 34th It. inf. fr. Aug. 10 to Oct. 15, to Ma

dras and Eastern coast. CLEVELAND, Brig. J. W. 1 mo, to Neilg!erries, fr. Oct. 5. DAVIDSON, Lieut. A. G. 29th N.I. fr. Aug. 2 to Feb. 1, 1846, to

Madras, os m. c. ; to Europe, on m. c. Sept. 16. DERVILLE, Lieut. col. A. 37th grens. to Feb. 28, ło Neilgherries,

on m, c. EMMERSON, Lieut. G. 41st N.I. fr. Aug. 8 to Aug. 1, 1846, to

Bangalore, on m. c. FRASER, 2nd Lieut. J. G. C. Ist Mad. Fus. fr. Sept. 25 to Nov. 5,

to pres.

on m. c.

HALL, Capt. H. 41st N.I. to Sept. 14, 1846, in ext. to Neilgherries, HARRIS, Cornet C. sth L.C. fr. Sept. 6. prep. to applying for leave

to Europe, on m. c. Sept. 16. HAY, Capt. T. P. 2nd Eur. It. inf. fr. Sept. 10 to Dec. 10, to pres. Hyslop, Major W. 3rd L.C. furl, to Europe, Sept. 16. LITTLEHALES, Capt. W. B. 52nd N.I. 1 year to Darjeeling or

Simla, on m. c. MAY, Lieut. J. 11th N.I. to Europe on furl. MAYNE, Lieut. J. C. 2nd L.C. to Europe for 3 years on m. c. MCCLELLAN, Capt. T. 33rd N.I. 2 years to sea and Cape on m. c. MORGAN, Lieut. H. R. i3th N.I. fr. Sept. 1, 1845, to June 15,

1847, to Western Coast and Neilgherries on m, c. PRESCOTT, Lieut. col. 38th N.I. in ext. to Dec. 31. PUCKLE, Eos. J. 3rd L,I. to Bangalore and Neilgherries to

Feb. 28, 1847.

DEATHS. ANDERSON, Wm, at Aleppy, aged 68, Aug. 31. BRACKENBURG, Elizabeth, wife of Lieut, W. C. 30th N.I. at

Samulcottah, Aug. 25. BARBEP., the wife of Lieut. F. C. 29th N.I. at Kurnool, Aug. 25. CARVER, Rev. R. at St. Thomé, aged 58, Aug. 26. CLARKE, J. at Vicravandy, Aug. 24. CONNER, Mary E, wife of J. at Royapooram, Aug. 23. COTTER, Mary Stuart, d. of Capt. H. art. at Secundrabrad, Aug.27. Curtis, Lieut. Augustus J. 7th L. at Kamptee, Aug. 31. DEWELTZ, Selina, the wife of A. J. at Poodoopettah, aged 19. Dods, Capt. J. 4th N.I. at Vellore, Sept. 2. DOUGLAS, Licut. C. 2nd Eur. It. inf. at Madras, aged 25, Aug. 20. D'Rozario, Maria, wife of L. at Chindradrepetah, Aug. 30. FORTESCUE, Maria, wife of Capt. J. C. at Madras, Aug. 5. HALEY, s. of Capt. G. T. 41st. N.I. at Palaveram, Sept. 19. Heyman, John, late sec. and treasurer to Madras bank, at Ma

dras, aged 23, Aug. 26. LAWFORD, Margaret M. d. of Brev. capt. Henry, art, at Waltari,

aged 8, Sept. 7.
LOCKER, Eas. H. A. 44th N.I. at Trichinopoly, Aug. 15.;
LOVELACE, Mrs. M. at Arnee, Aug. 30.
Rogers, Mrs. B. at Black Town, aged 54, Aug. 13.
STEPHENS, J. at the General Hospital, aged 46, Aug. 27.

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