Sidor som bilder

Per Mary Hartley.-Mr. Greim, planter.

Scott, the wife of Overseer dep. pub, works, at Cuttack, d. Oct. 1, Per Ruslomjee Covasjec. -Capt. J. Vaux, from China; Capt. T. SHEELS, the wife of J. at Futtegbur, d. Oct. 3. Williams, from Singapore.

SHORTREED, the lady of Capt. H. 17th N.I. at Cawapore, s.

Oct. 17.

STARKEY, the lady of Brev. capt. S. C. 7th N.I. at Meerut, a. Oct. 6. Helen Mary, Winn, London ; Afrique, Vidal, Havre ; Oct. 4. Flora Kerr, MeNidder, Liverpool ; Fire Queen, McKeller, Singa- TAPP, the lady of N. J. at Simla, d. Oct, 18. pore ; Kelpie, Lime, China.—7. Pekin, Laing, Mauritius; Seringa. TAYLOR, the lady of R. J. c.s. at Jaunpore, d. Oct. 8. patan, Godden, London ; Joseph Manook, Young, Rangoon ; THURLOW, the wife of G. J. at Calcutta, s. Oct. 5, Amherst, Biale, China.-8. Queen of England, Pearson, Hongkong. , Tronson, the lady of W. C. at Allahabad, d. Oct. 2. -10. Esther, Groom, Liverpool; Enigma, Connew, Rangoon ; Hindostan, Moresby, Suez; Edward Robinson, Layland, Mauritius;

MARRIAGES. Timandra, Skinner, London ; Cinq freres, Martin, Bourbon ; Mon. BETTS, C. G. D. to Eliza, d. of the late Capt. Thos. Betts, at tanderert, Lepetit, Havre; Brooksby, Thomson, London.-11. Chinsurah, Oct. 15. Tenasserim, Wall, Arracan and Maulmain.-12. Grotius, Meacom, '| CALDER, D. to Frances A. d. of Capt. John Lambuck, R.x, at Boston ; Jacob Perkins, Copp, Boston.-13. Ripsema Anna Maria, Calcutta, Oct. 11. Heckford, Maulmain and Rangoon; Agricola, Potter, London ; CRAWFORD, D. R. to Alicia B. d. of the late Capt. T. Chatterton, Candahar, Ridley, London; Isabella Cooper, Guthrie, Liverpool H.M.'s 3rd Buffs at Mozufferpore, Oct. 9. William, Scott, Colombo.-14. Orient, Wales, Mauritius ; Sophia, CRAWFORD, H. to Cordelia, d. of the late P. Reid, at Agra, Jobas, Mauritius.—15. Espeigie, Shaw, Maulmain.-16. Laidman, Oct. 14. Walker, Liverpool ; Arragon, Coffio, Bostop ; Alexandrina, Chess- DUNCAN, D. to Mary Anne Devine, at Lucknow, Sept. 26. man, Newcastle.

DUVAL, Walter, H. D. to Margaret, d. of the late William


ETON, H. N. Asst. surg. B.M.L. to Eliza E. d. of Professor DRAGOONS-15th regt. (Hussars), Lieut. C. Jeaqyns has qua. Rochfort, at Chinsurah, Oct. 18. lified as interp. in the Tamil language.

GARDNER, James, to Rosa, d. of Capt. B. Fanthorne, at Bareilly, INFANTRY.-9th regt. Lieut. Cubitt granted leave to Calcutta

Oct. 7. for four months and to England for two years; Asst, surg. R. B. LAMB, Robt, S. to Caroline De Cruz, at Calcutta, Oct. 11, Gahan is app. to med. charge of the 31st foot.-10th regt, Major C. MACKINTOSH, Capt. A. 52nd N.I. to Flora Anpa, d, of Adam L. Strickland to be lieut. col. without purch. v. Considine, decé ; Gilmour, at Neemuch, Sept. 21. Capt. W. H. Goode to be maj. and Lieut. C. Dunbar, 18th foot, to REMFRY, Henry, to Eliza, d. of the late Capt. J. J. Hamilton, at be capt, in succ. to Strickland.--17th regt. Lieut T. O. Ruttlege to Calcutta, Oct. 6. be capt. without purch. v. Grant, dec.; Ens. J. Bourke to be lieut. Ross, Lieut. Wm. H. T. D. 28th N.I. to Anna Maria, d. of the 5. Ruttlege.--18th regt. Eas. W. B. Graham prom. to lieut. without late Major Bunbury, 40th N.I. at Sylhet, Oct. 1. purch. v. Dunbar, prom, into the 10th foot.—28th regt. Lieut. Smith, Thos. to Delia, d. of Professor Rochfort, at Chinsurah, Thompson is app. to act as adjt. on the dep. of Lieut. Dane for Oct. 18. England ; Lieut. J. W. Shelton has obtained leave to Eur. for two VoYLE, Geo. Elliot, of the H.A. to Johanna Maria, relict of the years on m. c.; Major Wheeler and Lieut. Messiter on leave to late Major G. R. Crommelio, c.B. at Simla, Oct. 6. England for two years.-29th regt. Ens. J. M. Lyle to be lieut. v. Dobbes, dec.--31st regt. Lieut. E. A. Noel, from the 53rd foot, to be

DEATHS. lieut. v. Gray, who exchanges.-39th regt. Capt. Munro to Calcutta ALLEN, Margaret K. d. of C., C.S. at Agra, aged 1, Oct. 3, for two months, and to Eng. for two years.-40th regt. Lieuts. BELLEFELT, Madame L.C. at Calcutta, aged 72, Oct. 13. Huey and Morley, and Surg. McAndrew, m.p. to precede the regt. BRADLEY, Mrs. E. R. wise of Dr. D. B. at Bangkok in Siam, to Eng, and to report their arrival to the adj. gen. Horse Guards; aged 34, Aug. 2. Lieut. col. Stopford, C.B. is perm, to precede the corps to Eng.- CEARNS, Mary M. d. of the late John, at Caleutta, aged 10, 50th regt. Lieut. Mackenzie has obtained leave to Eng. for two Oct. 12. years; Lieut. Tottenham app. to act as interp. to the corps, v. DELAFOSSE, Maj. H. C.B. principal com. of ordnance department, Mackenzie.-53rd regt. Lieut. H. W.J. Gray from 31st foot to be while proceeding to Ferozepore, Oct. 3. lieut. v. Noel, who exchanges.-60th regt. (Rifles, 1st bat.) The DENT, Mrs. C, at Calcutta, aged 100, Oct. 16. ships Stobonheath and Forfarshire, with detach. of this corps, DOLLARD, Surg. W."7th N.1. at Delhi, Oct. 4. reached Bombay on the 15ih Oct. and the Princess Royal, with a EVANS, Mrs. wife of the Rev. W. W. of the baptist missionary third division of the 20th; the whole have proceeded to Poona.- society, at Calcutta, Oct. 3. 63rd regt. Lieut. Hughes to act as qu. mr. v. White.-80th regt. FENNETT, Olivia M, at Calcutta, aged 13, Oct. 18. Maj. R. B. Wood, to be lieut, col, by purch. v, Baker who retires; FORREST, L. A. C. s. of Capt. 40th N.1, aged 1, at Saugor, Capt. R. A. Lockhart, to be maj. by purch. v. Wood; Lieut. A.,W. Sept. 30. Riley, to be capt. by purch, v. Lockhart; Lieut. col. Baker to Cal. GRASTIN, Mary A. wife of Lieut. col. engs. at Galle, Sept. 18. cutta, thence to England, pending her Majesty's confirmation of his GOLDSMITH, G. H. late of the ship Bangalore, at Howrah, aged retirement; Lieut. Welsh has leave for two years on m. c. to New 22, Oct. 15. South Wales.—62nd regt. Lieut. and qu. mr. Guy on leave to Cal- Griffiths, Ens, F. G. 37th N.l, son of Lieut. col. Griffiths, cutta, to appear before a board of med. officers.--$4th regt. Lieut. comm. that regt. at N. W. province. col. Willington and Lieut. Saunders have obtained leave to Eog. the HOGG, Thomas A. at Calcutta, Oct. 11. former for two years, the latter for eighteen months ; Eos. R. C. Hoorer, Lieut. W. 12th N.I. at Ferozepore, aged 24, Sept. 1, Stewart, coll. qualified as interp.-86th regt. Lient. E. H. Kelly, HousdEx, Mrs. A, widow of C. at Delhi, aged 46, Sept. 30, allowed to proc. to Eng. for two years on m. c.; Lieut. J. Jerome KILBY, R. W. at Calcutta, aged 1, Oct. 9. has qualified as interp. in the Mahratta language ; Capt. Thürsby LADD, Caleb B. s. of C. aged 2, Oct. 8. granted leave to Eng. for two years.-94th regt. Capt. Davenport LARDNER, Maria J. d. of R. F. at Calcutta, aged 4, Cot. '18. has obtained leave to Eog. for two years.

Lewis, Ens. 48th N.I. at Loodianah, Sept, 2.
LIVINGTON, Donald, at Calcutta, aged 43, Oct. 12.

LONG, Capt. S. inv. est, at Meerut. Oct. 7.

MANGE, Louis, at Chandernagore, Oct. 8.

McGregor, Ann S. d. of A. Oct. 12.
ALEXANDER, the lady of Lieut. Wm. adjt. 2nd cav, at Gwalior, 9. MELVILLE, Alexander, at Calcutta, aged 25, Oct. 10,
Oct. 15.

MYERS, Eleanor S. wife of R. at Bandah, aged 31, Oct. 9.
BAKER, the lady of capt. 9th cav, at Cawnpore, s. Oct. 3.

POIREL, Joseph, at Calcutta, aged 37, Oct. 16. BELL, Mrs. C. R. at Calcutta, d. Oct. 4.

Price, Sophia C. wife of Capt. R. 67th Allahabad, aged 23, BIGNELL, the lady of J. at Umballah, d. Oct. 4.

Oct. 8. BOILEAU, tbe lady of Capt. F. B. at Almorah, s. Oct. 9.

PRINGLE, Dr. W.M.D. at Gwalior, Oct. 5. BRETON, the wife of G, at Allahabad, d. (still-born) Oc. 10.

QUIN, Miss M. at Calcutta, Oct. 16. CARTER, Mrs. Janies, at Agra, s. Oct. 16.

RAWLINS, W.C. F. master pilot H.C. Bengal Varin, at Calcutta, Chew, Mrs. J. G. at Seebpoor, d. Oct. 12.

aged 26, Oct. 20. Dessa, the wife of G. H. at Serampore, s. Oct. 12.

ROBERTSON, Miss Heleo I. at Calcutta, aged 27, Oct. 9.
GILMORE, the wise of Canteen sergt. D. at Dum Dum, Oct. 8. ROGERS, Cecil J. at Powsing, aged 1, Oct. 5.
HARVEY, the wife of J. R. s. Oct. 13.

Unwin, R. H. s. of Lieut. R. at Etawah, aged 1, Oct. 7.
HUTCHINSON, the lady of J. R. c.s. at Allygurh, s. Oct. 8. WIGHT, George K. at Berhampore, aged 26, Oct. 2.
KING, Mrs. Jeremiah, at Calcutta, d. Oct. 10.
MACGREGOR, Mrs. Alexander, at Calcutta, d. Oct. 10.
MACGREGOR, the lady of Capt. R. G. at Agra, d. Oct. 1).

MACKLIN, the wife of John E. at Futtehghur, d. Oct. 6.
MACLEOD, the wife of Mrs. at Agra, d. Oct. 7.

PARRY, the wife of Conductor W. at Agra, s. Oct. 17.
REBELLO, the lady of John, at Agra, d. Sept. 12.

We a short time since published the opinion of ber Majesty's SALT, Mrs. W. D. at Dianpore, 9. Sept. 23.

Attorney-General, Sir F. Thesiger, bearing date 20th May, SCALLAN, Mrs. T. at Calcutta, 8. Oct. 11.

1845, to the effect that proxies held under the Charter of the


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Madras Bank were only legally available for a particular meeting, health, notwithstanding the protracted nature of the voyage and are now startled to find that the same learned authority has extending to a period of 114 days. The last division of the since given an opinion of a directly opposite tendency. We here gallant and is on board the Duke of Roxburyk, which ship sailed subjoin these two formal opinions of the chief law officer of the on the same day with the Worcester from Chusan, and may, Crown:

therefore, be looked for hourly. The 2nd regiment Native cory of OPINION TWO.

Infantry have now been nearly four years absent from Madcas, ist. We are of opinion that a proprietor in the Madras Bank may

and we believe none of our regiments have been so long abrcad. by proxy authoriz: another proprietor to vote on his behalf generally, A portion of this corps embarked for Burmah in November, 1841 and that such a proxy will be valid for successive meetings. We con- (when war with the Burmese was expected), and returned from sider that proxies of this kind are authorized by the 21st section, Moulmein in time to rejoin their regiment, then under orders

for words “ entitled to vote at any general meeting." Those words are return of the 2nd regiment N. I, reminds us of our remarks in correctly introduced, since the section does not apply to proprictors

May, 1843, when the staff officers who had served with their of one share only, or to proprietors of less than six months' standing.

regiments in China, until the termination of the war, and alter. We are also of opinion that the 19th section does not limit the

wards returned by order of Sir Hugh Gough, with a view to number of proxies which any proprietor may hold, and we are also of opinion that the 21st section does not require the objects of a proxy

their resuming their staff duties in India, but who, on their to be specified, but that a proxy may be general, authorizing the

arrival at this presideney, were ordered by the Most Noble the nominee to vote on all objects.

Marquis of Tweedale to rejoin their regiments. We find on None of the above points appear to us to admit of any serious referring to general orders that Major Shirreff bas, in consequence, doubt.

been longer absent from bis appointment than any of the other 2nd. There might be some difficulty in bringing the points in ques- officers alluded to- the less to be regretted, inasmueh as it tion for judicial decision, We conceive that it could be done only in

afforded him an opportunity of serving with much distinction as case some decision of the proprietors depended on the validity of

assistant adjutant general to the forces in China during active, votes of the kind objected to. In such a case, we think that upon a bill being filed by some of the shareholders, on behalf of themselves

operations under the gallant Sir Hough Gough. -- Atheneum,

Oct. 21. and others, against the directors, praying to restrain the directors from carrying the disputed resolution into effect, the Supreme Court

At a special sitting of the Supreme Court yesterday, before would give its decision on the validity of the votes.

their lordships, Sir Edward Gambier, and Sir William Burton, With reference to some points which might arise on such a bill, it

Mr. J. St. Julian Carruthers was sworn in proctor and attorney. may be useful to refer to Walucorth v. Hott, 4 my and Cr. 635, and at-law. Mr. Carrythers retains his office as, clerk to Sir William Fairthorne v. Il'estor, 3 Hare, 392-2, and the authorities cited in Burton. - Atheneum, Oct. 23. those cases.

The Bishop.—The Lord Bishop of Madras arrived at the 3rd. We think that proxies, executed in the United Kingdom do require a stamp. We think it must be considered that such proxies the cathedral on Sunday. His lordship and lumily, during their

Presidency yesterday evening, and will, we are told, preach at are within the Statute 55 George 3rd c. 184, schd. part 1st. Title "Letter of Attorney.!'. And we think (though the point is not free

stay at the Presideney, are, we understand, the guests of Sir of doubt) that questions as to the sufficiency of the stamp might

Edward and Lady Gambier. The bishop, it is said, will remain

at Madras rather longer than he at first intended, in consequence properly be raised in India. See Alves v. Hodson, 7 T. R. 241.

The above Statute has recently been modified, as to proxies, by the of a press of ecclesiastical business which his lordship has to ata Statute 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 21, schd. 1-6 and 7; and it may be use.

tend to preyious to his departure for Calcutta. - United Service ful for us to observe, that we think those

provisions of the

latter Sta. | Gazette, Oct. 24. tute which respect proxies would be held to apply only to British The 41st NATIVE Infantry. The 41st N.I. have been sudcompanies, not to the case if a company in India, and that this latter denly ordered to prepare for immediate departure to the northstatute leaves proxies of the latter description to be governed by the ward, consequent on some lawless acts of recent occurrence on previous law,

the frontiers of the Northern Circars. The regiment, it is stated, (Signed) FRED. THESIGER. LOFTUS WIGRAM.

is to proceed by sea to Vizagapatam, but at this season a very

unfavourable passage may be looked for. How inestimably COPY OF OPINION ONE.

valuable would a coast steamer be to Government on this emerCase.

gency. We have not been able to ascertain the exact particulars Your opinion is requested.

of the disturbance above referred to, but it is rumoured that two ist. Whether a general proxy of the proprietor entitled to yote at

small parties of the 37th grenadiers, one under a havildar and a general meeting is, under section xxi., legally available for more the other under a jemadar, were repulsed; and that the latter than one meeting, or whether a nominee can continue to vote subse. was obliged to lay down bis arms. The Worcester, Kite, and, quent to the date of such a proxy, until the same be revoked or other. Sarah Crisp, are tendered as transports, and have been surwise rendered ougatory.

veyed, but as yet nothing has been decided. - Ibid. 2nd. Whether, with reference to section xix. of the Charter, which Accident to Lieut. GREENLAW.- A correspondent at Jaul." limits personal votes, a nominee can hold an unlimited number of

nah, gives the following account of a very afflicting event which proxies, and vote under them.

occurred at that station on the 10th inst. : -" It is my faufal 3rd. Whether, by the wording of section xxins any proxy can be legally given to a nomince to vote on all occasions and on all subjects,

duty to inform you of a most melancholy and fatal accident

, that or whether the particular objects of the proxy pust not be specified Greenlaw and family were occupying the bungalow on the bill,

two days since befel Lieut, Greenlaw, of the 32nd, Mr. therein.


opposite the village of Murthil, about one-and-half miles from ist and 3rd. We ate of opinion that a proxy, to be legally avail.

the cantonment, for the benefit of his child's health. He invited able, should be given for a particular meeting, and should specify the

Ensign F. of his own corps, to spend the day with him on particular matters upon which the right of voting is to be exercised. Friday last, the 10th inst., and, as antelopes abound along the

2nd. We think a pomivee may hold an unlimited number of proxies, hills in connection with the one I have alluded to, they went and would be entitled to the full number of votes which they repre- after some, and awful to say, Mr. F.'s rife ball, discharged tosented.

FRED. THESIGER. wards the animals, missed its object and entered the abdomen of

poor Lieut. Greenlaw, whom Ensign F. did not see at the time, Temple, 20th May, 1845.

passing through his back, shattering the bladder, and perforating It is certainly to be regretted that the case, as submitted for the intestines in ten different places. He was wounded between the opinion of the Attorney-general by the solicitors of the Bank

8 and 94. ., and survived till 9 .., apparently wife ke I need of Madras, has not been given along with the Attoney-general's

pain, and in full possession of his senses, till he expired. reply, because such would better bave enabled the public to not tell you the deep affliction into which this has thrown poor judge of the consistency of Sir Frederic Thesiger's two opinions,

Mrs. Greenlaw, and Capt. Baker's family, who are related; and which certainly are at direct variance with each other United Ensign F-, poor young man, is distructed; biaving been the Service Gazelte...??!this a senzoo"

cause (although accidently) of the death of bis best and dearest

friend. '. Ibid. MISCELLANEOUS

VOLUNTEERS For H. M.'s 5714. — The volunteering of the

right wing of her Majesty's 57th foot will, we are informed by Troors From Cuina.— A detachment of the 2nd regiment, the Crescent, commence on the 30th inst., at Arnee, and ter under the command of Major Shirreff, consisting of 300 of all minate on the 1st proximo. The

volunteering for the left wing, ranks, arrived from China, since we last went to press, in the at Arcot, to commence on the 3rd, and terminate on the 5th ship Worcester, which sailed from Chusan on the 27th of June, proximo. The number of men so permitted to extend their serwith the following officers : - Capt. Green, Lieut. Erskine, vices in India are limited in number to the extent opposite the Ensign (now Lieut.) Acton, Ensign Brown, and Assistant undermentioned corps, which will thus be completed to theic Surgeon Brigham. We understand the troops are in the best full establishraent inclusive of the probable duraber of men' likely

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to be invalided this season :-Her Majesty's 21st Royal Native Bengal Fusiliers, 17; hér Majesty's 25th Borderers, 65; her Majesty's 8th foot, 62; her Majesty's 94th foot, 31 ; total, 182. The rolunteering is to be conducted under the superin tendence of Major Russell, her Majesty's 84ch foot. - United Service Gazette, Oct. 14.

SYMPTOMS OF HONESTY IN THE NATIVE CHARACTER. – A Hindu having found a cheque on the bank in one of the streets of the second division, Black Town, he first of all handed it over to another, and then after a conference, the duo deemed it prudent to step over to the police, and produce the cheque before the bench. The cheque was for the sum of three hundred and odd rupees, signed by one Patabee Chetty, who identified it.

A correspondent writes us, " The removals of corps have not as yet made their appearance in orders, but the following can be relied upon :--6th from Madras to Bangalore ; 21st, Madras to Singapore ; 41st, Palaveram to Vizigapatam; 20th, Belgaum to Madras; 49th, Vellore to Madras; 33r3; Cuddapah to Dhar. war; 23rd, Dharwar to Belgaum."

Messrs. Bruce and Co., the well known chemists and druggists of Madras, have erected some chemical works near Peram. boor. The first and principal object they have succeeded in making is the well known corrosive acid commonly called oil of vitriol; many other preparations are manufactured by them, for which they were wholly dependent on the mother country. The works exterior present nothing more to the eye of the beholder than a large and extensive pile, composed entirely of sheet lead, within which the acid is prepared. We trust this successful effort will lead to the introduction of other manufactories, for it is high time that something was done to improve the condition of the country. --Athenaum, Oct. 25.



and under 450 200 of 300


missioned officers are Detachment of 450 rank and file or more
Temporary promotion

when no non-com.
attached will be au-
thorized in the pro.
portion of 1 serjeant
and 1 corporal to 20




allowance when


Writer and stationery.

Staff allowance.

Horse and office ocent allowance.





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Fort St. George, Oct. 14.- The Most Noble the Governos in Council is pleased to notify, for the information of parties concerned, that a surgeon or assistant-surgeon is not entitled to Should a medical officer be required for a detachment of Eu. consolidated medical staff salary for the charge of any party of ropean drafts or recruits less than 50 men, the special sanction European infantry inferior in numerical strength to a wing of a of Government will be necessary on the oceasion. regiment.

If a detachment be reduced in progress up the country, a corThe words " or infantry ” in the ninth line of par. 1, under responding change will take place in the stad, so as to adapt the the head “ Regimental Surgeons and Assistant surgeons," in sec. classes thereof to the diminished strength of the party. Ap17, page 409 of the Code of Pay and Audit Regulations, are, pointments take effect from the date on wbich the detachment accordingly to be struck out of all official copies of the book. marches,

The allowances for the Staff are fixed as follows. STAFF ALLOWANCES FOR DETACHMENTS OF EUROPEAN Troops.

Fort St. George, 17th October, 1845.— The Most Noble the Governor in Council is pleased to cancel the whole of the rules contained in G. O. G., 29th January, 1830, and the correspond.

Rank or Appointment. ing entries * in the code of pay and audit regulations, and to direct the adoption of the rules in force under the Bengal Presi. dency, regarding staff allowances for detachments of European drafts, recruits, invalids, and time-expired men, going from or,



Surgeon or Asst. surgeon.coming to the Presidency,

N.B. the staff allowance is for The following regulations are accordingly promulgated, which

every 100 men in lieu of all are not, however, to bave effect when the distance is short of allowances extra to his regi

30 30 fifteen days' march, nor when detachments are proceeding the mental rank

60 whole distance by sea, nor in stationary quarters.

Adjutant proceeding by water..

COA Commanding officers are to draw the following allowances,


90 A

180 Quarter master proceeding by water ........


60 marching

€о в Serjeant major, exclusive of pay

as serjeant Strength.


Quarter master serjeant do.

do, .

do. Temporary serjeants - pay as

serjeants.... Rs. Rs.

corporal-do. corporals Company or 44 Rank and

3rd class... Filc

25 0

A. 3 rupees per diem.

B. 2 rupees per diein.
45 30* 0

75 0

In case the non-commissioned staff and non-commissioned 174 60


officers belonging to the artillery or dismounted European dra." 218

75 261

goons, the relative classes are to have the benefit of the difference 305 200.750

of regimental pay, in addition to those rates. 0

The commanding officer will furnish the inilitary auditor gene. 90 0

225 0 0 ral with returns, shewing the original strength of the detachment, 170 1000

and the separate details for each corps composing it; the date of

making over men to their corps lying in lois route, will also be No allowance is authorized for detachment less than half a

reported to him by tbe same authority, who will pass the differcompany.

ent allowances to individuals entitled thereto, according to the Section 9, head datachment, pages 172 and 173, pare. ) ; section 21, head

above scale, on the appointments being, coufirmed by the Comdetachmen puges 515 and 516, para. 2,


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Daring the division of a royal regiment into wings, and in the event of an adjutant, acting quarter-master, and paymaster being appointed to the detached wing, the following allowances are sanctioned.

To the adjutant, the allowances of his appointment according to the rate above laid down.

To the acting quarter-master, two rupees per diem.

To the acting paymaster, three rupees per diem, and ten rupees per mensem, for a clerk.

These orders are to have effect from the 1st November, 1845, inclusive, from which date, instead of the allowances authorized by the regulations now cancelled for the command of wings or other detachments composed of regular troops or companies, the allowance of twenty-five rupees per mensem granted for the command of native detachments of a certain strength, will become payable also for the command of each party of European troops or companies detached, under any circumstances, from regimental head-quarters, and having no staff officer attached to it.

SANDYS, Lieut. col. "G. 2nd L.C. app. to the com. of Jaulnah is

cancelled, Oct. 14. Scott, Lieut. A. N. art. fr. 5th to 1st batt. Oct. 13. SHIRREFP, Brev. maj. R. 2nd N. I. ret. fr. China, will res. bis app.

As dep. asst. adj. geu. of the centre division, Oct. 10. SPARK$, Lieut. T. P. 17th N.I. to do duty with local corps in Te.

nesserim provinces, to be capt. fr. Oct. 13.
STILES, Eos. G. H. to rank in the army fr. June 13.
TUDOR, Ens. W.O. to rank in the army fr. June 14.



FANE, W. arrived Oct. 5.


CHESNEY, Lieut. 23rd W. L. I.
COUCHMAN, 1st Lieut, art. qual. as adjt.
CROFTON, Lieut. 52nd N.1. qual. as iaterp.
FLETCHER, Ens. sth N.I.
FORD, Lieut. 12th N.I.
HARE, Ens. 17th N.I.
Keys, Lieut. 17th N.I. qual. as interp.
Riach, Lieut. 12th N.I.
STRAHAN, Lieut. 8th N.I. qual. as adjt.


APPOINTMENTS, &e. HUNTER, J. A. to assist. to coll, ani mag, and agent to gov. Fort

St. George, in Vizagapatam, Oct. 21. Lewin, F. M. to be a com, on the part of the Hon. E. I. Company,

for receiviog possession of the town of Tranquebar, with the dis. tricts thereunto belonging, transferred by treaty by his Majesty the King of Denmark. MONTGOMERY, Sir H. C. to be a com. on the part of the Hon. E. I.

Company, receiving possession of the town of Tranquebar, with the districts thereunto belonging, transferred by treaty by his Ma. jesty the King of Denmark. NEWILL, H. rec. ch. of off. Oct. 11. White, D. act. coll. and mag. of Guntoor, del. over ch. to H.

Newill on Oct. 11.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. AMSINCK, Maj. E. 3rd batt. art. perm. to ret. to Eur. on farl. BABINGTON, Lieut. J. E. M. 48th N.I. 3 years to Europe on furl. BELL, Maj. O, 12th N.I. to Eur. on farl. Oct. 10.' BURN, Maj. G. 14th N.I. 3 mo, to presidency. DUNLOP, Capt. G. W. N. 4th N.I. fr. Oct. 2, to pres. prep. to appl.

for leave to Eur, on m. c. DYER, Lieut. T. D. T. 36th N.I. from Nov, a to March 1, 1846,

Masulipatam. FOORD, Èos. J. B. 9th N.I, fr. date of quitting regt. to April 6, to

Masulipatam and presidency, on m. c. HILL, Capt. W. dep. judge-adv.-gen. Ist district, ff. Not. 1, 1845,

to Nov. 1, 1846, to W. co. and sea, on m. c. ISACKE, Lieut. M. W.7th L.C. fr. Oct. 6 to Oct. 10,1846, Madras

and E. coast, on m. c. JOYCE, Lieut. A. 36th N.I. to Eur. on m. c. Oct. 17. ORR, Lieut. S. G. G. 23rd L.I. to Bombay, on n. c. prep. to appl.

to proc. to Cape for 2 years. Powys, Capt.

P. A, S. 4th N.I. fr. Nov. 15, Madras prep, to appl. for leave to Eur, on furl. SNOW, Lieut. W. S. 20th N.I. to Eur. on m. c. Oct. 17. SOUTHEY, Lieut, C. G. 48th N.I.

3 years to Earope on furl. WROUGHTON, Capt. N. 5th L.C. Nov. 36 to April 21, 1845, bo

rem. at Sholapore, on m.,c.

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"APPOINTMENTS, &c. BALFOUR, Asst. surg. E. G. fr. 46th to 5th N.I. Oct. 16. FERNANDEZ, Asst. surg. T. F. M.D. to be civ.sarg. of Negapatan. Howe, Asst. surg. A. H. M.D. rem. fr. 36th N.I. to do detyrat

Pres. Gen. Hospital, Oct. 18. LLOYD, Asst. surg. W. M.D. fr. Nagpore subs. force to 46th N.I. PACKMAN, Asst. surg. J. D. V, having been relieved fr. doing

duty with 41st N.I. to do duty with 4th batt. art. till further

orders, Oct. 11. Scott, Asst. surg. W. M.D. to be zillah surg. of Salem, Oct. 14.

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APPOINTMENTS, &c. BABINGTON, Capt. D. 17th N. I. plaç. at disp. of C. in C. for reg,

duty, to be maj. fr. Oct. 13. Bell, Capt. 0. 12th N.I. to be maj. fr. Oct. 22. Bell, Brev. capt. H. H. art. fr. 1st to 5th batt. Oct. 13. BERNAL, Cornet A. 7th L.C. to be lieut. fr. Sept. 30, v. Bruere,

deceased. BOLTON, Lieut. C. G. 21st N.I. ret. to duty, Oct. 13. BROWN, Eas. T. to rank in the army fr. June 14. CODD, Ens. P. L. to raok in the army fr. June 14. CROFTON, Lieut. T. 52nd N.I. to be gr. mr. and interp. fr. Oct, 10, DANIELL, Eas. E. S, to rank in the army fr. June 14. DUNBAR, Ens. E. to rank in the Army fr. June 14. FANE, Eos. W. to do duty with the 37th grens. Oct. 20. PAUNCE, Cápt. R. N. act. dep. judge adv. gen. to assume ch. of 3

districts, Oct.20.
FLOND, Ens. E. 17th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 10.
Foley, Eos. H. 33rd N.I. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 14, v. Mockler, res,
GALLWEY, Ens. J. H. 12th N.1. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 22.
GERRARD, Capt. J. to be a lay trust. to chap. of Vizagapatam.
GLOVER, Major P. D. 12th N.I. transp. to inv. est. fr. Sept. 22.
GREENWAY, Ens. T, to rank in the army fr. June 14.
HALLIDAY, Lieut. J. G. 12th N.I, to be capt. fr. Oct. 22.
HARE, Ens. H. A. 17th N.I, to be Lieut. fr. Oct. 13.
HARPUR, Ens. R. W. 37th gren. to be lieut, fr. Oct. 8, v. Gold-

smith, dec. Oct. 17.
HESSEY, Ens. W. H. to do duty with 41st N.I.
HUGHES, Lieut. R. 16th N.I, ret. to duty, Oct. 17.
HUTTON, Ens. W. C. to rank in the army fr. Jude 14.
JENKINS, Ens. A. to rank in the army fr. June 14.
JOHNSTONE, Ens. G. N. to rank in the army fr. Jane 14.
LASCELLES, Brev. capt. 4th L. C. app to ch. of invalids on board

the John Line, is cancelled, Oct. 4. MARSHALL, Capt. H. A. 4200 N.I. in ch. of detach, about to pro.

ceed to Wallajahbad to take ch. of details of his corps on arrival at that station, Oct. 17. MOCKLER, Lieut. C. 33rd N.1. permitted to resign the service of

the E. 1. Company, Oct. 14.
NORMAN, Capt. 1st N. V. Batt. to take ch. of invalids on board the

John Line, proceediog to England, Oct. 4.
NORTON, Ens. E. N. to rank in the army fr. June 14.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. CAMPBELL, Asst. surg, J. C. in ext. to Nov. 30. HAGGER, Vet. surg. T. 8th L.C. 3 mo. fr. Oct. 25. Rawes, Asst. surg. W. W. fr. Oct. 9 to April 20, 1846.


BIRTHS. BOYLE, the wife of J. G. at Narsingapoorum, d.'Oct. 7. Brown, the wife of Serjt. maj. J. P. 36th N.I. at Secunderabad, s.

Sept, 28, DORWOOD, the lady of Asst. surg. at Ootacamund, s. Oct. 5. DOUTRE, the wife of A. 2nd apoth. at Kamptee, d. Oct. 8. Jacobs, the wife of Wm. B. at Madras, d. Oct. 18. Ludlow, the wife of Lieut, engs. at Madras, d. Sept. 23. MACQUEEN, the wife of Asst. apoth. George, at Madras, s. Oct. 12. MARSHOE, the wife of Troop gr. mr. H.A. at Kamptee, s. Oct. 1. OUCHTERLONY, the lady of Lieut. engs. at Kotergherry, d. Sept. 28. QUANBROUGH, the lady of Lieut. Geo. 1. N. at Cochin, d. Oct. 10. Schmitz, the lady of Rev. F. H. W. at Tanjore, s. Oct. 17. Temple, the lady of Lieut. and qc. mr. J. 14th regt. N.I. at Quilon,

s. Sept, 30. Tobin, Mrs. Elizabeth, at Egmore, s. Oct, 22. West, the wife of Capt. A. 6th regt. at Peramboor, d. Oct. 16. WOODEX, the wife of Robert, at Madras, s. Oct 16.

[blocks in formation]

FRASER, Alexr. Robt. to Catherine W. d. of Lieut. col. Sandys,

3rd L. C. at Bangalore, Oct. 14. MURRAY, Laurance, asst. apoth. H.M. 84th, to Elizabeth M. d. of

the late George P. Lamoury, at Madras, SMITH, Wm. to Sophia Lewis, at Madras, Oct. 16. TULLOCH, Lieut. C. W. Ist fus. to Anna Mary, d. of the late

Francis Stephen Senior, 35th N.I. at Bangalore, Sept. 16. WIGHT, Andrew, to Mary A. d. of the late John Sedgelly, at

"Madras, Oct. 8. WILLICK, Joseph, to Frances L. Kerver, at Madras, Oct. 7.

DEATHS. BISHOP, C. F. infant d. of C. at Madras, aged 1, Oct. 15. BRUERE, Lieut. A. S. 7th L.C. at Jubbulpore, aged 23, Sept. 30. DALLAS, Joseph, at Madras, Oct. 8. Dashwood, Eliza P. d. of T. of the town major's office, at Madras,

aged 1, Oct. 13. GOLDSMITH, Lieut. F. 37th grens. at Madras, Oct. 8. GREENLAW, Lieut. W. A. 32nd N.I. accidentally shot at Jaul.

nah, Oct. io. PARKBR, Charlotte, d. of J. at Madras, aged 5, Oct. 9. PARKER, Ann Maria, d. of J. at Madras, aged 6, Oct, 9.


ARRIVALS. Oct. 11. Paragon, Boxley, Pondicherry; Spiteful, Maitland, Maulmain.-13. Hindostan, Moresby, Calcutta.-15. Kite, Ritcbie, London.-St. Helena, Mann, Port Louis.- 16. Defiance, Evatt, Mauritius.-17. Deborah, Godin, Pondicherry; Galatheó, Bille, Copenhagen.-18. Worcester, Bickford, Chusan.

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Spiteful-Capt. Simpson, lady, and child ; Capt. Briggs and children ; 1 serjeant, 2 corporals, 2 bombardiers, 1 gunner, 4 women, and 12 children. Madras Artillery–2 native officers of the 52nd M.N.I. Capt. T. H. Franck, and Mrs. Franck.

Per barque Indian Queen-D. R. Kerr, commander, from Co. lombo, Oct. 1.

Per Defiance-P. C. Reid, esq. and 97 emigrants for Calcutta.

Per Worcester-Brev. major Shirreff, bt. ; Capt. Green, Lieuts. Erskine and Acton, Asst. surg. Brigand, and 217 sepoys.

DEPARTURES. Oct. 11. Elizabeth Ainşlie, Lyster, Maulmain ; Agneslie, Richards, Maulmain ; Sarah, Walker, Malabar coast and Bombay.-13. Alecto, Anwyl, London; steamer Spiteful, Maitland, Trincomalee.-14. Steamer Hindostan, Moresby, Suez.-18. Defiance, Evatt, Calcutta. -19. Paragon, Boxley, Coringa; Mary Niron, McDonnell, Lon. don; Indian Queen, Kerr, Coringa.-21. Galathia, Billo, Calcutta. -22. Pilate, Fabre, Marseilles ; Hope, Venerosity, Northern Ports.

have been fearful. The Molamedan mosque, called the Jooma Musjid, had a narrow escape, the house next to it having been burned. Various condicting accounts are in circulation as to the manner in which the fire originated. Some say that two men of the Purvoe caste having repaired to the shop of the borah to purchase some fire-works, one of them expressed a doubt of their being good ; on this the borah, to give a. proof of their quality, lit a China cracker, which exploded in his hand before he had time to throw it out of his shop : some of the burning portions of the cracker were scattered about the shop, while one unfortunately fell on a bag of gunpowder-the result may be better conceived than described the roof of the shop was blown off, the whole building instantaneously in flames, and the shopman, by some accounts, was killed on the spot. Another account states the fire to have orginated in the carelessness of the purchasing Purvoe, who having lit a cracker, instead of throwing it out, thought lessly dropped it in the shop, but this latter account we think almost too improbable for belief. The fire at first raged with great fury, but was eventually got under, not, however, before it had consumed upwards of one hundred and ninety houses and stalls. The loss of property on this occasion is estimated at about seven lakhs of rupees. Fifty, men of H.M.'s 17th regiment were marched from Colabah to the scene of the disaster, a number of men belonging to the marine battalion were also on the spot. Drafts of seamen from H.M.'s ships For and Pilot, the guardship Hastings, the sloop of war Coote, and the steamers Semiramis and Acbar, lent their valuable as sistance in extinguishing the fire. Several gentlemen were present, and contributed by their directions and efforts to the success of the night. Among them were Mr. Danvers, Major Willoughby, Capt. Parr, Capt. Boulderson, 1. N. ; Capt. Lynch, Col. Seton, &c. After some hours of scyere toil, the men expressed a desire "to splice the mainbrace." This was speedily complied with, and gave them fresh vigour for after efforts. During the conflagration, notice was given to the police, that in the lower floor of a house, the upper part of which was on fire, there was a number of barrels of gunpowder. A party of sailors immediately volunteered the dangerous task of removing them, and actually removed the whole quantity, wbile showers of sparks were falling around them. This is one of those instances of fool bardiness which, in our opinion, is more deserving of censure than praise. We do not wish to underrate the personal courage of the brave men who risked their lives on the occasion, but we would wish to shew that they risked more than their own lives, and that, however cheaply they miglit value their own lives, they had no right to risk, as they did, the lives of hundreds, we may say thousands, of their fellow-creatures. Had a single spark fallen upon one of these barrels, unprotected as they were by any ivet clothi or covering, the communication would have been instantaneous, and the cousequences fearful to reflect on,

The daring displayed by the seamen was no doubt gratifying to the feelings of the service to which they belong, but we think the display in this case was premature, at any rate till an attempt had been made to drown, the powder, an undertaking, we fancy, of no great difficulty with the hose of a powerful engine directed on it. We may remark en passant that it is a matter worth enquiry, at the hands of the authorities, how this large quantity of gunpowder, nearly 4,000 lbs., came into the possession of a private individual. Tlie want of a sufficient number of buckets to pass the water to the engines was much felt, and complained of. We understand that the Moolah in charge of the Musjid objected at first to allow the water of the Musjid Tank to be used, but his Moolaship's objections were speedily overruled. It is almost a pity we think that he and others of the natives who raised similar objections were not ducked in their own wells. As may well be conceived, au occurrence of this fearful nature was not unattended by its mishaps. Two officers and a midshipman of the Indian navy were severely injured, the former by the falling of a portion of a building, and the latter by the explosion of some gunpowder; a sear

seaman too of the same service was injured to an extent that endangered his life, We have not heard how the poor man is. We regret to learn that the loss of life has been considerable--ten children, three women, and two men having fallen victims to the raging fury of the element. Courier, Nov. Ist.

BELGAUX.We have letters from our Belgaum eorrespondent! dated the 18th instant. At the date of writing, and for four or five days previously, it had been raining copiously at Belgaum. The Ryots are, as a matter of course, quite rejoiced—not so the dealers. We are informed that Mr. De Vitre, the magistrate of Belgaum, his mamlutdar, and about a dozen peons, have been perambulating the streets, and causing the removal of sundry heaps of dirt and filth, the accumulation of months. It is stated that the town has been very much neglected of late by the au


PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Sarah.–Basigu Buggs, 12th regt. M. N.I.

Per Paragón.-Capt. and Mrs. Faunce and 3 children, Lieut: Dale, 40th regt., Lieut. McVicar, Ensigos Greenway and Fane, and 1 asst. apothecary.


Madras, October 25, 1845.

Government Securities.
5 per cent. loan of 1825-26 2 to 74 per cent. prem.


7} do. 1841


4 per cent. 1832-33 *2 to 2.5 per cent. dis.


is do. Tanjore Bonds

24 Bank of Madras Sbares

39 per cent. prem.
Agra and U.S. Bank Shares of

250 to 260 Rs. do.
Rs.500, Madras

3. d. Agents' Bills on London at 6 months' sight

1 9 at 3 do.

1 9 at 30 days' sight

94 H. M. Treasury Bills.... . at 30


193 Sovereigns..

Rs. 11-2 to 11-3 each. Bank of England Notes

il to 11-1 Spanish Dollars, Rupees 35 per 16 Dollars.



[blocks in formation]
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