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to be invalided this season:-Her Majesty's 21st Royal Native
Bengal Fusiliers, 17; her Majesty's 25th Borderers, 65; her
Majesty's 84th foot, 62; her Majesty's 94th foot, 31; total,
182. The volunteering is to be conducted under the superin-
tendence of Major Russell, her Majesty's 84th foot.
Service Gazette, Oct. 14.


SYMPTOMS OF HONESTY IN THE NATIVE CHARACTER. —A Hindu having found a cheque on the bank in one of the streets of the second division, Black Town, he first of all handed it over to another, and then after a conference, the duo deemed it prudent to step over to the police, and produce the cheque before the bench. The cheque was for the sum of three hundred and odd rupees, signed by one Patabee Chetty, who identified it.

A correspondent writes us, "The removals of corps have not as yet made their appearance in orders, but the following can be relied upon:-6th from Madras to Bangalore; 21st, Madras to Singapore; 41st, Palaveram to Vizigapatam; 20th, Belgaum to Madras; 49th, Vellore to Madras; 33rd, Cuddapah to Dharwar; 23rd, Dharwar to Belgaum."

Messrs. Bruce and Co., the well known chemists and druggists of Madras, have erected some chemical works near Peramboor. The first and principal object they have succeeded in making is the well known corrosive acid commonly called oil of vitriol; many other preparations are manufactured by them, for which they were wholly dependent on the mother country. The works exterior present nothing more to the eye of the beholder than a large and extensive pile, composed entirely of sheet lead, within which the acid is prepared. We trust this successful effort will lead to the introduction of other manufactories, for it is high time that something was done to improve the condition of the country.-Athenæum, Oct. 25.

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STAFF ALLOWANCES FOR DETACHMENTS OF EUROPEAN TROOPS. Fort St. George, 17th October, 1845.-The Most Noble the Governor in Council is pleased to cancel the whole of the rules contained in G. O. G., 29th January, 1830, and the corresponding entries in the code of pay and audit regulations, and to direct the adoption of the rules in force under the Bengal Presidency, regarding staff allowances for detachments of European drafts, recruits, invalids, and time-expired men, going from or coming to the Presidency,

The following regulations are accordingly promulgated, which are not, however, to have effect when the distance is short of fifteen days' march, nor when detachments are proceeding the whole distance by sea, nor in stationary quarters. Commanding officers are to draw the following allowances, viz. :



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Command allow.


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Contingent allow

for. Sta

tionery and all chargesincidental

to the payment of

the Detachment.




20 0

30 O 0

40 0 0

50 0 0
60 0 0

70 0 0


90 0 0

100 0 0

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50 0 0
75 0 0
100 0 0
125 0 0
150 0
175 0 0
200 0
225 0 0
250 Ὁ 0


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3rd class..

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Surgeon or Asst. surgeon.-
N.B. the staff allowance is for
every 100 men in lieu of all
allowances extra to his regi-|
mental rank

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Should a medical officer be required for a detachment of European drafts or recruits less than 50 men, the special sanction of Government will be necessary on the occasion.

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If a detachment be reduced in progress up the country, a corresponding change will take place in the staff, so as to adapt the classes thereof to the diminished strength of the party. Appointments take effect from the date on which the detachment marches.

The allowances for the Staff are fixed as follows.

Palanquin allowance when

and under 450

Detachment of 450 rank and file or more


of 300






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Writer and

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Temporary promotion

when no non-com-
missioned officers are
attached will be au-.
thorized in the pro-
portion of 1 serjeant

and 1 corporal to 20




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Staff allowance.

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Horse and office tent allowance.





Serjeant major, exclusive of pay
as serjeant


Quarter master serjeant do.
Temporary serjeants-pay as

corporal-do. corporals

A. 3 rupees per diem.

In case the non-commissioned staff and non.commissioned officers belonging to the artillery or dismounted European dra.” goons, the relative classes are to have the benefit of the difference of regimental pay, in addition to those rates.

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B. 2 rupees per diein.


60 180

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The commanding officer will furnish the military auditor gene. ral with returns, shewing the original strength of the detachment, and the separate details for each corps composing it; the date of making over men to their corps lying in his route, will also be

No allowance is authorized for detachment less than half a reported to him by the same authority, who will pass the differ





*Section 9, head datachment, pages 172 and 173, para, ) ; section 21, head
detachmen, ages 515 and 516, para, 2,

ent allowances to individuals entitled thereto, according to the
above scale, on the appointments being confirmed by the Com-





During the division of a royal regiment into wings, and in the event of an adjutant, acting quarter-master, and paymaster being appointed to the detached wing, the following allowances are sanctioned:

To the adjutant, the allowances of his appointment according to the rate above laid down.

To the acting quarter-master, two rupees per diem.

To the acting paymaster, three rupees per diem, and ten rupees per mensem, for a clerk.

These orders are to have effect from the 1st November, 1845, inclusive, from which date, instead of the allowances authorized by the regulations now cancelled for the command of wings or other detachments composed of regular troops or companies, the allowance of twenty-five rupees per mensem granted for the command of native detachments of a certain strength, will become payable also for the command of each party of European troops or companies detached, under any circumstances, from regimental head-quarters, and having no staff officer attached to it.



HUNTER, J. A. to assist. to coll. and mag. and agent to gov. Fort St. George, in Vizagapatam, Oct. 21.

LEWIN, F. M. to be a com. on the part of the Hon. E. I. Company,
for receiving possession of the town of Tranquebar, with the dis-
tricts thereunto belonging, transferred by treaty by his Majesty the
King of Denmark.
MONTGOMERY, Sir H. C. to be a com, on the part of the Hon. E. I.
Company, receiving possession of the town of Tranquebar, with
the districts thereunto belonging, transferred by treaty by his Ma-
jesty the King of Denmark.

NEWILL, H. rec. ch. of off. Oct. 11.
WHITE, D. act. coll. and mag. of Guntoor, del. over ch. to H.
Newill on Oct. 11.


DYKES, J. W. 2 mo. to Belgaum, fr. Oct. 10.



STREET, Rev. J. C. A. B. to act as chaplain of St. Thomas's Mount, during abs. of Rev. V. Shortland, on leave.


BOWIE, Rev. M. 2 mo. to Arcót, Arnee, and Bangalore, on duty,' Oct. 15.


BABINGTON, Capt. D. 17th N.I. plac. at disp, of C. in C. for reg. duty, to be maj. fr. Oct. 13.

BELL, Capt. O. 12th N.I. to be maj. fr. Oct. 22.
BELL, Brev. capt. H. H. art. fr. 1st to 5th batt. Oct. 13.
BERNAL, Cornet A. 7th L.C. to be lieut. fr. Sept. 30, v. Bruere,
BOLTON, Lieut. C. G. 21st N.I. ret. to duty, Oct. 13.
BROWN, Ens. T. to rank in the army fr. June 14.
CODD, Eus. P. L. to rank in the army fr. June 14.




CROFTON, Lieut, T. 52nd N.I. to be qr. mr, and interp. fr. Oct. 10.
DANIELL, Ens. E. S. to rank in the army fr. June 14.
DUNBAR, Ens. E. to rank in the Army fr. June 14.
FANE, Eus. W. to do duty with the 37th grens. Oct. 20,
FAUNCE, Capt. R. N. act. dep. judge adv, gen, to assume ch. of 3
districts, Oct.20.

FLOND, Ens. E. 17th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 10.

FOLEY, Ens. H. 33rd N.I. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 14, v. Mockler, res,
GALLWEY, Ens. J. H. 12th N.1. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 22.
GERRARD, Capt. J. to be a lay trust. to chap. of Vizagapatam.
GLOVER, Major P. D. 12th N.I. transp. to inv. est. fr. Sept. 22.
GREENWAY, Ens. T. to rank in the army fr. June 14.
HALLIDAY, Lieut. J. G. 12th N.I. to be capt. fr. Oct. 22.
HARE, Ens. H. A. 17th N.I. to be Lieut. fr. Oct. 13.
HARPUR, Ens. R. W. 37th gren. to be lieut. fr. Oct. 8, v. Gold-*
smith, dec. Oct. 17.

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SANDYS, Lieut. col. G. 2nd L.C. app. to the com. of Jaulaah is cancelled, Oct. 14.




SCOTT, Lieut. A. N. art. fr. 5th to 1st batt. Oct. 13. SHIRREFF, Brev. maj. R. 2nd N.I. ret. fr. China, will res. bis app. as dep. asst. adj. geu. of the centre division, Oct. 10. SPARKS, Lieut. T. P. 17th N.I. to do duty with local corps in Tenesserim provinces, to be capt. fr. Oct. 13. STILES, Ens. G. H. to rank in the army fr. June 13.

TUDOR, Ens. W. O. to rank in the army fr. June 14.


[blocks in formation]


AMSINCK, Maj. E. 3rd batt. art. perm. to ret. to Eur. on furl.
BABINGTON, Lieut. J. E. M. 48th N.I. 3 years to Europe on furl.
BELL, Maj. O. 12th N.I. to Eur. on furl. ÖOct. 10.
BURN, Maj. G. 14th N.I. 3 mo, to presidency.

DUNLOP, Capt. G. W. N. 4th N.I. fr. Oct. 2, to pres. prep. to appl. for leave to Eur. on m. c.

DYER, Lieut. T. D. T. 36th N.I. from Nov. 1 to March 1, 1846, Masulipatam.

FOORD, Ens. J. B. 9th N.I. fr. date of quitting regt. to April 6, to Masulipatam and presidency, on m. c.

HILL, Capt. W. dep. judge-adv.-gen. 1st district, fr. Not. I, 1845, to Nov. 1, 1846, to W. co. and sea, on m. c.


ISACKE, Lieut. M. W. 7th L.C. fr. Oct. 6 to Oct. 10, 1846, Madras and E. coast, on m. c.

JOYCE, Lieut. A. 36th N.I. to Eur. on m. c. Oct. 17.

ORR, Lieut. S. G. G. 23rd L.I. to Bombay, on m. c. prep. to appl. to proc. to Cape for 2 years.

Powys, Capt. P. A. S. 4th N.I. fr. Nov. 15, Madras prep, to appl.

for leave to Eur. on furl.

SNOW, Lieut. W. S. 20th N.I. to Eur. on m. c. Oct. 17 SOUTHEY, Lieut. C. G. 48th N.I. 3 years to Europe on furl. WROUGHTON, Capt. N. 5th L.C. Nov. 30 to April 21, 1845, to rem. at Sholapore, on m. c.


BALFOUR, Asst. surg. E. G. fr. 46th to 5th N.I. Oct. 16.
FERNANDEZ, Asst. surg. T. F. M.D. to be civ. surg. of Negapatan.
HowE, Asst. surg. A. H. M.D. rem. fr. 36th N.I. to do duty at
Pres. Gen. Hospital, Oct. 18.

LLOYD, Asst. surg. W. M.D. fr. Nagpore subs. force to 46th N.I. PACKMAN, Asst. surg. J. D. V. having been relieved fr. doing duty with 41st N.I. to do duty with 4th batt. art. till further orders, Oct. 11.

SCOTT, Asst. surg. W. M.D. to be zillah surg. of Salem, Oct. 14.


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BOYLE, the wife of J. G. at Narsingapoorum, d. Oct. 7. BROWN, the wife of Serjt. maj. J. P. 36th N.I. at Secunderabad, s. Sept. 28.

DORWOOD, the lady of Asst. surg. at Ootacamund, s. Oct. 5.
DOUTRE, the wife of A. 2nd apoth. at Kamptee, d. Oct. 8.
JACOBS, the wife of Wm. B. at Madras, d. Oct. 18.
LUDLOW, the wife of Lieut. engs. at Madras, d. Sept. 23.
MACQUEEN, the wife of Asst. apoth. George, at Madras, 5. Oct. 12.
MARSHOE, the wife of Troop qr. mr. H.A. at Kamptee, s. Oct. 1.
OUCHTERLONY, the lady of Lieut. engs. at Kotergherry, d. Sept. 28.
QUANBROUGH, the lady of Lieut. Geo. I. N. at Cochin, d. Oct. 10.
SCHMITZ, the lady of Rev. F. H. W. at Tanjore, s. Oct. 17.
TEMPLE, the lady of Lieut. and qr. mr. J. 12th regt. N.I. at Quilon,
s. Sept, 30.

TOBIN, Mrs. Elizabeth, at Egmore, s. Oct. 22.
WEST, the wife of Capt. A. 6th regt. at Peramboor, d. Oct. 16.
WOODEN, the wife of Robert, at Madras, s. Oct 16,

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Cox, C. of the art. to Maria, d. of Jas. Reger, at Madras, Qot. 7%.

FRASER, Alexr. Robt. to Catherine W. d. of Lieut. col. Sandys, 3rd L. C. at Bangalore, Oct. 14.

*) **


MURRAY, Laurance, asst. apoth. H.M. 84th, to Elizabeth M. d. of
the late George P. Lamoury, at Madras.
SMITH, Wm. to Sophia Lewis, at Madras, Oct. 16.
TULLOCH, Lieut. C. W. 1st fus. to Anna Mary, d. of the late
Francis Stephen Senior, 35th N.I. at Bangalore, Sept. 16.
WIGHT, Andrew, to Mary A. d. of the late John Sedgelly, at
Madras, Oct. 8.

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WILLICK, Joseph, to Frances L. Kerver, at Madras, Oct. 7.

[blocks in formation]


Oct. 11. Elizabeth Ainslie, Lyster, Maulmain; Agneslie, Richards, Maulmain; Sarah, Walker, Malabar coast and Bombay.-13. Alecto, Anwyl, London; steamer Spiteful, Maitland, Trincomalee.-14. Steamer Hindostan, Moresby, Suez.-18. Defiance, Evatt, Calcutta. -19. Paragon, Boxley, Coringa; Mary Nixon, McDonnell, London; Indian Queen, Kerr, Coringa.-21. Galathia, Billo, Calcutta. -22. Pilate, Fabre, Marseilles; Hope, Venerosity, Northern Ports.

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have been fearful. The Mohamedan mosque, called the Jooma Musjid, had a narrow escape, the house next to it having been burned. Various conflicting accounts are in circulation as to the manner in which the fire originated. Some say that two men of the Purvoe caste having repaired to the shop of the borah to purchase some fire-works, one of them expressed a doubt of their being good; on this the borah, to give a proof of their quality, lit a China cracker, which exploded in his hand before he had time to throw it out of his shop: some of the burning portions of the cracker were scattered about the shop, while one unfortunately fell on a bag of gunpowder-the result may be better conceived than describedthe roof of the shop was blown off, the whole building instantaneously in flames, and the shopman, by some accounts, was killed on the spot. Another account states the fire to have orginated in the carelessness of the purchasing Purvoe, who having lit a cracker, instead of throwing it out, thoughtlessly dropped it in the shop, but this latter account we think almost too improbable for belief. The fire at first raged with great fury, but was eventually got under, not, however, before it had consumed upwards of one hundred and ninety houses and stalls. The loss of property on this occasion is estimated at about seven lakhs of rupees. Fifty men of H.M.'s 17th regiment were marched from Colabah to the scene of the disaster, a number of men belonging to the marine battalion were also on the spot. Drafts of seamen from H.M.'s ships For and Pilot, the guardship Hastings, the sloop of war Coote, and the steamers Semiramis and Acbar, lent their valuable assistance in extinguishing the fire. Several gentlemen were present, and contributed by their directions and efforts to the success of the night. Among them were Mr. Danvers, Major Willoughby, Capt. Parr, Capt. Boulderson, 1. N.; Capt. Lynch, Col. Seton, &c. After some hours of severe toil, the men expressed a desire to splice the mainbrace." This was speedily complied with, and gave them fresh vigour for after efforts. During the conflagration, notice was given to the police, that in the lower floor of a house, the upper part of which was on fire, there was a number of barrels of gunpowder. A party of sailors immediately volunteered the dangerous task of removing them, and actually removed the whole quantity, while showers of sparks were falling around them. This is one of those instances of foolhardiness which, in our opinion, is more deserving of censure than praise. We do not wish to underrate the personal courage of the brave men who risked their lives on the occasion, but we would wish to shew that they risked more than their own lives, and that, however cheaply they might value their own lives, they had no right to risk, as they did, the lives of hundreds, we may say thousands, of their fellow-creatures. Had a single spark fallen upon one of these barrels, unprotected as they were by any wet cloth or covering, the communication would have been instantaneous, and the consequences fearful to reflect on. The daring displayed by the seamen was no doubt gratifying to the feelings of the service to which they belong, but we think the display in this case was premature, at any rate till an attempt had been made to drown the powder, an undertaking, we fancy, of no great difficulty with the hose of a powerful engine directed on it. We may remark en passant that it is a matter worth enquiry, at the hands of the authorities, how this large quantity of gunpowder, nearly 4,000 lbs., came into the possession of a private individual. The want of a sufficient number of buckets to pass the water to the engines was much felt, and complained of. We understand that the Moolah in charge of the Musjid' objected at first to allow the water of the Musjid Tank to be used, but his Moolaship's objections were speedily overruled. It is almost a pity we think that he and others of the natives who raised similar objections were not ducked in their own wells. As may well be conceived, an occurrence of this fearful nature was not unattended by its mishaps. Two officers and a midshipman of the Indian navy were severely injured, the former by the falling of a portion of a a building, and the latter by the explosion of some gunpowder; a seaman too of the same service was injured to an extent that endangered his life. We have not heard how the poor man is. We regret to learn that the loss of life has been considerable ten children, three women, and two men having fallen victims to the raging fury of the element.-Courier, Nov. 1st. +1+ "A


BELGAUM. We have letters from our Belgaum correspondent dated the 18th instant. At the date of writing, and for four or five days previously, it had been raining copiously at Belgaum. The Ryots are, as a matter of course, quite rejoiced-not so the dealers. We are informed that Mr. De Vitre, the magistrate of Belgaum, his mamlutdar, and about a dozen peons, have been perambulating the streets, and causing the removal of sundry heaps of dirt and filth, the accumulation of months. It is stated that the town has been very much neglected of late by the au


men be so fed quick Correspondent asks, would the

if proceeding on service? We answer, we have not the slightest doubt of it, if occasion required. Courier, Nov. J.moosi et brodzon Chang

EXECUTION OF Two CRIMINALS. The two criminals Essoobjee Ibraham and Baba Fuckeerajee, who were convicted of the murder of two women and a boy, in the harbour of Bombay, were executed on the morning of Friday, the 17th October. Ibid. or to mo0 9d of arms van akibel orgineM JUS






Head Quarters, Poonah, Sept. 16, 1845. At a General CourtMartial assembled at Hydrabad, on Friday the 18th day of July, 1845, and of which Lieut-col. Wilson, of the 14th Regt. N.I. is president, Assist.-surg. Lowry, M.D. of the medical establishment, was tried on the following charge, viz. :


Assist-surg. Lowry, M.D. placed in arrest, and brought to trial on the following charge, viz.:


be for conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, in having

at on or the 4th day of July, 1845, deliberately and knowingly falsely asserted that he had at Kurrachee, and on several occasions at Hydrabad, had connection with a female named Girzee, such assertion being untrue and contrary to fact.





Head Quarters, Kurrachee, 9th July, 1845. s By order of His Excellency Major-Genl. Sir C. J. NAPIER, G.C.B. commanding the troops in Seinde. DC 1 (Signed) EDWARD GREEN, Major, Assist. Adjt.-genl. Upon which charge the Court came to the following deci sion:

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Finding and Sentence.The Court having maturely weighed and considered all that has been in of the cution, as well as what has been brought forward in the defence, are of opinion that the prisoner, Assistant-surgeon Lowry, M. D. is "guilty" of the charge preferred against him, in breach of the Articles of War in such cases made and provided, and they do therefore adjudge him, the said Assistant-surgeon Lowry, M.D. to be Cashiered. (Signed) TT. CHRISTIE, Capt, Officiating Judge Advocate. Misf G. J. Wilson, Lieut. col., and President. P .ch ob ar Approved and Confirmed. (Signed) THOMAS THOMAS MCMAHON, Lieut. gen. and Comdr-in-Chit.



rism.. regrips



The name of Assistant-surgeon J. L. Lowry, M.D. is to be struck off the strength of the Medical Establishment of the Army from the date of the publication of this order at Hydrabadsh

1979 5 3.


By order of His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief. (Signed) C: HAGART, Lieut.-col., Adjt.-gen. of the Army. Major-general Simpson will be pleased to communicate to the Assistant Adjt.-general the day on which this order is received at Hydrabad.

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COLES, G. rec. ch. of Sholapore collect. fr. A. Gray, to proc. into his districts on dep. Oct. 29. ELPHINSTON, A. coll. of Poona, perm, to proc. into his districts on dep. fr. Oct. 6.350 03 tricts on dep. fr. Nov. 23. FAWCETT, E. G. coll. of Ahmedabad, perm. to proc. into his dis


10 350


FRERE, W. E. coll. of Dharwar, to proc. on dep. into his districts Oct. 17. exp besit Biot of bis of batzog H WOSSA GRANT, A. R. to Ahmednuggur, under sup. of coll. at that station to Mahratta Oct. 18.30 bus-RES A MASS GRAY, A. rec. ch. of Sholapoor, collect. fr. E. Montgomerie, del. over ch. to G. Coles, LIDDELL, H. coll. of Rutnagheree, to proceed on deputation into his districts, fr. Nov:15. 10 25 m LLOYD, F. to be 3rd asst. to coll. and mag. of Tanna, sub G. to resume app us act, and sess. Jud. of the


Concan. Esdqdad and MONTGOMERIE, E. made over ch. of Sholapoor collectorate to Gray, Oct. 11.5 to most bare se od The 38.7H บ MORGAN, J. R. act. 1st asst. to coll. and mag. Ahmedabad, pl. in per. ch. of districts of Dholka and Veerumgaum, Oct. 29. STUART, A. C. asst. to res. at Baroda, and act. pol. ag. in the Rewa Caunta, ass. ch. of off. on Oct. 8.T&



BELL, H. 0.50.39,8100 LLOYD, F.

1. Jusi,TAYLOR, A. I. best Javor!
J. der Jusil Kiwood I. der.endT
37 Just boS HOOZI
1. diaran

RETELO BIRDWOOD, W. judge and sess. judge of Sholapoor, 2 mo. fr. Oct. 21. LARKEN, M. dep. civ. and dep. mint master, 2 mo. fr. Oct. 17. RAVENSCROFT, A. W. 1 mo. in ext. of . NE JOTO OBT REEVES, H. W. pol. agent So. Mahratta Country, Imo. fr. Nov. ROBERTSON, A. D. leave ext. to 3 161057 of 70 TYTLER, C. E. F. 2nd asst. to coll. of Ahmednuggur, 1 mo. under sect. 11 of Abs. Regs. Oct. 22. 850.11.00 Jugal,raw all

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5. ap modmol of 18 JusilazizwAH 05.270 11,1857101 MILITARY.291.vao tusil,aaYAH 8.440 dol Vadmoll of EVO APPOINTMENTS, &c. 1.1. Ja ARTHUR, Lieut. E. P. 1st L.C. to be mil. sec. v. Capt Arthur, proc. to Europe, Oct. 16.2.0 odor of Ing Joko BATTYE, Lieut. M. J. asst. sup. of Ghat police, to be an asst. mag. in Zillahs, except Ahmedabad and Dharwar. os tus EAT BRETT, Lieut. on being relieved fr. care of 7th Golundauze battito proceed to Kurrachee and Bombay, and to report his arrival to the adjt. gen. Oct. 5. of progreside 19 as ban los 19) CHITTY, Ens. W. T. to rank fr. Oct. 10, posted to 13th N.I. Oct. 24. CHRISTIE, Lieut. C. F. 2nd Eurp. It.inf. to be capt. in suc. to

Macan, promoted to rank fr. Oct. 10.

DOUGLAS, Lieut. G, R. art. ret. to duty Oct. 9; to join 4th comp 2nd batt. at Belgaum, Oct. 25.

DYETT, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to proceed to Gharta, and do duty with detach, there stationed.

FINNIMORE, Lieut. 5th comp. Golundauze batt. art. to rec. ch. of dordnance departments at Hyderabad, during abs. of Lieut. Bell, at Kurachee, on m. c. Oct. 2. GRAHAM, Lieut. 2nd Eur. act as adj. to care of Bundel kund legion dar. such time as Lieut. Law may be acting as 2ad!



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in com. HAILES, 2nd Lieut. J. Cart. to join 1st: battz at Ahmednuggar. HERVEY, Lieut. C. R. W. 2nd Eur. Lt. Inf. app. asst. gen. supt. of operations for suppression of Thugger, Oct. 27. MANTL Hicks, Capt. art. having reported his arrival at hd. qu. to proceed to Hyderabad, and assume Lieut. Brett of 7th comp. Golundauze batt. Oct. 5. 0962 431201 JAMESON, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to proceed to Ghrrra and do duty with detach, there stationed and LAW, Lieut. and adj.

cay, of the Bundelkund legion, to act as

2nd in com. Oct. 5.

MACAN, Capt. G. 2nd Eur. L.I. to be maj. v. Fawcett, retired to

rank fr. Oct. 10. MALCOLM, Ens. G. 13th N.I. to be lieut. v. Ducat, deceased, to rank fr. Oct. 10.

MARKS, 2nd Lieut. A. R. art. to join 1st batt, at Ahmedpuggur MAYOR, Lieut. to com, Beloochee recruits at Gharra MONTGOMERY, Lieut. 14th N.I. to act as qr. mr. .interp. and pay. master to 14th N.I. v. Stewart, promoted, Oct. 24. MORSE, 2nd Lieut. R. A. art. fr. 1st to 2nd batt. and to join 4th co. 2nd batt. at, Belgaum, Oct. 28.

ORD, Eng. E. H. posted to 3rd N.. to join head qrs. at Ahmedabad, Oct. 241,itau bebus: a .. 36 8 KI PARR, Capt. Si act. sup. of police, to act as asses. of/wheel tak, Oct. 28.0

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PELLY, Lieut. Persian interp. to his Ex. the Gov. to attend as

interp. to the mil. com. now sitting, Oct. 2; to act as asst. adjt. gen. during the abs. of Major Greeny CAB 44:n organ REID, East H. G. H. to rank fr. Oct. 10, posted to 2nd Eur. L.

SALMON, Capt. 2nd Cav. in ch. of details of 13th and 14th and 17th regts.

SCOTT, Lieut. 17th N.I. to join to act as interp. to his regt. Oct. 24. SOAMES, Ens. G. 2nd Eur. Lt. Inf. to be lieut. in succ. to Christie, promoted, to rank fr. Oct. 10,


SOPPITT, Lieut. 13th N.I. to act as qr. mr. to 12th N.I. dur. abs. of Lieut. Holbrow, on leave, Oct. 24,

SPARROW, Ens. H. posted to 3rd N.I. to join head qrs. at Ahmedabad, Oct. 24.



TESCHEMAKER, 2nd Lieut. engs. to receive ch, of ordnance stores and com. of H. battery, with details attached fr. Capt. Giberne, proc. on leave, Oct. 24.

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THATCHER, Capt. W. inv. est. ret. to duty, Oct, 9.
TWEEDALE, Capt. to perform duties of veterinary dept. of 1st L,C.
dur. abs. of Nixon,
WADDINGTON, Ens, to act as qr, mr. to 17th N.I. during abs. of
Ens. Campbell, on leave, Oct. 24.



WHITEHILL, Lieut. S. J. K. 23rd L.I. to join Oct. 25,
WRIGHT, Capt. 3rd N.I. to be 2nd in com. of the Beloochee batt.


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BOYE, Capt. 22nd N.I. LJ FÖRLONG, Lieut. 1st N.I.
BRACKENBURY, Ens. 19th N.L. GOODWIN, Lieut. 16th N.I.
BURROWES, Ens. 15th N.I. KINLOCH, 2nd Lieut. art.
'CONYBEARE, 2nd Lieut. art. SKIPTON, Ens. 2 grens.

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ARTHUR, Cornet 2nd L.C. to Bombay, on m. c.
BRYAN, Ens. C. V. 17th N.1. attach. to 20th N.I. fr. Oct. 17 to
Nov. 17 to rem. at Poona.
CHRISTIE, Capt. T. T. 17th N.I. 2 mo. to remain at Kurrachee.
DE WET, Lieut. C. G. fr. Oct. 6 to Nov. 30, to Bombay and W. C.


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On m. c.

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HAWKINS, Lieut. art. to Bombay, on m. c.
HAYES, Lieut. cav. reg. Bundelkund Legion, 1 year, fr. Nov. 15, to
Bombay, on p. a.
HOLL, Capt. F. E. 4th N.I. fr. Oct. 15 to Nov. 30, to Bombay,




on m. c.

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HOUGH, Lieut. 3rd N.I. to Kurrachee, Oct. 5.

LECKIE. Lieut. 13th N.I. to Bombay, on m. c.


STALKER, Lieut. col. F. 2nd Eur. L.I. 1 year, fr, Nov. 15, to pre-
sidency, on p. a.
WALLACE, Lieut. col. J. 20th N.I.furl. to Eur. leave canc. Oct. 18.
WELLS, Capt. coll. and mag. of Shikarpore, to Kurrachee, on m.c.


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MEDICAL: "5 APPOINTMENTS, &c. ALLENDER, Asst. surg. to rec. ch. of 1st comp. 2nd batt. art. fr. Pitman. ANDERSON, Asst. surg. A. T. M.D. attached to I.N. v. Faithful. ARNOTT, Surg. 18th N.I. to rec. med. ch. of brig. staff, &c. &c. at Hydrabad, until arr. of Lowry. COLES, Asst. surg. to proc, in med, ch. of details of 8th and 25th N.I. on march to Bombay. FAITHFULL, Asst. surg. J. J. I.N. to be civ. surg. at Broach. Zar IMLACH, Asst. surg. to rec. med. ch. of the Scinde camel corps, and to join. MARAFFY, Asst. surg. to rec. med. ch. of 11th N.I. and 2nd and 4th comps. of the Golundauze batt. fr. asst. surg. Manisty. PITMAN, Asst. surg. to rec. med. ch. of 1st comp. 2nd batt. art. fr. Allender, and to assume ch, of Nat. Gen. Hosp. and at Hydrabad. WARD, Asst. surg. 2nd L.C. to med. ch. of the Beloochee batt. v. Wright, resigned, Oct. 2. ( jstrlar vaneben (1) dí, os fuert ཀི༑! ཨ་ YMAL ADMITTED TO THE SERVICE, arrived at tHE DATES * Y ANA denim fisbree ད【་མས། SPECIFIED. 150 ་་་་་།་

ANDERSON, A. T. M.D. Oct. 9.. I us M
FREEMAN, J. E. M.D. Oct. 18.

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BLOXHAM, Asst./surg. C. O. fr. Nov. 1 to 30, to vis. pres.

KANE, Sup. surg. C. 1 mo. to pres. fr. Nov. 10. 看吗



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MARINE DEPARTMENT. ༣༥! ] G& -,,? Bombay Castle, Nov. 1, 1845. The leave of absence to Surat, on private affairs, granted to Mr.) J. M. Renwick, mids. 1.N. is extended until Oct. 10.

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Mr. NW. Oliver, first assist. to the mast. attend. leave of abs! sence for fourteen days, from Oct. 1, to proceed to Khandaila, on private affairs.765) se zd get 19 494


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Lieut. J. S. Grieve, IN. returned to duty without prej. to his rank, by permis. of the Hon. the Court of Directors.

Assist. Surg. A. T. Anderson, M.D. is attach. to the I.N

Mr. J. A. Keys, sen. capt.'s clerk, to be purser, v. Turner, retired,
Mr. J. C. Beyts, sen. act, clerk, to be capt.'s clerk,
Mr. R. Bennett, act. clerk, to be capt.'s clerk.


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The unexpired portion of the leave to the Neilgherries, on m.c. granted to Com. H. A. Ormsby, 1.N. by G. G. O. No. 13, dated Jan. 25 last, is cancelled. Com. Ormsby, to proceed to Eur. with leave of absence for one years was Duft to t !et{VTD% Lieut. W. E. L. Campbell, of the Hon. Co.'s S. P. Semiramis, is perm. to reside on shore. K N Mr. Connor, mid. of the Sesostris, is perm. to reside on shore. 17 Mr. Beyts, capt.'s clerk, fr, the Hastings to the Atalanta, as clerk in charge of that vessel.


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Mr. J. B. Hadley, acting clerk, and attached to to the Queen. Mr. S. B. Hillard, mid. of the Hastings, is perm, to reside on shore."



" YU Commander J. Froshard. to the com. of the Sesostris. Lieut. Fell, assist. surv. of the Palinurus, to the Buoy vessel, building for Bengal Gov. 8 B

Lieut. A. M. Grieve, of the Sesostris, to the Palinurus) as assist.



2007 is WHOLE 98) NG 95992 975 Lieut. Montriou, Indian navy draftsman, to the com. of the surv brig Taptee. Com. Boulderson, act. assist. sup, will assume ch. of the Indian Navy Draftsman's office.



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Mr. Connelly, act. clerk sup. on board the Hastings, to the surv. brig Taptee as clerk in charge. J. Miller, Q. M. supernum. on the Hastings, is placed at disp. of the master attend. for duty on the Colaba light vessel as 2nd mate. Mr. M'Donald, mid, of the Hon. Col's st. frigate Sesostris, permitted to reside on shore. a. sit - vull sub0 M.H Coed Trout is firdies 24 a 1931 IT ** How t 16 pour BIRTHS. proti Wie " ADAMS, the lady of Maj. H.M. 28th, at Poonahys.Oct. 22: 4 CARDWELL, the lady of Thomas, at Bombay, s. Oct. 22. ( $ CRAIG, the wife of Sub-conductor W. at Poonab, s. Oct. 9. GONSALVES, the wife of D. F. at Belgaum, d. Oct. 13. L RAYMER, Mrs. H. at Dharwar, d. Oct. 9.

{ r!! **w{V # DOMESTIC.

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JOHNSON, Wm. to Elizabeth Anne Gillies, at Bombay, Oct. 14. ;




CAMPBELL, Lieut. Wm. E. L., 1.N. at Bombay, Oct. 17.
COCHRANE, Andrew, at Bombay, Oct. 26,11 Akk
ELLIOTT, Robert, nt Mhow, aged 44, Oct. 25. Human be
GEARY, W. H. engineer of steamer Parsee, at Bombay, aged 27,
Oct. 17.
LUCE, Thomas, of the I.N. on board the steamer Auckland, at
Bombay, aged 19, Oct. 22.

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ROBERTSON, J. McD. C.S. at Bombay, Oct. 13.
SPRINGBETT, E. engineer of H. C. steamer Comte, at Bombay,
Oct. 31.


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ARRIVALS. Do » be OCT. 15. Stebonheath, Cromarty, Cork; John Adams, Gardner, Mauritius; Lowjee Family, Ayers, China; Forfarshire, Symons, Cork. 20. Princess Royal, Doutty, Cork.-211 H.M.S. For, Blackwood, Madras; Lascar, Green, Greenock; Benares, Gilkinson, Cork.-22. St. Laurence, Newlandy, Liverpool.-24. Arab, Sumner, London. eda naudo wendy moo'?


Per Stebonheath.-Lieut. col. Hon. H. Dundas, C.B., 60th regt. rifles; Major M. G. Dennis, Capt. E. M. Lowe, Lieut. E. Campbell, Lieut. A. Mossy. 2nd Lieut. F. Dawson, 2nd Lieut. D. B. Ward, Paymaster E. Coxen, capt.; Adj. D. Jones, lieut." Quari-mas. T. Berray ;~ Surg. E. R. Boyes; Mrs. Coxen'; Mrs. Berray Master Coxen; 339 troops of 60th Rifles, including wol men and children.osyre-drateter A biɛɛ ads,min spast.


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Per Forfarshire.-Major Murray, H.M. 60th Rifles; Capt. Bedford, do. do.; Capt. Fanshaw, 12th regt.; Lieut. Armstrong, 60th Rifles; Lieut. Clapertt, do. do.; Lieut. Salmon, do. do.; Lieut. Williams, do. do.; Lieut. Bayne, do. do.; Lieut. Vaughan, do. do.; Forbes, do. do.; Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Symons; Mrs. raham, , two Misses Murray; 238 men, women, and children of H.M. 60th Rifles. I „AČ pogrue-dizde př 13 Sint 1 *** cult to theurde dasel (299)[]{t to itsme que 4 * fox Athy se jebno Poly 10 DEPARTURES. Cop st, mod 1. OCT. 16. Sultany. Llervelyn, Calcutta; Lady of the Lake, MacTaggart, London.-18. Delhi, Horner, Liverpool.-19. Borneo, Hogg, Calcutta,-21, Ann Marlin, Martin, Part Glasgow→→22. Fuzel Barry, McKay, Calcutta, 28. Albyn, Walker, Antwerp Nov. 1. Steamer Atalanta, Suez.

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PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Sultany.-A. Boswell, Esq. ***** Per Lady of the Lake.-E. H. Kelly, Esq. H.M.'s 86th regt. Per Delhi.-T. L. Leader, H. E. Redmore, Mrs. Leader. Per steamer Atalanta.—Mrs. Costelloe and 2 children, with Eu ropean servant; Mrs. Candy and 3 children, with a European and

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