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Service Military Po


2nd ditto

lice Battalion Nursingpore.
1st Company Şeepree.


Umballah ditto U oballa.

2nd ditto


Meerut dilto Meerut.

3rd ditto
5th ditto

Delhi ditto Delhi,

6th ditto

Kurnaul ditto Kernaul.


7th ditto

Agra ditto Agra.
1st Regiment Seepree.

Joudpore Contingent Erinpoorah.

Shekahwattie ditto . Joonjndo.


Kotah ditto Murad-i-munsii,
Gwalior Contingent,
1st Regiment (Gre-

Bhopaul ditto . Sehore.


Malwah ditto Mehidpore.

SHERMAN, W. B. to Miss Ellen Pettingal, at Tirhoot, Nov. 14.

SHIRCORE, Mr. C. M. to Miss Vardon, at Calcutta, Dec. 30.
BEAN, the wife of R., H. M. 4th Foot, at Meerut, s. Nov. 24. SMART, G. B., II. C. M. to Mrs. M. F. Phillips, at Calcutta,
BEAUFORT, Mrs. E. P. de, at Calcutta, d.

Dec. 12. BECHER, the lady of Rev. Jas. at Meerut, s. Dec. 9.

TEMPLER, Mr. E. to Mrs. Mary Preston, at Caleutta, Dec. 28. CAMPBELL, the lady of Capt. C. Ist L.C. at Neemuch, s. Noy. 21. WALPOLE, Thos. B. to Julia Frances, eld. d. of J. Bennett, at CAMPION, the lady of W. G. at Calcutta, d. Dec. 20.

*Calcutta, Dec. 28. CLAPPERTON, the lady of Capt. at Calcutta, s. Dec. 28.

WARWICK, Charles, to Isabel Palmer, d. of late A. B. Fraser, åt CLARKE, the lady of II., c.s. at Allahabad, d. Nov. 23.

Calcutta, Dec. 28. CLERMONT, Mrs. T. W. at Chinsurah, s. Dec. 31. CORBET, the lady of Jas. at Patna, d. Dec. 24. CUMBERLEDGE, the lady of Capt. E. A. at Delhi, d. Dec. 9. BAILLIE, Elizabeth Amelia, d. of Mr. and Mrs. N. at Calcutta, CURRIE, the lady of A. P., C.S. at Mirzapore, d. Dec. 6.

Dec. 30. DELAMAIN, the lady of Lieut. art, at Agra, d. Dec. 19.

BARWISE, James, late opium agent at Jaanpore, murdered by hired DUMERGUE, the lady of J. S. at Mirzapore, s. Oct. 9.

assassins, Dec. 15. DUNCAN, Mrs. W. at Chowringhee, s. Jan. 7.

BECHER, Alice Mary, infant d. of the Rev. at Meerut, Dec. 19. D'Souza, the wife of Mr. A. junior, Calcutta, d. Dec. 29.

BECKETT, Capt. W.9th B.N.I. at Allahabad, aged 47, Dec. 14. FERRIES, the lady of Capt. J. D. 12th N.I. at Umballa, s. BIGGE, Capt. H. L. 66th N.I. at Burrishol, aged 39, Dec. 9. Dec. 10.

CLARKE, G. H. c.s. at Bolundsluber, aged 20, Nov. 19. Ferris, Mrs. S. C. at Calcutta, d. Dec. 17.

CLEMENTS, Mrs. R. at Calcutta, Dec. 8. FORSTER, the lady of Capt. at Sultanpore, d. Dec. 10.

COULOW, E. A. the d. of T. at Calcutta, aged 3, Nov. 10. Goad, the lady of Bt. capt. 67th N.I. at Banda, d. Dec. 4.

CRAWFORD, the infant s. of Mrs. R. at Calcutta, Nov. 6. GORE, Mrs. Caroline, s. at Calcutta, Dec. 25.

CRAY, the infant s. of J. G. at Agra, Nov. 23. HALDANE, the lady of Capt R. ist. irreg. cav. at Neemuch, s. DALRYMPLE, John, surg. 9th it. cav, at Umballa, aged 44, Nov. 27. Noy. 21.

FOSTER, Alexander John, s. of the late J.A. aged 3, at Howrah,
HALLIDAY, the lady of F. J. c.s. at Calcutta, d. Dec. 20.

Nov. 30.
HASLOCH, the lady of Capt. 39th, N.I. at Nowgong, s. Nov. 20. GLASS, E. A. the infant s. of A. G. at Calcutta, Dec. 9.
HEATHCOTE, the lady of T. G. civ. assist. surg. at Akyab, d. HAY, Sarah, the infant of T. nt Sirsaul, Dec. 14.
Dec. 1.

HOGLANG, Mr. J. F. at Purneah, aged 44, Dec. 16.
HOBDAY, the lady of Lieut. T. F. at Agra, d. Nov. 26.

Holt, Louisa, wife of sub-cond. J. at Calcutta. MANGER, the lady of 0.'assist surg. at Seonie, d. Oct. 31.

KINGSTON, Lieut. col. George, at Calcutta, aged 56, Dec. 23. Mixoss, Mrs. M. A. at Calcutta, s. Dec. 28.

LEFEVER, Charles, between Lurrisaul and Dacca, late of Calcutta, MURRAY, the lady of J: at Calcatta, d. Dec. 22.

aged 55. NUTRALL, the lady of Capt. assist. com. ģen, at Cawnpore, s. LOWRIE, E. W. at Calcutta, aged 60, Nov. 9. Nov. 27.

MALING, Chas. Robt. s. of Lt. C. R. 28th regt. at Sylhet, Dec. *77. OSBORNE, the lady of Rev. J. F. at Calcutta, s. Jan. 5.

MCMULLAN, W. at Calcutta, aged 46, Nov. 29. PEAKE, Mrs. S. at Meerut, d. Dec. 9.

NEADH AM, Mr. Joseph, at Allipore, aged 34; Dec. 21. PEARSON, Mrs. R. at Hurdwar, s. Dec. 15.

MEYERS, Bradford Guy, s. of H. at Agra, Dec. 3. · Pughe, the lady of J. R. 47th N.I. at Benares, s. Dec. 9.

NICHOLAS, Miss Nundinah, at Calcutta, aged 8, Dec. 28.
Ross, the widow of the late Rev. W. H. at Calcutta, d. Dec. 20. POND, Lieut. Samuel, 46th N.I. at the residence of Capt. Grissell,
SEYMOUR, Mrs. C. C. at Calcutta, d. Dec. 14.

A. D. C. at Barrackpore, Dec. 22.
SIMS, the lady of Lieut. and Adj. G. H. M. 62nd regt. at camp near PRATT, Rev. H. A.m. at Nusseerabad, Dec. 7.
Buxar, d. Dec. 25.

Rae, Anne Maria, d. of J. at Sangor, aged 1, Nov. 13.
SPENCE, the lady of Capt. J. K. at Hooshungabad, s. Dec. 10. REBERIO, Mr. Cyprisno, at Calcutta, aged 57, Dec. 23.
TAYLOR, the lady of J. T. at Bograh, d. Dec. 5.

REILLY, Alexander B. s. of Major, at Delhi, Dec. 2. THOMAS, the lady of Capt. G. P. 64th N.I. on the river near Kulna, ROBERTSON, James Alexander, s. of James Stuart, at Calcutta, s. Dec. 25.

aged 1, Jan. 1. TWEDDELL, the lady of H. M. 51st N.I. at Meerut, d. Nov. 27. ROZARIO, Mrs. J. D'. at Serampore, aged 63, Dec. 16. URQUHART, the lady of W. H. at Tirhoot, d. Dec. 14.

SAGEMAN, Eliza, d. of the late A. at Calcutta, aged 2, Dec. 14. Walsh, the lady of the Rev. J.J. at Futtyghur, s. Doc. 2.

ŞAlter, the wife of Capt. 4th N.I. at Bareilly, Nov. 27. WHITE, Mrs. W. at Allahabad, s. Dec. 23.

SEALY, Mrs. C. P. at Calcutta, aged 34, Dec. 26. Wilson, the lady of A. surg. 72nd N.I. at Delhi, d: Nov. 25. SHAW, Mary, at Dum Dum, aged 26, Dec. 14.

STRONG, John, at Tezpore, Assam, Dec. 3.

TIERY, J. L. at Calcutta, aged 11, Dec. 5. BARHAM, Mr. R. T. to Phæbe, d. of Mr. W. Clark, at Calcutta, TROUP, J.T. at Delhi, aged 29, Dec. 11. Dec. 17.

TWISDEN, Mrs. F. at Calcutta, aged 47, Dec. 24. Chew, J. G. to Miss R. S. Briant.

WALCKIERS, Madame Therese, at Calcutta, aged 64, Dec. 30.
CHEEK, A. H. med. staff Gwalior cont., to Lucy Anne, d. of J. W. WINSER, Henry Edward, at Calcutta, aged 3, Dec. 29.
Templer, at Bancoorah, Jan. 3.

WOODWARD, Miss, at Delhi, aged 61, Dec. 10. ·
DONAHOY, Capt. J. S. to Mrs. F. Turner, at Calcutta, Dec. 28.
GREATHED, H. H. pol. ag. of Joudhpore, to Miss E. F. Turner, at

Agra, Dec. 7.

ARRIVALS. HASLEBY, J. R. to Mrs. M. Collins, at Calcutta, Dec. 2.

Dec. 21.-Blorenge, Banks, Liverpool.--25. Ollerspool, WickHEBBERT, Lieut. G. P. engineers, to Miss Harriett Ramsey, at man, Liverpool; Lord Althorp, Elliot, Liverpool.-27. Bengale, Delhi, Dec. 2.

Saliz, Bordeaux; H.C. steamer Nemesis, Ross, Bombay; steam KAVANAGH, T. H. to Miss Agnes Courtney, at Umballah, Dec. 8. ship Precursor, Harris, Madras; Hugh Walker, Cameron, KENDERDINE, Charles E. to Delia Louisa, d. of the late John Bombay; Tudor, Lay, London; Martin Luther, Hutton, Cape Smith, Esq. at Calcutta, Jan, 2.

of Good Hope.--29. Thos. Arbuthnot, Smith, Liverpool; Susan, Mendies, Charles, to Miss Isabella Sophia Scott, at Calcutta, Ager, Cape of Good Hope.---30. Mary Louisa, Thompson ; Leith ; Jan. 1.

Matilda, Rosewell, Liverpool.-Jan. 1. Water Witch, Douglas, MENDIES, Lewis Augustus, to Mrs. Louisa Eliza Pinto, at Cal- Colombo.--2. Steamer Royal Sorereign, Marshall, Penang ; Marion, cutta, Jan. 1.

Crawford, Glasgow.-4. H.M. steamer Spiteful, Maitland, CoMORCINO, A. to Miss M. Pereira, at Burrisal, Dec. 14.

lombo.-5. Ann Mylne, Thoms, Bombay.-6. Lanrick, White, BomNicolson, J. 0. of the trigl. survey of India, to Elizabeth, d. of bay.-7. Prince of Wales, Hopkins, Portsmouth; Queen, MeLeod, the late W. A. Chalmer, at Calcutta, Dec. 20.

Portsmouth. OWEN, Rev. Joseph, to Miss Augusta Margaret Proctor.

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. PARSONS, Rev. J. of Monghyr, to Miss Amelia Baynes, at Cal- Per Blorenge.-Miss Amelia Baines and Mr. Henry Moore. cutta.

Per Prince of Wales.-Mrs. Peony; Mrs. Young, and child; Pogson, W. R. to Miss J. M. Farnworth, at Dacca, Nov.5.

Mrs. Ross, and child; Mesdames Le Mesurier, Robinson and POGOSE, Joakin G. N. to Mary, d. of J. Ardall, Esq. at Calcutta, Terraneau ; Misses Blunt, S. Blunt, Stuart, Jenkins, Brown Jan. 7.

MacCarty, MacWherter, G. MacWherter and Terraneau ; Mr Ross, J. R. to Miss Ruth Everena Ward.

Young, civ. serv. ; Mr. Ross, civ. serv. ; Capt. Le Mesurier,


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Plumb; 2 Masters Duncan; Masters Riley and King; 98 men, women, and children, H.M.'s Buffs.

Per Hindostan.-Mrs. Edmonston ; Mrs. Carnigee, 4 children, and European servant; Mrs. Clayton and family ; Mrs. Col. Phillips and children ; Capt. Lewis, laly, 2 children, and European servant; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Jones; Mrs. Col. Cunliffe and family; Capt. Dyke; Mrs. Major Logan and child ; Major Baker; Mr. and Mrs. Heron; Mrs. Mellish and 2 children ; Messrs. Bulard, Russell Sturges, and A. Campbell; Major Eton; Lieut. McKenzie ; Capt. Airey; Mr. and Mrs. R. Taylor; Mesdames A. Taylor and Col. Bolton: Capt. Lumley ; Mr. Boirelly ; Coi. Clunie; Mr. Ede; Miss Stewart; Major Thorpe ; Mrs. McLean ; Mr. Hy. Brown Mirzee Dadoo; Akhub Hubbub Colla, Moonshee Mataram, Moonshee Dyaram, and 12 native secvants ; Mrs. aod Miss Chatterton; Messrs. Melntosh, Proctor, Kunnard, Newson, Roberts, and Sante; Capt. Reeves ; Col. Home; Mr. Stoddart; Dr. Gutherie ; Messrs. Whittingham, Bostock, King, Anderson, Rustchitti, Genevay, and Radfort ; Capt, Eager; Mr. and Mrs. Hider; Mr. J. A. Conroy; Lieut. Hassell; Mr. L. D. Watson and servant; Maika, and Dr. McClean.

Per Bucephalus to London.-Col. and Mrs. Delmain and family; Mrs. Fitzgerald and family ; Miss Cameron ; Mrs. P. Brown ; Mrs. and Miss Brander ; Mrs. Finch and family; Capt. and Mrs. Rous and family, H. M.'s Buffs ; Capt. and Mrs. Bontien and family ; Mrs. Wyndham and child ; Mrs. Graham and family ; Mrs. Oman and family; Lieut, Douglas, H. M.'s Buffs ; Lieut. and Mrs. Col. bourn and family, H. M.'s Buffs; Mr. and Mrs. Charles and family; Mrs. Hampton and family ; two Misses. Brittridges, and ninety-six H. M.'s Buffs.

N.I.; Rev. J. Robinson, chaplain ; Lieut. Pulley, 50th M.N.I.; Eos. Angelo, H.M. 10th reg. ; Mr. M. Petrie, merchant; Messrs. Thompson, Timbrel, Holland, Bagshaw, Weld, Leeds, Brown, Cox, Hindman, and Smith, cadets. Steerage Passengers :- Mr. Reeves; Mrs. Reeves, and child ; Mesdames Thom, Cornac, Hayes, and Linsley; J. Cullen (child), and James Armstrong, in charge of horses; 8 passengers (servant); Mr. F. Arrow, chief officer ; Mr. G. Snart, 2nd officer; Mr.J. Taylor, 3rd oficer ; and Mr. S. Clark, surg.

Per steamer Nemesis.- Mrs. R. S. Ross, and Mrs. T. Wallage.

Per Precursor.-Messrs. J. Rendall, from Southamton to Boa Vista, Cape de Verde; Unna, do. Cape; Fortescue, do. Point de Galle; D. Millie, do. do.; Llewellyn, do. do. ; Scorell, do. do.; Wing, Ceylon Rifle Regt. do. do.; and Wilkinson, do. do.; Madame Lapegre, from England to Mauritius ; Capt. Fanshawe, H.M. 12th, do. do. ; Messrs. Jolivet, Brinkley and McPherson, do. do. ; Mrs. Haly, child, and servant, do. Madras ; Mr. Walmsley, H.M. 63rd, do. do. ; Mrs. Col. John Campbell, child, and servant, do. do. ; Lieut. A. Robertson, H.M. 13th Hussars, do. do. ; Col. Grantham, Madras Army, do. do.; Lient. Dumergne, do. do.; Messrs. A. Clifton, B.C.S. and Bell, do. Calcutta ; Miss de Joux, do. do.; Mr. Heilgers, do. do.; Capt. Say, 45th B.N.I. do. do.; Mrs. Say, do. do. ; Mr. Cowell, do. do. ; Capt. Salkeld, B.N.I. do. do.; Messrs. F. Watson, Watson and Wylde, do. do. ; Mrs. Wylde, do. do. ; Messrs. Siddons, E. Snow, O. Snow and Cargill, do. do.; Mrs. Cargill, do. do.; Misses Cargill and White, do. do. ; Lieut. Baillie, 64th B.N.I. do. do.; Messrs. Dove and Main, do. do.; Mesdames Narris and Pinsent, do, do.; Mrs. Youtman, and 2 children, 2nd class, do. ; Mr. James, from Cadiz to do. ; Capt. H. Boyd, Beogal Army, from Cape of Good Hope to Ceylon ; Mrs. Boyd, do. do. ; Col. Neil Campbell, Bombay Army, do.; do. Mrs. Campbell, do. do. and 2 natives; Mr. Orr (Acct. Gen. Madras), and pative, do. Madras, and Mrs. Williamson and native, do. do. ; Messrs. Gordon and Williams, do. Mauritius ; Mr. G. Turner, Bengal M. dept. ; Mrs. Turner, and 2 natives, from Mauritius to Calcutta ;

Messrs. Rustichilli, do do.; Genevar, do. do.; and McKerrell, do. Madras; Mr. Gardner, Mr. McPherson and lady, from Ceylon to Madras; Miss McPherson, do. do. ; Mrs. Jones and family, with 1 native, and Master Haly, do. Calcutta ; Mrs. Place, 2 children, and native, do. do. ; Mrs. Beauchamp, and native ser. vant, do. do. ; Miss Garstin, do. do. ; Rev. -- Panting and lady and servant, do. ; Mrs. Robertson, do.; Lieut. Morphett, H.M. 53rd regt. and native, do.; Lieut. Watson and native, do. ; 7 deck

passengers, pative, do, do.; and I do. from Madras to do.

Per Martin Luther, from Liverpool.- Captain Mansfield, Lieut. Fenton, Ensign Tighe, Lieut. Clarke, H.M. 53rd regt. ; Dr. Barras, 140 men, 19 women and 9 children, H.M. 53rd regt.

Per Susan, from Liverpool.-Mrs. Gold, Lient. col. Gold, Capt. R. B. Brown, Lieuts. R. Spring and C. Wadderburn, Ensign N. Lucas, and Assist. surg. Fassor, 53rd regt.; 6 sergeants, 2 drummers, 165 rank and file, 22 women, and 23 children.

Per Thos. Arbuthnot, from Liverpool.-Mrs. Dunning and 4 chil. dren, Col. Phillip, Capts. T. Smot and Low, Dr. Logan, and Lieut. Bastane, 53rd regt. ; Lieut. Payne, Ensigns Shiffron and Danny; 178 recruits, 20 women, and 17 children.

Per Mary Louisa, from Leith.-Mrs. Paul and child ; Miss Paul; Mrs. Scott, Messrs. A. Paul, Paul, and Co. and P. R. Scott. Per Marion.-Hugh Reid, Esq. merchant. Per Royal Sorereign, from Penang.-Madame De Storr.

Per H.M. steamer Spiteful, from Coiombo.-R. H. Prince Waldemar of Prussia, Cornet Orisllo, Count Groven.



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Calcutta, Jan. 8, 1845.
Government Securities.

Sell. Buy. Transfer 5 per cent. paper...

prem. 21 0 20 0 Stock | Transfer Loan of 1835-36 interest pay. Paper { able in England

13 8

14 8 Second) From Nos. 1,151 a 15,200 according

5 0 5 p'ct. to Number :

.... prem. 7 8 Third or Bombay, 5 per cent.

8 8

70 New 5 per cent. .... ............................10

9 12 4 per cent. ....... .......................... disc, 0 6 New Company's 4 do. ...............................


04 Bank Shares. Bank of Bengal (Co.'s Rs. 4,000) Prem........

2,900 a 2,950 Onion Bank (Co.'s Rs. 1,000)


300 Agra Bank (Co.'s Rs, 500)

270 Mussorie Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500) ....


200 Western Bank of India (Co.'s Rs. 400)


250 Bank of Bengal Rates. Discount on private bills, 3 months 6 per cent. Ditto on government and salary bills 4 do. Interest on loans on govt. paper ....

5 do. Bank of Bengal declared dividend of 8 do.

Rate of Exchange. On London-Private Bills, with and without documents, at 6 months' sight

and 10 months' date, ls. 10 d. to 1s. 10 d. per Co.'s Rupee. Fixed Deposits.-Interest is allowed on Deposits for 3 months certain, with 30 days' notice, at

3 0 For 6 months, with 60) days' notice, at .............

4 0 For 12 months, with 90 days' notice, at ..

....... 5 0



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DEPARTURES. Dec. 17. Claudine, Norris, London; John Panter, Harris, Lon. don.-18. Othello, Thompson, Liverpool.–20. John Adam. Field, Mauritius.--24. John M'Vicar, M.Leod, Liverpool.–31. Agincourt, Nisbet, London; Reaper, Thompson, London ; Westminster, Michie, London.-Jan. 2. Diamond, Taylor, London -7. Tomalin, M`Pher. son, Liverpool; Prince Regeni, Spears, Mauritius.--8. Ellenborough, Close, London ; steamer Hindustan, Moresby, Suez; Bucephalus, Bell, London.

Per John McVicar, to Liverpool.---Rev. Mr. Corby ; Rev. Mr. McKenzie ; Rev. Mr. Swinhoe; Child, Esq.; Mrs. Child ; Jas. McIntosh, Esq. ; Miss Glass ; and 2 Masters Sharling.

Per Ellenborough, to London.-Mrs. Col. Salter; Miss Salter ; Mrs. Taylor ; Mr. Dumergue ; Mrs. Lewis ; Mr. and Mrs. Bird ; Capt. Cameron, H.M. 3rd Buffs ; Lieuts. Lee, 15th Ilussars, Nelson and Meron, H.M. 40th regt. Souter and McDerm, H.M. 3rd Buffs ; Mr. Ross; 100 rank and file H.M. 3rd Buffs and 40th regt. For the Cape.-Mr. and Mrs. Currie, C.S. and family; Mr. and Mrs. Read, C.S.; Mr. and Mrs. McLintock, C.S.; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Gladwin and family ; Capt. and Mrs. Laurenson, Horse Art. ; and Mr. Lewis. For Madras.--Lieut. and Mrs. Biggs, M.N.I.; Mrs. and Miss Belli, and three children.

Per ship Diamond, for London.-Messrs. West, Cous, Foy, and Irbine.

Per Agincourt.--Mrs. Caldecott and family; Mrs. Vajor Douglas and family ; Lieut. col. Chustee, in charge of detachment of H.M.'s Buffs ; Lieuts. Richardson and Rains; Captain Blagram, Madras Army; Lieut. English, 22nd Regt. ; Mr. and Mrs. D. Ain-lie and family; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Mackay and family ; Mesdames Morgan and Ireland, and family; Mr. J. Hill and-family; Mr. and Mrs. Gray; Miss H.

EXPORTS. Indigo.-There has been offered for sale during the week 3048 chests, of which 364 were withdrawn, and thirty bought in; the rest being disposed of at steady prices.

SUGAR.-In the early part of the week there was less inquiry, but subsequently the market has been brisk, and considerable sales have taken place, with little variation in prices. Quantity shipped to Great Britain in December, 1844, mds. 96,091.

RAW SILK.-The only sales reported are 21 mils. of Cossimbazaar, at Co.'s Rs. 10 8 to Rs. 10 io per fy. seer; quantity shipped to England in December, 1844, mds. 852.

SILK PIECE-Goods.-Corahs fiud purchasers at Rs. 135 to Rs. 140 per coorge, choppahs bas brought Rs. 125 per coorge. Sbipped to England, choppahs, &e., 4,432 ; corabs, 55,735.

SALTPETRE. - Chupprah, of inferior or middling quality, has brought Co.'s Rs. 5 to Rs. 5 14 per fy. maund.

Ghazeepore Rs. 6 3 to Rs. 6 10 per fy. md. Shipped to England, in December, 1844. Indian Maunds.

52,249 Do. to France

3,449 Do. North America


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FREIGHTS.--To England :-

£4 5 0 to £4 10 0 per ton of 20 cwts. Sugar

4 7 6 5 0 0

4 12 6 5 0 0 Rum..

4 150 5

00 per ton of 4 hhds., Hides

4 5 0 0

00 per ton of 50 feet. Shell-lac and lacdye

4 5 0 4 7 6 per ton. Juté and hemp 4 0 0 4 4 0 per ton of 5 bales. Indigo and silk

piece-goods.... 4 150 5. 5 O per ton of 50 feet. Raw silk

4 15 0 5. 5 O per ton of 10 cwt. To MAURITIUS.-Rice at

Co.'s Rs. 1.8 per bag Light Freight

25&30 per ton

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White Shirlings.-Sales not extensive, most holders requiring an advance on late rates.

Jaconets, White, have sold at an advance on late rates of 2 annas per piece, prices having still an upward tendency. Greys, no advance in price.

Mull Mulls.-Common descriptions sell well, being in demand by the Afghans; and about 2,300 pieces have been sold from Co.'s Rs. 2 11 6 to Rs. 4 per piece. Book Muslins.- Nothing doing. Printed Goods.-Sales moderate, at previous rates. !

Turkey Red Ticills.— These goods are in request at late, advance in price.

MULE TWIST.-Sales limited, with no variation in price. Woollens.- No reports. Copper:-Ditto. Spelter.--8,200 mds. have been sold from Co's. Rs. ,10 14 to Rs. 11. Most holders require an advance on these rates.

IRON.-Sales considerable at a further reduction in price. 6,000 mds. Swedish have been sold from Co's. Rs. 4 3 to Rs. 4 4 per Fy. maund, being from 2 to 4 annas lower. Sales of English 1,340 mds., a portion of which was damaged.

LEAD has been sold at lower prices ; Sa. Rs. 5 14, to 6 2 having been paid for about 2,000 mds.

BEER.-In very moderate demand.

of the mind ; many subsist upon it almost entirely. Some one has called it the manna of the day, in allusion to the food with which the children of Israel were supplied in the wil. dernesss from day to day, and which in a very little time became stale and corrupt; as indeed Providence has in its wisdom or. dained that all kinds of sustenance shall be in their nature corruptible, to remind man continually of the dependency of his state on earth. It therefore becomes all connected with the Periodical Press to provide for this constant demand. And so we begin with our weekly budget ;--we shall first mention the Church, On Sunday last, the Venerable the Archdeacon, who happened to be here on his way to the presidency, preached in the forenoon, and again in the evening, to the community of the station. The Rev. Mr. Lutyens preached in the morning to the King's Hussars, and the 2nd European Light Infantry. A stranger in our pulpit generally draws large congregations here, when it is known that such is to hold forth; but we did not observe the sacred edifice more crowded last Sunday than usual; perhaps, however, it was not known to many that the Archdeacon was to officiate, or none would have deprived themselves of the pleasure and gratification of listening to his powerful eloquence and learned discourses. -- We believe him, without question, a man of remarkable talent at some things. He possesses reasoning powers of a high order, blended with an imaginative faculty, always alive and always vigorous. He preaches in what folks at home call the level style, and if his sermons bear no peculiar features of terseness or elegance, they are not devoid of sound doctrine, and much wholesome advice, by which all ranks may profit if so disposed.

The march from this on Monday last of the right wing and head quarters of the 2nd European Light Infantry, has already been mentioned. Letters have been received from the camp last night ; all was going on well ;' no work for the doctors, not a man sick since leaving this. The regiment halted yesterday, Thursday, and Oodenhully, the stage half-way between Ossoor and Royacottah, on the Trinchinopoly road from this. The melancholy accident by which Ensign William Robertson, of this regi. ment, lost his life on the morning the corps marched from this, was stated hurriedly in our letter of the 6th inst. His funeral took place on Tuesday morning, the band of the King's Hussars having been kindly lent

occasion ; and there was a numerous attendance of officers and others, following his remains to the burial-ground. Major general Swell, C.B., commanding the station, Major general Lovell, K.H., and all the officers of the King's hussars, with numerous others, were present. The deceased was a remarkably fine young man, of about twentythree years of age, and he was universally esteemed and beloved in the regiment, by all ranks, officers and men. His melancholy end is a source of universal lamentation and regret ; that he has been so suddenly cut off, and under such circumstances, is most painful to all who knew him. He was in charge of the rear-guard, and he had been detained in assisting to help forward a bandy which had upset, so that he was a good way in rear of the regt., and he fell behind his guard, in order to allow his pony to drink at a small tank, said to be only a few feet square, but about fourteen feet deep ; it appeared from an examination of the spot, that the ground had given way on which the animal stood, and of course it had then fallen into the water; the unfortunate rider, as is supposed, being pitched over its head, and, as he could not swim, he sank immediately. No European seems to have been near, and a native boy who was with him, his own servant, was in a state of intoxication, and afforded his master no assistance whatever, although it has since been ascertained that he is an excellent swimmer and diver. All he did was, to halloo out and make a great noise, which brought back the guard with some officers who happened to be passing, going out a shooting, and who, after a long interval, got out the body, which had sunk down and was fastened in the mud at the bottom.

Sir Walter Scott, Bart., who had been absent from this for some weeks past at Arcot on court-martial duty, has returned here, and the other officers are daily expeeted, the court-martial having been dissolved, it is understood.

Letters from Major General Hill's party were received yesterday; he had finished his inspection and review of the 35th regiment of Native Infantry at Hurryhur, and is now proceeding from thence towards Coorg. But it is not expected he will return to this for some weeks yet to come.



CANNANORE, Jan. 9.-A most destructive fire broke out here about one o'clock P.M. yesterday, when an old woman was killed ; and it destroyed nearly the whole Parcherry, consisting of about a hundred huts, and Captain Hamilton's bungalow; and had not the pump been immediately despatched by Lieut. Denton to the spot, the fire would have destroyed the whole of the officers' houses on the cliff. The loss of property is supposed to be about 15 to 20,000 rupees. The fire broke out in Mr. Scott's, workshop through the carelessness of his ironsmith. Lieut. Armstrong, of the 5th regt. N.I. who is now on his way with the regiment to Bellary, has lost two excellent conveyances which he had left in Scott's charge on his departure.


BANGALORE. January 10.—The word novel is derived, we believe, from no velas, on account of the tendency of works thus named to animate the mind and avert sleep. Novels, even of the lowest caste, are devoured by the idle, the young, and a host without relish or capacity for superior concerns, to whom the exercise of fancy is pleasing, and the labour of thought irksome ; and they unquestionably afford occasional relief to the more staid members of the community in hours of languor, sickness, or solitude, when the pages of the moralist, the historian, and philosopher would be wearisome. And there are few in this country but at times experience the pleasure derived from a good novel. It is an agreeable and bulky portion of our literature, and will always be a powerful stimulant with children of all ages up

to three-score and ten, even though each new work carries substantially the same plot, only varied

in incident — thns resembling the polypus, which being cut, cach portion of the germinating animal gets itself a new head and tail, and crawls on alter et idem. A wellwritten novel, it is true, has some legitimate claim to an ascen. dancy over the human mind, since it may convey moral truths in an engaging manner to those who are averse to serious application, or unequal to the thorny paths of abstruse investigation; and it is valuable as a description of writing that may probably convey to posterity a view of the manners of the age. Next to novels, we think are newspapers, as affording a continued fund of interest and amusement. News from the four letters denoting the four quarters, North, East, West, and South, is inquired after

one. News seems the true and genuine food


MAJOR-GENERAL WAUGH. Fort St. George, Dec. 20.- The most noble the Governor inCouncil has received, with deep regret, the intelligence of the death of Maj. gen. G. Waugh, mil, aud. gen., at Penang, on the

by every



3rd ult. Maj. gen. Waugh held the situation of mil. aud. gen. LIMOND, D. R. to rec. charge of office of civ. and sess. judge of the for the last ten years, during which period the zeal and ability

Zillah of Madura. with which he discharged the important and responsible duties

MACLEAN, A. to act as 2nd mem. Board of Revenue, Jan. 7. of that high office repeatedly called forth the approbation of the MALTBY, E. to act as sub. coll

. and jt. mag. of Nellore, Dec. 27. hon, the Court of Directors ; and his Lordship in Council con

MOLLE, W. M. to act as sub. coll. and jt. mag. of Coimbatore,

Jan. 7. siders it due to his memory to place on record this public ac

MORRIS, J. C. to be trustee of civil fund, Jan. 9. knowledgment of the high sense which the Government enter

NEWILI., H. to be head assist. to coll. and mag. of Guntoor, tained of his valuable services on many various occasions.

Jan. 17.00

Orr, J. resumed charge of office of acct. gen. Dec. 23.'

PARKER; R. D. to be sub. coll, and jt. mag. of Canara, Jan. 7. Fort St. George, January 3rd, 1845.-Ordered that the fol

PRENDERGAST, G. L. to be trustee of civ. fund. Jan. 9. lowing extract from the hon. Company's General Letter in the PYCROFT, T: to be assist, jadge of the

Zillah of Calicut, Jan. 7.

. military department, dated the 16th of June, 1815, be republished in general orders.

Ross, W. H. delivered over charge of the principal Sudder Ameen's Para. 139.“ In consequence of the numerous applications ROUPELL, T. B. resumed charge of office, Dec. 28.

Court at Vizagapatam to M. Juggabrow, Dec. 23. which have been preferred to us by our servants on leave of STONEHOUSE, T. V. to act as sec. to govt. Dec. 23, trustee of civ.; absence in this country, for advances of money on loans, we fünd, Jab. 19. think it proper to recal your attention to our orders in the STORY"E! delivered över charge of the subord. court of the zillah, military department of the 25th of February, 1808, upon this , of Salem to H. Frere, Jan. 3. subject. Those orders declared our determination not to make STRANGE, T: L'to'be civ. and sess. judge of 2nd class of the zillah any pecuniary advances of officers at home, beyond what they' Sullivan, R. 3. to be assist. to coll. and mag: of Trichinopoly and are allowed by the existing regulations of the service, and you were required to publish them in general orders to the army TAYLOR, G. N. to act as assist. to coll. and mag. and agent to gov.

to act as head assist. to coll. and mag. at that district, Jan. 7. but as a resolution of this description, in order to be generally known to a body which is continually receiving an accessiou of TAYLOR, W. R. to resign, April 30, 1845.

of Ft. St. George, in Vizagapatum,“Jan. 3. new members, should be occasionally republished, and being THOMAS, T. J. W. attained rank of 2nd class. fully persuaded that a strict observance of this resolution will

WARD, S. N. to be addit. sub coll. and jt. mag. of Canara, Jan. 7. preveut much trouble and inconvenienee, besides loss to the WATERS, G. J. to be 2nd puisne judge of the court of Sudr and Company, we direct that our orders above adverted to be in Foujdatee Udalat, Jan. 7. future circulated, for the information of the Army, in the month

41 of January in every year, and we shall take the necessary steps

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. for reminding officers who may arrive in England upon furlough BIRD, G. 5 mo. on M.C. to Neilgherry Hills, fr. Jan. 1. of our determination upon the subject in question." In in BURY, J.F. 2 mo. fr. 25 Jan. to Pres. prepar. to applying for furl.

to Europe,

CHERRY, J. W. 2 years, on M.C. to Cape, Doc. 31. Fort St. George, 3rd January, 1845. - The most noble the

CHERRY, A. J. 2 years, on M.C. to Cape, Jan. 7.

HOOPER, G.S. 1 mo. to Pres. Dec, 24. Governor in Council is pleased to declare that, in accordance OAKES, T. A. fr. Jan. 13 to May 31, on M.C. to sea. with the practice in Bengal, the estates of military pensioners OGILVIE, W. C. civ. and sess. judge, for who are under the orders of the town-major, or other military Onslow, A. P. to Pres. for 2 mo. Dec. 10. authority, previous to embarkation for Europe, do not come Purvis, A. 2 mo. to Pres. prepar. to emb. for Europe on furl. under the provisions of G.O. G., 24th September last; No. 143.

Dec. 24. Such estates are subject to the same rules which govern those

ROBERTSON, A. 2 years, on M.C. to sea and Cape, Dec. 24. of soldiers generally, and not in any way liable to be made

Ross, W. H. to Madras for 2 mo. Dec. 13. over in charge to the registrar of the supreme court or other civil authority.


BOWIE, Rev. M. ret. fr. Cape, Dec. 23.

Griffiths, Rey. J, to be chaplain to Lord Bishop of Madras.

MORANT, Rey. J, to be joint chaplain of Bangalore.
ANSTRUTHER, F. A. delivered up 'ch. of office as acting col. mag.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. and agent to govr. of Fort St. George, Oct. 23.

TAEVOR, Rev. G. 3 mo. prepar. to applying for leave to Europe BAYNES, C. R. dep. sec. to govt. in depts. under chief sec. Jan. 7; on M.C. and to resigo.

prov, trustee of civ. fund, Jan. 9. BIRD, G. delivered over ch. of the Zillah Court of Coimbatore to the

MILITARY. principal Sudder Ameen, Jan. 1. BIRD, Č.J. to be sub. coll. and jt. mag. of Coimbatore, and continue

APPOINTMANTS, &c. to act as coll. and mag. of Rajahmundry, Jan. 7.

ANSTRUTHER, Major, horse art. when relieved at Arcot, to proc. BOURDILLON, J. D. resumed ch. of office, Dec. 28, trustee of civ. to art. head quarters on duty, Jan. 3. fund, Jan. 9.

BABINGTON, Lieut. J. art. to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 20. Boyd, D. to be lay trustee to chaplaincy of Bangalore, Jan. 3. BARROW, Lieut. J. L. art. to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 20. BURY, J. F. to act as prin. assist. to coll. and mag. and agent to BARWISE, Ens. W. to rank fr. June 7, to do duty with 49th N.I. gov. of Ft. St. George, in Vizagapatam, Jan. 3.

BEVILLE, Brev. capt. J. 22nd N.I. to be capt. Nov. 3. CADELL, W. M. to be assist. to coll. and mag. of Chungleput, BIDDLE, Capt. W: 25th N.I. returned to duty, Nov. 26. Jan. 3.

BIRD, Brev, maj. J. F. 22nd N.I. to be maj. v. Hutton, and serv. CASAMAJOR, G. J. to be lay trustee of the chaplainlcy of Ootaca. pl. at disp. of C. in C. Nov. 3. mund, Dec. 3.

BLAGRAVE, Lieut. C. A. 40th N.I. replaced at disp. of C. in C. CHATFIELD, R. W. to be special assist. to coll. and mag. of Tinne- Jan. 3. velly, Jan. 7.

BOULDERSON, Capt. J. C. dep. j. adv. gen. to conduct the further COCHRANE, J. H. to be sub. coll. and jt. mag. of Bellary, Dec. 27. proceedings of Eur. gen. court-martial to assemble at Arcot, in COPLESTON, F. act. subord judge of the zillah of Rajahmundry to room of Lieut, col. Chalon. deliver over charge of court to Mr. Rhode, Jan. 3.

BURN, Major G. 14th N.I. to act as dep. j. adv. gen. and to charge DOWDESWELL, W. to act as civ. and sess. judge of the zillah of of 4th District, Dec. 21. Coimbatore, Jap. 7.

CHISHOLM, Capt. A. Ist N.V.B, to retire on pay of bis rank. DRURY, G. D. to be trustee of civ, fund, Jan. 9.

CLEVELAND, Lieut. col. J. W. fr. 45th N.I. to 30th N.I. Jan. 3; ELLIOT, W. prov. trustee of civ. fund, Jan.9.

fr. 30th N.I. to 51st N.I. Jan. 9. ELTON, F. B. to be sub. coll. and jt, mag. of Tionevelly.

DANCER, Lieut. G, art, to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 20. Foord, E. B. admitted to service.

DUMERGUE, Lieut. E. 27th N.I. ret. to duty, Dec. 21. FORSYTH, W. A. to be subord. judge of the zillah of Calicut, Jan.7. Dun, Lieut, col. C.D. fr. 11th N.I. to 15th N.I. FISHER, W. assumed charge of office, Dec. 17.

ELY, Lieut. col. F. H. fr. 42nd N.I. to 31st L.I. Jan. 3. GARRATT, R. S. to be asst. to prin. coll. and mag. of Canara, Far'QUHAR, Capt. R. 28th N.I. to be dep. assist, adjt. gen. southJan. 7.

ern division, Jan. 3. GOODWYN, T. W. to act as asst. judge of the Zillah of Mangatore, FRESHFIELD, Capt. Ist L.C. to be a lay trustee of the chaplaincy Jan. 7.

of Julnah, Dec. 7. HAGGARD, J. to be assist. to prio. coll. and mag. of Vellore, Jan. 3. GILLIGAN, Ens. T. 5th N.I. to be lieut. fr. Dec. 9, 1843. HAWKINS, W. B. to be subord. judge of the zillah of Cuddapah, GLEDSTANES, Capt. R.S. 16th N.I. to inv. est. fr. inv. est. to 2nd Jan. 7.

nat. vet. bat. Dec. 31; fr. 2nd to 1st nat. vet. bat. Jan, 10. HOOPER, E. P.S. admitted to service, Dec. 29.

GORDON, Lieut. C. W. 7th L.C. ret. to duty, Dec. 13. IRVINE, P. to act as subord. judge of the Zillah of Mangalore, GRANTHAM, Lieut. col. G. 30th N.l. ret. to duty, Dec. 31; fr. 30th Jap. 7.

N.I. to 5th N.I., Jan. 3.

GREEN, Lieut. col. T. L. 31st L.I. returned to duty Dec. 30; fr.

31st L.I. to 42nd N.I. Jan. 3. GUNTHORPE, Lieut. J. A. art. to be brev. capt. fr. Dec. 20. HALEMAN, Lieut. col. F. fr. 16th N.I. to 25th N.I. Jan. 9. HARKNESS, Ens. C. T. 4th N.I. to proceed with details of 2nd, 4th,

and 27th regts. to Wallajahbad, Dec. 31. HARRIS, Cornet, C. R. W. F. 8th L.C. to discontinue duty with 3rd

L.C. and join his own corps, Dec. 3. HOLLAND, Lieut. L. H. H. 37th gra, to do duty with 47th N.I.

Dec. 19. Hosmer, Lieut. col. C. to be lay trustee of chaplaincy of St. Tho.

mas's Mount, Dec. 3. HUTTON, Major G. from 22nd N.I. to be lieut. col. Nov. 3. Hutton, Lieut. col. G. to 22nd N.I. Dec. 30. HOWLETT, Lieut. to be qu.-master and interp. 27th N.I. JAMES, Lieut. col. J. P. inf. to be lieut. col. comm. Nov. 3, to

32nd N.I., Dec. 30. Jones, Lieut. G. 3rd B.A. leave cancelled, Dec. 5. JUSTICE, Lieut. col. W. fr. 15th N.I. to 11th N.I. KEATING, Ens. C. W. posted to 21st N.I. Dec. 13. KERR, Lieut. col. J. fr. 5th N.I. to 45th N.I. LAMBERT, Capt. R. deputy judge advocate general, pl. at disp.

of C. in C. Nov. 26. LIARDETT, Capt. C. F. 15th N.I. to act as paymaster at Vizaga

patam. LLOYD, Ens. H. to be lieut. v. Douglas, Dec. 3. LOUSADA, Ens. S. C. fr. 1st M. fusil. to 49th N.I. MACKECANIE, Ens. D. fr. 49th N.I. to 16th N.I. MARDALL, Ens. F. fr. 16th N.I. to be lieut. Dec. 24. McNeill, Ens. A. C. 46th N.I. removed fr. duty with 25th N.I. MENARS, Lieut. H. 45th N.I.. to be quarter-master and inter

preter, Jan. 7. MOORE, Brev. capt. C. A. 16th N.I. to be capt. fr. Dec. 24. PASKE, Eos. J. fr. 2nd Eur. L.I. to Ist M. fus. Jan. 2. PEARSE, Ens. J. L. fr. 4200 N.I. to 5th N.I. Dec. 31. PENNY, Capt. P. 7th N.I. returned to duty, Dec. 28. Phillips, Lieut. G. R. to be adjt. 5th L. C. PLANT, Ens. J., F. A. 4th N.I. to be lieut., Nov. 4. Power, Capt. H. to be lay trustee of chaplaincy of St. Thomas's

Mount, Dec. 3. RAMSAY, Eos. E. B. fr. 42nd N.I. to 31st N.I. Dec. 31. REID, Bt. maj. F. A. C.B., 6th N.I. to be assist. to gen. su

perint. of operations for supp. of Thuggee, Nov. 5. RENTON, Ens. R. fr. 49th Nil. to 4th N.I. Dec. 31. Ross, Col. H. to receive half a share fr. the off. reckoning fund, fr.

Nov. 4, v. Waugh. SALMON, Capt. J. F. 30th N.I. returned to duty, Dec. 28. SHAND, Eos. H. posted to 22nd N.I. Dec. 9. Shaw, Capt. P. 34th L.I. returned to duty, Dec. 20. SHERARD, Ens. G. C. B. fr. 49th N.1. to 21st N.I. and wait arrival

of regt. at Madras. SIMPSON, Ens. G. 22nd N.I. to be lieut. Nov. 3. Smith, W. C. to rank as ens. fr. Dec. 27, to do duty with 6th N.I.

Jan. 9. TULLOCH, Lieut. H. M. 52nd N.I. to rejoin his corps, vid

Calcutta. UNDERWOOD. Lieut. col. J. J. engrs. perm. to retire on pay of

rank fr. Jan. 1. Wilson, Lieut. col. J. 25th N.1. to retire on pension of col. fr.

Dec. 31. Wilson, Capt. J. H. emig, agent for West Indies. WINBOLT, Lieut. col. J. . fr. 51st N.I. to 30th N.I. Jan. 9. Wood, Capt. H. W. in charge of sick details of 4th and 27th N.I.

will proceed with his party to Wallajahbad, Dec. 11.

to visit pres. prepar. to applying for furl. to Europe, Dec. 28. Hutchison, Lient. col. G. 21st N.I. to pres. prepar. to applying

for leave to Europe, fr. Jan. 1 to April 1, 1845. INGLIS, Maj. H. 2nd L. C. to Cuddapah and Presidency fr. Dec. 20

to March, 20, 1845. LITTLE, Lieut. R. R., H. A. to Europe, on M. C. Nov. 29. Low, Major J. 46th N.I, to remain at Prince of Wales Island on

M.C. for mo. fr. Nov. 21. MACKENZIE, Capt. S. F. 2nd L.C. Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, to Pres. MACLEAN, Lieut. J. N. H. 320d N.I. Dec. 14 to Mar. 31, 1845,

on M.C. to Aurungabad. MACPHERSON, Brev. capt. S. C. sth N.I. ext. to Feb. 1. MAN, Lieut. H. to Nagpore, fr. Dec. I to April 30, 1845. MONEY, Lieut. W. R. 41st N.I. to Pres. on M.C. prepar. to ap

plying for leave to Europe, Dec. 6; to Europe on M.C. Dec. 20. NEWBERRY, Lieut. and Adj. 8th L.C. to Pres. prep. to applying

for leave to Europe fr. Jan. 1 to March 31, 1845. NICOLLS, Lieut. W. T. 24th N.I. leave ext. to Dec. 28. Nort, Capt. H. 19th N.I. Dec. 6 to Feb. 6, 1845, on M.C. to.

Coembutore, Neilgherry Hills. PALMER, Lieut. J. E. 4th M.N.I. to Singapore, for 8 mo. on M.C.

fr. Oct. 24. PEYTON, Lieut. T. 14th N.I. to Neilgherries and western coast

on M.C. fr. Dec. 10 to Dec. 31, 1845. Powys, Capt. P. A. S. 4th N.I. 8 mo. on M.C. from China to

India, Nov. 8. PRICHARD, Ens. M. 2nd Eur. It. inf. to Cannanore and western

coast, fr. Dec. 15 to April 15, 1845. RICHARDSON, Capt. R. H. 7th L.C. to July 1, in cont. on M.C. Rochfort, Capt. G. C. 41st N.I. to Neilgherry on M.C. 1 year fr.

Dec. 1. RundaLL, Lieut. J. W. 1 mo. to pres. fr. Jan. 1. SpottiSWOODE, Lieut. M. C. 24th N.I. Nov. 6 to Dec. 31, on M.C. STEVENSON, Lieut. J. F. J. 26th N.I. Dec. 20 to June 11, 1845, on

M.C. VINE, Lieut. W. 6th L.C. permitted to visit Presidency during leave

of absence, Dec. 19. WALKER, Lieut. G. W., M.C. to Cannanore and Mangalore, fr.

Dec. 6 to March 30, 1845. WILDER, Capt. C. P. 6th L.C. to the eastern coast, on M.C. in

continuation to April 30, 1845. Wilson, Capt. W. J. 43rd N.I. to eastern coast and pres. for 3

mo. fr. Dec. 20. Wison, Lieut. col. J. 24th N.I. to Mar. 31 in ext. Wilson, Maj. gen. F. W. to visit pres. till Jan. 6, 1845, Dec. 6. WYNDHAM, Lieut. A. 5th N.I. 3 mo. to Cannanore fr. Jan. 11. YOUNG, Lieut. F. 24th N.I. fr. Jan. 15 to Feb. 28.


LANGUAGES. BAMFORD, Ens. J. B. 31st It. inf.. BUTLER, Lieut. J. F. 49th N.I. CAZALET, Lieut. C. H. 29th N.I. and to receive moonshee allow.

ance. DAVIDSON, Eps. J. 34th It. inf. FRASER, Ens. W. 447h N.I. FRYE, Lieut. J. P. 22nd N.I. and to rec. moonshee allowance. GARDNER, Lieut. R. O. 50th N.I. and to rec. moonshee allowance. GIB, Lieut. C. 31st It, inf. GRANT, Lieut. R. G. H., H.A. GREENLAW, Lieut. W. A. 32nd N.I. KENNEDY, Lieut, the Hon. D. Ist It, cav. KEYES, Ens. T. J. H. 17th N.I. and to rec. moonshee allowance. LAURD, Lieut. G. F. 37th grens. LAWFORD, Brev. capt. horse art. McNeile, Ens. A. 37th grens. MortLOCK, Lieut. J. 35th N.I. and to rec. moonshee allowance. Mason, Lieut. F. J. M. 29th N.I. and to receive moonshee al

lowance. NewBERY, Lieut. G. K. 8th L.C. Nicholas, Ens. J. 44th N.I. and to receive moonshee allowance. Paxtox Lieut. P. 44th N.I. and to receive moonshee allowance. SAPTE, Cornet W. Ist L.C. TUCKER, Lieut. G. J. B. Ist L.C. WOODBRIDGE,

Ens. A. P. 40th N.I.


BABINGTON, Capt. D. 17th N.I. dept. assist. com. gen. to remain

at pres. till Jan. 31, 1845. BIGGS, Lieut. J. P. M. 38th N.I. in exten. to Jan. 31, 1845. BIRD, Major J. F. 22nd N.I. in ext. to May 31. BODDAM, Ens. E. F. 15th N.J. to western coast and Coorg on

M. C. fr. Nov. 30 to April 1, 1845. BOWER, Capt. J. 28th N. 1. leave cancelled Dec. 21. BREMNER, Major W. 47th N.I. one year on M.C. to the Neilgher

ries, Dec. 31. CAMPBELL, Lieut. C. 1st L. C. to Bengal, fr. Dec. 15 to March

15, 1845. CHARTERIS, Capt. J. M. 49th N.I. two years to sea and the Cape,

Dec. 31. FRASER, Lieut. A. R. 3rd L.C. in ext. to 1st July, on M. C. FREEMAN, Capt. W. R. A. 45th N.I. in continuation to Jan. 15,

1845. FISHER, Lieut. T. R. 36th N.I. three mo. fr. Jan. 1. FULTON, Ens. J. 32nd N.I. to Aurungabad, on M. C. fr. Nov. 1 to

Feb. 16, 1845. GARDNER, Lieut. R. O. 50th N.I. to Madras, in continuation fr.

Jan. 1 to April 1, 1845. GIBB, Brev. capt. W. E. 14th N.I. to Europe on furl. HARRIS, Lieut. A. J. Ist. M. fus. in continuation to pres. prepar.

to applying for leave to Europe on M. C. Dec. 6. Hili, Capt. C. T. 29th N.I. to Calcutta, for 3 mo. fr. Dec. 1. HOLLAND, Ens. C. 4th M. N.I. to England for 2 years, fr. Oct. 19. HORNSBY, Capt. H. A. 2nd Eur. L.l. leave cancelled and perm.


APPOINTMENTS, ETC. BABINGTON, Assist. surg, W.R. to right wing ist M. fus. to

Bangalore, and afterwards rejoin left wing at Arcot. Birch, Surg. De Burgh, fr. Ist M. fus. to 22nd N.1. Jan. 3. Bisset, Assist. surg. T., H.M.57th, to be a lay trustee of the chap

laincy of Poonamallee, Nov. 23. BURRELL, Surg. W. fr. 41st N.I. to 13th N.I. Jan. 9. EYRE, Surg. E. W. 18th N.I. to afford med. aid to the Nagpore

res. estab. fr. Nov. 28. FITZPATRICK, Assist. surg. J. to 6th L.C. Jan. 3. FORD, Assist. surg. C. G. E. 7th N.I, leave cancelled, Dec. 11. GOODALL, Surg. A. fr. 22nd N.I. to Ist M. fus. Jan. 3. HADWEN, Assist. surg. H. E. 44th N.I. to join bis regt. Nov. 25. KENNEDY, Assist. surg. M.D. 45th N.I. to proceed to the pres.

Nov. 28.

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