Learning to Read: Suggestions to Teachers of Young Children

Silver, Burdett, 1899 - 99 sidor

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Sida 89 - In the elder days of Art, Builders wrought with greatest care Each minute and unseen part; For the gods see everywhere. Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seen; Make the house where gods may dwell Beautiful, entire, and clean.
Sida 95 - ... child is this," the angel said, "That, with happy heart, beside her bed Prays so lovingly?" Low and soft, oh! very low and soft, Crooned the blackbird in the orchard croft, "Bell, dear Bell!" crooned he. "Whom God's creatures love...
Sida 15 - Mudway-aushka!"' said the water. Saw the fire-fly, Wah-wah-taysee, Flitting through the dusk of evening, With the twinkle of its candle Lighting up the brakes and bushes, And he...
Sida 91 - And the blackbird piped ; you never heard Half so gay. a song from any bird, Full of quips and wiles ; Now so round and rich, now soft and slow, All for love of that sweet face below Dimpled o'er with smiles.
Sida 93 - By her snow-white cot, at close of day, Knelt sweet Bell, with folded palms, to pray: Very calm and clear Rose the praying voice, to where, unseen, In blue heaven, an angel shape serene Paused awhile to hear. 93
Sida 91 - Neath the morning skies, In the little childish heart below, All the sweetness seemed to grow and grow, And shine out in happy overflow, From her blue, bright eyes.
Sida 95 - ... you never heard Half so gay a song from any bird — Full of quips and wiles; Now so round and rich, now soft and slow, All for love of that sweet face below, Dimpled o'er with smiles.
Sida 92 - Bell," pipes he. Little Bell looked up and down the glade. " Squirrel, squirrel, if you're not afraid, Come and share with me ! " Down came squirrel eager for his fare ; Down came bonny blackbird, I declare ; Little Bell gave each his honest share. Ah, the merry three...
Sida 9 - Profuse in garniture of wooden cuts Strange and uncouth; dire faces, figures dire, Sharp-knee'd, sharp-elbowed, and lean-ankled too, With long and ghostly shanks — forms which once seen Could never be forgotten!
Sida 15 - And the good Nokomis answered: "Once a warrior, very angry, Seized his grandmother, and threw her Up into the sky at midnight; Right against the moon he threw her; Tis her body that you see there." Saw the rainbow in the heaven, In the eastern sky, the rainbow, Whispered, "What is that, Nokomis?

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