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to be of the same nature with the Father, differs not either from the divinity of the Son."

BASILIUS MAGNUS, A. D. 370. Contra Eunomium, lib. 5. To one man, saith Paul, 1 Cor. XII, 8, is given by the Spirit, the word of wisdom, and ta another, the word of knowledge according to the same Spirt, to another the grace of healing. But all these things one and the same Spirit worketh, dividing to every one according as he wills. Whilst Paul hath said : The Spirit worketh all these things as he wills, he saith also of the Lord : There are diversities of operations, but the same God who worketh all in all, Verse 5. And if God worketh all things as he wills, and one and the same Spirit worketh these same things, dividing to every one according as he wills, how is a diversity of substance there where identity in operation is known to be ? It is the property of God to forgive sins. Therefore, if it be the office of pone but of God to forgive sins ; and the Holy Ghost through the Apostles forgives them, the Holy Ghost is God, and of the same operation with the Father and the Son.

De Spiritu Sancto ad Amphilochium, Cap. 16. “If from the prophecy which worketh according to the distribution of the gifts of the Spirit, God is known to be in the prophets, let those consult what place they give to the Holy Ghost; whether it is more proper to associate him with God, or to force him into the rank of the creatures ? Moreover from the saying of Peter to Saphira, Acts V, 9. Why have you agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord ? You have not lied to men, but to God, he declares that the sins against the Holy Ghost are sins also against God. Thus can you learn that the Holy Ghost is in every operation united with, and inseparable from, the Father and the Son."

CYRILLUS HIEROSOLYMITANUS, A, D, 370 Catechesi 4. "Believe thou in the Holy Ghost and thou mayest form a right opinion of him: for many persons are aliens from the Holy Ghost, who teach nefarious notions about him. But learn thou that the Holy Ghost is one indivisible, and of many graces, operating many things, he being indivisible, knowing the mysteries, and unfolding all things, even the profound secrets of God; who in the form of a dove descended upon the Lord, Christ Jesus, who operated in the Law and the Prophets, and now in the time of baptism sealeth the soul ; to whom is exhibited equal dignity and honor with the Father and the Son ; upon whom depend the Thrones, Dominations and the Powers."


Oratione 52, quæ est epistola 2, ad Cledonium. “We never preferred nor could prefer 'any definition before the Nicene -Creed, issued by the Fathers, there assembled for upsetting the Arian heresy. Explaining, moreover, what was by them less explicitly discussed in regard to the Holy Ghost, for this reason, that the question had not been mooted or agitated, to wit : that the divinity of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost is to be acknowledged one and the same, by confessing the Holy Ghost also God. Therefore hold communion with those who think so, as we have also held it; and shun them who think otherwise, as aliens from God and the Catholic Church.”


Hæresi 62, contra Sabellianos. “The Spirit was always with the Father and the Son, not as a brother with the Father, not begotten, not created, not a brother of the Son, not the offspring of the Father, but proceeding from the Father, and receiving from the Son, not an alien from the Father and the Son, but from the same substance, from the same Deity, from the same Father and the Son in substance, the Holy Ghost, the divine Spirit, the Spirit of glory, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of the Father. For the Spirit of the Father who speaketh in you and my Spirit dwelleth in the midst of you : the third name, equal in divinity, not altered from the Father and the Son, the bond of the Trinity, the seal of the confession.

Hæresi 74, contra Pneumat. The Holy Spirit is one, as God is one, and the only begotten Son of God is one, so is the Holy Spirit of God also, but it is from and in God. The only begotten Son is incomprehensible, and the Spirit is incomprehensible, and from God, not an alien from the Father and Son. But it is not a connection of the Father and the Son, but of the Trinity always existing, of the same essence, not of a different essence from the deity. For it is not another deity in essence but the very deity in itself, and the Son and the Holy Ghost are of the same deity.

In Ancorato. Peter saith to Ananias : Why hath Satan tempted you that you may lie to the Holy Ghost ? Thou hast not lied to men, but to God. Consequently the Holy Ghost is God from the Father and Son, to whom the concealer of a part of the price, lied. And St Paul coincides in this doctrine, saying : You are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. Therefore the Holy Ghost is God.

JOANNES CHRYSOSTOMUS, A. D. 400. Sermone in Pentecoste de Spiritu Sancto. “The Holy Ghost always was, is, and will be : it hath neither beginning nor end; it was always consubstantially connected and enumerated with the Father. Life naturally living, the life-giver of the living, light of light and bestower of light, self-good and fountain of goodness, self Lord, of his own right, God of God and maker of . saints, almighty power, the giver of fortitude even to the weak,

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supersubstantial from the supersubstantial substance, bestowing his essence also upon other existing beings. The Holy Ghost is an immaterial spirit, without a ruler, without old age, without a successor, indissoluble, inconceivable, incomprehensible, unchangeable, unpolluted. The Holy Spirit is a spirit, whom no man can interpret, unsearchable, inscrutable, unlimited, an operative spirit, a spirit holding a person in the deity.

De consubstantiali Trinitate. “All these things, when you rightly learn, believe that the Son is consubstantial with the Father, and the Holy Ghost is also consubstantial. For if he proceed from the Father, and assume from the Son, the Spirit is not of another substance. The Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit, the consoler, God the Spirit not having another opponent. For the Spirit is the Lord, as Peter also saith to Ananias : Why have you conspired among you that you may tempt the Holy Spirit ? And showing that he is God he saith : You have not lied to men but to God. It is manifest that the Spirit which dwells in you, is God. Therefore, do not dare to utter any thing contrary to the consubstantial and omnipotent Trinity.

Sermone de fide, lege naturæ, et Spiritu Sancto. Therefore admit authority and disparage not the divinity of the Spirit.-Know the theology of the divine Trinity, of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit. That is the uncreated nature, the true divinity, the undivided mystery, inamissible honor, undistinguished hope, the incomprehensible glory of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, to whom is due all glory, honor, and adoration forever, Amen."

CYRILLUS ALEXANDRINUS, A. D. 420. Lib. 10, in Joannem, Cap. 3. “I would gladly ask those who arm their impious tongue against the glory of the Spirit, how, if the Spirit be a creature and alien, as they say, from the substance of God, God would through it dwell with us? How is he who receives the Spirit, made partaker of God?

Lib. 13, Thesauri, Cap. 1. “If the holy Spirit make those sons of God, in whom he dwells, and prove them partakers of God, and unites them to God, so tha: they can exclaim : Abba, Father, certainly he is not a servant nor a creature; but essentially true God, bestowed upon creatures through the Son by God himself the Father. Therefore the holy Spirit is by nature and essentially God : whereas they that receive him, are by grace made Gods.

Cap. 2. “That the holy Spirit is God, we can learn also from Peter the head of the Apostles, to whom neither filesh nor blood, (as the Saviour saith) revealed these mysteries. For he saith to Ananias : Ananias, why hath Satan filled thy heart, that thou wouldst lie to the holy Spirit ? Thou hast not lied to men, but to God. If therefore the person who hath lied to the holy Spirit, lies to God, truly the Spirit is God, and not a creature.”

SOCRATES, A. D. 430. Historia Eccl. lib. 3, Cap. 7. “The Bishops assembled from various cities in the Synod of Alexandria, had a thorough discussion on manifold important questions. Particularly they defined the divinity of the Holy Ghost, including him in the consubstantial Trinity. And they pronounced that Christ made man, assumed not alone flesh, but also a human soul, which definition certainly had been the original doctrine of the Hierarchy : they brought not into the Church a novel doctrine of their own invention, but they defined the subjects that had been handed down in Church traditions from the earliest ages, and that the Christian philosophers had founded on the strongest arguments. Thus the ancients who had discussed the questionIrenæus, Clemens, Apollinaris, Serapion, bishop of Antioch, and so forth, have recorded in their writings, as a matter universally known and received, that Christ, made man, is endowed with a soul.”

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