Sidor som bilder

ii. 50.

ii. 320.

Missions and Travels, ii. 239.

Ode, Installation, iii. 447.
Monasteries, Dissolution of the (Three Intimations of Immortality,
Son.), ii. 253.

Saxon, ii. 239.

The Morning of the day of
Monastery, Cistertian, ii. 246.

Thanksgiving, ii. 77.
of Old Bangor, ii. 234.

to Duty, ii. 349.
Monastic Power, Abuse of, ii. 253.

to Lycoris († wo Poems), ii. 357.
Voluptuousness, ii. 253.

· Vernal, i. 384.
Monks and Schoolmen, ii. 247.

(Who rises on the Banks of Seine),
Monte Mario, The Pine of, ii. 125.
Monument of Mrs. Howard (Two Oker Hill in Darley Dale, A Tradition
Son.), ii. 318.

of, i. 470.
(Long Meg and her Daughters), Open Prospect, ii. 157.

Ossian, Written in a blank leaf of
Moon, The (Seaside), ii. 293.

Macpherson's, ii. 312.
(Rydal), ii. 295.

Our Lady of the Snow, ii. 93.
Morning Exercise, A, i. 243.

Oxford, May 30, 1820 (Two Son.), i
Moscow, self-devoted to a blaze, By, 461.

ii. 67.
Mossgiel Farm (Burns), ii. 318. PAINTER, To a (Two Son.), i. 474.
Mother's Return, The, i. 119.

Palafox, ii. 57, 61.
Mountains, Hint from the, i. 264. Papal Abuses, ii. 244.
Music, Power of, i. 314.

Dominion, ii. 245.
Mutability, ii. 277.

Parrot and the Wren, The, i. 268.
My heart leaps up, i. 115.

Parsonage in Oxfordshire, A, i. 463.

Pastoral Character, ii. 271.
NAMING of Places, Poems on the, i. 233. Patriotic Sympathies, ii. 264.
Namur and Liege, Between, ii. 87. Paulinus, ii. 235.
Natural Objects, Influence of, i. 134. Peele Castle, Suggested by a Picture
Needle-case in the form of a Harp, On

of, iii. 9.
seeing a, i. 265.

Pelion and Ossa, i. 433.
Newspaper, After reading a, ii. 355. Pennsylvanians, To the, ii. 388.
Nightingale and Stock-dove, i. 311. Persecution, ii. 231.

- The Cuckoo and the, ii. 458. Personal Talk, ii. 342.
Night-piece, A, i. 307.

Persuasion, ii. 235.
-thought, A, ii. 345.

Peter Bell, i. 401.
Nith, On the Banks of, ii. 4.

on the detraction which
Norman Boy, The, i. 137.

followed, etc., i. 438.
Conquest, The, ii. 242.

Pet Lamb, The, i. 131.
North Wales, Composed among the Philoctetes, i. 465.
Ruins of a Castle in, i. 464.

Picture, Upon the sight of a beautiful,
Nortons, The Fate of the, ii. 183.
November 1, i. 451.

Piety, Decay of, i. 440.
1806, ii. 50.

Filial, i. 470.
1836, i. 443

Pilgrim Fathers (Two Son.), ii, 269.
Nunnery, ii. 319.

Pilgrim's Dream, i. 272.
Nun's Well, Brigham, ii. 301.

Pillar of Trajan, ii. 138.
Nutting, i. 308.

Places of Worship, ii. 270.

Plea for Authors, A, i. 476.
Oak and the Broom, The, i. 248. Plea for the Historian, ii. 126.
of Guernica, The, ii. 62.

Poet and the caged Turtle-dove, The,
Octogenarian, To an, ii. 412.

i. 274.
Ode (1814. When the soft hand), to his Grandchild, A, iii. 443.
ii. 68.

Poet's Dream, The, i. 139.
- (1815. Imagination-ne'er before Epitaph, ii. 335.
content), ii. 74.

Point at Issue, The, ii. 257.
composed on May Morning, ii. Rash Judgment, i. 237.

Poor Robin, ii. 409.

i. 435.

ii. 232.

Poor Susan, The Reverie of, i. 314. Ridley, Latimer and, ii. 259.
Popery, Revival of, ii. 258.

Robinson, to Henry Crabb (Tour in
Portrait, Lines suggested by a (Two Italy), ii. 116.
Poems), ii. 378.

Rob Roy's Grave, ii. 14.
of I. F., On a, iii. 444.

Rock, Inscribed upon a (Hermit's
of the Duke of Wellington, On a, Cell), ii. 447.
i. 472.

- at Rydal Mount, Inscription on
to the Author's, i. 470.

a, iii. 443
Power of Music, i. 314.

Rocky Stream, Composed on

of Sound, i. 394.

Banks of a, i. 458.
Prayer at Sea, Forms of, ii. 276.

On the Banks of a, ii. 450.
The Force of, ii. 353.

Roman Antiquities, i. 469.
Prelude, Poems of early and late Years,

(Old Penrith), ii. 181.
ii. 425.

Refinements, Temptations from,
Prelude, The, iii. 237.
Presentiments, i. 382.

Romance of the Water Lily, ii. 141.
Primrose of the Rock, The, i. 380. Rome, At (Several Son.), ii. 125.
Prioress' Tale, The, ii. 451.

The Pine of Monte Mario at, ii.
Processions (Chamouny), 107.

Prophecy, A (Feb. 1807), ii. 53. Roslin Chapel, Composed in, ii. 170.
Punishment of Death, Sonnets upon Rotha Q-To, i. 468.
the, ii. 391.

Ruins of a Castle in North Wales, i.

QUEEN, in a copy of his poems sent to Rural Architecture, i. 130.
the, iii. 446.

Ceremony, ii. 277

Illusions, i. 278.
RAILWAY, On the projected Kendal Russian Fugitive, The, ii. 431.
and Windermere, i. 479.

Ruth, i. 321.
Railways, etc., ii. 320.

Rydal, At, on May Morning (1838),
Ranz des Vaches, On hearing the, ii. 95. ii. 138.
Recovery, ii. 232.

Chapel, ii. 415.
Redbreast chasing the Butterfly, The, Inscription upon a stone upon
i. 263.

one of the Islands at, ii. 444.
The, i. 228.

In the woods of, i. 465.
To a, ii. 411.

Mere, By the side of, ii. 287.
ii. 411.

Mount, on quitting, iii. 432.
Reflections, ii. 256.
Reformation, General View of the S. H., To, i. 439.
Troubles of the, ii. 259.

Sacheverel, ii. 268.
Reformers, Eminent (Two Son.), ii. 261. Sacrament, ii. 274.
Reformers in Exile (English), ii. 260. Sailor's Mother, The, i. 186.
Regrets, ii. 277.

Saint Bees' Heads, In a Steamboat off,
Imaginative, ii. 256.
Repentance, i. 180.

Catherine of Ledbury, i. 457.
Reproof, ii. 238.

Gothard (Ranz des Vaches on the
Resolution and Independence, i. 328. Pass of), ii. 95.
Rest and be thankfui, ii. 173.

Herbert's Island, Derwentwater
Resting-place, The, ii. 161.

(Hermitage), ii. 449.
Retirement, i. 449.

Kilda, ii. 317.
Return, ii. 159.

Saints, ii. 255.
The Mother's, i. 119.

Salisbury Plain, Incidents upon, i. 31.
to Grasmere, ii. 22.

San Salvador, The Church of, ii. 97.
Reverie of Poor Susan, i. 314.

Saxon Clergy, Primitive, ii. 237.
Rhine, Author's Voyage down the, iii. Conquest, ii. 233.

Monasteries, ii. 239.
upon the Banks of the, ii. 88.

Schill, ii. 59.
Richard the First, ii. 243.

Scholars of the Village School of —,
Richmond Hill, i. 463.

Address to the, iii. 7.

ii. 302.

School, composed in anticipation of Sonnet, November 1806 (Another
leaving, i. 1.

year), ii. 50.
Exercise at Hawkshead, Written

1813 (Now that all hearts
as a, iii. 414.

are glad), ïi. 68.
Schwytz, ii. 94.

1, 1815 (How clear, hry
Scott, Sir Walter, Departure of, ii. keen), i. 451.


1836 (Even so for me), i
Scottish Covenanters, Persecution of 443
the, ii. 266.

(Why should we weep), üi. 15.
Seashore, Composed by the, ii. 292. Sonnets, 1811, ii. 65.
Seaside, Composed by the, ii. 285. Sound of Mull, In the, ii. 172.
Seasons, Thoughts on the, ii. 367. Sound, The Power of, i. 394.
Seathwaite Chapel, ii. 159.

Southey, Edith May, i. 265.
Seclusion (Two Son.), ii. 238.

(Inscription for monument), in.
September 1815, i. 451.

1819 (Two Poems), ii. 360. Spade of a Friend, To the, ii. 344.
Seven Sisters, The, i. 260.

Spaniards (Three Son.), ii. 63.
Sexton, To a, i. 251.

Spanish Guerillas, ü. 64.
Sheep-washing, ii. 161.

The French and the, ü.
Shepherd Boys-Dungeon-Ghyll Force, 64.
i. 126.

Sparrow's Nest, The, i. 116.
Simon Lee, ii. 331.

Spinning Wheel, i. 439.
Simonides, iii. 425.

Song for the, i. 264.
Simplon Pass, Column lying in the, ii. Sponsors, ii. 272.

Spring, Lines written in early, č. 329.
Stanzas composed in the, Staffa, Cave of (Four Son.), ii. 314.
ii. 106.

Star and the Glow-worm, The, i
The, i. 310.

Sister, To my, ii. 330.

Star-gazers, i. 315.
Skiddaw, i. 433

Statesman, The, ii. 386.
Skylark, To a, i. 256, 353.

Station, At the, iii. 438.
Sky-prospect, from the Plain of France, Staub-bach, On approaching the, ii. 89.
ii. III.

Steamboats, Viaducts, and Railways,
Sleep, To (Three Son.), i. 436.
Snowdrop, To a, i. 452.

Stepping-stones, The (Two Son.), ii.
Snowdrops, i. 454.

Sobieski, John, ii. 73.

Stepping Westward, ii. II.
Solitary Reaper, The, ii. 12.

Stone, F., Lines suggested by a Por-
Somnambulist, The, ii. 321.

trait from the pencil of (Two Poems),
Song at the Feast of Brougham Castle,

ii. 378.

Storm, Composed during a, i. 452.
Song for the Spinning Wheel, i. 264. Stray Pleasures, i. 271.
Song for the Wandering Jew, i. 271. Stream, Composed on the Banks of a
Sonnet, The, i. 446.

rocky, i. 458.
June 1820 (Fame tells of groves), On the Banks of a rocky, ii.
i. 463.

September 1, 1802 (We had a Tributary, ii. 159.
female Passenger), ii. 43.

Summer-house, Inscription for a, iii.
1802 (Inland, within a hollow 425.
vale), ii. 44.

Sweden, The King of, ii. 42, 60.
1815 (While not a leaf seems Switzerland, Subjugation of, ii. 44.
faded), i. 451.

October 1803 (One might believe), TABLES Turned, The, ii. 328.
ü. 46.

Tasso, Translation of, iii. 441.
1803 (These times strike Tell, Effusion in the presence of Tower
monied worldlings), ii. 47.

ii. 320.

i. 343.

of, ii. 93.
1803 (When looking on the Temptations from Roman Refinements
present face of things), ii. 48.

ii. 32.


Thanksgiving after Childbirth, ii. | VALEDICTORY Sonnet (Misc. Son.), i.

There was a Boy, i. 305.

Vallombrosa, At, ii. 133.
Thomson's Castle of Indolence,' Vaudois, The (Two Son.), ii. 250.
Written in Pocket Copy of, i. Vaudracour and Julia, i. 190.

Venetian Republic, On the Extinction
Thorn, The, i. 332.

of, ii. 42.
Thrasymere, Near the Lake of (Two Venice, Scene in, ii. 244.
Son.), ii. 129.

Venus, To the Planet (January 1838),
Thrish, The (Two Son.), i. 474.
Thun, Memorial near the Lake of, ii.

(Loch Lomond), ii. 177.

Vernal Ode, i. 384.
Tilsbury Vale, Farmer of, ii. 477. Vienna, Siege of, raised by John
Tinker, The, iii. 423.

Sobieski, ii. 73.
Tintern Abbey, Lines composed a few Virgin, The, ii. 255.
miles above, i. 347.

Visitation of the Sick, ii. 275.
To in her seventieth year, i. Voluntaries, Evening, ii. 284.

i. 477

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iii. 441.

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To -, on her First Ascent of Hel. WAGGONER, The, i. 284.
vellyn, i. 367.

Waldenses, ii. 251.
To Upon the birth of her First. Wallace, ii. 33.
born child, ii. 367.

Walton's Book of Lives,'ii. 266.
To (Happy the Feeling), i. 431. Wandering Jew, Song for the, i. 271.
To (Look at the fate of summer Wansfell, i. 477..
flowers), i. 168.

Warning, The, ii. 369.
To (Misc. Son.-Conclusion), i. Wars of York and Lancaster, ii. 251.

Warton, From the Latin of Thomas,

(Let other bards), i. 171.
To (The Haunted Tree), i. Waterfall and the Eglantine, The, i.

To (Wait, prithee, wait !), i. Water-fowl, i. 369.

Waterloo, After visiting the Field of,
Torrent at Devil's Bridge, i. 465.

ii. 86.
Toussaint L'Ouverture, To, ii. 43.

Occasioned by the Battle of (Two
Tradition, ii. 161.

Son.), ii. 72, 73.
American, ii. 158.

We are Seven, i. 124.
- Fancy and, ii. 180.

Wellington, On a Portrait of the Duke
Trajan, The Pillar of, ii. 138.

of, i. 472.
Translation of the Bible, ii, 257. Westall, Mr. W., Views of the Caves,
Transubstantiation, ii. 249.

etc., in Yorkshire by (Three Poems),
Triad, The, i. 372.
Tributary Stream, ii. 159.

Westminster Bridge, Composed upon,
Troilus and Cresida, ii. 468.

i. 460.
Trosachs, The, ii. 171.

Westmoreland Girl, The, i. 142.
Turtle-dove, The Poet and The Caged, White Doe of Rylstone, ii. 183.

Wicliffe, ii. 252.
Two April Mornings, The, ii. 338. Widow on Windermere Side, The, i.
Two Thieves, The, ii. 481.

Tyndrum, Suggested at, ii. 173. Wild Duck's Nest, The, i. 437.
Tynwald Hill, ii. 309.

William the Third, ii. 267.
Tyrolese, Feelings of the, ii. 56. Williams, On seeing Miss Helen Maria
On the final submission of the, weep at a tale of distress, iii. 416.

Wishing-gate, The, i. 377.
Sonnets, ii. 56.

Destroyed, The, i. 379.

Worcester Cathedral, A Gravestone in,
ULPHA, Kirk of, ii. 164.

i. 468.
Uncertainty, ii. 231.

Wordsworth, John, Elegiac Verses in
Utilitarians, To the, iii. 439.

memory of, iii. 13.

i. 459.

i. 274.

ii. 58.

Wordsworth, John (Fir Grove), i. 239. | Yarrow Visited, ii. 37.

To the Rev. Christopher, i. Yew-Trees, i. 308. 477.

Yew-tree Seat, i. 29. To the Rev. Dr. (Duddon), ii. York and Lancaster, Wars of, ii. 251. 151.

Young England, ii. 390. Wren's Nest, A, i. 275.

Lady, To a, i. 368.

Youth, Written in very early, i. 1. YARROW Revisited, ii. 166. Unvisited, ii. 8.

ZARAGOZA, ii. 57, 58.


Printed by T. and A. CONSTABLE, Printers to His Majesty

at the Edinburgh University Press

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