Kill the Cowboy: A Battle of Mythology in the New West

U of Nebraska Press, 1 jan. 2001 - 217 sidor
Rising larger than life against the Western horizon, the cowboy sits astride his horse right in the middle of American mythology, husbanding our ideals of freedom, independence, and valor. And grazing his cattle on the wide-open land, he leaves a dusty trail: weeds spring up, scrub brush flourishes, wildlife declines, ground compacts, soil erodes, streambeds turn into dry gullies. Treading a fine line between the idyllic myth and the harsh facts of real-life ranching, this book offers a measured look at the struggle over the future of the American West, where visions of the land sharply divide between those who want to use it, those who want to save it from abuse, and those who see a middle way.

Fairly?though envisioning a revamping of the current grazing system?Sharman Apt Russell describes the present battles that pit ranchers against environmentalists, new Westerners against old, private concerns against government policies. The story she tells is dramatic, animated with the distinctive personalities and contentious episodes that have shaped current debates. It is also scrupulously attentive to the details of history, politics, and economics in the region. Grounded in a deep respect for land, this elegantly written, well-reasoned book begins the work of reevaluating our heroic myths and immediate needs in a way that will prove sustainable for all the West's inhabitants.


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KILL THE COWBOY: A Battle of Mythology in the New West

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Take the cowboy, please, and send him packing, along with all his mythological baggage—or so argues Russell (Writing/Western New Mexico University) in this provocative and iconoclastic study. Huge ... Läs hela recensionen

Kill the cowboy: a battle of mythology in the new West

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Russell, a resident of New Mexico's Mimbres Valley, presents the opposing viewpoints involved in the battle over grazing on the public lands in the West. She gives a personal touch to the discussion ... Läs hela recensionen


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Sharman Apt Russell is the author of When the Land Was Young, also available in a Bison Books edition. She lives in the Mimbres Valley in New Mexico.

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