How Far Have We Strayed?: Interpretation, Christianity, and the Historical Jesus

AuthorHouse, 15 feb. 2005 - 284 sidor

This innovative book presents a detailed examination of Christian origins through a careful assessment of common features and differences found between the many Christian denominations, such as, the role of Jesus as the Son of God, salvation through the belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the interpretation of the Christian scriptures.


Readers will trace these issues back to their original first century context by exploring the Scriptures, the history of the period, and the development of the Jesus story found in the New Testament. A different portrait of Jesus emerges that departs from the traditional ideal of Jesus found in mainstream Christianity. Discover just how far Christianity has strayed from the Jesus of history.


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Christianity Today
Scriptures in Modern Christianity
Pauls Letters Acts and James
The Fall of Jerusalem
A Look behind the Gospels
The Gospel of Mark
The Gospels of Matthew and Luke
The Gospel of John
Jesus and the Belief in His Resurrection
From Man to Legend

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Om författaren (2005)

Frank Applin was born in Minnesota in 1963. After earning his B.S. in Computer Science, he held numerous positions in the computer programming field. He has done freelance writing since college and has had several articles published in technical journals. He has also tried his hand in other writing endeavors, having several editorial pieces published as well as some poetry. Mr. Applin's passion, though, has always been historical Jesus research. After poring through hundreds of books covering Jesus, the Gospels, Paul, ancient Christianity, Judaism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Mr. Applin has joined his years of research with his analytical and writing skills to bring his exciting first book to life. He currently resides with his wife in Gladstone, Virginia.

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