The life and correspondence of ... John Clowes

James Speirs, 1882 - 204 sidor

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Sida 1 - Surely every medicine is an innovation, and he that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils ; for time is the greatest innovator : and if time of course alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end...
Sida 1 - All this is true, if time stood still; which contrariwise moveth so round, that a froward retention of custom is as turbulent a thing as an innovation; and they that reverence too much old times, are but a scorn to the new. It were good therefore that men in their innovations would follow the example of time itself; which indeed innovateth greatly, but quietly, and by degrees scarce to be perceived.
Sida 43 - The sun shall be no more thy light by day, neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee; but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.
Sida 1 - ... therefore that men in their innovations would follow the example of time itself, which indeed innovateth greatly, but quietly and by degrees scarce to be perceived: for otherwise, whatsoever is new is unlocked for ; and ever it mends some, and pairs other : and he that is holpen takes it for a fortune, and thanks the time; and he that is hurt, for a wrong, and imputeth it to the author.
Sida 2 - A more lying, roundabout, puzzle-headed delusion than that by which we confuse the clear instincts of truth in our accursed system of spelling was never concocted by the father of falsehood.
Sida 213 - Vindication of Great Men unjustly branded, and at such times, the names prominent to my mind's eye have been Giordano Bruno, Jacob Behmen, Benedict Spinoza, and EMANUEL SWEDENBORG.
Sida 214 - I fully concede indeed to Swedenborg what is usually denied him, namely, an extreme sobriety of mind displayed under all the exceptional circumstances of his career, and which ends by making us feel at last his every word to be almost insipid with veracity. I cordially appreciate moreover the rare destitution of wilfulness which characterizes all his researches ; or rather the child-like docility of spirit which leads him to seek and to A * recognize, under all the most contradictory .aspects of...
Sida 209 - I never saw a greater effect upon an audience. It seemed as if Heaven had ordained that Psalm to be read on that morning.
Sida 2 - To prevent such an imputation, he desires it should be known that he. looks upon the established system, if an accidental custom may be so called, as a mass of anomalies, the growth of ignorance and chance, equally repugnant to good taste and to common sense.
Sida 2 - I should go mad. I honestly can say I cannot conceive how it is that a foreigner learns how to pronounce English, when you recollect the total absence of rule, method, system, and all the auxiliaries which people generally get when they have to acquire something that is difficult of attainment.

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