AuthorHouse, 2006 - 240 sidor
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This book contains a collection of easy to read biblical skits and devotionals with an emphasis on evangelism. These writings are designed to be used for various aspects of church ministry. Though initially written with youth groups in mind, these skits and devotionals are not limited in their appeal to all ages. Each skit is based on scriptures from the Holy Bible and injects dialogue from everyday life. The shortness of each skit makes them adaptable for use in enhancing a regular worship service as an added feature or as the main feature of the program. All writings are designed to positively impact people and to create versatility in the method of spreading the gospel to all generations.

The format of each work is simple, yet effective in providing interesting, informative, and spiritual messages. The length of each performance can be varied through the inclusion or elimination of songs. Successful performances can be rendered without hours of rehearsal and preparation. Speaking parts can be read or memorized without depreciating the effectiveness of the underlying message.

Program committee leaders for women's auxiliaries, brotherhoods, usher boards, choirs, and youth groups can use these writings in their monthly or annual programs. Since each skit has only a few characters, each work is adaptable for groups of any size. Flexibility in altering the method of presentation without changing the message affords the users an opportunity to customize a skit to meet their specific needs.

Each skit has been successfully presented by several church organizations of which I am affiliated. This book, Write, is designed to glorify God, magnify Jesus Christ, and spread the gospel throughout the world.

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