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1833 or other vessels should only be used for the reci of palm oil, or be employed in any other lawful 1

Seventh. Having on board a greater qu of mess tubs or kids than requisite for the u her Crew as a Merchant Vessel:

Eighth. Having on board 2 or more copper lers, or even 1 evidently larger than requisite fo use of her Crew as a Merchant Vessel:

Ninth. Having on board a quantity of rice i rinha, flour of the manioc of Brazil, or cassas maize or Indian corn, beyond any, probable req provision for the use of her Crew, and such rice, maize, or Indian corn not being entered in the l fest as part of the Cargo for trade:

.And whereas by the VIIth Article of the said plementary Convention it was agreed, that no pensation should in any case be granted either to Master or to the Owner or to any other Person terested in the equipment or lading of a Mere Vessel in 'which any of the particulars specified in preceding Article should be found, even if the T nals should not pronounce any Condemnation, in sequence of her detention: And whereas by the VI Article of the said Supplementary Convention it agreed, that when a Merchant Vessel of either of 2 Nations should have been visited and detained gally, or without sufficient cause of suspicion, or w the visit and detention should have been attended any abuse or vexatious act, the Commander of Cruizer, or the Officer who should have boarded said Vessel, or the Officer who should have been pointed to bring her in, as the case might be, shi be liable to costs and damages to the Master and Owners of the Vessel and Cargo; that those costs damages might be awarded by the Tribunal be w.bich the proceedings against the detained Véssel, Master, Crew, and Cargo, should have been inst ted; and the Government of the Country to which Officer who gave occasion for such award should long, should pay the amount of the said costs damages within the period of one year from the of the award: And whereas by the IXth Article of said Supplementary Convention it was agreed, tha in the visit or detention of a Merchant Vessel mi n virtue of the provisions of the said Convention of 1833 - 30th of November, 1831, or of the said present onvention, any abuse or vexation should have been mmitted, but the Vessel should not have been delired over to the jurisdiction of her own Nation, the aster of the Vessel should make a declaration on th of the abuses or vexations of which he had to mplain, and of the costs and damages to which


laid claim, before the competent Authorities in the st Port of his own Country at which he might arwe, or before the Consular Agent of his Nation, if he Vessel should proceed to a Foreign Port where here was such an Agent; that this Declaration should confirmed by an examination under oath of the incipal persons of the Crew or Passengers who had tnessed the visit or detention, and I formal declaran of the whole should be drawn up, and 2 Copies ereof delivered to the Master, who should forward of them to his own Government in support of his am for costs and damages; and that it was underbod, that if any compulsory circumstances should terent the Master from making his Declaration, it might be made by the Owner or by any other person terested in the Vessel or in her Cargo; that on the bicial transmission of 1 Copy of the formal Declara., om above mentioned, through the channel of the spective Embassies, the Government of the Country which the Officer charged with abuses or vexations hould belong, should forthwith institute an inquiry into le matter, and if the validity of the complaint should Je admitted, the said Government should cause to be paid to the Master or Owner, or to any other person nterested in the Vessel which should have been molestar

or in her Cargo, the amount of costs and damaes which might be due to them: And whereas by le th Article of the said Supplementary Conventioni was agreed, that the 2 Governments did engage ciprocally to communicate each to the other, free expence, and upon application being made, Copies all the Proceedings instituted and judgments given elative to Vessels visited or detained in execution of e provisions of the said Convention, of the 30th day

November, 1831, and of the said present Conven: Ton: And whereas by the XIth Article of the said


1833 Supplementary Convention the 2 Governments di

to insure the immediate freedom of all Slaves who be found on board Vessels visited and detained tue of the stipulations of the principal Conventi rein - before referred to, or of the said presen vention, whenever the offence of trafficking in should have been established by the sentence respective Tribunals; the 2 Governments did, b by the said last- mentioned Article, reserve to tł ves, for the welfare of the Slaves themselves, th to employ them as Servants or free Labourers formably to their respective Laws: And wher the XIIth Article of the said Supplementary C tion it was agreed between the 2 High Conti Parties, that in all cases in which a Vessel und said Convention of the 30th day of November, year of our Lord., 1831, or under the said S inentary Convention, should be detained by the spective Cruizers as having been engaged in the trade or filted out for the purposes thereof, and : be placed at the disposal of either Governmel the purpose of being sold in consequence of a tence of Confiscation pronounced by a competen bunal, the said Vessel should be broken up, inor: in part, before the sale, whenever its peculiar struction or outfit should give reason to fear t might be again employed in the Slave - trade o other illicit traffic: And whereas, by the XIIIth last Article of the said Supplementary Convent was agreed, that the said present Conventions be ratified, and the Ratification should be excha at Paris within the space of 1 month, or soo possible: And whereas the said Supplementary Co tion was ratified by and between His Majesty an Majesty the King of the French, respectively, and Ratifications were exchanged on the 12th day of in the year of our Lord, 1833: And whereas expedient and necessary that effectual provisions be made for carrying into execution the provisio Convention aforesaid: Be it therefore enacted by King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the a and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, Commons, in this present Parliainent assembled, by the authority of the same, that it shall be la

Ir any Officer commanding any. Ship of War of His 1833 Majesty or of the King of the French, who shall have such rank as by the said Ilnd Article of the said first- mentioned Convention is agreed, and shall be duly instructed and authorized and furnished according to the several provisions of the said 2 Conventions, and within the waters described, and according to the provisions and exceptions contained in the Ist Article of the said first - mentioned Convention, to exercise the right of visiting and searching any Merchant Vessel of either of the said 2 Nations liable to suspicion, and suspected of having engaged in or of having been employed in the Slave trade, or of having been fitted out for the purposes of such traffc, according to the several provisions and instructions

the said 2 Conventions, except as in the said IIIrd Article of the said Supplementary Convention is except

, and, upon sufficient grounds, of detaining, and í sending or carrying in and delivering over without delay any such Vessel, together with its Master, Sailors, Passengers, Slaves, and Cargo to the Authorities appainted for the purposes of the said 2 Conventions, by We respective Governments of the said 2 Nations, and o one of the Jurisdiction in the said Instructions menlioned, in order that' proceedings may be instituted conformably to the respective Laws of the said 2 Counries; and all such Commanders of His said Majesty's Ships are hereby authorized + and required, in the exs ercice of such rights of visiting, searching, detaining, sending, carrying in, and delivering as aforesaid, to esecute, perform, and comply with the said several Provisions and Instructions of the said 2 Conventions as apply thereto respectively.

Ill. And be it further enacted, that where any Hoch Officer of His Majesty the King of the French muall send, carry, or deliver over, as aforesaid, any fach Merchant 'Vessel, wholly or in part owned by y Subject or Subjects of His Majesty the King of

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, all devery proceeding instituted in the Tribunals hereilter mentioned in regard to such Merchant Ves, and its Crew, Cargo, and Slaves, and in respect the cause, shall be conducted in the name of his said majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great

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1833 Britain and Ireland by some Person duly thereun

authorized; that is to say, all Ships, Cargoes, ar Slaves which shall be detained by the Cruizers of H Majesty the King of the French, and delivered up the jurisdiction of His Majesty at Bathurst on the R ver Gambia, shall be proceeded against and adjudicate in the Vice Admiralty Court at Sierra Leone; ar that all other Ships, Cargoes, and Slaves which mi in like manner be detained by the Cruizers of I Majesty the King of the French, and delivered up the jurisdiction of His Majesty, either at Jamaik Cape of Good Hope, or Demerara, shall be procee ed against and adjudicated in the Vice Admiral Court, established in the said Colonies respectivel and the Judges and other Officers of the said Vi Admiralty Courts respectively are hereby authorize to take cognizance thereof accordingly.'

III. And be it further enacted and declared, th any such Merchant Vessel, wholly or in part owne as last aforesaid, visited and detained in pursuance the said 2 Conventions, shall, unless proof be giv to the contrary, be held and taken to have engag in the, or to have been fitted out 1 the purposes of such traffic, and equipped and el ployed in the objects declared unlawful by an Act Parliament passed in the 5th year of the Reign His Majesty King George the 4th, intituled, “An A to amend and consolidate the Laws relating to t Abolition of the Slave - trade," if any of the partic lars specified in the said VIth Article of the said Co vention of the 22nd day of March 1833, shall be fou in her outfit or equipment, or on board of her.!

IV. And be it further enacted, that in case a such Merchant Vessel, wholly or in part owned as aforesaid, shall be brought in by any Officer of F Majesty the King of the French duly authorized, a shall be confiscated according to the Laws of t Country and the provisions of the said 2 Conventio and of the said Act of Parliament passed in the year of the Reign of His Majesty King George 1 IVth, it shall be lawful for His Majesty the King the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland direct that a portion of the proceeds arising from 1 sale thereof shall be paid into the hands of the G

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