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1834 any peltries or game, except for subsistence

Indian country, such person shall forfeit the five hundred dollars, and forfeit all the traps, and ammunition in his possession, used or proc be used for that purpose, and peltries so taker

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted. That person shall drive, or otherwise convey any s horses, mules, or cattle to range and feed land belonging to any Indian or Indian tribe the consent of such tribe, such person shall for sum of one dollar for each animal of such stoc

Sec. 10. And be it further enacted. TI Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Indian Agen sub-agents, shall have authority to remove fra Indian country all persons found therein contı law; and the President of the United States is rized to direct the military force to be emplo such removal.

Sec. 11. And be it further enacted. That person shall make a settlement on any lands beloi secured, or granted by treaty with the United : to any Indian tribe, or shall survey or shall atten survey such lands, or designate any of the bol ries by marking trees, or otherwise, such offender forfeit and pay the sum of one thousand dollars. it shall, moreover, be lawful for the President o United States to take such measures, and to en such military force, as he may judge necessary U move from the lands as aforesaid any such pers aforesaid.

Sec. 12. And be it further enacted. The purchase grant, lease, or other convenance of or of any title or claim thereto; from any Indian tion or tribe of Indians, shall be of any validi law or equity unless the same be made by treat convention entered into pursuant to the constiti And if any person, not employed under the auth of the United States , shall attempt to negotiate treaty or convention, directly or indirectly, 10 with any such nation or tribe of Indians, for the or purchase of any lands by them held or clan such person shall forfeit and pay one thousand dol Provided, nevertheless, That it shall be lawlul the agent or agents of any State who may be pre any treaty held with Indians under the authority of 1834 United Siates, in the presence and with the approba1 of the commissioner or commissioners of the UniStates appointed to hold the same, to propose to, adjust with the Indians, the compensation to be le for their claim to lands within such State ch shall be extinguished by treaty. Sec. 13. And be it further enacted. That if citizen or other person residing within the United tes or the territory thereof, shall send any talk, ach, message, or letter to any Indian nation, tribe, f, or individual, with an intent to produce a conention or infraction of any treaty or other law of United States, or to disturb the peace and tranity of the United States, he shall forfeit and pay sum of two thousand dollars. Sec. 14. And be it further enacted. That if citizen, or other person, shall carry or deliver such talk, message, speech, or letter, to or from Indian nation, tribe, chief, or Individual, from 10 any person or persons whatsoever, residing in the United States, or from or to any subject, en or agent of any foreign power or State, knowthe contents thereof, he shall forfeit and pay sum of one thousand dollars. Sec. 15. And be it further enacted. That if citizen or other person residing or living among Indians, or elsewhere within the territory of the ted States, shall carry on a correspondence, by er or otherwise, with any foreign nation or power, 1 an intent to induce such foreign nation or power excite any Indian nation, tribe, chief, or individual, war against the United States, or to the violation any existing treaty, or in case any citizen or other son shall alienate, or attempt to alienate, the conince of any Indian or Indians from the Government the United States, he shall forfeit the sum of one usand dollars.

Sec. 16. And be it further enacted. That where, the Commission by a white person, of any crime, ence, or misdemeanor, within the Indian country, property of any friendly Indian is taken, injured destroyed, and a conviction is had for such crime, ence, or misdemeanor, the person so convicted shall

· 1834 be sentenced to pay to such friendly Indian to

the property may belong, or whose person may b red, a sum equal to twice the just value of th perty so taken, injured, or destroyed. And i offender shall be unable to pay a sum at leas to the just value or amount, whatever such p: shall fall short of the same shall be paid out Treasury of the United States: Provided, I such Indian shall be entitled to any payement, the Treasury of the United States, for any suc perty, if he, or any of the nation to which he b shall have sought private revenge, or attemp obtain satisfaction by any force or violence: An vided, also, That if such offender cannot be hended and brought to trial, the amount of suc perty shall be paid out of the Treasury, as afo

Sec. 17. And be it further enacted. T any Indian or Indians, belonging to any tribe in with the United States, shall, within the Indian try take or destroy the property of any persor fully within such country, or shall pass from th dian country into any State or territory inhabit citizens of the United States, and there take, ste destroy, any horse, horses, or other property, belon to any citizen or inhabitant of the United States, citizen or inbabitant, his representative, attorney agent, may make application to the proper super dent, agent, or sub-agent, who, upon being fu ed with the necessary documents and proofs, under the direction of the President, make applit to the nation or tribe to which said Indian or In shall belong, for satifaction; and if such nation or shall neglect or refuse to make satisfaction, in a sonnable time, not exceeding twelve months, it be the duty of such superintendent, agent, or agent, to make return of his doings to the Cor sioner of Indian Affairs, that such further steps be taken as shall be proper in the opinion of the sident to obtain satisfaction for the injury; and, il meantime, in respect to the property so taken, s or destroyed, the United States guaranty, to the so injured, an eventual indemnification: Provi That, if such injured party, his representative, a ney, or agent, shall, in any way, violate any ol

be the to make refairs, that suhe opinio

provisions of this act, by seeking or attempting to 1834 obtain private satisfaction or revenge, he shall forfeit

claim upon the United States for such indemnifiRation. And provided, also, That unless such claim shall be presented within three years after the commisKion of the injury, the same shall be barred. And if the nation or tribe to which such Indian may belong, receive an annuity from the United States, such claim shall, at the next payement of the annuity, be deducted therefrom, and paid to the party injured; and, if mo annuity is payable to such 'nation or tribe, then the amount of the claim shall be paid from the Treaway of the United States: Provided, That nothing kerein contained shall prevent the legal apprehension ind punishment of any Indians having so offended.

Sec. 18. And be it further enacted. That the fuperintendents, agents, aud sub-agents, within their respective districts, be, and are hereby authorized and mpowered to take depositions of witnesses touching

y depredations within the purview of the two preReding sections of this act, and to administer an oath the deponents.

Sec. 19. And be it further enacted. That it hall be the duty of the superintendents, agents, and sub-agents to endeavour to procure the arrest and Inal of all Indians accused of committing any crime, ollence, or misdemeanor, and all other persons who may have committed crimes or offences within any Slate or Territory, and have fled into the Indian country, either by demanding the same of the chiefs al the proper tribe, or by such other means as the President may authorize; and to be employed in the apprehension of such Indians, and also in preventing O terminating hostilities between any of the Indian tribes.

Sec. 20. And be it further enacted. That if any person shall sell, exchange, or give, harter, or uspose of any spirituous liquor or wine to an Indian (in the Indian country), such person sball forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred dollars; and

any person shall introduce, or attempt to introduce, any spirituous liquor or wine into the InMan country, except such supplies as shall be necessary for the officers of the United States and

1834 troops of the service, under the direction of the

Department, such person shall forfeit and pay not exceding three hundred dollars; and if any intendent of Indian affairs, Indian agent, or subor commanding officer of a military post, has to suspect, or is informed, that any white per Indian is about to introduce, or has introduce spirituous liquor or wine into the Indian count violation of the provisions of this section, it sl lawfull for such superintendent, Indian agent, agent, or military officer, agreeably to such 1 tions as may be established by the President United States, to cause the boats, stores, pad and places of deposite of such person to be sea and if any such spirituous liquor or wine is foun goods, boats, packages and peltries of such shall be seized and delivered to the proper and shall be proceeded against by libel' in the court, and forfeited, one-half to the use of the iner, and the other half to the use of the Unite tes; and if such person is a trader, his license be revoked and his bond put in suit. And it moreover be lawful for any person in the servi the United States, or for any Indian, to take

destroy any ardent spirits or wine found in the i country, excepting military supplies as mentio this section.

Sec. 21. And be it further enacted, That person whatever shall, within the limits of the ] country, set up or continue any distillery for ma turing ardent spirits, he shall forfeit and pay a p of one thousand dollars; and it shall be the di the Superintendent of Indian affairs, Indian ag sub-agent, within the limits of whose agency the shall be set up or continued, förthwith to destro break up the same; and it shall be lawful to emplo military force of the United States in executing hat . Sec. 22. And be it further enacted, l'hat trials about the right of property in which an 1 may be a party on one side, and a white persi the other, the burden of proof shall rest upo white person, whenever the Indian shall make presumption of title in himself from the fact of vious possession or ownership.

tria Sec. pace of the Und it shall court may about the ne, be it fuStates in

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