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Sec: 23. And be it further enacted, T'hat it shall 1834 lawful for the military force of the United States le employed in such manner and under such retions as the President may direct, in the appreion of every person who shall or may be found le Indian country, in violation of any of the prous of this act, and him immediately to convey I said Indian country, in the nearest convenient safe route, to the civil authority of the territory udicial district in which said person shall be found, le proceeded against in due course of law, and also, he examination and seizure of stores, packages, boats, authorized by the twentieth, section of this and in preventing the introduction of persons property into the Indian country contrary to law; cu persons and property shall be proceeded against ording to law: Provided, That no person apprended by military force as aforesaid, shall be detain

longer than five days after the arrest and before ettoral. And all officers and soldiers who may have

such person or persons in custody shall treat them wall all the humanity which the circumstances will pos

permit; and every officer or soldier who shall be Fot maltreating any such person while in custody, sucer such punishment as a court martial shall

See, 24. And be it further enacted, That for gole purpose of carrying this act into effect, all part of the Indian country west of the Mississippi

that is bounded north by the north line of a assigned to the Osage tribe of Indians, produced to the State of Missouri; by the Mexican possessouth, by Red river, and east, by the west line Territory of Arkansas and the State of Misshall be and hereby is, annexed to the Terri

Arkansas; and that for the purpose aforesaid, sidue of the Indian country west of the said uppi river shall be, and hereby is, annexed to the

district of Missouri, and for the purpose afothe several portions of Indian country east of

Mississippi river, shall be, and are hereby, annexed to the Territory in which they are


1834 Sec. 25. And be it further enacted, That

much of the laws of the United States as provid for the punishments of crimes committed within a place within the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of t United States , shall be in force in the Indian countr Provided , The same shall not extend to crimes co mitted by one Indian against the person or proper of another Indian.

Sec. 26. ' And be it further enacted, That any person who shall be charged with a violation any of the provisions or regulations of this act, sh be found within any of the United States, or either the Territories, such offenders may be there appi hended, and transported to the Territory or judic district having jurisdiction of the same.

Sec. 27. And be it further enacted, That penalties which shall accrue under this act, shall sued for and recovered in an action of debt, in name of the United States, before any court havii jurisdiction of the same, in any State or Territo in which the defendant shall be arrested or found)! one half to the use of the informer, and the oth half to the use of the United States, except when t prosecution shall be first instituted on behalf of 1 United States, in which case the whole shall be their use.

Sec. 28. And be it further enacted, That whe goods or other property shall be seized for any viola tion of this act, it shall be lawful for the person pro secuting on behalf of the United States to procee against such goods, or other property, in the ma ner directed to be observed in the case of goods, res, or merchandise brought into the United Stat in violation of the revenue laws.

Sec. 29. And be it further enacted, That t following acts and parts of acts shall be, and !! same are hereby, repealed, namely: An act to mal provision relative to rations for Indians, and to the visits in the seat of Government, approved May thi teen, eighteen hundred, an act to regulate trade ar intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to presery peace on the frontiers, approved March thirty, eigi teen hundred and two, to regulate trade and inte course with the Indian tribes, and to preserve pear w the frontiers, approved April twenty-nine, eighteen 1834 Jundred and sixteen; an act for the punishment of crimes and offences committed within the Indian boundaries, approved March three, eigtheen hundred serenteen; the first and second sections of the act directing the manner of appointing Indian agents, and coninuing the “Act establishing trading houses with the Indian tribes,” approved April sixteen, eighteen bundred and eighteen; an act fixing the compensation of Indian Agents and factors, approved April twenty, eighteen hundred and eighteen; an act supplementary to the act entitled “An act to provide for the prompt settlement of public accounts," approved February wenty-four, eighteen hundred and eighteen; the eighth pection of the act making appropriations to carry into flect treaties concluded with several Indian tribes herein mentioned, approved March three, eighteen hunfred and nineteen; the second section of the act to continue in force for a further time the act entitled An act for establishing trading houses with the Indian fibes, and for other purpose,” approved March three, ghteen hundred and nineteen; an act to amend an Kt entitled "An act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the rontiers," approved thirtieth of March, eighteen hunPred and two, approved May six, eighteen hundred ad twenty - two; an act providing for the appointment I an agent for the Osage Indians west of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas, and for other purposes, approved May eighteen, eigtheen hundred and twenty-four; the third, fourth, and fifth sections of "An act to enable the President to hold treaties, will certain Indian tribes, and for other purposes," aproved May twenty-five, eighteen hundred and iwentyfour; the second section of the “Act to aid certain Andians of the Creek nation in their removal to the West of the Mississippi,” approved May twenty, eighteen hundred and twenty-six, and an act to authomize the appointment of a subagent to the Winnehago Indians on Bock river, approved February twentyure eighteen hundred and thirty-one. Provided, however. That such repeal shall not effect (affect) any Fights acquired, or punishments, penalties, or forfeipures incurred, under either of the acts or parts of Nouv. Série. Tome IV.


1834 acts, nor impair or affect the intercourse 'act of

teen hundred and two so far as the same relat or concerns Indian tribes residing east of the sippi. And provided also, That such repeal not be constrned to revive any acts or parts of repealed by either of the acts or sections hereir scribed.

Sec. 30. And be it further enacted, That a Western Territory shall be established, the agents for the Western Territory, as provided i act for the organization of the Indian Depart this day approved by the President, shall execut duties of agents for such tribes as may be dir by the President of the United States. And it be competent for the President to assign to o the said agents, in addition to his proper duties duties of superintendent for such district of co or for such tribes, as the President may thin! And the powers of the superintendent at St. ) over such district or tribes as may be assigned to acting superintendent sball cease. Provided, Th additional compensation shall be allowed for such vices.

Approved, June 30th, 1833.

30. Traité entre S. M. le Roi de Sardai S. M. Britannique, et S. M. le Roi Français d'accession de S. M. Sa au Traité et aux Articles sup mentaires pour la répression au traite des Noirs. En date du 8. 4

. 1834. (Annuaire historique universel pour 1835. – Doci

historiques pag. 26 et suiv.) Sa Majesté le Roi des Français et Sa Maje Roi du Royaume - uni de la Grande Bretagne et lande, ayant conclu le 30. novembre 1831 et 1


mars 1833 deux Conventions destinées à assurer la 1834 repression complète de la traite des Noirs;

Les Hautes Parties Contractantes, conformément i l'article 9 de la première de ces conventions, qui porte que les autres Puissances maritimes seront inbitées à y accéder, ont adressé cette invitation à Sa Majesté, le Roi de Sardaigne..

Et Sa dile Majesté animée des mêmes sentimens, e empressée de concourir avec ses deux Augustes Aliés au même but d'humanité, n'ayant pas hésité à accueillir leur proposition;

Les trois hautes Puissances, dans la vue d'accomplir ce dessein généreux, et pour donner à l'accession de Sa Majesté Sarde, ainsi qu'à son acceptation par Sa Majesté le Roi des Français, et par Sa Majesté Britannique l'authenticité convenable et toute la solemmité usité ont resolu de conclure à cet effet une Convention formelle, et ont en conséquence nommé pour lears Plénipotentiaires, savoir:

Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne, le Comte Victor baller De la Tour, Marquis de Cordon, Chevalier de

Ordre Suprème de la Très - Sainte Annonciade, Grand Cordon de l'Ordre des Saints Maurice et Lazare, Commandeur de l'Ordre Militaire, et Chevalier de rdre Civil de Savoie, Grand - Crois de plusieurs res étrangers, Général de Cavalerie, Ministre et mier Secrétaire d'Etat au département des affaires

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...Sa Majesté le Roi des Français monsieur Amable

aume Prosper Brugière, Baron de Barante, Pair
France, Conseiller d'Etat, Officier de l'Ordre Royal
a Légion d'honneur, Ambassadeur de Sa Majesté
noi des Français près la cour de Turin;
Sa Majesté le Roi du Royaume-Uni de la Grande-
agne et d'Irlande, le très - honorable sir Auguste
Foster, Baronnet du Royaume-Uni, Membre du
donorable Conseil privé de Sa Majesté Britanni-

et Son Envoyé extraordinaire, et Ministre pléni-
ciliaire près la Cour de Turin.
Les quels, après avoir réciproquement échangé
pleins pouvoirs, trouvés en bonne et due forme,
convenus des articles suivans.

Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne accède aux mentions conclues et signées le 30. novembre 1831

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