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We, the undersigned, Don Andres Bello, and Don 1832 José Mariano Troncoso, the former authorized by the Government of the Republic of Chili, and the latter by that of The United States of Mexico, to remove the difficulties resulting from the expiration of the term fired by the said Treaty, after due and reciprocal presentation of our respective Powers, have stipulated and agreed :

Art. I. That the said term shall be prolonged until the 31st of the month of August next; without either of the High Contracting Parties being allowed to consider the said Treaty, null and void, in consequence of the unavoidable delay which has occurred in the Ratifications, and the exchange of them; the said Treaty being considered as firm and valid in all its clauses, as if the Ratifications had been accepted and exchanged before the 7th day of March, 1832.

II. The present Convention shall have the same ralpe and effect, as if it were formally ratified by our respective Governments.

In faith of which we have signed and sealed the same in the City of Santiago de Chili, on the 15th of the present month of June, 1832.

(L. S.) Jose M. Troncoso. ,I

Proclamation du Gouvernement de la République

. de Chili, en date du 30. Août 1832. Traduction anglaise redigée au Foreign Office à Londres. Be it known also:

That a Convention, having for object an extension of the term fixed by the Treaty concluded the 7 March 1831 between The Republic of Chili ard the United States of Mexico, for the exchange of its Ratifications, was entered into and signed in this city of Santiago, on the 15 day of June last, between the duly empowered Plenipotentiaries of both States, which convention in form and tenour is as follows:

(Suit le texte de la convention du 15. Juin 1832.) And the Congress of the Republic of Chili, having approved of the Treaty of 7 March 1831 and its additional article in all its parts, excepting only the words: wholesale and retail (por mayor o al menudeo) which occur in the 1th Part of the Vth Article, and which words having been expunged in the Ratification of the

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1852 Vice-President of the United States of Mexico entrusted with

Executive Power, are consequently void and of no effect; -
reason thereof, and by virtue of the power granted to me by
Constitution, I accept, confirm; and ratify the said Treaty, to
ther with its Additional Article, as also the Convention for
prolongation of the term for the exchange of the Ratificatio
promising, in the name of the Chilian Nation, to fulfil and obse
them, and to cause them to be fulfilled and observed.

Given in the Hall of Government of this City of Santiago
Chile, signed with my hand and sealed with the Arms of the E
public, and countersigned by the Secretary of State for Fore
Affairs, this 30th day of August 1832, in the 23rd year of Chil
Joaquin TorcoNAL.


Déclaration du Ministre des affaires étrangères i
Chili adressée à Don Jose Mariano Troncoso,
Ministre du Mexique.

Santiago, 30th August, 183
The Undersigned, Minister for the Department of Forei
Affairs, has been instructed by the President of the Republic
declare to Señor Don José Mariano Troncoso, commissioned

Tratado de Amistad y alianza entr la República del Peru y el Estad del Ecuador. Fécho 12. Julio 1831 (Publication officielle imprimée à Sant-Jago.)

En el Nombre de Dios todo Poderoso. .

Deseando el Estado del Ecuador y la Repú blica del Perú consultar sus verdaderos interese afianzar su Independencia,y estrechar la vínculos con que los ha unido la naturaleza, me diante el establecimiento de una amistad y alian za sincera é inalterable; han resuelto de conui acuerdo celebrar un Tratado que, asegurando esto bienes, satisfaga al mismo tiempo los votos de am bos Pueblos. Con este fin, Su Excelencia el Pre sidente del Estado del Ecuador ha tenido á bier autorizar competentemente al Ciudadano Diego No boa, Ministro Plenipotenciario cerca del Gobiern

the United States of Mexico, to exchange the Ratifications of the 1832 Treaty of Mexico of the 7th of March 1831; that, as doubts may possibly arise as to the precise meaning of the XVth Article of the said Treaty, which stipulates that “the Negotiations which may be entered into with the Court of Madrid or any other whatsoever, having for object the securing of Independence and Peace, shall equally include and comprehend the interests both of Chili and Mexico," the Government of Chili understands by the above clause, that neither of the 2 Contracting Parties shall be bound by what may be agreed upon between the other and the Court of Spain, without its special consent to be included and comprehended in the Negotiations, and that it is with this construction that the National Congress has approved the Treaty, and that the President has ratified it, in the name and on behalf of the Chilian Nation.

Although the Government of Chili believes the above to be the natural sense and meaning of the aforesaid Article, and has no doubt that it will be so interpreted by the Government of the United States of Mexico, it has judged it to be expedient, from the importance of the point to which it has reference, to make this Declaration, which the Undersigned is commanded to present to Señor Troncoso at the time of exchanging the Ratifications. The Undersigned begs to repeat, etc.


Traité d'amitié et d'alliance entre la République de Pérou et l'Etat de l'Equateur. Conclú le 12. Juillet 1832. (Traduction anglaise redigée au Foreign office à

Londres.) In the name of Almighty God. · The State of Equator and the Republic of Peru, being desirous of consulting their own true interests, securing their “Independence," and drawing still closer the ties by which nature has united them, by means of a sincere and lasting friendship and alliance, have mutually resolved to enter into a Treaty, which, by securing these advantages, shall at the same time salisfy the wishes of both Nations. For this object, His Excellency the President of the State of Equator, has granted Full Powers to the Citizen Diego Noboa, Alunister Plenipotentiary to the Government of Peru; and His Excellency the President of the Peruvian

1832 del Perú; y Su Excelencia el Presidente de la R

pública Peruana, al Ciudadano José Maria de Pand
Ministro de Estado en el Departamento de Gobier
y relaciones esteriores; los cuales, despues de rec
nocidos y cangeados sus respectivos Plenos Pod
res, han convenido en los Artículos siguientes: 1

Art. 1. Habrá paz inalterable, y amistad coi
stante y sincera entre el Estado del Ecuador y
República Peruana, y entre los Ciudadanos de
y otro Pais.

II. Habrá igualmente alianza entre los Estados para defenderse mutuamente contra cua quiera agresion estraña.

III. Las Partes contratantes se compromete á invitar respectivamente á las Repúblicas de B livia y Chile, para que formen con el Ecuador y Peru una cuadrupla alianza, bajo los términt que espresa el anterior Artículo.

IV. En el caso que el Estado del Ecuador tuvie: motivos de desavenencia con algun otro de los de Continente, el Perú presentará su mediacion par que se transijan amigablemente; lo mismo hará Estado des Ecuador, respecto de la República Pe ruana cuando se halle en iguales circunstancia

V. Si degraciadamente esta mediacion no tu viese buen exito, y cualquiera de las Partes Contra tantes se viese amenazada por un enemigo exterio podrá raclamar de la otra los auxilios de buque de guerra, tropas y demas que reputase necesarii los cuales deberan ser prestados immediatamente qu sean requeridos.

VI. Todos los gastos de trasportes de tra pas, así como los que cause su manutencion. sueldo, armamento de buques y demas auxilios qu se presenten, serán satisfechos por la parte Con tratante que los pidiese.

VII. Cualquiera desavenencia que se suscitas entre el Estado del Ecuador y la República Pe ruana, será tranzada por todos los medios concilia torios que dicta la union intima á que se compro meten , sometiendo la cuestion á la decision de un Potencia árbitra, en el caso inesperado de que su Plenipotenciarios no obtuviesen el debido aveni miento,

Republic, to the Citizen José Maria de Pando, Minister 1832 of State in the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs; who, after recognizing and exchanging their respective Full Powers, have agreed upon the following


Art. I. There shall be unalterable peace and constant and sincere friendship between the State of Equator and the Peruvian Republic, and between the Citizens of both Countries.

I. There shall also be an alliance between the 2 States for their mutual defence against any foreign aggression.

III. The contracting Parties agree to invite the Republics of Bolivia and Chile, respectively, to form with the States of Equator and Peru a quadruple alliance, for the purpose mentioned in the preceding Article.

IV. In the event of the Republic of Equator having any subject of disagreement with any of the other Continental States, that of Peru shall offer its mediation for an amicable arrangement of it; the State of the Equator rendering a similar service, should the Peruvian Republic find itself in like circumstances.

V. If this mediation should unfortunately prove unsuccessful and either of the Contracting Parties should find itself threatened by an external Enemy, it may require from the other, the assistance of Vessels of War, Troops, and any other description of aid that it may deem necessary, which aid must be aftorded immediately upon its being applied for. .

VI. All the expenses of the transport of troops, as well as of their maintenance and pay, the arming of Vessels, and other assistance afforded, shall be paid by the Contracting Party applying for them.

VII. Should any disagreement arise between the State of Equator and the Peruvian Republic, every conciliatory means suggested by the strict union between them shall be employed for its friendly settlement, and in the unexpected case of the Plenipotentiaries being unsuccessful in their endeavours to effect the same, the question shall be referred to another State for its


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