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New Echota between their eastern brethren, and 1835 e United States, and having fully understood the ovisions of the same, they agree to it in behalf of e western Cherokees. But it is expressly understood at nothing in this treaty shall affect any claims of e western Cherokees on the United States.

In testimony, whereof, we have, this 31st day of ecember, 1835 hereunto set our hands and seal3, Signatures des Indiens et témoins. . .


S JOHN + Smith. (L. S.) Supplementary articles to a treaty concluded at ew Echota, Georgia, December 29, 1835, 'between e United States and Cherokee people.

Whereas the undersigned were : authorized at the eneral meeting of the Cherokee people held at Newchotą as above stated to make and assent to such terations in the preceding treaty, as might be thought cessary, and whereas the President of the United tates has expressed his determination not to allow any te-emptions or reservations his desire being that the hole Cherokee people should remove together and tablish themselves in the country provided for them est of the Mississippi river.

Art. 1. It is therefore agreed that all the prenption rights and reservations provided for in articles

and 13 shall be and are hereby relinquished and :clared void. . . . .

Cardiova Art. 2. Whereas the Cherokee people have supSsed that the sum of five millions of dollars fixed

the Senate in their resolution of day of March 335, as the value of the Cherokee lands and posssions east of the Mississippi river was not intendI to include the amount which may be required remove them, nor the value of certain claims which any of their people had against citizens of the Unid States which suggestion has been confirmed by le opinion expressed to the War Department by some the Senators who voted upon the question and wheas the President is willing that this subject should 2 referred to the Senate for their consideration and if Nouv. Série. Tome IV.

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1835 it was not intended by the Senate that the above men

tioned sum of five millions of dollars shall include the objects herein specified that in that case such further provision should be made therefore, as might appear to the Senate to be just.

Article 3. It is therefore agreed that the sum of six hundred thousand dollars shall be and the same is hereby allowed to the Cherokee' people to include the expense of their removal, and all claims of every nature and description against the Government of the United States not herein otherwise expressly provided for, and to be in lieu of the said reservations and pre-emptions and of the sum of three hundred thousand dollars for spoliations described in the 1st article of the above mentioned, treaty. This sum of six hundred thousand dollars shall be applied and distributed agra bly to the provisions of the said treaty, and any sur plus- which may remain after removal and payment of the claims so ascertained shall be turned over and be long to the education fund. I ... But it is expressly understood that the subject this article is merely referred hereby to the considera


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Convention entre la Grande-Bretagn et la ville libre de Francfort pour rescision et l'abrogation du Traité à commerce et de navigation subsistan entre les deux Etats depuis le 13. Ma 1832. Signée à Londres, le 29. De

:: cembre 1835. ... (Publiée officiellement à Francfort le 12. Février

1836.) The Senate of the Free City of Frankfon having made known to the Government of He Britannick Majesty, that since the signature the Treaty concluded on the 13th of May 1832, bet ween His Britannick Majesty and the Senate of the

on of the Senate and if they shall approve the same 1835 en this supplement shall remain part of the treaty.

Article 4. It is also understood that the provisions article 16, for the agency reservation, is not intentI to interfere with the occupant right of any Chekees should their improvement fall within the same.

It is also understood and agreed that the one indred thousand dollars appropriated in article 12 for e poorer class of Cherokees and intented as a setI to the pre-emption rights shall now be transferred bm the funds of the nation and added to the general tional fund of four hundred thousand dollars so as to ake said fund equal to five hundred thousand dollars. 1. Article 5. The necessary expenses attending the gotiation of the aforesaid treaty and supplement and so of such persons of the delegation as may sign le same shall be defrayed by the United States.

In testimony whereof John F. Schermerhorn comfissioner on the part of the United States, and the ndersigned delegation have hereunto set their hands ad seals this first day of March in the year one thouind eight hundred and thirty six.

(Suivent les signatures des Indiens et témoins.)

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Tebereinkunft zwischen Grossbritanien und der freien Stadt Frankfurt vegen Aufhebung des seit dem 13. Vai 1832 zwischen ihnen bestandenen landels- und Schifffahrtsvertrags. Interzeichnet zu London, am 29. De

cember 1835. (Gesetz - und Statuten - Sammlung der freien Stadt

Frankfurt. Bd. V.) Nachdem der Senat der freien Stadt Frankfurt le Regierung Seiner Grossbritannischen Majestät davon Renntniss gesetzt hat, dass seit der Unterzeichnung es zwischen seiner Grossbritannischen Majestät und em Senat der freien Stadt Frankfurt am 13. Mai 1832

1835 Free City of Frankfort, for the encouragement of

the commercial intercourse between Their respec tive Dominions, circumstances have arisen which render certain stipulations of that Treaty prejus dicial to the commercial interests of the Free City of Frank fort:

. And His Majesty The King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland being de sirous of cooperating with the Senate of the Free City of Frankfort for the purpose of relieving the said Free City from the inconvenience which has thus sustained; the Two High Contracting Parties have therefore agreed mutually to release each other from some of the engagements contracted by the abovementioned Treaty; and for this purpose They have named as Their Plenipotentiaries, na

"His Majesty the King of the United Kingda of Great Britain and Ireland, The Rigt Honourable Henry John Viscount Palmerston, Baron

Temple, a Peer of Ireland, a Member of His Bri tannick Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council Knight Grand Cross of the most Honourable Orde of the Bath, a Member of Parlianient and H Britannick Majesty's Principal Secretary of Stan for Foreign Affairs: And The Right Honourable Charles Poulett Thomson, a member of His BR tannick Majesty's most Honourable Privy Cound a member of Parliament, and President of the Comittee of Privy Council for - Affairs of Trade ånd Foreign Plantations: .. And the Senate of the Free City of Frank fort, Edward Louis Harnier, Esquire, Doctor Civil Law, a Senator of the said Free City:Who, after having communicated to each other their respective Full Powers, and having found them to be in due and proper form, have agreed upon and concluded the following Articles:

.'"Art. I. Articles One, Two, Three, Four and Five of the Treaty of Commerce and Navigation concluded at London on the 13th. of May 1832, and hereby declared to be void, and of no effect. Litt.Art. Il. The present Treaty shall be ratified and the Ratifications shall be exchanged at London within the space of Six Weeks, or sooner if possible. Beförderung des Handelsverkehrs. zwischen den 1835 lerseitigen Gebieten abgeschlossenen Staats-Vertrags stände eingetreteu sind, wodurch gewisse Bestim igen dieses Staats-Vertrags störend für das Han-, -Interesse der freien Stadt Frankfurt geworden sind:

Und Seine Majestät der König der vereinigten ligreiche von Grossbritannien und Irland von dem ansch beseelt ist, in Uebereinstimmung mit dem hate der freien Stadt Frankfurt von letzterer den ihr raus entstehenden Nachtheil abzuwenden: so sind beiden hohen vertragschliessenden Theile dahin reingekommen sich gegenseitig, von einigen Verchtungen aus dem oben erwähnten Staats - Vertrag entbinden, und haben zu diesem Ende zu Bevollchtigten ernannt: ... ut i

huse Seine Majestät der König der vereinigten Könige ache von Grossbritannien und Irland den sehr ehren. arthen Heinrich Johann, Vicomte Palmerston, Baron emple, Pair von Irland, Mitglied des höchst ehrenthen Geheimen Raths Seiner Grossbritannischen ajestät, Grosskreuz - Ritter des höchst ehrenwerthen th-Ordens, Parlamentsglied, und Seiner Britischen jestät Haupt - Staats - Secretär der auswärtigen Anlegenheiten: Und den sehr ehrenwerthen Carl Poulett omson, Mitglied des höchst ehrenwerthen Geheimen this Seiner Grossbritannischen Majestät, Parlaments; ed und Präsidenten vom Ausschusse des Geheimen kbs für den Handelsverkehr und die überseeischen lanzungen:

Und der Senat der freien Stadt Frankfurt Herrn luard Ludwig Harnier, Doctor der Rechte, und hator der gedachten freien Stadt; ; elche nach wechselseitiger Mittheilung und nach-ordngsmässigem Richtigbefund ihrer Vollmachten, die chfolgenden Artikel verabredet und abgeschlossen iben; . .

Art. I. Die Artikel Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier und inf des am 13. Mai 1832 zu London abgeschlossenen Handels- und Schifffahrts - Vertrags werden hiermit für ufgehoben und wirkungslos erklärt.

Art. II. Der gegenwärtige Vertrag soll ratificirt und die Ratifications - Urkunden binnen sechs Wochen, der wo möglich früher, in London ausgewechselt werden.


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