The New sporting magazine, Volym 17


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Sida 280 - Though green at noon, cut down at night, Shows thy decay; All flesh is hay: Thus think, and smoke tobacco.
Sida 248 - The envious who but breathe in others' pain, Behold the host! delighting to deprave, Who track the steps of glory to the grave, Watch every fault that daring genius owes Half to the ardour which its birth bestows, Distort the truth, accumulate the lie, And pile the pyramid of calumny!
Sida 60 - Chesterfield, added to a Sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each, 10 ft., and 5 only if declared, &c. ; the owner of the second horse received back his stake.
Sida 248 - Is fix'd for ever to detract or praise ; Repose denies her requiem to his name, And Folly loves the martyrdom of Fame. The secret enemy whose sleepless eye Stands sentinel, accuser, judge, and spy ; The foe, the fool, the jealous, and the vain, The envious, (who but breathe in others...
Sida 290 - If I do prove her haggard, Though that her jesses were my dear heart-strings, I'd whistle her off, and let her down the wind, To prey at fortune.
Sida 297 - An idiot, or natural fool, is one that hath had no understanding from his nativity ; and therefore is by law presumed never likely to attain any.
Sida 78 - We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow ; Our wiser sons no doubt will think us so.
Sida 66 - Upon the king ! let us our lives, our souls, Our debts, our careful wives, Our children, and our sins lay on the king ! We must bear all.
Sida 78 - Unting is all that's worth living for - all time is lost wot is not spent in 'unting — it is like the hair we breathe - if we have it not we die - it's the sport of kings, the image of war without its guilt, and only five-and-twenty per cent of its danger.
Sida 123 - From the summit of a hill which commanded an extensive prospect over a straggling forest, I shortly afterwards perceived a large herd of Buffaloes, quietly chewing the cud beneath an umbrageous tree. Creeping close upon them, I killed a Bull with a single ball, but the confused echo, reverberating among the mountains alarming the survivors, about fifty in number, they dashed...

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