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our spirits and of devotedness to him. May serve Thee better than we ever have done, thy service be the employment of our days, through our Lord and Saviour, to whom be and the enjoyment of our hearts. May we glory for ever and ever. Amen. love thy commands, and acquiesce in thy dispensations; and then we are at the gate of heaven.

WEDNESDAY MORNING. We lament that this has been so little the AGAIN we lift up our eyes unto the hills case with us, since we have known Thee, or from whence cometh our help. Our help is rather have been known of Thee. We ought in the name of the Lord God who made heato be ashamed to think, that after all the in- ven and earth. structions of thy word, the ordinances of thy Thou art the author of all existence, and house, and the discipline of thy family, our the source of all blessedness. We adore Thee ears are still so dull of hearing, and our hearts for making us capable of knowing Thee; for 80 slow to believe; that our souls so cleave possessing us with reason and conscience; and unto the dust; that we live so much under for leading us to inquire, Where is God my the influence of things seen and temporal, and maker, that giveth songs in the night? We feel so littleof the powers of a world to come. praise Thee for all the information with which How obscure is our knowledge; how weak we are favoured to bring us to thyself; espeour faith; how low our hope; how wavering cially the revelation of the gospel. Here we our obedience; how lifeless our worship! O look into thy very heart, and see that it is Lord, clothe us with humility; and in this at the dwelling-place of pity. Here we see thy tire help us to present Thee the sacrifice of a thoughts towards us, and find that they are broken heart and a contrite spirit, which thoughts of peace and not of evil. Here we Thou wilt not despise.

see Thee waiting to be gracious, and exalted . And since Thou art the God of all grace, to have mercy. Here Thou hast told our and hast commanded us to ask and receive consciences how the guilty can be pardoned, that our joy may be full; afford us more of the unholy can be sanctified, and the poor the supply of the spirit of Jesus Christ, to furnished with unsearchable riches. give more decision to our character, and more! May we be found in the number of those earnestness to our zeal; that with enlarged | who not only hear but know the joyful sound, hearts in the way of thy commandments we that we may walk in the light of thy countemay run and not be weary, and walk and not nance, in thy name rejoice all the day, and in faint. May we always realise thy presence; thy righteousness be exalted. May we take and may the thought that thine eye is upon Thee, the God of truth, at thy word; and be. us, operate as a check to sin, an excitement lieve the record, that Thou hast given to us to duty, and a source of consolation. May eternal life, and that this life is in thy Son we bear with firmness and submission the va- | And since it is not only a faithful saying, but rious trials of life and religion, and derive worthy of all acceptation, that He came into from them all the advantage which they are the world to save sinners, to Him may we designed to afford. May we glorify the Lord look alone for salvation, and with all the ear. in the fires, and may every day of trouble af- nestness the infinite importance of the case ford us an opportunity to prove the truth of requires. thy promise, the tenderness of thy care, and 1 And to Him may we immediately repair, the supports of thy grace. May tribulation remembering how short and uncertain our work patience, and patience experience, and time is, and filled with holy horror at the experience hope.

thought of closing a life of precious, but negBut how few, how limited, and how light lected privileges with the exclamation, The are the afflictions with which we are exer- harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we cised. How much more reason have we to are not saved. We long for the experience be thankful than to complain. Bless the Lord, of a present salvation, not only in the comO our souls, and all that is within us bless forts, but in the renewings of the Holy Ghost. his holy name. Bless the Lord, O our souls, We desire to have nothing more to do with and forget not all his benefits; who forgiv- sin; and pray as sincerely to be restored to eth all our iniquities; who healeth all our dis-thy image, as to be reinstated in thy favour. eases; who redeemeth our lives from destruc- We implore spiritual graces, as well as spition; who crowneth us with loving-kindness ritual blessings; and pray that we may aland tender mercies.

ways value religious duties, as religious priWe praise Thee for the protection, the sup-vileges. Deliver us from the disposition of plies, and the conforts of another day. Take the slave, and uphold us in all our goings by us under thy care for the night on which we thy free spirit; and enable us to run in the have entered. May no evil befall us nor any way of thy commandments with freedom and plague come nigh our dwelling. Refresh our delight. bodies and renew our strength by needful re- May we cherish simplicity and godly sinpose; and when we awake, may we be still cerity of character: may we be in reality bewith God, and rise to love Thee more and fore God, what we are in appearance before

men-Israelites indeed in whom is no guile. I his disciples, and learn of him; his soldiers, May we be religious before we profess reli- and war under his banner; his beneficiaries, gion, and leave the world before we enter and live upon his fulness. When we think the church; that we may not be looking back of our transgressions of thy law, may we reafter its forbidden follies and vanities, but with member him who is the end of the law for our affections set on things that are above, righteousness. When we feel our sin, may walk worthy of Him who has called us to we think of him whose blood cleanseth from his kingdom and glory.

all sin: and when viewing our trials and And while we are the partakers of thy duties our weakness makes us despond, may grace, may we be also the dispensers of it too. we hear the voice that cries, My grace is Freely having received, may we freely give. sufficient for thee. May we feel it to be the sublimest of all sa- May we be followers of him who was meek tisfactions, and count it the greatest of all re- and lowly in heart, who pleased not himself, wards, to save a soul from death, and to hide who went about doing good, who said, My a multitude of sins. And while endeavour meat is to do the will of him that sent me, ing to do good, may we be prepared to bear and to finish his work. Subdue in us the evil. May we consider Him who endured selfishness that is so common to our depraved the contradiction of sinners against himself; hearts, and excite in us a disposition to seek and if reviled, revile not again ; or if opposed after the welfare of others. May sentiments or slighted, never grow weary in well doing. of benevolence and kindness mingle with all

But we bless Thee that the lines are fallen our thoughts, words, and actions; may they to us in pleasant places. We are strangers become more natural, more powerful, more to the sufferings of those who have gone be impartial; may we be good to the unthankful fore us; and can not only sit ourselves, but and the unworthy, that we may be the chilcall every man his neighbour under the vine dren of our Father who is in heaven, for he and under the fig-tree. May we avail our maketh his sun to shine on the evil and on selves of our opportunities; and invite those the good, and sendeth rain on the just and around us to taste and see that the Lord is the unjust. good, while it is called to-day, knowing how Yet may we especially do good unto them soon the night cometh wherein no man can that are of the household of faith. May all work.

who do the will of our heavenly Father be O God, count us worthy of this calling, and dear to our hearts. May we prefer Jerusalem fulfil in us all the good pleasure of thy good-above our chief joy. Peace be within her ness, and the work of faith with power; that walls, and prosperity within her palaces. the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be Let her become a praise in the whole earth. glorified in us, and we in Him, according to And from the rising of the sun to the going the grace of our God, and the Lord Jesus down of the same, may thy name be great Christ. Amen.

among the Gentiles, and in every place may incense be offered unto Thee, and a pure

offering. The harvest truly is great, but the WEDNESDAY EVENING.

labourers are few; command their increase,

and abundantly bless those who are already O THOU that hearest prayer-Through him employed. who is the great intercessor, let our prayer And may the sincerity of our prayers apcome before Thee as incense, and the lifting pear in our exertions and sacrifices. May we up of our hands as the evening sacrifice. We honour the Lord with our substance. In our bless Thee as our creator, the framer of our respective stations may we adorn the docbodies, and the former of our souls within us. trine of God our Saviour in all things. By We praise Thee for the blessings of thy pro every kind of consistent co-operation with vidence which encompass us on every side, our ministers, may we become helpers to the and are continued to us notwithstanding our truth: and carrying the effects of the serunworthiness. Thou hast not only given us mons we hear, and dispensing them among life and favour, but thy visitation hath pre- those who refuse to hear, win them without served our spirit, and secured our personal the word. May we never hide it in a napand relative comforts.

kin, because we have only one talent; but But above all we thank Thee for thine un- use what we have, that more may be given; speakable gift. Herein is love, not that we and be concerned to obtain from the Judge loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his of all, the approving sentence pronounced on Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Here Mary, She hath done what she could. May our hopes find anchorage. Here believing we never despise the day of small things; we enter into rest. Here all our woes and never grow weary in well doing ; but cherish wants obtain redress and supplies. O may with patience as well as with diligence, every our souls be united to this Saviour by a di- serious conviction, every pious tendency, vine faith, he the head and we the members, every godly impression. he the vine and we the branches. May we be And let us not labour in vain nor spend our strength for nought. May we be the the sanctification of the life; in all the comIronoured instruments of saving some soul forts of the Holy Ghost, and in all the fruits from death; and of producing joy in the pre- of the Spirit. May we willingly obey all sence of the angels of God, over one sinner thy commands, and cheerfully subinit to all that repenteth.

thy appointments. In the annihilation of Above all, render us successful among self-will, and in the temper of implicit dethose who are more fully under our instruc- votedness, may we as to every duty say, tion, influence, and authority. May we rule Lord, what wilt thou have me to do! And well our own house; and have the pleasure as to every event, Here I am, let Him do to see all the members of our family, fellow-what seemeth Him good. Grant as party citizens with the saints, and of the house- and wisdom to accommodate ourselves to ube hold of God. Of whom, and through whom, allotments of life; and enable us to maintain and to whom are all things. To whom be a Christian temper and behaviour in all the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

changing scenes of providence, that all things may work together, if not for our gratifica

tion, yet for our good. THURSDAY MORNING.

May we disengage ourselves from the preO Lord. Thou art good, and Thou doest sent evil world, and be received and ackmi. good. Thou hast revealed thyself as nigh ledged as the sons and daughters of the Lord unto all that call upon Thee, to all that call | Almighty. May the righteous be our attraeupon Thee in truth. May we who now ad

May we who now ad. tion and delight; and though few in number, dress Thee, be found the heirs of this pro- and despised by the foolish and wicked, may mise; nor suffer us to incur the reproach of we go with them, because God is with them drawing near to Thee with the mouth, and and like Moses, may we choose rather to honouring Thee with our lips, while our suffer affliction with the people of God, than hearts are far frotn Thee. Unite our hearts / enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. to fear thy name; and grant that we may

May we walk by faith, and not by sight worship Thee in the Spirit, and rejoice in

May we weigh both worlds, and may the Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the future and the eternal preponderate. May flesh. We remember that we are sinners, this be our growing experience as well as and acknowledge the multitude and aggrava- profession-As for me, I will behold thy face tions of our offences. Conscious not only of in righteousness, I shall be satisfied wben I the reality, but the greatness of our guilt, we awake with thy likeness. could indulge no hope, hadst not Thou ex-l By thy mercies we renew this morning the hibited thine infinite benevolence, and reveal- consecration of ourselves to thy service Go ed a Mediator, in whom Thou art reconciling forth with us into the concerns of the day. the world unto thyself, not imputing their

Keep us in all our ways. Innumerable are trespasses unto them.

our dangers; but the greatest of all is sin. Thou hast not left thyself without witness, Uphold our goings therefore in thy word, and in that Thou hast been doing us good, and let no iniquity have dominion over us. May giving us rain from heaven and fruitful sea- we abstain from all appearance of evil: and sons, filling our hearts with food and glad the very God of peace sanctify us wholly: and ness. But herein is love, not that we loved may our whole spirit, and soul, and body be God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son preserved blameless unto the coming of our to be the propitiation for our sins. Blessed | Lord Jesus Christ. be thy name, we have all the certainty wel And to God only wise, the Father, the Son, could desire, that with Thee there is mercy. and the Holy Ghost, be ascribed all honour That mercy the publican sought, and found : , and praise for ever and ever. Amen. that mercy-has never disappointed any that trusted in it: that mercy-at this very moment cries to us, Ask and it shall be given

THURSDAY EVENING. you, seek and ye shall find. O Lord, we O God, thy greatness is unsearchable. avail ourselves of thine invitation, and plead Thy name is most excellent in all the earth. thy promise! According to the multitude Thou hast set thy glory above the heavens. of thy tender mercies blot out our transgres-Thousands minister unto Thee, and ten thousions. Create in us also a clean heart, and sand times ten thousand stand before Thee. renew a right spirit within us.

We feel ourselves in thine awful presence to We hope we are convinced that while be nothing, less than nothing, and vanity: nor many things are desirable and some useful, do we presume to approach Thee because we one thing is needful; and that instead of the are deserving of thy notice-for we have inquiry, What shall I eat, and what shall I sinned—we have incurred thy righteous dis drink, and wherewithal shall I be clothed ? pleasure-we acknowledge that Thou art jus the supreme anxiousness of our soulis, What tified when Thou speakest, and clear when must I do to be saved? O visit us with thy Thou judgest. salvation, in the illumination of the mind, and! But our necessities compel us; and thy


promises encourage us. Thou art nigh unto! Who can understand his errors ? Forgive, them that are of a broken heart, and savest O God, the sins of the past day, in thought, such as be of a contrite spirit. Thou hast word, and deed, against thy divine majesty. provided and revealed a Mediator, who has We bless thee for our preservation in our not only obeyed but magnified the law and going out and our coming in, and in all our made it honourable; and Thou hast made us ways: and we bless Thee for all the supplies accepted in the beloved. And we behold an and indulgences which thy good providence innumerable multitude returning from thy has afforded us. throne successful, rejoicing and encouraging And now, O Thou keeper of Israel, we ils to go forward. They were not, though all commit our souls and our bodies to thy allguilt and indigence, refused nor upbraided; sufficient care. Suffer no evil to befall our but freely obtained pardon and holiness and porsons, and no plague to come nigh our righteousness and strength, and were blessed dwelling. May our sleep be sweet; or if with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places Thou holdest our eyes waking, may we rein Christ.

member Thee upon our bed, and meditate on O look Thou upon us, and be merciful unto Thee in the night-watches. us, as Thou usest to do unto those that love And with the innumerable company who thy name! Convince us of sin both in its never slumber nor sleep, and who rest not penalty and in its pollution ; and may we day and night, we would join in ascribing mourn over it with a godly sorrow. Give us blessing and honour and glory and power that faith by which we shall be enabled to unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ; and be- unto the Lamb, for ever and ever. Amen lieving may we have life through his name.

And may we not only have life, but have it more abundantly. We often question the

FRIDAY MORNING. reality of our grace; but the imperfections of our religion are too obvious not to be acknow- O THOU, whose name alone is Jehovah, the ledged, and too aggravated not to be deplored. most high over all the earth - When we conOur souls cleave unto the dust; quicken | sider thy majesty and thy purity, and reflect Thou us according to thy word. Strengthen upon our meanness and guilt, how shall we in us the things that are ready to die. May come before the Lord, or bow before the high we not only live in the Spirit, but walk in the God? We are unworthy of thy notice, and Spirit. By holy resemblances may we put have rendered ourselves justly obnoxious to on the Lord Jesus Christ. May the same the curse of thy holy law: and wert Thou to mind be in us which was also in Him; and judge us according to our desert—the most may we feel it to be our dignity and delight innocent periods of our life, and the devoutest to go about doing good.

services in which we have ever been engaged, And as He suffered for us, leaving us an would make us shrink back with dread and example that we should tread in his steps; despair from thy presence. But we are enmay we learn to suffer like Him. When re- couraged to approach Thee, by the revelation viled, may we revile not again, but commit Thou hast given us of thyself as the Lord God ourselves to Him that judgeth righteously. gracious and merciful; the invitations and Whoever may be the instrument of our grief, I promises of thy word; and the mediation of may we never lose sight of an over-ruling thy dear Son. We are assured that he put agency in preparing and presenting it; but away sin by the sacrifice of himself; and be able to say, The cup which my Father being raised from the dead, entered into the giveth me shall I not drink it? In patience holy place, there to appear in the presence of may we possess our souls. May we be calm God for us. We rejoice that we have now an to inquire, wherefore Thou contendest with advocate with the Father to plead our cause, us. Let not weeping hinder sowing; nor and a great high priest over the house of God, sorrow, duty.

to introduce our persons and our services. We live in a world of changes, and have May we therefore draw near in full assurhere no continuing city-May we seek one to ance of faith, believing that all things are come; and have our minds kept in perfect now ready; that we are as welcome as we peace, being sta v d upon God. Be with us to are needy; and that the blessings we implore the end of our journey; and after honouring are as gracious as they are needful. Yea Thee by the life we have lived, may we glorify Thou delightest in mercy, and hast not only Thee by the death we shall die. When heart permitted, but commanded us to ask and reand flesh fail, be Thou the strength of our ceive that our joy may be full. O let us not heart and our portion for ever; at death may refuse to be comforted: let us not reject the we fall asleep in Jesus; and in the morning counsel of God against ourselves. Suffer us of the resurrection, may He change our vile not, after provoking Thee by our rebellion, to body, that it may be fashioned like his own offend Thee still more by our unbelief. May glorious body; and so may we be for ever we honour thy goodness by our confidence in with the Lord

I thy veracity, and come and take of the water ings.

of life freely. May we wait for no qualifica-| glory and majesty, dominion and power, both tions to entitle us to those provisions which now and ever. Amen. must be bought without money and without price; but may we come as we are-guilty to be justified, unholy to be renewed, blind to be

FRIDAY EVENING. enlightened, weak to be strengthened, and indigent to be relieved and enriched. As O God, the day is thine; the night also is Thou art presenting to us, in the offers of the thine. Thou makest the outgoings of the gospel, thy unspeakable gift, may we receive morning and evening to rejoice. The hea. Christ Jesus the Lord. May we receive Him vens declare thy glory; the earth is full of immediately without delay, cordially without thy riches, and so is the great and wide sea. reluctance, and impartially without excep- Thou art the maker, and sustainer, and protion; feeling our need of, and acquiescing in, prietor of all things. We are the creatures all his offices, relations, influences, and bless of thy power, and the beneficiaries of try

bounty. But we have sinned against heasen As thou art well pleased in thy beloved and before Thee, and are not worthy of the Son, may it appear that we are well pleased least of all the mercies, and of all the truth with Him. May we love his salvation, and which Thou hast showed us. We are of those glory in his cross; may we admire his cha- that rebel against the light; for we have itracter, and pant after his likeness. May we sisted the dictates of our consciences; the judge of our union with Him, by our being demands of thy law; the admonitions of thy new creatures, and of our freedom from all providence; and the calls of the gospel of condemnation, by our walking not after the peace. We have made light of those things flesh but after the Spirit. May we try our which angels desire to look into: we have principles by our practice, and our faith by neglected thy great salvation; and we deour works. May the origin and certainty of serve that thy wrath should come upon is as our hope appear in its tendency: may it pu- the children of disobedience. rify us from sin, wean us from the world, and Yet we are in the land of the living, and cause us to live with our conversation in under a dispensation of hope. We flee for reheaven.

fuge to that dear Saviour who said, Delirer Blessed with a well-founded persuasion that from going down into the pit, I have found a when He who is our life shall appear, we ransom; and who himself bore our sin in shall also appear with Him in glory, may we his own body on the tree. O that we mar be bear with patience the trials attached to this found in Him, and know the power of his present time, and weep as if we wept not. resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferAnd knowing our obligation to thy grace, ings, being made conformable unto his deatà. which has delivered our souls from the lowest May we not only be justified by his blood, hell, and is infallibly conducting us to such and saved from wrath through Him; but may a vastness of felicity, may we be principally we derive from Him an influence, that shall concerned to walk before the Lord in the subdue our iniquities, and change us into his land of the living, and to show forth all his own image, from glory to glory, as by the praise. Whether therefore we eat or drink, Spirit of the Lord. or whatever we do, may we do all to the glo- Deliver us, we pray Thee, from the views ry of God.

and dispositions of men of the world wbo But we cannot trust in our own hearts: have their portion in this life. May we nerer we dare not rely upon our convictions and look for that on earth, which can only be purposes--they have often betrayed us. We found in heaven. Born from above and can only serve Thee in thy own strength. bound for glory, may we feel the heart of a We can walk no further than Thou leadest stranger, and pass the time of our sojourning us; we can stand no longer than Thou hold- here in fear. Reminded-and O how often est us. We therefore renounce self-depend- are we reminded that here we hare no ence; and desire to be strong in the Lord continuing city, may we seek one to come: and in the power of his might. Let thy and in all the changing scenes of time, know grace be sufficient for us, in the duties and in ourselves that in heaven we have a better events of the day into which we have entered. and an enduring substance. May we abide with God in our respective In our journeyings through a vale of tears, callings. Whether we are alone, or in com-cast us not away from thy presence, and take pany, may we be anxious to gain good, and to not thy Holy Spirit from us. Be Thou always do good. May we be serious without gloom, within sight or within call-for how often and cheerful without levity, and use the world shall we have to address Thee! To thy wisas not abusing it.

dom we must repair for direction, or we shall And now unto Him that is able to keep us every moment go astray. Thy power is our from falling, and to present us faultless be-only safety. O) thou that savest by thy right fore the presence of his glory with exceeding hand them that put their trust in Thee, from joy; to the only wise God our Saviour, be those that rise up against them, keep us as

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