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spised of men, engross our chief solicitude. thee. Guide us by thy counsel, and afterMay we labour for that meat which endureth ward receive us to glory. We implore it in unto everlasting life; may we lay up treasure the name of our only Lord and Saviour. in heaven; may we seek the honour that Amen. cometh from God only. O remember us with the favour thou bearest unto thy people, and visit us with thy salvation. Deliver us from

TUESDAY MORNING. the condemnation of the law, and the bondage of corruption, and bring us into the glo O Thou God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of rious liberty of the children of God. Justify Jacob; the God of all the righteous, and of us freely from all things, and renew us in the all that bunger and thirst after righteousspirit of our minds. Produce in us in those ness: blessed are the people that are in such principles and dispositions which will render a case, yea happy is the people whose God is thy service perfect freedom, and make it our the Lord. May we be fellow heirs, and of meat to do the will of our heavenly Father, the same body, and partakers of thy promise and to finish his work.

| in Christ by the gospel. Expel from our minds all sinful fear and We hope in thy word. There we see shame, and with firmness and courage may Thee, not on a throne of judgment, whose we confess the Redeemer before men, and go terror would make us afraid, but on a throne forth to Him without the camp bearing his of grace, waiting to be gracious, and exalted reproach. And may our zeal be according to have mercy. There we hear Thee saying, to knowledge. Fill us with all wisdom and not-Depart ye cursed into everlasting fire spiritual understanding. May we walk cir prepared for the devil and his angels, butcumspectly. May we never take a wrong Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends course or a wrong step. May we venture of the earth, for I am God and there is none on nothing without asking counsel of God. else. They that know thy name will pat Without prejudice may we repair to the their trust in Thee, for Thou, Lord, bast not scriptures, and kneeling before the divine forsaken them that seek Thee. How many oracles ask, Lord, what wilt Thou have me glorified in heaven, and what numbers now to do? May we faithfully study our condi- living on earth, are thy witnesses, O God, tions and connexions in life, and observe exemplifying in their recovery from the every dispensation of thy providence, that we ruins of the fall, the freeness and riches and may see how we can honour Thee in our efficacy of thy grace. All that were ever body and spirit, and serve our generation ac- saved were saved by Thee, and will through cording to the will of God.

eternity exclaim, Not unto us, O Lord, not Thou hast commanded us to be pitiful and unto us, but to thy name give glory, for thy to pray for all men. We would remember mercy and for thy truth's sake. And after that every moment of pleasure to us is a all thy communications, Thou art the same moment of anguish to some; and that while Lord over all, and rich unto all, that call our health and our relative comforts are con- upon Thee. Thou hast the same ear to hear, tinued, many are confined to beds of languish the same heart to pity, the same hand to deing; or sighing, Lover and friend hast Thou liver. put far from me, and mine acquaintance into But thou hast chosen to transact all thy darkness. In the multitude of their thoughts concerns with us through a Mediator. In within them, may thy comforts delight their Him it hath pleased Thee that all fulness souls. If not in the suffering, yet in the should dwell. Him Thou hast exalted at thy review of their trials, may they be able to own right hand, to be a Prince and a Saviour, say, It is good for me that I have been af to give repentance unto Israel and remission flicted. Let not the prosperity of the suc- of sins. cessful destroy them; nor the table of the To Him therefore may we look; on Him indulged prove a snare. In every state may may we entirely depend; and in Him with the voice be heard and obeyed, Arise and de- all the seed of Israel may we be justified and part hence, for this is not your rest.

glory. May we know how to derive relief We know not what a day may bring forth; from his sufferings, without losing any of our yet we would not be anxious in prospect of abhorrence of sin or longing after holiness, the future, nor perplex ourselves with that May we feel the double efficiency of his care about events, which it is our duty and blood, in tranquillizing our consciences and privilege to cast upon Him who careth for us. cleansing them: may we delight in his service We would keep our minds in perfect peace, as well as his sacrifice; and under the conbeing stayed upon Thee. Only assure us that strainings of a love that passeth knowledge, nothing can befall us without thy permission, may we live not to ourselves, but to Him that appointment, and administration; only assure died for us and rose again. us that Thou hast engaged to make all things In all our approaches to Thee, may we work together for our good-only say to our have boldness and access, with confidence by hearts, I will never leave thee nor forsake the faith of Him. Give us much of the spirit


of grace and of supplication. By a constant, lead us to ask according to thy will, and then readiness for the duty, and a frequent per- we know Thou hearest us. formance of it, may we pray without ceasing; With regard to temporal blessings, may we and by guarding against every discourage- never be importunate; may we always refer ment, may we pray and not faint.

them to thy fatherly goodness; for Thou May we cherish a grateful and cheerful knowest that we have need of these things disposition; not murmuring and repining be before we ask Thee-But may we seek first, cause all our wishes are not indulged, or be in time and attention, thy kingdom and rightcause some trials are blended with our en- eousness. May we value things by their joyments; but sensible of our desert, and im- relation to eternity. May we never think we pressed with the number and greatness of prosper, unless our souls prosper; that we are thy benefits, may we bless the Lord at all rich, unless we are rich towards God; that times, and may his praise continually be in we are wise, unless we are made wise unto our mouth. And may our gratitude be real salvation. May our spiritual and everlasting and practical, and increasing with our obli- welfare be our chief solicitude, and may we gations. Enable us to inquire-Lord, what be conscious to ourselves, that we would rawilt thou have me to do? Enable us to re- ther be poor and afflicted, and despised if solve-I will walk before the Lord in the blessed with much of the life of God in our land of the living; enable us to pray-0 souls, than to be admired by our fellow men, that my ways were directed to keep thy and be successful in our enterprises, and have statutes.

more than heart can wish—if these things We commend to thy pity and thy pow- should prove the means of our forgetfulness er all those who are any way afflicted in of God." mind, body, or estate. May the young find Having found this world to be dreams and it good to bear the yoke in their youth; may lies, vanity and vexation of spirit, may we they that know Thee not, be chosen in the arise and depart from it; may we seek our furnace of affliction; and may thy own people happiness in thy favour and image and prefind Thee a very present help in trouble. Be sence and service. And though we are unfavourable to our land. Bless the king as su- worthy to be regarded by Thee, especially preme, and all the branches of the royal fa- after we have so often refused Thee, receive mily. Let those that are at the helm of pub- us graciously; justify our persons; renovate lic affairs be men of understanding, and know our nature, and put thy laws into our minds, what Israel ought to do. May our magistrates and write them in our hearts: and be Thou be men fearing God and hating covetous to us a God, and may we be to Thee a people. ness: make our officers peace, and our ex- Endear to us that Saviour whose unexampled actors righteousness. Let not oppression be love led him to suffer the just for the unjust, ever seen on the side of judgment, nor a per- that He might bring us unto God. May we verse spirit be mingled in the midst of the never dare to think of coming to Thee in people. Let glory dwell in our land, and any other way; but may we always have boldupon all the glory may there be a defence. ness and access with confidence, by the faith May the grace of, &c. Amen.

of Him: yea may we joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement: and not only so, but

may we glory in tribulation also, knowing that TUESDAY EVENING.

tribulation worketh patience, and patience

experience, and experience hope. 0 Thou that hearest prayer, unto Thee For blessed be thy name, we live not in a shall all flesh come. Lord, teach us to pray. fatherless world, nor are our minutest affairs We have reason to fear that the language of forgotten before God. The hairs of our head our lips and the feelings of our hearts, in our are all numbered. Our losses and trials are religious exercises have not always agreed. not the effects of chance, but events in which We have frequently taken carelessly upon thy wisdom and mercy are now concerned our tongues a name never pronounced above and will be hereafter displayed. We know without the deepest reverence and humility. that all things work together for good to them We have often desired things which would that love Thee; may our character therefore, have proved our injury; and we have depre- and not our condition, be the object of our cated things which have proved some of our anxiety. May we ascertain that our heart is chief mercies. We have erred, both on the right with 'Thee, and be careful for nothing side of our hopes and fears; we are unfit to Having given ourselves unto the Lord, may choose for ourselves; we are convinced that we remember that we have a right from thy the way of man is not in himself; it is not holy word to depend upon Thee to provide in man that walketh to direct his steps. We for us and to manage all our concerns even know not what to pray for as we ought-Let to the end. thy Spirit help our infirmities; and produce Discharged from the toil and the torment in us those views and dispositions which will of care, may we feel ourselves at liberty to

enjoy the advantages and comforts of our | abandon every other refuge to hide in, and condition in life, and above all to pursue onr every other foundation to build upon; and work as Christians. May we be attentive to make him our only hope and our only confiduty; may we inquire how we can best pro dence. And while we depend on his death, mote the welfare of the human race, and glo- and make mention of his righteousness only, rify Thee in our body and spirit. May holi- we admire his example, and desire to be con ness to the Lord be inscribed upon all our formed to his image. May we put on the time and talents and substance. May the Lord Jesus Christ by holy and accurate imiinquiry of our grateful hearts every moment tations, and increasingly resemble Him whose be, What shall I render unto the Lord for all life was beneficence, whose soul was meekhis benefits towards me?

ness and humility, who pleased not himself; Thou hast made the outgoings of another and who, of obedience the most trying and morning and evening to rejoice. Thou hast difficult, could say, I delight to do thy will, o crowned the day with thy goodness. Let the my God, yea thy law is within my heart. May night witness thy care and kindness; and may his glory fill our minds; may his love reign in we enter on another portion of our time, not our affections; and at his cross and at his only under fresh obligations, but with new tomb may we burn with ardour to live, not desires and resolutions to be for ever thine. to ourselves, but to Him that died for us and Our Father, &c. Amen.

rose again.

Let the number of his followers daily increase; and may none of our friends be found

among his enemies. Pour thy blessing upon WEDNESDAY MORNING.

our seed, and thy spirit upon our offspring. O Thou Most High! enable us to feel and Let our sons be as plants grown up in their to express becoming regards towards Thee youth, and our daughters as corner stones as the creator of the ends of the earth, the polished after the similitude of a palace. May preserver of men, the governor of the uni- our domestics be the servants of God; may verse, the judge of all, the Saviour of sinners. they do his will from the heart, and be preThy greatness is unsearchable, but thy good-pared for that world where those who serve ness also is infinite. It is because thy com- will be as those who are served, and all the passions fail not that we are not consumed. distinctions now necessary will be done away, Thou hast not only prolonged our unworthy and none remain but those which arise from lives under numberless provocations, but character. And whatever be our conditions Thou hast afforded us every needful supply in life, may we fill them as Christians; may and indulgence. Thy mercies have been new we escape the snares to which they expose us; every morning and every moment. Through discharge the duties that grow out of their thy good hand upon us, we have been rescued circumstances; enjoy with moderation and from the perils of another night; our repose gratitude their advantages; and improve with has been unterrified and undisturbed ; sleep decision and diligence their opportunities and has refreshed our bodies and renewed our resources of usefulness. May every place and strength; and we find ourselves surrounded every company in which we are found be beat the commencement of another day with all nefited by us. our accustomed privileges.

And whatever may be the opinion of our But O God, we can never be sufficiently fellow-creatures concerning us, may we be thankful, that we have our existence in a satisfied and happy in having the testimony Christian country, and where we can hear that we please God. words by which we may be saved. O how We are now going forth into the concerns important, how suitable, how encouraging of another day. Take us under thy protecare the discoveries, the doctrines, the pro- tion and influence. Guide us in all our steps. mises, the invitations of the gospel of peace! Enable us to realize thy presence and thy We are lost; but here is presented to us a providence. Succeed us in all our lawful free, full, and everlasting salvation. We are endeavours, or prepare us for disappointment, left without strength; but here we learn that and assure us, that we are in the number of help is laid on One that is mighty. We are those to whom all things are working together poor and needy; but here we behold the un- for good; and who will for ever acknowledge searchable riches of Christ. We are blind -Marvellous are thy works, Lord God Aland ignorant; but in him are hid all the trea- mighty ; just and true are all thy ways, O sures of wisdom and knowledge. We thank Thou King of saints! Amen.

Thee, O God, for thine unspeakable gift, and we cordially accept of thy mercy extended to

us through the mediation of thy dear Son. · We rejoice that He has been delivered for our

WEDNESDAY EVENING, offences, and raised again for our justification ; Gop over all, blessed for evermore! We and that He is now exalted at thy own right destre to acknowledge thy Being and agency, hand to be a Prince and a Saviour. We to adore thy perfections, and to admire the works of thy hands. Thou hast made sum-And in simplicity and godly sincerity, not mer and winter. Thou hast appointed the with fleshly wisdom, but by thy grace, may moon for seasons, and the sun knoweth his we have our conversation—in the world, and going down. The day is thine: the night in the church, and in the family. also is thine: and Thou makest the out. We again commend ourselves to thy care: goings of the morning and evening to rejoice. as Thou hast been through the day our sun To that throne, from which none were ever and our shield, be Thou through the night repulsed or sent empty away, we again ap- our shade and our shield. Undisturbed by proach for mercy and grace to help in time anxieties, unalarmed by fears, undistressed of need. Let our prayer come before Thee by pain or indisposition, may we retire and as incense, and the lifting up of our hands as enjoy repose. Remind us, by putting off the evening sacrifice. Preserve us from for- our garments and lying down to sleep, of mality in these exercises in which we so putting off the body, and sleeping in the daily engage; and alarm our fears, lest we grave, the house appointed for all living. should provoke Thee to say, In vain do they | Prepare us for the night of death, the mornworship me.

ing of the resurrection, and the day of judgFor this purpose, enable us to realize thine ment. all-seeing eye; to remember with whom we And all we implore is through the mediahave to do, and what we have to do with tion of Him who bore the sins of many, and Him. May we deeply feel the guilt of the made intercession for the transgressors : to sins we confess, and hunger and thirst after whom, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the blessings we implore. And while we be endless praises. Amen. review the numberless blessings we have received from thy hands, may we be more than ever sensible of our unworthiness, that our

THURSDAY MORNING. hearts may be unfeignedly thankful, and that We would address Thee, O God, in the we may be disposed to show forth thy praise, language of the publican—which so well benot only with our lips, but in in our lives, by comes us; and say, from our hearts, God be giving up ourselves to thy service, and walk- merciful to me a sinner. Sinners we are by ing before Thee in holiness and righteousness nature and practice; sinners thy word proall our days.

claims us to be; sinners we hope we feel He that is our God is the God of salvation, ourselves to be; and acknowledge that Thou and unto God the Lord belong the issues from art justified when Thou speakest, and clear death. We bless Thee this evening as the when Thou judgest. preserver of men. Another day has been | Yet Thou hast not left us to despair: nor added, by thy good providence, to the season have we a mere peradventure to encourage of thy long-suffering, and the time of our pre-us-who can tell if God will return and reparation for eternity. We lament that the pent, and leave a blessing behind him that design of our being placed and continued we perish not? We have all the assurance here has been so imperfectly subserved, that we could desire, that with the Lord there is in so many things we have offended, and in mercy, and with him plenteous redemption. all come short of the glory of God. If where Conscious of the number and heinousness of much is given, much will be required, and our offences, we could not have approached the servant who knew his Lord's will and did | Thee with confidence without a previous it not, shall be beaten with many stripes-0 token for good. But Thou hast stretched Lord, if Thou shouldst mark our iniquities, forth the golden sceptre, and said-Touch O Lord, who shall stand? We cannot an and live: I will be merciful to thy unrightswer Thee for one of a thousand of our trans-eousness, and thy sins and iniquities will I gressions: the review of a single day is remember no more. May we encourage ourenough to plunge us into despair-our only selves by a sense of thy all-sufficiency, by relief is, that there is forgiveness with Thee, faith in thy promises, by views of the expeand that with Thee there is plenteous re rience of others; and ask and receive, thạt demption.

our joy may be full. To that dear refuge in But while we hope in thy mercy we would which so many have been sheltered from not abuse it. We would not sin, that grace every 'storm, may we repair: and in that may abound; or be evil, because Thou art fountain for sin, always opon and free for all, good. But since Thou art good and ready may we be cleansed from every defilement. to forgive, we would the more ingenuously Lord, we believe help Thou our unbelief grieve that ever we have offended a Being that sin is exceeding sinful; it is the so worthy of our devotedness, and be the abominable thing which thy soul hateth; and more concerned in future to walk so as to this, and this alone, separates between Thee please Thee.

and us. Thou canst not contradict the esCreate in iis a clean heart, and renew a sential perfections of thy nature: and Thou right spirit within us. Set a watch, O God, canst not make us happy with thyself, till upon our mouth; keep the door of our lips. I Thou hast made us holy like thyself. O Thou

holy God, deliver us from all our iniquities, I thy grace alone can enable us to render. For and make us such creatures as Thou canst we know from thy word, and from our own take pleasure in, and such creatures as can experience we know, that without Thee we take pleasure in Thee. While many are can do nothing. All our sufficiency is of asking, Who will show us any good ? may thee; do Thou work in us to will and to do the cry of our heart be, Lord, lift Thou up of thy good pleasure. the light of thy countenance upon us. May We would call to remembrance our true we consent to the law of God that it is good; character and condition before Thee. We may we delight in thy law after the inner would not go about to establish our own man. May we never complain of the strict- righteousness, or seek to deny or extenuate ness of thy demands, but mourn over our our guilt. We are not only unprofitable er. want of conformity to them. May we esteem vants, but condemned criminals: we confess all thy commandments concerning all things the number and offensiveness of our trans to be right, and hate every false way. Put gressions, and acknowledge that we deserve thy Spirit within us, that our practice may to perish. But we bless Thee for the eyes. spring from principle, and our dispositions be lasting consolation and good hope througti congenial with duty; so that we may re- grace, which the gospel affords; for the news semble Him who could say, My meat is to do of a Mediator between Thee and us; of a the will of Him that sent me, and to finish High Priest who has put away sin by the his work.

sacrifice of himself; of an Advocate with the We live in a world of changes; but with Father who ever lives to make intercession Thee there is no variableness, nor shadow of for us; and of a Saviour in whom it has turning. May we know that Thou, the pleased Thee that all fulness should dwell. eternal God, art our refuge, and that under-| Produce in us all the feelings of those who neath us are thine everlasting arms. Crea- are blessed with repentance uuto life. Give tures die; friends and relations die. The us that faith by which we can be justified fathers where are they? And the prophets from all things, and have peace with God do they live for ever?' But the Lord liveth, through our Lord Jesus Christ. To the and blessed be our rock, and let the God of shadow of the Redeemer's cross may we re our salvation be exalted.

treat, and there find security and relief, na May we never forget that we are mortal-freshment and delight. Assure us of an inourselves. May we never put the evil day terest in thy favour, which is life ; and clobe far off. May we frequently and seriously us with thine image, which is the beauty and think of a dying hour: may we faithfully in- dignity of the soul. quire, What will be its issue with regard to We bless Thee for thy Word which we us, and what preparation have we for it? have been reading. May it dwell in us And may we never rest satisfied, till we are richly in all wisdom. May we yield a suitenabled to view it as the period of our release able attention to its various parts. May we and the end of our conflict; till we can say make it, not only our song in the house of with Paul, Thanks be unto God who has our pilgrimage, but the man of our counsel, a given us the victory through our Lord Jesus | light unto our feet, and a lamp unto our paths. Christ.

May we take it along with us into all the Take us this day under thy protection; concerns of life; and whether we are rich or and make use of us for thy glory. Let thy poor, whether we are parents or children, presence go with us; and do Thou give us whether we are appointed to govem or serve, rest. Let thy love sweeten our comforts, may we walk by this rule, that mercy and and thy grace sanctify all our trials. We peace may be upon us. consecrate ourselves to Thee, body, soul, and May we ever be willing that the Lord spirit. Accept of our persons and services; should choose our inheritance for us, and and enable us to ascribe blessing, and honour, readily and piously accommodate ourselves and glory, and power, unto Him that sitteth to the dispensations of thy providence. May upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever we never lean to our own understanding. and ever. Amen.

May we never take a step without asking counsel of the Lord, nor be unwilling to take one at the intimation of thy pleasure. May

we never think that Thou art less wise and 1 THURSDAY EVENING.

righteous and good in a cloudy and dark day, O God, all thy works praise Thee, and thy than in a shining one; when we cannot trace saints bless Thee. By thy mercies we again Thee, may we trust; and walking by faith surround this family altar, and engage in the and not by sight, be fully persuaded that just exercises of devotion. May we be concerned and right are all thy ways, O thou King of to worship Thee, a holy God, in the beauty Saints. of holiness; and to worship Thee, who art a Regard those who, under the pressure of Spirit, in spirit and in truth. Such worship affliction, are saying, Brethren, pray for is. alone thy word requires; but such worship (Be with them in trouble. Thou knowest the

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