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they are bleeding to death of their spiritual | fore men. May we be manifestly the epistler wounds, but no one proclaims among them of Christ. Instead of confounding our neighthe balm of Gilead and the physician there! bours and friends to determine whether we O send out thy light and thy truth. Let thy are settlers, or strangers and pilgrims on the way be known on earth, thy saving health carth, may we declare plainly that we seek a among all nations.

country. May we put on as the elect of God, We now commit ourselves with all our holy and beloved, lowels of mercies, kindness, connexions into thy hands. Guard us through humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuferag, the defenceless hours of sleep from every evil forbearing one another, and forgiving one suto which we are exposed. If, as life is al- other. May we be followers of God as dear ways uncertain, it should please Thee to call children: may we be perfect as our Fatha us hence this night, may we awake in glory who is in heaven is perfect. and be for ever with the Lord; or if Thou At present it is a day of small things with shouldst continue us in being, may we rise in us. We have only light enough to see our health and comfort, to pay Thee the homage darkness; sensibility enough to feel the hardof a grateful heart in a course of cheerful ness of our hearts; spirituality enough to obedience.

mourn our want of heavenly mindeness, In thy favour is life-Do Thou bless us But we might have had more; we onght to and we shall be blessed-safe from every | have had more. We have never been strait. evil, and assured of every good.

ened in Thee: Thou hast always placed be And prepare us at length for the rest that fore us an infinite fulness, accompanied with remains for thy people; in which we shall the command and the promise, Open thy join the general assembly and church of the mouth wide; I will fill it. first-born, in ascribing blessing and honour, We confess and bewail not only our defand glory and power to Him that sitteth upon ciencies, but our backslidings also. It is not the throne, and to the Lamb, for ever and with us as it was in months past: O recall ever. Amen.

us to thyself; enable us to feel our first love, and to do our first works. Yea may we forget

the things that are behind, and reach forti MONDAY MORNING.

unto those that are before. May we not only

have life, but may we have it more abundantO Thou who hast characterized thyself as ly; and not only be fruitful, but bear much the hearer of prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh fruit. come: and that we may come with accept- May our improvements correspond with ance and success, we come in the name of our privileges; and our practice with our the great intercessor, Jesus Christ the right-knowledge. May our wills always bok to eous-And Thou eternal Spirit of grace and the decisions of our judgments; may we supplication, do Thou make intercession for choose what we approve; and never condemn us, by making intercession in us according to ourselves in the things that we allow. the will of God.

May we never want the threatenings of All they that are far from Thee shall pe- thy law, and the terrors of hell, to keep us rish; but it is good for us to draw near to from every evil way. May thy goodness lead Thee. We have found the duty our delight. us to repentance, and thy love constrain us to Devotion has opened a resource, when all all holy obedience. other comforts have failed; and in every per- / Let all our churches continue steadfastly in plexity, every alarm, every distress, a glori- the apostles' doctrine, and in fellowship, and ous high throne from the beginning has been in breaking of bread, and in prayer; and may the place of our sanctuary. We praise thy the Lord add daily to their number such as name that ordinances have not been unprofit shall be saved. able observances to our souls, but channels Let the dead hear the voice of the Son of through which the God of all grace has re- God and live. Let those who are asking the plenished us, and means by which we have way to Zion with their faces thitherward, find enjoyed fellowship with the Father and his a teacher that will say to them, This is the Son Jesus Christ.

way, walk ye in it, when they turn to the Bless the services in which we were en- right-hand and when they turn to the left. gaged on the past day. Let a savour of divine Let the rich be poor in spirit; and the poor things be left on our spirits and be diffused be made rich in faith, and heirs of the king. in our conversation. And as the face of Mo- dom which thou hast promised to them that ses when he descended from communion with love Thee. Let the ignorant be enlightened; Thee, shone so that the Israelites could not and let those that are wise become fools that steadfastly behold him for the glory of his they may be wise. countenance, so may it be with us. Let those We bless Thee for all thy former lovingaround us take knowledge of us that we have kindnesses to this family, and pray that they been with Jesus; and may our profiting ap- may be continued to us and sanctified by us. pear unto all men. May our light shine be- | May the outgoings of the morning and even

ing of another day be made to rejoice. May I and backslidings; our incorrigibleness under we continually live under the shadow of thy rebukes; our want of profiting under ordiwing and the influence of thy grace. And let nances; the non-improvement of our talents; the words of our mouth and the meditations and our neglect of opportunities of usefulness. of our hearts be acceptable in thy sight, o Whatever view we take of ourselves comLord, our strength and our redeemer. pels us to exclaim-Behold I am vile. Yet

And unto Him that is able to do for us ex- while we are humble may we be grateful; ceedingly abundantly above all that we ask and never be backward to acknowledge what or think, according to the power that worketh Thou hast done for our souls. If we are not in us—unto Him be glory in the church by like some of thy people, we bless thee that we Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world with- / are not like the rest of the world; if we are out end. Amen.

not what we ought to be, we are not what we once were. Thou hast made us to differ,

and we have nothing which we did not reMONDAY EVENING.

ceive from Thee.

And if our religion be imperfect, may it Who in the heavens can be compared unto appear to be real and vital by its activity and the Lord? Who among the sons of the mighty its tending to growth. May it awaken in us can be likened unto the Lord ? Thy wisdom an unconquerable desire to go from strength no difficulty can perplex; thy power no exer to strength, and to be renewed day by day. tion can weaken; thy bounty no communica May our religion always attend us and tions can exhaust or diminish. Thy goodness dignify us in the ordinary scenes of life. waits to be gracious and is exalted to have May we remember, that greatness consists mercy.

not in doing great things, but in doing little Thou hearest prayer; and to assure our things with a great mind.

. hearts before Thee, Thou hast not only com- As the events of providence occur, may manded us to seek Thee, but thou hast fur- they always find in us those dispositions nished us with the petitions we are to offer. which will keep them from injuring us, and Thou, even Thou, hast told us to take with which will convert them all into advantus words and turn to the Lord : and say—ages. Take away all iniquity, receive us gracious- In a vale of tears, may we look for a sucly, so will we render the calves of our lips. cession of trials; and may we also look for

We feel the truth of our character, as the accomplishment of the promise I will drawn in the scriptures, and we acknow- be with thee in trouble. ledge or desert and our helplessness too. May the joy of the Lord be our strength; Thy mercy is our only refuge and resource. may it keep us from lusting after the vanities O be merciful' unto us, and bless us, and of the world; bear up the heart and mind in cause thy face to shine upon us that we may the loss of every creature-comfort; and enbe saved. O visit us with that salvation which liven us in the valley of the shadow of death. is present as well as future; which changes And before we reach heaven, may we bear not only our state, but our nature; and which the image of the heavenly, possess the earnnot only admits us into thy family, but makes ests of our inheritance, and enjoy the firstus new creatures.

fruits of the glorions harvest. As Thou didst in the original creation com- And to God the Father, the Son, and the - mand the light to shine out of darkness, so do Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, for ever

Thou shine in our hearts. Give us the light and ever. Amen.
of the knowledge of thy glory in the face of
Jesus Christ; and may we so know Thee as
to love Thee supremely, serve Thee as our

TUESDAY MORNING, only Lord, and cleave to thee as our portion for ever. Subdue the rebellion of our wills, O God, Thou art the creator, the upthat we may submit to thy commands, and holder, and the proprietor of all things. Thy acquiesce in thy dispensations without mur- dominion is everlasting and universal. Thou murings and disputings. Unite our hearts to dost according to thine own will in the arfear thy name; and may we be in the fear of mies of heaven, and among the inhabitants the Lord all the day long. Make us Israelites of the earth: none can stay thy hand, or say indeed in whom there is no guile. Enable us unto Thee, What dost Thou? to maintain a conscience void of offence to- ! We cannot escape from thy presence or wards God and towards man. May we be the control; nor do we desire it. It is our sáme when no eye sees us, as we are in the privilege that we are under the agency, not public walks of life. May we enter the closet only of omnipotence, but righteousness, wisas well as the temple, and attend to our prin- dom, patience, mercy, and grace. Thou art ciples and motives as well as our actions and love. Thou hast loved us with more than pursuits.

I parental affection. Thou hast commended We mourn over our numberless failures! thy love towards us, in that while we were

sinners Christ died for us. He that spared

TUESDAY EVENING not his own Son but delivered Him up for us all-how shall He not with Him also freely May we approach Thee with all the engive us all things? Here may all our fears couragement derivable from a conviction that be banished from our minds; here may we Thou art the blessed God; happy in thyself, be filled with everlasting consolation and and the source of happiness to thy creatures. good hope through grace.

The eyes of all wait upon Thee, and Thou Thou hast not only allowed, but com- givest them their meat in due season; Thou manded us to believe on the name of thy | openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire dear Son. O let us not refuse to be corn- of every living thing. Thou art our maker forted; let us not reject the counsel of God and benefactor. Thou hast not only produced against ourselves; but remembering that we us, but sustained; not only supported us, but are as welcome as we are guilty, may we indulged: yea, Thou hast given us all things drink of the fountain of the water of life richly to enjoy. Thou hast provided for the freely.

welfare of our souls as well as our bodies; But while we know that we may come to Thou hast answered the awful question, How the Redeemer and ought to come-may we shall I come before the Lord and bow before never think ourselves interested in the bless-the High God? Thou hast told us what we ings of his salvation unless we have come. must do to be saved. May we follow the May there be a real and living union between light of life which Thou hast given us, till it our souls and Him, that quickened together brings us to Him who appears in erery atwith Christ, we may be raised up, and made tribute, and in every attitude of power and to sit with him in the heavenly places. May pity to meet all our wants and miseries And we live a life of faith in thy promises, mingled as we draw near, may we hear his gracious with no jealousy of thy truth nor suspicion of voice saying, Him that cometh unto me I will thy power. May we live a life of hope ; ex- in no wise cast out. May we commit our pecting that Thou wilt be our sun and our eternal all into his hands, and being recanshield; that thou wilt give grace and glory; ciled by his death, may we be saved by his and withhold no good thing from us while we life. May we live by Him, live to Him, live walk uprightly. And may we live a life of like Him. While we behold Him as rich love; for he that dwelleth in love dwelleth for our sakes becoming poor, and dying that in God, and God in him. O shed abroad thy we may live, may his unexampled love conlove in our hearts, the animating and delight-strain us into all holy obedience and zeal, ful principle of all obedience. May we love and render our duty our delight. our neighbour as ourselves; and consider May we never wait for the company of every one as our neighbour, who falls within others, or feel their approbation necessary to the reach of our knowledge and assistance. induce us to follow Him who is all our salva

We feel that the work to which we are tion, and ought to be all our desire Mar called is far above our strength. We have we go forth to Him without the camp, beartried our purposes and resolutions, and have ing his reproach. And if our faith is deemed found them vain. The least temptation has folly, our hope delusion, our meekness meanbeen too powerful for us, when we have gone ness, our zeal madness; may we rejoice that forth in our own strength. O teach us how we are counted worthy to suffer shame for to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his Name, and binding it as a garland around his might. And at every movement in our our brow say, If this be to be vile, I will vet journey and our warfare, say to our heart, be more vile. Thus blessed Redeemer wast Fear not, for I am with thee; be not dis- Thou treated in the days of thy flesh; thus mayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen was thy Name cast out as evil, thy actious thee; yea I will help thee; yea I will up- misrepresented, and thy spirit blasphemed. hold thee with the right hand of my right. O let the servants be willing to be as the mas. eousness.

ter, and the disciples as the Lord, And may we never depart from Thee by We hope in thy word; but it is because it making flesh our arm, or the creature our assures us that Thou waitest to be gracious, portion. With regard to the world, may our and dost not break the bruised reed nor quench soul be even as a weaned child; but may we the smoking flax. How poor and pitiable, draw near to Thee as our exceeding joy, and huw maimed and dying a thing, has our recontemplate with approbation, the period ligion been under every advantage to promote when we shall behold thy face in righteous- it. Lord, hide pride from us; enable us to ness, awake up after thy likeness and be satis- walk humbly with our God, and ask and refied with thy favour.

ceive that our joy may be full. Hast Thou All which we implore through the media not promised to supply all our need from thy tion of Him who ever liveth to make inter- riches in glory by Christ Jesus? Thou know cession for us, and to whom, with the Father est all our warfare, all our work, all our trials; and the Holy Spirit, be endless praises. and Thou knowest the degree and extent of Amen.

I our weakness; and yet Thou hast said, My

grace is sufficient for Thee. Lord, we be- Thou regardest the man that is poor and of lieve; help thou our unbelief.

a contrite spirit, and that trembleth at thy While we rejoice in our privileges, we word. Thou fillest the hungry with good would remember the way in which they have things, while the rich are sent empty away. become ours. We have nothing to glory in O bring us, however humbling and painful before Thee. We ourselves also were once the process may be, O bring us into that state foolish and disobedient; and we would ever which attracts thine eye, and prepares for the look to the rock whence we were hewn, and proofs of thy love! Show us our danger, that to the hole of the pit whence we were digged. we may flee for refuge to the hope set beThou hast made us to differ; and we have fore us. Make us sensible of our disease, and nothing but what we have received

of the eternal death to which it is so rapidly And this encourages us with regard to tending, that we may value the physician and others. What Thou hast done for us, Thou cry-Heal me and I shall be healed, save me art able to do for them. And Thou art wil- and I shall be saved, for thou art my praise. ling. Thou hast therefore commanded us to Our deliverance must come entirely from pray for all men. O let none of those perish thyself. And Thou hast not forgotten to be whom we love as our own souls. Keep them gracious. We bless Thee for the purpose of as the apple of the eye; hide them under salvation; for the engagements of the everthe shadow of thy wing.

lasting covenant; and for the gift of thy dear Let grace and peace be multiplied to all Son, the proof and the pledge that Thou wilt who have obtained like precious faith with also freely give us all things. We thank us. And if Thou art pleased to try that faith, Thee for the word of truth, which proclaims may the trial be found unto praise and glory peace by the blood of the cross; and beseeches and honour at the appearing of Jesus Christ. us in Christ's stead to be reconciled unto God.

But we would not forget even the ignorant o let the message prevail. Let it slay the and profligate. Teach transgressors thy ways, enmity of our hearts, and lead us to throw and let sinners be converted unto Thee. down every weapon of rebellion, and mourn

Dethrone the God of this world. Destroy over them. With weeping and supplication the works of the devil. And may our globe, may we return to Thee from whom we have which has so long groaned beneath the curse, so deeply revolted. And while with shame be as the smell of a field which the Lord and self-abhorrence we confess that other hath blessed. Send out thy light and thy lords beside Thee have had dominion over us, truth, thy servants and thy labourers, and for henceforth may we resolve that by Thee them may the wilderness and the solitary only will we make mention of thy Name. place be made glad, and the desert rejoice With zeal may we engage in that service and blossom as the rose.

which is perfect freedom; and with entireAmen-Blessing and glory and power and ness devote ourselves to that work which is might be unto our God for ever and ever.— honourable and glorious. May we employ Amen.

every faculty and use every blessing, as those who know that they are not their own, but

bought with a price, and are bound to glorify WEDNESDAY MORNING,

God in their body and in their spirit, which O Thou with whom we have to do! suffer are God's. us not to live without Thee in the world. Work in us to will and to do of thy good Thou art our Creator, our Preserver, our Go- pleasure. Uphold us by thy free spirit; and vernor-and we believe that Thou wilt be let the joy of the Lord be our strength. our Judge. It is well for us that we can May we be watchful over our ways; may view thee under another character—the Sa- we be jealous over our tempers; and may we viour of sinners; and that before we are call. keep our hearts with all diligence, knowing ed to appear before thy awful tribunal, we that out of them are the issues of life. Divest are invited and commanded to come boldly to us of pride, and clothe us with humbleness of the throne of grace, there to obtain mercy and mind. Eradicate every root of bitterness, find grace to help in time of need.

and let the peace of God rule in our hearts. May we readily and thankfully avail our- | When we droop, revive us; when we loiter, selves of every opportunity to draw nigh to quicken us; restore us when we go astray; God, in the temple, in the retirement of the and lead us in the paths of righteousness for closet, and at the domestic altar; and let not thy Name's sake. our devotion be bodily exercise only. Quick- 1 Yea though we walk through the valley of en our souls to call upon thy name-Detach the shadow of death may we fear no evil, us from the influence of flesh and sense- knowing that Thou art with us, and that thy Impress us with the power of faith; and pro- rod and staff will comfort us. duce in us that spirituality of mind which The Lord bless us and keep us. The Lord will render our services acceptable to Thee, make his face to shine upon us and be graciand delightful and profitable to ourselves. Tous unto us. The Lord lift up his counten

Though Thou art Most High for evermore, lance upon us and give us peace. Amen.

WEDNESDAY EVENING. | and souls of our fellow-creatures, and especia

ally how we may do good to them that are O God, Thou art greatly to be feared in the of the household of faith. assembly of the saints, and to be had in re- We are continually meeting with wants verence of all that are about Thee. Those and miseries which we are utterly unable to glorious beings that never fell, veil their faces remove or release; but we rejoice that in our and sink into nothing before the Eternal All, contracted agency, prayer opens a rexurce and exclaim, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of to our benevolence. We can pray; and hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory. prayer has power with God and can pre With what emotions should we enter thy pre- vail. sence, whose foundation is in the dust; and Let the leisure and affluence of the rich in who have contemned thy goodness, defied thy this world afford them means and opportunpower, trampled upon thy laws, and render- ties of beneficence; may they be ready to ed ourselves worthy of eternal death. Our communicate; and be rich in good works. iniquities are increased over our head, and Let the afflictions of the afflicted render sin our trespass is gone up into the very heavens. hateful, wean them from a vain world, endear Enter not into judgment with thy servants: to them the word of grace, the throne of our consciences assure us, that if Thou Lord grace, and the Spirit of grace; and work out shouldest mark iniquity, we could not stand. for them a far more exceeding and eternal

But there is mercy with Thee, and with weight of glory. Thee there is plenteous redemption : and Let our ignorance of futurity keep us in a therefore while a sense of our vileness de- state of constant dependence upon thy provlpresses us, we encourage ourselves in thy dential care; and lead us earnestly to seek word. We know that our recovery can never large supplies of the spirit of Jesus Christ to spring from any cause in us. We have de- fit us for all events. stroyed ourselves, but we cannot save. Yet Thou hast redeemed us, O Lord God of our condition is not helpless. Help is laid Truth; therefore into thine hands we ccaon One that is mighty, and infinitely quali- mit ourselves and our interests, beseeching fied for his work; and who has shown us in Thee to do for us exceeding abundantly above his resurrection from the dead and ascension all we are able to ask or think, through our into heaven, the all-sufficiency and accept only Lord and Saviour. Amen. ance of his sacrifice on the cross, and proved that by the one offering of himself he hath perfected for ever then that are sanctified. Informed of this compassionate scheme, may

THURSDAY MORNING. we gratefully fall in with the design; may we unfeignedly believe the record that Thou. O God, help us to approach Thee under a hast given us of thy Son, embrace Him as our very lively conviction of thy abundant mercy, only hope, rejoice in Him as our highest glo- and the exceeding riches of thy grace. We ry; and henceforth may the life that we live ought to admire thy wisdom, to stand in a we in the flesh be by the faith of Him who loved of thy power, and to abase ourselves bedre us and gave himself for us.

thy spotless purity. But it is the discovery And while we live by Him, may we live to of thy goodness alone that can banish our Him, and may we live like Him. May we fear, and allure us with humble conndence never consider ourselves Christians but as we into thy presence, there to divulge our site resemble Christ. May our conformity to his rows and confess our sins. principles, temper, and conduct, be hourly And O how encouraging is it under growing, and become more apparent not only view of our past guilt, and a consciouise: to ourselves but to others. And may we con- present unworthiness, to know that we

racious, tinue in his word, that we may be his disci- to do with a Being who waits to be gta

refore ples indeed; rooted and built up in Him, and and is exalted to have mercy. We te stablished in the truth as we have been taught, bless Thee, that an attribute soess and abounding therein with thanksgiving. Tour happiness and hope is not found

May no degree of watching or length of jecture, or obscurely revealed. 1 waiting cool our love and zeal. Whatever not left thyself without witness in the s discouragements we meet with, may we never of the year, and the bounties of natu grow weary in well doing. Yea may we not providence. But Thou hast given only persevere, while many draw back, but word, which Thou hast magnified fear God above many who go forward; and thy Name. There we see Thee no hear the Saviour-Judge saying, I know thy thine own Son, but delivering Hm works, and the last to be more than the first. all; there we behold the provisi

May we not only be blessed but prove house; there we hear the proc! blessings. May we often look closely at our thy servants—Come, for all things talents, relations, and circumstances in life, ready. to see how we can be serviceable to the bodies! Lord make us willing to be save


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for all things are now

Villing to be saved, and to

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