Early Responses to Hume's Writings on Religion: 2 Volumes

James Fieser
A&C Black, 1 mars 2005 - 817 sidor
David Hume probably had a greater impact on the field of philosophy of religion than any other single philosopher.

These volumes collect responses to Hume's writings on religion published during his life and posthumously. The set covers a wide range of the replies Hume's writings provoked, including contributions by Philip Skelton, William Adams, Thomas Rutherforth, William Warburton, Anthony Ellys, John Douglas, John Leland, Thomas Stona, Voltaire, George Campbell, Herman Andrew Pistorius, Duncan Shaw, William Samuel Powell, Thomas Hayter, Joseph Milner, William Paley, Charles Moore, Richard Joseph Sulivan, John Hey, Samuel Vince, Lord Brougham and Thomas De Quincey.

• Most items appear here for their first time since their original publication, and are included in their entirety
• Includes many previously undocumented critical discussions of Hume on religious writings
• Includes three German book reviews translated for the first time
• Newly typeset and annotated with introductions
• Part of Early Responses to Hume Series, now available in paperback>

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Mr Hume charged with some fallacies in his way of managing
Mr Hume himself gives up his favourite argument
There is a peculiar presumption in favour of such miracles as
There is no presumption arising from the history of mankind against
No miracles recorded by historians of other religions are subversive
Examination of the PAGAN miracles mentioned by Mr Hume
Examination of the POPISH miracles mentioned by Mr Hume
Abstracting from the evidence for particular facts we have

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Sida 445 - A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature ; and as a firm and unalterable experience has established these laws, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience can possibly be imagined.

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James Fieser teaches philosophy at the University of Tennessee at Martin, and is founder-editor of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. His many publications include the highly acclaimed Early Responses to Hume series (10 vols, Thoemmes Press, 1999-2003)

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