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the promises, offered up his only begotten son. 18. * Of [Or, To] whom it was laid, That in Ifaac shall thy seed be called : 19. Accounting that God was h able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure. 20. By faith · Isaac blessed Jacob and E. sau concerning things to come. 21. By faith Jacob when he was a dying, "blessed both the sons of Joseph ; and worshipped leaning upon the top of his staff.

22. By faith m Joseph when he died * made mention [Or, rca membred] of the departing of the children of Israel, and



18. 8. Gen. 21. 12.

See on

of my Fathers Abraham and Isaac:

and let them grow into a Multi19. Rom. 4. 17, 21.

God, tude in the midst of the Earth. who quicknesh the Dead, and calteth And be bleffed them that Day, faythose things which be not, as tha' sing, In thee shall Ifrael bless, fay they were. Being fully perfwa. 'ing, God make thee as Ephraim, ded, that what he had promised, he and as Manafleth: and he fet E. was able to perform.

phraim before Manaflech. 20. Gen. 27. 27, 39. He ' Gen. 47. 31. -Ad Israel smelled the Smell of his Raiment, 10 bowed himself upon the Bed Head. ind blessed him, (Jacob ] and said, 1 King. 1. 47. The Kings Servants See the Smell of my Son is as the came to bless our Lord King Da. Smell of a Field, which the Lord vid, saying, God make the Name hath blessed. -- Behold (Efau] thy of Solomon better than thy Name, dwelling shall be the Fatness of the 15 and make his Throne greater than Earth, and of the Dew of Heaven chy Throne; and the King bowed from above,

bimself upon the bed. 25. * † Gen.48. 5.,16, 20. And 22, m t Gen 50. 24, 25. Joseph now thy two Sons Ephraim and said unto his Brethren, I dię: and Manasseth, which were born unto God will surely visit you, and bring thee in the Land of Egypt, before you out of this Land, unto the Land I came unto thee into Egypt, arę

which he fware to Abraham, to mine: as Reuben and Simeon, Ifaac, and to Jacob. And Joseph they thall be mine. The Angel took an Oath of the Children of which redeemed me from Evil, 25 Ifrael, saying, God will surely visit bless the Løds; and let my Name you, and ye shall carry my Bones be called on them, and the Name from hense. And Abraham is commended and rewarded in the fame Degree, and in as full and ample manner, as if isaac had been actually sacrificed. Almighty God is absolute Lord of Life and Death ; what he gives, he may take again as, and whenever he pleases, without Injury to any one. He could therefore as juftly command Abraham to pay his Son, as appoint any Di. stempor to dispatch him. Had Abraham done this withoxe the Command of God, he had been guilty of Murder ; but having the Command of God for his Warrant, that clears him from all imputation. The Faith and Refignation of Abraham in this Instance, were fó very extraordinary, that whoever weighs che circumstances, will admire, and be even astonish


ed thereat.


gave commandment concerning his bones. 23. By faith * Moses when he was born, was hid three months of his pa. rents, because they saw be was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the kings commandment. 24. By faith

Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be cal. led the son of Pharaohs daughter; 25. 9 Choosing ra, ther to fuffer affli&tiori with the people of God, than to enjoy. the pleasures of fun for a reason; 26. Efteeming the reproach * of [Or, för] Christ greater riches thaạ

treasures in Egypt: for he had refpe&t unto the récompence of the reward. 27. By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured as u seeing him who is invisible. 28. Through faith

he 23.1 Exod. 2. 2." See on in Heaven. Heb. 13.13. Let us Acts 7. 20.

go forth therefore without the Carap 0:04 Exod. 1. 16, 22. When ye bearing his Reproach. 1 Pet. 2-19, do the Office of a Midwife to the 25: This is thank-worthy, if a Man Hebrew Women,' --if it be a son, s for Conscience toward God endure then ye hall kill him. And Pha Grief suffering wrongfully. For raoh charged all his people, saying, “ what Glory is it, if when ye be Every son that is born ye shall caft buffeted for your Faults, ye hall into the River, and every Daughter take it 'patiently? but if when ye ye shall save alive.

1o do well and suffer for it, ye take it P + Exod. 2. 10; 18: The patiently, - this is acceptable with Child grew, and she brought him God. 1 Pet. 3. 14. If ye suffer for to Pharaohs Daughter, and be be righteoufness fake happy are ye.-came her Son. And she called his 1 Pet. 4. 14. If ye be reproached for Name Moses. And it came to 15 the Name of Christ happy are pass in those Days, when Mofes ye. was grown, that he went out unto

+ Exod. 19. 28, 29, Pharaoh his Brethren, and looked on their said unto him, Ger thee from me, Burdens: and he Spied an Egyptian take heed to thy felf, fee my Face finiting an Hebrew, one of his Bre-29 no more for in that Day thou thren.

feeft my Face, thou shalt die, And 25. I + Pfal. 84. 10.' A Day in Mofes faid, Thou hast spoken well, by Courts is better than a thou I will see thy Face again no more, fand: I had rather be â Door-keep- + Exod. 13. 17, 18. It came to er in the House of my God, than to 25 pass, when Pharaoh had let the dwell in the Tents of Wick

People go, that God led them not "edness.

through the Way of the Land of 26.** Mat. 5.10, TI,

12. Blessed the Philistines, although that was are they which are perfecuted for near: for God said, Left peradRighteousness fake : for theirs is the 30 venture the People repent when Kingdom of Heaven.' Blessed are they see War, and they return to E. ye when Men shall revile you, and gypt. But God led the People :perfecute you, and shall say all man bout through the Way of the Wil: ner of Evil again if you fallly for my derness of the Red Sea. fake. 'Rejoice and be exceeding 35 u Pfal. 16. 8. I have set the glad for great is your Reward




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he ? kept the passover, and the {prinkling of blood, left he that destroyed the first-born, should touch them. 29. By faith • they passed through the Red sea, as by dry, land: which the Egyptians afsaying to do, were drowned. 30. By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days. 31. ^ By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that * believed 10t [Or, were disobedient], when She had received the pies with peace. 32. And what shall I more fay? for he time would fail me to tell of Gedeon, and of Baak, and of i Samson, and of * Jephthae, of! David also



word always before me : because all that she had : and they brought e is at my right Hand; I shall not out all her Kindred.e moved. See on Joh. 1. 18.

† Josh. 2. 1. And Joshua the 28.2 + Exod. 12. 21,

Bc. Moses Son of Nun sent out of Shittim alled for all the Elders of Israel, stwo Men, to spy secretly, saying, nd said unto them, Draw out and Go view the Land, even Jericho ; ike you a Lamb, according to your and they went and came into an Hara amilies, and kill the Passover, lots House, named Rahab, and lodge C.

ed there. 29. • † Exod. 14.22. The Chil. 10 32.

8t Judg. 6. 11, Qc. There ren of Israel went into the midst of came an Angel of the Lord, and le Sea upon dry Ground : and the his (Joash's Son Gedeon threshed aters were a Wall unto them on Wheat by the Wine-prefs, &c. leir right Hand, and on their h Judg. 4: 6, &c. [Deborah) fr.

Is sent and called Barak,- and said 30. C + Josh. 6. 20.

It came

unto him, Hach not the Lord God pass when the People heard the of Israel commanded, saying, Go, und of the Trumpet, and the and draw toward Mount Tabor, ople shouted with a great Shout, &c. at the Wall fell down flat, so that 20 + Judg. 13. 24, c. The Wo. e People went up into the man bare a Son, and called his ty:

Name Samson: and the Child 31. Josh. 2.9, »1. She said un grew, and the Lord blessed him. the Men, I know that the Lordhath k | Judg. 11.1, &c. Now Jephven you the Land, and that your 25 thah the Gileapire was a mighty error is fallen upon us, and that Man of Valour, &c. t Judg. 12.

the Inhabitants of the Land 7: Jephthah judged Ilrael fix nt because of you.

The Lord Years. ur God, he is God in Heaven a. t Sam. 16.13. Samuel took ve, and on Earth beneath.

the Horn of Oyl, and anointed him, + Jam. 2. 25.

Was not Ra and the Spirit of the Lord came b the Harlor justified by Works, zipon David from that Day forward. hen she had received the Messengers, -- Sam. 17:45. Then said Dad had sent them out another Way? vid to the Philistine, Thou comJosh. 6. 23. The


est to me with a Sword, and with At were Spies, went in, and a Spear, and with a Shield; but I ught out Rahab, and her father, come to thee in the Name of the her Mother, and her Brethren, and

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Samuel, and of the prophets: 33. Who through faith subdued kingdoins," wrought righteoufress, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of Lions, 34. . Quenched the violence of fire, : escaped the edge of the sword, * out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, " turned to flight the arinies of the aliens. 35: • Women received their dead raised to life again: and


Lord of Hofts, the God of the Ar. David fled from Naioth in Ramah, mies of Israel, whom thou haft and came and said before Jonas defied.

than, What have I done, det! mt 1 Sam. 1. 20. After Han King. 19. 3. -(Elijah] arose and nah had conceived, The bare a s went for his Life, and came to Beer. Son,and called hisName Samuel, fay fhebat 2 King. 6. 16. (Eliing, Because I have asked him of the jah] answered, Fear not: for they Lord. t 1 Sam. 12. 20. Samuel that be with us, are more chan faid unto the People, Fear not. they that be with them.

33. * ; Sam. 12.3, c. Behold, to "Judg. 15. 15. He found a new. here I am, witness against me be jaw-bone of an Ass, and put forth fore the Lord, and before his A. his Hand and took it, and flex nointed : whose Ox have I taken? Thousand Men therewith. + 2 'King. or whose Ass have I taken? or 20.7. Isaiah said, Take a lump of whom have I defrauded? whom 15 Figs. And they took and laid it on have I opprefs'd ? or of whose the Boil, and he recovered tJob Hand have I received any Bribe 42. 1o.

The Lord turned the Captie to blind mine Eyes therewith? vity of Job, when he prayed for and I will restore it you, &c. his Friend's : also the Lord gave.

of Judg. 14. 9,6. -Behold, a 30 Job twice as much as he had before. young Lion roared against him [Sam. + Pfal. 6. 8.

The Lord bath fun] And the Spirit of the Lord heard the Voice of my Weeping

, came mightily upon him, and he s ; Sam. 14. 1, &c.Jonathan rent him as he would have rent a the Son of Saul said to the young Kid. t i Sam 19. 36, 37. Thy Man that bare his Armour, Comey Servant New both the Lion and the and let us go over to the Philifiss Bear. David said moreover, the Garifox,-&c. Lord that delivered me out of the Judg. 7. 28, 21. – They cried Paw of the Lion, and out of the The Sword of the Lord, and a Paw of the Bear, he will deliver Gedeon. And they stood every

30 me out of the Hand of this Phi. Man in his Place, round about the liftine. Dan. 6. 22. My God Camp: and all the Hoff ran, and hath sent his Angel, and hath shut cried, and fied. the Lion's Mouths that they have noc 35.

t i King. 19. 22. The hurt me : forasmuch as before 3s Lord heard the Voice of Elija him innocency was found in me; and the Soul of, the Child came inco and also before thee, O King, have him again, and he revived. I done no hurt.

King. 4, 35, 36.- The Child me 34. P | Dan. 3. 25. --Lo, I fee seven times, and the Child opened du four Men loose, walking in the Eyes.

When the was come

40 midst of the fire, and they have to him, he said, Take no hurt.

Son. iqt t Sam. 20. I, &c. And


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thers were + tortured, not accepting deliverance; that hey might obtain a better resurrection. 36.- And others lad trial of cruel e mockings and 1courgings, yea morewer of bonds and imprisonment. 37. They were e ftoled, they were fawn asunder, were tempted, were flain vith the sword: they wandered about in sheep-skins, nd goat-skins, being destitute, affli&ted, tormented: 38. of whom the world was not worthy) they wandred n deserts and in mountains, and in dens and caves of he earth. 39. And these all having obtained a good eport through faith, i received not the promise : 40. Jod having * provided [Or, foreseen] icme * better


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† 2 Mac. 6. 19, 27, 28. He took him, and put him into the hoosing rather to die gloriously, Prison. Pfal. 1os. 18. Whose han to live stained with such an Feet they hurt with Fetters ; he was bomination, Spit it [the Swines laid in Iron. † Jer. 20. 2. Pashur lefhJ' forth, and came of his own s Smote Jeremiah the Prophet, and ccord to the Torment. I will fhew put him in the stocks. Jer. 37: 15. ny felf such an onc as mine Age The Princes were wroth with Je. 'equireth, and leave a notable Ex. remiah, and smote him, and put mple to such as be young, to die him in prison. willingly and couragiously for the 10 37. e. See on Mat. 21. 35. and ionourable and holy Laws: and Joh. 19.17. when he had said chefe Words, im . 3 King. 1. 8..::: Zech. 13. nediately he went to the Torment.


See on Mat. 3.4** 12 Mac.7. 1,&c. It came to pass 38. § 1 Sam. 22. 1. (David) iso that seven Brethren with their 15 escaped to the Cave Adullam. I Vother were taken, and compelled Sam. 24. 1. -David is in the Wilby the King against the Law, to derness of Engedi. 1 King. 17. 33 alte Swines Fleth, and were tor Hide thy self by the Brook Cherith mented with Scourges and Whips, &c. that is before Jordan. '; 1 King. 1 8.4. t A&. 22. 25. And as they bound 20 It was so, when Jezebel cut off the bim with Thongs, Paul said unto Prophets of the Lord, that Obadi. the Centurion that stood by, Is it ah took an hundred Prophets, and bid lawful for you to scourge a Man them by fifty in a Cave, and fed that is a Roman, and uncondemn thein wich Bread and Water. ed?

25 Mac. 5.27. Judas Maccabeus with 36. Judg. 16. 25.-They cal nine orhers, or thereabout, withled for Samson out of the Prison. drew himself into the Wilderness, and houfe ; and he made them sport. lived in the Mountains after the 1 King 22. 24. Zedechiah went manner of Beasts, with his Com. near, and smote Michaiah on the

30 pany, who fed on Herbs continuCheek, and said, which way went ally. 2 Mac.

10. 6. -They the spirit of the Lord from me to wandred in the Mountains and Dens fpeak unto thee? : 2 Mac. 7.7. lil Beasts. -They brought the second to

39. h + Ver. 2. make him a Mocking fork. --; 35 i Heb.10.36.See also onMat 13.47. Gen. 39. 20. Juleph's Master


† Heb. 7. 22. # Heb. 8, 6. See on 1 Tim. 2.5.

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