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which cannot be fhaken may remain. 28. Wherefore we receiving a ' kingdom which cannot be moved, * let us have grace[Or, let us hold faft], whereby we may serve God acceptably, with reverence and godly fear. 29. For m our God is a consuming fire.

ET brotherly a love continue. 2. • Be not forget-

ful to entertain strangers : for thereby fome have entertained angels unawares: 3.

d Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them ; e and them which suffer adversity, as being your selves also in the body. 4. f Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but

whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. 5. Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be h content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. 6. So that we may boldly, fay, * The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man Z 3







12. 13


28. ? See on Luk. 1.33.

rage, fear not, nor be afraid of 29.1 : Exod. 24. 17. 7 Deut. 4. them: for the Lord thy God he. 24. +Deut.9.3. See on 2 Thef.j.8. it is that doth go with thee, he CH A P. XIII.

will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. + Rom. 12. 15. t 1 Pet. s*

Joth. 1. 5. -As I was with Mo1. 22. † 1 Pet. 2. 17. t 1 Pet.4. ses, so will I be with thee: I will 8. See on Joh. 13. 34.

not fail thee, nor forsake thee. I ti Pet. 4. 9. See on Rom. Chron. 28. 20. David said to Solos

mon his Son, Be strong and of a + Gen. 18. 3. t Gen. 19. 2:10 good Courage, and do it: fear nor, See on Rom. 12. 13.

nor be dismayed, for the Lord 3. d

Col. 4. 18. -Remember my God, even my God, will be with Bonds. Heb. 10. 34. Ye had thee, he will not fail thee, nor for. Compaffion of me in my Bonds. Sake thee, until thou hast finished of Mat. 25:36.

f 1 Cor. 12. 15 all the Work for the Service of the 26. See on Rom. 12. 15.

House of the Lord. Pfal. 37. 25. 1 Tim. 4.1, 3.-Giving Thave been young,and now am old: heed to seducing Spirits, - forbid- yet have I nor teen the Righteous.

forsaken, nor his Seed begging 3 See on Mat. 5. 27, 28. and Bread. Prov. 10. 3. The Lord 1 Cor.6.9, 18.

will not suffer the Soul of the 5. h † Mat. 6.25, 34: ti Tim. Righteous to familh..-6.6, 8. See on Phil, 4. U.

6. k † Pfal. 56. 4. In God I will Gen. 28. 15. Behold, I am with praise his Word, in God I have put thee, and will keep thee in all Places whither thou guest, and wili 25 my trust, I will not fear what Echia

* Pfal. 113. 6. bring thee again into this Land, The Lord is on my side, I will not for I will not leave thee.- † Deut. fear what Man can do unto me. 31.6. Be strong and of a good Cou



ding to marry:



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shall do unto me. 7. Remember them which * have the rule [Or, are the guides] over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God: whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation. 8. m Jesus Christ " the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. 9.

9. • Be not carried 2bout with divers and strange do&trines: for it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace, not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein. 4 We have an altar whereof they have no right to eat, which serve the tabernacle. 1. For the bodies of those beasts whole blood is



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i See on Phil. 2. 29.

dom of God is not Meat and Drink, Cor.

3. 11. Ocher Foun but Righteousness, and Peace, and dation can no Man lay, than that Joy in the holy Ghost. + Col. 2. is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 2 Cor. ' 16. Let no Man therefore judge 11.4. If he that cometh, preach. 5 you in Meat or Drink.- t Tim. ith another Jesus, whom we have 4. 3.- Commanding to obtain not pitached, - or another Gospel, from Meats, which God hath comwhich ye have not accepted.-Gal. manded to be received with thankl.

Which is not another ; but giving of them which believe and there be some that trouble you, 10 know the Truth. and would pervert the Gospel of 10.9.1 Cor. 1o, 18. Are not Christ.

they which eat of the Sacrifices r Mal. 3. 6. I am the Lord, I partakers of the Altar ? change not. - Joh. 8. 58. Jesus H."† Exod. 29. 14. The Flesh la d unto them, Verily verily 115 of the Bullock, and his skin, and fay into you, Before Abraham his Dung, shalt thou burn with Fire vas, I am. ; Heb. 1.8, 12. Unto without the Camp : it is a Sin-offer. the Son he faith, “Thou art the ing. † Lev. 4.11, 12. And the Same, and thy Years shall not fail. Skin of the Bullock, and all his Flesh, Jam. 1,17

With whom is 20 with his Head, and with his Legs, variableness, neither Shadow of turn and his Inwards, and his Dung, e. ing t Rev. 1.4, 8. -Grace be ven the whole Bullock shall he carunto you, and Peace from him ry forth without the Camp, unto a which' is, and which was, and clean Place, where the Ashes are which is to come.-- I am Alpha 25 poured out, and burn him on the and Omega, the Beginning and the Wood with Fire.- + Lev. 6 30. Ending, faith the Lord, which is, No Sin-offering whereof any of the and which was, and which is to Blood is brought into the Tabernacle of come, the Almighty.

the Congregation to reconcile with 9 Eph. 4 14. That we hence-3° al in the holy Place, shall be eaten: forth be no more Child cu, tofled it shall be burnt in the Fire. + Lev. to and fro; and carried about with 15, 27. And the Bullock for che every wind of Doctrine, by the Sin-offering, and the Goat for the Neight of Men, and cunning crafii. Sin-offering, whose Blood was ness whereby they lie in wait to 35 brought in to make Atonement in the deceive. + Eph. 5. 6. t 1 Joh. 4. holy Place, shall one carry forth 1. See on Mat. 24. 4.

without the Camp, and they shall Pť Rom. 14.17. For the King


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to come.

brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for fin, are burnt without the camp.

12. Wherefore Jesus also, that he might fan&tifie the people with his own blood, fuffered s without the gate. *13. Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach. 14. For here have we a no continuing city, but we seek one

15. 6. By him therefore let us offer the sacriice of praise to God continually, that is the d fruit of nur lips, * giving thanks [Or, confesling] to his name.

16. But to do good, and to communicate,

forget not: for : with such facrifices God is well-pleased. 17.

Obey them that * have the rule over [Or, guide] you, and submit your felves : for they 8 watch for your souls, as they that must give account : that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you. 18.

Pray for us : for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly. 19. But I beseech you the rather to do this, that I may be restored to you the sooner. 20. Now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great



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burn in the Fire their Skins, + Hof. 14. 2.' So will we and their flesh, and their Dung.

render the Calves of our Lips. Numb. 19. 3: Ye fhall give her

16. e t 2 Cor. 9. 12. See on Aets (the red Heifer] unto Eleazer the

II. 29. and on Phil.


18. Priest, that he may bring her forth s 17. f t 1 Thef. 5.12. t i Tim. without the camp, and one shall Nlay 5. 17. Ver. 7. See on Phil. 2. her before his Face.

29. :: Acts 7. 58. See on Joh. 8 | Ezek. 3.17. Son of Man, I 19. 17

have made thee a Watchman unto the 13. ^ See on Heb.11.26. 10 House of Israel : therefore hear the 14.

Mic. -2.10.,and Word at my Mouth, and give depart, for this is not your rest : be

them warning from me. Repeatcause it is polluted, it shall destroyed, Chap. 33. 7. † Ezek. 33; 2. you even with a fore destructicn. Son of Man, Speak to the Children | Phil. 3. 20. Our Conversation is ofthy People, and say unto them, our Citizenship] is in Heaven When I bring the Sword upon a + Heb. 11. 10, 16. He looked for Land, if the People of the Land a City which hath Foundations,

take a Man of their Coasts and set whose Builder and Maker is God. him for a Watchman. They desire a better Country, that is 20

18, See on Rom. 15. 30. an heavenly.-- He hath prepared for See on Acts 23. 1.

k See on Rom. 15. 33. 15:0 + Eph s. 20. + 1 Pet. 2. 1 See on Acts 2. 24. 5. See on Rom. 1.8.

m | Isa. 40. 11. f Ezek. 34. 23. + Lev. 7.12. -4 Pfal. 50. 14,25 + 1. Pet. 2. 25. t 1 Pet. 5. 4. See 23. | Pfal. 69. 30, 31. † Pias. 107... on Joh. 10.11. 22. See on Rom. 1. 8.


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them a City.





2 Cor. 11. 2. — 948 Year of our Lord 64. HEB. XIIL Shepherd of the sheep," through the blood of the everlasting * covenant [Or, covenant [Or, testament], 21. Make you o per

fed + Zech. 9. II. See on Hab. should be holy and without blemish. .10.29.

Phil. 2. 15. That ye may be blameo Gen. 17. 1. - I am the less, and harmless, the Sons of God, Almighty God; walk before me, without rebuke, in the mids of a and be thou perfect for, upright, or, s crooked and perverse Nation, afincere]. Job 2. 3. The Lord said mong whom ye shine as Lights in unto Satan, Hast thou confidered the World., Phil. 3. 12, 13, 14, my Servant Job, that there is none 15. Not as though I had already like him in the Earth, a perfect and attained, either were already perfeet: an upright Man, one that feareth 10 but I follow after, if that I may God, and escheweth Evil; and still apprehend that for which also I he holdeth fast his Integrity, altho' am apprehended of Christ Jesus.thou movedst nie against him: This one thing I do, forgetting without a cause. Pfal. 37. 37. those things which are behind, Mark the perfect Man, and behold 15 and reaching forth unto those the upright : for the End of that things which are before, I press coMan is Peace. Mat. 5. 48. Be ye ward che Mark, for the prize of the therefore perfeq, even as your Fa- high Calling of God in Christ Jether which is in Heaven is per.: sus. Let us therefore, as many as feet. Luk. 1.6. They were beth 20 be perfect, be thus minded. Col. Righteous before God, walking in 1.28. -Warning every Man, and all the Commandments and Ordinan teaching every Man in all Wisdom, ces of the Lord blameless. I Cor. 2. that we may present every Man per6. Howbeit we speak Wisdom a- feet in Christ Jesus. mong them-that are perfett. 125 Labouring fervently for you in Cor. 14. 20. Brethren, be not Chil. Prayers, that ye may stand perfect

, dren in Understanding: howbeit and complete in all the Will of in Malice be ye Children, but in God.

Who gave him Understanding be Men (Gr. perfeet, or, self for us, that he might redeem

. have espoused you to one Hus to himself a peculiar People, zealous band, that I may present you as a of good Works. chaste Virgin to Christ. 2 Cor. 13. Strong Meat belongeth to them

This also we wish, even that are of full Age (or, perfe&], your Perfection. Be perfect, be of, s even those who by reason of use good comfort, be of one Mind, [or, of an habit, or, perfeétion), have live in Peace; and the God of their Senses exercised to discern Love and Peace shall be with you. both Good and Evil. Heb. 6. 1. Eph. 4. 12, 13. For the Perfečting of Therefore leaving the Principles the Saints, for the Work of the 40 of the Do&trine of Christ, let us go Ministry, for the Edifying of the on unto perfection. Heb. 12. 23. Body of Christ: Till we all come -To the Spirits of just Men made in the Unity of the Faith, and of perfe&t. Jam. 1. 4. Let Patience the Knowledge of the Son of God, have her perfect Work, that ye unto a perfect Man, unto the Measure45 may be perfect and entire, wanting of the Stature of the Frings of nothing: fi Per. 5. 10. The God Christ. Eph. 5. 27. That he might of all Grace, who hach called us to present it to bimself a glorious his eternal Glory by Christ Jesus, Church, not having spot or Wrinkle, after that ye have suffered a while, or any such thing but that it so


Tit. 2.14,

Heb. 5. 14.

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ect (1) in every good work, to do his will, p.* working Or, doing] in you that which is well-pleasing in his fight, hrough Jesus Chrift; to whom be glory for ever and e

Amen. 22. And I beseech you, brethren, suffer the vord of exhortation; for I have written a letter unto you n few words. 23. Know ye that our brother Timothy's is et at liberty ; with whom, if he come shortly, I will fee you. 24. Salute all them that have the rule over you, and ill the saints. They of Italy salute you. 25. Grace be with rou all. Amen.

Written to the Hebrews from Italy, by Timothy

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settle you.


Year of our Lord 60. AMES a * servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are c scattered a

broad, make you perfe, stablish, strengthen, ly.

2 Pet. 1.5, 6, 7. Giv 23. $: Tim. 6. 12. -[Thou ing, all diligence, add to your Timothy) haft professed a good ProFaith, Virtue; and to Virtue, fefsion before many Witnesses: Knowledge ; and to knowledge, Tem- s

CH'A P. I. perance; and to temperance, Pati a ::: Tit. 1, 1. Paul, a Servant ence; and to patience, Godliness; of God, and an Apostle of Jesus and to godliness, Brotherly-kindness;

Chrift.and to brotherly-kindness, Charity.

b. See the Note on Acts 26.7. 2 Pet. 3. 18. Grow in Grace, and in 10 ¢ + Acts 8. 1. -At that time the Knowledge of our Lord and there was a great Persecution aSaviour Jesus Christ.

gainst the Church which was at P See on i Pet. 1. 22.

Jerusalem, and they were all scat9.: Rev. 1.. 6. See on Rom. tered abroad throughout the Regi

ons of Judea.

.:: Deut. 32 Tot 1 Pet. 5. 12. By. Silva 26. f i Pet. 1. 1. See on Joh. nus à faithful Brother unto you 7. 35. (as I suppose) I have written brief

(1) Besides the Scriptures here set down, there are very many more reducible to this Head, which make it our Duty seriously and constantly to endeavour and labour after such a Maturity in Wisdom, Righteousness, Holiness, and Perfection, such a divine and God-like Temper and Disposition, as humane Nature, aided and allifted by the good Spirit of God, will admit of. See the Word Holiness in the Index.

16. 27.


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