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id to patience, godliness; 7. And to godliness, ' brother· kindness; and to brotherly kindness, charity. 8. For 'these things be in you, and abound, they make you at ye shall neither be * barren (Gr. idle] norm unfruitI in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Chrift. ? that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot fee r off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from 3 old sins. 10. Wherefore the rather, brethren, give ligence too make your calling and ele&tion fure : for

ye do these these things, P ye shall never fall: . For so an entrance shall be ministred unto you abunntly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Sapur Jesus Christ. 12. Wherefore I will not be neglint to put you always in remembrance of these things, qugh ye know them, and be established in the preit truth. 13. Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am s th's tabernacle, to " stir you up, by putting you in membrance.' 14. Knowing that a Shortly I must put off s my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jefus Christ hath wed me. 15. Moreover, I will endeavour that you


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n until now.

1,1† Gal. 6. 10. to Thes. 5. 3. 17. The Words under ver. 10. See on i Thef 3. 12.

13. s See on 2 Cor. 5.1., Joh. 15. 2. f Tit. 3. 14. + 2 Pet. 3. 1.

See on Rom. on Rom, 15:28

15.15 1. "Ifa. 59. 10. We grope for s


| Deut. 4. 21, 22. The Wall like the Blind, and we

Lord was

angry with me for pe as if we had no Eyes: your fakes, and fware, that I ftumble at Noon-day as in the Thould not go over Jordan. But ght.-

ti Joh. 2. 9, 11. He I must die in this Land. + Deut. t faith he is in the Light, and 1031. 14. The Lord said unto Mofes, eth bis Brother, is in Darkness, Behold, thy Days approach that thuu,

He that hateth must die.-' † 3 Tim. 4.6. -The Brother is in Darkness, and Time of my departure is at hand. keth in Darkness, and knowerh b* Joh. 21. 18, 19.

When whither he goeth, because that thou shalt be old, another shall gird

15 knefs hath blinded his Eyes. thee, and carry thee whicher chou 0.04: Joh 3.19. Hereby we would it not. This he fpake, figw that we are of the Truth, nifying by what Death he should I fall affure our Hearts before glorifie God.-

15. 2 Tim. 2. 2. The things 2 Per. ;. 17. -Beware left that thou hast heard of me among also being led away with the many Witneffes, the same commit or of the Wicked, fall froin your thou to faithful Men, who shall be Stedfastness.

able to teach others also, 2 Per. :9 Joh. 2. 25. See on 253. 1. This second Epiftle, beloved,

I now write unto you; in both i i Pet. 5. 12.



m. 15. 14, IS.

2 Pet.


Cor. 1, 17.

may be able after my decease, to have these things always in remembrance.

16. For we have not followed à cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Chrift

, but were f eye-witnesses of his Majesty. 17. For he received from God the Father, honour and glory, whea there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, : This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well plezTed. 18. And this voice which came from heaven we heard, when we were with him in the + holy mount. 19. We have also a (1) more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye i take heed, as unto a k light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the

darwhich I stir up your pure Minds We have seen and do toflife, that by way of remembrance.

the Father sent the Son to be the 16. + 1 Cor. 2. 1.

See on I

Saviour of the World.

17. %t Mat. 17. 5. See on Mat. e See on i Cor. 2. 4.

53. 17. fi + Mat. 17; 1;

2. After six 18. h + See Exod. 3. 5. Draw not Days, Jesus taketh Peter, James, nigh hither: put off thy Shoes frem and John his Brother, and bring. off thy Feet, for the Place where eth them up into an high Moun on thou standest is holy Grouzd. tain apart, and was transfigured bea 10 + Josh. 5. 15. The Captain of the fore them, and his Face did fine as Lord's Host said unto Joshua, Lagle the Sun, and his Raiment was white thy shoe from off thy Foot, for the as the Light. Joh. 1. 14. - We Place whereon thou standeft beheld his Glory, the Glory as of the boly. only begotten of the Father.ti


i See on Luk. 16. 29. Joh. 1. 1. That which was from k + Pfal. 119. 105. Thy Wordis the Beginning, which we have a Lamp unto my Feet, and a Light heard, which we have seen with our unto my Path. t Joh. 5. 35. He Eyes, which we have looked upon, and was á barning and a shining Light : our Hands have handled of the 20 and ye were willing for a teason Word of Life. + 1 Joh. 4. 14.

(1) By the more Sure Word of Prophecy, is meant the Prophecies recorded in the old-Test ament. These were a greater Evidence to the Jews, that the Apostles had not followed cunningly devised Fables, than the To ftimony they gave of his being transfigured in the Mount, which by the unbelieving Jews might be looked upon as a Fable. For if they consulted their own Prophets, and compared what they delivered concerning the Mefliah, with what Jesus Christ taught, did, and suffered, they wcal thence be convinced that he is the true Mefliah, But they would have a farther confirmation of this Truth by their receiving the Gists of two Holy Spirit, and from the Scriptures of the New-Teftament, which woh be committed to them. Their Conceit is dangerous and groundless, abu fancy that God will let up such a Light in them as will render the baby Scriptures ufelels. Some think that St. Peter particularly refers to the

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at mi

day-star arise in your hearts : 20. Knowing this first,

(1) no prophecy of the scripture is of any private terpretation. 21. For the " prophecy came not **in old me [Or, at any time] • by the will of man : but holy en of God i spake as they were moved by the holy hoft.

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CH A P. IJ. UT a there were false prophets also among the people, even as there fhall be falle teachers among

you, rejoice in that Light. 2 Cor. 4. ther was I a Prophets Son ; but I God who commanded the Light was an Herdman. And the Lord shine-out of Darkness, hath shie took me as I followed the Flock, and ! in our Hearts, to give the the Lord said unto me, Go prophesie iht of the Knowledge of the 5 unto my People Ifrael. ory of God, in the Face of Jesus PLuk. 1. 70. As he spake by rist.

the Morth of his holy Prophets, Numb. 24. 17. –There shall which have been fince the World il a Star out of Jacob, and a began. :ptre ihall rise out of Ifrael. - 10

CH A P. II. ch. 6. 12. -Thus faith the Lord 1. Deut.13.1,&c.If there arife Hofts, saying, Behold the Man among you a Prophet, or a Dreamer ose Name is the Branch, and he of Dreams, and giveth thee a Sign ll grow up out of his Place, or a Wonder, &c. 1 he fhall build the Temple of 15 b Deut. 13:13. Certain Men,the : Lord. f Rev. 2. 28. I will Children of Belial, are gone out from ve him the Morning Star. Rev. among you, and have withdrawn the 16. I Jefus have fent mine An Inhabitants of their City, saying, I to testifie unto you these 'Let us go and serve other Gods. — ngs in the Churches. I am the 20 Pfal. 41. 9. Yea, mine own familiar.. lot and the Offspring of David, Friend in whom I trufted, which 1 the bright and Morning Star. did eat of my Bread, hath lift up 20. f Rom. 12. 6. Having his Heel against me. en Gifts, differing according to $, 11, 24. Many shall come in my

Grace that is given unto us, 29 Name, saying, I am Chrift: and iether Prophecy, let us prophesie ac

shall deceive many. And many false rding to the Proportion of Faith. Prophets shall rise, and shall deceive of 1 Pet. I.II. See on 2

many. The

There shall arise false m. 3. 16.

Chrifts, and false Prophets, and shall " Amos 7. 14, 15. [Amos] said 30 lhew great signs and Wonders, Amaziah, I was no Prophet, nei

info. venty Weeks mentioned by Daniel, Chap. 9. 24. which were now near pired, when the Temple and Jewish State were to be dissolved ; as they :re about four Years after. (1) As if the Apostle had said, In order to understand the Predictions the old Testament, you are to know, that the Prophets did not speak of eir own Motion, or by the suggestion of their own private Spirits. For, as e Apostle adds, Ver. 21. Prophecy came n01, &c. And this is more agreele to the Original chan our Translation.


+ Mat. 24.




20. 28.


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Phil. 3. 19.

you, who privily shall bring in damnable herefies, even d denying the Lord that e bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2. And many fhail follow their (1) pernicious ways, by reason of whom the way of truth thall be evil spoken of. 3. And 6 through covetousness shall they with feigned words h make merchandise of you: i whose judgmert 110w of a long time lingreth not, and their damnation flumbereth not. For if God spared not the k angels' that sinned, but " caft them (2) down to hell, and delivered them into chains of

darkinfomuch that (if it were possible)' ungodly Lufts. they shall deceive the very Elect.

Ć See the Note 'on Mat. 13. 14. Acts 20. 30. Of your own selves d Jude ver. 4. See on i Tim. shall Men arife, Speaking perverse things, to draw Disciples after them.


+ Heb. 10. 29. See on Acts + 1 Cor. 11. 19. There must be al. so Herefies among you, that they :: Phil. 3. 19. Whose End is which are approved may be made

Destruction. manifeft. i Tim. 1. 19, 20. Hold 3. 2 Cor. 12. 17, 18. ti ing Faith and a good Conscience; 10 Tim. 6. 5. Tit. 1. II. See on which some having put away, concerning Faith have made shipwrack. h : 2 Cor. 2. 17. We are not Of whom is Hymeneus and Alex. as many which corrupt the Word of ander.- t i Tim. 4. 1. Now the God.- 2 Pet. 1. 16. Spirit speaketh expresly, that in 15 + Deut. 32. 35. To me bethe latter Times fome shall depart longeth Vengeance, and Recom. from the Faith, giving heed to sedu pence, their Foot shall slide in due cing Spirits, and Doctrines of De. time : for the Day of their Calavils. + 2 Tim. 3. 1, s. This know mity is at hand, and the things that also, that in the last Days perilous 20 shall come upon them make hafte Times Thall come. Having a Form :: Jude ver. 4. -Who were bor of Godliness, but denying the fore of old ordained to this Cora Power thereof. :, 1 Joh. 4. 1. demnation, ungodly Men. Beloved, believe not every Spirit:


k t Job 4. 18. –His Angeli but try the Spirits whether they 25 he charged with folly. are of God: because many false it Joh. 8. 44. -[The Devil Prophets are gone put into the abode not in the Truth. - i Ich World. 2 Joh. ver. 7. Many Deceiv 3. 8.- The Devil finneth from the ers are entred into the World. beginning, +Jude ver. 18. They told you' there 30 in † Jude Ver. 6. See on le should be Mockers in the last Time, 8.31. who should walk after their own

(1) # Or, lascivious Ways, as fome Copies read.

(2) Both this verse and the following, ought to be seriously conside ed by those, who presume on the Mercy of God; for if God Spared not the Angels, nor the other Persons here mentioned, wicked Christians, continue in their Sins, and remain impenitent and unreform’d, haver warrantable ground to hope that God will pardon and fave them. N

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Harkness, to be reserved unto judgment; 5. And spared mot the old World, but faved " Noah the eighth person, 7° preacher of righteousness, ” bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly ; 6. And 9 turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes, condemned them with in overthrow, making them an" ensample unto those that fter should live ungodly ; 7. And delivered just Lot, rexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked : 8. For that u righteous man dwelling among then, in seeng and hearing, a vexed his righteous loul from day to lay with their unlawful deeds) 2. The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of o temptations, and to

reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punishd: 10. But chiefly them that d walk after the flesh, in Сс

the 5. nt Gen. 7. 1, 7. See on i on the Hand of his two Daughters;

the Lord being merciful unto him: 1 Pet. 3. 19. By which also and they brought him forth, and set e went and preached to the Spirits him without the City. Prison.

5 8.4 :: Wisd. 19. 17. With blindpt Gen. 7. 23. Every living ness were these stricken, as those ubftance was destroyed which was were at the Doors of the righteous pon the Face of the Ground, both Man an and Cattle, and creeping

a t Pfal 119. 158. † Ezek.9.4. iings, and the Fowls of the 10 See on Acts 17.16. leaven.


b See on i Cor. 10. 13. 6. 7.7 Gen. 19. 24 The Lord Job 21. 30. The Wicked is res lined upon Sodom and upon Goo Served to the Day of Destruction ; orrab Brimstone and Fire from they shall be brought forth to the le Lord out of Heaven. See on 15 Day of Wrath. Prov. 16. 4


Lord hath made all things for him* t Numb.26.10.-(Korah, &c.] felf: yea, even the Wicked for came a Sign.

the Day of Evil. 7. s + Gen. 19. 16. -The Men

* Jude, Verses 4; 7,8, 10, id hold upon his Hand; and up-2016. -Ungodly Men, turning the in the Hand of his Wife, and up


let. 3. 20.

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uk. 17.29.

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d *


owever Prosperous and Honourable the Unjuft and Unrighteous may : here, they are reserved unto the Day of Judgment to be punished, 28.9. The Words rendered cast them down to Hell, may be better translaid, cast them down towards Hell. So that the Meaning of this place, and of le 6th Verse of the Epistle of St.fude is, That the wicked Angels were cast ut of Heaven into this lowerRegion where they are referved, asin a Prison, or Chains of Darkness at the Judgment of the great Day. Hence probaly, the Devil is styled the Prince of the Power of the Air, where he and is Affociates tempt, and feduce, and do all the Mischief they poflibly an to Men. And though these wicked Spirits are a miserable tate, yer is not their Misery so great as it will be at the Judgment of le great Day. See the Reverend and judicious Mr. 905. Midle's Difccurfe

2 Pet.2.4. also Dr.Welli's Note.

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