Driver Behaviour and Training

Lisa Dorn
Routledge, 12 juli 2017 - 445 sidor

This title was first published in 2003. Research on driver behaviour over the past two decades has demonstrated that driver characteristics, goals and motivations are important determinants of driving behaviour. We are now in a position to apply this knowledge to driver training programs and evaluate their effectiveness in improving safety. The main objective for the First International Conference on Driver Behaviour and Training and this book, is to describe and discuss recent advances in this field. The book bridges the gap between practitioners in road safety, and theoreticians investigating driving behaviour from a number of different perspectives and related disciplines. It will encourage research in driver training to combat erroneous or deviant driving behaviour and/or reduce the effects of human error at source. This book will be of interest to road safety researchers and road safety practitioners in the private and public sector.


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List of Boxes Figures and Tables
Hazard Awareness and Police Driving Performance
R3 A Model for Motorcycle Rider Skill Development
Stress Vulnerability and Choice of Coping Strategies in UK
Organizational Dynamics and Safety in a Major Bus Company
The Effects of Illicit Drugs on Performance Related to Car Driving
ComputerBased Driver Status Monitoring of Fatigue
Pregnant Driver Behaviour and Safety
An Exploratory Study of the Interaction Between Drivers Trust
InVehicle Support Systems and Young Novice Drivers
Mobile Phone use while Driving in Sweden
Goals and Contents of Driver Education
Face Validity Analysis of a Bus Simulator for Investigating
Comparison Between
Experience with a Low Cost PCBased System for Young Driver
Experimental Study and Training

Evaluation of the Trucker Strain Monitor TSM
The Effects of Exercise on Stress Fatigue Sleep Health Status
Passenger Influence on Young Drivers
Optical Flow Fields and Visual Attention in Car Driving
A Preliminary Investigation
Professional Driver Training
Driver Behaviour and the Wider Social Context
The Case for Practical Driver Assessment and Training
Supporting Elderly Drivers Towards Driver Retraining

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