Manual of Confirmation Consisting of Addresses Delivered at the Preparation Classes on the Eve and Day of Confirmation at a First Communion

Kessinger Publishing, 1 maj 2005 - 236 sidor
1888. Pigou is widely and favorably known as a missioner, and has held missions not only throughout England, but also in the United States, which he visited in 1885. Contents: Plan of Lecture or of Instruction; Sermon on Conversion; Address on: Consecration; Renunciation; Faith; Obedience; Means of Grace: Prayer; Means of Grace: The Word of God; Public Worship; Holy Communion; Eve of Confirmation; Address Delivered on the Evening of Confirmation Day; Hints for Confirmation Day; Hints in Connection with First Communion; Short Address to the Newly-Confirmed on the Occasion of their First Communion at the Early Celebration; Short Address Delivered to the Newly-Confirmed at their First Communion; Address to the Newly-Confirmed, Delivered on the Occasion of the First Communion; List of Candidates; Attendances; Confirmation Forms; Rules for a Communicant's Union; Plain Aids for Confirmation Candidates; Hymns and Tunes Suitable to Confirmation; and Books Recommended for the Study of the Bible.

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