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She little thought when she left her card for me, that I was the obnoxious person whom she dismissed so unceremoniously from the situation of under-governess to her daughters, because her son, Lord Beauton, (now the Marquis of Pryddstowe,) had chanced to say he thought me handsome.

All those with whom I have formerly been connected are either dead or so dispersed that I am very little likely to fall in with them, but, if we should meet, as the duke kindly observed one day to Lady Eustace, it is of no consequence, as she who was considered a fit associate and friend for Lady Eustace, must be a proper wife for any man.

G, Woodfall and Son, Printers, Angel Court, Skinner Street, London.



Part I., containing Six Plates, is now ready, price 11 Is., to be

completed in Five Parts, with letter-press description, THE ORIENTAL ALBUM, a series of Drawings of the Costumes of Egypt and the Red Sea.

The design of the ORIENTAL ALBUM is faithfully to delineate some of the more remarkable features of the interesting countries of Egypt and those bordering on the Red Sea, by giving a series of Drawings (thirty in number) illustrative of the Costume and Scenery. These Drawings are executed in the finest style of lithographic art, under the immediate superintendence of the Author, E. Prisse, Esq., the accuracy of whose local knowledge is guaranteed by a residence of sixteen years in Egypt. An equal number of Wood Engravings (even more beautiful than the lithographs) will be introduced, in a most chaste and novel form, with the text, which will accompany each Plate, and be delivered with Part V. No expense has been spared to render this one of the most beautiful Works which have ever issued from the Press. A few copies mounted and coloured, in imitation of the original Drawings, may be secured by entering the name as a Subscriber. Now ready, in 2 vols. 8vo, with Maps and numerous Illustrations,

price 11 8s., TRAVELS in LURISTAN and ARABISTAN; being a Tour through South-Western Persia in the years 1840 and 1841. By the BARON CLEMENT AUGUSTUS DE BODE, &c.

Followed by an Essay on the Marches of Alexander the Great and Amir Timur,

*The Baron's work is a model as a book of Travels, and forms a great contrast to some of the late turgid productions we have had from the East;

ll high-sounding words, without a single addition to the progress of knowledge. Simple and unaffected in his style, he avoids all details that are not new and interesting, while he is full and distinct when on new ground; and thus his work is a really valuable addition to geographical, antiquarian, and historical knowledge " Literary Gazette, Dec. 21.

Now ready, in one vol. 8vo, with Illustrations, 148..

A JOURNEY from NAPLES to JERUSALEM, by the way of Athens, Egypt, and the Peninsula of Sinai; including a Trip to the Valley of Fayoum, together with a Translation of . Linant de Bellefond's “Mémoire sur le Lac Moeris.”


In 2 vols. 8vo, Map and Illustrations, price 17 8s., TRAVELS in SOUTHERN ABYSSINIA, through the county of Adal to the kingdom of Shoa, during the years 1842 and 1813.

By CHARLES JOHNSTON, Esq., M.R.C.S. ** Mr. Johnston, be it observed, is a most enthusiastic, intelligent, cou. rageous travellera man of considerable powers of observation, capacity. and perseverance, and he has produced a work which cannot be read without deep interest."--Tablet, June 29.

« Altogether these volumes are remarkable for depth of information and perseverance in a desired object, and will doubtless be well received." Freemasons' Quarterly Review.

" Mr. Johnston's work far surpasses that of Sir C. Harris, without the pompous elaboration of the latter."-- Ainsworth's Magazine.

In one vol. 8vo, price 12s., TRAVELS in KORDOFAN and the ADJOINING COUNTRIES; with a Review of the Commerce, Habits, and Manners of the Inhabitants, and of the Slave Hunts carried on under Mehemet Ali's Government,

By IGNATIUS PALLME. "No book of Travels with which we are acquainted gives such detailed and interesting accounts of the country visited. We are confident that this book will prove of the utmost utility to men of science and commerce "-Brighton Guardian. The Second Edition, with additions, in foolscap, price 6s., with


Edited by Col. SABINE, R.A., F.R.S. "There is scarcely a page which does not contain something interesting in the deseription of nature or man, or some particulars of hardship or anxious adventure."--Spectator.


Now ready, HISTORY of BRITISH INDIA, from 1805 to 1835.

By HORACE HAYMAN WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., &c. Vol. I. (being the continuation Volume to Mill's India, 6 vols..)

- price 14s. per volume. “ The first volume brings the history down to the renewal of the charter in 1813, comprising a period of great importance in the more recent an. nals of British India. This work, in its amplitude of information and the abundant sourees of varying testimony of which he avails himself, bears the stamp of author ty and authenticity. The calm and composed character of the style is an appropriate accompaniment to its sustained power: and there is a gravity and impartiality in his judgments which show scrupulous conscientiousness and regard to truth. The train of reflection is solid and dignified; and the narrative carries the reader onward in a clear and flowing stream, whose sedateness and serenity give token of its depth and volume."--Chronicle, Dec. 19, 1844.

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