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Government employees and personal service contractors, and their dependents, and for subsistence allowance payments. Funds authorized to be appropriated under this section are designated emergency requirements pursuant to section 251 012) Di) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985. SEC. 6.3 BURDENSHARING.

The Congress

(1) takes note of the commendable efforts on the part of the President and the Secretary of State to encourage our alhes to assist financially in the efiort to liberate Kuwait, and

(2) calls on the President and the Secretary of State to take such actions as are necessary to ensure that the burdensharing promises made to the American people by our allies are fulfilled.

2 See also legislation relating to US. policy toward Iraq, in Legislation on Foreign Relations Through 1994, vol. 1-B.

g. Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1990

and 1991 Partial text of Public Law 101-246 (H.R. 3792), 104 Stat. 15, approved Feb

ruary 16, 1990; amended by Public Law 101-302 (Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriation for Disaster Assistance, Food Stamps, Unemploy. ment Compensation Administration, and Other Urgent Needs, and Transfers, and Reducing Funds Budgeted for Military Spending Act of 1990; H.R. 4404), 104 Stat. 213, approved May 25, 1990; Public Law 102-138 (Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1992 and 1993; H.R. 1415), 105 Stat. 647, approved October 28, 1991; Public Law 102 499 (H.R. 60471, 106 Stat. 3264, approved October 24, 1992; Public Law 102-511 (FREEDOM Support Act, S. 2532), 106 Stat. 3320, approved October 24, 1992; Public Law 102-549 (Jobs Through Exports Act of 1992, H.R. 4996), 106 Stat. 3661, approved October 28, 1992; Public Law 103-199 (FRIENDSHIP Act, H.R. 3000), 107 Stat. 2317, approved December 17, 1993; Public Law 103 236 (Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1994 and 1995; H.R. 2333), 108 Stat. 382, approved April 30, 1994; Public Law 103-306 (Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1995; H.R. 4426), 108 Stat. 1608, approved August 23, 1994; and by Public Law 103 415 (H.R. 5034), 108 Stat. 4299, approved October 26, 1994

NOTE.Sections in this Act amend other State Department and foreign relations legislation and are incorporated elsewhere in this compilation.

AN ACT To authorize appropriations for fiscal years 19% and 1991 for the

Department of Slavk, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1.1 SHORT TITLE AND TABLE OF CONTENTS.

(a) SHORT TITLE.—This Act may be cited as the "Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991”.

(b) TABLE OF CONTENTS.The table of contents for this Act is as follows:



Section 1. Short title and table of contents ,


husikCTIONS Section 101. Administration of foreign aflais ...cara Section 102. Internationai organizations and coniece

Section 103. International comunisBird ..........en
Section 104. Migration and resuget as618 vanu , crossove.....
Section 105. Other programs .....


122 L.S.C. 2651 note.

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Section 106. Reduction in earmarks if appropriations are less than author

izations (amends other legislation) Section 107. Availability of funds (amends other legislation) Section 108. Restriction on funds for negotiations with certain Palestine

Liberation Organization representatives (amends other legislation) Part B DEPARTMENT OF STATE AUTHORITIES AND ACTIVITIES; FOREIGN MISSIONS Section 111. Authorization of certain operational activities (amends other

legislation] Section 112. Working capital fund for Office of Foreign Missions (amends

other legislation] Section 113. Authority of Diplomatic Security Service (amends other legisla

tion) Section 114. Access to criminal records (amends other legislation) Section 115. Enhancement of evacuation capability and procedures regard

ing major disasters and incidents abroad affecting United States citizens 232 Section 116. Acquisition of domestic property as interim step to acquiring

property abroad amends other legislation)
Section 117. Debt collection (amends other legislation)
Section 118. Munitions control registration fees (amends other legislation)
Section 119. Fees and reimbursements (amends other legislation
Section 120. International Center (amends other legislation]
Section 121. Closing of diplomatic and consular posts in Antigua and Bar-

buda (amends other legislation]
Section 122. Submission of annual country reports on terrorism (amends

other legislation] Section 123. Consular officer duties (amends other legislation] Section 124. Opening a United States consulate in Bratislava ..........

233 Section 125. Construction of United States embassy in Ottawa ...........

233 Section 126. Voluntary pilot program for increased participation by eco

nomically and socially disadvantaged enterprises in foreign relations ac-
tivities ....

234 Section 127. Report on reorganization of the Department of State ...

236 Section 128. Prohibition on exclusion or de portation of nonimmigrant aliens on certain grounds (amends other legislation]

PART C—DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY, RECIPROCITY, AND SECURITY Section 131. Exclusion of aliens previously involved in serious criminal of. fenses committed in the United States .

237 Section 132. Modification of preference for United States contractors in dip

lomatic construction program (amends other legislation) Section 133. Use of cleared personnel to ensure secure maintenance and re

pair of diplomatic facilities abroad (amends other legislation) Section 135. Construction security certification (amends other legislation) Section 136. Increased participation of United States contractors in local guard contracts abroad under the diplomatic security program .......

237 PART D-PERSONNEL Section 141. Authority to transfer retirement contributions for Foreign

Service nationals to local plans (amends other legislation)
Section 142. Disqualification for service on Foreign Service selection boards

(amends other legislation)
Section 143. Separation for cause; judicial review (amends other legislation)
Section 144. Visiting scholars program for the Foreign Service Institute

(amends other legislation) Section 145. Credit for service at unhealthful posts (amends other legisla

tion] Section 146. Former spouses of United States Information Agency and

Agency for International Development employees (amends other legisla

tion) Section 147. Child care facilities at certain posts abroad (amends other leg.

islation Section 148. Travel, leave, and other benefits (amends other legislation] Section 149. Foreign Service internship program ...

240 Section 150. Grants for institutions and students for training in inter

national affairs (amends other legislation) Section 151. Danger pay allowance .......


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Section 152. Judicial review of certain Foreign Service grievances ............. 241 Section 153. Broadening the cultural, geographic, and ethnic representation

of the Foreign Service and the Department of State .................. Section 154. Report to Congress concerning polygraph program ........

2A3 Section 155. Study of sexual harassment at the Department of State ........... 244 Section 156. Limitation on housing benefits .........

245 PART E-FOREIGN LANGUAGE COMPETENCE WITHIN THE FOREIGN SERVICE Section 161. Expansion of model foreign language competence posts .......... Section 162. Report on foreign language entrance requirement for the Foreign Service ..

246 Section 163. Foreign Service promotion panels


Section 201. Authorization of appropriations
Section 202. Dissemination of information within the United States
Section 203. Distribution within the United States of United States Infor.

mation Agency film entitled “Long Journey Home”
Section 204. The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
Section 205. USIA satellite and television
Section 206. United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy
Section 207. Foreign language services
Section 208. Use of certain fees and payments
Section 209. Debt collection
Section 210. USIA network for dissemination of information concerning

United States programs to combat narcotics and other controlled sub

stances Section 211. Afghanistan country plan Section 212. General Accounting Office study of the National Endowment

for Democracy
Section 213. Report to Congress on the acquisition and use of public pro-
gramming materials

Section 221. Authorization of appropriations
Section 222. Citizen exchanges
Section 223. Programs to promote international youth understanding
Section 224. United States-Soviet exchanges
Section 225. Scholarships for Tibetans and Burmese
Section 226. Sense of Congress concerning the Humphrey Fellowship Pro-

Section 231. Authorization of appropriations
Section 232. Voice of America hiring practices
Section 233. VOA public service announcements to promote child survival
Section 234. Voice of America broadcasts to Tibet
Section 235. Voice of America's Thailand radio facilities
Section 236. Voice of America broadcasts to the People's Republic of China
Section 237. Voice of America equipment abroad

Section 241. Short title
Section 242. Findings and purposes
Section 243. Television broadcasting to Cuba
Section 244. Television Marti Service of the United States Information

Section 245. Amendments to the Radio Broadcasting to Cuba Act
Section 246. Assistance from other government agencies
Section 247. Authorization of appropriations
Section 248. Definitions

TITLE III—BOARD FOR INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING (SEE PAGE 1125) Section 301. Authorizations of appropriations




Section 302. Requirement for authorization of appropriations
Section 303. Procurement of legal services
Section 304. Radio Free Afghanistan

TITLE IV-INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMISSIONS Section 401. United States membership in International Sugar Organization and International Tropical Timber Organization ..............

248 Section 402. Authorization for membership in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

248 Section 403. Authorization of appropriations for membership in wildlife con

ventions ............. Section 404. Authorization of appropriations for the Commission on the Ukraine Famine

249 Section 406. Annual report to Congress on voting practices at the United Nations

249 Section 407. Denial of visas to certain representatives to the United Nations 251 Section 408. Policy on UNESCO ...... Section 409. United States Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of

the United Nations (amends other legislation) Section 410. Contribution to the regular budget of the International Com

mittee of the Red Cross ................. Section 411. Sense of Congress concerning an enhanced role for the Inter

national Court of Justice in resolution of international disputes ........... 252 Section 412. International Boundary and Water Commission .

253 Section 413. Review of multilateral and bilateral commissions

253 Section 414. Membership of the Palestine Liberation Organization in United Nations agencies ......

253 Section 415. Sense of Congress concerning the United Nations Relief and

Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) ........... 254 Section 416. United Nations sponsorship of a Middle East peace conference 254 Section 417. Contributions for peacekeeping activities in southern Africa .... 255

TITLE V-ASIA FOUNDATION (AMENDS OTHER LEGISLATION) Section 501. Authorization of appropriations


Section 701. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees audit require-

ment (amends other legislation)
Section 702. Tibetan and Burmese refugees ........

257 Section 703. Report regarding Burmese students ......

257 Section 704. The treatment of the Turkish minority by the Government of the People's Republic of Bulgaria and Bulgarian refugees in Turkey

258 TITLE VIII—PLO COMMITMENTS COMPLIANCE ACT OF 1989 Section 801. Short title ........

259 Section 802. Findings ............

259 Section 803. Policy ....... Section 804. Reporting requirement .............

262 TITLE IX-PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Section 901. Findings and statements of policy ..

264 Section 902. Suspension of certain programs and activities ............

267 TITLE X-MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Section 1001. Increasing amount of rewards for combatting terrorism

amends other legislation) Section 1002. Assignment of commercial officers to the United States mis. sion to the European Community ..........

270 Section 1003. Buy-American requirement ....

271 Section 1004. Support for the Benjamin Franklin House museum and library .......

271 Section 1005. Association of Democratic Nations .....

272 Section 1006. Policy regarding human rights abuses in Cuba ..



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