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Sec. 804. Retention of leave by alien employees following injury from hostile

action abroad .......... Sec. 805. Transition provisions .......... Sec. 806. Benefits for members of uniformed services who are victims of

hostile action ........................ Sec. 807. Regulations ...........

... Sec. 808. Eflective date of entitlements ...............

Sec. 901. Short title ...........
Sec. 902. International measures for seaport and shipboard security ............
Sec. 903. Measures to prevent unlawful acts against passengers and crews

on board ships
Sec. 904. Panama Canal security .
Sec. 905. Threat of terrorism to United States ports and vessels ...........
Sec. 906. Port, harbor, and coastal facility security ...................................
Sec. 907. Security standards at foreign ports ..........
Sec. 908. Travel advisories concerning security at foreign ports ...........
Sec. 909. Suspension of passengers services ...........
Sec. 910. Sanctions for the seizure of vessels by terrorists ............
Sec. 911. Definitions ..............
Sec. 912. Authorization of appropriations ..........
Sec. 913. Reports .........













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..... 740 Sec. 1102. Recommended actions by the Secretary of Defense ................ Sec. 1103. Report to the Congress ..........


741 TITLE XII-CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM Sec. 1201. Encouragement for negotiation of a convention ..........

741 Sec. 1202. Extraterritorial criminal jurisdiction over terrorist conduct .........




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Sec. 1301. Peace Corps authorization of appropriations (amends other legis-

Sec. 1302. Demonstrations at embassies in the District of Columbia ............ 742
Sec. 1303. Kurt Waldheim's retirement allowance ..............
Sec. 1304. Eradication of Amblyomma Variegatum (amends other legisla-

Sec. 1305. Strengthen foreign language skills .....
Sec. 1306. Forfeiture of proceeds derived from espionage activities
Sec. 1307. Expression of support of activities of the United States Tele-

communications Training Institute
Sec. 1308. Policy toward Afghanistan ..............


Titles I through IV of this Act may be cited as the “Diplomatic Security Act”. SEC. 102.2 FINDINGS AND PURPOSES. (a) FINDINGS.-The Congress finds and declares that,

(1) the United States has a crucial stake in the presence of United States Government personnel representing United States interests abroad;

2 22 U.S.C. 4801.

(2) conditions confronting United States Government personnel and missions abroad are fraught with security concerns which will continue for the foreseeable future; and

(3) the resources now available to counter acts of terrorism and protect and secure United States Government personnel and missions abroad, as well as foreign officials and missions in the United States, are inadequate to meet the mounting

threat to such personnel and facilities. (b) 3 PURPOSES.—The purposes of titles I through IV are

(1) to set forth the responsibility of the Secretary of State with respect to the security of diplomatic operations in the United States and abroad;

(2) to maximize coordination by the Department of State with Federal, State, and local agencies and agencies of foreign governments in order to enhance security programs;

(3) to promote strengthened security measures and to provide for the accountability of United States Government personnel with security-related responsibilities; 4

(4)4 to set forth the responsibility of the Secretary of State with respect to the safe and efficient evacuation of United States Government personnel, their dependents, and private United states citizens when their lives are endangered by war, civil unrest, or natural disaster; and

(5)4 to provide authorization of appropriations for the Department of State to carry out its responsibilities in the area of security and counterterrorism, and in particular to finance the acquisition and improvements of United States Government missions abroad, including real property, buildings, facili

ties, and communications, information, and security systems. SEC. 103.5 RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE

(a) SECURITY FUNCTIONS.—(1)6 The Secretary of State shall develop and implement (in consultation with the heads of other Federal agencies having personnel or missions abroad where appropriate and within the scope of the resources made available) policies and programs, including funding levels and standards, to provide for the security of United States Government operations of a diplomatic nature and foreign government operations of a diplomatic nature in the United States. Such policies and programs shall include

(A) protection of all United States Government personnel on official duty abroad (other than those personnel under the command of a United States area military commander) and their accompanying dependents;

3 Sec. 162(gX1) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1994 and 1995 (Public Law 103–236; 108 Stat. 406), struck out para. (2) and redesignated paras. (3) through (6) as paras. (2) through (5), respectively. Para. (2) had provided:

"(2) to provide for an Assistant Secretary of State to head the Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the Department of State, and to set forth certain provisions relating to the Diplomatic Security Service of the Department of State;".

Sec. 115(a) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991 (Public Law 101-246; 104 Stat. 2), struck out "and" at the end of par. (4), redesignated par. (5) as (6); and added a new par. (5). Paras. (5) and (6) were subsequently redesignated as paras. (4) and (5); see above note. 622 U.S.C. 4802.

Sec. 162(gX2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1994 and 1995 (Public Law 103–236; 108 Stat. 406), inserted para. designated "19"; redesignated former paras. (1) through (4) as subparas. (A) through (D), and added new para. (2).

(B) estabäshment and operation of security functions at all United States Government m:ssecs abroad (other than fachlities or instalatons sucject to że coczol of a United States area military commander

(C) establishment and operation of security functions at all Department of State facices in the United States, and

D, protection of foreign m:ssiccs, international organizations, and foreign cars and other foreign persons in the United States, as authorized by a (2,6,7 Securty responsicices scal include the following

A FORMER OFFICE CF SECURITY FUNCTICAS.-Functions and responsibiiices exerased by the C ee of Security, Department of State, before Novemoer ii, 1985. B; SECURITY AND PROTECTIE CPERATICAS.

(1) Estaciishment and operations of post security and protectve functions acrad.

(i) Development and ciementation of communications, computer, and informaton security.

(mm) Emergency pianning

(iv) Estacúshment and operation of local guard services abroad.

(v) Supervision of the United States Marine Corps security guard progtan.

(V) Liaison with nerican overseas private sector security interests.

iv) Protection of foreim missions and international organizations, foreiga oreca's, and diplomatie personnel in the Laited States, as authorzed by law.

(vin) Protection of the Secretary of State and other persons designated by the Secretary of State, as authorized by law.

(ix) Physical protection of Department of State facilities, communicacons, and computer and information systems in the United States.

(2) Conduct of investigacions relating to protection of for. eign oficials and cpicmase personnel and foreign missions in the United States, su tactity for employment, empiovee security, ilegai passport and visa issuance or use, and ocher investigadors, as authorized by law.

() Carrying out the rewaris program for information concerning internacionai terrorism authorized by section 36ia) of the State Decadent Basie Authorities Act of 1950.

X Performance of other security, investigative, and protective matters as suchorzed by law. (C) COUNTERTERROR-SM PLING AND COORDINATION.-Development and coordinacn of counterterrorism planning, emergency action planning, threat analysis programs, and liai. son with other Federal agencies to carry out this paragraph.

te d ary of State feiegaud functions bure nder this subsecbon to the Assistant Secretary or picna ac cury Depart

2 Puan We 2086, 8 of Delegation Aunty No. 24 IR KT.

& Olt Pau ia. 303_415 208 Ral 300) sruck out operatons and inserted in deu thu pesmu"

(D) SECURITY TECHNOLOGY.—Development and implementation of technical and physical security programs, including security-related construction, radio and personnel security communications, armored vehicles, computer and communications security, and research programs necessary to develop such measures.

(E) DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICE.-Management of the diplomatic courier service.

(F) PERSONNEL TRAINING.-Development of facilities, methods, and materials to develop and upgrade necessary skills in order to carry out this section.

(G) FOREIGN GOVERNMENT TRAINING.-Management and development of antiterrorism assistance programs to assist foreign government security training which are administered by the Department of State under chapter 8 of part II of the For

eign Assistance Act of 1961 (22 U.S.C. 2349aa et seq.). (b) 9 OVERSEAS EVACUATIONS.—The Secretary of State shall develop and implement policies and programs to provide for the safe and efficient evacuation of United States Government personnel, dependents, and private United States citizens when their lives are endangered. Such policies shall include measures to identify high risk areas where evacuation may be necessary and, where appropriate, providing staff to United States Government missions abroad to assist in those evacuations. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Secretary shall

(1) develop a model contingency plan for evacuation of personnel, dependents, and United States citizens from foreign countries;

(2) develop a mechanism whereby United States citizens can voluntarily request to be placed on a list in order to be contacted in the event of an evacuation, or which, in the event of an evacuation, can maintain information on the location of United States citizens in high risk areas submitted by their relatives;

(3) assess the transportation and communications resources in the area being evacuated and determine the logistic support needed for the evacuation; and

(4) develop a plan for coordinating communications between embassy staff, Department of State personnel, and families of United States citizens abroad regarding the whereabouts of

those citizens. (c)9 OVERSIGHT OF POSTS ABROAD.-The Secretary of State shall

(1) have full responsibility for the coordination of all United States Government personnel assigned to diplomatic or consular posts or other United States missions abroad pursuant to United States Government authorization (except for facilities, installations, or personnel under the command of a United States area military commander);

(2) establish appropriate overseas staffing levels for all such posts or missions for all Federal agencies with activities abroad

• Sec. 115(b) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991 (Public Law 101-246; 104 Stat. 22), redesignated subsecs. (b) and (c) as (c) and (d), respectively, and added a new subsec. (b).


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