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educational, cultural, and exchange programs under the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, and Reorganization Plan Numbered 2 of 1977, and other purposes authorized by law. REDESIGNATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION AGENCY AS

THE UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY SEC. 303.3 (a) The International Communication Agency, established by Reorganization Plan Numbered 2 of 1977, is hereby redesignated the United States Information Agency. The Director of the International Communication Agency or any other official of the International Communication Agency is hereby redesignated the Director or other official, as appropriate, of the United States Information Agency.

(b) Any reference in any statute, reorganization plan, Executive order, regulation, agreement, determination, or other official document or proceeding to the International Communication Agency or the Director or other official of the International Communication Agency shall be deemed to refer respectively to the United States Information Agency or the Director or other official of the United States Information Agency, as so redesignated by subsection (a).


(1) United States Government sponsorship of international exchange-of-persons activities has, during the postwar era, contributed significantly to United States national security interests;

(2) during the 1970's, while United States programs declined dramatically, Soviet exchange-of-persons activities increased steadily in pace with the Soviet military buildup;

(3) as a consequence of these two trends, Soviet exchange-ofpersons programs now far exceed those sponsored by the United States Government and thereby provide the Soviet Union an important means of extending its worldwide influence;

(4) the importance of competing effectively in this area is reflected in the efforts of major United States allies, whose programs also represent far greater emphasis on exchange-of-persons activities than is demonstrated by the current United States effort; and

(5) with the availability of increased resources, the United States exchange-of-persons program could be greatly strengthened, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


"SALARIES AND EXPENSES "For an additional amount for 'Salaries and expenses', $9,000,000, and, in addition there shall be available the sum of $4,000,000.

"ACQUISITION AND CONSTRUCTION OF RADIO FACILITIES "For an additional amount for 'Acquisition and construction of radio facilities', $10,800,000.". 322 U.S.C. 1461 note.

Ono ho sense of the Congress that

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in arstitute a highly cost-erfective means *** m

States national security, and *** Server the maintegrat and continuing national secure ..

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mount appropriated :crne i nited States . *

pory risca vear Alime. A 10 nail Je avanacie ory Trants for the Fui* PCIenange Programs 11 te internanonai norma : : !1) rai be avaliapie oriy or grants for the

Oyswend program: ana "

00 srau de avanadie oniv T Tants to private, m orib royanizations engagrg : exchange-of-persons ***is;

3r9trypns 2) and (3) of this suosection.

me amount appropriated for the nited States information A pessoa ome riscat vear 1983 is less than the amount authorized de

cai ear "33, nen the amounts specirtea in suoparaog

augn C) of paragrapnii, snail eacn be deemed to

one amount which bears the same ratio to the specip irmount is the amount appropriated cears to the amount aurrect. Trurnoses of this paragrapn

ne ber amount appropriated" means the amount apported under section 312 of this Act less any rescissions), ari sees hot include amounts appropriated under section 704 * he irited States intormation and Educational Exchange

ifag imelating to nondiscretionary personnel costs and pency fluctuations) or under anv other provision of law; and

Dithe term "mount authorized Deans the amount authormed to be roronrated Dy section 302 of this Act. less an prognt equal to any amount which was withneid from appro

riation or was rescinder) in order to reduce the amount available for a particular program or activity. 3: Te Director of the United States Intormation Agency may

rorize up to 5 percent of the amount, sarmarked under subpararah Al B. or C, of paragraph (1) to be used for a purpose Other than the exchange of persons activities specified in that subpara traph. Not less than 15 days prior to any such authorization, The Director shall gubmit to the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representating, and to the Committee on Foreign Re

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lations of the Senate, a justification for authorizing the use of earmarked funds for a purpose other than the specified exchange-ofpersons activities.

i. International Communication Agency Authorization Act

iscal Years 1980 and 1981

Parcial text of Public Law 96-60 (H.R. 33631. 93 Stat. 395 at 398. approved

ugust 15. 1579


T T, suthorze adoroonations for fiscai vears 1980 and 1981 for the Depart. nent Stale, e international Communication Azency, and the board for user "actonai rirvadcasting

Verkeercns mais Act 2.nend State Department. to und e r *reign .egosiation and are incorporated in the appropriate acts.

E nacrec vine Senare aza House of Piepresentatires of the ed States or nerico ..Congress assemoiea.

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SEC. 201. This title may be cited as one "International Commuucacion vency nutnorization ict. Fiscai Years 1980 and 1981".

AUTHORIZATIONS CF APPROPRIATIONS Ske. 202. There are authorized to be appropriated for the Interrational communication Agency S432.5+1,00 for the fiscai vear 1980 and $465.344.400 +or ine riscai Year 381° to carry out international communication, educationai. Pulturai, and exchange prostams under the Cnited States atormation and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, the futual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, and Reorganization Plan Yumpered 2 of 1977, and other purposes authorized by aw.

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the spartment of State jetime and Tammerre che udioary, and Related Agencies Apmten Act 9,091 HR

Arth potom moruded ands or he C., was adopted by Congress sn mh 3 'en sont vetrumot hepsident in Decernder '3. :980. Appropriations for

dapat duming aral year : GRI P overned y biblick 76-336, a conunuing resolution wawiting inde for any rera agerpay which had not cerved unaing through an appropriaCum er under the era of Patie w *-536 the CA was 'unded at 'eveis established in HR 54 HR 7584 provided $4900 of which not exceed $3.146.000 allocated by the ICA to carry out sertion 029* 3 of the Wutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act shall remain avmlable until expended Prouded, That not to exceed $460.000 may be used for rep resentation abroad.

(c)2 Section 603 do the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 10U S.C. 414, is a terded

(1) by strikoog out or at the end of paragraph (1975

(2) by striking out the period at the end of paragraph :20; and inserting in beu thereof, or, ard

(3) by inserting immediately after paragraph (20; se for ing new paragraça:

(21) the Director of the Leterrarisca Cocamcasca Azecy with respect to the furnishing of faces in forego tries and recepcica centers in the Used Saa'.

ETVECTIVE CATE SEC. 209. The arrendnents Eade by seet ces 203 and 204 sa take effect on Oetcoer 1379, and to the eren: rat they perde new authorities invciving the expendre de acorsorse fees shall apply only wh respect to fois approcrated are the data of enactment of this Act

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