Threat Politics: New Perspectives on Security, Risk and Crisis Management

Johan Eriksson
Routledge, 1 nov. 2017 - 266 sidor

This title was first published in 2001. Aiming to open up a new perspective on the study of threats and risks, this text combines insights from the thematically linked but academically disassociated fields of security studies, risk studies and crisis management studies. It provides case studies of key agents, arenas and issues involved in the politics of threats. In addition to the traditional unit of analysis - national governments - this book takes into account non-governmental agents, including public opinion, the media and business.

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List of Figures and Tables
Taking on Societal Salience
Cultural Theory Risk Perceptions among
Mediated Threats
Threat Politics and Baltic Sea Business
Securitising Submarine Intrusions
Framing the Palme Assassination
The European
Towards a Theory of Threat Politics

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