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Jude 7. Sodom and Gomorrha are set for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Rev. xiv. 9. If any man shall worship the beast and his image, and shall receive his mark in his forebead, or in his hand,

Ver. 10. The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, poured out without mixture, into the cup of his indignation, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone.

Ver. 11. The smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever, and they have no rest day nor night.

xviii. 9. They shall see the smoke of their burning.

xix. 20. The beast and the false prophet were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

xx. 10. The devil was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day an night, for ever and ever.

Ver. 14. Death and hell were cast into the lake of fire; this is the second death.

Vér. 15. And whosoever was not found written in the Lamb's book of life, was cast into the lake of fire.

xxi. 8. The fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and liars, shall have their part in the lake, that burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death. Ch. xxii. 5.

N. B. The reader may observe the dreadfulness and duration of the foregoing punishments mentioned: Also, against what sins they are denounced. See also threats denounced against the various sorts of sinners, in the words. Wicked, Ungodly, Disobedient, Unbelievers, &c. in this work.




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Abominableness of sin, cxii. 297.
Access to God in prayer, xxxi. 188.
Admonish one another, lvi. 354.
Adoption is of grace, cxxvii. 46.
-Promised to faith, xxii. 187.
Adversaries of God, cxxvi. 303.
Adversity of man in God's hand, lxx. 16.
Adversity, rejoicing in it, cxi. 209.
Adultery and fornication, cxlix. 426.
Affection, natural, how destroyed,
lxxxvii. 389.

Affliction, deliverance from it, matter
of praise to God, ccxxiv. 253.
Alive, the righteous are only truly so,
lxxxvii. 192.
Almighty God, lx. 16.

Alms called grace, cxxx. 47.
-Must accompany prayer, clxxii. 234.
-Required of christians, clxvii. 434.
Amendment of life, xxxvi. 472.
Angels, their numbers and names,
xvii. xviii. 61.

-Their employment about mankind,
xxi. 61.

-They have revealed God's will, xxiii.


-They have inflicted God's judg-
ments, xxiv. 63.
-Their attendance on Christ, xxv.
xxvi. 64.

-Their work at the day of judgment,
xxvii. 64.

-They worship God, xxviii. 65.
-They worship Christ, xxix. 65.
-They are not to be worshipped, cli.

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-Anger ascribed to God, cxlvii. 53.


Applause of men not sought by Christ,
-Their writing by the Spirit, xi. 166.

xiii. 115.

-Not sought by ministers of Christ,
CXXV. 411.

Appointments of God, x. 72.
Arm of God, denoting his power, lxii.

Arrogancy, xlvii. 379.

Ascension of Christ, xliv. 121.
Astray from God, cxlviii. 228.
Assistance in prayer from the Spirit,
clxvii. 232.

Assurance of faith, cxxxiii. 223.
Atonement of Christ, xxxiv. 156.
Author of faith, xv. xvi. xvii. 183.


Back-biting, clxxxv. 445.
Backsliding from God, cxlvii. 228.
Baptism, i. 158.

Bearing with one another's weaknes.
ses and infirmities lxv. 357.
Being of God, how evidenced, i. 3, and
iv. 176.

Believers, promises to them, 186. to


Benefits of Christ to mankind, 144,

to 158.

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-Through Christ, matter of praise,
ccxvii. 250.

-Threatened against sinners, cxlviii.—Spiritual, cause of joy, cvii. 208.

Anger in men, xvi. xvii. xviii. 339.
Apostacy from God, lxxxi. 111.
Apostles, their commission, cxv. 400.

-God's power therein, xv. 18.
Blind cured by Christ, hii. 124.
Blood of Christ, its efficacy, xxxii. 154.
Boasting in God, cxix. 14.

Boasting sinfully, cxx. 219, & liv. 379.

Body of Christ formed by the Holy Christ, his exaltation, iv. 127.
-His titles, i. 128.

Ghost, iii. 163.

Bodies of mankind will be changed by-His works, i. 135.

Christ, iii. 135.

-His worship, i. 139.

Boldness of Christ's servants in speak-His perfections, i. 140.

ing his truth, cxxvii. 411.
Bounty in God, cxlii. 50.

-In men, cxliii. 50.

-His benefits, i. 144.

Against sin, xvii. 150.

-His benefits, cause of joy, xcv. 205.

Bread, daily, to be prayed for, clxxxiii.-Cause of praise, ccxvi. 250.
Church of God, prayers for it.
clxxxviii. 238.


-God to be praised for it, ccxxiii. 252.

Brethren, the duties of christians as-God's power toward it, lxxiii. 18.
Clean heart, xxxix. 271.

such, xli. 87.

Broken heart, xl. 271.

Brother, Christ so called, xlii. 88.
Builder, God is so to his church,


Burial of Christ, xxxviii. 120.


Cleanse, God doth cleanse his people,

XXV. 80.

lxxix.-Duty to cleanse ourselves, xxv. 80.
Clouds, wind and rain created, vii. viii.

Calamities on wicked parents and chil-
dren, xxxviii. 388.

-On the children of the wicked, lxxxii.

Calling of God's people, xv. 75.
-Is of grace, cxxiv. 45.

Is holy, xcvii. 32.

Persons called of God to offices, xvi.

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Compare, nothing to God, x. 4.

Care of God for his people, cause of Compassion ascribed to God, cviii. 41.
jov, c. 207.

-Cause of praise, ccxx. 251.

-To whom exercised, cix. 41.
-Instances thereof, cx. 41.


Care of Christ fo his people, xviii. 152. Compassion ascribed to Christ, cxi.
Cast off, who are so, xxxv. 83.
-Who are not so, xxxiii. 82.
Charity, v. vi. 335.

Childless, promises to them, xc. 389.
Children, their duties toward parents,
xci. 300.

-Dutiful, blessed, xcii. 390,
-Undutiful, cursed, xciii. 390.
Children desired, lxxvii. 387.
-Promised, lxxvi. 386.
-God's care of them, lxxix. 388.
-Duties toward them, lxvi. 384.
-Of God, how made so, xxxvi. 84.
-Their duties and marks, xxxix. 86.

Their blessings, xxxviii. 85.
Children of the devil, lxxxviii. 292.
-What the wicked are children of,
xl. 87.

Chosen of God, see election, xii.

72.-xiii 74-xiv 75.

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Confidence of the wicked, sinful,
cxxxii. 221.

Conscience, good, xlviii 375.

-How attained, xlix. 276.
-Evil conscience, lii. 276.
-Natural, its force, 1. 276.
-Weak, not to be wounded, li. 276.
Consideration, xii. 467.

Contention, xx. 340.

Contentious, fools are so, xx. 368.

Christ, prophecies concerning him, Contentment, xxvii. 372.

112 to 122.

-His incarnation, iii. 112.

-His miracles, 112 to 126..

-His glory, i. 126.

Contrite heart, xl. 271.

Correcting children, lxxii 385.

Correption of sin, xev. 294.

Covenant of God, holy, xcvii. 32.

Covenant blessings, cxlvi. 53.
Covenants with the heathen inhabitants
of Canaan forbidden to the Jews,
cxl. 316.

Delight in God, cxiv. 211.
Defilement of sin, xcviii. 295.
-In Christ, cxvi. 211.


Covenants with them punished, cxli.-From enemies, lxvii. 102.

Deliverance from sickness, lxvi. 102.


Covetousness in general, cc. 451.
-In magistrates, ciii. 396.
-In ministers, cxxxiv. 417.
Counsels of God, iv. 70.
-Are faithful, xc. 30.

Counsel, God giveth it to his people,
li. 94.

-The wicked are deprived of it, lii.


-The duty of giving and receiving it,
xlix. 352.

-Rejecting evil counsel, the wisdom
thereof, I. 353.

Creation of all things, i. 57.
-The wisdom of God in it, lv. 14.
-The power of God in it, lxxi. 17.
-Done by Christ, i. 135.
-The Spirit's work in it, i. 162.
-Cause of joy to angels, cix. 208.

-From sins, lxxii. 105.

-To whom promised, Ixix. 104.
-Of God's church, cause of joy, cvii.

Deliverer, Christ so called, lxviii.103.
-v. 147.

Denying God, ii. 176.

Departing from God, cxl. 228.
Denying Christ, xxvi. 118.-xii. 179.
Desiring God, lxxxiv. 204.
Descent of Christ, iv. 113.
Despising ministers of Christ, cxlii.
Despising Christ, xv. 116.

Despising one another, xxxi. 345.
Destruction of the wicked, ccxlii. 259.
Determinations of God, vii. 71.
Devils, their sin and punishment, xxx,

-Their enmity, xxxiii. 66.

Creator, God is so to his people, lxxvi.-Their knowledge, xxxv. 67.


Creatures, christians are new ones,
lxxvii. 109.

Creatures in the sea and land made,
ix. 58.

Crucifixion of Christ, xxix. 118.
Cruelty, xlvi. 351.

Cures, miraculous ones performed by
Christ, li. 123.

Cursing, the sin thereof, cxciv. 448.


-They were cast out by Christ, lii.

-They were overcome by Christ,
xxxviii 67.

-How to be overcome by Christians,
xxxix. 68.

-Works, and children of the devil,
lxxxviii. 292.

Diligence and industry, vi. 362,
Direction from God, İvi. 95.
-Promised to believers, xxvii. 187.
Discontentment, xxviii. 372.
Disobedience to God, lxviii. 284.
Dishonouring God, ccxxxii. 256.
him,-To Christ, lxxii. 286.

Darkness, works thereof, lxxxiv. 291.
David, Christ descended from
Xxxviii. 158.

Dead works, lxxxvii. 292.
Dead raised by Christ, liv. 124.
-Will all be raised by Christ, ii. 135.
Deaf cured by Christ, liii. 124.
Death prevails over all, iv. 475.
-Preparative duties for it, v. vi. 476.
Death of the righteous happy, xi. 264.
-vii. 476.

Death of the wicked miserable, viii.

Death of Christ, xxxvi. 119.
-Its efficacy, xxxi. 154.

Deceiving by false doctrine. cxxxvii.

Decrees of God, ix. 72.

Defence, God is so to his people, xlviii.

-To parents, xciii. 390.
-To magistrates, cxiv. 399.
Disputes about religion, cxciii. 448.
-To ministers, cxliv. 423.
Diviners, clxiii. 324.
Divorce, lviii. 382.
Divisions, xxxiv. 346.
Dominion of God, i. 69.
Doxologies, or glory ascribed to God
in worship, ccxxxix. 257.
Drawing near to God, cxli. 226.
Dreadfulness of God, clviii. 56.
Drunkenness, iii. iv. 361.

-in magistrates, iv. 396.
-In ministers, cxxxv. 418.
Duties accompanying faith. xiv. 181.
-Toward God and Christ, i. 176. &c.



Edifying one another, liii. 354.
Efficacy of prayer in working mira-
cles, cxcix. 240.

-In defeating enemies, cc. 215.
Election of grace, cxxiii. 45.
-Of Jews, xii. 72.

-Of Christians, xiii. 74.
-Of persons to office, xiv. 75.
Enemies of God, cxxvi. 303.
Enemies to be prayed for, cxc. 239.
-Overcome by prayer, cc. 241.
-Their prevailing occasions
ing and prayer, clix. 231.
-Prayers against evil from them,
xxi. 241.


-God redeemeth his people from
them. 1. 93.

God delivereth from them, lxvii.

-Deliverance from them, cause of
praise to God, ccxxv. 253.
-Salvation from them, cause of joy
in God, ciii. 207,

-God excited compassion in them
toward his people, cviii. 41.
-The wicked delivered up to their
fears of enemies, lxv. 200.
-The wicked delivered into their
enemies hands, lxxiii, 105.
Enlightened persons, their duties,
vi. 177.

Enquiring of those who are no Gods
forbidden, cxlvi. 318.
Enticing others to sin, lxviii. 359.
Envy, xi. xii xiii. 338.
-Known to God, xlix. 14.

Eternal life is from God, xiv. 486.
Eternal life to whom promised, xv.

Eternity of God, vii. 5.

-Of Christ, xiii. 144. See Christ's
glory before his incarnation, i. 126.
Everlasting God, xviii. 5.

Evil doers to be avoided, Ixxxi. 289.
Evil doing, lxxix. 289.

Evil men, cxviii. 299.----Doing evil
to men, xxxviii. 348.
Exaltation of Christ, iv. vi. vii. 127.
Exalted, God is so, xxvii. 7.
Exalting self, the sin and punishment
thereof, 1. 379.

Examination of self, the duty thereof,
cxvii. 402.

Example, giving, lxvii. $59.
Excellency of God, xxviii. 7.

Excellency of Christ, xx. 152.

Excommunication, exvii. 402.
Exhort one another, liv. 354.
Expectation from God, cxxiii. 215.
-That God will hear prayer, cxcvi.


Expectation of the wicked,cxxiv. 215.

Faith in God, viii. 178.
-In Christ, ix. 179..

-God is glorified by it, ccxxxvi. 257.
-The author, cause and means of,
XV. xviii. 183.

-Marks and evidence of true faith,
xiv. 181.

-Through grace, cxxxiii. 48.
-Promises to faith, xx. 186.----xcii,

-Prayer to be made with it, clav.
Faithfulness of God, Ixxxix. 30.
-In his promises, xci. 30.

-In his threatenings, reii. 31.
Faithfulness of Christ, xc. 30.
Faithfulness in friendship, Ixiv. 356.
Fall of man into sin, xv. 61.
Familiar spirits, 324.

Fasting appointed, cliv. 230.
-What kind is acceptable,clxvi. 230.
-What kind unacceptable, clvii.

-Occasions of fasting, clviii. 231.
-Voluntary fasting, elxi. 231.
-Miraculous fasting, elv. 230.
Father, God is so to his people, xxxvi.

-To Christ, i. ii. 128.

Favour of God promised to the righ-
teous, cxxxviii. 49.

-Deny'd to the wicked, cxxxix. 50.
Favour with men promised to the
righteous, cxl. 50.

-Deny'd to the wicked, exli. 50.
Fear of God enjoined, I. 195.
—Promised as the gift of God, Iv.


-Promises to it, lix. 197---xx. 487.
-Duties joined with it, hvi. 196.----
claviii. 233.

-Its usefulness in life, lviii. 196.
-Threats against those that fear not
God, Ixii. 199.

Fear of men, the security against it,
cxxxi. 222.

Feeds,Christ feeds thousands, lv.

Fellowship with the wicked to be
avoided, lxxxix. 292.

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