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CHAP. XV. Characters good and 27 The ministry, a mean of per-

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8 Promises to the righteous of 35 Pure heart.
peculiar favour from God. 136 Perfect heart.
Page 262 37 Upright heart.

9 Promises of blessings to the 38 Single heart.

righteous, as the conse- 39 Clean heart.

quence of righteousness by 40

the appointment of God.

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Page 279

59 Obedience to God commanded.

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Offences forbidden. Page 346
36 Threats against offenders.

7 Hatred toward mankind,threat-37 Doing good to others. Pa. 347
enings against it. Page 336 38

8 Duty of the righteous toward 39

those that hate them.

against those that hate them. 44 Unmerciful, threats.
Page 337 45 Compassion and pity. Pa. 330
11 Envy forbidden to the righte-46 Cruelty of the wicked.
47 Forgiveness.


-13 Envy a mark of an unconvert-

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Page 338 50


Page 339


25 Peace prayed for as a desirable 61 Gentleness.

gift of God.
Page 342
26 Peace the gift of God, promis-
es and instances thereof.
27 Peace with God is the blessed
reward of the righteous man.

28 Peace promised to the church

of God.

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