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“ Io D. Alasco Atoüexo Secretario del Rey nuestro Senor, Lohia enexibar por sa mandade el Fat ca Careiller Eleflany de Pexia.

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“ V.M. Concede la Cruz de Cabelleros de la Real Orden Americana de Isabel la Catolica, a Mr. Eduardo Thomason, Vice Consul de Espagna en Birmingham.”

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Londres, 23 de Abril, de 1832.
“El Exmo Senor Secretario de Estado y del Despache,
con fecha de 10 de Marco ultimo me dice lo que signe :

“ • Adjuntas y de Real Orden remito á V.S. para que
los haga llegar á manos del interesado el Diploma de
Caballero de la Real Orden de Isabel la Catolica, expe-
dido á Mr. Eduardo Thomason, Vice Consul de Espana,
en Birmingham, y un egemplar de los estatutos de la
misma orden.'

“A fin de que yo pueda egecutar la precedente Real Orden y para evitar el extravio del pliego que contiene los des referidos diploma, y egemplar de los estatutas, sera muy conveniente se sirva v. autorviar alguno de sus corresponsales de su confianra para que lo recoja y lo dereja á v. del modo que sea mas segura.

“ Con un motivo tan lisongero dir á v. mi mas cordial enhorabuena, y quedo deseando ocasiones de poder repetirsela confrecuencia.

“ Tengo el honor de ser su seq. ser. Q. B. S. M.

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“ London, 23d April, 1832. “ Dear Sir,

“ You will perceive, by the annexed communication, that his Excellency, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of his Catholic Majesty has sent me a Diploma of the Order of Isabel la Catolica, and a copy of the statutes of the same Order, which his Majesty has deigned to confer on you. These documents are ready for delivery to any person who may call here for the same on

your behalf.

“Tendering you my sincerest congratulations for this distinction,

“ I remain, dear Sir,

“ Your most obedient servant,

Tone final fanilo

“Edward Thomason, Esq.”

• Uxbridge House, April 14, 1832.

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“ The Lord Lieutenant being much pressed with business, has directed me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 5th inst., and to assure you that, if referred to, it will give his Excellency much pleasure to bear testimony to your merit.

“ I have the honour to be, Sir,

“ Your very obedient humble servant,

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“ Oxford, May 2, 1832. My dear Sir,

“I beg leave to transmit to you the Report, herewith inclosed, of the proceedings of the British Association for the advancement of science, formed last year at York, and adjourned to Oxford, to re-assemble during the week that begins on the 18th of June next.

“ You will see, by the excellent speech of Mr. Vernon
Harcourt, what are the objects and the plan of this
Association. Since the list was printed, large and im-
portant additions have been made to the number of our
members; and should you wish to enrol your name
amongst us, I shall have great pleasure in proposing it
to the committee. Have the kindness, also, to inform
me whether it will be in your power to attend the meet-
ing here in June.

“ Should there be any other scientific gentleman in
Birmingham whom you think likely to wish to attend the
meeting as members, or to send any scientific communi-
cation to it, I should be obliged if you will mention to
them the circumstances of this meeting, and the request
contained in the printed letter respecting papers that
authors are desirous to have read.
“ I remain, my dear Sir,

Always truly yours,

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done by Benvenuto Cellini, in Possession of the Author.

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