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metery, situated a suitable distance would admit, and remained inviolafrom a city or town, where the ble in her attachment to the truth, remains of departed relatives and and to the prosperity of the Chrisfriends may lie undisturbed; and tian society to which she belonged, where persons of all circumstances, to her latest breath: she was not and all denominations, may be ac- given to change. Her conduct and decommodated with decent burial, is portment were uniformly consistent highly desirable; especially where and exemplary; her closet and her the neighbourhood is populous, and Bible were witnesses of her secret is rapidly increasing ; and it would devotion. She was kind and benebe well if all those who take care to volent, but unostentatious; and provide buryingplaces for their many of her acts of charity will not bodies after death, were as careful be known till that day wlien Christ about a resting place for their will say, Inasmuch as ye have done souls.

it unto one of the least of these my This Cemetery may be considered brethren, ye have done it unto me. as the depôt of Death; where the She felt a lively interest in the proslast enemy will deposit the trophies perity of religious and charitable of his victories; and where his vic. institutions, and was usefully emtims, in a series of years, will proba- ployed in the neighbourhood, in bly exceed the number of the slain ibose societies in which it is the proon the plains of Waterloo. This vince of ladies to preside. Her life earth will become incorporated with was a quiet, even course of piety human dust; this soil will be fattened and prudence, truly ornamental to with bodies once pampered with her Cbristian profession. She withevery luxury; here the worm will drew from the observation of mor. take up its abode in the socket of tals, and endeavoured to approve the cye, and will riot on human mar- herself in the sight of God. row. This will be the Carnival of Her illness was long and painful, Death. This will be the last lodging but she bore it with Christian fortiof many whom we have highly es- tude, meekness, and patience. She teemed and loved ; the long home said but little, but her life had to which they will be brought, and spoken by her decision of character, the mourners will go about the and the uprightness of her conduct. streets.

She renounced all dependence on But this shall not always be the human merit; her trust and derepository of the dead. No; Mar. pendence was alone on the atonevel pot at this, the hour is coming in ment and rigbteousness of Jesus the which all that are in the graves Christ. She committed her soul sball hear his voice, and shall come and her eternal concerns into the forth; they that bave done good hands of Christ, persuaded that he unto the resurrection of life, and is able to keep that which she had they that have done evil to the re- committed to him against that day. surrection of damnation.

She once expressed a fear lest her Our departed friend died in the confidence was too strong; but her faith and hope of the gospel. She dependence was placed on Christ, was an honourable member of the and her hope did not make. ber particular Baptist Church meeting ashamed. She had po dread of in Byrom-street Chapel, Liverpool, death; in the near view of eternity for two-and-twenty years. She re- she said, Though I walk through the gularly filled up her place in the valley of the shadow of death, I will church as long as health and strength fear no evil, for thou art with me;

thy rod and thy staff, they comfort wages of sin is death; but the gift me. She repeated the following of God is eternal life, through Jesus lipes:

Christ our Lord. “ Alone on awful Jordan's banks I stand. Here let us impartially examine Waiting for convoy to the happy land. the state of our souls. That we are A weary pilgrim, tir'd of all below; sinners we must confess. That God To heavenly bliss and joy I long to go." is the governor of the world, we

Her life was honourable, and her cannot deny; and that he is a death happy, and we have no doubt righteous governor is equally clear; her spirit is now. uniting, with the and, therefore, he must be just, and spirits of just men made perfect, in manifest his justice in punishing ascribing blessing, and glory, and disobedience, either in the person power, to him that sitteth on the of the criminal, or in that of a subihrone, and to the Lamb, for ever.' stitute.

To the surviving relatives I would "Now, it is one main design of the say, Follow the deceased, as she gospel, to reveal a substitute for the followed Christ. Be ye not slothful, guilty, who, by obeying and sufferbut be ye followers of them, who ing in their stead, delivers them from through faith and patience inherit the wrath to come. Yes, in the the promises. Listen to the admo- doctrine of salvation, Jesus Christ is nitions of scripture, and of Provi- exhibited a propitiation, through dence; prepare to meet your God. faith in his blood. To demonstrate Be ye, iherefore, ready also; arise the justice of God, in the punishand depart, for this is not your ment of sin, and to display the rest; work while it is day, for the mercy of God in pardoning the night cometh when no man can guilty; an interest, therefore, in the 'work. Whatsoever thy hand findeth atonement of Christ is essential to to do, do it with thy might; for our happiness. For, without the there is no work, nor device, nor shedding of blood in sacrifice, there knowledge, nor wisdom, in the is no remission of any offences; and grave, wbither thou goest.

without faith in that blood, there is Let me remind this numerous as- no remission for us. He that besembly of the certainty of death. lieveth and is baptized, shall be Surely those persons who have pre- saved; but he that believeth not pared this spacious Cemetery, must shall be damned. i believe in the doctrine of human This solemn providence admomortality; but, alas, how few live nisbes the careless to consider their as if they believed they must die. latter end. Are any of you dreamBut death is certain. It is appointed ing of long life, and the pleasures of to man once to die, death is the years to come? Unhappy mortals! way of all the earth; the grave is your lives are wasting, and fatal disa the house appointed for all the ease awaits you. Death is at hand, living. And what are the immediate and the graves are ready for you! consequences of death? The scrip- Your immortal souls must quickly tures assure us, when dissolution enter the invisible state; and to takes place, the body returos to you eternity will soon disclose its dust whence it was taken, and the awful secrets. An everlasting heaspirit returns to God who gave it, ven, or an eternal hell, may have and shall be for ever happy in the received your separate spirits before smiles of his countenance, or ever. to-morrow's dawn.' lastingly miserable, in a state of eni. It is high time to awake out of tire separation from him. The sleep, and to cry for mercy. · Now

is the accepted time, now is the day descend from heaven with a shout, of salvation. To-day, if ye will with the voice of the archangel, and hear his voice, harden not your with the trump of God, and the hearts, as in the day of provocation. dead in Christ shall rise first. Then Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we which are alive and remain, shall and thou shalt be saved. Seek ye be caught up together with them in the Lord, while he may be found ; the clouds, to meet the Lord in the call ye upon him while he is near. air, and so shall we ever be with the Let ihe wicked forsake his way, and Lord; wherefore comfort one ano. the unrighteous man his thoughts, ther with these words. and let him return unto the Lord, The grace of our Lord Jesus and he will have mercy upon him, Christ, and the love of God, and the and to our God, for he will abun- communion of the Holy Ghost, be daptly pardon.

with you all. Amen. The 15th chapter of the 1st Co N.B. Mrs. Martha Hope, sister to rinthians was then read, and solemn Mr. William Hope, departed this prayer offered up to God.

life in the seventy-second year of The corpse being deposited in the her age. Her death was improved tomb, the service was concluded in by her pastor on Lord's-day, Februthe following manner.

ary 13, at the chapel in ByromForasmuch as it hath pleased Al- street, from Revelations xxii. 20: mighty God, of his great mercy, to “He which testifieth these things, take unto himself the soul of our saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. dear sister here departed, we there- Even so come, Lord Jesus. fore commit her body to the ground, At the request of the Committee in sure and certain hope of the re- of the Cemetery, the Rev. Dr. Rafsurrection to eternal life, through fles delivered an appropriate address Jesus Christ our Lord; who shall at the opening of the ground. , change our vile body, that it may. be like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine. he is able to subdue all things to himself. I know that my Redeemer Sir, , liveth, and that he sball stand at the A number of a periodical work, latter day upon the earth; and entitled “ Critica Biblica, or Depo. though after my skin, worms destroy sitory of Sacred Literature," for this body, yet in my fleshi shall I see December, 1824, was lately put into God, whom I shall see for myself, my hands, in which is a paper “on and mine eyes shall behold, and not the Syriac term translated ! hapanother, though my reins he con- tism.?" p. 502, &c. The writer sumed within me. I am the resur. informs us that it was occasioned by rection and the life, saith the Lord ; an article in the “ Fragments" subhe that believeth in me, though he joined to Calmet's Dictionary, by were dead, yet shall he live; and the Editor of that work; in which whosoever liveth and believeth in he contends that “ the Syriac word me, shall never die. I heard a for Baptism wholly militates against voice from heaven, saying unto me, the idea of immersion." The author Write, blessed are the dead which of the paper in the above periodical die in the Lord; yea, saith the Spi- work says, “ I am far from being a rit, that they may rest from their convert of their (the Baptists] syslabours, and their works do follow tem, and still farther from wishing to them. For the Lord himself shall make converts of others,” yet be

thinks the subject requires investi. word, derived from the usual mode gation, and he proceeds to examine of dyeing by dipping; not by what the Editor of Calmet has ad. sprinkling or pouring, in which duced.

sense the word is not used. And, The Editor of Calmet says, John if even this were not the case, the the Baptist used the Syriac language; word toy, which is always used for Jesus also spake in Syriac; the term the Greek Bantibw, is clearly to dip, used in the Gospel is only a transla- or immerge, or wash by immersion. tion; he, therefore, contends, that As we are now at the fountain we should inquire what the Syriac head,' and ' are bound to acknowword signifies. That word, he in- ledge that our Lord, as well as John forms us, was yay, (expressed in the Baptist, employed,' not this Hebrew letters,) and the result of Syriac word,'that is, yay, but either his criticisms is, that it does not of these Syriac terms in the Syriac signify to dip. So confident is he, sense of them ; what sense can we that he asserts the “ illustration" suppose the Syrians to attach to which he has given “ admits of them ? Certainly not that of no appeal ; we are now at the foun- sprinkling or pouring; but of tain head: we are bound to ac- immersion or washing ; and this ilknowledge that our Lord, as well as lustration admits of no appeal.'John the Baptist, employed this. In this criticism we have an addiSyriac term in the Syriac sense of tional evidence that our cause never it; in that of its daily application, loses by fair investigation. The in which the apostles, who spoke testimony of this writer, who tells us this language, would understand it.” he is not of our body, clearly shews

The author of the criticism in the what is the result of an examination “ Critica Biblica" examines what which he has given at length. I the Editor of Calmet has alledged, have not the slightest idea who he and comes to an opposite conclu- is, but I am bound to thank him for sion. “ But, besides ibis,” he adds, his candid investigation. “the word which is always used to As far as I have had opportunity, denote baptism in the ancient Syriac I have looked into works not menversion of the New Testament, is tioned by the learned enquirer; and not yay butny," which, as he shews. I find that SCHINDLER, BUXTORF by an appeal to SCHAAF, CASTELL, in his Lex. Talnud. & Chald. and and MICHAELIS, signifies to im- BUXTORF, jun. in his Lex. Chald. merse.

et Syriac, agree with him, so far as The concluding words of this the sense of the Chaldee and Syriac gentlemao deserve attention: “Hav- term yay is concerned ; and that ing thus investigated the true sense GOLIUS, WILLMET, and Ri. of the Syriac words used for bap. CHARDSON concur, in ascribing tism, I think the weight of evidence the same signification to the paralevidently preponderates in favour of lel word in the Arabic, which varies immersion. Both words primarily from the Syriac and Chaldee only and usually denote to dip, or im- by a single point, and clearly must merge ; and cannot, by any exertion, be derived from the same common be brought to denote sprinkling, or origin. I say nothing concerning pouring. It is true that yay is used 7oy, because that term was exafor variegating with colours, by mined in a paper in your Magazine painting or streaking: but this is for 1824, p. 236, &c. evidently a secondary sense of the Besides' the authorities which


these learned lexicographers' afford curing the salvation of every sincere us, J. D. MICHAELIS has an obser- believer, whether Jew or Greek; vation on the very point in hand, and this he assigns as the reason;which deserves attention, and which for in it the righteousness of God by the author of the examination just faith, or God's righteous plan of noticed, has not mentioned. Speak- justification by faith in the sacrifice ing of the Greek words baptize and of Christ,is revealed and promulgated baptism, MICHAELIS says, “If a in order to produce faith, or to lead man wishes to know what terms men to the exercise of this princiJesus would use in the language ple; as it is written in the prophesy which he spakę, for these words, of Habakkuk. The just by faith, they would be, 7py and yay, from or he who is thus justified, shall which last-the disciples of John live, in the enjoyment of spiritual are called Sabians, that is, (taufer,) life while here on earth, and in the plungers.Dogmatik. Von der possession of life eternal beyond the Taufe, $. 182, p. 623. .

grave, It seems as if some people wished . By connecting EK DLOTĖWS with to remove our cause to another duKaLOOUVY Oɛov, a meaning is elicourt; but it is evident we need not cited, which not only accords with fear the issue, if only candid and the general scope and design of this learned judges sit on ihe bench. If epistle; but exactly corresponds the above observations are deemed with several particular passages; suitable for the Magazine, they are especially with the 22d verse of at your service.

the third chapter; in which the I am,

same idea is expressed with greater Yours respectfully, amplification : the righteousness of BATTLOTNS.

God by faith of Jesus Christ, (is) March 31, 1825.

unto all and upon all them that

believe, for there is no difference. REMARKS ON ROMANS I. 17. Now the righteousness of God is a

righteousness by faith; and this " For therein is the righteousness of God

constitutes the grand peculiarity of revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." the gospel; it reveals a method of

justification suited exactly to the The meaning of this passage ap- fallen nature of man; not by the pears to me to be very imperfectly works of the law, but by a simple developed in the authorized version. reliance on the sacrifice of Christ, The phrase " from faith to faith,” who has fulfilled the law, and encertainly conveys no distinct and dured its penalty. This leading definite idea to the mind; and it sentiment of the gospel, is confirmed has thrown an air of obscurity over by the quotation from the prophecy the whole passage. The verse might, of Habakkuk, and in this quotation I think, be more clearly and cor- EK TILSEWS, ought certainly to be conrectly rendered thus: For in it the nected with dikalos, rather than righteousness of God by faith is with Snoetai, for this is not only the revealed to faith ; as it is written, most natural arrangement of the The just by faith shall live. Paul words, but is absolutely necessary professes not to be ashamed of the to complete the sense; since the gospel of Christ; for it is the power design of the quotation was not to of God unto salvation to every one shew how the just shall live, but that believeth; that is, it is the how he becomes just, which is, by "mighty and efficacious means of se- faith.


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