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P.S. In the last six years the Society will require nearly $250 annually to has distributed £814 among aged and support. infirm ministers; besides funding £1890 The Committee having laid these statepew four per cents. .

ments before their Christian friends, solicit, and trust that they may rely upon

their prayers and pecuniary aid, on behalf Buptist Evangelical Society for of an object, which they presunie ought to Scotland, especialbuthe Highlands interest every humble dependant on the

• grace of the Divine Redeemer, whose me the Faitor of the Bantist Macarina Name (“ the only name given under heaven

among men, whereby we must be saved”) · A few friends of the Baptist denomina. it is the object of these efforts to publish tion, being feelingly aware that many to our unenlightened, guilty, and perishplaces of their native country were but ing countrymen at home, that they may poorly supplied with the means of salva. be saved. tion, or entirely destitute of them; re. The fields upon which the Society have solved to unite their feeble efforts and entered are extensive, and very inviting influence, after the example of some of they are even “ white unto harvest;" their Christian brethren, to supply these and labourers are not altogether wanting ; means, by sending evangelical labourers three more, at least, will be ready to eninto these places, and assisting others gage in the service of the Society by the who were already engaged there, in month of March, to preach the gospel in preaching the words of eternal life, to ex- the Gaelic language : but it depends on tend their exertions in persuading men to those to whom this appeal is made, whebe reconciled unto God. Accordingly, in ther they shall be left to stand comparathe month of June, 1823, the Baptist tively idle, because no man will hire Evangelical Society for Scotland, espe: them or whether the Committee shall cially the Highlands, was formed, and its have the pleasure of saying to them,“ Go Regulations, with the names of its office- ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever bearers, printed and published. A tried is right that shall ye receive;" and also Missionary was immediately employed in of being able to continue their engage. the Highlands of Argyleshire, and another ments on behalf of the kingdom of Christ, Minister of the Gospel assisted in his into which they have already entered. evangelical efforts in Galloway.

How important, impressive, and exciting The Society held its first annual meet. are these words of him who came to seek ing in Glasgow in May last, when the and save the lost" Work, while it is report of its labours, income, and expen- day, for the night cometh wherein no man diture, was presented and published. can work !" The income of the Society having, by

a The sources of supply to which the few pounds, exceeded its outlay, encou- Committee Jook, are, individual Dona. raged the Committee to extend their tions and Subscriptions, Congregational exertions; and relying on the bounty of Collections, and Remittances from Auxi. the Christian public, that might approve liary Societies; wbich will be gratefully of the object, to support tbem in prose. received by the following Ministers : cuting it, they made engagements to em- Messrs. William Innes, and James Hal. ploy other four Missionaries in the High- dane. Edinburgh; Alexander M'Leod, lands, who entered upon their work, un- Glasgow: John Edwards, Greepock; der the patronage of the Society, in the George Barclay, Secretary, Irvine; John month of July :--one of whom is now sta. Gilmore, Aberdeen; and Wm. Watson, tioned in Lewis, in Long Island ; two in Cupar-Fife ;-also by James J. Duncan, the Isle of Skye, who are also to visit the Esa. West of Scotland Insurance Office, parts about Lochcarron, in Ross-shire; Virginia-street, Glasgow; and Mr. Wm. and the fourth has his station in the M'Bivain, Treasurer, Greenock; or any Islands of Islay, Jura, and Collonsay; other of the Members of the Committee ; where they are wholly given to this minis- likewise by the Rev. James Lister, Liver. try. Another Missionary, who preaches pool; and the Rev. John Dyer, Missionary in English, has been appointed to labour Rooms, Fen-court, Fenchurch-street, in different parts of Dumbarton, Stirling, London ; Joseph Hanson, Esq. Newgateand Perthshire; and besides these six street, and the Rev. J. Edwards, Kentish Missionaries, who are wholly supported Town. by the Society, it gives considerable as. Irrine. GEORGE BARCLAY, Sec. sistance to other Preachers to extend their labours, in the skires of Murray, Argyle, Perth, Wigton, and Kirkcud CORNWALL ASSOCIATION. bright-besides defraying the expenses of The Cornwall Association in Aid of occasional itinerancies; all of which, it the Home Missionary Society, held their

first Quarterly Meeting at Falmouth, Mr. Tilly read the Report of the Itine. October 13, 1924. Committee Meeting rant Society-the business of the Itine. in the morning at eleven o'clock. In the radcy was attended to. evening, preaching by Mr. Clarke, of The Associate Brethren met together at Truro, from Acts viji.5; prayer by Messrs. half-past six, at Mr. Miall's Chapel, in Lane and Dore.

Meeting-house Alley. The second Quarterly Meeting of the Mr. Davies read the scriptures and above Association was held at Kedruth, prayed; and Mr. Draper preached from December 29, 1824. Committee Meeting Rev. xiv. 13: Mr. Shoveller concluded in in the afternoon at three o'clock. Preach- prayer. ing in the morning and evening by The Brethren met again for business. Messrs. Lane and Burchell, from Acts It was resolved, 1. 38, “ Who went about doing good ;” That the future meetings of the Assoand Éccles. ix. 10. Prayer by Messrs. ciation shall be held on the Tuesday and Lane, Heath, Clarke, and Morcom, Wednesday in the Whitsun-Week. Junior. The next Quarterly Meeting to That Mr. Davies, and the Church at be held at Helston, April 1, 1825 : Whitchurch, be cordially admitted into Messrs. Clarke and Dore to preach froin the Association. 2 Cor. viii. 9; and Heb. i. 1, 2.

That the Assistant Mission Society shall be continued on the plan ou which

it has been conducted for many years in Southern Association of Calvinistic

this county,—and that the Brethren be Baptist Churches.

respectfully requested to bring their col. The Southern Association of Calvinistic lections and subscriptions to the next Baptist Churches, held their Fourth Meeting in September. . Meeting at Salem Chapel, Portsea, April That Mr. T. Ellyett be unanimously 5 and 6.

requested to be Treasurer, and Mr. B. H. Mr. Broady commenced the service on Draper, Secretary. Tuesday evening by prayer; Mr. Bulgin preached from 2 Tim. iv. 7,8; Mr. Da. vies, of Whitchurch, closed the public services by reading and prayer.

London Baptist Building Fund. On the Wednesday morning, the bretbren met for prayer at half past six.

To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine.

e faz Messrs. Futcher, Arnot, and Mead, prayed. The Circular Letter, drawn up by Mr. Wik,

p. SIR, Neave, was read, approved, and ordered. There is nothing wanted to ensure the to be printed.

most desirable results to the London BapThe Practical Influence of the Doctrines tist Building Fund, but persevering efforts. of the Gospel, 'is to be the subject of the Four Cases will be relieved this quarter, next letter. Mr. Miall is requested to and it is hoped the number will be in write it."

creased in the succeeding distributions. It was resolved unanimously, That this Those gentlemen who have not been Association sincerely laments the de waited upon, nor sent their names as parture of their highly-esteemed brother, subscribers, will be called upon now as Mr. Saffery, late of Salisbury ;-they af. soon as possible. In the mean while fectionately sympathize with his afflicted those gentlemen would confer a double widow and family,--they earnestly pray favour, who would be so kind as to signithat the God of all grace may fill the fy by post to 0, Fen Court, the sum they breach he has made in the church, by intend to subscribe for the current year. raising up a man equally zealous for his

J. H, SECRETARY, glory, and that the ardour for the sal. vation of the heathen, which he was so

April 13, 1825. eminent an instrument of promoting, from the commencement of the Baptist

NORWICH. Missionary Society, may never be suffered to abate.

W understand that the Rev. James Wednesday morning, half-past ten.- Puntis, late of Battle, Sussex, has acceptMr. Franks read a portion of scripture,

e ed an invitation to the pastoral office over and engaged in prayer; Mr. Burnett the second Baptist Church in the city of preached from 1 John iv. 13: Mr. Griffin Norwich, originally under the pastoral concluded the service of the morning in

care of the late Rev. Mark Wilks, and are prayer,

happy to hear that he has commenced his The brethren met immediately after the

labours with an encouraging prospect of service, for business.

comfort and usefulness.

ORDINATIONS, &c. and we can truly say, that it was a time

of refreshing from the presence of the Ordination of Mr. T. Jones at Brosely. Lord to our souls. On the 20th of May, 1824. Mr. Thomas

BRECON, SOUTH WALES. Jones was ordained to the pastoral office, over the second Baptist church in Brosely. On the 3rd and 4th of November, 1824, Mr. Cook, of Oswestry, described the a new, for the use of the nature of a gospel church; Mr. Jones, of Baptist denomination, was opened for Newtown, asked the usual questions, and public worship, in the ancient and redelivered the charge from Exodus iv. 10, spectable borough of Brecon, South 11, 12. Mr. Thomas, pastor of the first Wales. Wednesday evening, at Six Baptist church, offered up the ordination o'clock, Mr. Evans, pastor of the Welsh prayer, which was accompanied with lay. Baptist church, commenced the services ing on of hands. In the evening, Mr. by reading and prayer; Mr. Phillips, Cook preached to the people. The newly Caerleon, preached from Matt. xviii. 20, ordained pastor concluded the service (English); Mr. Roberts, Pontypool, from with prayer. Messrs. Spow, of Donning- Jude xx, (Welsh). Thursday morning at ton Wood; Evans, of Bradford Academy; ten, Mr. Jones, Newtown, commenced and Smith, of Bilstone ; took part in the the services by reading and prayer; Mr. services of the day.

Saunders, Merthyr, preached from John iii. 19, (Welsh); Mr. Thomas, of Aberga

venny, from 1 Kings xviii. 21, (English). Ordination of Mr. J. E. Simmons at Stony Met in the afternoon, Mr. Powell, (Inde. Stratford, Bucks.

pendent) commenced the services by On Wednesday, September 29, 1824, prayer; Mr. James, of Pontrhydyryon, Mr. J. E. Simmons (late of the University preached from Zech. viii. 23, (Welsh); of Glasgow) was ordained pastor of the Mr. Blackmore, of Kington, from Psalm Baptist church, Stony Stratford, Bucks. xvii. 15, (English). Met in the evening, Mr. James Simmons, of Olney, read the Mr. Evans, Student from Abergavenny, scriptures and prayed ; Mr. Mack, of commenced the services by prayer; Mr. Clipstone, stated the nature of a Christian Jones, of Newtown, preached from Matt. church, and asked the usual questions ; xxv. 8, (English); and Mr. Evans, of Mr. Barker, of Towcester, offered up the Dolau, from Heb. xii. 15, (English). ordination prayer, which was accompanied with laying on of hands; Mr. Ordination of Mr. J. Phillips, at Beth. Franklin, of Coventry, delivered the haran, near Newport, Monmouthshire. charge; Mr. Wallis, of London, addressed On Thursday, March 3, 1825, Mr.J. the church; and Mr. Gilbert, (Indepen. Phillips was orilained a pastor over the dent) closed with prayer. Hymns were Particular Baptist Church meeting at given out by Mr. Lewis, of Kislingbury. Beth-haran, in the Parish of Nash, near Mr. Tyler, of Haddenham, preached in Newport, Monmouthshire. Mr. _ , of the evening. The Baptist church at Stony Magor, read and prayed; Mr. J. James, Stratford has had a name among the Pont-rhyd-yr-ynn, delivered the introduce churches of our denomination for about tory discourse, and the charge to the two centuries, but, during the past thirty

church, in English and Welsh, from Ezra years, had been so far reduced, as to

X.4.; the ordination prayer, with the imexcite the fear of its becoming extinct.

position of hands, by Mr.T. Morris, New.

port; Mr. J. Michael, of Sion Chapel, WHITCHURCH, SALOP.

gave the charge to Mr. Phillips, in Welsh,

from 2 Tim. ii. 7. OCT. 20, 1824, was opened, the new Meeting-house, for the use of the Baptist Ordination of Mr. W. F. Burchell, at church and congregation under the pasto

Falmouth. . ral care of Mr. John Phillips, in Whit. On Wednesday, March 23, Mr. W. church, Salop; when three sermons were F. Burchell was ordained pastor of the preached, that in the morning, by Dr. Baptist church at Falmouth. Mr. Dore, Steadman, President of Bradford College, of Redruth, gave out the hymns in the Yorkshire, from Isa. xxxii. 15; that in morning ; Mr. Clarke, of Truro, read a the afternoon, by Mr. Kent, of Shrews. portion of scripture and prayed; Mr. bury, from 1 Kings viii. 27; Dr. Stead. Horton, of Devonport, delivered the inman preached again at night from Acts troductory address, asked the usual quesxi. 23. The devotional parts of the ser. tions, and received Mr. Burchell's declavices were conducted by different minis. ration of divine truth. Mr. Wildbore, ters who were present on the occasion, (Independent) of Penryn, offered up the ordination prayer, accompanying it with Buckinghamshire Association of imposition of hands; after which, Mr.

Baptist Churches. Nicholson, of Kingsbridge, delivered the

The Buckinghamshire Association of charge to Mr. B. from 1 Tim. iv. 6.; and

Baptist Churches will be held at QuainMr. Hayman, (Wesleyan) of Falmouth,

ton, on Wednesday, May 18, 1825. concluded with prayer. In the evening Mr. Horton gave out the hymns; Mr. Dore_read the scriptures and prayed; Society for the Relief of Aged and Infirm Mr. Baynes, of Wellington, addressed

Protestant Dissenting Ministers. the church from Deut. i. 38. “ Encourage him”; and Mr. Muscott, (Independent) The Annual Meeting of the above Soof Falmouth, closed the engagements of ciety will be held at the King's Head in the day.

the Poultry, on Tuesday the 31st of May, 1825. The chair to be taken at

one o'clock precisely. NOTICES. New Chapel to be opened at Woodstock.

Bedfordshire Union of Churches. On Thursday, May 5, 1825, a new

The Anniversary of the Bedfordshire

Union of Churches, will be held at BedChapel will be opened at Woodstock, Oron. The Rev. H. Page, of Worcester;

ford on Wednesday the 1st of June, 1825,

when the Rev. John Mack, of Clipstone, J. H. Hinton, of Reading; and W. Gray,

and the Rev. Mr. Nottage, of Roxton, of Chipping' Norton, are engaged to

are expected to preach. preach on the occasion.


Whom thou dost bless, is bless'd indeed.

Enrich'd beyond the power of thought; " AND Esau said unto his father, Hast

No curse can ever more succeed, . thou but one blessing, my father?' bless

Bless'd with a bliss that closes not! me, even me also, O my father! And Let others dread the frown of kings; Esau lifted up his voice and wept." To earthly courts for smiles look up;

Gen. xxvii. 38. Ne'er shall these trifling, treach’rous " And Jabez called on the God of Israel, things, saying, O that thou wouldest bless mé Or move my fear, or draw my hope. indeed.”

Should foes insult, or friends deceive, 1 Chron. iv. 10.

O grant me this, my sole request;

All else with thee I calmly leave, SUPREMELY Bless'd! thou Fount of bliss !

Make me indeed divinely bless’d? O deign to hear a suppliant's prayer; A weary pilgrim, travelling home, Whose wants are all compris’d in this;- With tearful eyes, through dang 'rous One blessing from thy fulness spare.

roads; 'Tis for no scanty boon I crave,

For this, and for the world to come, No earthly toys, or tinsel prize ;

"Tis all I ask, all Heav'n affords.

G. T. Empires and crowns I would not have, Thy love and favour, Lord, suffice!

Calendar for May.

2. Full Moon II. 59 ast. Too far south 18. Moon passes Mars IV. 8 morn.

to pass through the Earth's shadow. 18. Moon passes Venus VI. 30 morn. 10 Ceres south VIII. 26 aft. Altitude 18. Moon passes Saturn VI. 15 aft. 65° 21'.

19. Venus (as to longitude) between the 11. Mercury passes Mars.

Earth and the Sun, IV. 15 aft. 12. Herschel south IV. 11 morn. Alti. 23. Moon passes Jupiter X. morn. tude 16° 3'.

26. Sun (as to longitude) between the 14. Mercury (as to longitude) between Earth and Mars, X. 30 aft.

the Earth and the Sun, VI. morn. 31. Full Moon XI. 58 aft. A very small 17. Moon passes Mercury Í. 15 aft.

part of the Moon will pass through .18. New Moon 0. 6. morn. Too far the Earth's shadow.

north to cast her shadow on the Earth.

Blonday, 2nd. Morning, Eleven. WESLEYAN MissioNARY SOCIETY. Annual Meeting, Cing-Road Chapel. Joseph Butterworth, Esq. M. P. in the Chair.

Monday, 2nd. “Evening, Half-past six. Good SAMARITAN ITINERANT SOCIETY. Annual Meeting, City of London Tavern. Rev, Alexander Fletcher in the Chair.

Monday, 2nd, Evening, Half-past Six. CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, St. Bride's, Fleet-street, Rev. John Bird Sumner. Tuesday 3rd. Morning, Eleven. Annual Meeting, Freemasons'-Hail, Admiral Lord Gambier in the Chair.

Tuesday, 3rd. Evening, Seven. Irisu SOCIETY OF LONDON. Annual Sermon, St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Rev. Fountain Elvin, A.DI.

Wednesday, 4th. Morning, Eleven. BRITISH AND Foreign BIBLE Society. An. noal Meeting, Freemasons'-Hall. Lwrd Teignnouih in the Chair.

Wednesday, 4th. Evening, Half-past Six. PRAYER BOOK AND Homily SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, Christ Church, Newgate-street, Rev. John Kempthorne, B. D. Thursday, 5ch. Noon, Twelve. Annual Meeting, Stationers'-Hall, Rigbt Hon. Lord Bexley in the Chair.

Thursday, 5th. Noon, Twelve. London FEMALE PENITENTIARY. Annual Meeting, Crown and Anchor Tavern.

Thursday, 5th. Evening, Half past Six. LoxDON SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY AMONG TOE JEW8. 'Annual Sermon, St. Paul's, Corent Garden, Rev. George Hamilton, M. A. Friday, 6th. Noon, Twelve. Annual Meeting, Freemasons'-Hall.

Friday, 6th. Evening, Half-past Six. MORAVIAN Mission. Annual Sermon, St. Clement's Danes, Rev. William Burrows, M. A.

Saturday, 7th. Nom, Twelve. London HIBERNIAN Society. Annual Meeting, Freemasons' Hall. I. R. H. Duke of Gloucester in the Chair.

Sunday, 8th. Morning, Eleven. GUARDIAN SOCIETY POR UNFORTUNATE FEMALES. Annual Sermon, St. Mary Woolnoth, Lombard-street, Rer. Thomas Mortimer, M.A.

Monday, 9th. Noon, Twelve. BRITISH AND FOREIGN School SOCIETÝ. Annual Meeting, Freemasons'-Hall, H. R. H. Duke of Sussex in the Chair.

Monday, 9th. Noon, Twelve. Port of London Society. Annual Meeting, City of London Tavern, Admiral Lord Gambier in the Chair.

Monday, 9th. Evening, Six. LONDON EVANGELICAL SOCIETY. Annual Meeting, City of London Tavern.

Tuesday, 10th. Morning, Sir. Sunday School Union. Annual Breakfast, City of London Tavern, Juseph Butterworth, Esq. M. P. in the Chair.

Tuesday, 10th. Morning, Eleven. Port of London SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, on Board the Floating Chapel, Rev. J. Griffin, of Portsea. Afternoon, Three. Rev. Jenkyn Thomas, of Cheltenham.

Tuesday, 10th. Nom, Twelve. NAVAL AND MILITARY BIBLE SOCIETY. Annual Meeting, Freemasons'. Hall.

Tuesday, 10th. Evening, Six. IRISO EVANGELICAL SOCIETY. Annual Meeting, City of London Tavern, Thomas Walker, Esq. in the Chair.

Tuesday, 10th. Evening, Half-past Six. CONTINENTAL SOCIETY. Annual Sernion, St. Ann's, Blackfriars, Rev. Dr. Thorpe.

Wednesday, 11th. Morning, Half-past Ten. LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, Surry Chapel, Rev. Dr. Morrison. Evening, Six. Annual Sermon, Taber. nacle, Rev. Dr. Beltrage. Thursday, 12th. Morning, Half-past Ten. Apjual Meeting, Great Queen-street Chapel, W. A. Hankey, Esq. in the Chair. Evening, Six. Annual Sermon, Tottenham-court Chapel, Rev. Mr. Hamilton.

Friday, 13th. Morning, Six. Religious Tract Society. Anaual Breakfast, City of London Tavern. Joseph Reyner, Esq. in the Chair.

Friday, 13th, Morning, Ten. LONDON M19510NARY SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, St. Ann's Blackfriars, Rev. Mr. Williams. Evening, Six. Annual Communion, Sion, Orange-street, Silver-street, and Kennington Chapels. Sermon to Juvenile Auxiliaries, Spafields Chapel, Rev. W. Thorpe.

Friday, 13th. Noon, Twelve. AFRICAN INSTITUTION. Annual Meeting, Free. masons'-Hall, H.R. H. Duke of Gloucester in the Chair.

Saturday, 14th. Morning, Quarter before Eight. SOCIETY POR IMPROVING THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF DISSENTING MINISTERS. Annual Meeting, King's Head Tavern, Poultry, W. A. Hankey, Esq. in the Chair.

Saturday, 14th. Morning, Eleven. PROTESTANT SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION or Religious LIBERTY. Annual Meeting, City of London Tavern.

Monday, 16th. Evening, Six. Home MissionARY SOCIETY. Annual Sermon, Bar. bican Chapel, Rev. J. Cooke. Tuesday, 17th. Evening, Six. Annual Meeting, Spa-fields Chapel, Joseph Buiterworth, Esq. M. P, in the Chair.

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