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Irish Chronicle.

To the Secretaries.

and jesuitical manoeuvre: but you shall Boyle, Nov. 20, 1824. see the whole.

I had also the pleasure of attending GENTLEMEN, It is with gratitude to a kind Pro.

the Roscommon, Bible meeting, which vidence, that I am now able to state that

also went off peaceably : but six prieste I am quite recovered from my late indis

wanted tickets of admission, which would position, which was occasioned by neg.

only be given on their promising not to lecting a cold, and then venturing to

interrupt the proceedings, which they detravel too soon. I have preached at

clined doing; thereby showing, that to three of my usual stations, and inspected

disturb the meeting was their object. some of the schools, which inspection,

In contemplating such, and even worse from various causes, has not been so sa

proceedings, what pleasure does the tisfactory as is generally the case.

Christian feel in recognising God as the During the last month the children

author of the Bible, and his honour as have been employed by their parents. being intimately connected with its dispicking the potatoes, and, in some parts,

semination, and the effects it shall prothe measles have been so prevalent and

duce. fatal, as to keep even the small children

Already, this open opposition has, at home. I enclose a paper, given me by

within my knowledge increased the one of the teachers, accounting for the

number of readers of the Bible, and of absence of many of the children. just to subscribers to the Bible societies. give you an idea of the extent of the dis

The journals of the Irish readers, which ease: and, in the school nearest to the accompany this, will also give additional one referred to, three of the children have

evidence, that the scriptures are not read died, and indeed. considering their ex. in vain, even among the most ignorant posed state. it is surprising that multis and superstitious of their neighbours. tudes do not become its victims. But,

Yours sincerely, another cause of some of the schools

J. Wilson. having been so thinly attended is, the systematic and continued opposition of the priests; and it has been more expli

To the Secretaries. citly than ever stated by them, that the

Uskane, near Clogh Jordan cause of their opposition is the Bible.

Nov. 22, 1924. This has also been stated, and, in some MY DEAR SIRS, instances, not in the most courteous man You have, probably, heard that Mr. ner, at various public meetings of Mis. Hassell has removed from Clogh Jordan sionary, School, and Bible Societies, to Haverfordwest, where he is expected some of whose proceedings you have of to continue, therefore I was invited to course scen. I have been able to attend meet his late charge, to advise them in three Bible meetings lately : the first, in obtaining another minister. I preached Sligo, which was numerously and re- at C. J. yesterday morning, and met alspectably attended, and all was perfectly most the whole church after worship: but harmonious; the second was in Carrick, it is in such a state of disorder, through where the priest of the town interrupted neglect of discipline, and the funds for the proceedings; the consequence of the support of the ministry are so dewhich was, that a public discussion was ranged, if not entirely dissipated, that appointed between three Protestant and nothing definitive could be determined. three Roman Catholic clergymen, on “the I have recommended their application to propriety of the universal distribution of Mr. Hutchinson at Abbeleix, to preach the scriptures,” which took place accord- to them once a month, if possible, as he is ingly. But this is a mode of warfare the nearest minister; to which, I trust, that I think will not be pursued by the the Committee will have no objection. enemies of the word of God, because, It is an important station if a suitable when kept to the point, they have abso- minister can be procured, and he might lutely nothing like an argument to ad. preach at Burros O’Kain, four miles vance in favour of their sentiments. distant, where I had a good congregation

On the present occasion, it must be yesterday evening; and at Nenagh, eight admitted, that the talent was all on one miles distant, where I also preached last side, and, consequently, the weak side week in the Methodist house, and at had not the usual display of sophistry, other places.

The school at Nenagh is doing as well than £100 subscriptions, and am very as could be expected, or indeed better, anxious to be ontirely delivered from the considering that it is composed entirely claims of workmen, and from the stones of Roman Catbolic children, and is and mortar. greatly opposed. 108 were present last I expect to preach at Roscrea to-raorWednesday, and 20 of them repeated the row, at Templomore the following eventwo first chapters of the Epistle to the ing, at the Hills on Friday, and Thurles Ephesians, in a satisfactory manner. next Lord's-day. 1 Thess. v. 25.

Since I last wrote I have visited Cork, I am yours devotedly in best bonds, Mallowe, and Yayhal, and had the plea. ,,

S, Davis. sure to preach à baptizing sermon for Mr. Briscoe, to a good congregation. Mr. B. is going on very well, and, I

. To the Rev. Mr. Wilson. trust, a church to the Redeemer's honour

Collooney, Nov. 19, 1824. will be raised under his ministry. His Rev. Sir, friends are anxious to do what they can I have again to inform you, that in to support the cause, and one of them despite of the opposition of the priests, (Mr. Jones) bus exceeded what could I am frequently invited and received into have been at all expected; but his heart villages and houses, with an interest appears to be greatly set upon hay. which I have not words to describe ; and ing a church of our denomination esta, it is delightful to mark the effects, which, blished there upon gospel principles, and in many well authenticated cases, are Mr. B, is also anxious to itinerate as produced by reading the Irish scriptures, much as possible in the neighbourhood, and spreading the knowledge of the Sa. in which I trust he will be encouraged. viour, in the way commanded by himself,

I left Mr. Clarke at Clonmel, to sup- and employed by his apostles with suc. ply for me yesterday week, when I was cess. In the conversion of James Quin, at Thurles; and I expect my son preach. (brother to the school-mistress of Manor ed yesterday, and must next Sabbath hamilton,) the dispensation of divine also, as I shall not be able to reach home grace has been prominent, particularly until that is past. It is a peculiar plea- when the visitation is viewed in consure to me that he is so acceptable to the nexion with his former character. When congregation, that they now come out as first I advised him to read and study the freely in my absence as when I am at holy scriptures, I found him destitute of home; but the week-evening services are one correct idea on the subject of reliobliged to be discontinued, as he cannot gion, and under an influence of enmity leave his business on such days. I hope against divine truth; but when I visited he will go to Bristol Academy by and by; his place again, and addressed him, I but his apprenticeship is not quite ex. was surprised in perceiving that he was pired, and his constitution is so weakly, the subject of a marvellous change: bis that I should be afraid for him to devote quickness of perception, of the import himself to close study at present; besides and sense of the scriptures, occasionally which, his labours in my frequent ab. referred to in our conversation, and the sence will, I hope, be useful to himself deep sense he expressed of the riches of as well as to the congregation.

that grace to which he was indebted, for I am glad to be informed, that I am the happy deliverance he had experienced. likely to be permitted soon to make the Upon the whole, I had reason to concollection in London for our new house. clude, that he had been with the Saviour, Many have already heard the gospel in it heard his voice, and that all things had who never attended the former place; become new. The day following, he acand I hope the late public meeting has companied me to Mrs. Golden's school, done good, and will do more in bringing and told me that the priest sent for him, out the people. It is universally ap. to know the cause of his leaving the proved as a neat erection, and has cost church of his ancestors, or what' fault more than £200, which has been paid; could he find against so ancient an estaand we have contracted for £100 more to blishment. “I can,” said Quin, “but I complete the concern, when the society do not wish to repeat them, lest you will have a good house, and apartments should be offended." "I promise you I for the minister, who will be required to will not,” said the priest. “In that pay the ground-rent, so that the society case,” said Quin, “ I must candidly conwill have it entirely free of all charge. I fess, that I have been reading the Bible, hope arrangements will be speedily made and could not find that ancient religion to allow me to collect, for some of the you mention contained therein; and, borrowed money is greatly wanted to be moreover, I have been in the habit of repaid, and the contractor cannot go on confessing to you, and endeavouring to for want of money. I have obtained more perform the penance you enjoined, which

I found, an excitement to persevere in night and stopped until bed-time, I hope wickedness, considering that when I paid it will prove useful to him. About three or cleared up the old reckoning, I might months ago, there came a poor man to my begin a new one, and have recourse to house from the county of Mayo, who kad the same mode of cleansing from sin at no means of supporting himself but by any future period. And again,” said he, begging; however, I began to read for “ if the ointment heals the soul for ever, him, and shew that there is free redempas yon say, and that the same soul is de- tion in Jesus Christ for believing sinners. tained in purgatory until it is redeemed, He attends my house very often since that by the propitiating sacrifice of the mass; time, and, I hope, he has benefited by it, these doctrines are contradictory, and for I can hear that he declares the truth unscriptural; and the poor man, who has to others. A few days ago he went into no money to pay for these masses, may a Protestant house, and the woman of the remain in purgatory through an endless house asked him did Christ die for all eternity. And, at any time, I never be- men; he answered, that he did not die lieved the doctrine of transubstantiation." for those that would die in unbelief. ; • And what do you believe ?" said the priest. “I believe," said he, “ the tes. timony that the scripture gives of the

To the Same. Saviour; that he is the way, the truth, and the life ; and that none cometh to the

Boyle, Nov, 20, 1824. . Father but by him." "Now, my lad." Rev. Sir, said the priest, “ I perceive that you

I dated my last from this place, after have discovered the north-east passage to taking a county, Lutrim, round, and staid heaven.” He met him frequently after.

at that time eight days in this neighwards, and never offered a word on or bourhood, in which place, at leaving, concerning religion, but passed him with. I was greatly gratified, it being my out speaking a word.

native part, and some of my relations I remain, Rev. Sir,

living there, many of whom I had never, With very high esteem, your faithful seen, which I found in the most gross igand very humble servant,

norance of the plan of salvation : but to J. O'Brien.

say the truth of them, they were going a

bout to establish their own righteousness, To Reo. Mr. West.

which in every place I travelled, from

the commencement, is the rock that they Boyle, Nov. 20, 1824. all have split on. About sixteen months Rev. Sir,

ago, this was the state I found them in. I did not go from home this month I staid some time amongst them, and inbut I endeavoured to be as useful as I structed one young man to read the Irish possibly could, at night, reading the Irish testament, which, sooner or later, will testament for the neighbours, and as ma- prove a blessing, when the present storm ny as came to hear the word of God. I is over: and though it is but one month think they find much pleasure in coming since I left this, be assured there is great to hear the scriptures read, for they ge- agitation in every part I travelled since, Derally are talking of what passes at night even in my own part of the country, when they come together themselves. A which is the best governed part of Confew days ago there were five or six men aught, or, perhaps, any part of the kingdigging potatoes in a field, and one of dom. them began to tell the rest of what he Where the protestants are thinly scatheard the night before, and said he, if tered, their hearts are begivning to fail what I heard Pat Brennan read last them for fear, and looking for these things night be true, we are all astray, for cer- that are coming on the earth, these are of tainly he proved out of his book, that every denomination of protestants, not there is no man on earth has power to only the lower order, but some gentlemen, forgive sins, and that there is no good in both of ability and fortune, are uneasy, praying for the dead, and several other and surely this is not strange, when we things that are believed by us, which he see, in every direction, boldly, and bare. shews to be contrary to the word of God. facedly, and contemptously, every exer. But, in the course of the day, I was pass- tion attempted by the people of God, oping by the same field, and one of them posed. called after me in order to question me After leaving this last month I went to concerning the same discourse again, so Sligo, and was requested by a Mrs. ArmI took the testament and read as many strong, who has a lodge near the sea passages as I thought sufficient to prove shore, to call at her place, and that she the subject; we parted with each other would collect a number of Catholics to on good terms; the same man came every hear the Irish testament read; so she did,

and greater attention I never experienc. ter this, instead of growing attached to ed, nor seeming more thankful. But me and my preaching, the congregation there were some of the ladies present that dwindled away to nine or ten hearers, did not understand Irish, and requested and four or five of these were readers or I would speak English. I told them they school-masters under our Society. In could read the Bible as well as I; that this state Eskey remained for at least I would speak my mother tongue, which twelve months, during which it appearI was most capable of, and that I thonghted to me, that no man in the parish felt of my dear poor simple Irish neighbours, inclined to read the scriptures, except that never heard the word of life before those that were paid for so doing. The in English or Irish. This pleased them priest and the parson were good friends, 80 well, that at the conclusion they beg. as they still are, forgiving each other, ged I would come osten.

if ever they had any cause to differ.

He, in consequence of the conduct of our IN à letter to Mr. Ivimey, referring few friends in the parish, who made it to his new meeting-house, Mr. Davis, their business to meet together to read of Clonmel, says, “I rejoice that i the scriptures, commenced preaching ahave been permitted to build such a gainst them in the church, which led some house for God; and, if you had seen persons to visit their meeting to see what our congregations yesterday, especially was going on their, and finding that all in the evening, I think you would have were met there to read and pray, the rejoiced with us. It was nearly filled, question went round the parish, what while I preached from our dear Lord's harm in reading the scriptures and praygracious invitation, Come unto me all ing to God? As Mr. S.'s sermons seemye that labour, &c.'. My soul was happy ed to make bad worse, he made an open while encouraging them all to come to attack upon the Baptists, and for eight Christ, with their burdens of every de. successive Lord's-days dwelt upon the scription; nor could I refrain my tears subject of infant baptism. Meanwhile while dwelling on the grace of our dear our friends appointed a week-day even. Saviour. O that he would give the peo- ing, in addition to their meeting on the ple to feel the burden of sin, and bring Lord's-day. Those persons that lived at it to himself for relief."

the distance of two or three miles from

Eskey, complained that their neighbour. From Mr. M*Kuag to Mr. West. hood were neglected : since then three Ballinu, Nov. 20, 1824.

other prayer.meetings have been appointIT once and again occurred to me, after

ed in three different directions from the reading the Irish Chronicle, that some

town, each about two miles from it. The would consider me either as indolent or people of

people of Eskey go to help their neighunwilling to communicate all possible bours to establish the prayer-meetings information to you and the public, as in

in around them; and, in return, the people my letters no mention was made of the

of these little meetings, all of them, come - different places where I endeavoured to

into Eskey to join the large meeting every preach the glorious gospel of the blessed

Lord's day. R- J--, Esq. of J- , God, from one end of the year to the

a has been pleased to make us a present of other, perhaps I was in error. How

a house in Eskey to meet in. It will ever, my apology was, that wherever I give you some pleasure to hear, that in preached, and however frequently, I was

all my discourses in this parish, I never but about my Father's business, and

once took notice of his rạiling; nay, I was only in my element. when I found felt myself above it, when Christ and his myself perfectly concealed bebind the

cross was all my theme, which will alcross of our Lord Jesus Christ, saying to

m e ways be the case till I see Christ and his the people, Behold the Lamb of God! glory. and that it would be time enough to acquaint you when there was something

Received by Mr. Irimey. done. Eskey will now be mentioned as Penny Society, Bond-street, Birone of the places where I often preached, ningham, by Mr. Woodhill..£10 10 8 where a wonderful change has lately Mr. Crowther ............... 1 0 0 taken place; there was († was going to From Yarmouth, by Rev. E. say) a resurrection at Eskey within the Guymour ................. 700 last few weeks, and the dead continue Eros, Heddenhain ....... 200 to rise out of their graves in that neigh. Opie Smith, Esq. Bath ....... 2 2 O bourhood.

Riddings, Derbyshire, for the When brother Wilson introduced me Irish Schools, from the Sunday to this place, we preached to thirty or Scholars, by the Hands of forty careless or indifferent hearers; af. Rev. J. Jarnian, Nottingham. O 10

Missionary Herald.


SUBSCRIPTIONs and Donations, in aid of the Funds of this Society,

will be thankfully received by the Treasurer or Secretary, at the Mission House, No. 6, Fen-court, Fenchurch-street.

home proceedings.

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of water taken from the ocean of depravity; a few souls saved out of a world

that lieth in wickedness! By millions OXFORDSHIRE.

upon millions Satan reckons his subjects,

and holds them fast bound in the chains On Thursday, October 7th, the Annual

of ignorance, superstition, and şin; his

iron sceptre reaches from continent to conMeeting of the Auxiliary Missionary So

tinent, from island to island, from sea to ciety for Oxfordshire,and places adjacent,

places adjacent, sea; his lawless empire comprises the was held at Chipping Norton. Rev. s.

chief part of the population of the world Sutton (late Missionary,) preached in the UM

Under these circumstances, and amidst morning, from Psalm lxxiv. 20; “ Havet

these facts, duty calls upon us to arise respect unto the covenant, for the dark places of 'the earth are full of the habitations of

for the help of the cause ; neutrality

of would be criminal, excuses must not be cruelty.Rey. T. Morgan, of Birming.

pleaded, no delay must be permitted, no ham, preached in the eveni..s, from Isa.

despondency indulged; rather let us iś, 4; For thou hast broken the yoke of

o buckle on the whole armour of truth, and his burden, and the staff of his shoulder,

go forth to the help of the Lord against the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.The devotional services were

the mighty!

W.G. conducted by the brethren Page of Wor. cester; Price, of Alcester; Wright, of Blockley; Jayne, of Campden, and Coles, y

$, Yorkshire West Riding Assistant Bapof Bourton. The Meeting for public business was held in the afternoon, at which

tist Missionary Society. Mr. S.Huckvale, Junior, presided,and was rendered deeply interesting by the state. On the 23rd and 24th of November, the ment given by our friend and brother Mr. second Anniversary of this Auxiliar Sutton; and it is hoped the affecting de- was celebrated in Leeds. In the evening tails were not in vain. But, as stated of the 23rd, and the afternoon of the 24th, in the Report, how little has yet been the Rev. S. Sutton, lately returned from done! A few grains of dust removed Moorshedabad, preached, on the latter oc. from the mountain of guilt; a few drops casion, in the Rev. R. W. Hamilton's


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