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and Sutton ; Hayman (Methodist,) and we espouse is the cause of God, and has Saunders; Muscutt (Independent,) and been already honoured by him in an Horton; Thompson (from Peru,) and Dr. eminent degree if I forget the cause of Trevosso. The attendance on this, and Missions, may my right hand forget her the other services, was numerous and en- cunning. couraging. The most lively and zealous A considerable interest appeared to be feelings were called forth, while the de- raised in the town on this occasion, which corum of a religious service was strictly. we trust will, through the Divine favour, maintained. The Divine presence was be productive of permanent advantages manifestly with us. The eloquence of both to the Missions and the church of the speakers was worthy of the cause God in that place. they endeavoured to promote. The state. Affectionate notice was taken of the ments of Mr. Sutton excited a high de- loss the Mission has sustained by the regree of interest in this and every other cent death of one of its warmest friends, assembly. Mr. Thompson, who had ar- the Rev. J. Saffery, with a view to excite rived by one of the packets only the day to fervent prayer to Almighty God, that before, added greatly to the delight of the he would be pleased to raise up others to meeting, by a detail, which he was solicit. repair that loss. ed to afford, of his exertions in the circu. Names of brethren present:-Mr. lation of the scriptures, and the establish. Horsey, Senior-Thomas-Gill-Crookment of schools, in South America. Claypole-Chapman-Lush-Humphrey

May the contributions of the ensuing -Clarke-Bucid-Granger-Horsey, of year demonstrate that these interesting Crewkerne-Murch-and Sharp services have brought the cause of the

C.S. Mission nearer our hearts, and inspired us with greater anxiety for the coming of the kingdom of Christ!



We have great pleasure in stating, Auxiliary Society for Part of the that Mr. and Dirs. Eustace Carey, Western District.

with their infant, arrived safely at

Liverpool from New York, on WedTo strengthen Missions, and give ex. nesday, August 3d. The healih of 'tended impulse to the world in their fa- Mr. C. though far from being refour, are among the most important ob- tored lacno -jects that claim attention. Public Meet. stored, has noch improved since he ings for such purposes have proved emi. left India; and it is very gratifying nently useful, in affording opportunity to add, that, during his stay in for making known the real state of the America, he experienced much kindHeathen world, and giving publicity to ness from the Christian friends at what has already, through Divine favour, been achieved.

Philadelphia, New York, Boston, · We are happy in being able to state, and other places which he visited ; that the ninth Half-yearly Meeting of the and received many very liberal conAuxiliary Baptist Missionary Society for tributions towards the important ohpart of the Western District, held at Ho. niton, Wednesday, the 13th of April, was ject of Female Education in Bengal. of this description ; sermons suitable to the occasion were preached by brethren Chapman of Yeovil, and Humphrey of Cullompton, and a public meeting was held, at which a most gratifying Report was read; resolutions were adopted, and addresses delivered, adapted to promote the interests of the Missionary cause.

CALCUTTA. Throughout these sacred engagements, a feeling was evinced that appeared to harmonize with those which animated the FROM the Auxiliary Missionary venerable men whose honour and joy it Herald for January last, we copy was to be the founders of the Baptist the following article, which will Mission ; like them and their excellent · Missionaries, the friends present seemed doubtless he highly gratifying to the to say, Our purpose is fixed--the cause patrons of Female Education,

Foreign Intelligence.

Examination and Annual Meeting of the Catechism --Read and repeated any part

Female Department of the Bengal Chris. of Mother and Daughter-Read the lestian School Society.

sons in Jetter's Spelling-book, and also On Tuesday, December 28, 1824, was speit e

spelt eight columns, and gave the defini. held the Fifth Annual Examination of

tion attached-Spelt and gave the meanthe Native Females educated by this ing of any words in Pearson's Spelling. Institution, at the residence of W. T.

book. Beeby, Esq. Circular Road, Calcutta. The decorum manifested by all, and the The following is the order of proceedings readiness with which they read and on the interesting occasion.

oo spelt, seemed to afford verv genera lsatisThe girls about to be examined being

faction – while the pronaptitude with seated in classes, in two large rooms ad.

which the higher classes answered unexJoining, the Rev. J. Hill was called to

pected questions, put to them as to the the chair, and proceeded to inform the

meaning of the Parables, or other lessons company present, that the schools of the

they read, and the situation of different Society in Calcutta and its neighbour.

places in the map of the globe they prohood, amounting to thirteen in number,

duced, excited astonishment and delight. contained about 250 children. Of thé

The examination as to reading and spellfour schools superintended by Mrs.Trawin

ing being completed, twenty of the elder at and near Kidderpore, however, through

scholars, who had been instructed in her being absent from Calcutta, none

needle-work, exhibited specimens of their could be conveniently brought to be ex

attainments, and each of them was ready amined:---hence all ihe pupils present. with her needle and thread to prove to amounting to 75, that number being as

any spectator, who might desire it, the great as it was supposed could be fully readiness with which she could handle examined in the time allotted for that

these instruments of peaceful industry, purpose, were selected from the nine

and domestic comfort. They were then. schools under the care of Mrs. Colman,

dismissed to another apartment, to receive: containing about 180 girls.

the small rewards of money, or pinThe Chairman remarked also, that in

cushions, needle-cases, &c. with which order to enable the examiners and the

some benevolent ladies had presented company present to ascertain more fully them,,

them, while the company present prothe progress of the pupils, without occu. ceer

ceeded with the business of the Meeting. pying too much time, the children had

The Chairman then called on the Rey. been arranged in two rooms, where the

J. B. Warden, one of the Secretaries of examination would be going on by dif.

the Bengal Christian School Society, to ferent gentlemen at the same time. ..

read the Report. It stated, that the . At the request of the Chairman, the

schools connected with the Society during Rev. J. Wilson of Mirzapore, Rev. W.

the last eighteen months, had increased Yates of Calcutta, and Rev. William

from six to twenty, and the pupils edu. Carey of Cutwa, then proceeded to as.

cated by it from 160 to 350. After no. certain the improvement made by the

ticing more fully this pleasing extension children, according to the following or.

of the Society's operations in Calcutta, der of their attainments :

Kidderpore, Chinsurah, and Berhampore, The junior class, viz.: the 5th-Read

and expressing the obligations of the the Picture Alphabet, with the compound

Committee for the handsome support they consonants and vowels.

had received in this country, (especially 4th Class-Read Picture Alphabet and

from some Native rentlemen,) and from an easy lesson attached_Spelt in Pear. the London and Baptist Missionary So. son's Spelling-book.

cieties in England, the Committee closed 3rd Class-Read Mother and Daughter;

the Report with soliciting for their sucrepeated the greater part of it-Spelt any

cessors in office, (from the consideration part of Pearson's Spelling-hook. Read

that the Society was in debt to its TreaGood Child and another lesson.

surer, and that its efforts knew no limits 2nd Class-Read the Parables Good

but that of the public liberality,) a deChild and reading lesson-Watts's Cate.

Cate. cided addition to the support they so chism-Mother and Daughter, and re. gra

gratefully acknowledged. peated most of il-Spelt and gave the

The Report being concluded, the Chairmeaning of any words in Pearson's Spell

man again rose, and after proposing the ing-book.

appointment of the Officers and Commit1st Class-Read The Sheep and Good tee for the ensuing year, commented in a Child-Pearce's Geography, and pointed very forcible manner on the strength of out places on the Map of the World female influence, and the absolute necesDefence of Female Education--Parables sity arising from hence, that that influence of our Lord, with commentary_Watts's should have a right direction. After a

glowing comment on the promise, that the labours and honoñrs of the enterprice! knowledge of the Lord shall one day cover Let Christian females arise, then, to the the earth as the waters cover the face of performance of their duty. By their ear. the deep, he commended the Society to the nest prayers, their liberal contributions, patronage and liberal support of the come their intuence with others, and, (if aca pany, and concluded with earnestly im- quainted with the language,) by the ploring that the Divine blessing might superintendence of schools, let them aid rest upon the Institution.

efforts so important and blessed. “ Freely Having witnessed the very commence. have they received, through the gracious ment of Native Female Education in this arrangements of Divine Providence, the country, with the innumerable and per. blessings of education and religious implexing obstacles which at first impeded provement-freely, therefore, may they it; and having been also privileged to be inclined, under a grateful sense of behold its rapid progress, and the delight, their obligations, to give a portion to the ful spectacle of two public and most sa. ignorant and out of the way; that when tisfactory examinations of native girls te shall come, who from each of us shall 'within a few days of each other, we can- require an account of his stewardship, not but feel thankful to God, encouraged we may render it with joy, and be pri. in our hopes, and determined to con« vileged to witness the entrance into eter. tinue and enlarge our labours. Much has pal life of some saved by our instrumenbeen effected ;-but let the friends of tality, respecting whom, while prostrating Female Education persevere, and they ourselves before the throne, we may shall see greater things than these. To exclaim, Here are we, and the children the early friends of the Society, whose an. whom thou hast given us !” niversary we are describing, belongs the honour of commencing exertions so benefitcial: to its noble coadjutor (the Ladies'

DIGAH. Society,) the equal honour of pursuing them to a still greater extent. Let a ge- Tae following extract of a letter nerous emulation continue to animate the conductors of both. Let all who possess from Mrs. Rowe, will shew how serthe ability contribute to both. Let the viceable Christian females may be, success and the occasional failure of the when under the influence of a right plans of one institution, animate and spirit, in keeping things together at guard the other. Thus, like twin sisters, shall they walk forth to bless the country:

: a Missionary station, during a state and like the great lights of heaven, of bereavement. We think it pro. shall they each communicate, though in bable that, long ere now, Mr. different directions, an extensive and be. Moore has arrived at Digah to sup. neficial influence. But long indeed must it be, ere there be no part of our do: ply the place of the late Mr. Rowe. minions in the East, where a portion of Our little church of five members, inthat influence shall not be felt. While, cluding myself, being destitute of a pas. therefore, we applaud the arduous, bene tor, suffer much in our souls. We try to volent, and successful labours of Mrs. keep up our dejected spirits, by observing Wilson, Mrs. Colman, and others, the the common means of grace, in assem. more active friends of Native Female bling together, to sing, read the scripEducation, let us all recollect, that we tures, and make some remarks upon are bound to practise benevolence, as well them, and to take our turns at prayer. as to admire it; and that it is a duty The worship of the true God is held from which nothing can exempt us, to do twice at the brethren's place, and twice all in our power to aid their efforts. An at my bungalow every Sabbath-day, in immense population, in urgent need of Hindee. Besides this, of a Lord's-day instruction. lies before us. Supposing afternoon, while they have worship for British Hindostan to contain seventy any who will hear, at the native chapel, millions, and allowing that there may be I read a chapter or sermon in English, altogether two thousand females in this for the benefit of my family. that is, the extent of territory, receiving the blessings English part of it. The manner of dividof Christian education, we have only six ing the Hindes service is as follows. in a population of two hundred thousand, When the weather admits of my exposing thus training up for God and glory! myself, I go to the native chapel, where a What an extensive, and (as shewn by ex. few native women usually assemble to perience) what a promising field of ex. hear me read a chapter or commentary; ertion is thus presented; and what indi. after which, one or other of the Christian vidual does not desire to share in the women prays. This is done before break.

fast. At ten o'clock, native worship is and while hearing brother Roop Das read held in my centre room; and every even- the 10th cbapter of Acts, changed his re. ing in the week, I hold our family worship solution, and that evening partook with in Hindee, for the sake of the house ser. him of his supper. He said he bad not vants, who either cannot attend in the eaten flesh or corn for many years, living day, or do not like to do it. They all at, wholly on fruits and vegetables; but for tend of an evening, and I am happy to the future should eat whatever God had perceive the good effect it has had in so given to man. He has gone to his abode, short a time as it has been practised, being only a transient visitor. The second The cook, in particular, lends an atten. is a labourer, who is convinced of the tive ear, and frequently interrupts me truth, and obtained permission to reside while reading, to inquire into the mean within our gate; but he works for his ing of certain passages. He seems to living elsewhere. The third is a man of enjoy the hearing of the scriptures, and more consequence in appearance; he says acknowledges, without hesitation, the he is a collector of revenues in Nepal, and fully of all Hindoo rites, &c. The old has many villages at his disposal. He native woman, who lives with me, and has visited us at times during seven teaches tbe small Digah family native years; and says he has so long been confemale school, takes her turn alternatelyvinced of the truth as it is in Jesus Christ. at prayer, being, I think, a sincere lover He has been with the native brethren of Jesus.

this month past, and furnishes his own The two native preachers are attentive bread. It must here be observed, that the to their duty, in going about to preach brethren's wages are only sufficient for the gospel; and have many stated their own support, and would not enable places, such as Portuguese houses, Ban them to keep another person constantly. kipore tan-yard, several of the native The case with them, therefore, is hard, schools, besides here and at their chapel where a poor inquirer wishes to pass a on Sabbath-days. They call me their few days with them. I fear that returns pastoress, and bring their difficulties to made by inquirers will make them mer. me to be settled. I feel very inadequate cenary; and not to have them, may be to such things, and pray daily for one to oppressive. May the Lord help them out be sent here, qualified to do them good, of these difficulties ! and to administer reproof or instruction to them. I am happy that they have some one to keep them together until such an one

TARTARY. arrive.

It is a great source of sorrow to me, The following Extracts from the that so little of the fruits of the blessed seed sowo appears. I still trust in

correspondence of Mr. Daniel

c the promises of God respecting the Schlatter, with his friends in Switheathen, and fully believe that the zerland, (see our numbers for Notime is not far distant, when a harvest vember, 1823, and December, 1824,) will be evident to all. I judge so, from

m will convey some idea of the spirit the state of the native mind, which has", let go many prejudices, to obtain instruc. which animates the exertions of tion for youth, both 'male and female. That excellent man, in the distant There is not a school under the manage and self-denying sphere of labour ment of this station, except that for males which he

es which he has chosen. and that for females, on our premises, .' which was not solicited by landholders

Ohrloff, Aug. 1824. , or village masters, and they offer their In these parts there is much good best accommodations free of rent, and al. doing, and a spirit of piety prevails little low not only the scriptures and Watts's inferior to that among you, Many are Catechism in their schools, but stated looking seriously forward to the things worship once a week of the living God, which shall come to pass; among the and great numbers attend. This had never Germans this is truly a time for sowing taken place in any instance previous to the good seed. The Lutherans are in the decease of Mr. Rowe. I think they want of the preached gospel, and the feel that a sincere well-wisher and hene. Mennonites are too vain of their pious factor is taken away. The Lord can bring ancestors, as if it were a matter of course up the germ, and make it fruitful. May that their descendants on that account, it please him to do so! .

deserved the name of Christians. Now, Three of our inquirers deserve some however, there are many who lend an potice: the first is a man, who to be holy attentive ear to the preaching of the abjured the use of all meats and grain, word. ,

I feel more joy and assurance in my very great; many families are without a heavenly calling; it is a blessed thing shelter. The hurricane extended to the not to see and yet believe. The Lord Dnieper, into which whole herds of cattle has given me an evident blessing among were swept by the violence of the temour German brethren, many of whose pest, and even the shepherds were hearts he has opened. Pray for me that drowned. Waggons laden with corn were I may grow in faith, and continue stead- overturned, and the corn scattered before fast to the end; and not become slothful, the wind. careless, or lukewarm. I have now I am now acquainted with the been a year at this place, without a pass- most familiar things in the Tartar lan. port. I am not looked upon as a mere guage; and shall proceed to acquire a servant to a Tartar, or I should have re- sufficient knowledge of religious terms in ceived a passport. My manner of life order to speak to them soon about the awakens attention, but I am easy. Prince Saviour, which I greatly long to do; for G-, and General I-, told me I might what is every thing on earth to compare stay, as they would answer for me. How with the excellency of the knowledge of ever, if I should be removed, I shall go Christ Jesus my Lord ? Nothing ap. where the Lord leads me, and I am pears to me more delightful than this happy every where.

truth, that God loveth sinners, and me Be not uneasy respecting what you who am a sinner also. But we must be hear from Russia; many important events assured of being freed from sin in Christ, are occurring in this empire, even within and feel the powerful influence of the iny own experience. Almost insurmount divine love within us. We must resign able obstacles are to be overcome by à our lives to him, else we cannot find true Christian among Musselmen. No idea life in him. Every day I feel more satiscan be formed by a person who has but fied with my condition, for I am in my a superficial acquaintance with the doc- Father's house and service. trines of Islamism, of the fanaticism, ignorance, and pride, as well as peculiar manners of the Tartars. However, I

AMERICA. have reason to bless the Lord, that I have been so successful, and live 80 THB Boston Recorder for March, peacefully. I should soon have left Ali and gone to

n 1824, contains the following sumJive with another Tartar, if he had not mary of intelligence on the subject altered his conduct towards his wife of “ revivals of religion" in the Tasche, whom he used to beat cruelly. I United States. Have accounts of remonstrated and reasoned, but he told this nature obtained as much attenme that the Koran commanded the men to beat their wives; and that he had bought "ou" bilan asmey vuzu

hi tion in Britain as they ought? his wife. I endeavoured to give him AFTER a careful examination of the pacorrect ideas on the subject, but in vain. pers, from Sept. 1822, to Sept. 1823, for I then declared that I would not stay the purpose of ascertaining the number with bim if he treated his wife so barba- of revivals reported in that period, rerously. At his request, however, I have sults have been published, by which it remained till now, and he has not beat appears, that more than 400 revivals, in his wife since our conversation. My which the number of hopeful converts ex. health is excellent, notwithstanding my ceeded 27,000, were reported. This is diet consists of the flesh of dead or dis probably a greater number of revivals eased horses. Labour sweetens every than the American churches have known thing, and gives an appetite even to the in any preceding year. In the Presby. most disgusting viands. A person must terian church in 1815, there were only be exposed to the cold and wet, and have three revivals. From this small number slept in both, before he can enjoy the there was a regular and rapid increase miserable abodes of the Tartars; and yet, till the last year, when there were 98. it would give me great pain to see any of We have not the means of ascertaining my dear relations or friends in such a that there has been the same, or a similar situation, among this people, in a barren progress in the other denominations. But wild, where frequently, during the burn. "we do not recollect that we have ever being heat and severe labour, not a drop of fore been cheered with the intelligence of good water is to be had.'

so many hundred revivals, and so many A violent storm lately raged in this thousand converts in a single year. The district; many houses, even whole vil- prayer, that converts may be multiplied lages, were blown down in the old settle as the drops of morning dew, seems to be ment. The misery this has occasioned is answered.. so .

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