A Rose Grows O'er My Chest

Xlibris Corporation, 12 dec. 2014 - 200 sidor
Come with me not into another world, Just into that world Special only to you. Come with me, You pioneer to self, Enjoy those trails All have walked, Yet not one, even one, Sees these trails As you would have them seen. Come with me, away awhile, Partake of that symphonied Perfect choralled choir Heard only by attuned ears, Tho those ears belong to you, Those ears hold This spinning orb in hand. Come away with me, Behold my Emerald Sea. Do you see a part of me Merge to your soul, merged:

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Good day! Hope you enjoy the day's blessing. I herewith give you an insight into me as an author. I was born in North Carolina. I moved with my parents when two years old to a farm in Virginia and graduated from Kenbridge High School. My work history is quite varied. My work history includes: Dupont, Army, grocery clerk, greenhouse, Reynolds Metals Company and with an electrical contractor. I became interested in literature in the eighth grade. Since then I've been writing poetry, short stories, plays aqnd essays. If it had not been for Xlibris publishing company urging me to publish my works, they would still be in storage boxes until today.

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