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The pieces now collected together, with the exception of two or three not before published, appeared during the course of seven years, in the Youth's Magazine. The first of them was printed in the Number for February, 1816; from which time they were continued, with few interruptions, till the end of the year 1822, when Miss Taylor's declining health obliged her to desist entirely from literary occupations.

Very soon after the commencement of her regular contributions to the Youth's Magazine, my sister had reason to believe that, through the medium of its pages, she had succeeded in gaining, in a high degree, the attention of a very large number of young persons. An assurance so encouraging inspired her with the earnest desire to improve the favourable impression she had made, for promoting the best interests of her readers; and whether she was grave or gay, she never lost sight of this object. Her friends have generally concurred in the opinion that many of these pieces are among the happiest efforts of her pen ; and that a repub

lication of them was due to their merit. In compliance with this opinion she had revised and prepared for the press the greater part of the papers, not long before her last illness; and she left with me instructions for the publication of the whole.

It is with pleasure that I avail myself of this opportunity to express publicly, to the conductors of the Youth's Magazine, the sense which I know my late sister always entertained of the kindness and liberality of their conduct towards herself, during the years in which she was a stated contributor to that useful and widely circulated publication.

I. T.


A considerable portion of the pieces contained in this volume was written while Miss Taylor resided with her parents at “ New House,” about a mile from Ongar. The vignette is a view from the garden as it then was, looking toward Ongar. The principal object in the distance is the Castle House, from which Mr. Taylor had lately removed ; and on the right is the wooded mound, surrounded by a moat, on the summit of which the Castle stood.

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