The Planetary and Stellar Worlds: A Popular Exposition of the Great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy

Partridge and Oakey, 1852 - 301 sidor

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Sida 264 - God called up from dreams a man into the vestibule of heaven, saying, ' Come thou hither and see the glory of my house.' And to the servants that stood around his throne he said, ' Take him and undress him from his robes of flesh ; cleanse his vision and put a new breath into his nostrils ; only touch not with any change his human heart — the heart that weeps and trembles.
Sida 116 - GRAVITATION.* — Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle of matter with a force directly proportional to its mass, and decreasing as the square of the distance Fig.
Sida 301 - What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands ; thou hast put all things under his feet...
Sida 63 - He who had raised himself immeasureably above his race, who must have been regarded by his fellows as little less than a god, who had inscribed his fame on the very heavens, and had written it in the sun, with a " pen of iron, and the point of a diamond," even this one has perished from the earth ; name, age, country, are all swept into oblivion.
Sida 63 - ... inscribed his fame on the very heavens, and had written it in the sun, with a " pen of iron, and the point of a diamond," even this one has perished from the earth ; name, age, country, are all swept into oblivion. But his proud achievement stands. The monument reared to his...
Sida 62 - Bold prediction ! Mysterious prophet ! with what scorn must the unthinking world have received this solemn declaration ! How slowly do the moons roll away, and with what intense anxiety does the stern philosopher await the coming of that day which should crown him with victory, or dash him to the ground in ruin and disgrace ! Time to him moves on leaden wings ; day after day, and at last hour after hour, roll heavily away.
Sida 18 - Often have I swept backward in imagination six thousand years, and stood beside our Great Ancestor, as he gazed, for the first time, upon the going down of the sun. What strange sensations must have swept through his bewildered mind, as he watched the last departing ray of the sinking orb, unconscious whether he should ever behold its return ! Wrapt in a maze of thought, strange and startling, his eye long lingers about the point, at which the sun had slowly faded from his view.
Sida 61 - To • predict an eclipse of the sun, he must sweep forward from new moon to new moon, until he finds some new moon which should occur while the moon was in the act of crossing from one side to the other of the sun's track. This certainly was possible. He knew the exact period from new moon to new moon, and from one crossing of the ecliptic to another. With eager eye he seizes the moon's place in the heavens, and her age, and rapidly computes where she will be at her next change.
Sida 17 - The . starry heavens do not display their glittering constellations in the glare of day, while the rush and turmoil of business incapacitate man for the enjoyment of their solemn grandeur. It is in the stillness of the midnight hour, when all nature is hushed in repose, when the hum of the world's on-going is no longer heard, that the planets roll and shine, and the bright stars, drooping through the deep heavens, speak to the willing spirit that would learn their mysterious being.
Sida 299 - Would you gather some idea of the eternity past of God's existence, go to the astronomer, and bid him lead you with him in one of his walks through space ; and as he sweeps outward from object to object, from universe to universe, remember that the light from those filmy stains on the deep pure blue of heaven, now falling on your eye, has been traversing space for a million of years. Would you gather some knowledge of the omnipotence of God...

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