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arise. Thus will our great public institutions be directed with new prudence, and animated with new life and vigour in their sacred enterprises. Till a

larger and larger measure of the grace of the Holy Spirit being granted to united prayers, the time shall come when" the fulness of the Gentiles shall come in," when "all Israel shall be saved," and the stupendous designs of redemption be ultimately and perfectly accomplished.

London, July, 1823.

D. W.



THE contents of this book made part of Mr. Adam's Posthumous Works published soon after his death. As it was then foreseen, that these extracts from his private Diary would be esteemed the most interesting part of that publication, a greater number of the volume that contained them was printed, than of the other two. Yet the whole impression was speedily sold, and a new edition of the PRIVATE THOUGHTS has been repeatedly called for. are here given to the public, by the surviving Editor of the Posthumous Works, in a more convenient form. To those readers who have carefully considered the Preface that accompanied them, nothing more need be said, by way of apology, for the peculiarities by which they are distinguished. But as there are many passages that have given offence to some readers, and which the Editor has been solicited to soften or omit, it seems necessary for him to give some reasons why he cannot conscientiously do this.

He has always considered the remarkable honesty and fidelity with which the venerable Author expressed the various exercises of his heart, as one of the principal excellencies of the book; and has there

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